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(generated from captions) ALL: At Coles!

Our tour of Sydney's schools
took us to Granville this week where the welcome sign
was out at Holy Family Primary. I swapped the news chair
for a big blue couch and tried to answer
a stack of questions from Year 5 and Year 6. It's a wonderful
and diverse school community with youngsters from no less than
39 different ethnic backgrounds. Thank you so much
for making me feel so welcome. Checking finance now and the share market has
finished the week on a higher note with strengths
in the financial sector. The ASX 200 was up 6 points.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Sydney turned on another
beautiful sunny day today. The warm winter weather continued. Our low of 8 was spot-on average. The temperature climbed
to a lovely 20 this afternoon. 4 above average. Right now it's clear and 15. This morning was pretty chilly. It was a very cold start to
the day in western suburbs. -1 at Richmond. 2 at Penrith. 5 at Parramatta. Plenty of sunshine around
the suburbs during the day. Top temperatures
around 19 or 20 degrees. 15 in Katoomba. From the satellite the cloud through WA is
thanks to a cold front. It's producing
strong winds and showers. Conditions are looking clear
over New South Wales. That is thanks
to this high pressure system which will keep central
and eastern Australia dry tomorrow. There could be a few showers
along Queensland's coast. That front will sweep through WA
bringing more wild winds and rain. Scattered showers
in Perth tomorrow. Melbourne will be
a little windy. Cloudy for Hobart. Morning fog and frost
in Canberra then a sunny afternoon. Chance of a shower
in Brisbane. Darwin, sunny. Expect lovely conditions
out on the water tomorrow. Light and variable winds
about 10 knots. Tomorrow we're in
for another fine winter's day. Sunny in Sydney.

Patchy fog is possible
in western suburbs in the morning. Penrith and Liverpool
will plummet to 3 degrees. Campbelltown 1. Temperatures climbing
above average yet again. 19 in Bondi and Manly. 19 in Parramatta,
Richmond and Penrith. Sunday will be sunny too
and slightly warmer. Monday will be fine
for most of the day. Chance of a shower
during the afternoon. That's Seven News for this Friday.
I'm Mark Ferguson. I hope you have a great weekend.
Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

I'm Helen Kapalos.
Welcome to the program. Coming up - the everyday spice which reverses
one of the most common causes of age-related blindness. Plus, the latest shortcut
to fame and fortune - no talent required! But we begin tonight with the man deemed too privileged
and too pretty to go to jail. Liam Daniel Sweeny was tough enough
to smash a man in the head with a glass at a party but because he attended
a top private school and wants to be a lawyer, he's been spared jail. A warning, Tineka Everaardt's story
contains some disturbing images.

(RE-ENACTMENT) I'm gonna go you. He picked up a glass,
hit me over the head with it, left and a right to the face. The blood started running down. That's the last
I remember of it. Why are there two different rules
for different people in society? What is the price
for an attack like this? The magistrate decided
that because of his schooling, because of his background,
because of his breeding, he shouldn't go to jail. Richard Huiswaard is disappointed
in the justice system. His attacker avoided
a 10-year maximum sentence because he went to a private school because he went to a private school. Apparently Liam Sweeney
is far too privileged and looks more like Brad Pitt
than a bikie. It's not fair to receive
preferential treatment for the type of upbringing you have.

It all started on a Saturday night
in April. Richard Huiswaard and Liam Sweeney
were at Melbourne's Crown Casino. It was a friend's birthday,
we were having a few drinks. It's reported Sweeney got
his nose out of joint around 9:30 when his attempt to shake hands
with a drunk Huiswaard was ignored. Hours later, things turned nasty. I'm gonna go you.

He said the man made a comment about his mother. But he denies it.

The blood running down, that's the last I remember of it
and the staff running to help me and then Crown paramedics
came to help me. This 31-year-old
was rushed to hospital and spent 18 hours there receiving a general anaesthetic
and stitches to a deep gash in his head which forced him to take
three weeks off work. His injuries were so severe,

We have decided not to show you in full detail.

I was a bit hysterical
about the injuries because of the location of them and they reassured me and said "You're quite lucky
it's not any lower "And you're lucky because
in that sort of situation "There's potential to lose eyes
and things like that." But the deepest cut
was yet to come. Liam Sweeney pleaded guilty
to intentionally causing injury which carries a 10-year
maximum sentence. The punishment Sweeney got
was an 18-month jail term wholly suspended for two years
and a $5,000 fine. Broadcaster Derryn Hinch. This guy should've got
three to four years. It's reported that QC Ian Hill
told the magistrate the alcohol-fuelled attack
meant Sweeney would have trouble being admitted to practise law and asked that he not send
the 27-year-old to prison. It's alleged Magistrate
Jack Vandersteen replied:

The QC added:

Much is made of his appearance, but this 27-year-old
keeps a low profile. He wouldn't return our calls and there's not even a photo of him
online. Lawyer David Galbally.

I find the sentence to be on the lenient side.

Rich people and celebrities
can afford QCs who spin a good story
and talk you out of jail. Eyebrows were raised last year
when footballer Health Scotland avoided jail time
on his second assault charge. He allegedly argued a conviction wouldn't allow him
to apply for the fire brigade after the football

but it had some questioning
whether it had more to do with his high profile. Then there's Hollywood's
prison Houdini, Lindsay Lohan. The celebrity's list of charges may be longer than her appearances
on screen - everything from driving
under the influence to possession of drugs
and being put under house arrest. But still this starlet
avoids hard time in jail. While his assailant is living out
his privileged life, Richard Huiswaard will continue
to remember the attack every time he looks in the mirror. It's a lot worse to me
because I know it's there. The DPP has to appeal it because this looks
to everyone out there - to Joe Blow - that there's one law
for the rich and one for the poor. The Office of Public Prosecutions
tell us they will decide within 28 days whether or not
to appeal that sentence. We will, of course,
keep you up to date. Macular degeneration
affects the eyesight of almost a million Australians and that number is set to triple
within the next two decades. Untreated,
it can result in blindness. Treated, it can still
cause severe impairment. But now there's new hope
for so many elderly sufferers and it's come from an unusual place.

So this could be the answer
for macular degeneration sufferers? That's certainly our hope and we're working hard
to bring it to reality.

You're losing the depth of sight, you're losing
the middle of your sight. So you don't see a person's face
that you're talking to, you'll see their body. It's the leading cause of blindness. Macular degeneration of the retina
is occurring in epidemic proportions 1 in 3 of us, mainly over 60s,
suffer this devastating disease. If you can look straight up
to the top? Excellent. Just keep looking, straight up... Neil Grieve's advanced loss of sight affects virtually everything
he does. If you're in a car, you cannot see,
perhaps, the car in front of you. His driving days are over. Well, you can't read. Everything from television,
operating a computer, making a phone call,
you can't see your keypad properly.

But now, nature to the rescue. This ancient spice, delicate threads of saffron
from the crocus sativus flower, is getting amazing results - improving sight
and preventing deterioration in early-stage macular degeneration. Doctors believe
they've struck gold with saffron. This tiny stigma
is full of antioxidants, rich nutrients that regenerate cells
and prevent damage to the retina. It's got that classic,
rich red colour. Dr Jonathan Stone, Professor of Retinal and Cerebral
Neurobiology at Sydney University, has been conducting animal
and human experiments with saffron after successful trials
by Italian scientists showed all patients
had improved vision while taking small doses of saffron. It is a bit the opposite
of what viruses do. Viruses get in and make the
cells sick and reproduce the virus. These get in and make the cells
repair themselves and, in small amounts, obviously,
can get many cells to self-repair. It, weight for weight,
has more antioxidants in it than any other product known to man. Really? So saffron really packs
a powerful punch. A little bit of saffron
packs a very powerful punch.

Nicky and Terry Noonan's
Tas-Saff farm near Hobart, Tasmania, began cultivating saffron
for gourmet outlets, restaurants and supermarkets in Australia and for export to many countries. But now they're also busy supplying
Sydney University for their macular degeneration
experiments. We would hope, for this season, we're going to produce
around 50,000 flowers which would equate to around about
0.25kg of saffron. 0.25kg is all you get from this?
That doesn't seem like very much. The thing is
with the saffron, Helen, it's very strong
and you don't need very much. 250g is a lot of saffron. It's labour-intensive,
painstaking work, handpicking the flowers
over 40 days of blooming, extracting the magic -
the glowing red stigma - then drying it
to produce the saffron. It takes an hour to produce just 2g. This is about 0.25kg and would be worth, I suppose,
a retail value about $25,000. That's right - saffron's up there with gold
in the price stakes, equating to as much as $125,000
a kilogram at the supermarket. It's packed in these affordable
100mg containers. Most importantly, the saffron for these critical
macular degeneration experiments must be the purest, the very best. Saffron is measured
from category 1 down to 4. This is an extra category 1
and it's very, very special. It is the top category?
It's the top category. Dr John Grigg, Associate Professor at Sydney
University's Save Sight Institute is conducting regular tests
on patients. Because the dosage is so minute - 8 strands or 20mg a day - it costs no more than
a cup of coffee. Saffron is a very good antioxidant and the early studies suggest that it will help protect
and preserve vision. A word of caution - just because this is good for you, doesn't mean you can have
as much as you like. Too much can be detrimental
to your health. There's a way to go before
conclusive proof that saffron works and it hasn't been trialled
in late-stage patients. But, so far, its antioxidant riches
continue to get great results for those in early stages
of macular degeneration. The outcome there was remarkable because those patients are reported to have a significant,
although partial recovery of vision, and then stability
for 12-15 months afterwards.

Helen Wellings there. You can find more information
on that ground-breaking trial on our website, where you can also tell us
your story. There it is.

We'd love to hear from you. A change of pace now. They say there's no better way
to find the perfect wife than to find someone with
all your mum's best qualities. But in the high-stakes game
of matchmaking surely that's where a mother's input
should begin and end, right? Not quite.

I am ready to fall in love. I'm ready to battle it out.

It's arranged marriages,
Australian style, with Mum pulling the strings. Three very protective mums, all on a mission to find their son
the perfect partner.

Are you 100% natural? I might be sporting
a couple of friends. So her two enhancements,
or two "friends" - how do you feel about that? Oh, terrible. Oh, my goodness. Nathan Secomb is a part-time model and, until now, hasn't been
game enough to bring home a girl. His mother Doreen runs
a very tight ship - a Christian ship. OK. What's going on in here? No, Mum. I'm up. I'm up. Yeah, I bet you are! I like the idea of waiting for
the ultimate experience of marriage, after marriage,
if you know what I mean. OK - are you ready
to meet your matches? ALL: Yes! (CHEERING) Ada Nicodemou hosts the show
and likes to see herself as Cupid. Where do you find love these days? Really, you know? There's, what - in the workplace?
Through family and friends? You're not gonna meet someone
in a bar. I don't think so. Well, there's 'Please Marry My Boy'. So who's ready for love? ALL: Me! Me!

The thought of it - to meet someone, be happy,
get married and have kids was something
that over-weighed the fear of what other people would say
if you looked silly on TV. 40-year-old Carlo Cimino
has been unlucky in love. He's from a big Italian family, and with one divorce behind him, he hopes his mother Maria
will have more luck than he did. I don't need all of this stress. He went through...a hard time,

He went through...a hard time. I'm ready to have so many babies
with him. Nice. Great choice, Mum.

I find it fairly difficult
to find a girlfriend or to find someone. Brad King feels very much at home
in his camping store, but admits he is totally lost
with women,

so his mum is his mouthpiece. To try and sell myself,
I find it very difficult. It was fantastic having a bit
of female attention, to be honest. Um, normally it probably takes me
a couple of beers and that's when I get
a bit more confidence, but I think it has helped me
through this whole process. I think Mums know best.

Have you ever had a one-night stand? I have to admit, I've had a few.

The big question we all want
to know, did you find love? You'll have to watch. That's a yes, isn't it? No. You'll have to watch.

Madeleine Kennard reporting. The new series
of 'Please Marry My Boy' begins next Monday night,
9:00 on Seven. Looks like a lot of fun. Coming up - No looks? No talent? No worries! The most unlikely ways
you can find fame and fortune.

Read it
like a book. Do two things
at once.

Organise your day.

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OK, guys, let's fill these racks. We start from scratch every day. That's always the best way. Can't take short cuts. Short cuts? We don't do short cuts. Pane di casa?
It's been made this way for years. And we're just
carrying on the tradition. And that's the way it's done.

Work of art.
(LAUGHS) Look at all those grains
and seeds. Gotta be good for you. They're going to love these. VOICEOVER: At Bakers Delight,
we bake fresh every day. From our oven to you.

You only have to look at the queues
of aspiring stars lining up to audition for shows like 'X Factor' to appreciate Australia's obsession
with fame. But what if you think you've got
no special skills or talents? Well, there may yet be a place
in Hollywood for you. As Lynda Kinkade explains.

# I want to be a billionaire Ever dreamed
of having your name up in lights? Or earning a fortune
for doing very little? But you don't have the talent? Don't have the looks? You're all overweight. Well, don't worry. Everyday, normal-looking people. We want families and we want kids. People who can play the recorder,
people who can play the spoons. Kellie Langmaid and Katie O'Mara
from UnearthTalent are on a massive
Australian-wide hunt for people, pets and houses to star in commercials, TV shows,
films and music clips. They claim
there's mega money to be made with no experience needed. Your pet featuring
in a catalogue or commercial could earn up to $1,000. Rent out your house or kitchen
for a day and you could earn up to $2,000. Star or feature as an extra in
a television commercial typically pays between
$5,000 and $10,000. So it's pretty cool and easy work. The process to get started
seems simple enough - $30 to $50 to sign up for a year. You pay a one-off registration fee where you create a profile
for yourself and upload videos of your talent.

Meet the curious French bulldog,
Soda. Only eight months old
and already earning an income. To think that a dog
with no talent and no skill and she can't do any special tricks and she only sits when she likes to, to get paid that kind of money
is pretty amazing. $600 to get her photo taken
for a haircare product. But this brief cameo
in a pet food commercial scored her a 6-month supply
of dog food. They just wanted a normal dog. "Find me an agent"
is typed into Google more than 7.5 million times
every month. There are thousands of agencies, some charge commission only, others charge for registration. If you're after
a legitimate company, make sure you do your research. Ask to see examples of their work and if you're under 18, make sure you get permission
from your parent or guardian. # I won't let you close enough
to have you hurt me... # Young Tassie girl Shania Whiteroad
has real talent. # just desert me... # 16 years old, she's been singing
since the age of 2. Spotted on social media, UnearthTalent owners made contact
and signed her. Last month, she was flown to
Hollywood on her first overseas trip to meet with Olivia Newton-John's
producer to record some demo tracks. I sat there for a bit and I thought, "Surely someone
from Burnie, Tasmania "isn't going to go to Hollywood
for singing?!" It was just amazing. Coldstream Brewery, the producer
of boutique beers and ciders, are using the agency
to hunt for a normal guy or girl to front their new campaign. Co-owner Rohan Peters says
there's only one condition - you've got to like cider. You get to drink beer, apple cider,
enjoy yourself and you're going to get paid for it. Nice work if you can get it. The very talented Lynda Kinkade
reporting there. We'll have the news headlines next but first, here's a look at
what's on 'Sunday Night' this week. A very precious cargo here.

A very precious cargo here.
Australia's greatest neurosurgeon has saved hundreds of Aussie lives. Now see what he is doing to save an entire species.This is not brain surgery. Watch

We're hearing a lot from the
Opposition about Australia's debt. You may be surprised to know that Australia's debt per capita is one of the lowest
in the developed world. Ask yourself this -
if our debt levels are so bad, why are we one of only eight
countries in the world with a triple A credit rating, a stable outlook
from all three credit agencies? THESE are the real facts, and no amount of negative
political spin can change that.

Thanks, Helen. Making news in Sydney tonight - An 8-month-old boy missing
for 20 hours after he was abducted from his home
in Chester Hill has been handed into
Campbelltown police station safe and well. Police are still searching
for the child's father. An excavator operator
has described how lucky he was to survive a large fuel tank
explosion at Eastwood. Just don't know what happened. Bit of luck? Actually, I am very lucky. One of the notorious 'Skaf' rapists,
Mohamed Sanoussi, could be grated parole
in the next few weeks, despite prison bosses warning he may not reintegrate
into the community. Former 'Hey Dad..!' star
Robert Hughes will have to wait until February to face trial
on child sexual assault charges. He pleaded not guilty to 11 charges
in court today. It is feared passenger safety
on Sydney trains is at risk by an alarming shortfall
in the number of transport police. Rescuers have freed a humpback whale
after it got tangled in shark nets off Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Sydney's weather, clear skies tonight.

Blue skies and sunshine tomorrow with a top of 19 in the city
and the western suburbs. That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening.

Before we go, a quick look ahead to one of the stories
we will have for you next week.

The sum of so dangerous even the post he does not want to go there. -- suburb. Residents attacked, properties torched and you will not believe who is responsible. The call to name and

And that's just one of the reports
we'll have for you next week. But for this week,
that's all we have time for. Thanks for your company.
I'm Helen Kapalos. Enjoy your weekend. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

You can get inspiration for home
design from pretty much anywhere. Absolutely, Joh. And this house design is based upon
and built around a tree. It's a real visual feast.
Speaking of feasts, we're also covering vegie patches,
kitchen ideas and, best of all,
a whole heap of recipes. That's right - we're celebrating
winter comfort cooking and growing, starting with a decadent dessert. It's chocolate on chocolate
on chocolate. And the ultimate winter soup. The smell fills the house
with this lovely earthy aroma. Plus make your own marmalade, and the secret to authentic curry. Dr Harry's found a case
of terrible table manners. But I'm about to fix them.

Make your vegie patch
the star of the backyard. Get an edible garden that's that
pretty, you won't want to eat it. And pantry paradise. A great kitchen
all starts with great organisation. How to have a citrus crop
in any sized garden. Everybody can grow them today. Add bench space without a makeover. Practical, portable
and very easy to put together. Plus tips for fussy eaters, turn bottles into kids' toys, tackling mould and a compost bin
you don't have to hide.

SONG: # Ooh # Getting better, yeah # Life keeps getting better # All the time # Getting better. # Now, we all love a vegie patch but they're usually practical
and not that pretty. But when you've got a small yard
or a little courtyard, maybe they need to be both. A beautiful, edible garden. And that's what we're gonna do here. The first thing I need to do -
get rid of these weeds.

As beautiful and soft as this soil
is, it's no good for a vegie patch. It's turf underlay. But for a vegie patch, it doesn't
have enough organic matter in it, which ends up becoming the food
for your plants. While we're digging it out,
we've also found these guys. They're curl grubs. They're what goes through
and wipe out lawns. But they'll also
wipe out your plants, and putting vegies in here, it'll
be like a dinner party for them. So if you see them, pull them out. Don't spray anything here that you
would normally spray on your lawn because, after all,
we want to eat the vegies, we don't want to eat the poisons. Now, thinking about
landscape design, we want to screen off
the neighbours. The windows and the gutters,
they're not that attractive, so I've got some of these
ornamental screens. They screen it off, they look good but in a vegie patch
they give you a bit of height. And there's lots of things
that need something to grow on, like beans and peas, passionfruits,
even your choko vine. It looks good and it works well.
Genius. Now, the best way
to actually erect these guys isn't putting them onto the fence,
because it's already wonky, so I want to start level
and finish level. I've got some cheap gal posts - this is just 20mm square - which I'm gonna attach to the back,
freestanding like this, and then dig holes
where they hit the ground. Just ram the earth
rather than concrete them in. This is all nice and light,
so it doesn't need any concrete. And my vegies
don't want the competition.

Now, rather than
turning this entire area into a vegie patch
that you have to walk into
and trample over your plants, again I want to make it look
more like a mini landscape. So I'm gonna have garden beds
around the outside with a semicircle in here that's
got a nice crushed pebble on it and then in the middle, we're gonna have a feature
of flowers and a birdbath. To get a bit of height
over the back here, I'm gonna put a wine barrel in. Over here, maybe a feature tree. We're gonna put a bench in so you can sit back
and admire your handiwork. And then over here, another wine
barrel, just to balance things out. All I've gotta do now
is actually make it.

So that's what I'm talking about
when I say 'organic matter'. See all the leaf litter
and bark and timber that's broken up
and composted in there? That gives it that texture. That's why this is good. But you don't want
to just leave it on top - mixing it through the existing stuff and improving
as much of the soil as you can. That way, your plants will grow
deeper and they'll be stronger and that means
you've got more to eat. Lots of people buy citrus, plant it in the lawn
and they never do really well. That's because
they're shallow-rooted. So even in a vegie patch, these guys
are gonna go in wine barrels so you don't disturb the roots. It's pretty important
not to plant any annuals,
like flowers or your vegies, in here because every time
you disturb the soil, you're bashing the plant up. And then in the ground, I'm putting
this lemon-scented myrtle. Apparently, you crush the leaf down,
it makes a fantastic spice. So, this pot comes in a set and it's gonna sit
in the middle of our circle. This one here will be the base and it's a perfect place to plant
strawberries and your pansies. Now, your strawberries
like it up off the ground