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Now to some sad news about a family that opened up their lives to Mornings' viewers on more than one occasion. Our hearts go out to the Roberts family this week after This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live.

A major manhunt is underway in Sydney for a 24-year-old man, who abducted his 8-month-old son at knifepoint. Live to Nine's Damian Ryan who's at Bargo, south-west of Sydney. Police have made a break through?It is a breakthrough of sorts. On the car they had been chasing has been located behind me. It has crashed into a tree. There is no sign of the manner they are looking for and his son. -- of the man. Many police are on the ground and they are starting to enter the bush. It follows a distressing chain of events. The man at last night forced his way into a house at Chester Hill and adapted his former partner, aged 16, and took the eight months old. Two hours later, south of Sydney, the man pulled over, he argued and assaulted his former partner. He forced her out of the vehicle and drove on. This is where we found the car, at 12 kilometres further on. It they had been in the bush all night, that is a dire situations because there were some as the Red temperatures last night. There is a history here. The 24- year-old has taken the child before the -- without permission and they are hoping it will be the same today. He has tattoos on his arms and chest. He is wearing a Blue top and a grey tracksuit pants.We will check with you throughout the morning. A desperate rescue mission is underway in Queensland, to free a humpback whale caught in shark nets off Noosa's main beach. It is desperate staff as a rescue crews tried to figure out how they again to cut it free from this massive amount of shark nets. It was spotted by a fishing boats this morning. It is 800 metres off Noosa beach. It has been struggling in the neck and has at times tried to free itself but unfortunately it is only getting more tangled.They do not want the net cut up. They are going to tried to pull it out.It does not seem to be moving. We are all feeling a very distressed.They will try to cut the net but we will have to see how the Humpback whale relaxed and how it progresses throughout the morning. Former 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes has faced a Sydney court this morning, over allegations he sexually assaulted five girls in the 80s and 90s. What happened in court this morning?He was dressed in a dark suit and a red tie while his lawyer in dead not guilty pleas to 11 charges of indecently assaulting it five girls in the 1980s. The judge set down a child date for 10th February but the trial may not start until March because his lawyer told the court that he expects six weeks of a pre- trial argument. He has described the case as complex. He had hoped for a trial this year.I think he is resolute enough to hold up reasonably well. It gives us more time to prepare this case. It is a complex case. While I was disappointed at the not get a date in November, it gives us more time to prepare the case.Mr Walsh also commented on the possibility of a fair trial. He described that as difficult because of the coverage this case has received. Robert Hughes looked unhappy but unemotional otherwise. He refused to answer questions. He dashed off, presumably, to the CBD apartment where he has been living with his wife since the return it to Australia. Sydney's gun violence has escalated overnight, with three shootings in less than 12 hours. At Smithfield, a man was assaulted and then shot in the leg outside a takeaway shop at about 10 o'clock. Shots were also fired in a car park at Wentworthville. A man, sitting inside the car, was grazed by a bullet. And in Guilford, police set up a crime scene, after several shots were fired in what's believed to be a targeted attack, late yesterday afternoon. To the AFL drugs saga. Essendon chairman David Evans is vowing he won't step down despite reports he's at odds with his coach James Hird over what happened at an emergency meeting in February. What is the latest?It is a confusing mess. The latest development is that there is a growing rift between the coach, James Hird, and his long-time friend and Essendon chairman Mr Evans. It is about a different version of events about how these and doping saga unfolded. Andrew Demetriou, the AFL boss, returned a telephone call to David Evans over a controversial supplement program. It is alleged he tipped off Evans about the ASADA investigation. They vehemently deny this. It is also believed that the coach was at present. Someone has lead this new information to the media to muddy the water around this issue. It has prompted crisis talks at Windy Hill. David Evans told the waiting media he was not going to step down as chairman.I am not standing down as chairman and the board did not ask me to explain my version of events. You can form a good guess about he readies. You are smart enough. I am not going to disclose who it is.Is it James Hird?I am not going to answer that question.There has been no sign of James Hird or David Evans this morning. They are focusing on the game Hawthorn at Etihad Stadium. The issue will continue until ASADA will hand down its findings in August. To federal politics and Indonesian politicians say Kevin Rudd failed to tell their government about his deal to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea and they're not at all happy about it. It came as another two boats were intercepted overnight. It is an awkward diplomatic situation?The Indonesian foreign affairs commissioner said it should have phoned at the -- Kevin Rudd should have telephoned the President. This could effect Indonesia because it asylum seekers here cannot live in Australia, Italy is in any shape in a state of limbo. Kevin Rudd -- it leaves Indonesia in a state of limbo. Meanness that Jason Clare has said people smugglers are lying about the P&G solution. The political bickering about how to stop the boat is continuing. -- Papua New Guinea solution.I think it is a distraction from the main question which is what is going to stop people drowning. That is what policy needs to be based around.We want to bring it under one and chain of command. There is a long history of military leadership in a civilian emergencies.Apart from asylum seekers, the economy is also an issue. Shadow Minister Joe Hockey says he does not trust the numbers?And normally, before the election, Treasury will reveal the state of the box but Joe Hockey claims the numbers will not be reliable. -- the state of the books. The government is trying to bully treasurer and into a set of numbers. -- Treasury. We will release a numbers before the elections. Speaking of election. It has been a while since we have had from Bob Katter. He has put out a call to supporters asking them to come up for a new ad. This is it in all its dance extravaganza own glory.

Line-dancing in politics? They go perfectly together.A bit of colour - we need everything we can get. Prince Harry has spoken for the first time about becoming an uncle, saying one of his missions is to make sure the newest little royal has fun and a good upbringing. The new boy on the Prince George has not Prince Harry down to 4th spot in line to the throne. But he doesn't seem to mind. He was speaking at the launch of a photographic exhibition documenting the work he does with an African charity. He was asked about his first meeting with the Little Prince.He is about that long and that wide. When I saw him crying his eyes out - it is fantastic to have another addition to the family. I hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting charges are.Is it really cut out for fatherhood?Of course he's, hopefully most people are otherwise why bother having a shark.Any characteristics he spotted?He is about four days of - you can judge that for yourself. I have no idea. I want to make sure he has a good upbringing, keep him out of harm's way it and to make fun. The rest is up to the parents.Let's hope Prince George does not get into as much trouble as Prince Harry! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not been seen. They're getting used to being a new parents. The restock their main joined the Queen when she takes her annual holiday in Scotland. -- there is talk. He is very cute! Looking at the weather:

Coming up in Nine's Morning News Hour - the shocking video of the moment a packed passenger train derailed in Spain, killing at least 80 people. Also ahead, the smacking debate back in the headlines - a group of doctors pushing to make it illegal. We're live with the details next. And, the Cambridge family, including little Prince George, immortalised in Lego.

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At the rescue mission involving a Humpback whale - we have a break through.Fantastic news. After a 4- hour struggle, the Humpback whale caught on shark net has been freed. Rescue crews have worked to cut the Humpback whale free. It took them almost four hours. At one stage, one of the rubber duckies they were using mounted the while. They finally cut him free. He was found at 7:30 this morning and he was encapsulated in the shark net. There were fears they may not be able to get him out. He was thrashing around a little bit. They have freed this whale.Quite an undertaking. Great news. Shocking video has been released showing the moment a packed passenger train derailed in Spain, killing more than 80 people. 30 passengers remain in a critical condition, with the Spanish Government declaring three days of mourning. The moment of impact, the train racing around the bend and then violently careening off track before the camera cuts out. Watch again in slow motion. Right there, experts say that is the critical moment. The second car begins to leave the track. Setting off a chain reaction. Each passenger car carrying 25 people and then the engine twisting and toppling. The driver reportedly admitted he was racing at 110 miles per hour - more than double the speed he was supposed to be going.It was too late for him to take any action. He would have had to start applying brakes probably a mile before the train entered that curve.We reached 18-year-old Stephen Ward on the phone.

He was sitting on the eight car, on a mission for his Utah church.

Within moments, the victims all around him, cars in flames, others ripped apart like tin cans. Tonight he is in the hospital with broken bones. In the US, passenger cars must have stronger frames that means fewer fatalities in crashes. And a new system will be ushered in that will automatically slows American trains down if they're speeding. In Spain, the driver whose speed might have cause this tragedy, is under investigation. Tonight, you can see the crane behind me that will remove the final two cars from the track. They are talking to the driver and reportedly, he was only a few minutes late. They're asking him whether he was trying to make up time. The smacking debate is once again making headlines, with a group of high profile doctors pushing for physical punishment to be made illegal. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians will today seek to change legislation in a bid to protect children. It's currently legal for parents to use reasonable corporal punishment to discipline children, however, it's feared that can lead to abuse. There are also calls to further educate parents and caregivers. Studies show the majority of parents smack their children, although support for the punishment is declining. Prince George may now be tucked away from prying eyes in the Duchess of Cambridge's family home at Bucklebury. But the young royals are still on show nearby at Legoland, Windsor. The amusement park has put together a special display, featuring the Duke, Duchess, and little prince outside Buckingham Palace beside the easel announcing the royal birth. Lego has previously created designs for the Queen's diamond jubilee and royal wedding. Still ahead this morning - Pope Francis mobbed by well wishers in Brazil, as he visits one of the country's biggest slums. Also, the man pram! - the latest invention making strolling with the bub a turbo charged experience. And, when fictions turns to reality - meet the women learning to become mermaids.

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This program is not captioned. Pouring rain couldn't keep thousands of Brazilians from turning out to welcome Pope Francis to Rio de Janeiro. The Pope visited one of the city's biggest slums on his first trip overseas since becoming head of the Catholic Church. It is a well come a rock star would be as sound and by and this is now the standard a reception for Pope Francis in Brazil. As the right in one of Rio's notorious slums, the crowds were ecstatic. Even surrounded by security, he took time to talk to the faithful. Even for the first -- As if the first Latin American Pope returning home for the very first time was not already guaranteed a rapturous reception. In the Rio rain, his message that Catholics need to focus on traditional values. TRANSLATION: Tried to be the first to practise good and beat evil through good.He wanted to see what it was like. This is home to 40,000 people and referred to by residents as the Gaza Strip. Much is made by his common touch. His desire to help those in need and few are needier than people who live in places like this. This is the Pope people wanted to see. He had been handed the key to the city and blessed the flag for the Olympics. The cost of that has angered people and lead to weeks of protests. Brazilians have wanted him to address that issue. Worrying about waning enthusiasm, the Vatican hoped he would help. There is more to come. He will greet an expected audience of one million at Copacabana beach. For all the rev-head dad's out there, this one's for you. A Czech car-maker has released a two-metre high pram, complete with the features of a car. It has 20-inch alloy wheels, brake lights, headlights and hydraulic suspension. Skoda engineers admit the Man-Pram isn't that practical for the everyday family and it's not yet on the market. A lot of people would be wanting to place orders! A unique school in Manila is helping young women make their marine dream a reality. The mermaid course is making a splash with girls of all ages - teaching the art of dolphin kicks, and blowing kisses under water.We have the notion that women are beautiful, playful, fan -- fun and graceful. Teachers also hope graduates will gain a renewed respect for marine life in the Philippines. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - three shootings in less than 12 hours in Sydney's west - we're live with the details next. Also ahead, 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes to face trial next year, over indecent assault allegations involving five girls. And, the biggest surfing event gets underway in California - our US bureau Chief Robert Penfold explains the Australian connection, next.

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This program is not captioned. This is Nine's Morning News hour. The top stories: Police are pleading with the public to find an eight-month-old boy abducted at knifepoint from a home in Sydney's West. They Queensland man has been injured at an explosion in Ipswich, forcing police to lockdown several streets. Heartbreak for hundreds of Holden workers in SA, clocking in to work for the last time today. To the details and a major police operation is under way to find a 24-year-old man who kidnapped his eight-month-old son at knifepoint from a home in Sydney's south-west. We can go to our reporter. What is the latest on the condition of the 16-year-old girl?Three teenage mother is still being treated at Campbeltown hospital. It's understood she suffered bruising to her face after allegedly being bashed by her ex-partner who has abducted their eight-month-old baby boy. The 24-year-old father remains on the run. There's been no confirmed sighting of them in more than 12 hours. Earlier today police located his car did crash in bushland south of Sydney. -- after it crashed. Police helicopter and search teams are scouring the area. This began at 8:30pm yesterday when the father forced his way into his ex-partners home at Chester Hill. He allegedly had a knife when he snatched the teenage mum and their child. An hour and a half later he dumped his 16-year-old ex beside the Hume Highway at Douglas Park. It's not knowing if the baby or child are injured, but police have serious concerns for the baby's welfare. They want anyone with information to contact them. Police will be holding a press conference in around half an hour with the latest.We will bring you those details as we get them, thank you. Former 'Hey Dad' star Robert Hughes has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault. The 64-year-old will stand trial in February over allegations he accused five girls in the 80s and early 90s. His lawyer says he plans to vigorously fight the charges. Three separate shootings within 12 hours have recalled Sydney's West overnight, two men were shot in Smithfield and Wentworthville and shots were also fired in Guildford. Laura, a terrifying spate of shootings, what's the latest?Absolutely. At Smithfield here outside this kebab shop a 41-year-old man was shot in the Fyfe last night and the bullet broke his leg, he is stable in hospital. Police are searching for three men, they were all wearing hooded jumpers. Over at Guildford yesterday afternoon in broad daylight, another shooting. Shots were fired in the middle of a suburban street. Police have questioned two men, but no charges have been laid. Also at Wentworthville another shooting. A 30-year-old man had a lucky escape after a bullet grazed his leg. He was sitting in the car when two carloads full of men pulled up and opened fire. Police are searching for those men as we speak. What's happened overnight brings to 70 the number of shootings we have had in Sydney this year. We spoke to local residents on the streets of Smithfield this morning.Just about every night we hear gunfire a fair bit. Sometimes you don't really hear much at all about it because nothing's being done.There's nothing they can do about it, it's too hard to control the guns.These incidents are bigger than the police at the moment since they can't handle what's going on.Very disturbing for residents, what have police had to say about this latest round of violence?They have said the latest shootings are not linked to any kind of bikie activity. They believe low level criminals could be using the perception of a Bikie Wars to settle grudges. They were quite firm about what they had to say about those involved.At this stage it appears to be low-level drug dealing between hoodlums who now have firearms, and consider themselves to be gangsters. To all intents and purposes they are not gangsters, they are just young hoodlums with firearms.Barry O'Farrell has also held a press conference today. He says that drive-by shootings are down this year compared to last year, but he has had a meeting with the police commissioner and gun crime was discussed.Laura, thank you for joining us. A man is believed to have lost both his hands and another is injured after an explosion inside a home at Ipswich. What has happened here?Scientific officers have been scouring this West Ipswich home after an explosion inside the home around 6:30pm yesterday. Three men were inside at the time. Two were taken to hospital, a 37 and 43-year-old man had serious injuries. One is believed to have lost nearly all his fingers. An emergency situation was declared and the bomb squad was called into basically destroyed any suspicious items inside. Speaking with neighbours, they said they heard a series of explosions throughout the morning.A loud explosion like a car backfiring. What do you think was going on? Probably experimenting more than anything.Not long ago detectives took away a third man believed to be a neighbour, he has been taken to the station for questioning. He had a bandaged hand. Basically there have been a number of explosions in this area over the last few months. Detectives will be investigating whether they are linked, but at the moment a cause is yet to be determined.Hundreds of Holden workers are spending their last day in a South Australian factory as they take up voluntary redundancies. Eddie, a sad day for these workers. What's in store for them today?That's right. A very sombre day down here at the Elizabeth, in a few hours 400 workers will clock off for the last time having accepted redundancies. This is the latest move by Holden in their attempts to remain viable in SA. This round of cuts will leave around 1,700 workers at Elizabeth, compared to 5510 years ago. Management issued a statement this morning, thanking them for their efforts over the years. They say while redundancies are never easy, it is a critical move to secure the future of Holden in SA. Workers will have the chance to say goodbye to their workmates at a barbecue this afternoon, where they will be presented with photos. That will be a bittersweet farewell for many, especially those who have worked here for nearly 40 years. Thank you for joining us. What does it mean for the future of Holden in Australia?It is still unclear. An independent review into Holden's costings will be handed down next week. From their workers will vote on new working conditions, and that will form part of a business plan that will be taken to Detroit in September. Another factor in this is the recently announced changes to the fringe benefits taxed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently. Many believe those changes could hurt Holden's plight to stay in SA. It is understood that those discussions were positive, there's no indication yet that prime minister Rudd is softening his stance in regards to those changes. Despite today's sad news, Holden's position is up in the air. Workers will hopefully clock off at 2pm and we will speak to them them.Thank you for joining us. Fire has damaged a newly renovated home being rented by former All Black Star Andrew Mertens in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Double Bay. It broke out last night between the first and second floors. Mertens' 8-year-old daughter raised the alarm.A little girl opened the door to her bedroom and found it full of smoke. She has gone out and alerted an addled. That's where it stem from all started from.Former Wallabies starred George Gregan was also at the scene. -- Dar. Police in California have arrested a reality TV star suspected of murdering his girlfriend. Darlene Flynn was made famous by her shoe collection. Her body was found recently in the couple's backyard pool.I am very crazy obsessed with shoes.She led an eccentric life and now authorities are searching for answers about her death.This kind of stuff doesn't happen out here.58-year-old Darlene Flynn reportedly had more than 15,000 shoe related items decorating her modest home. Figurines, ornaments, even a shoe chair. Her obsession landing her in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' and a spot on TLC's reality show, 'My Collecttion Obsession'.I spent so much money, a couple of hundred thousand dollars. I work 60 to 80 hours a week. I barely make my house payments.Police found Flynn's lifeless body in her yard pool and have arrested her boyfriend on suspicion of murder. Smith also appeared on TLC.I will make her into a shoe breakfast and serve it to her.After reports of a fight, police arrived at the home, discovered the body and saw a shirtless Smith running away from the backyard. Neighbours said the couple had a rocky past and that tension was sometimes evident on the show.Darlene and I sometimes argue about her shoes. Sometimes I think she gets too many shoes but I learn to just deal with it.He would be fighting with her and he would take off and come back a couple of hours later. They just did not get along real well.From reality show fame...They just pop out at me and say, "Hey, here I am"..To the news.Flynn was found dead in her own swimming pool the other day.Police are left wondering what could have gone so horribly wrong. An Australian personal trainer now living in the US is on a crusade to highlight the gimmicks used to sell some weight- loss products. Andrew Dixon fake pictures of his own dramatic weight loss to show how easily those before and after photos can be manipulated. Too often they look too good to be true. Before and after photos enticing Internet and magazine readers worldwide to join weight-loss programs. This Australian's photos attracted Internet attention - transforming his 205lb body with no diet, no exercise and no medication. The secret - mostly lying. -- lighting. I just took a photo, let me gut hang out, shaved my beard, shaved my chest, got the lighting optimal. His tricks are to prove a point. Andrew Dixon has been a personal trainer for 11 years, recently moved to California, alarmed at how heavy-weight consumers are fooled by fake photos hurting businesses. Big companies like Weight Watchers offer support groups that help people to stick to their long-term goals. Those are mostly reputable but there are a lot of shadey ads out there.36-year-old Dixon demonstrated how he can fool the eye. Slouching for the before photo and average lighting and then shaving his chest and smearing it with oil.Shine is important for the after shot.After shot with overheadlighting to highlight six- pack abs and more. That is the photo trick - same body, different impression.If you look at the after picture and the person is younger, more tanned, not slouching, if they are leading with their belly in the first picture, they are not telling. Weight loss comes down to diet, exercise and long- term stability. You need a long- term plan. People need to be aware that photoshopping is a possibity when they are looking at those after shots. So buyer beware. Indeed. The biggest surfing event in the world is under way in California. Over the next few days half-a-million people will converge on Huntington Beach. Robert Penfold is there. Here it is, the US Open of surfing at Huntington Beach, which attracts hundreds of thousands every year. Now an event very similar to this is heading for Australia, to Australia's Manly beach in NSW. Huntington Beach is Manly's it's the city, a good reason to have the Australian Open of serving on Manly Beach -- sister city. Today the mayor of Manly was here taking a look.All the locals have really embraced the festival. Ours is on a smaller scale, but in many ways I shouldn't be saying this but the Manly one is better. While all the top surfers are battling it out over there on the beach, there's so much more to do at a festival like this as Aussie surfer Rebecca Wood discovered. Their spray-painting of bodies and designs of T-shirts and people on vertical ramps and skateboarding and BMX. Skate parks and surf events are being televised.In the hope of getting some attention for the Aussie event, they are running some competitions here. There will be a Vegemite eating competition. What do you think?Hold on a second. It's sold the.In this place of peanut butter and jelly eaters, as we found today, is going to be a challenge for most Americans. You need a good scoop.Alright, it has got the texture of peanut butter. That is what I'm expecting here. That's not the best. It tastes like soy sauce.At Huntington Beach in California, Robert Penfold, Nine News. Having far too much fun in California. Erin Molan joins us with the sport. Usain Bolt facing questions about drug use.Already some high-profile athletes have been suspended, now the world's fastest man is passionately defending his sport. And goals galore as the This program is not captioned. SONG: # Save
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This program is not captioned. The Broncos will fare well any hopes of playing finals if they lose to the Cowboys tonight. They are expected to announce the signing of talented Roosters prop Martin Kennedy in the coming days, though. They will play the Knights on Saturday. The new Premiership favourites have kept their past two opponents-0 on the scoreboard.We have taken more pride in the 0 when we have kept SY it's scoreless than what we put on them. Everyone knows that defence wins games -- kept sides scholars. That is what we are building our season around.Robbie Farah has taken a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the Sharks, who has signed five less players in the past two years, including Beau Ryan -- This progam is captioned live.-- West's players. We have got a couple of juniors coming proved.To the sharks welcome back Wade Graham and Jeff Robson for Sunday's game against

Essendon will forget about ASADA tonight and least while they are in the heat of battle against Hawthorn. The top-of-the-table clash has been overshadowed by off-field dramas. The Bombers will have to put aside their drugs saga once more when they play Hawthorn at Eddie had tonight. It is one against two, a huge clash. -- at Etihad Stadium. To -- two the inclusions for Alastair Clarkson. They do lose its Stewart Crameri and Justin Fletcher. It has -- they have been plenty of big matches over the last years. There was the 1985 Grand Final brawl, and the line in the Sand Game nine years ago. Not expecting scenes like that tonight. But it should be a cracking contest. Plenty of other action this weekend, the Blues have gone to the Gold Coast. Not a happy hunting ground for the men in navy. This time last year their final soaks were over when they lost to the Suns. Because ultimately -- Finals hopes. Brett Ratten says there's no scarring from that match.We lost a game of football, we were outplayed on the day. We must finals football as a result. It's a new year, new challenges and they are different and we are different. It will be a good game and we are looking forward to it.They are 9th, a game behind Port Adelaide, who play Brisbane on Sunday.Japan has ended the Socceroos' hopes of an East Asian Cup title, losing 3-2 last night. The blue samurai looked to have wrapped up a convincing win, scoring either side of the break, but Australia hit back in quick succession locking it up at 2-2 midway through the second half.

But Japan found the match-winner just a minute later. It sees the Socceroos sitting last and out of contention following last week's goalless draw against South Korea. Quade Cooper is back from his international rugby exile, as expected former Reds coach Ewan McKenzie has recalled the star playmaker as part of a 40 man Wallabies squad.We want to look to play the game, move the ball around the park, you need good passing and good vision, they are all attributes of the guys we have included.His first game will be the first leg is low Test in Sydney next month. Matthew Wade is hoping to emulate David Warner's efforts and make a big score against Sussex tonight -- Bledisloe Cup test. The back-up keeper pushing for selection at Old Trafford as a specialist batsman.You saw yesterday Dave Warner got 190 and he has put his hand up for a spot. If any player or batsman scores big centuries, they are half a chance for the next Test.Of the third Test gets under way next Thursday. At the scene of some of his greatest triumphs, Usain Bolt has been facing questions mainly about drugs. In London for an athletics meeting, he says he is clean but couldn't defend some of his closest team-mates. One year on from the Olympics, athletes return to London's Olympic stadium for the first time. But instead of recalling golden memories, a series of doping revelations mean the sport is facing renewed questions about its integrity.Definitely it's going to set us back a bit. But as a person I can't really focus on this. I still have the World Championships. Everybody is stepping up their game, so I have to focus on that. That's what I'm doing, working hard and running fast and hopefully help people to forget what's happening.His return comes 11 days after his compatriots Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson and Tyson Gay all tested positive for banned substances. Last month the women's Olympic 200 metre champion Veronica Campbell-Brown, also Jamaican, was suspended after failing a drugs test.Thank you.A week ago the reigning women's world and Olympic 100 metre champion has walked out when asked about drugs. Usain Bolt does not duck the issue. I know I'm clean, I have got to continue running, using my talent and improving the sport.At the moment there's nine positives from the London Olympics across all the sports, we would be naive to think there were only nine athletes doping at that games.His challenges to face a stiff beat both his opponents and the cynicism is -- in his sports. Fortunately he has the speed and the charisma to do both. Still to come on Nine's Morning News hour, finance and the latest news hour -- latest weather. And the This program is not captioned. WOMAN: I typed my name
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To the national weather details now, and tomorrow rain clearing in Brisbane. Clear skies the Sydney. Frost then find in Canberra. Mosley fine in Melbourne. -- fine in Canberra -- mostly fine. Looking ahead to Sunday, scattered showers forecast for Brisbane. Mostly fine in Sydney. A chilly morning for camera. Patchy rain in Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. -- for Canberra. Looking at the finance figures now.

We have more information on our developing new story, where police in Sydney are said to give an update shortly on their search for a 24-year-old man who adapted his eight-month-old son at knifepoint. We will go to that press conference shortly -- abducted. Damian, there's been such a major search operation under way for this man and his baby son. What do we know at the moment?That search has stalled somewhat since the car that this man was driving to abduct his partner, his 16-year-old girlfriend and their child, once that car turned up here at around 6:50am, there was an immediate search, but certainly it has been played down. I don't know what that means, interesting to see what the police say when they have a news conference. We haven't seen the police helicopter, which is extraordinary, for some time. But now we are seeing it just over here in this area of bushland. Of course behind me is where this car turned up this morning. The full details of this story is that it was last night, 8:30pm, in Chester Hill, when this 24-year-old man broke into a house in Chester Hill. There was his former partner, the 16- year-old girl, and his eight-month- old baby. The Guptill them at knifepoint, bundled them into the car and drove on for a couple of hours -- abducted them. The 16- year-old girl was assaulted and forced out of the vehicle, and then her former partner then drove off with the child. Of course and 6:50am the car ended up here.We will go to the police press conference now with Superintendent Dave Eardley from NSW Police. (INAUDIBLE)... yellow we have got some audio issues.

(STUDIO) : We have some audio problems, we are just waiting for that to be rectified. We will cross back to Damien Ryan while we wait for that press conference to begin. Do we have any further information on the condition of the 16-year- old?We believe she is in hospital surrounded by her family. She was pretty badly knocked around last night, and is said to be recovering. Of course her physical injuries are not after her experience. If they spent the night in the bush it would have been a very distressing time. The temperature here last night at around 3am was -4 degrees. You would find that would be... to think they are in the bush at -4 degrees, it's not even worth