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stares saying offshore processing will meet demand saying offshore processing meet demand regardless of meet numbersOur capacity to increase accommodation is way, way in front of way in front of the rate of boat arrival s. Way in front.

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Seven people killed during clashes in the Egyptian city of Alexandria as pro-Morsi demonstrations take place across the country. The hunt for a man who kidnapped his baby at knifepoint after the child is safely returned to police. A group of Australian veterans return to South Korea to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire.

ceasefire. Hello. Live across Australia you are watching ABC News 24. I'm Rachel Puppazoni. Let's look at tomorrow's weather first

The Immigration Minister Tony Burke has reject ed doubts detention facilities on Manus Island won't cope with the influx of asylum seekers. Mr Burke says detainees held on Manus prior to the Government's new policy have been moved creating capacity to receive people from Christmas Island. The government's new policy will be seen through.The facilities which had been destroyed were brand new. In terms of the quality of accommodation that was there prior to them being burned, these were good quality facilities. It would be wrong to presume that everybody who has claims there in Nauru was part of the action. There are part more than 100 people who have more than 100 people charges against their names under the law of Nauru, or in the process of being the process of being charged, currently being held but in currently being held but in the process of being charged under the law of Nauru but that is process of being charged the law of Nauru but that is a minority of the the law of minority of the number of people who are there. There has people been an attempt by some to argue that somehow the conditions in which people were conditions in which people housed in Nauru in some way housed in made action of this nature made action of inevitable and there has been comments by some that have tempted to paint the people who tempted to were involved in tempted to paint the people were involved in the destruction somehow as being victims themselves. I have to say I don't hold that view for one minute nor do the majority of people who are there for their claims to be of people who are there their claims to be processed. The majority of people have gone from a situation where they gone they were about to move they were about to move into massively-improved accommodation to now being in mass accommodation where close to 100 of them are sharing a single marquee. The level of frustration from people who had had their claims getting close to finalisation is huge. The frustration that they are feeling and was conveyed directly to me and to members of the delegation who accompanied me was extraordinary. Certainly the people who were about to move into better accommodation don't view the people who burnt down their accommodation is victims. - as victims. I want to make clear there is no attempt from Australia in talking to the government of Nauru that anything other than the full force of Nauru will apply. The people who are victims are not the people who torched buildings, sprayed fire extinguishers in the eyes of authorities and turned metal bars into weapons. That's the action of someone who has a criminal penalty or criminal charges to follow. It's not the actions of a victim.The Shadow Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison responded a short time ago.The Minister for Immigration has returned from Nauru and Manus Island and once again we have seen him make some very big bold claims at that press conference that he was unable to substantiate with any detail. The big bold claim that there is no limit to the capacity that could be created on Manus Island and Papua New Guinea for the processing capacity. The big, bold claim that he can create the capacity at the rate of arrivals. Rate of arrivals that is currently running now at a rate of over 1,000 per week. This Minister has made big, bold claims before just as in particular the Prime Minister has made big, bold claims. The only thing I know that there are no limits to when it comes to the big, Labor Party is their incompetence when it comes to border protection and there are no limits about what they are prepared to say to the Australian people before an election and to know afterwards that it all goes in a very different direction. The big, bold claim that they can create capacity in Papua New Guinea at the rate of the current arrivals would mean at this rate, and we have just had two more boats today that were announced, that they would have to be creating beds on Manus Island at the rate of over 1,000 per week. The Minister was unable to give any detail today on how many beds they're creating, at what rate they can do them, at what cost, on what sites, on how many additional sites that are available, on sites how many additional landowners that had to be involved to create access to those sites. These remain all the very serious logistical challenges that are present on creating that capacity on Manus Island in particular. So, the opportunity was there for the Minister today to provide that detail to the Australian people when he called a press conference to reveal the outcomes of his visit. But what we had was more big, bold claims and absolutely no detail as to what was going to be delivered. I also note that the Minister is trying to set up the test for this agreement to be if people can be sent to Manus Island for processing but this is not an offshore processing arrangement that the Government has announced, it's an offshore resettlement arrangement that they say they have announced and the Government at present has no agreement, legally binding with the Papua New Guinea Government, to resettle people in Papua New Guinea. Presently it would not be legal to resettle most of the people who are sent to Papua New Guinea under current PNG law. They may well have under current PNG law. They well have written to the UNHCR well have written to the to withdraw reservations but it to withdraw reservations requires legislation New Guinea requires New requires legislation in Papua laws that need to New Guinea to change laws that need to be put in place, would need to be put in place, to give effect to any resettlement arrangement for anyone who was found to be a refugee in Papua New Guinea. So, these are the challenges, the very real logistical and legal challenges, that Minister Burke continues to just dismiss and make the big, bold promise asking the Australian people to take this Government, this Government that abolished the Pacific Solution, to be taken on trust in restoring the processing facilities and capacity on Manus Island. Since August of last year, they have been operating offshore processing on Manus Island and the best they could do was 500 beds and they only had 350 people there. But yet what we found out today is he thinks he the increase it at the rate of 1,000 per week. The other thing I should stress the Minister didn't say in today's press conference is he still has nowhere to put families. Nowhere to put families. So the claim families would go to claim Papua New Guinea, at present, he cannot back up because he has nowhere to put them. So we continue to run the risk of families being encouraged on to boats as a result of the policies that the Government continues to follow. What our alternative is is this - we have said that we will implement operation sovereign borders implement the full suite of policies the Coalition has implement the full suite policies the Coalition has been
pledging to the policies the pledging to the Australian
people for years, the policy s that worked, that we have added to, but we will also seek to salvage and implement what can be made of these newer arrangements that the Prime Minister announced just over a week ago. Under a Coalition Government, I'm sure we can implement even what the Government has announced better than the current government can because we have the form on implementation and the Government, frankly, can only make big promises before an election only to see it all unravel afterwards.Naud (Inaudible).We never said we would. What we have said is this policy has serious implementation challenges which Minister Burke continues to dismiss and just holds press conferences, make big promises about what can be done and provide no detail. The guy talks for 20 minutes and gives you no detail at all.(Inaudible).The capacity you no on Manus Island prior to this announcement was 500, or maximum capacity. They had around 350 people or thereabouts on the Island previously. They have taken all those people off Manus Island. We have had over 1100 people now arrive that will be subject to this policy and, on the standing capacity of moving everyone off, assuming that 40% of people arriving on boats are families which is an estimate used previously, then we are already over capacity on what was there previously. They can roll in the tents but with people arriving at a rate of 1100 a week, let's say the Government halves it, which is a pretty big claim, they'd still be needing to deliver 600 beds every single week to keep pace. That's why I say it is a big, bold claim for Minister Burke, that he simply didn't provide any detail today that could stack up.(Inaudible) What Minister Burke and the Prime Minister are doing is trying to put one over the Australian people. If the Government wanted to actually enlist the Coalition in some sort of joint effort here, there was no attempt made by the Government to do that. If the Government wanted to present their policies to us limitations
and we could have discussed the limitations to their policy behind closed doors, there was always, I imagine, the opportunity to do that but the Prime Minister wanted to make a political announcement before an election. The looking for, backed effect the Prime Minister was looking for, backed up by $2.5 million in taxpayers' money in advertising across Australia was an electoral announcement in effect. That's what he's looking for clearly. Otherwise he would have nailed down all the logistical and implementation issues and had this policy ready to implement from announcement. This is the same thing they did with the Malaysian people swap. They go through the announcement, fail to work through the detail and it falls over. They never learn from their mistakes. He also talked about Nauru. I welcome the fact the Nauru facility will be rebuilt but the Minister also needs to explain what the role of Nauru is now under the Government's new arrangement. Is he just rebuilding a facility for the people who are there? Is Nauru still part of the Government's offshore processing arrangements or has this been ditched for the Papua New Guinea arrangement? These are the things the Minister hasn't been very clear about. Under the Coalition, Nauru would very much remain a very central feature of the offshore processing capacity we would look to have in place in concert with PNG.Naud naud - (Inaudible).The big difference is this, the Government is only doing the PNG arrangement. That's their plan. The Coalition would seek to salvage as much of that as we possibly could but more importantly we don't believe that is a substitute for all the things we have announced. That is expanded offshore capacity, not just on Manus Island but on Nauru as well, restoration of substitute temporary protection visas, the implementation of the turn-back where it is safe to do so policy, the no Docs policy which someone is found to someone is found to have deliberately discarded their documentation and we form that reasonable belief, they won't be at the back of the queue, they won't be in the queue at all. That's our policy. they there is operation sovereign borders which is about how you implement all that. We have a plan to implement our policies under the command of a three-star military commander bringing together 15 different agencies working in this area to make sure you can implement policy, not just announce it.(Inaudible)

it.(Inaudible)We will work with all our partners in this space. The issue that Papua New Guinea that the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea relates is the aid arrangements. What he hasn't done -(Inaudible).He was talking about the aid arrangements. We are simply asking a question about the aid arrangements. The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, his public statements are there his has been a change to the way aid is to be managed in Papua aid New Guinea and it is a change that he says previous Prime Ministers have been seeking for the last 20 years, two decades. I would simply like to know what that change is. It seems like a fairly significant change. Our Prime Minister hasn't told us what that change is. I think these details remain unknown, just like the cost of the entire arrangement remains unknown. What is the cost of the new hospital? What is the cost of the higher education arrangements? What is the cost of the new highway that I understand they're looking at as well, and is that part of the plan? The costs here and what's been agreed is very unclear. We would simply like to know what it is. I think it is not a question of misinformation, it is a question of no information and we would like to simply know what is the deal.The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has accused of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of playing games and faking party reforms. Mr Abbott says the Coalition will continue to focus on showcasing what it calls their real solutions plans.In the end, the Government of our country is not about showbiz. Electing a national Parliament, electing a national government is not a version of 'Celebrity Big Brother'. I know that Mr Rudd wants to play these games but I'm just going to get showcasing our team, our plans, our Real Solutions our plans, plan, and our plans, our Real Solutions plan, and while Mr plan, and while Mr Rudd has had plan, and while Mr Rudd has every imaginable position on
just plan, and while Mr Rudd has had just about every imaginable just about every subject, the fact that he is pre tending subject, the fact that pre tending to abolish the pre carbon tax, the fact he pre tending to abolish carbon tax, the making announcements on border protection, the fact that he is faking Labor Party reforms justifies all of the criticisms that I have made of this Government and justifies and vindicates the political strategy that the Opposition has had for the last three years. Same strong team, same clear plans, predictability, certainty, stability and strength. That's what you'll get from the Coalition. Every single one of our policies will be fully costed and our full fiscal plan will be on display for the judgment of the Australian people in good time before the election.

Police are trying to locate the mother of a baby who was found abandoned on the front steps of a house in Queensland this morning. The newborn was discovered at about 5:30 by residents of the Kingston home. Police are addressing the media now. We can take you there.We are just here today because we are currently seeking assistance to locate the of a baby boy. The baby boy was located on the front steps of a house at located on the front house at Dewer Street, Kingston at about 5:30a.m. this morning. He was located by residents of the home and appears to be of Pacific Islander or Samoan appearance. The baby was located at the front door in a basket along with some baby care items. He is generally in good health. We believe that the baby boy is about four to five days old. Currently we are appealing to any member of the public who can provide us with any assistance in identifying or contacting the mother of the baby boy. Clearly we would like to check on her and confirm her welfare and if any member of the public can assist us in doing that, they can contact us, or we appeal for them to contact us on Crime stoppers.Is it likely the baby was born at home somewhere? Nothing to do with a hospital? Hospital inquiries at this stage have proved negative so we believe it would be a home birth but investigations are ongoing in that
regard.(Inaudible)As I understand it, he was found on residents
the front steps of the house by residents of the home at about 5:30 This don't have that information.Are those residents ... (Inaudible).At this stage, it is subject to ongoing inquiry. We at this stage have not been able to identify the mother. We are trying to locate her. Detectives from our child protection investigation unit are working tirelessly and continuing investigation since the baby has been found to locate the mother.It is a rare event, there is no way where the family where the baby was dropped didn't know them, they weren't family members? That is subject to ongoing inquiries. Investigations are ongoing. That's all I can tell you in that stage.What happens to the baby boy now? At the moment, the baby boy will stay in hospital for the purposes of observation at this stage.How is he doing? We believe he is in good health at the moment, yes.He was wrapped in a basket and there was baby items as well. Could you tell us about that? Located in a basket with baby care items, some clothing and some nappies, yes.Obvious ly there was no malice involved. The mother obviously wanted her baby to be in good care? Yes, we would believe so. At this stage, that's why we are appealing to members of the public who can help us locate the mother, or even the mother herself if she would like to contact us, we would be very eager to check on her welfare and provide her with any assistance that we can.Is this type this type of thing, are charges this type of thing, possible? At this stage, all we would like possible? At this stage, we would like to confirm is - we would like to confirm is to do is confirm the welfare of the mother and provide her with any assistance that we can.Is there any pro scription of law? We would like to confirm her welfare. Inquiries are continuing, check she is okay. I can't imagine any circumstance where it is good for a mother to separated from her child. We imagine she will be upset and ask her to contact us.Do you have any information as to how long he may have been on the steps? Not at this stage, no. Thank you.

That was Tracy Dale from Queensland Police addressing the media in Logan. Police are searching for the mother of a baby who was left abandoned at a house south of Brisbane. The newborn was discovered by residents of a Kingston home and appeared to be in good health wrapped up securely in a basket. The male baby is of Pacific Islander or Samoan appearance and be four to five days old. He is now being cared for be four to five days old. He now being cared for in hospital and police now being cared and police say he is in good for
health. Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.The baby boy involved in this week's abduction incident in NSW has been taken into state care. A major search is under way for the child's 24-year-old father who is on the run after returning the child to authorities via a relative. Police are appealing for returning Stephen Hume to come forward.

The driver of the train that derailed killing 78 people has refused to answer initial questions Spanish Police say. questions Francisco Jose Garzon Amo has been detained in hospital amid suspicions he was driving too fast when the train rounded a fast bend and derailed. Reports say the train was travelling at more than double the speed limit at the time of the crash. Investigators have revised down the death toll from 80 to 78.

Sport now with Amy Hetzel.We have a couple of big NRL clashes coming up tonight. The Raiders will kick off shortly. That's against the Dragons in Wollongong in Josh Dugan's first match against his former club. The Titans will take on the top of the ladder Rabbitohs on the Gold Coast later tonight. Bulldogs star Ben Barba will be sidelined for up to five weeks after injuring his ankle in last night's 40-12 thrashing of Parramatta at Sydney's Olympic Stadium. The fulback scored early in the first half but limped off the field soon after. The Broncos finals hopes remain alive after a slim win over the Cowboys. Justin Hodges scored the winning try with just under 7 minutes to go. In the AFL, North Melbourne has destroyed the Melbourne Demons to stay in touch with the top eight. At the moment, Collingwood is hosting Greater Western Sydney at the MCG while earlier Carlton held off a gritty Gold Coast outfit to keep their finals hopes very much alive. The Blues hit the ground running with the first four majors of the match. He sends it towards the goal square, bouncing ball is good.But the Suns fought back with two quick goals from Charlie Dixon. After half time, Carlton eased away with some sharp shooting. At Docklands, Melbourne had no answer for the Kangaroos. The Demons actually kicked the first major but that was the end of their tilt at the match as North Melbourne ran away with the win. In cricket, Australia has seen some much-needed and much-improved batting performances ahead of next week's third Ashes Test.

Steve Smith will head back to the crease tonight unbeaten on 98 while Ed Cowan and Phil Hughes shared a 151 run partnership. Hughes scored 84 runs but says there will be hot competition for the place in the batting order at Old Trafford.I always competition. That's a good thing. It is always competition. That's good thing. It is great to good thing. It Davie score 190 for Australia good thing. It is great to see
Davie score and I thought we Davie score 190 for and I thought we all batted quite well today, Cowan up-front and then Steve up-front and then so it's always been from word go so I so it's always from word go so I think that's from word go so a good thing, it from word go so I think competitive.A year after he won three Olympic gold competitive.A year after Usain Bolt has marked his return to London Usain Bolt return to London with a win in the 100m. return to London with a win the 100m. The Jamaican recovered from a poor start recovered from lane five to set a season-best lane five to set a time of 9.85 seconds. The victory and time are telling signs just weeks out from next month's World Championships in Moscow and Bolt says he is full of confidence heading into the event.Everything is coming together slowly but surely. Happy in my performance. Wasn't the best start but it was a good execution, I got it done so I'm happy. It is going to be hard but anything is possible hopefully the win - the weather in Moscow is good and everything will come together at the right time so we'll see.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A cold front is crossing southern WA and bringing damaging wind, showers and the occasional storm. A trough ahead of the cold front is generating areas of light rain of SA. A high is directing showers on to the Queensland coast while keeping elsewhere mostly

U are watching ABC News 24. I'll be back in a moment with an update of the headlines, then stay with us for 'One Plus One'. I'm Rachel Puppazoni, thanks for your company.

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Live. Here are the headlines from ABC News - police are trying to locate the mother of a baby who was found abandoned on the front steps of a house in Queensland. The newborn was discovered by the residents of a Kingston home south of Brisbane and appeared to be of good health wrapped up securely in the basket. The male baby is believed to be a few days old. The Department of Family Services has confirmed it is looking after the baby involved in this week's abduction incident. Stephen Hume kidnapped his baby and partner on Thursday night. They were both released but Hume remains on the run. Services have been held in North Korea and South Korea to mark the 60th