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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - Spain's rail tragedy - a nation mourns after dozens are killed. A Pacific solution or military solution? The political battle to stop deaths at sea.The numbers dining at sea will increase as well.It is a national emergency. Another cycling disgrace - Stuart O'Grady admits to doping. By George, what's in a name? The Cambridges stick with tradition. George is alright.It is OK.

Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Kathy Novak. The driver of a trend that caused a accident is under investigation.

The train left Madrid heading towards the town when it derailed near the station. It is Spain's worst rail accident in 40 years. The most dramatic footage imaginable of a train bound for disaster, taking a curve twice the limit. Carriages flew and collapsed. The amateur version shows the aftermath. Chaos and

-- panic among onlookers. Both were dead at the scene. Local media reports the driver told officials that he took the bend with an 80km/h limit at 190km/h. Tonight, the terrible km/h. Tonight, the terrible cleanup continues. Carriages were hauled up for investigations to begin. What it was taken to a temper rumour were earlier relatives had gathered in agonising uncertainty.

Belongings are being retrieved. Rescue workers know that many of the owners would be dead. Mariano Rajoy visited the site. One of the -- some of the victims of hospital. After yesterday's crash, horrified relatives could only look on. Witnesses said the explosion was heard.

Tonight, the head of state says the train was expected that morning and had no technical problems. The tragedy occurred a few kilometres from April, despite of Christ's apostle that draws tens of thousands per year. Like 25th is significant as the feast Day.

Spain has declared three days of national mourning.

The death toll from the sinking of an Australia-bound asylum seeker boat has risen to 11. The boat sank two days ago off Java. The asylum seeker issue has again dominated national politics, with the Coalition announcing a military-style solution to stopping the boats. Exhausted survivors on Sukapura Beach in West Java. Rescued by fishermen, some can hardly stand after hours in water. The boat sank 5km offshore, throwing almost 200 people into the water. One man is motionless on the dock. He appears to be s to be dead until given water. The boat was carrying mainly Sri Lankan and Iranian nkan and Iranian people. More than 180 have been saved. The death toll is rising.

The Prime Minister said the Government's new policy is trying to prevent an even greater loss of life.The numbers drowning at sea will go up and up as well, thousands each year.The Opposition was more than offshore processing. It is promising with powers to bypass command structures with a task force involving all border security agencies.It is and the National -- It is and the National -- International emergency. It is a serious external situation that we are facing.The Opposition also has a manned its relationship with the PNG Prime Minister. Peter O'Neill says he has been misrepresented about our foreign aid would be spent.I don't particularly appreciate the grip is it -- misrepresented.Tony Burke has spent too much hours inspecting the Manus rs inspecting the Manus Island detention centre. His visit comes two days after a former guard told SBS that officials turned a blind eye to rape and torture. Tony Burke said he spoke to St George but could not give any names of perpetrators.In the face of all of that, the most effective thing that can be done yet have a configuration that avoids possibility of what has been seen.These people from Afghanistan half survived one sinking. They are prepared again nking. They are prepared again to gamble with their lives.TRANSLATION: I want to take my family I want to take my family to a safe place. What other options do I have then to go by boat to mark last night, another asylum seeker boat was intercepted near Christmas Island.120 people were on board. Stuart O'Grady, one of Australia's greatest cyclists, Australia's greatest cyclists, has confessed to doping before the 1998 Tour de France. The admission follows this week's announcement of his retirement from the sport. All of his achievements at the 1998 Tour de France. The yellow jersey, a stage win. It is now overshadowed by an admission that he took part in the illegal blood doping just before the Tour de France.It is a disappointment to a disappointment to us.He confessed to using EPO three days after retiring from days after retiring from the sport this week, where his , where his name was held in such high regard.He went the remembered as a fantastic competitor that we all thought he was. Instead, he will be remembered as an athlete who succumbed to the temptation of drug in sport, just to get an edge. A French Senate inquiry named Stuart O'Grady as one of the riders suspected of ers suspected of doping.Clearly, he has let g.Clearly, he has let down the entire sport. Stuart O'Grady has not faced TV cameras since TV cameras since making the confession. This former cyclist has not speaking to Stuart O'Grady but has an idea of what he goes through. He also admitted to going through doping in his career.It is one of s one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. Thinking about the consequences of it.In addition to 17 Tour ion to 17 Tour de France appearances, he also appeared in many Olympic Games, winning gold in 2004. It earned him a spot in the AOC commission.If you does not accept his offer to resign, he will be dismissed.The AOC would not comment on whether he should retain his own big metals. That is for the International Olympic for the International Olympic Committee. # Olympic medals. Stuart O'Grady admitted to doping in the Tour de France are not any of the six Olympics he participated in. The AOC says ated in. The AOC says once is enough.The number of times gh.The number of times he did it is not relevant.The 1998 highlight comes weeks after ghlight comes weeks after Stuart O'Grady made a decision that would likely tarnish his career.

Britain's new royal parents, William and Kate, have ended the waiting and the speculation by quickly naming their new baby son George. George Alexander Louis is his full name, but the third in line to the throne will be known officially as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. After just one night in a royal palace, Prince George's parents talking to the Middleton family home in Berkshire. The baby car seat is visible in the back next to Kate Middleton. Earlier, the Queen went to Kensington Palace to visit her great-grandson for the first time. She was delighted Prince George was so big. He carries a promise of returning her father's name to the throne. George VI was propelled into power by application crisis. He was the king who overcame a crippling speech defect, supported speech defect, supported by his wife and two daughters, helped to restore honour to o restore honour to the Royal family during the Second World War. Prince stored will have to other names. Alexander, said to be a favourite of Kate Middleton's. And Louis, a reference to Prince Charles -- Prince Charles's arles -- Prince Charles's favourite great uncle, Lord Mountbatten. George seems a popular name.It is a wonderful name. A love of tradition with that. Well done.It is very traditional. They could have made it more interesting. Very good. George is alright.It took one month for t took one month for Prince Charles to be named. The rles to be named. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have moved much quicker. Chris the couple is quick to get their public duties out of the way to focus on private responsibilities of being parents. The names goes on the souvenir china. They will usher in a new era in royal w era in royal parenting.Catherine and William will be perfect parents. They are good role models.We are big royal lovers. They would be very modern, especially in the way to before.The Queen might want to carry Prince t want to carry Prince George.They have positioned the brand. Kate and William and ate and William and Harry are enormously popular. They have a more informal and less remote image than traditional members of the royal family.The future of the Royal family into e Royal family into the 22nd century now rests with its youngest member. Coming up, after the break, our exclusive report from inside North Korea. Plus, presidential sympathy, George Bush Senior does his bit for leukaemia.

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The Vatican has made special mention of the Spanish rail disaster as the Pope tours South America. He says the victims and their families are in his prayers. Pope Francis is in Brazil, where he is warning against the legalisation of drugs. The Vatican officials say the Pope is deeply the Pope is deeply moved by the loss of life in Spain and he will be paying for the victims as he continues his duties are broad.

In Brazil, Pope Francis continued his two of his native Latin America with the Argentinian born leader as celebrity status. In rockstar fashion, he flew in by helicopter to celebrate his first public mass, in a rural area outside of Rio. His first place to visit, a crack addiction rehab centre. Narcotic abuse is a big problem facing the region, which has long suffered violent conflicts between rival drug trafficking gangs. Recently, the leaders of many Latin American countries suggest they might take a softer line on drugs. The Pope launched an unmissable attack on the drug trade and specifically targeted drug dealers.

Outside, his followers that up his every word. It was an almost festival atmosphere as pilgrims used the professionals. -- confessionals. The Church in Latin America is struggling to keep the faithful from straying to evangelical and Pentecostal churches that have sprung up mostly in shanty towns. Catholic leaders hope that Pope Francis will bring lost followers bring lost followers back to the group.

Chinese politician Bo Xilai is to become the highest-profile Communist official to be put on trial in the country for decades. He has been charged with bribery and abuse of power. Bo has not been seen in public for more than a year, following the scandal surrounding the death of British businessman Neil Heywood. The trial is expected to begin in midAugust.

An Indian court has, again, deferred the verdict in the trial of a teenager accused of taking part in the fatal gang-rape of a Delhi medical student. The 23-year-old woman died from internal injuries. The verdict has been delayed to fifth August because of a legal challenge.

And former US president George Bush has shaved his head to support the son of a member of his security detail who has leukaemia. This photo was released by Bush's office, showing the ex-president with 2-year-old Patrick. Bush and his wife, Barbara, lost their second child to leukaemia, 59 years ago.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made a rare appearance at a ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. US and Chinese war veterans joined their North Korean counterparts at a wreath-laying ceremony in Pyongyang's outskirts. SBS's Elise Potaka reports from Pyongyang.

This woman is paying tribute to the husband she g tribute to the husband she lost. She said he was killed in a military operation in 1996. This person was four when his father died. as four when his father died. He remembers his father dressing him up in a military uniform in a military uniform and he hopes to follow in his footsteps. His father is now buried here, alongside veterans of another military operation. We are at a cemetery in downtown Pyongyang. North Koreans have turned out in the best dressed to pay essed to pay respect to those who fell during the Korean War. The country's young leader officially opened the veteran Senator Ray. This is a start of four days of events marking the 60th anniversary of the armistice signed between the North and en the North and South. The agreement ended a war in which 10 million people died. ch 10 million people died. The same as in World War I. 42-year-old Kim says she has faith that the country is the leader will bring about reunification on the peninsula. She says all of the Korean people hope the North and South will soon be one again.

Family and supporters of Bali Nine members Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have released a last-minute bid for mercy from the Indonesian President. Unless Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono shows clemency, the two convicted Australian drug runners could be executed at any time.

Just imagine for one second, imagine what ne second, imagine what it would be like to be on death Row.A plea for mercy for the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Both were arrested in Bali 2005, caught trying to traffic are one into Australia. One year later, they were sentenced to death by firing squad.We are asking the Indonesian government to have mercy on Andrew nt to have mercy on Andrew Chan and Sukumaran. We believe that they can change.The ad coincides The ad coincides with the launch of the SBS miniseries 'Better Man' which tells the story of the last Australian to be executed overseas, Van Nguyen. He was sentenced to death for trafficking drugs in 2002.We have all seen the mugshot of this poor guy. Convicted in Singapore. We all read the newspaper headlines. But to get a good look at what was going on in this young Australian's life. Two the

-- he was hanged three years after his arrest, aged 25.Van Nguyen's mother says the show has opened old wounds. But Khoa Do says it is a story that is necessary.Right now, around the world, with many who are currently sitting in death Row.In 1999, John Trevor Kelly became the last man to be executed in NSW in Long Bay cuted in NSW in Long Bay jail. 26 years after, Australia got rid of the gallows. Amnesty International says at least 680 people were executed last year. The majority in the Middle East as will as the US. Experts say it is impossible to account for secret of -- executions, in countries like China and Syria. Singapore now allows judges to impose life imprisonment instead of the death penalty for certain drug-trafficking cases.

Those behind the miniseries hope that it will remind Australians of the lives still at stake. The only thing I can do is apologise. Andrew Chan and Sukumaran lost the final appeal see in 2011. Friends and family say they have reformed and are contributing to the prison community. By supporting the campaign, you are not giving drug traffickers a free kick but saying that people should not be killed for one terrible mistake.They have the Indonesian istake.They have the Indonesian President agrees. Mercy. Mercy.Mercy.

Part two of 'Better Man' airs next Thursday on SBS One. And you can find a survey To finance and the fallout from the Government's changes to the treatment of Fringe Benefits Tax on motor vehicles has gathered pace. Shares in Australia's biggest salary-packaging company, McMillan Shakespeare, have halved after it came out of a week-long trading halt. The company had requested an extended suspension until after the election, but that was rejected. The Opposition says it will keep the current FBT rules on cars.

Coming up, the weather. Australian and Japan in the football. Plus, China's real-life Rapunzel reveals her 2m-long locks.

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Japan has beaten Australia in the East Asian Cup. Australia fell behind in the 25th minute, unable to prevent Japan from scoring. Japan was a loud 10 minutes into the second half. This cures hit back in the 76 minutes, scoring two goals in as many minutes. It was not enough. Japan sealed the deal.


South Eastern

South Eastern and Central

South Eastern and Central States

will be

will be clear

will be clear and dry.

A real-life Rapunzel has turned heads in China, with 2.2m-long hair.

heads in China, with 2.2m-long

hair. The 40-year-old

hair. The 40-year-old woman has been growing her hair since she was 18, and it's now a full 57cm longer than her body. She says it takes one hour to wash and even longer to dry and tie up. But she has no plans to cut it.

And if you've had enough of the royal baby, how about a panda baby? A giant panda protection and research centre in China is celebrating a baby boom. Six giant pandas have been born since the end of June. Experts say June through September is the peak season for breeding. That's the world this Thursday. I'll be back with you at the same time tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

The Club Women of America are deeply
interested in clean motion pictures.

We must save our nation from decay

and deliver our children
from the horrors of perversion.

Sex is important as a language
in films

because it's a very revealing,
funny, complicated language.

It's universal.

So why not use every paint
in the paintbox?

Why not justtake that very rich
language and use it in film?

Anything that's taboo,

that's naughty,
that's nasty, that's dark,

that's mysterious, "the unknown",

all that stuff
makes great subject for cinema.

People really look forward
to seeing... how far will it go?

What will be shown?
What won't be shown?

An officer went undercover,

working as a film editor here
for three months.

He supplied the information.

Yesterday, detectives moved in
with warrants.

I'm like anybody else,

I want to see all my favourite
actresses with no clothes on.

I'm just like anybody else,
you know.

It's part of real life

and... why do we have to skip that
when we're making a movie?

I don't believe in any kind
of censorship whatsoever.

I think, living in a free country,
everybody should have the right

to decide what they want to see
and what they want to do.

I think the public will
finally wake up to the fact

they're being denied the opportunity
to read or see what they wish.

I think that's the real crime.

Why are we so interested
in seeing sex on screen?

It's primal,
it is as necessary as eating

and I think that it's important.

It is... it is part of our...
our souls.

Ugly sex situations, cheap jokes
and dirty dialogue are not wanted.

Our music, movies, television,
and advertising

regularly push the limits
of decency

and they bombard our children
with a destructive message

of casual violence
and even more casual sex.

From the dawn of cinema
there's always been sex in movies

and there's always been people
who want to control it.

As long as film has existed,

film-makers have been drawn
to showing illicit imagery.

It almost seems natural to want
to see what you can't normally see.

And so it's no wonder
that these images of women

just twirling around for 15 seconds

were big hits among the mostly, at
that time, male peep show attendees.

A lot of the stuff we think of today

as being kind of quaint footage from
the late 19th or early 20th century

was seen as kind of risque
at the time.

Part of the thrill of looking
through a little hole there

is to see something
you might not see.

Censorship was legal from the very
beginning of the film business.

When you saw the dancing
'Carmencita' or 'Fatima',

the short images were subject
to censorial control and review.

In the case of
'Fatima's Choochie-Choocie Dance',

they put a picket fence over
the gyrations of Fatima.

When 'The Kiss' came out in 1896,
some people were... were appalled.

It's a picture of, you know,
two people kissing.

And one critic said"Such things
demand police interference!"

You know, movies have always
been very powerful.

It's one thing to see
somebody kissing on stage,

it's a whole other thing
to see the image,

the May Irwin 'Kiss'
projected in a room

in front of, you know,
a couple of hundred people

with these enormous faces
and these enormous lips, you know.

So suddenly
you're dealing with something

that has an incredible power
to impact.

That's sort of what I imagine early
censorship issues to be about.