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(generated from captions) open, clear and transparent way. By contrast, the coalition won't be honest with the Australian people. If they're going to prop cuts they should tell the Australian people now and get them fully costed through the appropriate ways. The Australian people will be lead-up to the election.Do you accept that the forecasts in the budget in May were wildly optimistic in terms of GDP and will you be back in surplus some thyme?The impacts on government revenue will be outlined in the fiscal and economic statement that we release. We are continuing with our strategy of returning the budget to surplus over the economic cycle.You don't think you inherited a lemon in the May budget?No. Is the return to surplus commitment s that a rock solid commitment or is that just a tar get?That's our intention to return to surplus in 2016-17. That's our intention. That's what the economic statement will outline.It's the intention rather than a commitment?Well, you can quibble about words. What I'm saying is that our approach is clear. That is what the economic statement will outline, app intention to return to budget surplus in 2016-17.Is our government influencing Treasury? No, I and I completely reject that assertion. It's an insult not to me but to the Treasury and development of finance. And I am sick and tired of the opposition trashing the reputation of Australia's public servants. Australia's public servants are independent, and unimpeachable in this regard. If they prepare figures for the pre-election fiscal outlook, those figures should be respected. If the opposition has a different set of figure, they need to Treasury and Department of exactly where they Finance have got it wrong they should Finance have got it they should stop impeaching the reputation of Australia's senior financial bureaucrats.Do you concede that the proposed that the proposed changes to FBT legislation announced last week have damaged business? No, I say that clearly I accept that all industries, all businesses would like to have very concessional tax breaks. We just want some evidence provided of business use of a motor vehicle. Is that being universally welcomed by all in the sector? Of course not. This is my point. Difficult decisions need to be made but they should be made upfront, open, transparent and subject to criticism like this one has been. They shouldn't be hidden away from the Australian people until after an election campaign.On the FBT, were you at all surprised to discover that the share prices dropped by 50% having been suspended for a

for a week.Important to ensure the fairness of the tax system and in important in terms of the government's fiscal strategy of offsetting new ex pen pure.How significant to the budget will the figures in the economic statement. I'm not going to provide a daily rolling commentary on the Australian dollar. You raised that earlier?I? In general terms but I'm not release the economic statement today that will be released by Minister Wong and I in due course. That's where those figures will be outlined. There will be so many balls in the air when it comes to the immigration policy and how much money that will cost?The Treasury and Department of Finance will, in a very professional, methodical way, provide all their forecast n and projections. I don't accept that the opposition is in any position to reject those. It has been the standard procedure for governments and oppositions to accept PEFO as the basis for costing and forward projections and this is an extraordinary step by the opposition today. OK. Last question. What do you makeful revelations that Clive Palmer appears to have been behind and bank rolled the organisation which he is so shocked has appointed him an adviser to the G20?A pretty extraordinary turn of events. I didn't run into Mr Palmer in Moscow on the weekend. I'm not aware of any involvement he has with the G20. Finance Ministers or leaders. He has a built of explaining to do. Thank you very much. For more our political reporter Nick Dole joins us from Canberra. Good afternoon. So what was the thrust of what Joe Hockey shade this morning?Essentially, Joe Hockey was saying that the coalition will no longer rely on the PEFO figures. Now the pre-election fiscal outlook is something that's released about 10 days into the campaign. It's if you like a sort of a final look at the budget numbers. A bit of an update, certainly since May. Now, previously, the opposition has said it would wait until PEFO was released and then it would use those figures as a basis for its election costings. Now, the coalition is saying it no longer trusts those figures. It says it will be making a number of predictions based on a range of other data. Joe Hockey says they will be looking at figures from the States. They will be seeking some of their own independent advice and also using parliamentary budget office. He's not saying that PEFO will be completely ignored, but certainly it's no longer going to be the basis of its election costings, which was previously the commitment. So Chris Bowen really taking issue with that saying it's extraordinary. He says that Joe Hockey is impeaching the credibility of Treasury and finance officials. There's been a fair bit of speculation around this PEFO statement that it's going to reveal that the budget has taken yet another hit since the May budget?That's right. And indeed, before we get PEFO we are expecting another update from the government, Chris Bowen and Penny Wong are preparing to release another economic statement before PEFO. Probably next week. Which is going to outline the figures, an update from May Bowen was alluding an update from May and as Chris Bowen was alluding to, it

Bowen was alluding certainly appears that the
government revenues Bowen was alluding to, it government revenues have fallen even further since even further budget. The decline in terms of trade are really affecting government coffers and there is additional spending associated with the changes on carbon price and obviously are obviously the new PNG arrangement wlis have to be taken into consideration as well. Yeah, there's been speculation about just how big that hit is in the papers. I think I've seen 6 and $8 billion, but the government isn't revealing exactly what that is, at this stage?Chris Bowen won't be drawn on exactly the figures it's dealing with, but certainly it's not likely to be pretty if all of the various signals we're getting are correct. Where is the Prime Minister in afternoon and are we likely to hear from him publicly?Yes, he's going to be speaking at a function in Perth. At this stage, it's a speech only. We're also expecting that there may be some further talks on education. Alcohol Lin Barnett has been holding out on signing up to the Better Schools Plan. He has been cheer all along he doesn't think it's a good deal for WA. it's fair to say Labor's stocks have for WA. An area which proper have certainly increased somewhat compared to the previous Gillard. TheThe United Nations Refugee Agency has warned Australia its decision Nations Refugee Agency to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea could breach to send asylum international law and its human rights obligations. In international law and its rights obligations. In a
statement released today the UNHCR praised search and rescue authorities for saving UNHCR praised search authorities for saving lives at sea but says it's troubled. The.

Australia's Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs says he is extremely concerned about comments from Immigration Minister Tony Burke that he will no longer be the official guardian of unaccompanied children once they arrive on Manus Island. She says this Manus more than likely breaches the UN convention on the rights of the child.What it does is leave these children without any legal protection at all. It would mean a change in legislation and regulations and this is a democratically elected government. They're entitled to make changes. The difficulty is this almost certainly is in breach of the United Nations convention on the rights of the child, and interestingly, the current legal position is that the minister must take the children's interests as THE primary consideration as guardian of these children. It's a matter of very profound concern to the Human Rights Commission and I believe to most Australians. We've a long-standing concern about the conditions on remote islands for offshore processing. We completely sympathise and support the government in its efforts to stop drownings at sea. Of course as a Human Rights Commission that's of enormous concern to us. But by the same token, we feel that it's a matter of law and international law, Australia can't really abdicate its responsibilities to asylum seekers and that by placing them on remote islands well away from any support where they appear to be at risk in their health and particularly their mental health, with

their mental health, with
mandatory. Certainly on all the reports we're receiving, I've grave, grave concerns for the conditions of families, children, the young men, the middle aged women, all of the individuals that are there, the conditions appear to be extremely onerous and harsh.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus insists the government's arrangements with PNG are in line with Australia's international obligations.It complies because Papua New Guinea is a signatory to the refugees convention. That's very important. It's something that the High Court looked at last year in relation with Malaysia. More importantly, Papua New Guinea More Guinea has withdrawn its reservations from that convention in relation to reservations from people being transferred from convention in relation Australia. That's a very important first step. people being transferred from important first step. It's a
guarantee that the provisions of guarantee that of the refugees convention of the refugees be complied of the refugees convention will be complied with. A large-scale land and air search is under way right now on Sydney's southern outskirts for a baby kidnapped by his father overnight. Officers found the car this morning that they'd been looking for. It was abandoned on Avon Dam Road at Bargo. No-one was found in or near the car. Police say the eight-month-old is Jaidyn and his 16-year-old mother Casey Mifsud were abducted by the girl's ex-boyfriend at knife point at Chester Hill last night. The 24-year-old man now named as Stephen Hume drove off with them before punching Ms Mifsud and letting her out. Police helicopters, specialist officers and the dog squad and the Rural Fire Service volunteers are searching bushland in the area.We have significant concerns for the welfare of both the 8-month-old boy and Mr Hume. We are urgently trying to contact Mr Hume and locate him to verify that both he and the eight month old boy are safe . We urge any person with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or ring 000 direct with in Stoppers on 1800 333 000 information.A Spanish newspaper is reporting that the train which crashed yesterday in Spain was travelling at 1 90 kilometres an hour when it crashed and it was on a bend where the speed limit was 80. The death toll from that crash is now at least 80. As the twisted carriages were lifted off the line there was no-one left to rescue. As the death toll mounted, came the question: what went wrong? Perhaps this rail company CCTV footage may hold the answer. The train appears to topple on the bend. By then it's all too late. There's already speculation the modern train fitted with sophisticated safety checks may have been travelling dangerously over the 80 kilometre an hour speed limit for that section of track.One of the questions which will be being begged now is did that system work, did it tell the driver what the speed limit was and somehow the driver ignored it or did the system fail ? Whatever the cause, the result was horrifying clear.The train started going really, really fast, all the luggages fell. The next thing I remember, I was covered by seats and luggage and bodies. And my leg was trapped.I'm here with a daughter of one of my friends who was killed. It's been a long night. The most difficult part is when they bring the news. It's generally bad. The Prime Minister visited the crash site hand later spoke to survivors in hospital. He says there will be three days of official mourning.At the moment, two investigations are being carried out out. One is the judicial investigation and the other is by the commission of investigation of train accidents. The aim is to find the causes of this terrible accident accurately and as soon as possible. The accident has shocked a nation used to a eff is a, fast and efficient rail system. Accidents have happened but not on this scale, not for but not on this scale, not decades. News just in. A number of homes have been damaged after an explosion in Eastwood in Sydney's north west. A disused underground fuel tank exploded in Blaxland Road, apparently around 12.30. That's about 40 minutes ago or so. Fire crews don't know yet if anyone has been injured. With an incident like that, there are bits of information coming up on Twitter as we speak, and one of the 'Sydney Morning Herald' reporters is saying that two people are being transported to hospital in a stable condition following this explosion, and one of our reporters is saying windows have been shattered in nearby hochls. We'll keep right across that through the afternoon. An explosion in the in the
Sydney suburb of Eastwood. Just in the last 40 minutes or so. Apparently a disused Apparently underground fuel tank. Prosecutors in the United States say they've uncovered the biggest case of hacking fraud in the country's history. fraud in the country's Five men in Russia and Ukraine have been charged with running an operation that allegedly stole more than 160 million credit card numbers over seven years. So far, corporate victims have reported $300 million in losses but North America correspondent Ben Knight says that number is likely to rise .These aren't usually the guys that they catch. Normally, the ones you get are the ones who are actually carrying the fake credit cards who are either trying to use them in a shop or using the ATMs to get the cash out. But in his press conference today he seemed to have a grudging respect for the sheer cleverness and tenacity and patience of these people who he alleges have been involved in this crime. He talked about how they'd wait months, they'd go to particular web sites. They'd find a company and they'd start doing little probes into the web site looking for weaknesses. When they found a weakness, that's when they would hand over to another member of the team who'd start to send in malicious software that was the software that enabled them to rip out allegedly all of these millions of credit card numbers. They didn't do anything with them other than sell them on. Another member of the team was alleged to have been the broker. He'd sell them on, then it worked its way down the tree but it's no doubt this is a massive fraud in a country that is the No. 1 site for this kind of credit card skiming in the world. It's really quite stunning just how backward some of the particularly the financial technologies in this country are. I remember I was being stunned when I first got here. Everyone was sort of saying can you pay me with a xwhek? I thought I don't think I have ever written a cheque in my life. My dad used to write cheques but it's very, very common here. It's the same thing with the credit card technology. They're using the magnetic strip and the signature as the only verification. Now, everyone in Australia, everyone in Europe has this chip and PIN, that chip that appears inside your credit card, it's called to do with that kind of technology. It's a technology, but the United States simply to do with that kind States simply doesn't have it. There's talk about going down that States simply doesn't have that road, but the banks are resisting this, saying we'd that road, but the banks have to replace every machine in the country. Which is true. But this is a country that's also losing an estimated $1 billion a year. It's a prime target. 80% of this kind of crime that happens outside of Europe happens inside the United States. It's massive. There is a lot of incentive nor them to change but a lot of resistance as well. news on the explosion in Sydney's north wrest in the suburb of Eastwood. Apparently it was a disused underground fuel tank that's exploded there, just in the last hour or so. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' is quoteing a Fire and Rescue New South Wales services spokesman as saying happening it happened when a number of workmen were a number of workmen were attempting to remove an underground fuel tank. Residents are saying windows have been blown out of their homes. around the explosion not immediately clear. A number of people were believed to be suffering from shock. It was unclear whether any of the workmen were injured. Two fire crews are at the scene. There was no fire when they arrived. Police and paramedics are on the scene. One other of the 'Sydney Morning Herald' reporters is saying that two people were trance portsed to hospital in a stable condition. So we'll keep across that story over the next couple of hours. Actually, fire and rescue New South Wales is just Tweeting that ambulance is treating thee people. Windows on the top floor of a three-level building have been blown out. So yeah bits of information coming in about that situation in the suburb of Eastwood in the north west of Sydney, where there was a significant explosion there, windows blown out and at least two people taken to hospital. Some reports saying ambulance services are treating three people there right now. Syria's passed a new grim milestone with the UN saying the death toll has now passed 100,000. More people were killed overnight when a car bomb shaltered a Christian and Druze area of the capital shaltered The government says seven people were killed while the opposition puts the dead at 17. The U nmpt and US are appealing for new peace talks.Millions of people have either been dis
placed or become refugees in neighbouring countries. We have to bring this to anened.There is no military solution to Syria. There is only a political solution. The United
Nations says a peace conference is becoming less likely as Syrian government forces press home their military advantage and opposition groups argue among themselves. Riot police in Tunisia have fired tear gas to break up protests outside the Interior Ministry over the murder of an opposition politician. Mohammed Brahimi was shot dead in his - outside his home in the capital Tunis. All flights from Tunisia are being cancelled. The reaction to Mohammed Brahmi's death was swift. The man they mourned was a prominent member of Tunisia's secular opposition. He represented a city where Tunisia that's uprising began and which sparked the Arab Spring. His death is viewed by many as an attack on the democratic freedoms they fought and died for and the revolution.What happened today will not become a way of life. It will not divide us. We will resist this.The consequences of division are grave. We need a permanent and radical shoes, but with consensus and quickly so that we avoid divisions. Mohammed Brahmi outside his house in the capital Mohammed Brahmi was killed
outside his capital Tunis, reportedly gunned down outside his house in the gunned down in front of his wife and children. He was a member of the nationalist and secular popular movement party and involved in drafting a new constitution fortune nice ya, a and involved in drafting process full of difficultieses, many along religious lines. It's due to be voted on in the coming weeks.The criminals know that we are in the last minutes of our transformation to a democracy. The elections are around the corner. The goals are known. De stabilising the country, intimidating the peep and paiding us as a failed safe. I appreciate the amount of grief and sorry yet question should listen to the voice of reason. We'll salvage our country and take our country forward. Brahmi is the second secular opposition politician to be assassinated last year. The other was killed in February. Both were vocal critics of the ruling coalition, led by the religious party Inhata. In a statement, the party condemned the murder. It called on the government and the Interior Ministry to:

The death in February triggered the worst violence in Tunisia since the former President was removed in 2011. The political crisis that followed led to the Prime Minister's resignation. #

The vol timt and speed of these demonstrations will be cause for concern fortune nice ya's ruling coalition.

More on the breaking news of an explosion in Sydney in the suburb of Eastwood. That's just in the Ryde area, so in the north west of Sydney. Just in the last 40, 45 minutes or so, there was an explosion, apparently a disused underground fuel tank. There are reports that workmen were working on it and there are reports that three being treated. Cherie madden is a dental receptionist working on Blaxland Road in Eastwood. She joins me now on the phone. What happened?There was just a really loud explosion a little while ago, and this place actually shook and now there's horrendous traffic outside. Stay away if you can! Have you got any got any idea about how this explosion happened?It's only up the road. It's only about 2 to 300m in the road. Were you aware there were workmen in the area?Not at all. People are saying it's a disused underground fuel tank. Were you aware of that building in your area at haul? A Honda dealership that's been closed for a while up the top, we figured that was something up there.You say your building shook. We've heard reports there is a building that's like three stories high and the windows were blown out on that one.Ours is just a two storey. It did shake quite a bit but nothing was

nothing was damaged.We've heard windows have been blown out. Have you seen anything like that at haul? I wouldn't see anything like that.I'm guessing there is a fair presence of emergency services workers there right now? There is, helicopters, police, fire, everything here.Let's hope those people who were injured weren't injured too badly. Thank you very much for that.Time now for sport with Sasha. The Wallabies squad has been announceed? That's right. Quade Cooper is set to return to international rugby after being included in an extended 40-machine Wallabies squad for the upcoming Rugby Championship. The team was the first-named by new coach Ewan McKenzie. It includes 10 uncapped players. Let's hear from the new Wallabies coach.We've advised the provinces of the composition from each of the teams. Clearly I will speak more to individuals as we go along, but this is a starting point. We've announced the squad. Any squad you pick at a point in time, I have no doubt by the time we get to training in 7 or 8 days' time that there might be some changes already. At this point in time we think this is the best squad for to us go forward in the Championship. (Inaudible question)I'm not sure.No-one has told him he is in the squad until he found out today. The fact he is in, there that's plenty of guys. 10 uncapped players in a squad. They will be pretty happy too. I'm more interested in the total reaction of the squad. I'm interested in how those guys arrive, the passion they show, their interest in playing for their country. I'm interested in calibrating all of that in 10 days' time when we get together. From that we'll narrow it down to the guys who will take on the All Blacks. To the AFL. Andrew Demetriou has been receiving confidential briefings from the Australian Crime Commission before news of the scandal broke in February. Mr Demetriou says the ACC briefings didn't mention any club by name.There was a newspaper report by listed an ASADA witness saying that a conversation took place between David Evans and Demetriou Daniel Morcombe, just in the lead-up to Essendon's self-reporting. Andrew Demetriou said on radio today that it wouldn't take a genius to work out who that witness was. It's generally agreed upon it was James Hird who revealed this information. To give context to these events on 31 January, Andrew Demetriou was first briefed by ASADA in an initial briefing. Then a few days later, Essendon got wind that their supplements program might be being looked into. Their Chairman looked into that issue. Andrew Demetriou maintains that a conversation did take place, but he says there's no which he could've possibly tipped off Essendon. They were about to be named in this investigation. Canterbury back rower Tony wril yams will play his 100th NRL game when the Bulldogs take on Parramatta tonight. Williams made his debut for the Eels many moons ago but he joined the Bulldogs this season. Josh Morris is Brack from Origin duty for Canterbury while Mitchell Allgood returns for suspension from Parramatta. Law northern superstar Lance Franklin believes his injury setback has given him the ideal freshen-up ahead of the game against the bombers. Franklin will return to from a knee injury. Zarakis returns from injury too. Six time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt wants to help restore faith in the sport after failed drug tests by fellow Jamaican athletes. Asafa Powell and Sharone Simpson recently tested positive as did American Tyson Gay. Bolt says the news came as a real shock.I just had one brief conversation with him, really. I told him sorry to hear what was going said yes, it's kind of rough, was going on with him and it's hard. said yes, it's kind of it's hard. I told him to stay strong and it's hard. I told him strong hopefully everything will out there is a lot of details hopefully everything left to be discussed. I'm just sitting and waiting to see the results and what's what. A lot of things haven't been said or done yet. If you were following me since 2002 you know I have been doing phenomenal things since I was 15. I was the youngest person to win the world juniors at 15. I won the world junior record, 1993, at 18. World youth record at 17. I've broken every record there is to break. In every event I have ever done. So for me, I've proven myself since I was 15. He has!? Socceroos Japan has beaten Australia 3-2 in a rain-soaked east Asian Cup clash in Seoul. Japan, they got on the boards first there, scoring the first ghol in the 25th minute . The Blue Samurai then doubled its lead just before the one-hour mark, but in a frantic patch of scoring, Australia was back on level terms with two goals in a matter of minutes. Jichl Duke scored the first before Tommy Urich got Australia back into the match but unfortunately minutes later Japan scored the sealer. The United Nations Refugee Agency says it's troubled by Australia's asylum arrangement with refugees. The UNHCR says the deal does not provided a Kate protections for asylum seekers resettled in PNG. Nearly 700 asylum seekers have arrived on Christmas Island since the deal was announced last week. Police helicopters and the dog squad have been called in to help search on Sydney's outskirts for a baby boy kidnapped by his outskirts for a kidnapped by his father kidnapped by overnight. Anyone with any information on the location of the boy Jaidyn or information the boy Jaidyn or his father Stephen Hume have been urged to call triple-0. Police are questioning the driver of a Spain that crashed in Spain. Local media say the train entered the bend at 1 90 kilometres an hour, twice the speed limit on the curve. Rescuers have taken less than four hours to free a whale caught in shark nets off Queensland's Sunshine Coast this morning. The 8 to 9m humpback was reported trap around 7.30am. Experts on two rescue boats found the whale's tail and pectoral fin entangled in the nets. The whale has now headed back out to sea. Now, to more on this story we've only heard about in the last half-hour or so. There was an explosion in Sydney's Eastwood in the north east. A number of people are being treated by happened just before 2.30 on Blaxland Road after workmen were trying to remove an unused - a dis used fuel tank. The explosion hasn't resulted in any fire but there has been damage to surrounding properties. New South Wales fire and rescue authorities say the blast blew out the top floor windows of a three storey building. The extent of the injuries aren't yet known, so there's bits of information coming through on Twitter now and one of the 'Sydney Morning Herald' reporters is saying the two patients, there were three patients that we've heard of from this explosion, two were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with minor injuries and are in a stable condition and a third patient was treated on the scene. So that's from one of the 'Sydney Morning Herald' reporters. The Fire and Rescue service says they were treating three people at the scene there's more information coming through on that and we'll bring that to you as it does. Debate is continuing about asylum both sides of politics. The opposition's announcement to restructure the chain of command for agencies dealing with people arriving by boat has drawn criticism from some in defence circles. The Home Affairs Minister says asylum seekers are misleading asylum seekers to board boats.The latest reports I have, that people smugglers are telling people in Indonesia now, they're saying get onto a boat now, before the first plane goes to PNG, or this won't go through the Parliament, it won't survive the High Court. Every lie you can think of is now being told to encourage people to get onto boats. They're pushing people onto boats because they make a million dollars a boat,
sometimes are set to question the driver of the train are set to question of the train that derailed at of the high speed. It's Spain's of the train that derailed disaster in decades and the country's Prime Minister called it the saddest day as he declared three days of national mourning. An eight carriage express train tossed and turned with such violent force that some wagons were riped in two. Since early morning the cranes have been lifth the wreckage piece by piece. The investigators have begun their painstaking work. And already a theory is emerging. The film we're about to show you is the moment of impact taken by a trackside camera as the train approaches the bend. A warning - it is distressing to watch.

You will see as the train hits the bend the middle carriages buckle and tip.

Inside were 218 passengers. Some were thrown out of the train as it hit the retaining wall. Their bodies were covered with bhan Celts last night.The train was going very fast. And it train was going it derailed as it was going around the corner. It's a disaster. I was very lucky we survived. I don't know how many dead there are, but there are many. The train was hey broaching the cathedral city of broaching the cathedral city Santiago de Comostella. Local reports say when the driver radioed his control room he told them he'd been travelling at 120. The service was running five minutes late, fueling one theory, they were trying to make up time. 131 survivors were transferred to the local hospitals. This man told me he was searching for two friends. Three others from the same group are dead.I'm here with the daughter of one of my friends, who was killed. It's been a long night. The most difficult part is when they news. It's generally bad. The doctors have warned that so serious are some of the injuries they're treating,th death toll currently at 80 will probably rise again. Throughout the day the families. Dead and missing have been waiting inside this building for news with the help of doctors and the Red Cross and every now and again through these open windows we can hear the screams of despair. It has been for some a very long wait. We're told the police are removing clothing and personal effects from the dead and bringing them to the families in the hope they can speed up the identification process. The Prime Minister was born in sant yag go. On his visit to the site this morning, he declared three days of national mourning.At the moment, two investigations are being carried out. One is the judicial investigation, and the other is by the commission of investigation of train accidents. The aim is to find the causes of this terrible accident accurately and as soon as possible. A state judge has now been appointed to lead the inquiry. Was it human or mechanical error that caused this carnage? It's and the black this carnage? It's the driver and the black box recorder that have the answer. Police have the answer. Police are appealing for public held to find a nine-month-old baby taken from a house in Sydney's west. Officers have now found west. Officers have now the car they were looking for. It was abandoned on Avon Dam Road at Bargo. No-one was in or near the vehicle. The ail larm was raised after a 24-year-old man forced his way into a home at Chester Hill last night armed with a knife. A 16-year-old girl who's the baby's mother was assaulted and the man then drove off with the baby. Anyone with information is urged to call triple-0.We have significant concerns for the welfare of both the eight month old boy and Mr Hume. We are urgently trying to contact Mr Hume and locate him to verify that both he and the eight-month-old boy are safe. We urge any person with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 0000 or ring triple-0 direct with this information. The Russian government has caused a new law allowing police to arrest gay tourists during the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Soshi. The legislation allows police to arrest tourists or foreigners who they suspect of being gay or lesbian and detain them for up to 14 days. A short track speed skater who represented New Zealand in the 2010 winter Olympic Games is one of a handful of openly gay Olympians and is currently training in Canada as Parliament of his bid to compete in the games in 2014. He joined me from Calgary a short time ago. Thanks for joining us. How are preparations going for the games?My preparations are am based in Calgary. That's a
going very well, thank you. I great facility here. I'm really enjoying getting great facility here. I'm enjoying getting into Sochi in February. When do you find out if you're actually on the if you're actually on the Kiwi team?I have qualifying against the rest of the world in November. After the conclusion of that I will know whether I have qualified Han then I await selection by the New Zealand Olympic Committee.How do you feel about going to a place where they oaf just passed a law that police can arrest people on suspicion of being gay?It makes me a little bit nervous. I was in the closet for quite some time and it wasn't a very fun place to be. I guess going to a place like this Russia, to me it's like being back into the closet. I will just go there and be myself.Will you be oud and proud when you're there?Most definitely.I hear you might be wearing a rainbow pin. Is that possible considering the IOC's strict rules with pins and advertiseing?The London Games created a pin which they called the pride pin which was part of their diversity and inclusion program. That was one of the factors of why they were awarded the Olympic Games. And so this pin was an official piece of Olympiced in. So I'm within my rights to be wearing that in Sochi.What do that in Sochi.What do you
think about the people who are there and are being persecuted? There are some people calling for a boycott of the games because of this. How do you feel about a boycott?I don't agree with the boycott at all. My position on the issue is that a vis bls ofability is a lot better than not showing up at all. With myself being there, it will a bring a lot of attention to the issue.Should the IOC take into the account the human rights records of countries when it does proceed to allow them to host Olympic Games?I think one of the beautiful things about the Olympic Games is that they can change about change. They are an apolitical movement and personal bests, and bringing people together through sport. They also bring about a change. There is an opportunity for the Olympic Games to bring about a change this time round in Russia.

Pope Francis is on the fourth day of his visit to Brazil. He has been vis tilting one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro. But for many, the highlight of the visit is a prayer service on Copacabana Beach, likely of thousands as Parliament of World Youth Beach, likely to draw hundreds
of thousands as World Youth Day. Unlike his of thousands as Parliament of predecessor, Pope Francis is World Youth Day. Unlike clearly comfortable when he predecessor, Pope clearly comfortable when he is
in amongst clearly comfortable when in amongst his people. This in shanty town is in amongst his people. shanty in amongst his people. This Rio
shanty town place where the Catholic Church has lost ground shanty town is the kind of has lost ground in recent
years, to place where the Catholic Church years, to the more years, to the more charismatic evangelicals and where the Pope is determined evangelicals is determined to make amends. is determined to make No-one can remain insensitive to No-one can remain to the inequalities that persist in the world. Everybody should be able to make a personal contribution to putting an end to so many social injustices. When Pope John Paul II came here back in the 80s, his visit was credit ed with helping deliver real long-term benefits. There is huge expectation here that Pope Francis who that's already shown a commitment to the poor can have the same sort of impact. Just around the corner from where they spoke, an open sewer runs through the community. The impact and attention of a high profile visit can embarrass the authoritys into change but it's often not enough. We need proper sanitation all the time, not just when the Pope is here. As many as 2 million young pilgrims have come to Rio. Among them, a small number from Britain. They're hoping to find a church, perhaps distracted by past scan dammed past prepared to engage with young prepared to people.We're quite comfortable with our own priests to say why is this issue existing? There is a lot more open dialogue. Of before it could would've been a case of you don't ask those questions.But not everyone here thinks the charge is moving fast or far enough, especially on issues of sexuality.It it's challenging the church to rethink what it's teaching. These are headly days for the Catholic Church and the new Pope enjoying so much goodwill. It's too soon to say whether his papacy will be as radical and reforming as some people think. Bringing you up to date on the latest we're hearing about the explosion in Sydney that happened just over an hour ago in the suburb of Eastwood in the Ryde area no in the north west of Sydney. Important think whats a an disused underground fuel tank that workmen were working near or around and it has exploded. We've had reports there were three people injure ed ambulance New South Wales has just defeated that the ambulances have transported two people to Royal North Shore Hospital with minor injuries following this explosion in Eastwood. Hopefully that will be the worst of it, that there are two people with minor injuries. We were speaking to a lady working in a dental surgery a couple of hundred metres away and she was saying her two storey building shook. We've also heard report there is is a three storey building in the area. The top floor windows of that three storey building were blown

building were blown out. This is the first photo we've seen from the area. This was Tweeted by Kevin Wilde It shows some of the windows by Kevin Wilde from Channel 9. that have been blown It shows some of the that have been blown out, that may be in fact a three storey building where may be in fact a building where we're hearing about building there are well and been blown out. We're hearing
there are well and windows were blown out of the there are homes in the area as
well and of the homes in some of that well and windows were blown out of the homes in some of area. So we should be area. So we should some moving images the next hour or some moving the next hour or so we'll bring them to the next hour them to you as soon as we do, but hopefully that's the worst them to you as soon as we of it in terms of two but hopefully that's the of it in terms of two people
being treated of it in terms of two being treated for minor
injuries of it in terms of two people
being treated injuries and taken to Royal North Shore Hospital from this explosion in Eastwood in the north west of Sydney just in the last hour and 20 minutes. In Australia In Australia the participation rate of women in the work force is just under 60%. Many claim lack of available and affordable child care is a barrier to more women going back to work. June Dally-Watkins is a businesswoman and former model who has been running her deportment and personal development schools for over 60 years.I remember my father-in-law on the wedding day patting me on the head and looking at John and saying, don't worry soon, as soon as the children start coming she will want to give up her business. I remember saying to myself, no way! Ha ha! So I kept my business going and had four children and I was very much condemned. And especially going to work when pregnant, you know, that was disgusting. That I believed that a woman had a right to have other own life and I wanted to have children. I was very lonely being an only child. I had two boys and two girls and I have seven grandchildren. Six of them are boys. Ha ha ha! What about your husband. Did he struggle with you working full-time or was he supportive?Well, John was a very dear, kind husband. But he has given a hard time. His friends condemned him and they would say poor John, you're neglected by your wife. So we did separate. And I think that John was encouraged that people around hichl, well John was encouraged by friends June has that people around June has no right working, she should give up and stay look after her poor starving children.So in the face of all that, what made children.So in the face of that, what made you persevere?I had a right, I felt I had a right to have my own life and my own seen my mother and her friends who the husband would be out the front being charming and wonderful, the wife would be in the back doing the hard work, and then when the children grew up and left the wife had nothing. You know. I didn't want that. We're just about to go to business. Before we do, I will mention that Kevin Rudd is at a function in merth in Subiaco. He is at the United Voice WA conference. We'll loss there live just as soon as he steps up. Elysse Morgan may be interrupted but we'll go to her now with business. It was a flat start today. How is looking now?It's picked up a little throughout trade and gaining ground now. The ASX 200 has been up around a third of a per cent.

The Northern Territory Government has reneged on his gas deal to the Rio Gove aluminium refinery. Earlier this year, the government offered to save nearby. Rio Tinto had
threatened to offered to save the mining town threatened to close the refinery due to high operating costs refinery costs but the Chief Minister says there was never a deal in writeing and he is now making a new offer. Goldman Sachs boss says stimulus in the US is likely to remain for a considerable time despite the pick-up in pick-up in the economy there. The Chairman and CEO of one of the world's biggest investment banks, which played a central role in the global financial crisis, smoke in Sydney this morning. He believes the US economy is benefiting from the US authorities' quick response to the GFC and Europe is still in trouble.Structural issues in Europe which everybody is family with which leads to governance issues for the economies was just as quick to respond emotionally but less quick to respond as a practical matter to the problems and so whereas the US loosened up, the essential bank policy, not so quickly in Europe, less capital raising by the financial institutions and so it's a little far back and as a consequence ... We're just breaking into that there. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stepped up at that conference in WA.Welcome.(Applause)I - I know it's United Voice. I'm not that dumb!(Laughter) Missos to me always will be United Voice because we're united as representatives of the working people of Australia.(Applause)

I begin by acknowledging the first Australians on whose land we meet and cultures we celebrate as the celebrate as the oldest
continuing history. To Mark McGowan, our State Labor Leader, wave, he was here. Thank you for greeting me. And can I just say, leading a great State Labor team.(Applause)

I'd also acknowledge the National President of United Voice, the National Secretary, the WA's Nina Devlin, the West Australian secretary Caroline Smith, we're joined by parliamentary colleague today Senator Sue Lyons. The WA Parliament's Dave Kelly.(Applause)

Kelly.(Applause) And a whole bunchful really important people I haven't mentioned. To them as well.

Let me start by saying, I love Missos. And therefore, United Voice by another name.(Laughter) And the reason I love Missos and what you do is that you represent the heart and soul of Australian working families. Every one of you.(Applause) snoonds at sectors which I just mentioned before are the heart and soul of Australian national life. If we don't have decent aged care we're not being decent Australians. If we don't have decent child care we're not being decent Australians. If we don't have the decent maintenance of our school facilities through the important work that cleaners do we're not being decent Australians. So the work that you do across this sector and every one of you is part of the decency of Australian life. And people work in these sectors deserve decent pay and conditions.(Applause)

We said before that governments matter. We've just been through some examples of how governments really matter. Whether it's in terms of the aged-care sector, the child care sector or the other sectors represented here today. These are the big choices for Australians. You have a few out there on the part of some that governments come, governments go. It really does matter who's in government. Who sets the rules for what is fair and reasonable for all Australians. We're engaged in a big battle of ideas, a set of ideas which says that we in Australia believe fundamentally in values which hold up, freedom for all Australians, a fair go for all Australians and compassion are for those who need the help ing hand. They're the values of the Labor movement, the values of the Parliamentary Labor Party, they are they are the values I have held near and dear to my heart since a kid growing up in rural Queensland where I knew all the cleaners by name at my local school. Wonderful people.(Applause)

people.(Applause) There is another view about government, another view about values, another view held by those who'd seek to be the government of Australia. They're A-380 core values are me, myself and I. Me, myself and I. In that order, by the way. Ultimately that's a pretty selfish view of Australia. It simply says I will look No. 1 and the rest of go and get lost. And throw you go and to the magic go and get lost. And throw to the magic of to the magic of the marketplace. I have a seen a bit of bit of what happens with that around the world. You know something? When you don't have basic protections for basic pay and basic conditions, then I have seen some pretty ugly outcomes where people who work in these sectors are not treated decently. They're core sets of ideas which are up against each other as we wrestle for the future government of Australia. It's a very important contest. It's not just a debate about values or ideas, it's a debate about what we do on the ground. That makes a difference to the people who depend on your services and frankly those of you who work to provide those services as well. That's what it's about. As a government we've been out there making a difference, making Australia a better place. I looked at some figures before about what we have done across the State of Western Australia more broadly and it's a very proud record. When I look at what we have done, let's just pick education. This is a huge investment by the national government of Australia into the future of WA kids. I take that pretty seriously, I always have, I always will do. Our kids will use the opportunities given to them through education to carve out their future and the future of our State and nation. It hangs on our shoulders and what we provide them. We can say that's one of our values, but it doesn't mean a fig unless we do something about it. Here in WA we have invested building 530 new 277 new school libraries, 199 new multipurpose facilities, 37 new science and language centres for our kids in just the space of the last five years or so. That's what a Labor Government does! (Applause) We make a difference.

difference. For those who are school cleaners or education assistants and you go around the schools of WA and you look at the smiles on the kids' faces as they go into the brand spanking new library and they're there at lunchtime connected and wired for sound on most advanced education technologies available, you know it's making a difference in their lives. That's what Labor Governments do. That's what this Labor Government has been doing. If you're in the second ree schools you will have noticed we've been investing to put in nearly 100,000 new computers into the