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Tonight, we waited, he came and now
he's got a name. Tony Abbott reveals asylum seeker plans. We catch up with True Blood star, Joe Mangeleno. I catch up with Toni Collette. It didn't go so smoothly.Is there a bathroom?You kidding? Good evening, welcome to The Project. We have Natasha Stott Despoja and Peter Helliar. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Now, very excited. A massive show. The thing I was looking forward to the most, your interview with Toni Collette. It's one of the gutsiest show business interviews I've seen. I don't think it's ever h happened in a shobiz interview what happened in that.I've never used the term "gutsy show biz interview before". I can't believe you walked out on it. Amazing.One of us is embarrassed and I don't think it's Toni Collette. In the news today - the name game is over and the bookies got it right, with George Alexander Louis revealed as the name nor a future king. The Duke and Duchess stuck with tradition for their 2-day old son who will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. The Australian Olympic Committee has asked for Stuart O'Grady's resignation from the athlete's Commission following the shock doping admission. A day after retirement, he confessed to using EPO before the 1998 Tour de France, tainting his record forever.He won't be remembered as a fantastic competitor that we ought thought he was. Instead he will be remembered as an athlete who has succumbed to the temptation of drugs.Matt Keenan is a leading cycling commentator who followed Stuart O'Grady's career very closely. Why has it taken Stuar the 15 years? Why did he wait until after his retirement to come clean?He retired because he was caught. It wasn't a case of Stuart O'Grady deciding to come out with this. The French Senate released a bunch of names from tests at the Tour de France 1998. They were tested in 2004. The names have been revealed. That is why Stuart O'Grady has made the announcement. That's why he decided to retire. I'm an Adelaide girl, and the city is pretty gutted. I understand also the AOC suggest that Stuart now lacks the integrity to be on the Athlete's Commission. Is that fair? That is fair. Integrity is the key. That's what we look for in role models, particularly sport. As much as he did dope, in 199, the fact he lied to us in that process, particularly throughout the last 6 months and it's taken this long for it to come out.What's the likelihood he doped more than once? I think it is fairly high. I don't believe that you go the first time into using EPO. I find it hard to take him at his based on what he has or hasn't told us in the past. Matt, don't ruin this for me. I was happy to believe his story and that was like one of the worst tours of all time for doping.It was.I any the guy pumping the tyres was on EPO.You've got to hit the tyres hard in the Tour de France. It's disappointing because he is a hero of the sport.Thank you for the cold hard truth.Glad to set you straight. I'm having trouble with this. I'm a massive Stuie fan. Adelaide is devastated.I touched that yellow jersey. I know his father and... You are tainted too, now. We will have to test you after the show. And police in Sydney are treating the discovery of a bomb at Campsie Police Station as an act of terrorism as they try to trace the author of a series of face threats. They believe the same people are behind an email sent to The Daily Telegraph and it the case is linked to the Muslim riots last year.It is a threat to police in general. That is a very serious situation. The Board of Essendon Football Club is meeting for crisis talks as Andrew Demetriou denies tipping off the club about Crime Commission investigations. Demetriou says he called Bombers President David Evans the night before the club went public but insists he didn't know the club was under scrutiny.I did ring him that night, I was returning his phone call. It was pbts tipping off David Evans about Essendon being the club, because we didn't know who the club was.Liverpool Football Club said it was humbled by the reception the team received at the MCG. The record breaking crowd of 95,000 fans saw the Reds beat Melbourne Victory 2-0 after a stirring rendition of the club's anthem, 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. # You'll never walk alone...

# You'll never walk alone... I was there, I had a tear in my eye. The most emotional theme song since 'Neighbours'. I was movered. I believe Shane Watson asked for a review and it turned out Liverpool won 14-0. My eight-year-old watched it. He said, "I'm going to cry u: he's a Manchester United fan.It was massive. A huge deal for the fans. They went crazy. S -- especially for an older crowd. There was plenty of laughs for Liverpool.No, it was like a beer Justin Bieber concert for grown, men and women in the best possible way.When you talk about a Justin Bieber concert for adults it's -- there is no best possible way. Everyone has been wondering how Tony Abbott and the Coalition would respond to Kevin Rudd's shift to the right on asylum seekers and today we found out. Here I thought that Tony Abbott's whole position on asylum seekers started and finished with "stop the boats". Now Kevin Rudd has stolen his thupbdzer, Tony has baked up something more extreme. Operation Sovereign Borders.It is a unified command and control structure with the military in command. This is a national emergency. We have to treat it as such. Abbott wants to appoint a 3-star military commander to lead a new joint agency task force with all the necessary resours of government at his or her command.When you have had almost 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat, you have a crisis on your borders.Then came a pledge, that in his first 100 days in office he will establish a new Sovereign Borders Command Centre, issue protocols for towing boats, increase the capacity of processing cepbtsers offshore and lease and deploy new vessels to relieve existing patrol ships. There is no word on the cost, but it doesn't sound cheap.In the end, the first responsibility of government is national security. If you don't control the borders to that extent you lose sovereignty over your nation.A tougher stance -- it the toughest stance on asylum seekers we've seen.He's sending out a message to muddy communications with people smugglers because for political leaders he would rather the government strategy didn't work. What are we seeing here? Is it too politicians in a race to the right? And is it a woordzer risk of putting a humanitarian issue as an invasion? We invited Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison to talk to us but they weren't available. Instead we're lucky to have 2GB broadcaster and friend of The Project, Steve Price. What is your take on the announcement? Do you think this policy existed two weeks ago or is it a response to Rudd's PNG deal? Well, guys, I think the most interesting aspect about today is that the Coalition has finally admitted that they can't simply keep saying that if we win the election, we will go back and implement what John Howard had prior to 2007. They've realised the emergency we have is now so serious and tonight we learn that there's three boats in 24 hours, and they know they have to do more. The offshore processing worked prior to 2007. It was torn up by Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd and now doesn't work, but you can't simply be living in the past and say, we'll go back and re-emu implement what John Howard did. They come up with their own plan and I think they've been working on it for some months.The sacred duty of our forces is to maintain national security at all times and learn have to work accordingly. Is this anything the military should be spending their time on? Did refugees annex Geraldton and I didn't know about it?I think the yus of the armed forces, their main role is to protect our borders. We have women and children drowning at sea on a daily basis and nothing has worked. We have Nauru, a $60 million smoking ruin, we have Manus Isleland uninhabitable and won't be used for months and the boats keep coming. Kevin Rudd says PNG will stop it. Let's hope he is right. Tony Abbott says the way he will do this is use a vertical command and he will make sure that he puts all of his energies into this. I mean t best example, Charlie, today, was the Captain Ahmed case, a people smuggler working in Canberra going around picking up shopping centre trollies and when a TV program exposed him, he went out to the airport and left the country. The various agencies just were not talking to each other.Tony Abbott hasn't discussed how much this will cost, but it doesn't sound cheap. No. Look, Manus Island is not cheap, and we have a $60 million bill in Nauru. But it has to be solved. I don't think the Australian public are worried about the cost. You can't tell what PNG deal is going to cost, there's no figures in that document either. I suppose what Tony Abbott has said is that we will get if there, you will find out out in our first budget but we will do something different. We will have an election on this issue. People are now going to make up their mind whether what's happened since 22007 through the 2010 is good enough, whether Kevin Rudd's new plan is the one that is going to stop this or Tony Abbott's plan will stop it. Steve, on the issue of the election, I mean, some of us are sick and tired of asylum seekers used as a political football. You are a broadcaster, speaking to people, how do you think the electorate is weighing up these competing policies? Where do they stand? What do they think?It's a magsive issue. It's bigger than I think the politicians are prepared to admit, particularly in places like Western Sydney. It's the biggest talkback issue in the country at the moment. People want the problem solved. There's a lot of compassion for people who come here who are genuine refugees, but governments, all the way from Julia Gillard through to Kevin Rudd and now the challenge is out for Tony Abbott, have not been able to solve this problem, and the electorate is saying - fix it, we're sick of people suffering and dying, you have to fix it. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) I don't necessarily agree with everything Steve said. This policy, Team Australia World Police, or whatever it was came out today... (LAUGHTER) .. ... (LAUGHTER)
... This follows the PNG policy that shocked everyone. I don't know about you, but I think enough is enough. Like, no-one I know is calling for this sort of policy and they're throwing a staggering amount of money at things that are not working. Deterrent has been proven not to work. The blow-out at the moment for the immigration stuff is $10.7 million, before you take PNG into account. Before we had this new Abbott solution, we may as well bomb the boats with cash and see if that does the trick, and what blows my mind is our politicians, we don't have enough hospital beds. We don't pay our nurses enough. We are haggling over whether we fund education properly in this country, and I've just, I hope my children have a good enough education to see through lines like this, and to see through nonsense like this, and to see that these are not leaders, these are followers pretending to be leaders right now. (APPLAUSE) It's been announced that Operation Sovereign Borders will be the next Call of Duty game. (LAUGHTER) We asked you what you thought - who has the better asylum seeker policy? 35% said Kevin Rudd, and 18% Tony

I want to say I formed my policy before I formed that poll.You would never be a politician then. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Coming up, the bare facts of graffiti vandalism and the decision any parent would struggle with. What would you do when you want what's best for your kid?People see them in their comair and they don't see anything other than the chair. They don't realise the feelings that these guys are natural

Welcome back. When it comes to disability rights, sexual expression doesn't usually spring to mind. A new short film screening at the Melbourne Film Festival is shineing a light on the often taboo topic. A warning the following story discusss issues of sexuality. It's the small budget Aussie flick hoping to make a big impression. It's about a woman who is forced to face her own sexuality when her son with cerebral palsy asks to lose his virginity for his birthday. Charlie, happy birthday. Nice to meet you.Human touch are things most of us take for granted but for people with a disability it's not always that easy.I think my son deserves real love, someone who cares.Of course he does, but he also deserves affection. Everyone deserves to feel touch. While the characters may not be real, they're moving stories -- their moving stories are. Mark is confineed to a wheelchair and can't speak. His cerebral palsy makes dating a challenge. I have a dating service on the Internet.His mind is as sharp as a tack, always has been. Those eyes have been what has kept us going all these years.When Mark was 19, his mum Elaine realised and recognised his need for intimacy. People do see them sitting in their chair and they don't see anything other than the chair. They don't realise the feelings that these guys are natural feelings.Like many mums, elane would have preferred to avoid her son's sex life altogether. His affliction forced her hand. So, bravely, she navigateed the unfamiliar world of the sex industry on his behalf. Sex workers were something that no- one really talked about, you know, it was a private thing.As were brothels.The first one I took Mark to wasn't wheelchair accessible, I had to carry him up from stairs. As soon as I got up the stairs I burst into tears. Now that are accessible. It was a difficult experience but was easier with time and opened a new world for mother and son.In the older days I used to have them come to my place. You become quite friendly with the girls. You have cupings of tea and things like that. Mark is now 49 and lives independently. Mark can have someone come to the house here, and it makes it a lot easier. He has his privacy, which is better for him, and so I don't have to be involved like I was before.It's a private journey the pair has openly shared with the film-makers behind The Gift. So, too, has Sydney sex worker, Saul. We have a shared understanding of what it is like to experience marriageisation and stigma, like people of disability do.Saul runs Touching Base, an organisation that connects people of disabilities with sex workers.It is a psychological benefit reported by the clients who are accessing workers.Saul and Mark say films like The Gift play an important role in recogniseing the rights of people with a disability in every respect. In many ways Mark is a groundbreaker for others in his situation.Perhaps society will see how important it is for people with disability to have their sexual needs met.We hope The Gift reaches people that really had not thought about sex and disability and how important it is and how often it is denied. (APPLAUSE) What a great film. As parents it would be so easy to put your head in the sand and not want to deal with it. I take my hat off, that's unconditional love.Enlightened parents.You can head to the website. Coming up - Clive Palmer gets the thumbs up for a dinosaur park. Do some workers earn less for being a woman? He is one werewolf you wouldn't run away from.

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Welcome back. A factory fire in Queensland happened, and this firefighter kept things straight forward.About 10:30pm we got a call from security guards about a factory fire and smoke and flame issuing from the property here in Robina.

Welcome to our next guest. The vampire hit True Blood is well known for the cast of hottys. The dial was turned to 11 when this bloke joined the pack.Sorry. Joe Manganiello has been on the blood-sucking series for four seasons and his star keeps rising. He got pulses racing in last year's smash, Magic Mike. And on the talk show circuit. Now it's Australia's turn to see what all the fuss is about. With Joe in Sydney for the Astra awards, it's a bad time to bring him out, because he will be clothed. He seems much more comfortable with his togs off. Please welcome, People Magazine's 2012's Sexiest Man on Television, though he's a human being with feelings and emotions like anyone else, Joe Manganiello. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) It's tiny feelings, not much.Now, we are going to ask about your acting and movies and TV shows in a second. Is it true, I read somewhere the last time you were in Australia, you were a roadie with a rock band?That's true. In 2005 I toured Australia as a roadie for the rock band Goldfinger.You enjoyed being a roadie enough to quit that and go and be a superstar. Yeah, I got tired of throwing drunk Australian kids off the stage. Maybe it was the show at Brisbane, how rowdy they were in Brisbane, that made me realise I didn't want to do this the rest of my life.And True Blood is a huge success. You play a werewolf, a sexy one, I might add. Is it true when you were a kid you used to pray to God to become a werewolf?That is true. When I was a young kid I had these weird ideas at Catholic Elementary School. I heard the nuns say if you prayed hard enough God would answer you. What I took that to mean is if I prayed with all my height that God would turn me into a werewolf it would happen. It didn't happen at the time I was disillusioned with the Catholic Church result. -- as a result.Imagine my surprise, 25 years later, when I got that call, yeah, you will be a werewolf, you know. (LAUGHTER) There's a lot of sex scenes in True Blood. How do you get around not showing too much? Are there special things you use? (LAUGHTER)Yes. Well, for hygiene purposes, I guess, at the least. Women wear what's called 'can the Patch', boy tss wear 'The Sock', fastened with a draw string. You have to make sure all your bits are in the sock constantly to make sure that it doesn't cause any... Ah... Unnecessary friction?Yeah. You've got to do what you can to keep the patch on.Is a sock adequate for you, or do you need a Christmasing?I use a leg warmer. (LAUGHTER) Thank you for all those visuals. You set them up and I will knock them down.Some True Blood fans are pretty serious about the show. Have you had any interesting or crazy experiences with the fans?Yes. I have really interesting fan encounters all the time. I just came from a big huge sci-fi convention in sand yay go. I had my latest fan encounter where we speak on a panel in front of about 5,000 fans every year. The roar is deafening when you walk out on the stage, and this year when the cheering subsided, this one lone husky male voice, I think in the vein of Buffalo Bill from 'Silence of the Lambs', said, "Joe, I love you". I almost expected the follow- up to be, you know, "Put the lotion in the basket". It's the deepest, most husky male voice I have ever heard. "I love you". If I wind up missing some time after this interview, I'm - I'm probably chained up in his basement. If you are in that situation, make sure you put the lotion in the basket. He gets very annoyed by that. He gets the hose again.No-one wants the hose again. Speaking of the hose again, you were in Magic Mike as well. (LAUGHTER) It was fantastic. It's safe to say in that film you brought a lot to the table. I want to ask - was stripping a new thing for you, or was it something else you did as well as being a roadie back in the day.Stripping professionally?Just for friends. Oh. Yeah, I do that all the time. Yes, I've never had, I don't know what it is with women in uniforms. I had so many requests for that fireman suit after that night.And next time you're in Australia, we would love you to visit us and be on the desk. Can you promise that? I'm in, let's do it. On the desk? Is that what you said, on top of the deskUp on the desk, yeah. Outfit of a fireman optional. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) I wonder if he does interviews where he doesn't get asked about nudity?I don't think so.If you've joined us, here is a recap of today's headlines. As Opposition Leader Tony Abbott unveils a military-led refugee plan, xp immigration Minister Tony Burke insists the processing cepbtser on Manus can cope with the increase of detainees. The AOC says it will sack Stuart O'Grady from its Athletes Commission if he doesn't resign following his admission of drug use at the 1998 Tour de France. Police in Victoria are investigating after a Bandidos outlaw bikie gang clubhouse was firebombed. The world's most famous baby has a name. George Alexander Louis will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Billionaire Clief Palmer has been given the green light to build the world's biggest dinosaur park on the Sunshine Coast. It will have 160 replica dinosaurs on display. The kounkpril says the project will be classic, subtle and small. (LAUGHTER) That is odd. At the moment it looks more, big, and slightly tacky. (LAUGHTER) And he's bringing back the Titanic, making Jurassic Park. Next week he will announce he will bring Arnold Swartzeneggar back to the future. Leave 1990s films alone.I thought he was doing Steven Spielberg films and your next joke may not have been in good taste. (LAUGHTER)Now, Kevin Rudd was responding to Tony Abbott's asylum policy, but he used a Kevin Rudd, a K-Rudd special to make sure everyone was ready for him to speak in his own special style.Tell us when you're ready to rock and roll folks. (LAUGHTER) Yes, Kev, we're ready to rock and roll. Tell us your response to Operation Sovereign Border?He has a new 3-word slogan, I think it's called 'Operation something or other', now we have two 3-word slogans, "stop the boats" and "operation something or other".Our Prime Minister has ADD. (LAUGHTER) Australia says the pay gap is leaving women with substantially less superannuation than men. Research shows that it is not because of working less. Do you think that women work less because we work less or spend more time out of the workforce, think again. We earn less because we get paid less. When we retire we end up with far less super than men. Women in the Australian workforce earn on average $250 less per week than men. That is partly because more women work part-time, partly because we're over-represented in low- paying industries and because we do the lion's share of child rearing. Women are disadvantaged when they take time off to have children to care for their children to work part-time.But a big part of the pay gap is straight up discrimination. Even in a one-to- one comparison, chicks are getting dud dd. Fulltime jobs in sales, admin, labour and management pay 25% less if you happen to have ovaries. A woman who works fulltime with no interruptions will retire with $200,000 less than the average man. For those who end up caring for kids or elderly parents, that can balloon to as much as $600,000. Our research shows that even when women don't have children and work through their lives, that in retirement they still have less superannuation earnings than men and that is primarily because of the jepbdzer pay gap.But if more women than men take on the role of primary carer, isn't that a choice? Perhaps, but if the choice -- it's a choice shaped by deeply ingrained factors, not to mention biology.We accept this major inequality and say well, you know, that's because women choose to have babies.So next time you hear the gender gap is because of women's choices, ask yourself - would you choose to be a woman in the workplace? # She works hard for the money

Often women at the same level don't know what men are paid at that level. It's interesting n Portugal for one mrpbt of the year, companys have to publish in their reception the pay-rates of men and women at the same level. That is an idea. The other thing that is that historically we undervalue the skills that women have, even when they are doing the same work as men. Obviously big part of this is culture and to change that, diligence and time, but is there something structural we can do? Can we enforce more transparency, change superannuation rules, change the workplace?I think what we could do around superannuation, superannuation rewards people who work fulltime across a 25-30 year period. That is ordz nairly men who do that. So, what other countries are doing is they are looking at supplementing superannuation through what they are calling a caring credit scheme. That is to reward women for the unpaid caring work they do. So that the Government would make notional credits into a superannuation account when women or men step out of paid work to either care for children or indeed care for their parents as well. That's where all our caring responsibilities are growing. That would be one really significant structural change which would make a difference.Liz, what about individual solutions? Women who are watching at home, what can they do to try to get themselves a better deal?You are almost caught between a rock and a hardplace. You go in and you negotiate like a man and it's, she's so aggressive. But what I say to women is, to really do the research to know what it is that, what the market value of a particular role is. That would be one thing. The other thing is, talented women across this country - there shr are so many - we should go to organisations that actually do a gender pay audit. There are many organisations that are starting to do that. They are looking at pay recommendations from a gender perspective, and they are identifying where there is a mis- match and then actually doing something about it. I think smart organisations need to do that more, and smart women need to say well, that's where I want to work.On behalf of all women, thank you for blazing this trail. (APPLAUSE) I agree with what Liz is saying. Don't undervalue yourself if you are a female out there. I say you push, push, push for gender equality. If a company has something to hide, when you need to push that you see, why that male is getting paid more for you, and we shouldn't be undervalued and we shouldn't be disadvantaged to take time off to raise a family. It has so many implications for other aspects of equality in society. Imagine if we did value unpaid work in the home, what that would do to GDP? Just a thought for you. Mums out there. I think if you want to chat about you and Charlie's pay, that is an off-air discussion. I mean, I've been here since... The start.We will take a break. Coming up Carolyn Kennedy sets out on the big stage why this spells trouble with a capital T and she is a home-grown acting juggernaut. I chat with the delightful Toni Collette.

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Welcome back.

To some more knew. Two men have been charged with murder after being arrested in a series of carefully planned raids in the SA town of Mount Gambia. They are accused of killing Gordon Hann who was abducted at gunpoint near the Victorian border last week. And Julian Assange confirmed he is running for the Senate, though the is stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. In launching the campaign, WikiLeaks revealed it is adopting the slogan once used by the Australian Democrats, 'Keep The Bastards Honest". We didn't need a secret document dump to know that they were ripping that.There is no copyright in politics. I'm a Democrat and environmentalist, I'm all for recycling. Julian Assange recorded the message for his candidates. He's obviously still in the Ecuadorian Embassy. I think he may have missed an opportunity here. Well, it's 3:200am here in London. And tonight the embassy, it's surrounded by police.

Get out now. (LAUGHTER) This is your opportunity. Haven't you seen an episode of Scooby Doo? You're supposed to go now. (LAUGHTER) Now what else is making news - nearly 80 people have been killed and more than 130 injured in one of Europe's worst rail disasters. An 8-carriage train dwe railed and caught fire in North Western Spain. Authorities believe the crash is a tragic accident rather than an act of terrorism. Amateur vision of a hot air balloon crashing to a lake near Amsterdam reveals it was a lucky escape for the balloon's ten passengers and pilot. They'd been blown off course and only two of them suffered minor injuries as the basket hit the water. Former First Daughter, Caroline Kennedy, has been given a plum diplomatic role as a reward for helping put Barack Obama in the White House. He wants her to be the next US Ambassador to Japan. She will be the first woman to hold the post at a time when relations with Asia will shape US foreign policy like never before. A quick-thinking colleague has helped this crocodile trainer keep his head after a giant croc snapped its jaws struck during a live show at a Thai reptile park. The 27-year-old walked away with large bite marks on his face and neck.

Is he going, "I don't know what went wrong? I put my head in the mouth of a crocodile".

mouth of a crocodile".
Probably shouldn't have done that. Another story - the Pope is in Rio at the moment. I can understand what a crazy croc guy bumped him out of the global stories. But it is a huge deal obviously. He got the welcome he deserved.With tens of thousands of people giving the pontiff a rock star treatment. He has the groupies there, look. Hey! But at the end of the day, he's a little bit... He's... He's buggered. We forget almost, he's like the age of my grand dad. He's old. Can we get him a better chair? A wooden chair. Look at that. He deserves a recliner. I'm captivateed by this. There are so many shades to this Pope. The clip you showed before, can we get that back. I don't know if he is a rock star as much as a professional wreck ler before the pipe. 'The Popinator'. Got to take a break. We'll be back. You can catch up on all the episodes, exclusive guest interviews and give us your views on the news online. And check out our competition page and get involved writing a scene for the Whitsung -- Whitsundays Crowd Surfing project.

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# Don't stop thinking about tomorrow about
tomorrow Welcome back. Charlie, you caught up with Toni Collette. How did that go?Well, I think the interview speaks for itself. Let's just say going into it I was not in a good way. Oscar nominee Toni Collette has done many interviews over her career, including a great chat with Hughesy last year. This time we sent a appeal-faced Charlie. It didn't all go to plan. Is there a bathroom here?Are you kidding?Yeah, I'm so sorry.More on that shortly. You know what you are getting from Toni Collette. That is a great performance by her in a Brit yant film. The Way Way Back is no exception.This is my son. Check out his moves. Enjoy therapy.A coming of age story that aims for the heart and the funny bone. It is about a shy 14-year-old named Duncan, who on a summer trip with his mum and her new boyfriend finds his place in the world, helped by the manager of a water park. This conversation was entirely about her.In town for a whirlwind tour, I sat down with Tony -- Toni for a chat and a serious place of food poisoning.I'm so glad you liked it. It was so brilliantly written and characters were flawed and trying to make life work in their own peculiar way and Duncan is, you know, guy who goes along on a

She'.Alison She's brilliant.Is she as lovable off the screen?Yes. She is so intensely likeable, and yes, she is adorable.

I remember someone walked in the room and I burst into tears. He had grown so much. I realise you, you care for them. You have this experience with them. Sometimes there is residual care.Then it all went pear-shaped. Can you hang on one second, sorry, is there a bathroom, I'm sorry, I have food poisoning. This is bad. Are you kidding? You poor bastard. I'm so sorry. Oh. Sweetheart, why didn't you cancel? (LAUGHTER) I'mUGHTER) I'm so sorry. It's the worst.I can't believe you're out of bed. Well, I really wanted to talk to you about the movie. Here is where I came good. Did you grow up in a family that would get in a car and...Down to Kiama, caravan, spend is whole time on the beach, with not enough cover-up on. I have fond memories of that experience. This is that kind of notion, this wonderful sense of everyone going out, but it all goes wrong.He calls me, and said, "Who says that so somebody". You, my friend are going your own way.It's 20 years since 'Muriel's Wedding'?I know, weerdz.Is that wrong bringing that up?It is a long time, we're all living until it's over.Looking back at that film and the things you got to do...?That still opened up a can of worms. But I am really thankful. I really am. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Charlie, you looked like crap in that interview.I was not well. She was so lovely about the whole thing. It was remarkable she continued to answer questions.Her reaction was 100% pure Toni Collette. "You poor bastard". Can I say, separate to everything else, the movie, The Way Way Back is one of the best films I've seen in years. Steve Carell, not a fun nir thing, a mean character. It is an incredible movie. It is in cinemas August 1. Now some look at some commercials to sell some products to you. Tomorrow, 60 years on from the end of the Korean War, 15 Aussie veterans are making a pilgrimage to remember the mates they served with and those who paid the ultimate price. It's news, but not as you know it, The Project.

Welcome back. The offenders of trains don't seem concerned with a crackdown. One brazen bandit posted a video of himself online spray-painting a carriage in the nude. You can laugh, but this makes me very angry. We have hardworking staff behind the scenes of The Project. They had to blur your private bits out. When you are spraying the trains, and you you are nude, spray your own bits. Save us some time. (LAUGHTER) That's the show. Thank you to Natasha Stott Despoja and her Peter Helliar. Good night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -


on MasterChef Australia,

we're out and about
for a special seaside MasterClass.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Matt shares the news of the day...

One day, you're in the paper,
next day, you're just chip wrapping. he whips up
a zesty tartare sauce.

But there's something missing.

Where's the fish?!

And you won't believe Gary's
secret ingredient

for the best batter in the business.

This looks like a Gary secret.
(WHISPERS) Don't tell everyone.

And then George
serves a special whiting dish.

Very delicate.

Gary makes mussels
for some local heroes.

George and top chef Aaron Turner

tempt us with
a sensational snapper creation.

Your cooking is unbelievable
and beautiful.

And Matt gets serious with his
meat loaf recipe for cheats.

I would normally serve it
with lots of green vegetables.


Would you?

SONG: # 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You don't really want to stay, no

# But you don't really want to go-o

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #



Ooh, what's that noise?

Oh, look at them!



Thank you, boys and girls.
MATT: Thanks a lot, guys.

Thank you, guys.
How's this? Barwon Heads!

Beautiful, isn't it?

I think we need to get cooking.



Ah! How you doing?

Isn't it nice to get out and about?

ALL: Yeah.

Beautiful Barwon Heads,
Bellarine Peninsula,

and we're at a little place
called At the Heads, strangely,

because...we're at the heads.

It's gorgeous, isn't it?

A lot of Melburnians spend most of
their summer down on this coastline,

and it is gorgeous.

MATT: Mmm, including me. (CHUCKLES)
Including you.

Hence why...
What's this?!

Hence why I'm representing
my surf club, Point Lonsdale,

which is just...just over there.

So, big week. Massive, massive week.

Samira, you're back in.

We are pleased.
Thank you.

We are really, really pleased.
Thank you.

And Rishi. Rishi.

How's the pin? How's the bling?

It's awesome.

Does it make you feel
you can win this baby now?
It does.

You've gotta start fixing your mind
on the fact that you're gonna win.

For the rest of you,
other than Rishi and Emma,

you don't have immunity pins,

so you've got your work cut out,
you really do.

(FALSETTO) Oh, no!
I'm really scared!

Tough gig.

On a brighter note,
what are we cooking?

You are cooking something special.

I'm gonna show the guys how to
cook a little bit of whiting

and do a little smoky bacon
mayonnaise using oysters.

You also have to go foraging, with
one of the Bellarine's best chefs.

Yep, exactly.
Sounds great.

I'm gonna to a little twist
on battered fish,

and also a great mussel dish.

George, you need to go
and put your whites on.

Gary, you need to go
and get some beer!


I may...or may not come back.
And what are you making?

He may or may not cook with it,
either. (CHUCKLES)

And what are you doing?
I'm gonna do something new.


We'll leave you to it.

But, before that, I'm gonna change
out of my wet things. bum's a bit damp.

If you're gonna have a proper day
at the beach, you've gotta have...

NEHA: Fries.

ALL: Oh!


Let this be a salutary lesson
to all of you -

one day, you're in the paper,
next day, you're just chip wrapping.


You can't have chips
without a tartare sauce,

so I'm gonna show you,

in this new section
which is called The Essentials,

a tartare sauce
that is just deadset easy.

So, we'll get under way.

First thing we're gonna do
is blend up a couple of pickles.

I'm gonna put
about 30 grams of capers in,

and then I'm also going to leave
some I'm gonna put in whole,

'cause like these
little bursts of flavour.

Right. Now, all we want
is a little coarse rubble.

Get yourself close to it, like that.

I want to make sure
we leave a bit of texture in there.

That's pretty darn good.

Now what I'm gonna do
is put a bit of salt in there,

and bowl. we've got
our chopped bits and pieces,

and add about 200 mils
of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise, especially the whole-egg
mayonnaise you buy in the shops -

quite thick,
and they're quite unctuous,

so just a bit of lemon juice,
to add a bit of acidity.

Now, the final thing -
some beautiful chopped dill.

Parsley -

quite a lot of it, 'cause I LOVE
the colour it's gonna give.

And, again, it makes you feel
a little less guilty

about eating all that mayonnaise

because, of course,
that's fresh and green and herby.

And then some more capers,

so you get those little bursts
of flavour when you eat them.

Stir it in, loosen it up.

Sterilised jar.

You know the deal -
in the oven, lids in boiling water.

And then here we go. A little bit...

So, there we have
Matt's simple tartare sauce.


There's something missing.

Chips and tartare
make perfect sense,

but where's the fish?!

More importantly,
where's the beer, Gary?

You said you were getting beer.

Oh, there you go.

ALL: Oh!

So, you're gonna make a beer batter.

Classic beer batter, for me -
fish and chips...

I look at that, and I just go...

Even those fishermen
and the kids on the end of the pier,

fish and chips - amazing.

Now, local beer, from Queenscliff.
Yeah, look at that.

So, this fish, from out there?
Caught off the pier.

Beautiful flathead.

What is this strange
pinky-orangey stuff here?

This looks like a Gary secret.

That is a Gary secret, alright?

And don't tell everyone...