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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News: Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison joins us to explain why we need a top general to lead the Coalition effort to stop the boats. 60 years on, we join Aussie veterans remembering the Korean war. The hot air balloon ride that turned to terror. And Kate Ceberano is in the studio to sing her brand-new song. The Late News is next.


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This program is captioned live. From the Network Ten News Centre this is the Late News. Tonight the Opposition defends its plan to put a senior general in charge of the battle of the boats.Do they have these skills to focus and get everybody focussed and get the mission completed? The PM gave protesters the slip in Adelaide amid anger over his PNG plan. And Kate Ceberano is our Late News musical guest, singing for us right here. # I'll always be with you...

Ahead - a nation in mourning. 78 dead in Spain's worst rail accident in 40 years. Plus - Brad chats with Australian cricket great, Adam Gilchrist about our current Ashes team and what needs to be done. Join the conversation using the hashtag tenlate. Tony Abbott raised the stakes on the asylum seeker solution, unveiling his military solution, a response to Kevin Rudd's plan. But as a political debate rages, the boats keep coming. Desperately climbing to safety, these asylum seekers the survivors of a capsized boat that claimed 11 lives, including a three-year-old boy. His mother survived. As the boats keep coming, both major parties are now engaged in a policy arms race over who can take the hardest approach. The crisis on our borders has become a national emergency. Today Tony Abbott unveiled his military solution, codename 'Operation Sovereign Borders'.This is one of the most serious external situations that we have faced in many a long year.A senior military officer would be in charge of combating people smugglers, bypasing normal defence command structures and reporting directly to the Immigration Minister. The policy was developed with retired Major General Jim Molan.It's a military-led operation but not a military operation, despite military involvement in the field and some of of the language. This is constabulary work, it is law and order.That is a problem, according to the Defence Association, who say the military shouldn't be running what is regarded as domestic law enforcement. But the Opposition is undeterred.We will swiftly implement Operation Sovereign Borders.We now have two 3-word slogans owe "stop the boats", and "operation something or other".But since the PM announced his PNG solution last Friday more than 600 asylum seekers have reached our shores.This is tough business. I said last Friday that this was going to be a challenge for the long haul. I said very clearly that there would be bumps in the road. There will be.Mr Rudd started this problem. Mr Rudd is incapable of fixing this problem. National emergency or not, the war of words continues. Joining me now on the desk is the Shadow Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison. Thanks for coming in. Will this be a fulltime job for this military chander who will take this -- commander coordination role?Of course it will.Who will you get to do that?That will be recommended by the Chief of the Defence Force.There are only six 3-star off cevers in the mystery -- officers in the military?Yes.You are looking at potentially creating a new position in defence? Thafrpblgts would be a matter for the Chief of the Defence Force. We're saying we need it at that level. It needs to be at that level because people who can operate at that level and could be promoted to that level need to be able to work and have an understanding of things well beyond the military space. This is predominantly a civil- populated joipblt taskforce. Of course there are military elements, particularly the navy. But this draws together the Australian Federal Police, Customs Service, the Department of Immigration. This is predominantly a civil agency taskforce, but it will be led by a military commander.What does the military commander bring - as you say it's predominantly civilian - that no-one else can apparently bring?The ability to bring the people together and get the job done. We've seen it in flood recovery works, in all maner of civil operations where we have had military involvement. We saw it with the Northern Territory Intervention. They have these skills to focus and get everyone focussed and get the mission completed.Have you had any discussions on any level at all with the Defence Force Chief, David Hurley on this?No, I haven't. This morning as a matter of courtesy, the Leader of the Opposition contacted him to advise him. It would be inappropriate to have approached him for advice in Opposition.And the Defence Association, hardly a bunch of bleeding heart leftys is not happy - they say it militarises what is a civil lar issue. Do you have any concerns that this appears to be a bringing out the man in the tin hat to militarise something which has nothing to do with that?I disagree with your characterisation of it, Hugh. Neil James is entitled to his opinion but he's always been opposed to having the military involved in these civil operations, but they have a lot to bring to the table and running the headquarters and operations that can disseminate, bring together information, make decisions quickly. That is their skill. We need to bring those skills to this issue, because at the moment it's disjointed.Which parts of Kevin Rudd's PNG plan would you keep if you were to win government?The ones we can make work. At the moment that is not clear how much of it can be made work. If Kevin Rudd had the operational model we've outlined today, his policy would work better. We've said we will salvage what we can from that policy, and so not only will Australians, if they choose the Coalition, get the things that can work out of that scheme, but also get the model we announced and the full suite of policies we've been talking about for a decade.There have been terrible allegations about sexual assaults and rapes of asylum seekers by other asylum seekers, who have been sent to Manus Island. If we send people there, do they remain our responsibility inperpetuity - by sending them there, we own them still?Good question to ask the Minister for Immigration. They can't answer the question because the detail of arrangements is not in existence. They have not begun the discussions about how they rele people in Papua New Guinea. That requires legislation in Papua New Guinea before they can resettle one person. Thank you for your time. I will be back in a moment with a special report from Korea's demile terroriseed zone where some Aussie diggers are remembering the war that ended their youth and innocence. Now the headlines. The psm M has given protesters the slip at a Labor Party fundraise ner Adelaide. A large crowd gathered to voice their anger at live exports and the government's -- Government's new asylum seeker policy after details of the $2500 a head dinner leaked on social media.

Kevin Rudd had none of it. Organisers moved the dinner to a protest-free boardroom several blocks away. The Australian Olympic Committee has called for Stuart O'Grady's head after the cycling great admitted to being a drug cheat. The Olympic gold medallist said he took performance-enhancing drugs in the weeks before the 1998 Tour de France. His admission comes a day after his abrupt retirement, presumably because French authorities would name him in an anti-dopeinging -- anti-doping investigation.I think Stuart's sport can feel let down today and Stuart let himself down in our opinion.O'Grady is in hideing in Europe but says to one else was involved and he never took EPO again. Essendon Chairman David Evans says he won't stand down over the supplement scandal. He emerged from talks with board members and read a statement saying tonight was a regular and scheduled monthly meeting.I am not stand standing down as chairman. The board did not ask me to explain my version of events.Evans says the club has big issues ahead and is awaiting the ASADA investigation to be completed. A Ten News investigation has discovered tonnes of deadly and illegal narcotics like ice and heroin have been destroyed by NSW Police in the furpbs as of timber mills a university vet hospital and cemeteries.We came to be involved by direct request from local area commands and the police that service our community. We responded to those requests roughly every eight weeks.Police insist they have stopped the practice but the Environmental Protection Agency is still investigating. Two men have been charged with the murder of South Australian man Gordon Ham. They seized drugs and cars. The family of the man is desperate for answers. And the thing is they want to bury their loved one. So someone in the community, you know where he is, please come forward. The accused will face court in Melbourne next week. Federal Police have used a series of powerful explosions to highlight the potential terrorist threat from everyday chemicals. The blasts were used with easily-purchased items like ammonia and icing sugar.We want businesses selling the chemicals, and business who work with this kind of chemical, to be aware, take precautions. A new national code is helping businesses prevent the chemicals being used to make explosives. Marine rescuers have saved an extremely rare 4m grey nurse shark near Byron Bay. They are known as labradors of the sea due to their docile nature, but catching this one wasn't so easy. It had been injured after being hooked and was fighting back, forcing fishermen to cut their lines. Without the rescue the shark would have most likely starved to death. To be able to help something that is critically endangered is certainly an experience that we, very memorable. Grey nurses are critically endangered with only 1500 believed to be off aus trawl ya's -- Australia's east coast.

The Pope's Brazilian tour takes him to Rio. 15 Korean War veterans are in Seoul marking the 60th anniversary of the ceasefire agreement that ended the Korean War, though not the last intentions between North and South Korea. The veterans spent the day at the border. We were there with them. Seoul is everything a modern metropolis should be - fast paced, tech savvy, buzzing with commerce, without abandoning culture. But it's nothing like the city it was in 1953. What do you think of how it's changed?Considerably. Every time I've been here it's different.It's an overwhelming feeling coming back to the future. I'd hate to clean those windows up there. I don't think they do, do they? Clean the windows?These Aussie veterans fought in the US forces that took back the capital after North Korea invaded kicking off the Korean War. They returned for the 60th anniversary of the cease-fire that ended that conflict but not the war that these days defines this peninsula. An hour's drive away is the demilitarised zone between South and North Korea. It hasn't changed much at all. A buffer that's heavily guarded, but open to visitors who follow the strict rules. This is about as close as you can get - I'm forbidden from gesturing, but that guard tower you can see belongs to North Korea. The white stakes - they were put there 620 years ago. It's the point on Armistice Day when both armies met and they drew a line. That line can only be crossed inside Conference Row, where discussions between the two Republics take place. The veterans had not expected to walk across. A real thrill to be able to actually stand in this...In North Korea?Yeah.As someone who fought for this, how do you feel it's all still going on?I feel sad. I feel sad for the Korean people in particular. They'd love to be united as one. I don't know whether it will happen in my lifetime. It is a sad fact, isn't it, that we can't have peace? For these diggers it's always been worth fighting for. To the Royal baby now. The young lad at least has a name - William and Kate coming up with George Alexander Louis. His official title will be His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. His parents - are they secret Seinfeld fans? European Correspondent Ben Lewis went off in search of the more likely inspiration. REPORTER: Have you called him George?Wait and see Peter, wait and see.They are the modern couple in a generally conservative Royal Family, but it is hard to escape tradition when naming a future monarch. George Alexander Louis. If you meet him, use his official title, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.Actually Kate and William are not shying away from acknowledging what this baby is. It is a future king and therefore the names that they have chosen are very much inspired by that fact.There have been six King Georges, the last the Queen's father who died in 1952 whose first name was Albert. Alexander comes from the Queen's middle name, Alexandria, and the name Louis is likely tribute to Lord Mountbatten, assassinated by the IRA. Since the reign of Queen Victoria the monarch can choose their own reigning name. Queen Victoria's real name was Alexaandrina.This is the last we will see of his parents for a while. Prince William in the front and Kate and baby in the back, leaving Kensington Palace. Now they are in the Dutch's home town. No word on the christening. They came here looking forward to quiet T Middletons live a few minutes out of town on a large gated property guarded by police, so the young family can spend time getting to know each other away from the cameras. Prince Charles is doing the duties, presented with a card for George. He said he would pass it on. The money-making has begun, with the name George printed on everything imaginable. We had a little bit of spwuewigs and we started on George and Alxenadra.George was always a safe bet, a name for a prince that's always -- also fit for a king. Stay with us - an escape for passengers on board a crashlanding of a hot air balloon. Kate Ceberano is here with us performing her song 'Magnet' and will talk about her first album of new material in a decade.

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I'm excited - we have Kate Ceberano joining us. You can join the conversation on Twitter. First Amanda what's going on in the rest of the world? Three days of national mourning have been declared in Spain after the nation's worst rail accident in 40 years. At least 78 passengers and crew are now confirmed dead and more than 100 injured. All eight carriages of the train came off the rails as it was travelling from Madrid to the Galicia region. The train was packed with Christian pilgrims heading to a religious festival. Witnesses say the train appeared to be speeding at twice the limit around the kerb moments before the crash. Investigators have yet to pinpoint what caused the tragedy. Pope Francis has just arrived at Rio's City Palace after delivering his first mass as pontiff away from the Vatican. He addressed hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in Brazil for World Youth Day, warn -- warning them of the dangers of drugs, money and power. A few Aussies were there.So many people from the world.Francis is off to the famous Copacabana Beach Beach tonight, to address the young pilgrims there. 11 passengers have had a frightening ride after her hot air balloon crashed into a lake in the Netherlands. The basket was dragged along the surface of the lake before hitting the shore. Witnesses can be seen rushing to help the passengers in the stricken balloon. Two people were taken to hospital with mieor injuries. Authorities are investigating what went wrong. And I will update our top stories later in the show. Thank you. Well, Charles Darwin has been dumped for Jane Austin as the face of Britain's £10 note. Feminists cheered the decision after a petition for more women to appear on British banknotes. 35,000 signed the petition. The note will come into circulation in 2017. Now the markets.

Now we're joined by ComSec. Investors on the sidelines. What were the highlights?Good evening. Not a lot took place, but you have to keep in mind we were coming off the back of three consecutive gains. We cracked through a 2-month high in the process. All good things come to an end. We had investors on the sideline, pretty flat overall. I could have been worse because earlier the market was down significantly. Newcrest Mining issued its production numbers. Its share price stumbled by 1%. Keep in mind that since the beginning of the year gold prices have struggled. That's been hard for, from a profitability standpoint. Trivia - about 60% of all gold is used for jewellery. China is the biggest producer of gold and India the biggest consumer - about 30% of gold is used in India.That is interesting. A lot of gold was used when Facebook floated. It immediately sank, but it had a big rise overnight?Yes, 17% rise in just one session. That was due to a solid profit result. It made $333 million over a 3-month period. Advertiseing is the big way that Facebook makes its money. Mark Zuckerberg last year invested heavily in mobile advertising. That has paid off. $700 million in extra sales. Since the beginning of when it listed last year in May, it is still down about 30%. Thank you. I will be joined in a moment at the desk by Amanda and Brad as well as our musical guest, the wonderful Kate Ceberano. She's been a star for quite a while. I remember seeing her quite a while ago. I think when she was still a teenager. Never mind. We are going to look back at her career, which has seen success in all areas of the music industry.

It's been nearly 25 years since Kate Ceberano and her 'Bedroom Eyes' burst onto the scene. # Those bedroom eyes # I must admit I'm not surprised Noted for her soulful and powerful vocal style, Kate has won almost every entertainment award in Australia. She first achieved major success as a song writer with the early hit 'Pash' going gold in 1998. # Passionate kisses # Kiss me, kiss me... She reached platinum and five golds. She's sold a million albums in Australia. It's not just the charts, she stared in the hit musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Tomorrow she releases her first original album in ten years - 'Kensil Road'. Here she is.I think it's strange being on a news program. It's become more of the way it's done these days. It used to be 'Countdown' and here I am on the news.No ostrichs.Someone tweeted - pressing news case, I don't know if I agree. But lovely to be here.And looking at that, your life flashing before your eyes. It is a unique position?It is extraordinary. It's unpress depbtsed a woman of my age to be given an opportunity to make an original record, a lovely thing from Sony they've done for me. I love this record.Talking about loving this record, we all remember our first love. You have reconnected with your first love - music.That's so sweet. For a minute I was thinking - did I meet you somewhere? I don't remember. (LAUGHTER) You would remember. Yes, it's always wonderful. As an artist I always wanted to have a life in art. I've been involved with television and theatre and in recent times I've been an artistic director for a cab ray in Adelaide, which has done well. My true love is songwriting. It wasn't you and I don't remember you. If it was... Can I say, it's always been music. I remember seeing you you as a teenager in Ivy's Nightspot in 1985. You were magnificent, may I say? Can I say, it is showing where his culture in music is - very sophisticated Platt there. They used to bring in some of the greatest performing artists in Ivy's. It was like the Blue Note of Australia. It was sad when they closed down. Thus, here we are on news programs. This is where we get to make music these days, love it. Kate, you have said you let go of the expectation of who other people think you should be over your performance career. What was that expectation? What pressure did you think you thought people should, or who did you think you should be and who are you now?If you any of the ages from 16 to now. I will be 47 in November, so that's quite a journey to travel on, and if you can imagine how often your wardrobe has changed within that amown of time. I don't think you ief been on the planet that long yet. If you consider how much we change, we change many times over. The thing I think has changed about me is I am problem more business savvy, I understand how the business of making music works and probably less inclined to take all the good advice which is often the best advice, but unless you are the one making those professional decisions for yourself, you can't...Someone else's advice.Yes, and you are the one that thaz to suck it up. They remember your name, not the cast of thousands who said, "This is a great thing, lit be wonderful, good for your career". Having said that, I have everyone of -- every one of those people to thank for where I have come to.We won't ask you to thank every one. We want to have time to hear from you later. We certainly look forward to that. Thank you for having me.A new song from a new album. Brad, bring us to sport. After today's off-field controversy at Essendon, after the break we will turn our attention to the huge clash with the Hawks. Jonathan Thurston opens up about his early morning visit from ASADA and we will comat to Adam Gilchrist about his disastrous Ashes campaign. There wasn't much of a crowd in Japan for the Socceroos tonight. The highlights in a moment. The pitch-side reporter who got soaked. # Raindrops keep falling on my head...

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Welcome back. This is Ten's Late News. Brad, what have you got? It's been another tense day for the Essendon Football Club, where David Evans remains chairman. Today's accusations and denials is overshadowing tomorrow's top of the table sell-out clash between the Bombers and the Hawks. Whiles season don's offfield drama burdens the club, the onfield situation couldn't be more healthy, welcoming back key players, including Heath Hocking for tomorrow night.Our greatest rival in Hawthorn, a fantastic game. Etihad Stadium should be full of supporters.After two weeks out, Buddy will return for the Hawks, as will Sam Mitchell who had a week off. The The Hawks planned to peak for the finals.This time last year we played superb footy. We didn't play our best footy in the finals. That is our focus this year.As the Tigers charged towards their first finals appearance since 2001, Damien Hardwick is confident his players won't be tempted to chase big money elsewhere. Nick Riewoldt and dus tin Martin are yet to resign with the Tigers. Hardwick believes their improved record means more bargaining power.I have no doubt they want to stay. It is part of a process of going through and getting the right dollar amount for everyone.Scott Waters believes the showdown against the Cats could define his young Saints.I can't wait down to see the stadium. It is an incredibly tough ground. They are a great side. This is the sort of experience that our players are craving and need.And Gary Ablet will equal his famous father's 248 games when the Suns face Carlton on Saturday. North Queensland Captain Jonathan Thurston brushed aside reports ASADA reports -- officials arrived at a time allocated by the superstar. He won't foregit his 6:00am wake-up any time soon. Still frustrated by his early morning drug test, Jonathan Thurston wouldn't confirm if had given ASADA a preferred time to test him of between 6:00am and 7:00am. I'm not sure. I can't remember. If they had come an hour later, we would have been awake.Thurston's Cowboys face the Broncos tomorrow night and with the loser almost certainly out of the the finals, Sam. This a -- Thaiday won't let him out of his sight.As much as this bloke is my mate, I want to beat him tomorrow night. I will be moved to the right edge. I might have to pepper him.Josh Dugan's life changeed this afternoon with the birth of his son Jackson. He is now a father and feeling lucky to have a second chance with his career.To lose everything and start fresh and move away from my family and friends moved -- hit home and made me wanted it more. One man readyor a hit, Manly's Steve Matai, seeking revenge against Parramatta's Mitchell Allgood after the pair came to blows at Brookvale two weeks ago.I like to tackle hard. If he runs my way I will be tackling hard.Before the Sea Eagles face the Eels next weekend, Manly must first dispose of the Tigers on Monday night. Our current Ashes plight is a far cry from the recent halcion days when the likes of Adam Gilchrist helped the side to dominate. I asked him if he expected David Warner to be recalled next week for the third test on the back of his stunning 193 for Australia A. He's achieved what they set him out there to hopefully achieve. That's get time in the middle. Bat on ball. And score some runs. He will be chocful of confidence. You would have to think he comes into the reckoning given he went out there and achieved what they sent him for. Cricket is such a technical, mental game. Shane Watson knows that, doesn't he?That's the biggest challenge for our players. There are some technical issues, but mentally they're all feeling crushed, no doubt. I have been there before. In 2005, ten minutes before you go out to bat, you had not decided in your mind how you would play it F you have doubt you will get exposed against quality players. They won't change their skill within a week, but they can change their mindset and I'm sure they are aware of that and that's what they are working on.Another debutant coming up, another Ashton, hasn't played for his state, yet will make the first-class debut for his country?I'm sure there are reasons in resting six players and a few injuries. I'm a bit slightly older school in that I like a touring party sticking together and I like, I love some memories of where on tour you didn't particularly want to play the next game, but it was your turn and someone else's to have a rest for a game. You know, that's changed. It leaves yourself short with a touring squad, and it gives you an opportunity to Ashton. But I would like to see the whole group stick together. At times like this you need to be around each other more than less, I would have thought. Just some of Adam Gilchrist's thoughts on why we are struggling in the UK at the moment. The Socceroos have gone down 3-2 to Japan in the xp east Asian Cup clash unlike the huge crowd at the Liverpool Victory game. The stands there were virtually empty. Those that were there saw Japan get the first.

Defence appeared to go out the window late in the game with three goals in five minutes. Duke and Ducic netted for Australia before Japan hit back to seal victory. The ultimate piece of Black Caviar memorabilia could be up for grabs with the owner welcome to the idea of selling the first fol. The fol is set to be worth millions. If we were to get anything like the money paid for these fols, it's a lot of money to be equal with. That doesn't - how do you equate the value of the trip you may have? Any potential sale would be put to a majority vote among the syndicate owners. Some interviews can be dry and boring - not this one.

The Dutch reporter copped a drenching when a sprinkler turned on, but instead of ducking for cover, he con odd like a seasoned pro, soaking wet. He gets our 'Spray' of the Day. Oh yeah.He could talk under water. He had to in the end.What about the hair? What about us girls? Awful. You can follow us on Twitter in Ten Late News. Still to come, Bedtime Byees and -- Bytes and Kate Ceberano.

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Welcome back. This is Ten's Late News. Now a recap of our top story. Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has defended the dp Coalition's plan to use the military to stop the boats. Tony Abbott wants a 3-star general will report to the Immigration Minister in charge of securing our borders. There's been a mixed reaction to the plan with with a former Defence Force Chief doubting it will make more than an incremental difference.

Minus 4 in Canberra. I'm glad I'm here. Now Bedtime Byetes from online. This is the former US President Bush. He shaved his head - I thought he's looking old. That is his dad, the first President Bush. The little lad is the two- year-old son of one of a Secret Service detail who is battling leukaemia. So former First President Bush shaved his head. There is heart in that, because he lost a daughter to leukaemia when they were four, George W Bush's sister. I didn't know that.What have you got for us?Well, I think this is a fairly stupid thing to have done. But a kprok dial trainer was attacked in a show in Thailand. Why? He put his head in the crocodile's jaws. Look at that. Apparently the crocodile was startled because the trainer slapped his hand on the ground. Don't do that. Now something for the Star Wars fans. This is a village that they recreateed in Tunisia. It was from 'Phantom Menace'. I will cut you short. That's all from the team at the Late News. We will go to Kate Ceberano singing her new song - 'Magnet'.

# Some take hours on the

# Some take hours on the road # Sitting out here on my own # Better days when I'm with you # I tell myself when I'm alone # That even if I am awake now # Gonna stay up late like you're still around # I'll be on the plane # I'll even take a train back to you somehow # Cause you know that # It's like a magnet in my heart # Pulling me with you # I'll auldz be with you... # My -- miles apart # I can almost feel your heart # Pulling me with # And I'll always be with you

# It's kind of cold # This time of

# We walk too fast around here # City life fills the skies # Nothing compared to you, my dear # Cause even if I'm awake now # Gonna stay up late like you're still around # I'll be on a plane now # I'll even take a train back to you somehow # Cause you know that # I can't stop # Just it's like a magnet in my heart # Pulling me with you # I'll always be with you # Miles apart # I can almost feel your heart # Pulling me with # And I'll always be with you... # Pulling me with... # Always be with... You... # Oh... # Oh! # Ladadadada... # Cause you know that # I can't stop # It's like a magnet in my heart # Pulling me with you # I'll always be with you... # Miles apart # I can almost feel your heart # Pulling me with # And I'll always be with... # Pulling me... With... # Always be with... You. OLIVIA!

The theme of this week is 'love'.

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Tonight, we waited, he came and now
he's got a name. Tony Abbott reveals asylum seeker plans. We catch up with True Blood star, Joe Mangeleno. I catch up with Toni Collette. It didn't go so smoothly.Is there a bathroom?You kidding? Good evening, welcome to The Project. We have Natasha Stott Despoja and Peter Helliar. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Now, very excited. A massive show. The thing I was looking forward to the most, your interview with Toni Collette. It's one of the gutsiest show business interviews I've seen. I don't think it's ever h happened in a shobiz interview what happened in that.I've never used the term "gutsy show biz interview before". I can't believe you walked out on it. Amazing.One of us is embarrassed and I don't think it's Toni Collette. In the news today - the name game is over and the bookies got it right, with George Alexander Louis revealed as the name nor a future king. The Duke and Duchess stuck with tradition for their 2-day old son who will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. The Australian Olympic Committee has asked for Stuart O'Grady's resignation from the athlete's Commission following the shock doping admission. A day after retirement, he confessed to using EPO before the 1998 Tour de France, tainting his record forever.He won't be remembered as a fantastic competitor that we ought thought he was. Instead he will be remembered as an athlete who has succumbed to the temptation of drugs.Matt Keenan is a leading cycling commentator who followed Stuart O'Grady's career very closely. Why has it taken Stuar the 15 years? Why did he wait until after his retirement to come clean?He retired because he was caught. It wasn't a case of Stuart O'Grady deciding to come out with this. The French Senate released a bunch of names from tests at the Tour de France 1998. They were tested in 2004. The names have been revealed. That is why Stuart O'Grady has made the announcement. That's why he decided to retire. I'm an Adelaide girl, and the city is pretty gutted. I understand also the AOC suggest that Stuart now lacks the integrity to be on the Athlete's Commission. Is that fair? That is fair. Integrity is the key. That's what we look for in role models, particularly sport. As much as he did dope, in 199, the fact he lied to us in that process, particularly throughout the last 6 months and it's taken this long for it to come out.What's the likelihood he doped more than once? I think it is fairly high. I don't believe that you go the first time into using EPO. I find it hard to take him at his based on what he has or hasn't told us in the past. Matt, don't ruin this for me. I was happy to believe his story and that was like one of the worst tours of all time for doping.It was.I any the guy pumping the tyres was on EPO.You've got to hit the tyres hard in the Tour de France. It's disappointing because he is a hero of the sport.Thank you for the cold hard truth.Glad to set you straight. I'm having trouble with this. I'm a massive Stuie fan. Adelaide is devastated.I touched that yellow jersey. I know his father and... You are tainted too, now. We will have to test you after the show. And police in Sydney are treating the discovery of a bomb at Campsie Police Station as an act of terrorism as they try to trace the author of a series of face threats. They believe the same people are behind an email sent to The Daily Telegraph and it the case is linked to the Muslim riots last year.It is a threat to police in general. That is a very serious situation. The Board of Essendon Football Club is meeting for crisis talks as Andrew Demetriou denies tipping off the club about Crime Commission investigations. Demetriou says he called Bombers President David Evans the night before the club went public but insists he didn't know the club was under scrutiny.I did ring him that night, I was returning his phone call. It was pbts tipping off David Evans about Essendon being the club, because we didn't know who the club was.Liverpool Football Club said it was humbled by the reception the team received at the MCG. The record breaking crowd of 95,000 fans saw the Reds beat Melbourne Victory 2-0 after a stirring rendition of the club's anthem, 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. # You'll never walk alone...

# You'll never walk alone... I was there, I had a tear in my eye. The most emotional theme song since 'Neighbours'. I was movered. I believe Shane Watson asked for a review and it turned out Liverpool won 14-0. My eight-year-old watched it. He