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(generated from captions) us again next week. For now goodbye.

This Program is Captioned Live.The driver of a train which flew off the tracks in north-western Spain killing 78 people refuses to respond to police questioning.

The Ohio man who held 3 women captive for a decade to be sentenced to life after pleading guilty.A baby snatched from his teenage mother at knife point is handed into police but the father who abducted the child is still on the run.And Buddy's miracle boot secures a 56-point win for Hawthorn over Essendon.

Hello, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Miriam Corowa. Let's check the weather around the country:

The driver derailed this week in The driver of the train that derailed this week in Spain
killing derailed this week killing 78 people has refused killing 78 people has to answer initial questions. He's under guard in to answer initial He's under guard in hospital
facing a He's under guard in facing a criminal investigation
over claims the He's under guard in hospital
facing over claims the train was travelling over travelling at more than double the speed limit. A warning that this story contains images some people may find distressing. Escorted from the twisted wreckage, bloodied and dazed, the train driver. He has 30 years experience of the railways. He'd been on the Galicia line for over a year. On the night of the accident he was travelling twice the speed limit of the bend, and he knew it. In the seconds before the crash it's reported there was a call to the control room. "I'm travelling at 190km/h" he shouted, "We're going to derail." The 52-year-old is now under official investigation suspected of driving dangerously. TRANSLATION: The train driver was arrested at 8:00 last night. This is a police detention. He's had his rights read to him because he's accused of a criminal offence. He's been detained as a suspect for a crime linked to the cause of the accident.Twin explosions in Pakistan have killed at least 39 people and wounded more than 50 others. The attack occurred in the poun - town of Parachinar. The blasts targeted a busy market place where people were buying food to break their fasts during the month of Ramadan. Police say explosives experts are examining the site but there's been no immediate claim of responsibility.At least 2 people have died in clashes in Egypt amid massive opposing rallies by supporters and opponents of the country's ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The country's army chief had called for protests earlier this week to support the military following their removal of Mr Morsi. The ex-president's Muslim Brotherhood supporters then vowed their own rival thousands
demonstrations. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Cairo while deaths were reported in Alexandria. In the US the Ohio man accused of raping and holding 3 women captive for a decade has agreed to a plea deal that will see him imprisoned for life without the possibility of parole. Ariel Castro was arrested in May after one of the women escaped. To take us through the latest developments I'm joined by our North America correspondent Lisa Millar. Lisa, just take us through this plea bargain Ariel Castro struck with prosecutors.People had been initially shocked when he pleaded not guilty. There were 977 counts of kidnapping, raping, beating, you name it. He'd pleaded not guilty and in his first court appearance and now two weeks before the trial was due to begin he has made this deal with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty. Now he is going to be in jail for the rest of his life, as you say. In fact it was life sentencing that they talked about plus 1,000 years, no parole. What was interesting about this hearing today in Cleveland is that we heard from him for the first time, this former school bus driver now confessed sexual predator and he talked about why he had done what he did. Let's have a listen.English, I'm very good at spelling and I'm very good at reading but I can't comprehend because I mentioned earlier my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has taken a toll on my mind.So Lisa, this now allows the 3 women who were taken by Castro to get on with rebuilding their lives?Yes, they had made it clear through their attorneys that they did not want to go through the nightmare of having to testify in a lengthy and what would have been public a lot of the time trial. So they will be very happy about this. In fact they released a statement through their lawyers saying they were pleased at the resolution. They'd put out their own video statements about a month ago letting people know that they were OK. They wanted people to understand that even though they had walked through hell, as one of the women said, they could walk through hell with a smile on their face and they wanted to thank everyone with their well wishes but certainly wanting to get on with their lives. The actual official sentencing is still a few days away and Ariel Castro went on to speak at this hearing today telling the judge that he'd been abused as a child, that he was also a victim. The judge cut him off pretty quickly and said well look, save that for your sentencing. You can raise that when you're next in court but indicated that he wasn't interested in hearing those kinds of details today.The end of a dark chapter there. Our North America correspondent Lisa say the Lisa Millar. French prosecutors say the former International Monetary Fund Monetary Fund chief Dominic Strauss-Khan is to face Strauss-Khan is to face pimping charges. He's admitted to charges. attending sex parties but claims he didn't know the women were prostitutes. A case is the latest in a string of sex-related allegations against Mr Strauss-Khan. Mr Strauss-Khan. A series of lurid claims have been made against him since he was arrested in New York in 2011 after a hotel maid said he tried to rape her. The charges were later dropped. The Federal Government is facing a multibillion dollar headache with further revenue short falls Labor's razor gang is debating whether there should be preelection budget cuts or another delay in the return to surplus. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin reports.Two months is a really, really long time in politics.I commend the bill to the House.Since May's Budget, Labor's switched Treasurers and swapped PMs. The bottom line - it's changed too.There are impacts on the Budget of things like rather dramatic reductions in our terms of trade.The mining tax is under performing, revenue from other taxes is also lower than expected, all digging a big red hole in the Government's finances.Labor sources have told the ABC revenues around $8 billion lower than the Budget predicted.The starting point on the Budget is now a complete catastrophe.There's internal debate about how it should respond to the short debate Announced billions of dollars of cuts on the eve of an
election or further delay the return to surplus.That's our election or intention, to return to surplus in 2016-17.All should become clear next week when the Government releases an economic and fiscal update. Early in the election campaign Treasury will release its own accounting. The so-called PEFO.Why is the Government releasing so-called PEFO.Why Government releasing a comprehensive economic statement just a few days before the statement just a few before the preelection fiscal outlook? And quite clearly it is about trying to bully the Treasury into a fixed set of numbers.The Coalition's vowed to release its full costings after PEFO. Now it's unwilling to rely on Treasury's figures and will use the private sector, State Governments and burgetary office instead.Figures from this Government have never turned out to be true.I'm tired of the Opposition trashing the reputation of the public servants.Will there be savings and if so what will they be? Insiders insist the low-hanging fruit has already been picked so any cuts will be nasty. As one put it, do we really want to hit people in the guts just as they're starting to like us again.A member of Indonesia's foreign affairs commission has spoken out about Australia's plan to resettle asylum seekers in PNG. He and other government officials are frustrated. They say the country wasn't kept in the loop. Bob Carr says the Indonesians were told the day the deal was signed. Here's Indonesia correspondent George Roberts.The deal was meant to deter asylum seekers from heading to Australia by boat. TRANSLATION: Right now we don't have any choice. What should we do? All the people wanted to go by boat.But leaving thousands of people stranded in Indonesia means it may have to deal with them on its own.I think Indonesia should have been informed a few days before your country made announcement.The President's office only learned of the policy after it was announced. Minister, Marty Natalegawa, isn't commenting but Bob Carr's office says a broad outline of policy approaches was raised with him a week beforehand with details only provided the day the deal was signed.In Perth, for key talks, Indonesia's Defence Minister brushed off suggestions of tensions.Neighbour, Australia and Indonesia, having a very good relation today, you know, I think we should talk, we should discuss, you know, consult each other.Whether or not Australia failed to adequately consult Indonesia the process has annoyed members of the country's foreign affairs commission, a special branch of parliament that deals with international relations.We made some noise. I mean we made a pro test several government officials, also member of parliament like myself highly protest on this.He thinks things could have been done better.It should not happen in the future for the best of the relationship of the two countries in the future.A lesson in international communication.As Papua New Guinea pushes ahead with the plan to house asylum seekers, the big question is how will it cope? One of the key areas of contention is health services. Locals say the system is struggling now let alone with thousands of new arrivals placing even more demand on resources. Liam Cochrane reports from Port Moresby.It's early morning and patients at this Port Moresby clinic are lining up to get a number to join another queue. Ronnie Kapoi's 18-month-old daughter has a fever.We don't have money and all that. We come to hospital and stand in a line for some hours and 2 or 3 hours we wait for the doctors and nurses and all that.But there are no doctors at this clinic. Only a handful of nurses for hundreds of patients. Any refugees resettling in Papua New Guinea under agreement with Australia will arrive New Guinea under the recent
agreement arrive to a health system agreement with Australia will crippled by decades arrive to a health crippled by decades of neglect.
Tuberculosis is rampant, HIV is a major problem and maternal mortality rates are high.In Port Moresby we just don't have the right now the level of facilities where you can cater for added population.If a small number of refugees are resettled here in Papua New Guinea it probably won't make much difference to an already overwhelmed public health service. But if large numbers come and special services are provided funded by Australia officials here say that could breed resentment.Bring them and provide special care whereas every Papua New Guinean has got bigger problems.There are still no details on when refugees might be resettled in Papua New Guinea, where or what support they will receive. But the health services on offer right now are limited.Sydney police say a baby abducted by his father is now in the care of the Department of Community Services. Alexandra Fisher reports.Stephen Hume dragged his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and their baby boy from her Chester Hill home into his car on Thursday night. They drove along the Hume Highway until the 24-year-old punched the girl and dumped her on the roadside. His car was found in bushland yesterday morning and scores of heavily armed and camouflage ed police and SES volunteers spent the day searching the area. Late yesterday afternoon a relative handed the baby into police. Superintendent Dave Irdley say police are still hunting for the father.For the sake of himself and his baby come forward and let's resolve the issues.The hospital as a precaution and
police say he is issues.The baby was taken to
hospital as police say he is now in the police care of the NSW Department of Community Services.Police are searching for 3 men who robbed a gold - Gold Coast home overnight and attacked 2 men inside. The masked men broke into the house at about midnight. They punched two men who were home, grabbed money, computers and phones and ran away. The two men have been treated for only minor injuries. Police have described the robbers as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in appearance.Conservationists are warning that elephants will be extinct within 10 years unless urgent action is taken. It's the strongest warning yet about the impact of poaching. In Kenya at least 1 elephant a day is killed and amount of ivory being intercepted is at record levels. Ginny Stein reports from Nairobi.In Kenya the warning signs are there that one of its biggest tourist draw cards is in serious danger.If Kenya doesn't take action our elephants will go extinct because the demand for ivory in Asia is beyond your imagination.In Nairobi these young elephants are survivors, left behind after their parents were slaughtered for their ivory.As poaching has escalated, there's recognition that the country needs to take urgent action to stop a growing number of Kenyans being lured into poaching.We have to go down to the people. We have to move down there. Explain to them why this wildlife is very important.Tough new penalties and jail terms have just been announced. Kenya now considers poaching so serious it's been labelled an economic crime.This is an international crime wave that uses very sophisticated technologies that our own forces do not even have.At stake is Kenya's all-important tourism industry and its reputation as a world leader in conservation. With elephants in decline, there are fears that tourists may abandon Kenya.Kenya without elephants will be another jungle with nothing to offer to the world in form of tourism and leisure. Stopping the growing demand for ivory in Asia is out of Kenya's control. But it hopes by mobilising the nation to champion the cause of one of its greatest assets, make a difference. its greatest assets, it will make a a replacement for drones are being considered as a replacement for one of the a replacement mainstays of the RAAF the mainstays of the RAAF the P-3 Orion. The ageing aircraft have been in surface for 4 decades been in surface for 4 and are currently playing a key role in war games in central Queensland.They're Australia's eye in the skies.This crew has just returned from an 8-hour mission as part of exercise Talisman Sabre near Rockhampton. As well as military duties, the P-3 Orion is at the forefront of the country's border patrols, searching for asylum seeker boats and signs of illegal fishing.So with part of what we do in other roles we can also do maritime surveillance in the civil space as well and when required provide rescue assistance.The Orion has been in sur - Service for nearly 40 years but with maintenance cost of the ageing aircraft mounting a high-tech replacement is being searched.Officials say the Triton drone alongside new jets to be introduced in 2017 could revolutionise the way Australia's borders are paroled - patrolled. The Government is sloocking at buying several of them from the US.It's not a question of if or why, it's a question of what sorts of platforms and managing those in the context of the defence capability plan.While drones might be the way of the future, for some they will always be a special place for the Orion.You really feel like you look at the other maintainers and air crew that have gone before you in generating this capability and you feel like something special.

Now time for the business news. And when the markets in Europe closed a couple of hours ago:

A study released by the University of Adelaide has found that the chance of testing an athlete - the chance of an athlete testing positive to performance-enhancing drugs is as low as 3%. The report was released just 24 hours after Stuart O'Grady admitted doping in the 1998 Tour de France.The world of cycling has been rocked by doping scandals over recent years. Negative test results for some athletes have years later proved positive as substances and testing technologies change. But the University of Adelaide believes the chance of finding cheats is so low that the current system is doomed.You've got very intelligent athletes who can pretty much guess when testing's going to come and can arrange their doping regimes around it.Using statistics from the world anti-doping authority, the university collated positive test results from athletes across 93 sports and worked out the probability of being caught. It found that in a single test the chance of returning a positive result was just 3% and if an athlete was tested 12 times the figure was 33%.Window of detection when the substance is active in the body is short. It's sometimes 12 hours, sometimes 48 hours. So therefore probability that a test even completely random test will happen when the person is within the window of detection is low.The study found that just to get close found that just a 100% detection rate athletes would have to be tested up to 50 times a year and that would come at a cost of around $25,000 per athlete. Australia's anti-doping authority released a statement saying it recognises that testing alone is not enough and must be combined with intelligence gathering to detect doping in sport. The researchers believe the answer may lie in changing the culture of sport so that doping isn't seen as the only way to success.

Hawthorn has gone 8 points clear on top of the AFL ladder after thumping Essendon by 56 points at Docklands. The Hawks won 22-11-143 to 13-9-87. Lance Franklin returns from a knee injury to boot 8 goals. Hawthorn's Jarred Roughead and Jake Melsham are likely to come under video review for two separate clashes during the third term. In the NRL Canterbury star Ben Barba will have scans on an ankle injury he sufferedburg during the 40-12 win against Parramatta. The full-back scored for the Bulldogs early in the first half but limped off the field soon after. A Broncos slims final hopes remain alive after a narrow win over the Cowboys. Justin Hodges scored the winning try with just 7 minutes to go and Scott Prince sealed the conversion.ARU chief Bill Pulver the conversion.ARU chief Pulver says Benji Marshall would be an intriguing prospect Pulver says Benji in rugby union. The 28-year-old has been in rugby union. has been granted a release from has the final 2 years of his has been granted a release contract with the the final 2 years contract with the wefs dr dsh Wests Tigers. contract with the wefs dr Wests Tigers. The Auckland Blues contract with the wefs dr dsh
Wests Blues are favourites Wests Tigers. The Auckland Blues are favourites to sign
him but the Waratahs have also expressed an interest. In cricket, Australia is 5/354 at stumps after day 1 of a 3-day tour match against Sussex. Steve Smith is unbeaten on 98. Ed Cowan and Phil Hughes shared a 150-run partnership. Cowan had 56 while Hughes scored 84. Sebastian Vettel led a Red Bull 1-2 in first practice ahead of this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix. The triple world champion and current championship leader was 0.25 seconds quicker than team-mate Mark Webber. Melburnians will have a chance this weekend to tour some of buildings
the city's most significant buildings as part of the annual open house Melbourne event. The Russell Place power substation beneathed the city will attract long queues. Built in 1882 it was Australia's first public power station and still provides power today.It's an almost secretive entrance to a piece of history. Hidden 3 storeys below the CBD this substation at first appears to be a giant concrete bunker but once below street level this electrical engineering relic is proving to be a huge draw card for visitors.It's usually the kids are pretty excited and the parents jump back nervous but everything's safe.It originally provided DC electricity for street lights and businesses on Bourke and Swanston Streets. As helped convert AC power to DC power and were operational up to 2003. The power and were operational to 2003. The rest of the to 2003. substation upgraded in 1946 still distributes electricity to almost 10% of the city. Citipower is considering decommission ing the plant Citipower is decommission ing the plant in the next 3 or 4 years but may consider turning it into a museum.I think we should treasure it along with all the other things from the past because once it's gone we lose that link to the past and we'll have to rely on books.You'd never get into this site any other weekend. This is the one weekend a year where we do throw the doors open.Other open buildings include the Supreme Court of verdict, the State Library and Hamer Hall.You can see the whole breadth of buildings that are built for this city.All 111 open house Melbourne events are free.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A cold front crossing southern WA is bringing damaging wind, showers and the odd storm. A trough ahead of the cold front is generating areas of light rain over SA. Looking around the country:

DelisaRussian President Vladimir Putin is once again trying to bolst his rugged image. He's been fishing and flexing for the cameras. Mr Putin is keen to boost his popularity following widespread protests about his performance. However his previous stunts have drawn plenty of satire and online ridicule.Thousands of people have turned out to greet the Pope during World Youth Day celebrations in Brazil. The pontiff used the occasion to praise the elderly saying grandparents are important for passing on religious heritage. It was too much for one boy. He was lifted on to the pope mobile and refused to let go. He was eventually helped down and blew the Pope a kiss before walking away. You can follow all the stories we're following by logging on to I'll be back in a moment with an I'll be in a moment with an update of
headlines in a moment with headlines and then it's time for 'The World This Week'. You're headlines and then You're watching ABC News

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This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News - Spanish police have formally detained the formally detained the driver of
the train which crashed near Santiago de Compostela. Police say the driver is refusing to answer their initial questions. The driver is expected of recklessness following reports he was going twice the speed limit when the train derail ed on a sharp bend. Police earlier slightly lowered the number of confirmed deaths from 80 to 78. Twin explosions in Pakistan have killed at least 39 people and wounded more than 50 others. The attack occurred in the country's north-west tribal district. Police say explosives experiments - experts are examining the site but there's been no immediate claim of responsibility. At least 2 people have died in clashes in Egypt amid massive opposing rallies by supporters and opponents of the country's ousted president. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Cairo while deaths were reported in Alexandria.Sydney police say a baby abducted by his father is now in the care of the Department of Community Services. Stephen Hume kidnapped the 8-month-old and his 16-year-old mother from their Chester Hill home on Thursday night and drove them away. A relative handed the baby into police yesterday.Those are the latest headlines from ABC us.

This Program is Captioned

This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program. I'm Richard Davies. For over a decade now, Australia's asylum seeker dilemma has become a regional dilemma with Nauru, Papua New Guinea all caught up in the crisis. There have been riots in Nauru, drownings off the coast of Christmas Island and allegations of violence in Manus Island. At the same time the Federal Government has promised to investigate whistleblower claims of horrific conditions including sexual assault and disturbing levels of self harm. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports from Manus Island.Manus Island is preparing for a big influx of asylum seekers under the Government's tough new policy. But today 70 men who had arrived under the old regime were flown out, bound for Australia. Australian and PNG authorities have released little information about the conditions they have lived in but one man who knows the processing centre intimately says it's a living hell.I've never seen human beings so destitute, so helpless.Former security guard and manager, Rod St George said there were alarming levels of self harm on Manus. He said the managers knew that young men were being sexually abused by other detainees.Young men who were considered vulnerable, which in many cases is just a euphemism
for men who are being raped.Here at the island's police stations, they say they haven't received any reports of sexual assaults or rapes. They have urged anyone with allegations to come to them the PNG PM says he is surprised by the allegations.There may be an isolated case but this kind much allegation of rampant misbehaviour that is happening at this centre, I think it is an overreaction on the Bart of the whistleblower.The Australian Government says the allegations will be taken seriously.Any allegation of this nature should be investigated thoroughly.If people have done the wrong thing, they ought to be punished.Manus is meant to be part of the solution to the asylum seeker problem. But if the allegations of abus and neglect are true, bringing many more people here could create a whole new set of problems for the Government and the refugees forced to endure the conditions here. More than 2000 kilometres away in Nauru, the detention centre there is in ruins after the worst riot in the island's history. There was little official explanation of how the trouble erupted or allowed to run out of control. This week the ABC revealed it was the culmination of months of growing tensions and unheeded warnings that the situation was about to ex-police. Conor Duffy with this exclusive report.It's a remote island detention centre, thousands of kilometres away from Australian eyes and scrutiny. And behind the walls, trouble has been brewing since the centre reopened in September last year, to cater for a new surge in asylum seekers.The asylum seekers who were there when I was on Nauru were involved in all sorts of expressions of their frustration, everything from huge levels of depression and self harm, even through to voluntary starvation, demonstrations and protest action, occasionally that would break out in physical expressions of frustration in violence and even down to lip sewing and all sorts of horrific behaviour which is sourced from a place of vulnerability and immense
frustration. vulnerability and frustration.Detainees made their frustration known. Rare made their Rare footage capturing one of many protests.CHANTING.Audio smuggled to refugee advocates records the sound of another. CHANTING.Emergency services and medical supplies have been flown inAfter causing tens of millions of dollars damage.On Friday night, the centre exploded into violence unprecedented on Nauru, with the accommodation gutted by fire and rocks thrown at guards. An eye witness describes a terrifying clash.Never seen something like this in Nauru:

The former manager of the centre Greg Lake who quit the immigration in April wasn't surprised by the riot or the damage.Absolutely I think we've seen this before, the department has seen this before and I'm aware of colleagues of mine who had that same concern that we saw leading up to the March 2011 riots on Christmas Island and in Villawood, they were concerned the same thing was about to happen at the regional processing centres on Manus or Nauru. I'm not surprised in the slightest and my colleagues were also concerned about this sort of eventuality.Mark Isaacs was one of a team of Salvation Army officers providing humanitarian support to detainees on the island. For others have been warning
conditions were so island. For months, he and
others conditions were so bad, conditions were so bad, a riot could break out at any time.We feel it was an incident that was inevitable, considering the conditions that the men are kept in and the past events that have occurred in Nauru.He's broken ranks with the organisation, speaking for 25 Salvation Army officers who have served on Nauru.In the past ten months there have been a number of incidents. Two riots or two uprise goes that I was present for. There was been a building tension within the camp, a building frustration ever since we first arrived. Police have used teargas.Federal Police say they can control the centre...The Government has seen the exact same tensions explode before. It was in March 2011 at the detention centre on Christmas Island went up in flames. Insiders could see the same danger looming among detainees on Nauru.The situation seemed to be very, if not identical, obviously the isolation of Manus and Nauru and Nauru had a very and does have a very small Police Service and it was my indications the AFP had not deployed to Manus or to Nauru island.AFP officer, Sergeant Brendan Thompson, who is currently on unpaid sick leaf was stood down for writing to the AFP Commissioner ahead of the Christmas Island riots to warn of the looming danger there. In August last year, Sergeant Thompson's lawyers wrote to the Home Affairs Minister warning the same thing would happen on Nauru and the Government needed to...

Brendan Thompson's letter received a brief dismissive reply. itself, some Salvation reply. Meanwhile on Nauru itself, some Salvation Army
officers were

increasingly concerned at the levels of tension in increasingly concerned at centre.To live in a camp with no certain future, with your families left behind in other countries is an extremely difficult way to live. On top of that you include the heat and the rain. It becomes quite a difficult place to live. detention centres operators Transfield could also see trouble coming and felt it was ill-equipped. '7.30' has obtained an email Transfield sent after a clash last October, asking for 40 sets of riot gear, including shields and helmets.

There are people particularly in the security services that felt that equipment like that was required to maintain good order.As far as you were aware, was this equipment delivered?It hadn't arrived when I left the island earlier this year. I'm not sure if it's arrived now.7.30 has learned the Immigration Department approved the purchase in December but seven months later, it still hadn't arrived on Nauru. In any case, AFP riot specialist, Sergeant Brendan Thompson said the soft shields were not the right equipment but were better than nothing.That's a very basic order for public order management. And to use that use of force, you need a lot of people to make that effective. So that's the first point. They need a lot of training and rehearsals to make that effective.Today it Police Commissioner was suspended during the riot by the acting suspended during the the acting President in a dispute over allowing young local men to help police. '7.30' understand a text message was sent to locals and the protests only subsided when they reinforced police lines.I think that's endemic of a catastrophic failure of law and order within the detention centre to get to that stage where there almost a call to arms.The Salvation Army officers who served on the island believe detainees are being demonised in the aftermath.This is why we spoke out. We fear the 150 men who are now detained in a Nauruan prison, a large majority of them may not have acted in any criminal form and we fear that these men will not be given proper access to legal representation.Sergeant Brendan Thompson says it's time there was a permanent AFP presence in detention centres.I don't understand at this stage and the amount of damagend cost to the Australian taxpayer, we aren't seeing uniform police maintaining and establishing or re-establish ing the rule of law and law and order in deeptions where it has not been able to be maintained by the service providers.He fears without it, the Government's PNG solution will also go up in flames. Australia's probably the biggest richest nation in the Pacific and Nauru is probably the smallest and probably one of the poorest. Australia handed them a grenade without the pin and what happened over the weekend is indicative of what we may see in Manus and what we saw on Christmas Island.

Spain is in mourning this weekend after Thursday's horrific train crash. At least 80 people were killed when a high-speed train derailed. Footage appears to show the train travelling well above the 80km/h speed limit moments before the crash. Europe correspondent Philip Williams has more.

As the twisted carriages were lifted off the line, there was no-one left to rescue. As the death toll mounted came the question - what went wrong? Perhaps this rail company's CCTV footage may hold the answer. The train appears to topple on the bend but then it's all too late. There is already speculation the modern train fitted with sophisticated safety checks may have been travelling dangerously over the 80km/h speed limit for that
section of 80km/h speed limit for that section of track.One of the
questions which will be vest I gated questions gated now, did that system work, did it tell gated now, did that work, did it tell the driver
what the speed limit was and for instance the driver somehow ignored it, or did the system fail?Whatever the cause, the result was horrifyingly clear.The train started going really, really fast. All the luggage fell and then the next thing I remember, I was covered by seats and luggage and bodies and my leg was trapped. TRANSLATION: I'm here with the daughter of one of my friends who was killed. It's been a long night. The most difficult part is when they bring the news. It's generally bad.The PM, Mariano Rajoy visited the crash site and later spoke to survivors in hospital. He says there will be three days of official mourning.TRANSLATION: At the moment two investigations are being carried out. One is the judicial investigation and the other one is by the commission of investigation of train accidents. The aim is to find the causes of this terrible accident accurately and as soon as possible.The accident has shocked a nation used to a safe, fast and efficient rail system. Accidents have happened, but not on this scale, not for decades.

After watching seven prime ministers come and go in seven years, the people of Japan are used to their political leaders fizzling out. But last weekend's victory in Upper House elections by Conservative forces demanded a mandate for action. The PM has demanded a mandate for The PM has begun implements the first stages of Abe-nomics with aggressive monetary reforms, fiscal reform and economic reform. Will it be a mere blip in the reform. Will it be a mere in the country's on going stagnation. Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo.

It's just gone 10am. And every available seat at Sushi Zanmai has been taken. This restaurant in the heart of Tokyo made big news earlier thisser. It shelled out a record price for a zipping will tuna.TRANSLATION: We made a successful bid to buy a 220 kilogram tuna at the first auction of the year. We paid $1.8 million for it. It was a happy occasion.You would think paying merely $2 million for a single fish would mean that business was booming. Especially with the almost religious fervour being bhipd up by the PM's economic reform program known as Abe-nomics.TRANSLATION: Do you mean we pay that record price because our economy had become better? It had nothing to do with it. We just want our customers to eat delicious tuna.One economist believes this shriek fish is the perfect barometer of Japan's economic health. He has developed what he calls the mackerel tuna index.TRANSLATION: When we look at price, tuna is more expensive than mackerel. I thought if people are eating more tuna, it's a sign of economic confidence. Since Mr Abe became PM, there has been an upward swing in the mackerel-tuna index.Analysts are atr tributing a rise to Abe-nomics and its fiscal spending and structural reform. Not everyone is a difficulties iep he will of Mr Abe's agenda.Everyone says he has pumped up the stock market and things seem to be positive. The thing is he has done the easy things. Monetary easing. Who is going to oppose that. Nobody. Spending money you don't have