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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Spain's rail tragedy - the train driver admits he wants to die. Egypt's former president accused of spying for Hamas. The end of the road for 400 Holden workers.I started back in 1966. The George Zimmerman juror who argued to convict speaks out. George Zimmerman got away with murder.

Good evening, I'm Ricardo Goncalves. The driver of the train that crashed in north-western Spain on Wednesday, killing around 180 people, has tonight been formally detained for questioning. Spanish media reports also paint the man as a speed freak who boasted of wanting to flout the rules. The first confirmed pictures of the man at the wheel of a catastrophe. Bloody faced and shocked, the driver was ocked, the driver was taken to hospital for medical care. But tonight, police say he has been formally detained, accused of crimes related to the high-speed crash, captured in this security video. in this security video. Here, the terrible result. The witnesses dismay is clear in ismay is clear in his voice. A driver with 10 years experience, reportedly said after ortedly said after the crash that he wanted to die, sh that he wanted to die, but that we are all human. As loved ones grieve the final that is -- violent deaths, many are believed to be pilgrims, in the area for a religious festival.I hope none of my friends were on the train.The investigation will focus on speed. He is reportedly admitted travelling at 190km/h in an 80s on. He is said to have posted a picture like this on his Facebook page. A speedometer at 200km/h.

As well as speed, Spanish media to notices the probe will focus on a possible problem with the trains brakes. As others questioned its internal speed regulation systems. Did that system work? Did you tell the driver what the speed limit was? And then, did the driver ignore it? Or did the system fail? Meanwhile, a minute's silence for Santiago residents. silence for Santiago residents. Blame mixes with mourning for the dead. A top Egyptian court has ordered that ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi be jailed for questioning over suspected links with Palestinian militant group Hamas. Morsi will be detained for 15 days and quizzed on whether he collaborated with Hamas in attacks on police stations and prison breaks in early 2011, in which he and several other political inmates escaped. The news comes as pro- and anti-Morsi groups stage rival mass demonstrations. Indonesia's defence minister has brushed aside concerns Australia's asylum seeker deal with Papua New Guinea has set back diplomatic relations. It comes as the UNHCR has suggested the PNG solution could breach international law and defy refugee conventions. In Melbourne, protesters lay siege to a human rights conference being addressed by attorney general Mark Dreyfus. They challenge the government 's he government 's human rights record. I urge the people outside to engage in debate.There is now concern coming from Indonesia that the PNG deal will place more of the asylum seeker burden on them. The Foreign Affairs Commission there is upset it was not told of the policy change. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says he had briefed his counterpart. At the signing of a deal to by five Australian transport planes, Indonesia 's defence Minister said it is a matter between is a matter between Australia and company getting.That is your policy. What I would like to see, is strong bilateral combination -- Corp the twin Australia and Indonesia.Kevin Rudd has met with Susilo Bambang met with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

That is our policy. It is clear-cut. There will always be bumps in the road. But that is the right approach. that is the right approach.The UNHCR has identified what it calls shortcomings in the transfer of detainees to fer of detainees to PNG and Nauru. That may be in breach of international law.Our concern with the arrangements in the Pacific have been the guarantees of protection is various stages of the process possibly not in place.The UNHCR is also concerned with the difficulties of non- Melanesians integrating in n- Melanesians integrating in the PNG. Previous experience has shown it comes with challenges and it comes with challenges and protection issues. The Federal Government is sticking by its pledge to have the Budget back in surplus in three years, despite more pressure on the bottom line. Cabinet has been identifying more cuts to make up for a multibillion-dollar shortfall over the next four years. The Prime Minister has gone west again. His Treasury is trying to stop the budget from heading south. We will stick to our budget strategy. We will offset your expenses.The government is facing what is believed to be a $20 billion fall in cup revenue -- forecast revenue. They are debating whether to slash further or avoid more cuts. Preparing to reveal his own economic statement, the Treasurer is sticking with the surplus.An intention to return to surplus in 2016 or 17.Every number the Labor party has put out has been dead put out has been dead wrong.The opposition is now refusing to accept the figures in the Treasury report, due for release 10 days into the campaign. They will rely on numbers from private auditors instead.They are suffering are not -- softening up for cuts that have not been costed by the appropriate people.We will have a process to ensure that the Australian people the Australian people will be confident that our policies are accurate.To hold an election on August 31, the Prime Minister has to call it by Monday. But that is now unlikely. There is also unfinished education business, the opposition is shifting position on the government 's funding overhaul.We are not going to add to the uncertainty. We're not going to harm but deals. The Prime Minister is meeting with the west Australian premiere. A view of n premiere. A view of those deals, yet to steal. Hundreds of Holden workers left the carmaker's South Australian headquarters for the last time today. The voluntary redundancies come as top-level negotiations continue over the very future of car manufacturing in Australia. The end of the road for these older workers, as hese older workers, as they said could I tour company which tour company which faces uncertain future in Australia.20 years is a long time.A time to reminisce about decades of service.It is pretty emotional. ce.It is pretty emotional. I started back in January 1966.400 workers are going from Holden 's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide 's north, after accepting redundancy pay-outs. With the car giant seeking to slash labour costs by $15 million, more cuts seem inevitable.We need the community. As long as people look at an Australian productlook at an Australian product and go this is what we need.The company is currently negotiating with unions in a with unions in a bid to keep the plant going. The latest round of job losses has raised questions about the future of carmaking the future of carmaking in Australia. While there are ralia. While there are indeed heavy clouds on the horizon, on the horizon, industry experts say Holden is in a better position than its rival, an its rival, Ford.It has invested more heavily in new technology and more efficiencies in the way they do things. They have certainly had a more of an outward focus. They have relied ocus. They have relied more on exports than Ford has.After Fords announcement in May ment in May that it would cease Australian production from 2016, Holden 's survival is crucial to preventing the dramatic domino effect of domino effect of an industry shutdown.Up to 10 or more jobs will be lost, not just in the manufacturing, but in a range of service industries as well. In the US, a second juror in the George Zimmerman trial has spoken out, saying she feels the man who killed Trayvon Martin got away with murder. The woman, who is part Hispanic, says she would have liked to convict Zimmerman but her hands were tied by a lack of evidence. The former neighbourhood watch volunteer has been in hiding since the verdict. George Zimmerman got away with murder. But you cannot get away from God.Anguished and apologetic, this jury going by the name of Maddie, said she favoured convicting George Zimmerman of second-degree murder.I am the only minority and I felt like I let a lot of let a lot of people down.Maddie said is what these -- it was the all-female jury 's -female jury 's interpretation of the law that led to the acquittal.For myself, he is guilty. But as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, we can't.She said she struggled with the proof to convict. How did you go from feeling that he was guilty of second-degree murds guilty of second-degree murder, to not guilty?It was hard. We wanted to find something we could connect to the law.She concedes she still struggles with the verdict and the public outcry that followed.I fell on my knees and broke down. I was screaming and crying. I kept saying to myself that I feel like I killed them.What would you like to say to Trayvon Martin ke to say to Trayvon Martin 's parents?I would like to apologise because I feel like I let them down.

Coming up after the break - should smacking be against the law? Also, foreign dignitaries arrive for Korean War armistice commemorations. Our report from inside Pyongyang.

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Final preparations have begun for tomorrow's Korean War armistice commemorations. In both North and South Korea, foreign dignitaries have been arriving for the big day. SBS reporter Elise Potoka is in Pyongyang. It is known as the hermit Kingdom. But this weekend, North Korea has opened its gates. Today, taking visiting journalists to the Museum of flowers, where the country 's leaders are honoured as ever.

We are here in central Pyongyang. Behind me, you can see this gift escape. -- cityscape. We are marching -- marking 60 years since the Armistice. 60 years since the Armistice. Korean War veterans have been arriving in Pyongyang. So too, the dignitaries. The highest-ranking Chinese official to visit under Kim John 's visit -- Kim Jong on. Schoolchildren stick to the narrative before the big day.

North Korea blames the continued US presence in the south as the reason why tensions continue six decades on. In the south, foreign guests are dropping ign guests are dropping in. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is paying respects at the National Cemetery. Steps to convert the armistice into a peace agreement have never been realised. All the more important to live as -- visit the land north of the parallel.If you are engaging and talking, it creates a better ground work and policy ability -- possibility and understanding. And that could erstanding. And that could lead to better relations.After 60 years, there are still no solid signs of peace. More than one million Catholic pilgrims have hit Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach to join Pope Francis for World Youth Day festivities. The first Latin American Pope travelled the length of the famous strip, stopping to greet the crowds. Jeering pilgrims from more than 170 nations lined the famous Copacabana Beach front, desperate to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader. The Pope 's vehicle stopped several times so he could place a lucky few. As wave of young Catholics joined dancers on stage for the world youth day festivities, braving the cold, wind and rain to praise the first Latin American Pope.

Pope Francis encouraging the masses to take to the streets and spread their faith.

The massive beach ceremony followed a visit to one of Rio 's most notoriously violent areas, where the Pope areas, where the Pope defended the course of the poor. He urged people to do the lose hope, to do the lose hope, alluding to Brazil's tense social debate over injustice that erupted ce that erupted in protests last month. Elected on a mandate to reform the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is first four months have frequently reflected that challenge. While Brazil remains the world 's biggest Catholic country, its numbers have shrunk while evangelical churchhrunk while evangelical churches grow. An investigation has uncovered the cause of this week's crash-landing at New York's La Guardia airport. The US National Transportation Safety Board says the nose of the Southwest Airlines plane tilted down just before landing. As a result, the front wheels hit the ground first and collapsed on impact, injuring 10 passengers. It's still unclear whether pilot error was a factor. A group of doctors wants to make it illegal for parents to smack their children. They say the physical and emotional effects can last a lifetime. For some parents, moments like this might call for. Members of the Australasian College of physicians could not disagree more.Children should buy longer be hit by their parents.That is why they are calling for legislation to make smacking your job against the law. A child is the most vulnerable and dependent member of our society, but though the most likely to be hit.They say smacking has gotten out of control. Many cases will end up in emergency rooms. Experts will tell you the physical injuries are only part of the problem.I am most worried about the wounded individual in terms of their heart, what they believe in, their confidence, their self-esteem. Long-term effects can include depression, substance abuse and violent behaviour. Doctors want the same legal nt the same legal logic used for assault on adults to apply for children. Similar laws already exist in more than 30 countries.Nobody is going to catch anybody for a light hit of the child.But the effort faces obstacles in Australia.The way each parent decides to discipline the child should be up to the parent.If you are doing it to teach the child something and it is not out of anger, then it is appropriate.And from politicians. Parenting is difficult enough now without people proposing laws that would be posing laws that would be impossible to police. Doctors say legislation without education is pointless, and they are hoping to teach parents safer alternatives. To the Australian share market now, which managed to close the week above the key 5,000 point mark.

Coming up, the weather. And Hawthorn kicks away in the top-of-the-table AFL clash.

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It was one versus two in the AFL tonight. Despite falling behind early in the match, Hawthorn quickly stepped up a gear to easily beat Essendon. Lance Franklin was back for the Hawks after two weeks out with a knee injury. He also found some form, kicking eight for the match. Hawthorn ran away to win by 56 points and take a two-game lead on the top of the ladder. In the NRL, Parramatta was looking to end an eight-match losing streak, but had no chance against Canterbury. The Bulldogs had 40 points on the board before the Eels could get off the mark. Canterbury had seven separate try scorers in the 40-12 win. And the Brisbane Broncos won a thrilling Queensland Derby against the Cowboys by two points. Both sides scored three tries, but it was the goal kicking of Broncos halfback Scott Prince which ultimately proved the difference. To the weather now.

A cold front is causing damaging winds and storms. A trough is causing patchy rain. A high-pressure system is giving much of the east clear.

That's the world this Friday. Have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - ed Bee Media -



So, how long are you staying
in Rome?

I fly back to Moscow tomorrow.

What a coincidence! So do I.

You, fly to Moscow?

Back to Spain.

This is my hotel.

Mine is down there, to the left.

So this is closer.
For you, yes.

For you too.

Come on, please, just a little stop
to drink the last one.

We drank plenty at the bar.

Yes, but we only talked about
Russia and Spain, not about us.

I prefer not to talk about us.

It's a deal.

What is?
We won't talk.

We can stay without talking,
you know? And even better...

See? That's my room.
It's got two flags.

There must be a reason, no?

Yes. One for Europe
and one for... Rome.

I'm talking about
what's in the middle.

The middle flag is missing.
Uh, uh. Exactly.

That's because of you. You have
to come up and hang it there.

Ah! And what do I hang there?

I don't know,
Your clothes, for example.

You're long enough.

Come... Come.

(GIGGLES) I've never gone up
to a woman's room.

It's just a hotel room, in Rome.


If you keep pulling you'll win
and we'll end up in your hotel.

You choose.





Sorry, what was your name?

I told you twice already.

Maybe at the third time I get it.


Was that the name you said before?

But you're not saying it right.

It's Nata-sha... Sha.



Mm. And you're Alba,
which is Spanish for dawn.

That's my big moment. You'll see.

Tonight is the first night
of the summer.

Yes, that's right. In Europe.

In Russia summer has already begun,
the first of June.

Really? Do you have summer
in Russia?

Of course.
Well, it's Russian summer.


And this is my last night in Rome.

Mine too.

You're not on your own, Rusita.

You know, for sure this is
the shortest night of the year.

Here and in Russia,
so we have to make the most of it.


I'm not...

I'm not a...

Come on, you're a woman and,
and I'm a woman,

and we were drinking alone
at the bar

and we exchanged looks
and felt attracted to one another.

Isn't that how it was?

It's the first time in my life
I look like this at a woman.


And never before a woman
looked at me this way.


you look at a woman like this.

But every woman is different.

Would you like to... see me naked?

Si. I would love to.