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P Hello, I'm James McHale and thank force joining me. Today - the Government's PNG proposal criticised by the United Nations.

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Scathing response - the UN warns the Manus Island asylum seeker plan may be illegal, echoing concerns of the Human Rights Commission.Almost certainly is in breach of the United Nations convention on the rights of the child.Spanish authorities look at the actions of the drive depriefr after a deadly high speed train crash. 400 Holden employees work their last shift as the car maker warns of more pain ahead.And science meets astrology - do full moons disturb a good night's sleep?

The United Nations refugee agency has issued a scathing assessment of the Federal Government's plan to send all asylum seekers to PNG. A week after Kevin Rudd announced the deal, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is warning it could breech international law and Australia's human rights obligations . In a statement released today, the UNHCR praised search and rescue authorities for saving lives at sea. But it also says it is troubled by the current absence of adequate protection standards and safeguards for asylum seekers and refugees in Papua New Guinea. Adding Australia's regional resettlement arrangement with the Government of PNG raises serious and so far unanswered protection questions.The agency goes on to express concerns for the well being of asylum seekers defeigned in PNG, saying there are currently significant short comes in the legal framework for receiving and processing asylum seekers from Australia.Australia ice Human Rights Commissioner is also questioning whether the Government's asylum seeker deal with PNG is failing international human right s obligation s. Gillian Triggs says she's extremely concerned about comments from Immigration Minister Tony Burke that he will no longer be the official guardian of uncompanied children once they arrive on Manus Island. She says this breaches the UN convention on the rights of the child, but she remains deeply concerned for all individuals on the island.I've grave, grave concerns for the conditions of families, children, the young men, the middle aged women, all of the individuals that are there, the conditions appear to be extremely onerous and harsh.Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus insists the Government arrangement with PNG is in line with Australia's international obligation.It complies because Papua New Guinea is a signatory to the refugee's convention, that is very important, it's something that of course the high court looked at last year in relation to an arrangement with Malaysia. Malaysia is not a signatory to the refugees convention. Papua New Guinea is and more importantly has withdrawn its reservations from that convention in relation to people being transferred from Australia. So that is a very important first step, it's a guarantee that the provisions of the refugee s convention will be complied with.To other news - the Opposition has questioned the reliability of Treasury's pre-election economic update, saying it won't be relying on the figure force its its own policy costings. The Government will release its own economic update next week, Treasury provides another set of independent figures during the election campaign. But the Shadow Treasurer says they cannot be trusted.Why is the Government releasing a comprehensive economic statement just a few days before the pre-election fiscal outlook? And quite clearly it was about trying to bully the Treasury into a fixed set of numbers.I am sick and tired of the Opposition trashing the reputation of Australia's public fts is.Joe Hockey says the Opposition will still release detailed costings within weeks. Slelthors will question the driver of a train that crashed in Spain yesterday killing 80 people. A span irn newspaper is reporting the train was travelling at 190km/h when the crash happened on a bend where the speed limit was 80. Europe correspondent Phillip Williams reports.As the twisted carriages were lifted off the line, there was no-one left to rescue. As the death toll mounted came the question what went wrong? Perhaps this rail company CCTV footage may hold the answer, the train appears to topple on the bend but then it's all too late. There's already speculation the modern train fitted with sophicated safety checks may have been travelling dangerously over the 80km/h speed limit for that Action section of track.One of the questions which will be being investigated now is did that system work, did it tell the driver what the speed limit was and then for instance the driver somehow ignored it or did the system fail?Whatever the cause, the result was horrifyingly clear.The train started going really, really Fashion and all the luggages fell, the next thing I was covered by seats, luggage and bodies and my leg was trapped. TRANSLATION:I am here with the daughter of one of my friends who was killed. Ice been a long night. The most difficult part is when they bring the news. It's generally bad.The PM visited the crash site and later spoke to survivors in hospital. He says there will be three days of official mourning. TRANSLATION: At the moment two investigations are being carried out. One is the judicial investigation and the other one is by the Commission of investigation of train accidents. The aim is to find the causes of this terrible accident accurately and as soon as possible.The accident has shocked a nation used to a safe, fast and efficient rail system, accidents have happened but not on this scale, not for decades.An underground fuel tank has exploded in Sydney's north-west, shatd terg windows of several surrounding buildings. The tanker exploded as construction workers tried to dig it up from a site in Eastwood. Two men were taken to hospital for minor facial injuries ABC seven others were assessed at the scene by paramedics.It's a miracle more people weren't seriously injured.It's the last shift for hundreds of workers at Holden's factory in Adelaide's north today. Some of the people who are taking voluntary redundancies have been with the car maker for decades. Robyn Powell says Holden is still trying to find way to cut costs.It's a sad day here for many holdsen work ers with 400 stake taking a redundancy package. That will take the work force here down to 1700. There's been a steady re de client in numbers over the past few years because of a drop in sales of its Cruze and Commodore models. The company says it's struggling to make ends meet because of foreign imports and the high Australian dollar. There's a State and Federal Government assistance package on the table but Holden signaled it's likely to need more money to en ensure its operations here at Elizabeth. Many workers here feel today is the beginning of the ends. One of those is Geoff PINNy, he's worked here for 38 years and we spoke to him earlier today.Today has mixed emotions. We have been through a roller-coaster ride for the last two or three years and today is probably going to hit hard as many of the older salts that are going. They have tough times ahead of them, more negotiations. I am hoping that we will see through for rae mains so Holden can remain viable and become that great Australianic on we should be proud of.Geoff PINNy's nephew has worked here for the last nine years. He is staying on but admits he is nervousant his future and says he would be prepared to take a pay cut to keep his job.If it's in increments a lot of us would take it so as to keep a job.The union says it hopes they won't be forcinged to take a pay cut to keep their jobs. While it's the end of an era for here many, many face an uncertain future as the company looks to finalise its business plan.A trial date has been set for former 'Hey Dad' star Robert Hughes who is accused of child sexual offences. He will face court on February 10 next year. The 64-year-old is defending 11 charges involving five girls. Two have given print and tele vision interviews.Robert Hughes played the lead role of Martin Kelly in 'Hey Dad' which ran from 1987 to 1994.He was arrested in London last year and charged when he returned to Australia.Hi briefly faced a Sydney court this morning where the trial date was set.Rescue teams have free add whale tangle ed in a shark net off Queensland's Sunshine Coast. This is something that hasn't been seen here at Noosa's main beach for as long as anyone here with can remember. A couple of su fers down the 8.5m humpback whale trapped in the shark nets early this morning . Within an hour rescue cruise were on the scene trying to cut it free. The shark net had wrapped around the whale's net and its pectoral fin and there was some caught in the animal's mouth but the rescue crews say it was a relatively easily operation.As far as whale rescues go, it's probably the best one we have had. The weather is perfect. So there's been no trouble with that. And the whale also has been behaving, it's been a very calm animal and we have been able to get right along side it for the majority of that time and it's been assisting by rolling over and allowing us to cut.As far as they go, that is the best one we have had.It took a few hours but by midday the whale had been free and resumed its migration north. It's a trip taken by about 16,000 whales each year and every year one or two run into trouble with the nets, in fact this was the 35th whale to be trapped since the year 2000, of those 3532 were successfully rescued by the State's marine 'Animal Rescue' teams.

The local share market is slightly higher today. The aunds is up the aurnds has added six points:Looking across the region. Markets are mixed.

The NT Government has abandoned planned gas supply deal with a Rio Tinto-owned alumina refinery which employs more than 1,000 people. The Government has cut the amount of gas on offer under the original plan. For more I'm joined by national resources reporter Sue Lannin. Welcome.What does this mean for the alumina refinery this decision?This really tut putts a cloud over the future of the Gove alumina refinery. This is run by a Rio Tinto subsidiary and employs more than 1,000 people, including a lot of indigenous people. This is on the Gove peninsula in Arnhem land in the NT. Now the NT Government earlier this year they offered a gas supply deal over 10 years because the operator of the refinery said it can't keep running it because diesel fuel costs a lot, it's loss making. What's happened now is the new NT Chief Minister Adam Giles has backtracked on that 10-year supply deal. He's cut the amount of gas on offer and he is now saying the deal will go over about 15 years because he said the cost of the original plan was too much for the State. There's been a sharp reaction from business groups in the area, they're very critical of the Government's announcement and Pascal minimum also has - Pacific aluminium has also said a solution is needed. Un less it gets this cheap fas Gas from the NT Government, it may close the Gough Gove refinery.It's raised some concerns about domestic gas supply?This is a different story but the Australian Industry Group is saying that it wants major parties in the election to come up with policies to help businesses deal with the upcoming gas shortage in the eastern States, that is because there's a lot of LNG projects under way. The problem is that a lot of that gas has been committed to export countries, especially in Asia, there's not enough gas for companies on the east. There they're already facing a crisis. In fact the Australian Industry Group said it did a survey of companies in eastern Australia in April and May and found it was hard to secure gas contracts. Only one quarter could get an offer from only one supplier so it means they don't have much bargaining power in terms of the prices they're paying for gas. The Australian Industry Group want as national interest test to be set up so any future gas export project s have to satisfy a test part of the if they've got approval they would have to that domestic needs are satisfied before the gas is exported.Sue Lannin, thank you for your time.Investigators in the vus charged five people with what they're calling the largest computer hacking and data breach ever seen. The fraud has so far cost more than $300 million. $160 million credit and bank card numbers were stolen and then on sold. Sof irsicated ruthless and relentless, it's been called the cutting edge of electronic fraud.The losses in this case are staggering.Tens of millions of debit and credit card details were stolen.To cause losses of at least $300 million.And that by the way is our conservative estimate of the loss, the amount we've been able to confirm so far. And suffered by only three of the victim companies.In total, there were 17 international companies hacked including 7-Eleven, JC Penny, Jet Blue and Nasdaq.The same mal ware file that is in the network of Jet Blue is the same Mal ware that is on the network of Nasdaq. You will see in the indictment that is 2 case. That lets the Secret Service and us figure out that it's the same guys.For Russian four Russian an one Ukrainian has been accused. Only two have been caught.Vladimir drinkman and another are in custody. Drinkman is awaiting extradition haefring in the Netherlands and the other will appear in Federal Court in New Jersey next week.Prosecutors say the way the gang made their money was by selling American credit card details for as little as $10 each. European cards told for $50 each. The reason - chip and pin technology which exists in Australia and it's much harder to crack.Mastercard and visa have both made announcements that chip and pin will be essentially brought out into the United States in 2015.For now, most cards in the United States are only protected by a magnetic stripe. Conservationists in Kenya have issued their strongest warning yet about the impact of poaching, saying elephants face extinction within 10 years unless action is taken. In Kenya at least one elephant a day is killed. And the amount of ivory being intercepted is at record levels.In Kenya, the warning signs are there that one of its biggest tourist draw cards is in serious danger.If Kenya doesn't take action, our elephant also go ex-ticket because the demand for rive in Asia is beyond your imagination.In Nairobi these young elephants are survivors, left behind after their parents were slaughtered for their ivory.As poaching has escalated, there's recognition that the country needs to take urgent action to stop a growing number of Ken cransing with lured into poaching.We have to go down to the people. We have to down there, explain to them why this is very important.Tough new penalties and jail terms have just been announced. Kenya now s poaching so serious it's been labelled an economic crime.This is an international crime wave that uses very sophicated technologies that our own force Dos not even have.At stake is Kenya's all-important tourism industry and its reputation as a world leader in conservation.With elephants in decline, there are fears that tourists may abandon Kenya.Kenya without elf yaments will be another jungle with nothing to offer to the world in the form of tourism and leisure:Stopping the growing demand for ivory in Asia is out of Kenya's control. But it hopes by mobilising the nation to champion the cause of one of its greatest asset s it will make a difference.If you've had trouble sleeping this week, you might be able to blame it on the full moon. For the first time research verse discovered a link between the lunar cycle and sleep. People were found to have 30% less deep sleep when the moon is full.Strange things are supposed to happen when the moon is full.According to Folk lore it's a time of madness and odd behaviour.And some people say they have trouble getting a good night's rest during a full moon. Now for the first time there's hard scientific evidence to suggest that it may actually disturb sleep patterns. Intriguingly it is not down to the extra light. The most likely explanation, according to the researcher, is that somehow we're naturally attuned to the moon's cycles.Swiss researchers monitored the brains of volunteers at a sleep clinic similar to this one in Kurri.When Tay looked to see whether there was any link with the full moon to their surprise there was.The researchers found that on average the volunteers fell asleep five minutes later, had 20 minutes less sleep, and crucially had 30% less deep sleep which the body needs to refresh itself.It looks like this is the first ever story where there looks like a biological effect in human beings of the cycle of the moon, which obviously makes it very exciting on many levels.The volunteers were in totally darkened room so it wasn't the light of the moon that was affecting their sleep. So what was it?We resolved on this - evolved on a planet at the time we didn't have clocks or calendars and the moon was a time of celebration, you had gone through another month and we had a party every full moon and that over a million years led to an innate behaviour that we now as a residual folk memory have in our bodies.More research will be needed but the early indications are that perhaps there is a scientific basis to the myths of old. To sport - the Indian cricket board says that performance of the decision review system during the Ashes series so far justifies its opposition to it. A series of controversial decision has sparked debate about relying on the video technology of decisions previously made by umpires on the field.In India, it's not hard to find cricket being played in its most simple form. The simplicity of the country's cricketing elite say they're loathe to meddle with.One of the main ingredients was that cricket when we were growing up is when the umpire gave you a decision you had to accept it whether you were right or wrong. You're take ing that away from the game.The Indian cricket board is powerful and influential. It's made no secret of its dislike of the decision review system or DRS.That technology is not perfect. It is not accurateThis Ashes series has been a true test, not only for man but also machine. From Ashton Agar's foot.That is so borderline.To the strurt Broad howler. Its merits have been called into question.The DRS has been a feature of international matches since 2009. The Indian cricket board has long opposed making the system compulsory in all international matches, maintaining it should be left to the compete ing nations to decide.He's be hues be muds.It's been watching the Ashes series closely.The Indian cricket board has gone it Ann A-loan on the DRS but many Indian cricket fans thinks it should reconsider its position.At times you do have umpires give stupid decision when which you know they're wrong. I think they should go ahead with it.I think the technology is available it should be used.It's a decision that the Indian cricket board is unlikely to review any time soon.Hawthorn superstar Lance Franklin believes his injury setback has given him the ideal fresh en up tonight.David Zaharakis returns from injury for the Bombers as does excite ing youngster Joe Daniher for the top of the table clash.Canterbury back rower Tony Williams will play his 100th NRL game tonight. Williams made his debut for the Eels before joining the Bulldogs this season. Josh Morris is back from Origin duty for Canterbury while Mitchell Allgood returns from suspension for Parramatta. In tonight's other game - the Cowboys host the Brisbane Broncos for the Queensland derby in Townsville.In soccer Japan has beaten Australia 3-2 in a rain soaked east Asian Cup clash in Seoul. Japan scored the first goal in the 25th minute. The Blue samurai then doubled its lead before the 1-hour mark. But in a frantic patch of scoring, Australia was back on level terms, with two goals in a matter of minutes.Mitchell Duke scored the first before Tomi Juric got Australia back in the match. Only minutes later, though, Japan scored, sealing the game.You're watching ABC News early edition across the country on ABC1. We will cross now to your local news room. Thanks, James. A huge search under way for a Sydney man who abducted his 8-month-old boy at knife point has come to an end. Stephen Hume forced his way into his ex-partner's home last night and took the little boy Zhaiden and his 16-year-old mother. He assaulted her and dumped her on the Hume Highway. A short time ago the baby was handed to police. John Christopher Walmsley has been found guilty of assisting his partner's suicide two years ago. The 25-year-old wrote a suicide note before taking a lethal cocktail of drugs. It's alleged she entered a suicide pact with Walmsley. He will be sentenced in September. We will have a report from our Africa correspondent warning that elephants face extinction within ten years unless action is taken to stop the ivory trade. In Kenya, at least one elephant a day is killed. And good news for basketball fans in the capital. Lauren Jackson is set to play for the capitals for the next two seasons. It was feared she would miss the coming season but she has recovered from hamstring surgery and will be right to play. Good news. We will have the details on those stories and the rest of the day's news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock

Pm. A doop low pressure system is bringing severe conditionings across WA with showers and thunderstorms currently moving through Perth. But this system is actually expected to weaken as it moves east in the coming days. Now, it's a combination of two cold front, one moving towards the east of the State, one Stitt sitting through the west and the low pressure system still signature off the southern coast. As these systems move east, they have run up against a high pressure system in the east. That is why they will weaken and be pushed further south. We will see clout increasing across SA, Victoria and Tasmania and southern parts of NSW during tomorrow. But it should be mostly dry. Any rainfall at this stage is pex expected to remain well west of Adelaide. Even then rainfall totals are not expected to be that significant through the southern parts of WA, still the Bert of the falls about the west coast of the State and we are expecting to see winds also strengthening through Victoria and SA as we through Saturday afternoon. That will help to keep the temperatures relatively mild, particularly for Adelaide and cloud increasing through all those centres also down into Hobart, mostly sunny conditions through NSW but underneath that high pressure system, widespread frosts in the morning along the Queensland coast we have onshore winds around a high pressure system. This is going to see the potential of some isolated showers but we are really not looking at anything widespread or heavy. Most of those will be north of about Fraser Island and they will continue on Sunday. Through the south-eastern States we still have freshening winds ahead of the frontal system. There will be shom showers that will move through but at this stage very light. The only place really looking at decent falls about the north and west coast of Tasmania. We will see some rainfall and a mix of snow about the higher peaks of the alpine areas.So a cooler day on the way through the south-eastern centre lt. Still fresh winds and the cooler air moves in be behind that change. Showers on the way for Perth but winds will be significantly lighter. Morning frosts in NSW and a very isolated chance of a shower for Brisbane.That is all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be in an hour. Thanks for your company. Bye for flow.

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