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Good afternoon. It's looking increasingly unlikely that Australians will be going to the polls anytime soon. There's growing speculation Kevin Rudd will attend the G20 meeting in Russia in September and that could see the election date pushed back significantly.

Tony Abbott is revving up pressure on the government is to lock in a date?He certainly years. He was in hardback a Queensland today in a Longreach. He says that the government needs to stop playing games with the Australian people. - - Outback Queensland. He says that the PM has simply not decided on the date. Is his prerogative. The earliest possible date is August to 31. Kevin Rudd would need to meet with the Governor-General by this coming Monday if there is to be an election on that day. There is the G20 coming up on the first week of September. If Kevin Rudd wants to go, the election may have to be delayed until October or possibly even later. This is not acceptable to Tony Abbott. We would hear from him now and then Anthony Albanese. Mr Kevin Rudd, stop playing games of the Australian people. Call the election. Call the election, end the suspense. Call the election. The election will be held on a Saturday. It will be held in accordance with the constitution. There is no rush. Be patient. No- one in the government has had a rush to the polls mentality.Just finally - as the lead-up to the election, attention turns into the nation's finances. The economic and fiscal update is released next week. With declining revenues, they could be more spending cuts on the cards. Thank you. A Sydney man remains on the run after he abducted his baby at knife point. Steven Hume forced his way into the home of his ex-girlfriend on Thursday night, taking her and their 8-month-old Zhaiden with him. The baby was handed in at a police station yesterday but there's been no sign of the 24-year-old. Police are urging Hume to give himself up. Queensland police are calling for public information after a baby was found dumped on the front steps of a house. Residents at the Kingston home, in the state's south-east, made the discovery this morning. The baby was in a basket and is believed to have been born in the past few days. Anyone with information on the location of the mother is being asked to call Crime Stoppers. New South Wales police are looking for an arsonist after a restaurant was destroyed by fire in Sydney's south-west overnight.

What is left is smouldering in the background behind me. You can make our insider some charred at Barclays, are overturned tables and a couple of chairs. The rest is a mess of twisted metal and tiles. This fire took hold at about 8pm last night. The flames leapt into the air from that roof which later collapsed. Residents watched on in amazement.My husband got up and we saw the smoke coming through the roof towards the back part. Within a matter of three or four minutes, the flames the...Fire investigators believe that this was deliberately lit. That is because there are signs of accelerant inside. They also spoke to a witness who saw a person running from the scene. It is not the first such -- not the first time that it has been damaged. And Molotov cocktail was thrown at the doors just six weeks ago. Police are looking for the personal -- the person responsible. A head-on crash south-east of Melbourne has left one man dead and another seriously injured. Just before 9pm last night, the elderly driver was heading east when he crashed head on into a Commodore with a 23-year-old man behind the wheel. The 70-year-old was travelling alone at the time and died at the scene. The younger driver in the other car it miraculously survived the impact. There was a huge bang and the residents who live along the street said that they K-Mart -- came out and were confronted with the wreckage and tried to help.I have my daughter here and she was crying. I stood out there and relayed to the ambulance.There was one conches gentleman's so my daughter and I stayed with him. -- one gentleman who was conscious.Police are are investigating what caused the crash. They are looking at speed and alcohol. There were told at the scene that the driver was private wards Garfield and to visit his father. He was lifted to the Alfred Hospital with a leg and upper-body hospitals. -- driving it to Garfield. One person got into the elderly driver's car to try and save him but realise it was late.I asked him if he was OK. Here I asked him to talk and touched him to see if there was an indication of consciousness. There was none. The investigating unit are looking to speak to anybody who may have seen either of these cars are long the road up some time before 9pm. - - along the road. If they have, they should contact police immediately. To the US and the man accused of abducting three women and holding them captive in his house for a decade it has pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. A Ariel Castro spoke for the first time about his actions same bed as a child he was a victim as well. A Ariel Castro, murder and kidnap and rape us. He will go to jail for the rest of his life with no chance of parole all hope of getting out. The sentence is life plus 1,000 years.You are pleading guilty to each charge? Is that correct?That is correct.He had to agree to that to avoid the death penalty. The first time, we got to hear him speak.There are some things are but I have to - I did not comprehend because of my sexual problems throughout my years. My addiction to pornography and my sexual problems have taken a toll on my mind -- my mind.He faced a 977 charges and the plea deal means that the three women he brutalise will not have to face him during a court case. They escaped after Amanda Berry managed to break free and shout for help.

Recently, they all spoke about how they are trying to get on with their lives.I'm getting stronger each day and I'm having -- having a privacy has helped.I just want everyone to know that I am doing just fine.As part of the deal, he had to agree that his house which has become a grisly tourist attraction, will be torn down. As the prosecutor put it - the only way he will now ever come out of the jail is in a box with nails in it.

Ceremonies have been held around the world to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of fighting on the Korean peninsula. Hundreds of Australians died in the conflict.

60 years after the start of an uneasy truce, Pyongyang put on a show of patriotic pride and military might. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, expected row on row of soldiers all marching in precision formation and reminding the world that the rogue nuclear state is a force to be reckoned with. South of the border, the mood was more subdued. The Australian veterans joined soldiers from Allied nations in Seoul to commemorate the anniversary.I'm glad to have the opportunity to come here.The situation on the peninsula remains tense. The South Korean President promised to work on building trust with the North. A ceremony in Canberra this morning was the first in a string of commemorations around the country. South Koreans have never forgotten and will never forget the heroism and the sacrifices and the bravery of the 70,000 Australian soldiers who fought in the Korean War.The conflict claimed that the lives of 340 Australians and left more than 1,200 others seriously injured. Another 43 men are officially listed as missing in action. Despite that, the war has at times been overlooked.I think that is partly because it was book-ended at one end by World War II. And at the other end by Vietnam.It's today, the service and sacrifice gives it the recognition it deserves.At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest we forget.

The anniversary of the Queen's coronation is being celebrated with a stunning display of dresses, Jules, and artifacts at Buckingham Palace. We were given a special tour. We had been camped outside Buckingham Palace for the last four weeks, waiting for the arrival of the Royal baby. The Queen has finally invited us in to look at some of the items that were there on the day of her Coronation. Let us take a look. Tell us what we have in here.In here, we have some of the most important objects which were used by Her Majesty on Coronation Day. This is the Coronation club. Specially made for the Queen. These are the maids of Honour dresses. There were six maids of honour. Like her dress, they were designed by the same designer. He was busy.Tell us about these jewels.These are some the most important pieces of diamond jewellery in wrote -- in royal ownership. You can see the Royal Diadem which was made for the coronation of George the 4th. We're so used to seeing the Queen where its because she is wearing it on the postage stamps and bank notes and coinage.This Tiare looks familiar.This has been seen recently. This is the Diamond Head OTR. This has led to the Duchess of Cambridge for the wedding into Gaza 11.This is the actual dress.This is the centrepiece of the display. -- 2011.A magnificent coronation robe. It was made especially for this auspicious day.We're at the end of the tour. Her Majesty has kindly set the table for us for a coronation feast. We don't mind if we do. In the news ahead - Gold Coast students held at gunpoint during a home invasion. Also - the driver involved in Spain's deadly train crash detained. And the V8s battle it out in Queensland.

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This program is not captioned. The train driver accused of recklessness following a deadly high speed crash in Spain is refusing to respond to police. The 52-year-old has been detained after reports he admitted to driving at 190lm/h - more than twice the speed limit.

At least 78 people were killed in the crash and memorial services are now being planned for victims. -- 190km/h. At least two people have been killed during violent clashes in Egypt. Supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi have taken to the streets for mass rallies. A further 70 people have been injured. Students on the Gold Coast have been the target of a frightening home invasion. Three masked men stormed the Chevron Island home, threatening eight students at gunpoint and ordering them all into the lounge room. They were then bashed.They took a knife from the kitchen. They were scaring everybody, putting guns up to their heads.The men made off with cash and electronics and are yet to be caught. Revheads from across the country have made the journey to Ipswich in Queensland for the annual V8 Supercar festival. The event marks the halfway point of the competition. Nine's Tessa Scott was amongst the action.

It is a huge weekend out here at Ipswich where more than 50,000 people will swarm into will lead a Race wait for the V8 Supercars competition. They had been arriving all morning. -- Willow Bank raceway. They are enjoying a perfect day in Queensland sunshine. They have even come from New Zealand to watch the race. Anyone will tell you that it is as much about the off-track entertainment as the race. Thousands have lined up before a chance to meet the stars of the competition.That is what it is all about. Getting there families out. I have got Whincup, Steve Johnson and Craig Lowndes.We love motor racing. It is good to be out with the kids.Why do you love it?It is just the adrenalin and the thrill and the excitement of the crowd and the people.The race format is different this year. It is a sprint with it two 60 kilometre walk Wade races. There is a spanner in the works are. Nissan and Mercedes are in the mix. This is the halfway point of the competition with the racing to continue tomorrow. So bought his next. Good evening. Our Aussie cricketers have finally found some form. We'll tell you who's scoring runs and pushing for Ashes selection. Fighting for finals footy - how Carlton fared against the Suns. Bad news for Bulldogs star Ben Barba. -- sport This program is not captioned. WOMAN: I typed my name
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This program is not captioned. Collingwood is looking to consolidate their spot in the AFL top 8, taking on the win-less GWS at the MCG. The Giants currently have a 5-point lead.

at the MCG. The Giants currently
have a 5-point lead.

Meanwhile, Carlton's finals hopes are still alive with an impressive 43-point victory over the Suns on the Gold Coast.

North Melbourne has belted Melbourne by 122 points at Etihad Stadium. But the win was soured by what's believed to be a season- ending Achilles injury to skipper Andrew Swallow.

Dally M medallist Ben Barba will miss up to five weeks of football with a grade one ankle sprain. The star fullback injured himself during last night's 40-12 win over the Eels.One it probably have what they call us brain these days. If we were a few weeks from the end of the season it would be but there are six weeks to go.Perrett did a great job for 70 minutes last night. The Dogs scored seven tries to all- but hand Parramatta this year's wooden spoon. In Townsville - Brisbane centre Justin Hodges secured a thrilling 18-16 win over the Cowboys.

Aussie batsman Matthew Wade has made a miserable bid for selection in next week's Third Ashes Test. The back-up keeper was caught behind for a duck on the opening day of Australia's tour-match against Sussex. There's plenty of competition up the order for a spot at Old Trafford - Phil Hughes making his push with a knock of 84.

I thought we all batted quite well today. It has always been a competition from the word go. That is a good thing. It is competitive. At stumps - Australia is 5/354. Steve Smith eyeing a century, unbeaten on 98. The road to redemption begins tonight for Australia's underperforming swimming team. They're in Barcelona at the world championships.

The final preparations are under way for the Australian swimming team here in Barcelona. For the last a few days, they had been put through their final paces before competition starts. There is a lot at stake up they horror year that started with our worst Olympic performance in 20 years. The she isn't broken in Australia.We need refinement and we have started working on that.The focus is on rebuilding this week and teeny unity.A fractured team in any sport will impact on individual performance.-- team that unity. The team will focus on individual performance. James Magnusson starts with the fastest time and will be looking to claim the 15 beat and hundred metre freestyle titles. Kate Campbell is currently the fastest woman in a ball. She has won the fastest times in 100 metre freestyle and will be our best team a chance.I have never been in this position before so I will enjoy it. I have taken a lot of confidence over the past few months. I have put in some solid performances. There is little doubt that there is pressure on the swim team to achieve good results but did nothing else, Barcelona is an opportunity to show a unified front, to prove that they have learned from their mistakes and did try to reaffirm a swimming as Australia's flagship sport. It is waning -- Jamie has won the first of three races at Ipswich. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Discover meals
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11 a trawl for will cross a Tasmania tomorrow, causing showers. A cold front through Tasmania will cause showers.

That is Nine's Afternoon News for this Saturday. Our next bulletin is coming up at 6:00pm. Goodbye for now. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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JESINTA: Namaste. And welcome back to our Scenic Tours
adventure through India. I'll just jump in. G'day, mate.
There we go. That wasn't too bad. Last week we explored
the nation's capital, Delhi, and her spiritual core,
the River Ganges.


Hello, mate. We're now making our way
to the magnificent Taj Mahal. It's incredible. You know,
I've waited 20 years to see this. I mean, you can really see why it's one
of the Seven Wonders of the World.

But first, we're off the beaten track, to the small village of Ajabgarh in India's biggest state, Rajasthan. It's so different
from anything we've seen before. It''s really picturesque. It's green, that's the thing. And the little buildings
through here. See down here,
they're cutting all the... It looks like hay or lucerne. I like the fact
it's just chilled out. Yeah, they work hard - you know, they're working probably 14- to 16-hour days
during the main seasons, but it's a bit more
chilled out than Delhi. To enrich your experience
and understanding of Indian culture, Scenic Tours gives you
an insight into rural life. It's the heart and soul of India. What's this guy got on his head? Look at this!

The charm of life here
is the simplicity. But it's also a hard one,
as they live in extreme poverty.

(LAUGHS) They've all
jumped on the back!

I think we've found a few. Oh, this is great.
Hey, kids. Hello, kids.
Hello! Look at them on the back. (SPEAKS HINDI) They don't have
modern luxuries and comforts, and around 70% of the population live and work in villages
just like this.

Wow. She's probably been working
all day in the fields... Can't believe it.
..just to bring that back. Hi, beautiful.


I think he's
the chief of the village - the king. Been around a while.

This is incredible to be here,
isn't it?

Oh, my name? Jesinta. Hi! Nice to meet you. Hi, kids.

India is a land of contrasts. Sharing this rural neighbourhood
is the Amanbagh Hotel, which means 'peaceful garden oasis'. It was once a maharajah's,
or prince's hunting lodge, and our wonderful home
for the night. (SINGS IN HINDI)

You can count on Scenic Tours to always provide
something exceptional. But there's no rest
for the...wicket.

Cricket is like a religion in India and you'll never have problems
finding fellow devotees. Namaste. Can we play? Yeah? I brought a ball. Is that OK? Show 'em how it's done.


Fluke. We're challenging
the locals to a match. That's four. (LAUGHS) Who's this, V.V.S. Laxman? Dravid?

Catch! The game is a great leveller
and you don't need to speak Hindi - just speak cricket. (LAUGHS) You know what's gonna happen. I'm
gonna wear one for sure, aren't I? Come on, boys, get him out!