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(generated from captions) what we do on the ground. That makes a difference to the people who depend on your services and frankly those of you who work to provide those services as well. That's what it's about. As a government we've been out there making a difference, making Australia a better place. I looked at some figures before about what we have done across the State of Western Australia more broadly and it's a very proud record. When I look at what we have done, let's just pick education. This is a huge investment by the national government of Australia into the future of WA kids. I take that pretty seriously, I always have, I always will do. Our kids will use the opportunities given to them through education to carve out their future and the future of our State and nation. It hangs on our shoulders and what we provide them. We can say that's one of our values, but it doesn't mean a fig unless we do something about it. Here in WA we have invested building 530 new 277 new school libraries, 199 new multipurpose facilities, 37 new science and language centres for our kids in just the space of the last five years or so. That's what a Labor Government does! (Applause) We make a difference.

difference. For those who are school cleaners or education assistants and you go around the schools of WA and you look at the smiles on the kids' faces as they go into the brand spanking new library and they're there at lunchtime connected and wired for sound on most advanced education technologies available, you know it's making a difference in their lives. That's what Labor Governments do. That's what this Labor Government has been doing. If you're in the second ree schools you will have noticed we've been investing to put in nearly 100,000 new computers into the high schools. So the kids of the high schools, whether they come from poor or wealthy areas, all have the same opportunities for computer based lining. When I looked at the trades, you may have sons and daughters, you may have kids you know in your neighbourhood who don't want to become a university Professor, they want to know how to be a first class chippie or welder, they want to know how to do graphic design, well yeah we provided computers in schools, but we've also in WA been in the business of investing $150 million to build 42 new trades training centres supporting our secondary schools right across the States. It's not just the kids who go to university who should be supported, it's those who want to pursue trades who should be supported, to make sure they have the best places to learn and that's what Australian Labor Governments have been doing here in WA.

And if we could possibly get WA to sign on to the better schools plan for Australia, if we could possibly get WA to sign ton to the better schools plan for WA, and I say this directly to Premier Colin Barnett, I've got to say you would haved a an additional $920 million investment in the schools of WA over the next 6 years and that's what Australian Labor governments should be doing as well. (Applause)So discussion about values, it's not just a discussion about ideas about fairness, we actually do this stuff, we actually make it happen. Bricks and mortar, new libraries, new classrooms, new digital white boards, computers in schools, for all kids, poor or rich. But on top of that investing in better schools, better education, better education outcomes, better teaching for all the kids of WA, that's what Australian Labor governments do.(Applause)

I looked at the record in health as well. Since we've been in we've invested $9.15 billion, a record in the WA health and hospital infrastructure. We've been investing $150 million for new emergency departments in our hospitals, $215 million for subacute care. We've invested $43 million for primary health care infrastructure including care infrastructure including 6 GP care infrastructure GP super clinics. We've invested nearly GP super clinics. invested nearly $60 million health care support invested nearly $60 million for health Medicare locals. $51 million for regional cancer centres. These are the These are the basic things that make a difference out there, ensuring that we've got the best health and hospital facilities available. We designed Medicare, we've just designed an implemented DisabilityCare. That's what Australian Labor governments do.(Applause)And so we got our sleeves rolled up across education, across health, also in the stuff that you drive on every day, the roads of WA, have you seen all the work that's under way at the moment? So much of that is our investment, investing billions of dollars into the road infrastructure system of this State. Whether it's the Gateway WA project, whether it's other projects like the Great Northern Highway, the north-west coastal highway, the Swan Valley bypass, the sinking of the railway line through Perth's CBD, all that's because we believe as an Australian Government we should be partnering with the State Governments of Australia to make sure you get the best by way of the road infrastructure that you need to drive on every day. That's what Australian Labor governments do as well. We're into practical stuff, doing stuff, making it work. And then for the infrastructure for tomorrow we're also investing in something called the national broadband network. It's designed to make sure that every household in Australia, every small business wherever you are has access to world-class broadband. Broadband will be for Australia's economic future what the railways were 100 years ago. You know when the towns all competed to see who would get the railways next? The new competition today is who gets broadband next and the rest of the world is in danger of leaving Australia behind. So what we want, every household, every community, every small business linked to every suburb, every town ,
every business linked to one of the fastest, best, most reliable broadband systems in the world. fastest, best, most Why? Not broadband systems in Why? Not just to watch a few movies, it's all about frankly building the businesses of movies, it's all tomorrow, making sure building tomorrow, making sure that you're getting tomorrow, making you're getting the best health care online, you're care online, the education services online, building new small businesses po - to provide new jobs for your provide new jobs for your kids. We build infrastructure including the infrastructure of tomorrow and I'm proud of our records of achievement there and when I tomorrow and I'm and when I look across WA we have and when I look across have 137,000 premises under construction as we speak. That's what Australian Labor governments do.(Applause)

Now you guys as a union have been pretty active as well, I gather, a few things here and there, giving us a bit of curry when we need it, giving others more curry when they need it and hopefully a bit extra on the sides. But that's all part and part of the partnership we have between the political arm of Labor and the labour movement to make sure we're getting the message clear and we're getting the results right. So for those of you who are behind the Clean Start Fair Deal for cleaners campaign launched in 2006, congratulations, you've got some real outcome s and real wins there for the future.More recently the big steps campaign, who has been behind the Big Steps campaign? I've got to say your voice has been heard loud and clear across the corridors in Canberra. Can't walk anywhere without running into one of you folks. They hunt you down. You go to the gents they hunt you down. You're pretty impressive, you mob. You don't leave a single rabbit down a burrow, do you? Off you go, there's a politician, got them. Well congratulations, we heard. In fact some of us just ran in fear.(Laughter)But you see child care is so much of what the future is about. Stand back for a moment and look at the future of our economy. We talk about it often in terms of the 3 Ps - productivity, participation and population. Making sure that we've got the most productive and competitive work force in the world and that's why we're so determined to ensure that the better schools plan is implemented.Also, to ensure that we have a strongly growing population and that's why we depend so much on orderly migration system. But on participation we want to see more women, not less, in the work force to boost our work force participation rates because that's so much of our ability to afford what we need to do in the future as an economy. Look around the world, the work force participation rates and the Western advanced economies is starting to slide. As we have the ageing of the population. So what do you do about that? Well, you have more people coming in through the orderly migration system, keeps the country young, the ideas fresh, I'm all for that. You have a nor productive work force by bringing in the technology factor like the broadband network I mentioned before, I'm all for that but you need to do something on participation as well. And so it means if we're going to have more women working we need world-class child care, world-class child care. I get that.(Applause)Therese and I have been out there raising 3 kids. I remember what it was like when there wasn't much around, trying to make the hours work and all the tensions it means for a young family, as we were then, with little kids growing up and Therese building up a small business, me off working and just the normal tensions which families have around the country in our experience 20, 25 years ago. But I remember it very, very clearly. Whose time was it to get up and change the nappy? Mind you we've got a granddaughter now so it's back again. She's a delight. But the early years got something to commend it. early years quality fund has got something you look at what we've been doing in child care, we've increased the child care rebate, big change, big initiative, I put it forward in the 2007 election and we did it. But we've also been on about improving the quality of child care, improving flexible child care aption options and the availability of child case places for families. A key component of the service is a skill and qualified work force and a part of the quality frame work all long day child centres must meet new regulations by 1 January next year. Half are working towards a certificate III, half are towards a diploma to make sure that all of our kids in our child care are developing preliteracy, prenumeracy schools so when they hit the classrooms of the school system no-one's falling behind, that's what it's about. But none of this happens by magic. None of it happens unless you're out there assisting and supporting the process through what governments do. Low pay in the child care sector has made attracting and retraining qualified staff difficult. That's just a reality. The $300 million early years quality fund will support quality outcomes for children by assisting the early childhood services to attract and retain qualified, hard-working professionals. The early years quality fund will provide funding directly to eligible services for over 2 years to supplement wage increases of $3 per hour, $114 per week for wage increases applying across the existing classification scale for higher increases for diploma and degree qualified scale for educators. We've got some good news for you. The grants process opened on Tuesday.We know!They don't.I know you're not - I know you know that, I'm telling those guys that out there. So I've got news for everybody out there, beyond those in this room, gees they muck up up the front here, a bit more discipline in the ranks is necessary here, Sue. Off you go, I'm from Queensland, I roll with the punches. Grants opened on Tuesday, folks, and there's been strong demand. Grants have been delivered on a rolling basis. Eligible services having to demonstrate affordability for families limited to actual cost. Increased fee transparency requirement for services and a range of other things as well. This is the product, this fund is the product and the reforms associated with it is the product of your campaign, the big steps campaign. Thank you for your work.(Applause)

So friends, one and all, this has been a great partnership in what we've done in the child care sector. For cleaners it's been a strong partnership in terms of what we've done there and the work we've also done in the aged care sector and elsewhere as well which I won't go to in my remarks today. But all of this, folks, gets put at risk and in peril if the Liberals become the next government of the Australia. It's just the truth of it. This is not just a political statement. Remember this mob brought in Work Choices. Remember that?Remember that the mob who brought in Work Remember that?Remember Choices well two thirds of the mob who brought are in the Choices well two thirds are in the alternative cabinet of Australia today of Australia today under Tony Abbott. Mr Abbott described Work Choices as one of the greatest achievements of the greatest Howard Government. Now he wants to try and sort of whitewash that from history as if he never said it. You know, with those guys don't look at what they say, look at what they've done and look at their DNA. This mob actually are not friends of working families. If they were ever friends of working families why the hell did they bring in Work Choices when they got the political chance to do so? So what we have done and secured together for United Voice and for your members and across the community really matters. Not just in having the achievements so far but what we'll do together in the future as well. And we don't want to put that at risk. This country is made up of decent men and women and families like all of you represented here today. You're the fabric of Australian life. You're fabric of your community life. You're fabric of your school community life, the folks who actually keep the oldies not just properly provided for but engaged with them personally in the aged care facilities in Australia and in the nursing homes. And looking after our senior cits, our oldies, those who need real help and care. That's really important and humane work and I respect and honour each of their contributions to Australia's life. So preserving this for the future, you know, it's going to take effort. So when it comes to fighting this next election campaign can I say to each and every one of you we're going to need you in the trenches, need you to fight hard, to ensure that the gains that we have made for you, the decent working people of Australia, are kept and we maintain an ability to do more with you in the future. That's what it's about. So street by street, trench by trench, suburb by suburb, polling booth by polling booth, campaign by campaign, whether it's in the federal division of Swan, whether it's in the federal division of Hasluck, whether it's in other federal divisions where we are competing against the Liberals we need you to be out there with heart and soul and mind and strength and determination to return an Australian Labor
Government for the future. I thank Government for the thank you.(Applause)Live from Subiaco in Perth in WA, the PM Kevin Subiaco in Perth in Kevin Rudd addressing the union United Voice WA appealing for the WA to sign up to the Federal Government's new school funding program. Just bringing you up to date on the latest that we're you up to date that we're hearing from this that explosion in the north-west of Sydney, so it happened in the suburb of Eastwood which is in the Ryde area. We'll just bring up some pictures that have been tweeted out. This will be a mixture of pictures, one from Channel 9 and one from an ABC reporter. Apparently it was a disused, underground fuel tank and there were workmen working on it. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' is reporting in fact that the number of workmen were attempting to remove this underground fuel tank when the explosion occurred. We're hearing that windows have been blown out and you can see it from some of the photos that we've brought out that windows were blown out of buildings in the vicinity. Apparently up to the third floor of a building nearby. That's one of those photos that I mentioned. Apparently all the workmen are accounted for. There were 2 - 3 people initially that we were hearing were injured. 2 people were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with minor injuries and then subsequently we heard from Ambulance NSW that they were assessing 5 other people but it sounded like the 2 people with minor injuries taken to Royal North Shore Hospital would be the work of it. There's talk of structural damage to some buildings but it's not clear how substantial that is. Blaxland Road has been closed in both directions. So this happened on Blaxland Road near the intersection with First Avenue in Eastwood and obviously authorities are urging people who are driving around Sydney at the moment to avoid that area because it will continue to be delays.And we've got our reporter Rebecca Armitage on the scene. What can you tell us is happening there now?Well it's looking very calm at the moment. The building that was right near the explosion, there are many smashed windows and there is glass everywhere. There's quite a number of ambulances and fire trucks and police cars and it is absolutely bumper to bumper on the road.And the building that you mentioned that's closest to where the explosion actually happened we were seeing one of the photos it was called Motoring World, is that the building that is closest to where this thing happened?Yes, that's correct and they were having student classes in there and we've been speaking to some of the students who thought the building was about to collapse at the time of the explosion.Wow, so they were right next door to where this explosion happened. We're also hearing that there were workers actually - one of the reports is suggesting that workmen were attempting to remove this tank when the explosion happened. Is that what you're hearing or has there been an official press conference there to describe what happened yet?That's correct. So I've spoken to the head worker himself. He was trying to excavate this disused gas tank when it suddenly exploded. Police say it's very fortunate that none of the workmen were injured but it seemed because it had been underground for so long that it wasn't quite potent, the gas had probably mixed with water. But he looked very shaken up and was quite surprised that he had sustained no injuries. The only problem was his ears were a bit sore.Yeah, just extraordinary because if the workmen were so close to this tank when it exploded and there were all these windows blown out around and talk of structural damage to some homes, it's kind of hard to imagine how those workers weren't injured. Did he say that - so the tank was still actually underground and they had - hasn't started extracting it yet?They were midway through the extraction when the explosion occurred so it's thought the earth kept the force of the explosion minimal. 2 people have been treated for cuts to their face. They were people who were standing at the windows and one woman who lives nearby has been treated for shock but she has not had to go to hospital.The people who were taken to hospital weren't the workmen that were closest to it?No, the workmen are all fine, shaken up. It was people in nearby homes unlucky enough to be standing near the windows.From what you've seen in the area how far away have homes been affected? We were talking to a lady who works in a dental surgery there about minutes ago and she said her a dental surgery there about 30 building shook. From what minutes ago and she said you've seen are building shook. From you've seen are there windows blown you've seen blown out a substantial distance away from the actual explosion?Not from what I can see. The most dramatic damage is to the building right next door. That's where there's probably about 15 windows completely blown out and firemen are taking the glass out as we speak. In terms of nearby homes you can't see any obvious damage to them.And Blaxland Road, I'm guessing, is usually a pretty busy road and it's totally cut off now?It is, they're starting to let cars through but considering it's a Friday afternoon it's probably best to avoid this area.I think that's wise advice. Rebecca Armitage, thanks for that report from Eastwood.Thank you.Police are appealing for the public's help to find an 8-month-old has been taken from a house in Sydney's west overnight. Police have released photographs of the boy and his parents hoping that the public can help locate the missing pair. So grave fears are held for the welfare of the baby's father and the boy and the father abducted him at knife point. Stephen Hume allegedly forced his way into the home at Chester Hill and dragged 16-year-old mother and the child into his car. He assaulted and dumped the girl along the Hume Highway and drove away. Officers have found the car they were looking for. It was abandoned on Avon Dam Road at Bargo. It was found this morning. Noechb was found in or near the car.We have significant concerns for the welfare of both the 8-month-old boy and Mr Hume. We are Hume and locate him urgently trying to contact Mr Hume and locate him to verify that both he and the that 8-month-old boy are safe. We urge any person with information to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or ring 000 direct with or ring 000 direct with this information.Spanish police are set to question the driver of a train that derailed at high speed killing at least 80 people. The train crash is Spain's worst disaster in decades and the country's PM called it the saddest day as he declared 3 depai days of national mourning.Caught on camera, the moments immediately prior to Spain's worst train accident in decades. This video appears to confirm reports that the train was travelling too fast as it came around a bend and jumped off the tracks. The horror of the accident in the north-western Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela was soon apparent. TRANSLATION: It was hell, literally. The state of the people, the train, it was all unpleasant.More than 30 people are in critical condition. Spain's royal couple called off all public engagements to visit the victims. TRANSLATION: The only thing that I can say is that we join all Spaniards in this moment and we are with all the victims, their families, their friends, and we hope that this is cleared up.The PM was born in the same town which was preparing to celebrate one of Europe's biggest Christian festivals. TRANSLATION: For a native from Santiago like me, believe me, this is the saddest Saints Day of my entire life. In my name, in the name of the Government of Spain, and in the name of all those Spaniards who might feel represented by what I'm going to say, I want to offer my condolences to all families and friends of the people who have died, of whom unfortunately there are too many.The State railway company said it's investigating and says it's too early to declare the cause but local media has quoted one of the drivers as saying the train took the bend at 190km/h in a section of track with a speed limit of 80. The train's data recording black box has been recovered and police have been asked to question the driver in hospital. It's the last shift today for hundreds of workers at Holden's factory in Adelaide. Some of the people who are taking voluntary redundancies have been with the car maker for decades. The ABC's Robin Powell says Holden is still trying to cut costs at Elizabeth.It's a sad day here for many Holden workers with 400 taking a redundancy package. That will take Holden's work force here down to 1,700. There's been a steady decline in numbers over the past few years because of a drop in sales of its Cruz and Commodore models. The company says it's struggling to make ends meet because of imports and the high dollar. There's an assistance package on the table but Holden's signalled it's likely to need more money to ensure its operations here at Elizabeth. Many workers feel today is just the beginning of the end. One of those is Jeff Pinney. He's worked here for 38 years and we spoke to him earlier today.Today's Pinney. emotions. We've been through a roller coaster ride for the last 2 or 3 years and today is probably really going to hit them hard. Many of us older salts that are going. They've got tough times out of them, they've got more negotiations and I'm hoping that we'll see through for the remain that Holden can remain viable and icon that we should be proud become that great Australian icon of.His icon that we should be of.His nephew Mark Day has worked here for the last 9 of.His nephew Mark Day years. He's staying worked here for the last years. He's staying on at
Holden but years. He's staying Holden but admits he's nervous about Holden about his future and says he'd Holden but admits he's be prepared to take a pay cut to keep his job.If it was the small increments then a lot of us the small increments of us probably would take it so we can keep a job in the future.The union representing workers says it hopes they won't be forced to take a pay cut to keep their jobs. While its the end of an era here for hundreds of Holden workers, many others face an uncertain future as the company looks to finalise its business plan.Now for more on this explosion in Sydney, it happened about 2 hours ago in the suburb of Eastwood, that's in if Ryde area with a disused underground fuel tank exploding. 2 people were taken to hospital with injuries. From the NSW fire and rescue service we've got Acting Superintendent Norm Buckley with us now. It seems amazing that there weren't people more seriously injured?Yes, good afternoon, Joe. It is actually on scene down here, I'm looking at the tank as we speak. It's a disused 20,000 litre fuel tank. Workmen were working on it with excavators to remove it. The exact cause of why the explosion happened is still trying to be determined. It's wedged - it's on Blaxland Road and wedged between a couple of commercial premises and also one residential premise siss with a 3-level block across road. It's quite a large
explosion. It did not result in

a fire. It explosion. It a fire. It was an explosion only. A lot of window damage, glass everywhere , there was quite a few passersby, residents and obviously workers that were quite stunned by the explosion. Fire and rescue had 3 engines down here very, very quickly and we've also got hazardous material specialists here as well assessing the volatility and we're taking levels of fumes, those sort of things to ensure that it is a safe site. We've had 9 people suffering various injuries. 2 were taken to hospital for further observation, the rest remained on scene here. Police and RMS are here for traffic control. So we will be here for a short time longer. To try to determine the cause of the explosion, but, yeah, a Friday afternoon quite a large explosion in the Eastwood and it came as a shock to everyone and indeed to us as well.It seems amazing that those workmen who are very close to this tank weren't severely injured. Can you just explain to us how far buried was the tank beneath the surface and what stage were these workmen at in terms of extracting it? Was the tank completely exposed?The tank - I'm looking at it now and the tank is exposed. It's approximately 4 to 5 metres under the ground. The soil and the concrete slab that was over it has been remove ed by the excavator. So it's typical of an underground tank that is in the these areas.And how would you explain why these workmen who were so close to it weren't more severely injured and yet we've had this massive effect, huge effect on the build thation are hundreds of metres away?I'm at a loss as well, Joe, to be honest with you. I've been doing this now for 37 years and, yeah, I mean I'm just looking at it and looking
at the surrounding damage. Incredibly lucky, incredibly lucky and, you know, and fortunately for us as well, I mean people, you know, walking by here and everything no serious injuries. So look, that's a great result.OK, Norm Buckley, thanks so much for talking to us and a reasonably good outcome there with only two people with minor injuries.OK, thanks, Joe.So that's the latest on that explosion in Sydney. Stick with us on ABC News 24 for the very latest on the day's top stories right throughout your afternoon.Closed Captions by CSI.

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