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The Prime Minister drops in for a surprise visit to troops in Tarin Kowt.I say to you the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, thank you and it's about time we brought you home.

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Live. Police appeal for the mother of an abandoned baby in Brisbane's south to come forward. Three million people gather for the Pope's vigil on Rio De Janeiro's Copacabana Beach. Victory on the doorstep of defeat - the Brumbies score a berth in the SuperRugby final with a last-minute try in South Africa.

Africa. Hello. Live across Australia, you are watching ABC News 24. I'm Rachel Puppazoni. Let's take a look at the weather around the country for tomorrow -

- The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made a surprise visit to Australian troops in Afghanistan and he has taken his wife Therese Rein with him. Mr Rudd flew to the Australian base of Tarin Kowt to thank troops for their base Michael Brissenden has more from Afghanistan. This is Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan. Australia's main base in this country. 1,300 Australian soldiers are here at the moment but the withdrawal as planned is now under way and by the end of the year 1,000 of them will be gone. 300 others will be remaining in Kandahar and Kabul but three-quarters will be packed up and sent home. The rest will be gifted to Afghanistan. The prime and his wife dropped in for a surprise visit to thank the troops but to tell them it was time to come home.On behalf of a grateful Australian nation, I am here to say to you, the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, thank you for a job well done. I say to you the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, thank you and it's about time home.The Governor of this province says the home.The Governor of province says the Australians
will leave home.The Governor of this

will leave this place much will leave this place much more secure than when they will leave this place secure than when they first arrived but says the war on terror will continue and could arrived but says the war go on for some time terror will continue and go on for some time yet. No
doubt there will go on for some time doubt there will be an official ceremony toward the end doubt ceremony toward the end of the year ceremony toward the year when this base finally does close Prime Minister will be here does close and no doubt the Prime Minister will be here to oversee leaving. The question Kevin Rudd will be asking himself - is he going to be the Prime Minister to come? Soldiers who met Kevin Rudd in Afghanistan say they're grateful to receive the Prime Minister's support.We are doing a good job over here, the guys before support.We us done an amazing job over here. It is good to feel the weight back home that everyone supports us.He is a very busy man, we all appreciate that. The fact he comes here to visit us, yeah, it is really good.Total support, 100% from Australia he represents our country, everything we do, so yeah makes you very proud Aussie.Shows that he cares about us and the Australian people haven't forgotten what we're doing over here so it does mean a lot to us.A little bit star struck, didn't know what to say. Good to see him at this late end of the game, still cares, still happy to see us.The Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is taking aim at changes to aim benefits tax on company cars. The changes increase the tax on personal use of company vehicles but they are also being blamed for hundreds of the job losses in the finance industry and plunging car sales.Hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth has been destroyed all because Mr Rudd is incapable of proper process when it comes to governing this country. The decision to change the fringe benefits tax on car leases will hit hundreds of thousands of Australians with $1,400 a year thousands of ordinary in extra tax. That's a Australians with $1,400 a in extra tax. That's a $1,400 a year slug on nurses, on charity workers, year slug on nurses, workers, on sales reps. They just don't deserve this hit, this kick in the guts, from Mr Rudd but it's typical of the sort of thing we will see again and again and again from Mr Rudd for as long as he is Prime Minister. This decision was made with no consultation whatsoever, without any real understanding of the way the motor industry works and typically of Mr Rudd, because this is a tax which is going to destroy economic activity, it's more likely to end up costing money, not raising revenue. So, look, if Mr Rudd has managed to do so much damage in just three weeks, how much damage do you think he'll do if he gets another three years? But the industry Minister Kim Carr says the Opposition is overstating the impact of the changes to fringe benefits tax on the car industry.Only a minority of vehicles were being purchased from the FBT arrangements were going towards the Australian-made vehicles. We have a simple policy proposition here. Is it right for the taxpayer to fund the private use of people's motor cars? I say that's not right and we have to find a mechanism to make the taxation system fairer.Police are trying to locate the mother of a baby who was found abandoned on the front steps of a house in Queensland yesterday. Sana Qadar has more. In the early hours of the morning, a family in the Brisbane suburb of Kingston awoke to find a baby boy at their front door.He was found on the front steps of the house by residents of the home at about 5:30 this morning.Police say he was carefully placed in this basket and left with some formula, clothes and nappies. He is now in hospital and the family who found him say he is being well cared for.My mum is still at the hospital and she has been with the baby ever since the baby has been here so the baby has not been neglected since it got here.At the moment the baby boy will stay in hospital for the purposes of for at this stage. We believe he is in good health at the moment.The boy's exact age isn't known but he is believed to be no more than four to five days old and looks of Samoan or Pacific Islander appearance.Hospital inquiries at this stage have proved negative so we believe it could be a home birth but investigations are ongoing in that regard.Police say they are anxious to get in touch with the mother.We'd just like to check on her welfare, confirm she is okay. I can't imagine any circumstances where it is good for a mother to be separated from her child. I would imagine she may be upset.Police are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. A 27-year-old WA man has been arrested following a large brawl in Melbourne early this morning. Police say more than 80 people were involved in the fight in Albion during an event for Liberian independence. Two men are in hospital, one with facial injuries. The other is in a serious condition after being stabbed in the chest. Police say most of the people involved are not answering their questions.New figures show more than 100 guns a year are stolen in Sydney, raising concerns surge in concerns they are surge concerns they are fuelling the But the surge in drive-by shootings. But the NSW Premier But the NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell are O'Farrell insists border checks
are the key to keeping streets safe.The Police has told me 90% has told me shootings are committed handguns. Handguns haven't been handguns. manufactured here for many years. handguns. Handguns haven't years. They come into the country illegally. It is why years. They come into have concern about Federal country illegally. It Government's failure to ensure items that come Government's failure items that come in through the
post or Government's failure to ensure post or shipping containers aren't properly checked. The post or shipping checks have reduced over aren't properly checked. past six checks have reduced past six years. We saw a year or so ago or so ago NSW Police intercept importation via the post of Glock pistols into this state. The issue relates to handguns which have the most stringent rules around them but it would help if we had a Federal Government instead of making cuts to Customs, Police, actually beefed it so we didn't have NSW Police intercepting the importation of handguns through the post.

It is being reported clashes overnight in the Egyptian capital Cairo have left more than 120 people dead. Most of the victims appear to have been shot when the army opened fire on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The the Muslim Brotherhood has accused the military of shooting to kill but the Government says soldiers were killed on first and claims the death toll has been exaggerated for political end. On the streets of Cairo end. this morning, under sustained gunfire, President Morsi supporters duck for cover.(Yelling).On the other side of the barricades, the police fire tear gas and shotguns. To push the protesters back. People were worried because they hear the Interior Minister say they are going to remove the people from here so they try to stop them, then they started throwing gas, liquid gases.The casualties began to mount. With have seen some very seriously injured people here. Huge pools of people blood. Many ambulances ferrying people back and forth. There is a field hospital, the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque is just behind us. al-Adawiya behind us. The people are being treated there. Lots of automatic gunfire now. We are just taking a crouching position. People saying they are snipers, we haven't seen snipers but there is clearly people on the roof tops firing around these protesters. They said over 100 of the President's supporters died here. The Government claimed just a fraction of that number. The doctor in charge says those firing were shooting to kill.They mostly killed by bullet once, specialty by snipers, their specialty in the head. Most patients are here.The government says no such order was given.TRANSLATION: We have never directed live fire in the chests of any protester. I can confirm that. I call upon everybody to remain calm until the street conflict is over.But at Rabaa, they are digging in and say they won't be moved. The conflict on these streets is far from over. More than 1,000 prisoners have escaped from a jail in the Libyan city of Benghazi. They broke free during riots which coincided with major protests in Libya's capital.(Shouting).The protesters waved flags and chanted slogans in Tripoli's martyr square. They carried plak yards that said "Down with the Muslim Brotherhood government", the target of their anger and frustration.TRANSLATION: All of Tripoli's residents came out today on their own, without anyone asking them. They saw what happened in Benghazi. The demand is we don't want parties until they make a Constitution.What happened in until they Benghazi was the killing of this man - Abdul-Salam Al-Musmari, a well-known complitical activist and opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood shot dead outside a mosque after Friday prayers. In the capital Tripoli, angry young men reacted by storming the organisation's headquarters. They smashed windows, upturn ed furniture and threw paper and office equipment on the streets. They then burned the Muslim Brotherhood flags.TRANSLATION: Abdul-Salam Al-Musmari is considered a patriot. One of the symbols of 17 February revolution. It was a treacherous assassination, an ugly asas assassination.Two military officials were also killed in Benghazi on Friday. Protesters want all political parties to be dissolved until Libya has a new Constitution. Their message, that the army and police must bring the militias who helped topple Moammar Gaddafi's regime under control.Thousands of anti-government protesters have turned out for the funeral of assassinated Tunisian Opposition politician. Soldiers carried Mohammed Brahmi's coffin to a cemetery in the capital and buried it alongside a fellow politician who was killed in February. assassination has rocked the killed in February. Brahmi's assassination has rocked country and provoked country and anti-government dem
demonstrations. Today is

demonstrations. Today one-year anniversary of the one-year anniversary of sartry refugee camp. It houses Syrians fleeing sartry refugee camp. It Syrians fleeing the conflict across the border with Jordan. across the border More than 150,000 people are living there, More than 150,000 people living there, making fourth biggest living there, making it the fourth biggest city in the fourth biggest city in capital. Nigel Wilson says Syrians are crossing the Syrians are crossing the border at great length to reach the camp which is now reaching capacity.It is difficult for crews to work in the area across on the Syrian side but there is testimony from eye seasonses that arrived in Jordan that refugees spend days, sometimes up to 10 days waiting, to come across. There have been some outbreaks of violence at distribution points, there are a lot of young men, a lot of angry that maybe want to be fighting back in Syria but for now they are stuck in the refugee camp here in Jordan and tensions can sometimes be high but there is a sense that maybe the community and refugees are getting used to each other and realising they are in this, they may be here for a long time and it seems the community is perhaps beginning to stabilise.Officials in the US say a gunman holding hostages in a building near Miami killed six people before being shot dead by police. GUNFIREOfficers stormed a block of flats in Hialeah north of Miami after a stand-off lasting several hours. Police say an argument broke out between the couple who ran the building and the suspected been a tenant. The landlords are among those who have been killed. Corruption and land grabs will be two of the issues on people's minds in Cambodia when they go to the polls on Sunday. Although the ruling party is widely expected to win the election, the Opposition party is expected to pick up some seats.The poverty rate is half of what it was 10 years ago and the economy is one of the fastest growing in Asia. But in the name of that progress, thousands of Cambodians jj/j↑ Cambodians are being forced from their homes thanks to government development programs. This man has been told he has to uproot his family, living along an unused railway line in Phnom Penh. The Government offered him a 10th of what he paid for his house and will resettle his family 30km away from his teaching job.TRANSLATION: The Opposition's promised if they win, they will drawback the economic land concessions.This lady says she has been driven to vote for the Opposition because of the ruling party's land policy. She was already forced from her home.TRANSLATION: I wish economic Prime Minister Hun Sen would take care of us and not just a small group of tycoons.The biggest test for the ruling party will be in the country side. A traditional strong hold for the ruling party, this part of the rural south has started to slide towards the Opposition winning a few local elections last year but some are wary a change in leadership could impact their livelihoods. This man and his wife used to provide for their family with just silk weaving but the cost of their materials doubled and the price for the final product has been cut in half. They now raise pigs and produce rice wine to make end meet. Many neighbours fled to Thailand to work.TRANSLATION: The Opposition and the ruling party have both made promises but I have not seen anything from the Opposition. The ruling party has started building a bridge and repairing the roads.If the situation does not change, the health gap will continue to health widen and along with it frustration and desperation, something the new Parliament will have to deal with regardless of who wins the election. Millions of people have joined the Pope for a prayer vigil on Rio De
Janeiro's Copacabana Beach. This is the Pope's first overseas trip since becoming the upon pontiff. A cross was carried through the crowds on the beach as they waited for the Pope. Earlier I spoke to Bishop Peter Cornensoli from the Archdiocese of Sydney. He has travelled to Brazil with a large group of Australian Catholics.I have been travelling with a group of 63 amongst nearly 500 from the Sydney Archdiocese and about 1,800 from Australia generally. It has been a wonderful experience here in Rio.How does this World Youth Day compare to previous ones? Were you at the latest one in or the one prior to Sydney? or the one prior to that in Sydney? Yes, I was. I was at
Sydney? Yes, I both of those. Of course Sydney was both of those. Of was just the best, it is like the Olympics, but Rio has been well organised, it's been tremendous spiritual journey for our young ones and also a lot of fun. I think it has been a great opportunity for them to see literally tonight over 3 million young Catholics together. It is a huge, huge event.That is a lot of people and a lot of people from all over the world with one thing in common.That's right. These are young people from around the world who got the fire of the faith in their belly and they love it and they are really happy to go out there with their faith and share it with others. Of course, they've also come because this is a wonderful opportunity to meet with our new Pope, Pope Francis, and he is doing a tremendous job in being with the young ones, he gets out and about with them and he is giving them great teaching as well.It's quite amazing that the Pope can attract so many people to this one place in this world. It must be quite overwhelming for a lot of the young people there? Yes, especially those who haven't experienced anything like before. World Youth Day has been going for 28 years now and so it's a really important and well-established thing in the Catholic calendar every couple of years or so for young people and so it's something that's grown into this huge the opportunity for young people to express their faith and gather with like-minded people and to go back home and to spread the good news.I understand the main event good main event is yet to come? That's tomorrow morning. main event is yet to have just finished the vigil, what's called the vigil, and that was prayer, lots of song. Each one is a bit different, but tonight was telling the story of Saint Francis of Assisi and building that into the celebrations and then all the young ones are sleeping out tonight on Copacabana Beach - I'm not, I'm going to bed - and then there is the final mass with Pope Francis tomorrow morning and then they all gradually make their way home.I hope that yourself and the pilgrims you are with continue to have a fantastic time and thank you for speaking to us.Thanks Rachel. It has been a great opportunity for them.

them. The Brumbies are through to the SuperRugby final after beating the Bulls this morning in Pretoria. The result was sealed with a match-winning try in the final minutes. In a dramatic end to the game, the Brumbies' Tevita Kuri-Drani scoreed with less than two minutes remaining. The try was eventually rewarded after being reviewed for a possible forward pass. It sees the Brumbies enter their first SuperRugby final in nine years. They will play the Chiefs after the New Zealanders beat the Crusaders. The New Zealand Warriors have upset the Storm this afternoon in Auckland. The home side led 18-4 at half time but had to survive a late scare to win. No score in the game between Cronulla and Penrith. In August land, the Warriors got off to a great start, scoring in the third minute. What a start for the Warriors.The second try gave New Zealand a 10-point lead. The Warriors' half time lead was eroded in the second half when the Storm scored two tries in 10 minutes. A great team try from Melbourne set up a nail-biting finish to the match.Cooper Cronk, that's what Melbourne can do, the champs.A try to a Warriors fullback secured the win to keep the home side in touch fullback with the NRL top eight. Round 18 of the AFL continues this afternoon with Port Adelaide taking on Brisbane in a must-win game for both sides in SA. Port have been leapfrogged by Carlton and must win to get back inside the AFL top 8. back inside the AFL top

In today's game, three In today's game, first-quarter goals have Port Adelaide a 12-point lead at the first break. But Brisbane kicked the next three goals to hit the lead midway through the second quarter. Port kicked two late goals to take a 10-point lead into half time. The Essendon Football Club is after
searching for a new chairman after the resignation of David Evans. In a statement released last night, Mr Evans said the best thing for the club was a new chairperson to see it through a challenging and difficult time. The Sports difficult Anti-Doping Authority is investigating the Bombers' supplements program and is due to hand down its report next month. Tim Watson, the father of Bombers Captain Jobe Wattsan, says the players are sure to feel the loss. Sally Pearson has made a triumphant return to London's Olympic stadium winning the 100m hurd hurdles at the Diamond League last night. It brings her recent run of poor form to an end. Her season best time of 12.65 seconds puts her in good stead for next month's world championships in Moscow. There are some positive signs for Australian cricket ahead of next week's crucial third Ashes test at Old Trafford even though the three-day tour match against Sussex is heading for a draw. Steve Smith was unbeaten on 102 when Australia declared at 5/366 on day two at Hove. Jackson Bird took 2/33 off his 14 overs with Sussex 5/228 at stumps. England is one Test win away from retaining the Ashes urn. Bird says he is doing everything he can to earn selection in the team to play at Old Trafford.I feel like I have been bowling pretty well the last couple of weeks. Been bowling well in the nets. I feel like I am pretcally yos to being at 100% and - pretty close to being at 100%. If selected next week in Manchester, I feel like I'm ready to do a good job. Still a week away and got a day left of cricket to concentrate on tomorrow.Lewis Hamilton says it will be a miracle if he wins the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix despite qualifying on pole. Hamilton fears he will be plagued by the tyre problems that have hampered his with Mercedes. He is not the
only only one with car problems. Mark Webber was hampered during the qualifiers. Mark Webber was hampered the qualifiers. The Australian who was second fastest in yesterday's practice session, will now start from 10th yesterday's practice will now start from 10th on the grid. Let's take a look at the Let's take a look satellite - a front end trough is producing showers, storms and blustery winds in SA and Victoria. A large high in the east is keeping NSW and Queensland mostly dry while directing a few showers on to the Queensland coast. Looking around the country for tomorrow -


That is the latest from me for now. You can keep up to date on all the stories we are following by logging on to our website, Stay with us for 'Off siders'. You are watching ABC News 24.

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Live.The good morning, welcome to offsiders. The investigation into the use of performance-enhancing into the performance-enhancing drugs at Essendon has claimed at victim. The CEO and football manager had already gone and last night the chairman David Evans followed them out the door. That's our main topic followed them That's our main topic this
morning. And in Super Rugby, remarkably the ACT Brumbies are in the final. Overnight they beat the red hot favourites the Bulls in South Africa with a last-minute COMMENTATOR: Have they snatched? It it.The Brumbies have come out on top with a good match-winning try at the death.

Well the Bulls rarely lose at home, they never lose finals, what happened?It's such a delightful upset, not just the fact that it happened but the manner in which yuf - you've