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This program is captioned live. ANDREW O'KEEFE: Rot in jail - the man who held and raped
three women for a decade gets life. But wait till you hear
the rest of his sentence. Duped into drugs - were the Bombers tricked
into a secret supplements trial? So how excited are you
about the birth of Prince George? Aye or neigh?

The Middletons' home town
welcomes the heir to the throne. Also, mid-life eating disorders -
why mums and dads are so at risk. And catch and kiss - (RUSSIAN ACCENT)
Vladimir Putin hooks his dinner. (NORMAL VOICE) Then gets his gear
off for the cameras, of course, as Weekend Sunrise begins,
right now. (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Put your hands in
to the big sky. # Live from Studio 52,
this is Weekend Sunrise with Monique Wright
and Andrew O'Keefe.

Good morning. Vladimir Putin - this time catching fish in his teeth, like a grizzly bear.Its incredible. I just don't want to see that.Go Fish?Either.Claret and slapping that gut would be like slapping a tuna. -- I reckon.A little bit wobbly.And the best sushi chefs in the far east of Russia could probably do a nice little...Why wouldn't he get a little tummy tuck? He wouldn't mind it.He could love it.Good morning. I'm filling in for Sam today. Let's get things started with a weather snapshot. With the winter coming, more and more opportunity for him to get his shirt off and catch salmon with his bare hands. That's great. We couldn't be further away from Russian ski fields today, though. We are in Longreach in Queensland celebrating Australia's pioneering outback history today. But we have this fascinating horse and heritage expo with people on horses, people bringing down cattle. It's going to be lots of fun. First let's look at what's going on around Australia.

Showers and isolated storms
in Western Australia, easing later in the day. Cloud increasing across
South Australia and Victoria but remaining fine. Sunny weather along the east coast with a few isolated showers
in Queensland. Your local weather shortly. But first, here's Jess
with the 7am news. Good morning. The US man who kept three women
captive in his home for around a decade has pleaded guilty
to all of his 977 charges. Ariel Castro faces life
without parole, plus 1,000 years for his crimes after striking a plea deal
with prosecutors.

The trial of Ariel Castro was scheduled to start the week after next in Queensland but not now. Castree replied guilty.A plea agreement has been reached in this matter. Are you fully aware of the terms and do you consent?I am fully aware and I consent to it.He admitted to kidnapping three women, holding them hostage in a house in Cleveland for about 10 years and raping them repeatedly, even fathering a child with one of them. Castro avoids the death penalty because, among the nearly 1,000 Criminal county faced, there were two accounts of aggravated murder, stemming from aggravations -- accusations he punched and start one of the women told she miscarried.Do you understand you will never be released from prison? I do.The police there's his victims from having to relive those years in captivity - that the plea Speirs. They released a YouTube video earlier this month, their first public comments since their rescue.I'm getting stronger each day.Formal sentencing is should job next Thursday where Castro is expected to expand on something he said that his hearing.I was also a victim as a child.But that's not expected to change the plea agreement which is expected to get Castro life imprisonment without parole plus 1,000 years.

The driver of a passenger train which derailed
in north-western Spain is refusing to respond
to police questioning. And a warning, some viewers may find the pictures
in this story distressing. Francisco Jose Garzon
is under guard in hospital. The 52-year-old driver suffered
minor injuries in the crash which killed at least 78 people. It's alleged he's previously boasted
about breaking speed limits on Facebook. More than 100 people
have been injured, many seriously.

More than 1,200 asylum-seekers have made it to Australia's
Christmas and Cocos islands since Kevin Rudd announced
his Papua New Guinea solution. As of yesterday,
16 new boats had been intercepted. Overnight,
authorities were preparing for five more vessels
believed to be on their way. Indonesia's defence minister
has declared But he's insisting the two countries
discuss the policy before any action is taken.

Police may investigate claims
that players from AFL club Essendon were tricked into taking part
in a secret drug trial. Patent documents for AOD-9604
cite test results of four professional footballers. According to Fairfax, ASADA believes
the players are from Essendon. Coach James Hird has made
an emotional plea for the investigation into
the Bombers to come to a swift end. We are confident
that we are not drug cheats. This is affecting
so many people's lives. It's got to the point where it's going to affect people's
lives permanently and it's just got to finish,
It just has to finish. It's not fair on so many people. Findings of ASADA's investigation
are due out early next month.

Police are investigating a fatal car
crash south-east of Melbourne. A 70-year-old man was killed
when his hatchback smashed head-on into a sedan driving
in the opposite direction at Tynong. As a result of that collision,
one person is now deceased and an occupant from the other car
has been taken to Alfred Hospital. The 23-year-old survivor
has suffered serious injuries. The road was closed
for several hours. It's not yet known
if speed was factor.

In finance news:

And Russia's President
is at it again - stripping off
during an outdoor stunt. Vladimir Putin joined the country's
Prime Minister on a fishing trip in a bid to silence reports relations between the two
are strained. State television broadcast the
leader catching a 21 kilogram fish and even giving it a lucky kiss
on the gills. Putin is far from camera-shy and is renowned for showing skin
during his stunts.

I love the over oddness of the Russian "we are all good friends so let's take cameras on a fishing trip." And take the cameras. And stripping them remote locations. It would have been modified kissed each other, but kissing that fish was a proxy for kissing... It was a clear signal, I think, Tim Medvedev. "I am open to persuasion".

Straight ahead - the Bulldogs smash the Eels
but the victory is bittersweet. We'll tell you why. Plus, Buddy brilliant! Lance Franklin slots eight
as the Hawks belt the Bombers. And James has the weather
from Longreach.

Ah. Big night, eh? No, big day. See, the boss is going to walk
through that door in a bad mood, dump a mountain of work
on my desk, expect it sorted "within an hour", before I race to a meeting,
do a massive presentation, rush back to work,
have to take the stairs, plough through the sales reports,
covering for Jonesy as usual, do a quick session at the gym,
then dinner with the in-laws.



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On Weekends Sunrise, Planet Hunter - meet the man leading the charge. Plus an attitude of gratitude, the scientific proof that being thankful will change your life. And Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, the truth about their relationship.

We welcome back. Have you seen the Liberace film yet?It looks amazing. How young does he look? He does look incredible.And Rowe Lowe looks amazing on it, too.A incredible.And Matt Damon looks completely different.He looks like I did in 1983. Which was...Deny everything!Did you have that hair? Have you not seen his 80s shots? Really?There you go. Didn't look quite so much like a flock of seagulls.

It was the Lance Franklin show
at Etihad Stadium last night, eight goals from Buddy inspiring Hawthorn to a 56-point
thrashing of Essendon in a testy top-of-the-table clash. The Hawks were rampant, dominating the second quarter to
lead by 32 points at the main break. They didn't let up in the second, Franklin was unstoppable
making it 50 goals in his last 10 games
against Essendon. The ladder leaders with a resounding
statement to their flag rivals. We were really pleased with
the contributions that we got from all our players tonight. It was a real team effort. No, we want to be peaking
in September. Jake Melksham was put on report for
this high hit on Jarryd Roughead. While Hawks captain Luke Hodge faces
scrutiny over a third-quarter trip.

An ankle injury to star full-back
Ben Barba has soured the Bulldogs'
40-12 demolition of Parramatta at ANZ Stadium. Elsewhere, the Broncos won
a thriller against the Cowboys. In Sydney, Barba was forced
from the field in the 10th minute and could miss
the rest of the regular season. He's probably got what they call
a syndesmosis these days but it will be weeks. The Bulldogs had seven different
try scorers in the rout, handing the Eels
their ninth straight loss. In Townsville, a late try to Justin
Hodges lifted the Broncos to a crucial 2-point win
over the Cowboys.

Our Aussie batsman have finally hit
some form in England, scoring 354 runs on the first day
of their tour match against Sussex in Hove. Steve Smith is 98 not out at stumps while Phil Hughes
made a very timely 84. Ed Cowan hit 66
and Usman Khawaja 40, all continuing the worry trend
amongst Australia's top order of not going on with the job. The third test starts next week.

New Bulldogs CEO Raelene Castle
has told Seven News the NRL club is still in talks
with Israel Folau about a return to rugby league. But the ARU remains confident the Wallabies superstar will extend
his contract with the 15-man game.

I've been waiting for weeks so I'm hoping it's imminent
but it's not done yet. Are you hopeful or confident? I'm confident. Folau has been named in Ewen McKenzie's inaugural
40-man Wallabies squad for the rugby championship, while playmaker Quade Cooper
has been re-called.

Ford's Mark Winterbottom
has thrown down the gauntlet to V8 Supercars rivals Red Bull ahead of this weekend's round
at Ipswich Raceway in Queensland. Frosty very confident
of making more in-roads on Jamie Whincup's
championship lead. Every team's vulnerable and that's why our sport's so strong
and so healthy at the moment. David Reynolds was fastest
in practice yesterday. All the action is live on Seven
and 7mate over the weekend, just check your guides.

Though, there are tears.It was semi Matt Damon. You do look like Matt Damon in Liberace.And that was Percy Penguin.What the star. Look at you.

It is all of fine country, JT, Longreach. Yes, we are in your element, in central western Queensland. They call it the gateway to the outback, and it's all about horses, which is why you would love it. They've got a fantastic building called the Australian stock man's hall of fame, celebrating 25 years this year, so they are putting on his big horse and heritage expo, so they have all this cattle that's come to town, and thousands of people from around Australia, and even New Zealand - there were people competing in the road you're from New Zealand - coming to celebrate Australia's history, and over the weekend we've got radio, we got barrel racing, we've got saddle and bareback Broncos, and cattle driving, one of three uniquely Australian sport invented by Australians. Australian Rules football, you've got polocrosse, between polo and lacrosse, and you've

Camp drafting it is a sport that was really derived from - when people would drive cattle, they would basically have a herd of cattle, they have to cut one beast of the cattle, have to put it through a bit of a figure-of-eight tight course and put it back into another one. In fact we will set one up and show it to you. That is happening Thursday through to Sunday, so if you are anywhere near Longreach, jumped in your four- wheel-drive and come and visit. The town would love to have you.Sort of like competitive mini-mustering Tostock and it's great to watch. Can't wait for that later today. Simon had a bit of an experience with camp drafting in the 80s. Percy Penguin was in Liberace's pocket ball long. We didn't know at the time.

Still to come -
mid-life eating disorders. The secret illness
after mums and dads. But next, is Syria the new Rwanda? The humanitarian crisis
that won't go away.

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UN leader Ban Ki-moon
has called for fresh efforts to hold a peace conference
about Syria. More than 100,000 people
have now been killed in the 28-month conflict. For more we're joined by
our foreign editor, Dr Keith Suter. Good morning. for international intervention now? Why have we not

Why have we not see more international intervention? It seems that the West in particular is happy to step in in other conflicts.The major problem for the Americans is that they don't know what to do. They don't support the Assad government but they are worried about supporting the rebels as well because some of the rebels are obtusely western oriented people who want democracy, as we've seen in Egypt, but Al-Qaeda has moved in there, a lot of fundamentalist groups, so if they supply weapons to that side, they may end up with some of those weapons being used in Europe or elsewhere.As difficult as it is to watch as the horror unfolds, as the refugees flee and the citizens are killed, do you think it's a necessary thing for the opposition, oppositions, to win this war in order to establish any kind of legitimacy?I don't think they are going to win. Ban Ki-Moon has called for this international conference. The Assad government thinks they are winning after two years. They don't want to go. And the rebels are split among themselves as to who will run the country, because as I said you've got these different factions, so who will represent them in Geneva? And whatever it is said by the politicians being followed by the various militant groups on the ground as well. In regard to your idea that there should be a home- grown revolution, there are lot of foreigners involved. America, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states. It's a former French colony. America is involved. The CRA are working in Jordan. They are looking at whether to carry out bombing raids. If you are going to do that, you are at war with Syria, and do the Americans want to have another war in the Middle East since they have just got out of Iraq and they are aiming to get out of Afghanistan next year?A obviously we prefer some resolution but there was a peace convention in 2011. Was anything achieved there, and is it likely more can be achieved if we have another peace convention, as Ban Ki-Moon is asking for?I don't think so. You can and the have peace if you have put sides willing to do a deal. At the moment we have and because both sides think they have a chance of winning, so this conflict will continue. Meanwhile about 1.2 million Syrian asylum seekers, to use Our Language, have now fled into Turkey and Lebanon and Jordan.Presumably that's going to destabilise all those countries in its own way.It's a massive refugee issue which is why we are talking about the new Rwanda because there is a mass movement of peoples going to other countries but basically for themselves. They are struggling to cope with an additional several hundreds of thousands of people.6,000 a day. They are talking about the camps being there in 10, 20 years' time, so there are generations of people that will not have a child had out of the camps.And it damages them as they are growing up.Thank you for that. What a quagmire.

Your news, sport and weather
is coming up, right after the break. Plus, Bucklebury's baby fever. So how excited are you about the
birth of Prince George? The village celebrates
its newest resident. Riddick US, interviewing

Riddick US, interviewing another royal like that. -- ridiculous.

Time for a Seven News update
with Jess. News time now and the US man who held three women
captive in his home for about a decade has escaped the death penalty
by pleading guilty. Ariel Castro will be jailed for life
without parole, plus 1,000 years, after striking a plea deal
with Ohio prosecutors. He was charged
with 977 criminal counts including numerous rapes
and kidnappings. He was also charged with murder causing her to miscarry. A lawyer for his victims says they're 'satisfied'
with the resolution.

Spanish authorities say
they'll begin legal proceedings into the country's train disaster
as soon as possible. And a warning, some viewers may find the pictures
in this story distressing. The driver, Francisco Jose Garzon, is refusing to respond
to police questioning. He's accused of criminal
recklessness in relation to the crash. 78 people were killed when the train came off the rails
and slammed into a concrete wall at more than twice the speed limit. Over 100 people have been injured.

Indonesia is again calling
for bilateral talks on asylum seeker policies. The country's defence minister says he's not opposed to Tony Abbott's
policy of turning back the boats but has echoed earlier warnings
against unilateral action. More than 1200 asylum seekers
have arrived at Australia's Christmas
and Cocos Islands since Kevin Rudd announced
his Papua New Guinea solution. Overnight, authorities
were preparing to intercept five more boats
believed to be on their way.

Explosive new documents suggest Essendon AFL players may
have been tricked into taking part in a secret drug trial. A 2012 patent application for
the drug AOD-9604 cites test results from four professional footballers. ASADA believes
they're from Essendon. We are confident
that we are not drug cheats. The club is sending the documents
to the AFL and ASADA for advice.

Australia's first gay marriage laws
could become a reality in New South Wales. A cross party group of MPs has made key changes
to the same-sex marriage bill, designed to withstand
any High Court challenge. The re-draft makes it clear it
exclusively covers same-sex couples and churches are exempt. It will be introduced
in the next sitting of Parliament and is expected to be voted
on by the end of this year. To date, six other countries
have enacted similar laws.

Police are investigating a suspicious fire
in Sydney's south-west that's destroyed a restaurant. The fire broke out
yesterday evening, spreading quickly throughout
the Leumeah premises. Firefighters stopped it from
spreading to surrounding properties. Witnesses say a man fled
the premises before the blaze began. The restaurant had been closed
for repairs for damage from another fire.

Twin suicide attacks have killed
at least 41 people in Pakistan. 150 others were injured when the bombs exploded in a busy
market place in the country's north. The coordinated attack
hit the town centre as people shopped
for their evening meals. Officials say it's the deadliest
attack to hit the country during the Islamic holy month
of Ramadan. No-one has claimed responsibility
for the bombings.

The Queen's coronation
will be brought back to life with a special exhibition
at Buckingham Palace. The dazzling dress and jewels
worn by the Queen have been brought back together
for the first time in 60 years. The diamond tiara
worn by Princess Margaret and later loaned
to the Duchess of Cambridge will also be showcased.

Five big games of AFL today - the Suns and Carlton
should be a beauty at Metricon. The Demons face North Melbourne. Collingwood play GWS Giants in
Kevin Sheedy's last game at the MCG. Adelaide will be looking to make it
back-to-back upsets against Freo in Perth and Geelong can move back into
second with a win over St Kilda. Last night, Hawthorn firmed
as premiership favourites with a crushing 56-point win
over Essendon. Lance Franklin
starring with eight goals. COMMENTATOR: It's looking good. It's more than a handful. It's six. The Hawks well on their way
to claiming the minor premiership. More analysis coming up
in the sports forum in 10 minutes.

The Broncos have kept alive
their slim finals hopes with a heart-stopping 2-point
victory over the Cowboys in Townsville. Brisbane raced away to a 12-0 lead before the Cowboys stormed back
with three unanswered tries to re-take the lead
in the second half. But In the dying minutes,
Justin Hodges powered his way over to steal a dramatic win
for the Broncos. Everyone else is doing the numbers
but we just needed to worry about a getting a good solid
performance in tonight. At ANZ Stadium, the Bulldogs
destroyed the hapless Eels 40-12 but lost Ben Barba
to an ankle injury with scans today to reveal
the extent of the injury.

As widely expected, Reds fly half Quade Cooper has been
re-called to the Wallabies squad, ending a year-long exile
from the national set-up. Cooper has been selected
as the primary playmaker in new coach Ewen McKenzie's
maiden 40-man Wallabies squad. Quade's been very good at delivering
what I've asked him to do over the years.

McKenzie says James O'Connor will
only play as fullback or winger.

Ford's David Reynolds is the early
pace-setter in practice for this weekend V8 Supercars round
at Ipswich Raceway in Queensland. Red Bull's Jamie Whincup will be out
to extend his championship lead. All the action is live on Seven
and 7mate. Just check your guides. While in Formula One,
championship leader Sebastian Vettel topped the time-sheets in practice with Aussie Mark Webber
second fastest.

There is nothing like it to soothe the soul, those endless horizons, and what you have at Longreach, J T. We arrive yesterday afternoon. The sun rises equally as good. The cattle are starting to come in for the campdrafting, and this year's Melanie Doyle, Miss Radio Chiltern, and on the hunt to become this Radio Australia. Yesterday I first saw you as the flag-bearer to start off yesterday, and it was such a fantastic atmosphere.The crowd was great.Explain to everyone at home, this paddock was just that three weeks ago. They put in £3, they put 650 million cubic metres of soil, and last night thousands came from around Australia. In fact you've come from almost the first.Yeah, I'm from Ballarat in Victoria near Melbourne.So we are about 1,300 kilometres from Brisbane, and to go all the way right down to Ballarat - it's a huge journey. When did you leave?Last Sunday.And you are competing in the barrel racing. Explain barrel racing and we will show everyone after the weather.( HORSE MAIZE).X Qs me!You've got to do a clover leaf pattern, the quickest time around all three. Time for a look at the forecasts.

showers. Sydney,

morning fog. Melbourne,
cloudy. Hobart,
cloudy. Adelaide,
cloudy. Perth,
storms. And in Darwin,
a fine 31.

Are you ready? Alright, take it away. Now, hold on to your seats. So this is barrel racing.It is. Watching last night, have a look at how sharp they go around those barrels. Around the second one, back up to the third, and straight brown. The winning goal last night did it in 15.9 seconds. Get down there! And the fact that Malory can keep her tiara on - it's fantastic. Stays well and truly in place during the racing. Hopefully.There were so many diamantes around the traps last night. It's a real part of rodeo.Yeah, the girls love it. The girls - whoever.That's right. While we were talking Liberace,... Quickly, I feel used Mr Major news scoop brightens your nose. Mallory is from Ballarat and yet she has been nominated Ms rodeo Chilterns. Presumably there are local women of Chiltern whose noses are right out of joint at this.You are right, we have stirred some controversy this morning and we will get to the bottom of that.It's like running foreign electorate in which you don't live. You can't just ride in with your posse and take over the whole place.She is going to Mount Isa to compete there as well, so we could be causing a big stir.You are on it. Thanks, JT. Stay safe.

This week, very short and very sweet - app of the week. It is called Go Comics. I was a comic fan as a kid and it seems to have fast -- passed out of vogue. I was into Charlie Brown and Peanuts. If you are a fan, this has everything you could wish for. There are hundreds if not thousands of comic strips, mainly American - this is put out by Universal - like Peanuts as well, which just takes a couple of ticks to load, but there are within each of these - this is a little Linus- Lucy gag. Of those characters. Just as a kid how you jump into these characters, they become part of your lives. This is beautiful. Is it like a bumper edition of reach of these comic strips? Absolutely, and all of your favourites. There are political ones as well. Some very good stuff. Lots of political cartoons from the left and the writer as well. That's quite cute. It is called Go Comics, it is free, for android as well as iPhone and the Apple stuff. I don't know how those things work but it's one of the great things about apps. Don't you remember your mum or dad coming home with the paper and everyone would take the sections, and the kids would have the comics? Do they go back many years? They have archive copies going way back. Some were terrific in the day and when the original writer dies it lost its way. Lots of original stuff from the 50s, 60s and 70s as well.

Still to come - the rise of mums
and dads suffering eating disorders. But next, a bittersweet win
for the Bulldogs over the Eels. And the Hawks fly high at Etihad as the Bombers' drugs crisis

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Let's bring in our footy panel -
former Swan Troy Luff, former rugby league star
Matt Adamson and Seven's chief AFL reporter
Mark Stevens. Last night at Etihad Hawthorn were scarily good,
beating the Bombers by 56 points. And in the NRL, it was the Dogs off
the leash against the Eels 40-12. While in Townsville, Justin Hodges
threw his team a lifeline in the dying minutes, for a heartstopping win
over the Cowboys.

OK, it was a top-of-the-table clash
in the AFL but it turned into a clinic, Luffy,
pretty quickly. Hawthorn were as good
as we've seen in the AFL this year but looming large in this picture
for the Bombers are the ASADA investigation
findings. The Bombers started off well and I was stupid enough to tip Essendon to win. They kicked four of the first six come looking good, and 15 minutes into the second quarter where Hawthorn controlled play but couldn't score, and all of a sudden the Bombers scored book, but that was about it. It was the Buddy Franklin show last night. He kicked eight. The last 10 games against peasants and he has kicked 50. You've got a feel for Carlisle but are surprised James Hird kept him on him for the blame. -- all of the game. When you have a forward line of Franklin, Jarryd Roughead, Cyril Rioli, they are very damaging. The Hawks have only had two losses and Essendon have a chance to finish his round 4th because the Swans play Fremantle, and Geelong playing. And Hawthorn's midfield was fantastic - Hodge, Mitchell, C well as they keep getting better and better, and they will be very hard to become finals time.

Looming large in this picture
for the Bombers are the ASADA investigation
findings. Mark Stevens has been all over
this story. Mark, last night you told
Bruce Mcavaney at half time you felt Essendon may not even play
finals footy. All the noises coming out of the AFL now. The evidence is

AFL now. The evidence is mounting at the time of it, the fact that it will come through in mid-August - I believe it is time so they can clear it up before the finals. They need to make a hard starts. I don't think fines and draft picks will get the job done. The public want more than that. I think they will ensure Essendon don't play the finals. That's the way it is looming at the moment. Such a dark cloud over the AFL. The powers- that-be will go pretty tough.

James Hird very strong last night, really pleading to get these report
results onto the table. And this morning 'The Age' says Essendon players may have been
tricked into taking part in a secret drug trial. Mark, the drug manufacturer
has used the test results of professional footballers to justify performance
enhancing claims.

The it's very disturbing.We believe it is four pliers, but it is understood they are Essendon players. There are claims that it said increased muscle mass, recovery and improved exercise tolerance - so what I was saying is that they used these young players as test cases and flog the advantages of the drug, the anti- obesity drug, basically to try to make money. Essendon are disturbed and it's a messier angle to ASADA that I believe will go on for quite a while.Jarrod Wakely a couple of weeks ago said it was going to be fine, they don't believe Essendon have done anything wrong. What do you know that we don't?A user of the players will be fine. I think that is still the case, that there is a loophole - was the drug legal? You probably can't blame them. They were under pressure to take the drug. What I was saying about finals etc it is the lack of governments - they have already proven to be outside the Square in what they're doing, so I believe this will be a club penalty. The players will suffer but there will be a loss of points.A lot more to play out this week. Thank you for talking to us.

The NRL rivalry round, Matty, produced some good
and some average footy last night. First the good and the Broncos still not entirely
out of the finals picture with a thriller in Townsville. Tough for both

Tough for both clubs at the moment. Queensland have had such dominance in the Origin game last week. The clubs are struggling and the Broncos have stayed strong. I think for Anthony Griffin they needed this win last night. What was interesting about the match-winning try was that Hodges comes out of dummy half and goes right, and this time he came left, so there was a good chance they thought he would run, as he does so often, every week, and came through the left and scored the try. For the North Queensland team, great support but there. I just don't know where the season has been for this team. JT has had a baby, and Jonathan Thurston's form has been scratchy. Pretty predictable, the Bulldogs over the Ills but the Ben Barba injury is a big concern.They are a sleeping giant, a slow start to the season and sneaking up. I think a big impact. Parramatta, they are a problem, and I'd love to hear from fans of Facebook or about how they feel. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I thickets really frustrating period. They are passionate fans as we saw last week raised Penrith for the local derby. It's a tough time, and I'd love to know what they are thinking because, do they see light at the end of the tunnel? I don't.Out of time. Thank you very much indeed, and good luck to Garry Ablett today, equalling the record of his dad. Get a lot of that one, should be a beauty.

And you can check out all the AFL
action this weekend on Seven. Check your local guide for details. I've always wanted to

I've always wanted to know what Parramatta eels fans are thinking. It is news to me that they think. That is dangerous!A little bit of rivalry...He is a lot bigger than you.I'll stand on Church Street with you and see. I'm on their side.

Still to come -
cool Uncle Harry. What can Prince George expect
from his royal family. But next, who has
the best policy on asylum seekers?

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was tough" mornings.

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There's a new way to link
the doctors and nurses involved in your healthcare wherever you are in Australia. It's called
the eHealth record system. Up until now,
every clinic and hospital has maintained a separate record
of your health. With an eHealth record, you can supplement these files by
linking key information about you, so wherever you are in Australia, a secure online summary
of your healthcare information will be available 24/7 to assist in your diagnosis
and treatment. Best of all, it's free and it's available now.

A cool and windy day
ahead for Melbourne. That's the view through
the Jetstar Skycam. Here at Weekend Sunrise we have been fascinated
with the idea of 3D printing. We have finally managed to get
an actual 3D printer here on set. To give us a live demonstration we are joined by the CEO of
3D Printing Systems, Bruce Jackson. Good morning. Bruce, what are you printing
for us today? We became fascinated

We became fascinated because of the medical applications and things that we have seen, literally printing organs.The that's what's happening in the 3D printing world. You are going to print something pretty simple fires today.But Channel 7 Cup. I decided last night. I just click print. It will now he tub. This particular printer is what Nicoll 50 m, so it has a role of plastic that feeds it through and melt it. It is like a glue gun on steroids.Service plastic coil is melted inside this mechanism. And it squirts it out so many it will come out been about 30 seconds and start creating their thing. This particular couple take 1.5 hours to manufacturer. Cost-wise, about $1.50.It's a lot slower than you would get on a factory floor or something like that but if we are doing it at home, it is easy.If you want an iPhone case with your face on it, you can do that with 3D printing. That's where it is different from as many factoring and getting the same red shirts. Now we can have whatever we want with 3D printing.If you have a special occasion and you want something silly and fun, you could print six cups with Mon's face on them.How do you say, funny?It would be really funny!We've heard there are concerns about health warnings. There have been warnings from people saying the particles are not good for us.They also said been their test at the same particles are generated from cooking, from using a laser printer as well. So the report is not definite.Presumably you could just wear a mask of something that would help.Or are ventilated area. They did the test in a closed room. It is beeping so it will start printing. It's not essentially how you have it, in an enclosed environment.We are raising up the little table top, and it will be printed on to that.That's right. The platform is heated so this printer is going to start squirting it out. If the camera can get that. So that's a thin layer of plastic or something.A HBOS plastic. It's the same plastic as Lego, so it is very strong. About a year and a half ago my dishwasher broke. I cannot get the part for it. Do I measured it up, printed it out, and that's a year and a half ago.As far as I understand, it lasers down, just like us airily strudel, just layer upon layer, so that Cup will have roughly how many layers to formulate that height?It depends what you said the job as. You can do it really fine but that takes longer, or really thick, which is much faster. It depends on what qualities you want.We will check in with you. Just quickly, how much?$1,000. This is available today in stores.And it's come down a lot. 17 grams not so long ago.If you really want a whole set, that's a few thousand.That's a bargain, particularly if it's got my face on it.

Good morning. The man who held three women captive
at his US home for around a decade will spend the rest of his life
behind bars. Ariel Castro evaded
the death penalty by pleading guilty to 977 charges, including numerous counts
of rape and kidnapping. He was also charged with murder for causing one of the women
to miscarry. JUDGE: You understand, Mr Castro,
that upon entering this plea you will never be released
from prison? I knew I was pretty much going
to get the book thrown at me. Castro faces life without parole,
plus 1,000 years, for his crimes.

More than 1,200 asylum-seekers have made it to Australia's
Christmas and Cocos islands since Kevin Rudd announced
his Papua New Guinea solution. As of yesterday,
16 new boats had been intercepted. Overnight, authorities
were preparing for five more vessels
believed to be on their way. Indonesia's defence minister
has declared he's not opposed to Australia
turning back asylum seeker boats. But he's insisting the two countries
discuss the policy before any action is taken.

A Sydney man who abducted
his 8-month old son at knife point is still on the run. Baby Zhaiden was handed over to
Sydney police yesterday afternoon after a 20-hour search. It's believed the child's father,
Steven Hume, gave him back to a relative. The 24-year-old kidnapped
both Zhaiden and his teenage mother from their Sydney home
on Thursday night. The 16-year-old girl
managed to escape. Police are urging Hume
to turn himself in.

Veterans of the Korean War
have returned to South Korea to mark 60 years since
the end of hostilities. Seven News reporter Nick McCallum
is in Seoul. Good morning, Nick. What's planned for the anniversary?

Well, Jess, I'm at a rather spectacular entrance to the national war memorial in Seoul. In a few hours the Australian veterans will join veterans from the 20 other countries that participated in the UN force during the Korean War. They will march through an amphitheatre and be greeted by 4,000 Korean officials and civilians who will basically say thank you for our freedom. Yesterday the Australians went to a village about two hours north of Seoul. In 1951 they were vastly outnumbered but still held back the advance of the Communist Chinese and North Korean troops into Seoul. It was considered the defining Australian battle of the Korean War. 32 Australians died during that battle. Today in North Korea they consider it their victory Day. They are honouring their veterans today, and also there will be a huge military parade later this afternoon in front of the volatile dictator Kim Jong UN. That's why in Seoul there is so much security. To get into this memorial you must go through metal detectors. There are hundreds of troops wandering around with dogs, so 60 years on the piece is still very uneasy. A significant day for our veterans.

Police are investigating a fatal car
crash south-east of Melbourne. A 70-year-old man was killed
when his hatchback smashed head-on into a sedan driving
in the opposite direction at Tynong.

As a result of that collision one
person is now deceased, and an occupant from the other car has been taken
to the Alfred Hospital. The 23-year-old survivor
has suffered serious injuries. The road was closed
for several hours. It's not yet known
if speed was factor.

At least five people
have been killed as tens of thousands
of rival protesters clash in Egypt. Supporters and opponents of the country's former president,
Mohamed Morsi, are demonstrating
across the country. A judge has ordered
the ousted leader be detained on accusations of espionage and conspiring
with the militant group, Hamas.


The UN is calling
for Morsi's release and urging protesters
to keep demonstrations peaceful.

And now you know
I love my animal stories A hotel in Vienna is offering
five-star luxury service - for dogs.

The pamper program for pooches
includes cosy basket beds and bowls of gourmet dog treats. The hotel also offers suggestions
for the city's best dog walks and canine friendly cafes.

I wonder if they have a similar service on Manus Island? What do you reckon? I'd like me to pooh- pooh this idea, but...I stayed in a hotel in Soho in New York but you could not only take your dogs, but if you're missing your pet, you could order a goldfish from room service for it to come up and keep you company.Terrific.I like that idea.They do that and the Orient Hotel at Circular Quay. There's a goldfish on standby. George, I think.If only George could talk. Do they have years? Whale song, I guess...

More developments in the Essendon
drugs scandal overnight with Fairfax Media reporting
police may investigate claims that players from the Bombers were tricked into taking part
in a secret drug trial. Seven News chief AFL reporter
Mark Stevens joins us now. Mark, what can you tell us
about this latest report? It looks like for players, Essendon players, were basically used as

players, were basically used as
guinea pigs by a company developing the anti-obesity drug. The tests were then used and the results to basically sell the product, and it said it increased muscle mass, aided recovery and improved exercise tolerance. It happened late in 20th December 12, which is the same year of course that Essendon went through this injection program, so just another twist in this sorry saga.It's like a volcano, about a blow.

You revealed exclusively during
half-time of last night's game the Bombers may not play
finals football this season. Do you expect them to be stripped
of their points? To I do. I think the noises coming

To I do. I think the noises coming
out of the FO, the for team community in general, and this will be a massive story. It is more of a governance issue and the evidence is mounting. Before the finals I have to make a strong statement. There are talks of fines and draft picks. That will happen at least. But the only way to clean up this mess is probably to put them out of the finals, strip points, and there is pressure across the competition from other supporters that action to be taken, and I think the AFL are ready with a solution.I know you've got a busy day ahead. Thanks for sticking around.

Last night, Hawthorn delivered
an emphatic statement to its competition rivals, hammering Essendon by 56 points
in a spiteful top-of-the-table clash at Etihad Stadium. The Hawks showed why
they're flag favourites, steamrolling the Bombers in
a dominant display kicking 22 goals. The returning Lance Franklin was
magnificent, booting eight of them, making it 50 goals in his
last 10 games against Essendon. I just play football, who cares, all we play football for is finals,
so we'll just play until then. Jake Melksham was reported for this
high hit on Jarryd Roughead, the pair having a number of runs
in the third quarter. While Hawks skipper Luke Hodge
could be in trouble for tripping.

An ankle injury to star fullback
Ben Barba has taken the gloss off the Bulldogs' 40-12 hammering
of Parramatta at ANZ Stadium. Elsewhere, the Broncos won
a pulsating encounter against the Cowboys. In Sydney, Barba limped from
the field in the 10th minute and is set to be out
for a number of weeks. Seven different players scored
for the Dogs as the Eels fell to their ninth
straight defeat, Ricky Stuart revealing Jarryd Hayne
won't be back anytime soon. There's no good
bringing Jarryd back at 95%. He's an explosive player. In Townsville, a late try to Justin Hodges edged
the Broncos past the Cowboys in the Queensland derby.

Our Aussie batsman have finally,
finally scored some runs, finishing 5/354 on the first day
of their tour match against Sussex in Hove. Steve Smith all but secured his spot
in the team for next week's must-win
third Ashes test, finishing 98 not out at stumps, while Phil Hughes hopes
his 84 guarantees him selection. and look hopefully, I'll be in that
third test side when it's selected, but look, you never know. Ed Cowan showed some improvement
hitting 66, while Usman Khawaja wasted
a good opportunity, only making 40.

Ford's David Reynolds has topped
the timesheets in practice for this weekend V8 Supercars round
at Ipswich Raceway in Queensland. Red Bull's Jamie Whincup will be out
to extend his championship lead while FPR's Mark Winterbottom
and Will Davison will be hoping for another Ford 1-2. All the action is live today
on Seven and 7mate. Just check your guides.

Backed a beautiful Longreach. When I said to the good people of Longreach that I was keen to get on board the radio, this is not exactly what I meant. This is Jigsaw. I'm not sure why - perhaps because he cuts so mean shape but maybe because he is just a bit of fun. Behind me, Frosty and Nick, probably the youngest child?The adopted child.You are a bit of a travelling roadshow really because there is all this entertainment over the weekend. We got the radio, the saddle Broncos, the barrel racing, and you're off as something a bit different.We got horses, dogs, pigs, all sorts of animals at the show. We like to entertain the crowds.It is you and your wife and three daughters.Shannon, Abbey and Hanna, the three girls, doing a bit of whip-cracking.Take it away. Poor old Frosty.

Love that whipping.That's a group of three daughters that the

So that is Frosty and Mick. He just hangs around on that donkey. But you have to prepare the losses for the show.We are always preparing daughters. We have working Australian kelpies. This is a little Annie, and he takes a little bit of looking after. I thought I'd clean his feet out a little bit while we are here this morning. It's amazing trust. How long does it take to train him to do that? The it's an ongoing thing. We got to keep these horses cleaned up of course. Got to clean his feet a little bit like that.A manicure and pedicure. That looks like me when I get a pedicure.Does he straddle you in that manner?I pay extra. Any looks like he is having a good time, though.The thoroughly pleased with that process. There we go. Thank you. Moving arms... See you in half an hour.

This week the Opposition revealed
its asylum seeker policy called Operation Sovereign Borders. This includes the appointment
of a military commander who will report
to the Immigration Minister. The operation will turn back boats
where it is safe to do so. And the humanitarian intake will be
more than 13,500 people a year. Last week we learned
the Government's plan. All asylum seekers who arrive
by boat without documents will be sent to Papua New Guinea. Regional processing will be
"significantly expanded" with no cap on the numbers. And the humanitarian intake could be
increased to 27,000 per year.

So, which policy would work?
If any. We're joined by Paul Power from
the Refugee Council of Australia. And QC Julian Burnside -
an expert in human rights law. Welcome to you both. Paul, let's start with you. The Opposition's policy
is turning back the boats

Are either of these right?

Are either of these right?I don't think either of them will achieve what the government or opposition hoped it would. Stopping people getting on boats. There's been a lot of discussion about their business model, which the government says is at the heart of this. Their business model is based on the fear of people fleeing their countries of origin and can't find a place of safety elsewhere. So addressing the issue really has got to focus on how people can be provided with alternatives to what they see as their best option, which is heading towards Australia. A talk about the push factors under Pol factors. On a practical level, uninterested in this talk about turning the boat around when it is safe to do so. Practically, how often will it be safe to turn around these rusty hulks?In the past, when this policy was operative, there was only a small number of operations where this occurred. It's going to be incredibly difficult,

occurred. It's going to be
incredibly difficult, and piquancy from the numbers of boats that get into trouble, coming to Australia currently, how the idea of being able to turn a boat back to Indonesia - it's going to be very difficult to achieve.A

Indonesia - it's going to be very difficult to achieve.A couple of questions of legality - the opposition consistently refers to people are arriving illegally by boat. The government on the other hand says that Papua New Guinea solution will not breach international law. Talked us through the legality of arriving by boat, and the legality of the Papua New Guinea solution.Fast, it's not illegal to seek asylum in any country you can get to. It is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a human right, and any parliamentarian who says it is illegal is lying. They know it is not true but it's done for the specific purpose of demonising a group of people fleeing terrors we can scarcely imagine, so we can then marginalise and mistreat them. First of all you have to make them look less than human if you will mistreat them. As for the Labor Party's policy, I doubt that it will work, and the reason it's unlikely to work is to fold - first of all, the advertising they are doing, in

of all, the advertising they are
doing, in national papers and television. I don't think someone hiding from the Taliban in Naomi is going to look in the Australian newspapers. Secondly, the people smugglers are unlikely to send the word that you are not going to end up in Australia but Papua New Guinea. Thirdly, the sort of things we

Guinea. Thirdly, the sort of things we know people are escaping are not going to be less frightening than the prospect of going to Papua New Guinea. I'm interested to know what the PNG Tourist Bureau think about what they have been saying. Unfortunately we are running out of time, but what do you think should happen? What would you like to see happen?I think a solution that would restore our national character as generous, decent people would be first of all initial detention for a preliminary health and security checks. I'm not saying open borders. But cap that detention at one month, and releasing into the community with Medicare benefits, but as a condition of that visa, while their status is being determined, require they live in specified rural and regional areas. There are plenty of country towns that would love an increase in the population, and I'd be spending money on rent, food and clothes. It would cost about 10% as much as what it costs to send them to Nauru.The cost is amazing. Keith Suter was saying Australia's budget for processing asylum seekers is half of the global budget for the UN High Commission for refugees settling the other 25 million people in the world.Half the cost is buried in the foreign aid budget.2.8 6 billion we are spending.Close enough to 3 billion. The doesn't say much for their budget, does it?So badly we have to go. It's hard to believe the policies of by the side of Parliament are truly directed towards saving lives. How often do you see a policy that costs billions of dollars which is about protecting the loss of foreign nationals you will never meet? But it is a noble aim in itself. What you said, it seems there is no way you will really stop the boats.The answers lie in Asia, in providing people with greater opportunities to get a place as a protection closer to their countries of origin. And we've been discussing this issue with government for years, and I strongly feel the Australian government has put far too little focus on this aspect, and all the focus on anti- people smuggling initiatives, intercepted initiatives. Even if, and I did believe they will be successful, or they will do is put the responsibility better a -- to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and elsewhere. The government has to assess how people can get their earlier, could live in safety with the legal right to work, and get some basic education for their children.I wish we had some more time but unfortunately we don't. Thank you for coming in.

Still ahead - catch and kiss. Vladimir Putin hooks his dinner. Then gets his gear off
for the cameras. Ugh!

But next, the plea deal that saved
the life of the Cleveland kidnapper. We're live to the US,
right after the break.

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The Cleveland kidnappings
shocked America. And now, Ariel Castro
has pleaded guilty to holding three women captive
inside his home for around a decade. The former bus driver
will now avoid the death penalty. Instead he'll get life
without parole, plus 1,000 years. JUDGE: Mr Castro, do you understand
that you'll never get out of prison? I do, your honour.

And as I said to the agent, with these crimes... I knew I was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me.

The case made global headlines
in May when the women escaped
from Castro's house after one of them kicked
through the bottom of a door. Joining us now
is Steve Handelsman in Cleveland. Steve, is this the best result
for the victims?

What are they saying?Back to leave the victims are saying they are satisfied with this outcome. And this maybe the reason, first of all - first of all this plea-bargain means no trial, sono testified for these three women whose lives were stolen and they were savaged. Admittedly, in return for the plea- bargain, pleading guilty to more than 700 charges and crimes, Castro no longer faces the death penalty. He was charged with capital crimes for allegedly beating and starving one of his victims with the goal, and it succeeded, to have a miscarry and child of his. Prosecutors say the one child that Castro did have with one of his three victims he will never see again, so he will go to jail for life. These victims do not have to testify, and what's left are the details. Prosecutors say they will fill in that blank next Thursday when the formal sentencing takes place of Ariel Castro here in Cleveland. They say they will point out details of why they say Castro was a monster.

A monster who doesn't really seem, from what I've seen, to grasp the gravity that this is a crime.He was saying he knew he would have the book thrown at me.Possibly the electric chair of firing squad. It's not a parking ticket.It makes you question for the victims - is it better to know he will be incarcerated as he incarcerated them, but in much better conditions? Or would they have preferred the death penalty?The racing to be at peace with that judgement, don't they?They said they were satisfied.The greatest victim probably of all of it is the child who survived his father is Castro, who will still be alive for much of that child's life.But he will never see her of course.

Still to come -
designer shoes and handbags - the university study proving luxury
goods could save your marriage. Plus... Wikipedia is quite useful. ..Cate Blanchett's advice
to David Letterman. Say What is next.

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News time now with Jess.

Good morning. The man who kidnapped three girls and kept them captive
for more than a decade in the US has escaped the death penalty. Ariel Castro is facing life behind
bars without parole plus 1,000 years after pleading guilty to his crimes. He was facing more than 900 charges including murder
and multiple counts of rape. He'll be officially sentenced
next week.

The driver of passenger train
which derailed and killed 78 people in Spain is refusing
to answer police questions. Francisco Jose Garzon
is under guard in hospital. The 52-year-old driver is accused
of criminal recklessness in relation to the crash. More than 100 people have been
injured, many seriously.

Police are investigating a suspicious fire
in Sydney's south-west that's destroyed a restaurant. The fire broke out
yesterday evening, spreading quickly throughout
the Leumeah premises. The staff moved us around in case the building exploded,
we could've got injured. for damage from another fire.

And Russia's President
is at it again, stripping off
during an outdoor stunt. State television broadcast
Vladimir Putin on a fishing trip, catching a 21 kilogram fish and even
giving it a lucky kiss on the gills. Putin is far from camera shy and is renowned for showing skin
during his adventures.

I think they were using Vladimir Putin himself as bait to attract the white whale. Maybe at the School of narwhals.When they got there, did they turn away?"Does my Salmon Look Big in This?"

Five massive games of AFL today. Gary Ablett equals his dad's 248
games as the Suns host the Blues. Can Geelong beat St Kilda

Coverage on Seven and 7mate
Just check your guides for details. Last night, Hawthorn hit top gear, blowing away fierce rivals Essendon
in style with a 56-point victory
at Etihad Stadium. Lance Franklin starring
with eight goals. The Broncos are still
in the hunt a finals spot after a heart-stopping 2-point
victory over the Cowboys in Townsville. Justin Hodges powered his way
over in the dying minutes to snatch a thrilling win
for the Broncos. While the Bulldogs
annihilated the Eels 40-12 but lost Ben Barba
to an ankle injury. Our Aussie batsmen have finally
found form with the bat in England, reaching 5/354 runs on the first day of their tour match
against Sussex in Hove. Berry dry, look at that ground.

Steve Smith is 98 not out at stumps while Phil Hughes
made an important 84. Ed Cowan hit 66 and Usman Khawaja 40 to push their case for selection
in next week's third Ashes test. Usain Bolt has returned to the scene
of his Olympic gold medal win and just like 12 months ago,
blitzed his rivals. The Jamican overcoming a poor start to win this morning's 100 metre race
at the Diamond League meeting in London.

Also came out very strongly this week in the anti-drugs campaign. Back to JT who would look good in anything. I'm hanging out with some of the college students because an event like this up here in Longreach, which is all about - I have just had a mental black about the name! The horse and heritage expo. There we go. Doesn't happen without volunteers, and the college students from both the Longreach pastoral and from the Emerald Agricultural Colleges over the last few days. What do you study?I'm doing a program, you're told plus my college studies, which can be anything from sheep to cattle to alter culture.OK, and what about that Emerald?I'm studying certificate three in horse branding. So you want to work in horses? In what way?I want to get better at riding, work on a property and hiring my skills.We were talking about the rivalry. Obviously there is rivalry, and you get together and have a Sportsday. The other day of the year, it's all about other stuff.There is wood chopping with axes, depending on what is going on, motorbike racing, horse riding. There is soccer, basketball.Who is winning at the moment?Longreach. Yes, because they are better. Definitely!I wouldn't say that. When is the next competition?Next August coming.Hosted by?Emerald. It's going to be away year this year. We will take it home.Good competition in central western Queensland has been look at the forecast.

Weekend Sunrise weather proudly
brought to you by Steggles. Ideal conditions
for a Steggles family roast. Brisbane,
showers. Sydney,
sunny. Canberra,
morning fog. Melbourne,
cloudy. Hobart,
cloudy. Adelaide,
cloudy. Perth,

And in Darwin,
a fine 31.

In this part of Australia, where we have massive properties, with no fences really, where the mob saw mixed together, so it in the next hour we will show you till activities that originated here. We have camped drafting, and we've also got branding, but we're not going to actually do the branding, but just how the stock men get the mobs, cut the cattle out, and get them prepared.You are really struggling with some of the terminology here, aren't you? I reckon your headband is too tight. I've got an Akubr