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How good was that?

So the moral of the story is,

if you need flowers sent
to anybody, just call Bert.


No, he's an amazing man.

I'd like to think it was Moira, too,
who brought it across.

"Hello, Moira!"

I...I've just gotten this through,
guys - this has just come through.

I don't know why
I'm looking at that,

there's nothing on it, but I, um...


I...I want to look professional.

I, uh, I just found out that

the Liverpool game
that's getting played

against the Melbourne Victory -
Liverpool came through 2-0.

So, I don't know if you should cheer
that, because we lost, guys.


So I guess it's time for this...

Mm, great stuff, Dave.


Because Liverpool have been touring
over this side of the globe.

They've recently just been
in Malaysia.

And look at this reaction of a fan
when Steven Gerrard goes by.

There she is... Uhh...

Watch the camera!
Oh, my God, you've got to calm down.


I think she's crying 'cause
she missed out on a pair of schongs.


Schongs, schongs! No, no, no.

You are a mob.
You've got to calm down.

Now, she might be an uber fan,
but when you're trumping it,

it goes to Tour de France -
that is when fans go crazy, Damon.

And you think to yourself,

if you really love a sportsperson,
how do you get their attention?

Mmm. Maybe just dress up
in a giant duck onesie!


Have a look at this guy!
TOM: That is awesome.

Oh, and schongs, scho...
Oh, no, we're not...


There's an L in it.
Uh, Tom, it's 'le schongs'.


How do do you...

It's amazing 'cause there must have
been another duck beating him,

or he would have been a yellow duck.

No, yeah, we're live.

I regret it, I regret it!

I regret it immediately. Schongs!
Mind you, how do you...?

How do you trump the duck?
I don't know - with livestock?


"I love my pig, I love my pig!"

That was Spanish. Um...

It's...this is my favourite clip
of the week, Damon.

This is a guy from Azerbaijan.

I didn't think I would nail that.

Do you know where that is?

Where is that, in the world?
Where's it next to?

It's next to Armenia
in the back of an Atlas.



He won gold in God-knows-what.
But look at this celebration.

Right? The wrestler, he takes him
down. How are you gonna celebrate?

Oh, it's 10!


Great, and good work.

He's doing it again!

Oh, man.

I think...I think he won gold
in dressage as well, but, uh...

How would you explain
that to your mates?

"You got beaten by THAT guy?!"
That guy.

Damon, thanks so much
for being here.

Dude, check out.

It's a comedy, guys, that's well
worth seeing, '100 Bloody Acres'.

It's in cinemas August 1.
Do go check it out.

We've seen it.
It is very, very funny.

Cracking film.
It is crazy.

Give him a round of applause, guys.

There you go.

We'll be back after this, guys,
with Hugh Jackman.

MAN: Are you worried
about losing your hair?

Nup - it's gone.

Would you like to lose a few kilos?

I'm 39. Shit happens.

Do you suffer
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Do you ever cry yourself to sleep

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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - a baby boy is safe with police tonight, after a massive hunt sparkled by a violent abduction. The UN says it is "troubled" by Kevin Rudd's PNG asylum seeker plan. More grief in the Australian car industry as hundreds of Holden workers clock off. And tonight's top of the table clash in the AFL coming up. The Late News is next.

Progressive Hair -
get your confidence back. I used to judge men
by the car they drove.

Now I judge them by the schongs
they wear - and the car they drive.

Schongs have changed my life.

I only heard about them eight
minutes ago, and I'm already on TV.

Thanks, schongs.

I have a hot foot and a cold foot.

But thanks to schongs,
I can live a normal life!

Absolute garbage, this is!
This is the sort of stuff...

VOICEOVER: Schongs! Wear them well.


I hate those things, anyhow...
Good stuff.

But, guys, we are so happy
to have him here - Hugh Jackman.

He's obviously a very busy man.

So we've given him
some questions beforehand.

Hugh, are you there?

Hang on, hang on.
Is that...that's you, Dave?

Yep, I'm right here, Hugh.

Is that...I said no Dave.

You don't want to talk to me, Hugh?

Anyone but Dave to introduce me,

Let's just get to the questions.
I don't want to get into it.

But next time, OK, if we could have
Meshel, Tom, anyone else.

Alright, OK, question one.

Yes, Meshel, the sequel is
bigger and better.

I knew it. Cool!

Question two - by lifting more
weights than you can imagine, Tommy.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I thought so.
Thanks, Hugh.

The Popemobile, Dave.
Oh, good answer.

You've got a parking ticket
for three hours

in the Sydney CBD - sort that out.

That's a sandwich bought
at the airport.

A printer cartridge.

A phone that's been on data roaming
for two months. That's good.

A couple of shavers as well.

Some batteries. That's good.

And then just some organic
tomato on the top.

Add a bit of tomato sauce
all over the top. Other one there.

Serve that with a can of fizzy drink
from the hotel minibar.

Serve that on a bed of Maltesers
bought at the cinema,

and bon appetit.

There you go.

There we go, Tim. Fantastic work!

Guys, we've come to the end
of our first show.

This is fantastic.

Next week, we've got Eddie Perfect
and Jessica Mauboy.

That's going to be great, isn't it?
It is great.

I know! But I want to thank
all the guests that were here.

Everyone was fantastic. Melinda
Buttle did a good job in Bathurst.

Who else did we have? Her.
We also had Damon, who was in.

Damon Herriman,
and of course, Tom Ballard.

Great work, ladies and gentlemen.
That was This Week Live.

We will see you next week - live.


This program is captioned live. From the network Ten News centre that is the Late News. Tonight, a massive hunt, a largely happy ending as a baby boy is handed into Sydney police after a violent abduction. Refugee policy horrors - the UN hates Kevin Rudd's plan. While a former defence chief shoots down the Opposition's. And the Hawks and bombers go head to head at Etihad Stadium. Also ahead - emotions spill over as Aussie veterans revisit the misery of the Korean war 60 years on. Plus Sophie MacNeil will be here with her take on the week that was. And Victoria Murphy has the latest in sport. But first, our top story tonight - it has been a harrowing 24 hours for a teenage mother after her former partner abducted their 8 month old son A few hours ago the baby was handed over by the father's sister. The father has not yet been reunited with his 16-year- old mother.I can tell you that baby Zaden is safe and warm. He is with the department of child services. They will be taking care of him for the time being. He has not yet been reunited with his mother. We're not yet sure when that will be. Earlier tonight his sister dropped in to see him at 5:00 and only left in the past hour after helping detectives. She wasn't keen to talk to us but the passenger in the car stressed that Zaden is OK. So where is the father?Nobody knows, Hugh. Tonight police are searching everywhere. As I mentioned, his sister spent the evening here with detectives trying to help them work out where her brother might be. They have been door knocking his friends and associates in the areament Stephen human is violent - he has a history of violence and is known to police. They are very keen to track him down. While it's somewhat of a happy ending that the little boy is safe and well with the department of child services we do need to know where Stephen human is for his safety. Some powerful criticism today against both major parties' assylum seeker policies. The UN has raised official concerns over Kevin Rudd's new PNG plan while a former defence force chief had a crack at Tony Abbott a's plan to mill tries the campaign to stop the boats. A week since Kevin Rudd announced his PNG solution more than 700 asylum seekers have still taken their chances.Mr Rudd can talk and talk and talk, but the boats just come and come and come. The government says people smugglers are lying to asylum seekers.They're saying, "Get on to a boat now before the first plane goes to PNG" or that this won't go through the parliament or survive the High Court. Kevin Rudd's policy is unashamedly hard line. The UN refugee agency says it might be too harsh.Not only in human rights terms but in physical and socio concerns. The UN HCR is concerned about conditions at the Manus Island detention centre and questions whether PNG has the capacity to process so many asylum seekers.We still think a lot of work needs to be done there before we can say there is a credible viable system determining refugee cases in place. We would seek to take all of the appropriate steps to lift the standards that are currently applying in Manus.Criticism too for the Opposition's military solution. Tony Abbott's plan to put a 3-star Commander in charge of border protection earning the ire of a Howard era defence chief.I can't see it making any difference at all. These people are not our enemies. They're not attacking Australia.Yet for both major party it is seems the tougher the better. Later in the bulletin we speak with a human rights advocate for her take in the policy twist in the assylum seeker debate.A worker caught up in a petrol tank explosion in Sydney says he is lucky to be alive. Emergency crews rushed to the scene after the blast rocked nearby buildings to their foundations. Allan Shand was using an exelevator to dig up a huge under ground tank from a work site when it exploded right in front of him.Something hit me hard. I was still sitting on the excavater. Nothing happened to me.Now all that's left is the clean-up.400 Holden workers have clocked off for the final time at the troubled car maker's South Australian plant. Although leaving voluntarily it didn't stop their tears. Many long term employees opted to take packages to protect younger workers with families.I'm a bit more fortunate. I have financial strength and can take a hit for them.The union is still in tough negotiations over a proposed pay cut for the remaining 1,700 workers. They will vote on a new agreement in two weeks' time. A juvenile humpback whale has been rescued after becoming trapped in a sharknet off Noosa's Main Beach. It was spotted by an early morning jogger. Trapped from head to tail it was surfacing every few minutes for air T took rescuers an hour to complete the dangerous task of cutting it free.We cleared its mouth and nose and worked our way down to its tail.It was last seen swimming out to sea. For the first time Australian doctors are calling for smacking to be outlawed. The 14,000 members of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians want offenders punished.The majority of people who are hit are not physicaly abused but some are. Some of the most severe injuries and deaths have occurred because hitting has got out of control.The doctors are very well intentioned but they're wrong.So far 33 countrys have banned smacking but opponents of the laws say it's only made the situation worse. A Sydney grandmother is making an extraordinary donation to ovarian cancer research. She is selling her inner city apartment which boasts harbour views and giving all of the proceeds to the Garvin Institute to develop an early detection test.We know every cen, it will go into the ovarian cancer research.The apartment is listed at $780,000 but Margaret is hoping for even more. Australia Post is celebrating the birth of the royal baby by issuing a special set of stamps. The commemorative collection shows proud parents Wills and Kate smiling happily with newborn Prince George. It's the firstly gall edition of stamps since the couple's wedding in 2011.They sold at least half a million. We expect this to be even more popular.The stamps go on sale at Australia Post stores from Monday. A quick look at the weather across the country tonight.

I will have tomorrow's forecast a little later on. Still ahead - the shocking admission from a US company relating to the worst oil spill disaster in the country's history. Hugh?Amanda, thank you. Now to a story we've been following all week - the trip of a lifetime for 15 Aussie veterans of the Korean war. They're back on a visit to mark the 60th anniversary of the armistice and some are finding it a difficult mission. Danielle Isdale has this report from the border of north and South Korea.

He has laid plenty of wreaths in his time. But on this day, in this place, it means more than he can say. Ray fought here in the three-day battle of Kapyong in 1951.As it proceeded it became obvious that we were in trouble. All of - none of us knew whether we would get out of there or not.Outnumbered by the Chinese communists fors pushing down from the north the Aussies helled by New Zealand and Canadian troops, held the line.We would never retreat. We would retire or fight in another direction.32 diggers died but they stopped the enemy on April 25th, Anzac Day and Ray's 24th birthday. An old man now. He is haunted by memories. The Chinese soldier taken prisoner showing him photos of his family. Till that time the enemy was a figure or something to be eliminated. When he showed me those photos I thought he is a human being the same as me trying to do his job for his country as I am for mine. To this day I just hope he made it home to his wife and kids in China. I can't forget the little boy who walked into the path of an explosion.The next thing a kid about 10 years of age, a little Korean an boy.... He came around the bend in the road. We stepped on the bridge. Step by step. He got to the little bridge and the explosion went up. That's something that's stuck in my memory and I can't get rid of it.Coming back here has helped. For the veteran this is valley is now totally unrecognisable. It's built up, full of communities and families living their lives. Lives free and peaceful thanks in no small part to the diggers who fought here. Do you feel proud when you see the free democracy that is South Korea? Definitely, definitely. I'm amazed at what they've achieved. The feeling is mutual. And for this sort of thanks even between strangers a handshake just won't do.

Great old man. Dani Isdale with that report. Stay with us. Still to come on Ten's Late News - a train driver who loved to speed, the main focus of the investigation into the deadly crash in Spain. And the Hawks looking the goods for September. Buddy firing in their top of the table clash against the Bombers. Busy night in Help win the battle against germs
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Welcome back. You can join the conversation using the hashtag at Ten Late News. Check out our Facebook page for any stories you might have missedful in a moment are the major parties getting it wrong on assylum seeker policy, a human rights perspective. Amanda? The driver of a train that derailed in Spain is being held in custody in his hospital bed. The driver had boasted about how fast he could go moments before the horrific accident that killed 78 passengers and crew. Investigators have ruled out sabotage, turning their attention to human error. The country now begins three days of national mourning. American company Lalliburton Energy Services has admitted destroying crucial evidence relating to the worst oil spill disaster in US history T built the cement casing on BP's rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The guilty plea means the company will have to pay the hacks mum possible fine. It's the third of three major companys to admit criminal wrongdoing. Prince Harry has made one big promise to his nephew - vowing to be the fun uncle. Harry says he has already had a cuddle with Prince George and knows what his role is. Keep him out of harm's way and make sure he has fun. The rest I leave to his pairpbs. I only hope my brother nows how expensive my babysitting charges are.He also says it's fantastic to have another member in the royal family. I will update our top stories later in the show. Stkpwhrp thank you. Now to give us her insight into the news of the week is Sophie MacNeil. No doubt about the big story of the week. It had to be the little royal baby.It drove a lot of people crazy. If you're not a fan of the royal family or think there are more important things going on in the world you couldn't escape it. The Guardian newspaper had a nifty little button that said "Republican" and all of the royal coverage disappeared. A British current affairs magazine said: Woman has a Baby.Private eye is a is a tir call-out let but Twitter is the people's is a tir call-out let.This is my favourite tweet of the week: Royal baby born with crown jeweles. This is mean with the ka Ashes going on. If the Royal baby were Australian it would be out by now.Hate it when the poms get a laugh at our expense. The other story of the week has been assylum seeker issues, which has been well worked over.It's been going on for quite a few weeks. This week it reached a pinnacle with both sides of politics trying to out do each other promising one extreme thing after another. Who knows what will work and what can stop the boats, if they can be stopped. But the Immigration Department came under criticism when they released photos to try to promote the government's new ols to send people to Papua New Guinea. These photos were of Iranian asylum seekers. The Immigration Department says she has just found out she is not coming to Australia, she has been sent to Papua New Guineament some people question whether it was correct to use these images in that way. The assylum seeker we saw in the centre of Melbourne said they didn't think so. And put out a tweet: So that was quite controversial this week. Another photo that stood out for me this week in relation to the assylum seeker story was this photo. This is a three and a half-year-old. He was on a boat on Tuesday night that sunk off the coast of Java. 189 people were rescued. Unfortunately he wasn't. He was one of 13 people who drowned. We don't often get to see the personal stories behind these asylum seekers. A lot of politics, a lot of debate. A lofty motion this week. But here is one photo that I don't think I am go going to forget for a long time. The face of a continuing tragedy. The -- and a reaction from one famous Australian on Twitter. Russell Crow, I don't know what he was reacting to but he put out a plea on Twitter. He wants Malcolm Turnbull in charge. He says: I don't know if Malcolm Turnbull will take the political advice from Russell Crow. He got back to him quickly, saying: But I didn't rule anything out. Russell confessed later he can't vote because he is not an Australian citizen but just a permanent resident.Spends a lot of time in the US as well. Thank you very much for joining us tonight.No worries. As we mentioned earlier, the UN refugee agency says it's troubled by the government's new assylum seeker policy involving Papua New Guinea. I spoke with a social justice campaigner who is also troubled that the PNG plan falls short of our human rights obligations.When I think about this policy the question that comes to my mind is what sort of country do we want to be, how do we want to be perceived internationaly. When it comes to this issue it's unfortunate we're taking such a hard line approach and shirking our responsibility and not to meeting our human rights obligation. If a hard line approach stopped the boats though would have be a good thing?I don't think so. I think there are various solutions to the issue. Such as increasing our assistance to Indonesia. Is so that country is better equipped to assess asylum claims. Or we could encourage Indonesia and Malaysia to sign the ref gee convention. We could increase our humanitarian intake. At the moment we currently rank 49th in the world in terms of the ref gees we accept. We can do more.We already talk with Indonesia and Malaysia obviously. That's been going on for years but the boats still keep coming in increasing numbers. Is it important in your view for the boats to be stopped?The hard facts and reality is people will continue coming by boats because people are placed in situations of conflict, facing persecution. The met for that is often said to me is if you're in a burning house you will look for whatever exit you are have at your disposal. People will continue to come despite what message we send. Do you think it is important to stop the boats?I think it's important to disspill the myths. It's a straight question and a straight answer: Do you think it is important for us to stop people coming by sea?I think it is important to protect people who choose that mode of transportation to seek asylum. I absolutely do. How do you protect them?There are various solution and long term solutions we're not looking at such as giving more and better aid. Aid that is directed at conflict resolution. And supporting peace efforts in refugee source countries. We have increased the intake from 12,000 to 20,000. Would you accept that's a significant development? No, I don't think it's a significant development when you compare the amount that other countries are receiving like Germany, for instance. What we accept in terms of refugee intake is minuscule. How have you felt as have you watched this debate develop over the last months and years?I think it's rather sad and disappointing. You know, I have travelled to various countries around the world and worked with the UN. I see the actual real problem that other countries are facing when it comes to refugees who are fleeing their homes. I've seen communities living in poverty. And communities who have been persecuted. So I see the real need for them to seek asylum and humanitarian assistance. Do you think Australians have become too hardened in their hearts, if you like, on this issue?I think the state that the Australian electorate is fairly uninformed and uneducated on these issues and that's why we need political leadership to stand up and educate Australians about the facts, and that is that we're not doing enough in terms of our refugee intake. It's not illegal to seek asylum. That is a right that we all have. And that refugees and asylum seekers who have settled in Australia have come to contribute to our economic and social fabric. Have come to enrich our society. So there is not a need to be so hard or Zenophob yirbgs on this issue. The ASX200 closed up slightly. The Nikkei plummeted nearly 3%, a combination of weak earnings, a stronger Yen. Stephen, quite a positive week for shares. What were the highlights? Good evening, Hugh. I hope you have had a happy Friday. Investors seem quite upbeat about things. Shares edged a little higher today. Over the past five days the Aussie market put on 1.3%. July has been the best month for us in about a year and a half. What everyone was focusing on this week was economic news on Wednesday - the latest quarterly inflation result, which showed that inflation was not a concern and if the RBA wants to cut rates it has the scope to do so. The market is pricing it at a fifty-fifty chance you will see a rate cut on 6 August, when the central bank meets next. Two of our largest miners are working together in South America. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, Australia's two biggest mining companies, which account for 9% of the Aussie market, today they announced plans to spend $3 billion to build a desalination project in Chile. One of the reasons is that both have big stakes in the Escondida mine which is in the middle of the desert. Not the best or easiest place to find water. It is Friday night so some trivia to impress your friends. 40% of the world's copper comes from Chile. It's by far the biggest producer, by far than any other country. We're all here. Victoria Murphy join us us -- joins us for the sports news.In the top of the table clash Hawthorne was clearly a class above. Buddy on fire - he kicked eight goals as the Hawks cemented their place at the top of the competition. And the Broncos clawed their way back in Townsville. All of the details next. VOICEOVER: When your little one
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All of the details next.
Well, welcome back. Victoria Murphy is here. What about them Hawks? They were amazing. Buddy was absolutely on fire - he kicked eight goals. The Hawks won comfortabley against the Bombers in a startling encounter between the two modern enemies.The under siege James Hird delivering a last minute pep talk and receiving a reassuring hug with the CEO reportedly at odds with him. The harmony before the bitter clash with the top of the table rival paying dividends. A returning Hawks superstar quickly disturbing the peace and wrestling over the lead. Buddy Franklin's three-goal opening term proving the difference. And he was more than happy to rub it in. The Hawks continued to raise the bar in the second but the Bombers refused to go away.Against everything they keep themselves in the game.Until buddy put the brakes on.It's through for a goal. He has got four. And the teammates opened the floodgates.Oh, what a goal. Setting up a five goal lead at half-time. Jarryd Roughead came off second best against Jake Melksham. Bombers sub ly Roy Jetta imposed himself as both teams seemed oblivious to the scoreboard. Luke Hodge was no exception.Wow!But one man stayed on task setting up a match whening lead before three quarter time - the premiership favourites home with ease. North Queensland's hopes of making the NRL finals appear over after a nailbiting loss to Brisbane tonight. The Broncos squandered a 12-0 lead but Justin Hodges saved the day. The finals are still weeks away but north Queensland and Brisbane were already walking the tight rope of sudden death football.He will score a try.The cowboys were firing blanks early as the Broncos went to a commanding 12-0 lead. The locals their own worst enemy shooting themselves in the foot with soft defence and poor ball control. But while most of the running had been with the Broncos the Cowboys finally found some much needed encouragement before half- time. The locals needed to start the second 40 with all guns blazing. Fullback Josh Hoffman was in the firing line. Cory Oakes was in the sights of the referees. Thafrpblgts can hardly be called high. The scoreboard was the only thing this Brisbane's favour but even that turned against them when north Queensland scored back to back trys in six minutes.He will score! The brilliance of Matt Bowen. He goes all the way under the posts. But just as Brisbane seemed to be out of steam and time Justin Hodges stepped up. Blgts a champion. The Broncos home 18-16 in a thriller. More bad news for suffering Eels fans tonight with the Bulldogs thumping Parramatta 40-12. It was a dream start for the Bulldogs, who crossed inside in 2 minutes.He goes over the line! Barba has scored another Canterbury try noofplt in a blow for the Dogs Ben Barba left the field with a sprained ankle. It doesn't worry his teammates who went on with the job to deliver the Eels their ninth straight loss of the season. Ewen McKenzie has revived Quade Cooper's career. Cooper is expected to make his return against the all blacks in Sydney. Quade Cooper wasn't live giving a lot away on the outside today. He has waited almost 12 months for a Wallaby recall and doesn't want to employee it this time.I'm over the moon about it. Just looking forward to getting amongst the boys and trying to work hard and get a spot.Since taking over from Robbie Deans Ewen McKenzie has made one thing clear: Unlike the former Wallaby coach McKenzie doesn't have any problems with rugby's problem child.He has been very good at delivering what I have asked him to do.After describing the Wallabies culture as documentsics under Deans he was fined 40,000 and his test career in doubt ever since. But under McKenzie Cooper is getting plenty of love. It's always good when you have confidence in you as a person and player.As for his first assignment as Wallabies coach, McKenzie says taking on the All Blacks in back to back tests is the ultimate.There are moments and time in sport when you can make a difference.The experiment of using James O'Connor at flyhalf is over. He will play wing or fullback under McKenzie. Ed Cowan is putting his hand up for an Ashes recall with an unbeaten half century against Sussex in England. The Aussies are currently none for 132 at lunch on day 1. Darren Lehmann's tips in the net earlier in the day paying off. Matthew Wade hoping he can make a contribution. Davey Warner got 190 and has probably put up his hand for a spot as well.The third test at Old Trafford begins next Thursday. Stuart O'Grady has been dfrped from the Australian Olympic committee's athletics commission. The AOC released a statement yesterday afternoon: Stuart O'Grady retired from professional cycling on Tuesday, two days later confessing to doping after his name appeared in a French Government report. Hugh Wayne bolt has refused to criticise fellow sprinters Power and Gaye in the wake of positive drug tests. Bot also defended his recordmentHave been doing phenomenal things since I was 15. I have been given a gift. That's what I do. Confidence of my team and the people I work with. I'm confidence in what I do.Sally Pearson will use the meet to hopefully qualify for next month's World Championships.Play of the Day, we're used to seeing Spiderman weave webs around villains but on a suburban basketball court in the US this one had locals in a spin. This one embarrassing anyone foolish enough to challenge Peter Parker's prowess. Turns out he can do not only what a spider can but can also nail pretty good jump shots.He sort of stuck to they believe.Be good to have his superpowers. To put the ball in the basket.Looks good in tights. That's not a bad power as well. Follow us on Twitter. Still to come, tomorrow's weather and our bedtime bites. Stay with us. The new DisabilityCare Australia... ..means I can look forward... lifelong support
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Welcome back. Amanda is here with a recap of our top stories tonight. Fpbgts an eight month old baby boy abducted by his father at knifepoint in Sydney is now in the hands of the department of community services and is safe and well. He was handed into a police station in Sydney's west by his father's sister after a fran an particular 24-hour search. His father is still on the run. The UN has lashed out at Kevin Rudd's Papua New Guinea assylum seeker solution, slamming it as too harsh. It's troubled by what it says are a lack of protections for asylum seekers and the capacity for PNG to process them. It comes as an Indonesian politician criticises Mr Rudd for not consulting the President over the controversial plan. Taking a look at the weather across the country tomorrow.

Amanda, thank you. Before we go, our Bedtime Bytes, this is what we're reading online. We've got some beauties here for you tonight. Let me start with this. This is from an outfit called the North Pole Environmental Observatory which has had a webcam on the North Pole since the year 2000. On the left of the screen is what the North Pole looked like in April. On the right, it's a lake. If you go down here, you can push off this little thing, this is from the Huffington Post site. You get - now we get an ad in there. That's no good. Go away! Actually, the ad is pretty cool too. It's an ad for an energy drink that is bloody funny. But the amount of melt something scary.Since 2000, the fast time thing t runs through what the North Pole looked like. It's not the open ocean, it's a lake. There was ice underneath it. It's worth it for the Lucozade ad as well.Amanda? I'm shocked by this tonight. It's a Pakistan primetime TV show which is giving away abandoned babys to contestents. So they are childless couples. The show is kind of like a price is right thing. It's an attempt to win the ratings war during Ramadan. Ethically, where do you start with that? It's a minefield. Let alone how do you vet the parents?Crazy.That's gonna work well. What have you got are for us now?I have the cutest thing you will ever see in your life. This is a tiny tree frog in Indonesia. He is only 5cm big and he has got himself a leafto shield himself from the rain.The evolutionary process has gone to extending to going down to the shops and picking up an umbrella. Not easy being green, right?That's it from the team on the Ten Late News. Have a fantastic weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

The world is waiting for an official announcement that the royal baby has arrived.We're hearing that everything inside is going well.Like a washing machine. Haven't heard the news.Thought I might as welcome and hang out here for the day.Most of us would rather forget it.There is an element of emotional chaos when it comes to being hammered.No issue has been more contentious for Labor than border protection.We know it is already a deterrent.This under lines for me the policy changes in Australia...Tony Abbott raising the stakes unveiling his military solution.The crisis on our borders has become a national emergency. His royal highness the Prince of Cambridge, born weighing 3.8 kilograms after 11 hours of labour from Kate.You have reconnected with your first love, music.Yes. For a minute there I was thinking, "Did I meet you somewhere? I don't remember." (SINGS) # I will always be with you. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken their Newson for an outing.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - abdublgted at knifepoint, an 8-month-old boy found alive. We heard of Jack the Ripper. Does your pussy make Euro-sneeze. Help is on the way. To smack or not to smack? Mums and dads, that is the question. An emotional return to South Korea for some Aussie diggers. This is The Project. Good evening. Welcome to The Project. Welcome back Waleed Aly and Lehmo. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Lots of news tonight, some good, some bad, some interesting. The news today - Friday 26th July. An 8-month-old baby boy abducted from his Sydney home at knifepoint by a 24-year-old man last night is now in police care. He was handed to officers late this afternoon and is believed to be unharmed. The manhunt for the baby's kidnapper continued. We now cross life to Ten Reporter, Andrew Denney. It is wonderful the baby's been handed in unharmed. Can you tell us more about the circumstances?Well, it was just as we were going to air on the 5 o'clock news that a relative walked into the police station with the 8-month-old. Paramedics confirmed he is okay, despite the fact he was involved in a head-on car crash with a tree around the corner from me. No sign, though, at this time, of the man who took him, the 24-year-old is of kours alleged to have kidnaped the boy along with a 16 year orld girl at knifepoint last night. That sparked a major search across Sydney. Luckily it has ended in the best of circumstances. Police, however, want to talk to this man in question. They are asking him or anyone who -- know where he is to come forward.Thank you. Nine people have suffered mie jor injuries after a disused underground fuel tank exploded at Eastwood in Sydney's north-west. Can blast happened when the tank was hit by an excavator and shattered nearby windows. The driver escaped without a strach, protected by the bucket. Something pushed me very hard and backwards. I was still on the excavator. Nothing happened to me. Former Hey Dad star, Robert Hughes, will face trial next year to fight allegations he sexually assaulted five girls. The 64-year-old fronted a Sydney court today and has pleaded not guilty to 11 charges but his lawyers are concerned Hughes may not receive a fair trial because of his high profile.I think it will be very difficult from my understanding of the extent and nature of the media coverage, over such a prolonged period of time, to get a fair trial. The Rudd Government's been warned by the United Nations Refugee Agency that its decision to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea could breach international laws. There could also be a breach of our human rights obligations with more than 700 people already on Christmas Island waiting to be transferred to PNG. And Julia Gillard's taken a swipe at Kevin Rudd in an interview with the month -- the magazine given before chef was ousted. The former PM said unlike Kevin Rudd she never tried to white ant him and was loyal until she challenged for the leadership.She never planned it, just spontaneously knived him. That is more scary.It was like an accident. She was walking through the halls of power carrying a knife, tripped, in his back, these things happen. It could happen to anyone.Moving on to something more serious. Violence in any form is never acceptable, let alone in the place where we should all feel safest of all. She knows, I mean, she deserved it.