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Hello, I'm James McHale and thanks for joining me for this national edition of ABC News. Today - the Coalition launches its solution to the aslyum seeker problem.Operation Sovereign Borders, the Opposition coins a name for its proposed policy and recruits a former senior defence officer to help explain it. Terrorism ruled out in a deadly train disaster in Spain. Naming day, introducing Prince George Alexander Louis and a day after retire, Australian cyclist Stuart O'Grady admits to being a drug cheat.Tony Abbott has upped the stakes in the debate over aslyum seeker boats. He's launched a new policy which doubles as a kind of military operation. It's called Operation Sovereign Borders, a plan to have a senior military commander in charge of the aslyum seeker response. The Government's dismissing its as garbage,.This is what Tony Abbott calls a national emergency, the aslyum seekers are still coming and he's looking to a military solution.This is one of the most serious external situations that we have faced in many a long year, that's why it must be tackled with decisiveness, with urgency,.The Coalition's dubbed it Operation Sovereign Borders, a plan to bring together more than a dozen departmentses and agencies under a single command structure. It will be led by a senior military officer, overseen by the Immigration Minister.Operation Sovereign Borders is about having a clear mission, a clear chain of command and a clear policy framework for doing that.In the first 100 days of an Abbott Government a joints agency task force and headquarters would be set up. Optional details to turn back boats would be finalised. Capacity at offshore processing centres would be increased and boats would be hired to deal with passenger transfers freeing up military ships, all designed to bring Howard era results in a first term, stopping the botss almost.For the last five years of the Howard Government, aslyum seeker boats averaged three a year.We now have three, two three word slogans, stop the boat s operation somp something or other.The command structure has been tried and it failed.It didn't work, which is why we had to reform that structure so they're going back to the old days, it is just complete garbage disglmplts Kevin Rudd's accusing Tony Abbott of sabotaging the Government's Papua New Guinea solutionThe Coalition's also copping criticism for Papua New Guinea's PM who's accused Tony Abbott and his colleagues of misrepresenting a briefing he gave them last week.I don't particularly appreciate being misrepresented by others for their own political interest.What he said in private was entirely consistent with what he said in public.Mr Abbott demonstrates that he is not capable of working with our regional partners.Tony Abbott insist he has a good relationship with PM O'Neill, he's also confirmed a Coalition Government would work to retain a least part of Kevin Rudd's aslyum seeker agreement with Papua New Guinea.The PM of the Solomon Islands is leaving the door open to the possibility of his country hosting an aslyum seeker processing centre. But he says his nation must first consider its obligations to refugees and aslyum seekers and whether its can successfully absorb them into the communities.The Solomon Islands has had its fair share of trouble. A bitter five year civil conflict ended only after intervention by regional troops and police. But the local force says it's now well prepared. And put on a show for Pacific leaders. Having benefitted from neighbourhood help, the Solomons Government now wants to play its part in addressing regional problems such as people smugglers. That may or may not include hosting an aslyum seeker processing centre.How do you actually absorb these refugees in the long-term. How can they fit in very well within the society and so forth but these are development issues and it is not one nah you can just react with.The fact is he sees a regional problem with people smugglers and he wants Solomons to be part of a regional solution and that's good for usAustralia's Foreign Minister was in Honiara for celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of RAMSI, the Australian-led regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands.While this is a celebration of all that RAMSI has achieved every the last ten year, the PM of the Solomon Islands says the biggest test is still to come.The real test is what we do after RAMSI has left. That will test whether we pull together as a nation or crumble once again into individual microcosms that cannot form togetherRAMSI will complete its military withdrawal next month. A police training con-I think theents will stay for another four years. Some locals are worried.We would like RAMSI to say for another two or three, five, ten years, like that, so there won't be any problemBut overall there's hope that with ongoing support the Solomons can stand on its own feat.Spain is reeling after its worst train disaster in a recent years. At least 69 people are dead and up to 130 more injured after a high speed passenger train derailed in the country's north-west.It's a gruesome search for rescue workers. Desperately seeking survivors among the remnants of train carriages still billowing with smoke. TRANSLATION: The derailment was very violent. A train carriage landed off the track and at the moment we still don't know what caused this incident.I heard an explosion and when I I arrived one carriage was already over the road. The neighbours all came over and we began to get scared because one of the fireman said it might explode so we moved back and then it was OK, so we went back again.A spokesman for the State-owned train operator has confirmed an investigation is under way. It's believed more than 200 people were on boards the train when it left the rails on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela in the country's north. It has been travelling from Madrid to the coastal town of Ferrol with many of the victims travelling to make the most of a public holiday. TRANSLATION: As you can imagine all events for the local festival have been cancelled and some buildings will be fitted out for the families. They'll probably become multipurpose facilities.Injured sursz have been rushed to the local hospitals, more than 1,000 people already responding to appeals for blood donations. Spain's PM will visit the site and has taken to Twitter to ex-please his solidarity with the victims.A senior Catholic Church official has returned to the NSW inquiry into alleged church coverups for his seconds day of evidence. Father Brian Lucas yesterday admitted he didn't take allegation aboutment issed paedophile priests to police.Father Brian Lucas is back in the witness stand today. He's a very powerful man in the Catholic Church. He's the hid of the Australian bishops conference and he's already told the inquiry that it was his job to persuade suspected paedophile priests to leave the ministry. He said he did that with about 35 different priests but he can't recall how many of those made admiltion of sexual abuse to him. He specifically being asked about within of the two dead paedophile priests who this inquiry is focussing on. Denis was relocated to Western Australia after being defrocked and he later went to the Philippines where he was able to act as a priest. Council assisting has asked father Lucas how was it possible that after you interviewed this man and talked to him he was still able to act as a priest in the Philippines and father Lucas blamed the priest in the Philippines for not doing the appropriate checks. However, he did admit that it would have been more reasonable and logical to send a message out throughout the church that this man was a suspected paedophile and that therefore he one a danger to children. Another interesting day of evidence here at the Newcastle hearing.The third in line to the British throne will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. His full name will be George Alexander Louis. The announcement was made after the new born was taken to his mother's childhood village outside London.By gorge he has a name. George Lex His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, all names with strong recognisal link, George was the book marks' favourite a tribute to the reigning Queens father and the name of the patron saint of England. Alexander is the name of three Kings of scond a noteable choice ahead of that nation's vote on independence and Louis features in Prince William's name, a nod forwards the family's late beloved relative Lord Louis Mountbatten.It's a sort of heroic name and this is a way of honouring the Queen because it's naming the baby after her father.What better name than George? It's absolutely beautiful. And we're happy for them.Louis sounds a bit French but George Alexander sounds good, yeah.Prince George will not have to use his first name when he takes the throne. The announcement came after his great grand mother's first visit. At a reception the niekts before the Queen spoke of her delight about the new prince with this comment about his size.Enormous dhieldz.Then after just one night at Kensington Palace, and with the media still camped outside, Prince George escaped the big city to travel to his mother's family home in Bucklebery 8308 kilometre west of London. There's speculation he and the Duchess will stay with the Middletons after Prince William returns to work in two weeksBy autumn is family is expected to move into its own apartment here at Kensington Palace after renovations that have already cost taxpayers $1.5 million. The funds are to upgrade a place that no doubt holds good memories for Prince William, his childhood home, a place he believes can protect his new son George. President Obama has accused his Republican opponents of blocking his attempts to revitalise the US economy. The President is taking his message across the country in a series of speeches blaming Congressional Republicans for what he calls an endless parade of ditsz tractions.We'll need Republicans in Congress to set aside short term politics and work with me to find common ground.Washington is preparing for a new round of battles over Government spending and the debt ceiling. Republicans say Americans don't need more speeches, they need more ons.The share market has closed flat thin trade.?


IsWith more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, all of which vote, the small business sector is being wooed by both the Labor Government and the Opposition. The NAB small business summit winds up in Brisbane today and Ticky Fullerton tick joins me for more on that. Is there anything new on offer from either side?There certainly is. The summit opened with the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman stating that SMEs are battered and bruised, that's small to medium enterprises and he was talking about pulling back on a raft of regulations but there were a number ompb things that have come up, Small Business Minister Gary Grey announced yesterday he will be moving against scammers that targets small business, this is something that small business has been going on about not just for months but for year, that the franchises for instance that put made in Australia around ugg boots not made in Australia at all and the idea is that these scammers will now face fines and be obliged to act legally in good faith. Interestingly the position on the changes to FBT on cars I I spoke to the he'd of the peak body and Peter Strong said he didn't think it was going to have the impact, negative impact, on small business that some might think. Labor want to make the NBN a big issue for small business buzz they maintain that the Coalition's policy means small businesses would have to pay $5,000 to independently connect to the NBN whereas the Coalition says most of the small business also be able to hook up through business districts where the pipe will go. So that's another issue. Pard parental leave, the Greens are now supporting pretty Melbourne Cup the Opposition's policy which would be funded by 1.5% of a big tax on business, now small business still feel that that's a bits of a concern at least from an admin point of view.Where is the small business sector vote likely to end up on election day?I think traditionally you'd say have to say that they're more in tune with the dykes, the they're a natural fit with a lot of things they're talking afnlts announcements as well on compulsory super and small businesses be able to send their super straight to the Tax Office rather than getting confused with all the different funds. They quite like the way Labor is Dutching themselveses with this prompt pate Eddie Obeid from small big business. There's a lot of Duchesses to go on.And there'll be more on those stories at 8:30 on News 24 or after Lateline on ABC 1. It's been just over a week since changes to the fringe benefit tax were announced but the car industry says hundreds of jobs have already been lost. Today there's a warning the knock-on effect is only just being felt, with more job losses inevitable. The President of the Australian salary packaging industry association and runs one of the firms affected.The industry right now basically had stalled. We have no new vehicle orders coming through the system so if there's no orders there's no jobs for those consultants and those sales people, the procurement people, it will be just the tip of the iceberg right now. It's not a tax loophole. Went it's a legitimate practice that's been in place for over 27 years and the comments by the assistant Treasurer yedz that it's been rorted and promoted as a rort is totally irresponsible and out of line.A new study has found women main they not need to have pap smers every two years. Researchers from the University of NSW reviewed 20 yearses of cancer data from Australia, New Zealand and England. They found pap smears every three years picked up the same rate of cervical cancer and had the same rate z as Mr Frequent screening. Deaths havele fall beneby h 44% since the scheme was introduced. Jean 'cause yis, tls awetor famous for Pride and Prejudice and many other classic novel also amp on a new £10 noit in Britain. The Governor of the Bank of England need the announcement.Jane Austen said it was truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. The new Birmingham Governor doesn't need a wife, but the bang has been in want of a great women and she is. There's been a parade of Britain's great and good on our bank notes since the 70s but since 1994 only one woman , the social reformer e-Liz best Fry. What ten bank announced a new Winston Churchill note they were surprised to find it caused quite a stink. The new Jane Austen ten pounds note announce announce dad will get a woman back into circulation but only from 2017. Why sit you think that you've taken this so much more seriously than your predecessor?The issue was that it created a misimpression that there would be a scenario or there might be a scenario where there was female on any of the four notes that we publish. We listened, we heard those concerns, and we acted quickly to make an announcement which we would have made in any event.The woman leading the campaign to keep females on our bank notes says the bank wasn't returning her calls before Mark Carney arrive fd. He asked to meet her on his first day.For me the important thing about the whole campaign was for them to change the decision-making process because that's which we keep getting situations where we get white men everywhere at the top of place, it's baufts criteria we use to decide on what's valuant, what we consider is good in societies.They were pleased to hear the news on Jane Austen's local high street where her brother once owned a bank. Those that cared at all?In terms of the way I use it I don't care who is on the front of the note.Just want more of them?Of course.You think it's important...Absolutely there is equally as important as men for goodness sake.We used to have Florence Nightingale. It's time for another lady back on the sceneThe greater thissist of evolution Charles charls Dar within might appreciate the irony that his face will now be replaced by Jane Austen. The Bank of England as evolved, now they just need to find a woman for that nine man committee that sets interest rates.To sport and the Australian Olympic Committee has called for the resignation of cyclist Stuart O'Grady Fritz athletes commission in the wake everybody of his admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs. The 17 time off the admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs but only once during the 19989 race. He said he took EPO without his team 's knowledgeHis admission comes after he was one of 89 athletes name issed in a freech Senate inquiry into doping in sport.Three days f announcing his retire. Stuart O'Grady is today filled with regret. His admission to using performance-enhancing drugs coming as a shock from an athlete who said this after American cyclist Lance Armstrong's own confession to cheating.Deceived, annoyed, frustrated,Stuart O'Grady said nothing would ever remove that sense of disappointment in a sporting hero who had fallen from a high pedestal. But earlier this year, Stuart O'Grady also voiced the belief that cheats should be forgiven.If people have done sthufr in the past, it should come out, but also ms if those people do come out, it's like anything in life, they may deserve a second chance.But there were no second chances being offered today.If he had this admission to make you would have thought he could have come out and said it much earlier. We've been through a lot of interesting times in cycling.He sort of suspicionly announced his retirement just after the tour this time, if he'd ridz yep one more time next year, he'd of held the all time record on his own. So I think that he knew this was coming and he probably jumped before he was pushed.Today though the Olympic gold medallist was given a firm shove by the Australian Olympic Committee. Which has urged him to resign from its athletes commission, saying that those who have supported him are entitled to be angry he's a cheat.If you're on the AOC athletes commission you're held in very high esteem. We pick only people with integrity and honesty and I think the AOC is justified to today in vaing that given his admission Stuart doesn't deserve to be a member of the athletes commission and we've asked for his resignation.A French parliamentary inquiry has identified Stuart O'Grady among a total of 30 who it's alleged were involved in doping during the 98 Tour de France. At the time Stuart O'Grady said he felt the focus on drugs was overstated buttelIf we get rid of the bat things in my part, all the Bert for me and my team-mates.Stuart O'Grady has insisted it was the only occasion he used a performance-enhancing drugs, but he admit it's thrown a clouds over what was a long and illustrious career. in cricket Dave Warner may have secured his place in the 11 for next week es third Test after a spiriting batting performance in South Africa. Warner scored 193 runs off the 26 balls on day one of Australia A's four day match against South Africa A. At stumps Australia was 5 for 399. Naenl, off-spinner Nathan Lyon admits his axing from the first two Tests was tough to swollen. Hef has a chance to win back his spot in the 3-day tour game starting Friday.It was definitely disappointing to make out on the first two Test matches of an Ashes series but saying that I'm xt exciting just to be part of the campaign over near angle. You got to move the disappointment and give everything you got to the the team and the boys out there in the middle.An English Premier League giepts Liverpool has given Melbourne a night to remember with ale 2-nil 0 win over Melbourne Victory. A record crowd of more than 9 5,000 turned the MCG into a sea of red. # You'll never walk alone...Victory youngster had the home side's best chance of the first half, but it was Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who converted in the 32nd minute.Cuts it back inside for Steven Gerrard! Liverpool lead.Newly signed Iago Aspas scored the second assisted by Luis Suarez. The final moments.All we can say as players and staff is thanks very much for the support. We've been overwhelmed since we arrived here a few days ago and it was great to get a win.We'll cross now to your

Thanks, James and good evening, I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news - a Canberra man has been found guilty of causing an accident which killed his son. He accident which killed his son. He was drunk and speeding when he crashed into another car four years ago, but said the accident may have been caused by someone else pulling on caused by someone else pulling on the handbrake. He'll be sentenced next month. The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman hopes the agreement between the Tralee housing developer and Tralee housing developer and Canberra airport will set a precedent for other airports around the country. After a long legal fight both After a long legal fight both parties have agreed the development can proceed as long as Tralee home proceed as long as Tralee home buyers are warned about aircraft noise and the airport is protected against claims for a curfew. There's a call for a shake-up of the public service after a study found that although 57 percent of the workforce are women they occupy only 38 per cent of senior positions. It found that responses include that women are responses include that women are seen as 'soft and fragile', 'authority as 'soft and fragile', 'authority has a masculine voice', and there are preconceptions that women can't take on the tough roles. Queanbeyan has avoided a sharp rise in water prices after a deal was struck between the city council and ACTEW. The water provider has done away with a $7 million surcharge, which represented water the city had agreed to buy, water the city had agreed to buy, but didn't use due to water restrictions. We'll have the details on those stories and the rest of the days stories and the rest of the days news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

It was a very cold morning this morning across most of the continent, in fact we saw widespread frost and on the satellite picture you can see these hazy white shade, that's actually an indication of very cold air. And the satellite picture picks it up almost as a layer of cloud but as day time heating kicks in it's the cold air sitting over the continent. In fact for for NSW temperatures around goal burn minus 7 this morning, minus f in Canberra and these were sold some of the coldest temperatures this winter but this could band should help keep it fractionally milder through parts of the south-east. There's very little in the way of rifl with it. We are seeing some isolated showers about parts of the south-eastern coastline and western Tasmania, a few isolated showers about parts of the Queensland coast but this system is far more significant. It's a quite strong fronld and it's going to bring the potential of very gusty winds to the south-west of Western Australia, some moderate to heavy rainfall and that could trigger some flash flooding to Perth yund snooet that severe weather warning at the moment. It will send some cloud into the south-east but this high pressure system still the dominant feature into Friday. Clear skies, light winds nothing in the way of rainfall apart from the west and far north of Tasmania. That means we should see a dry and mostly sunny day but another fairly cold morning but the front contracting further north w committee see see the capital cities not quite as cold -

This system is weakening as its moves further east so it's not going to trigger anything in the way of worthwhile rainfalls apart from the West Coast of Tasmania and perhaps about the alpine areas we could see some isolated falls to around 10-15mm on Saturday. We've also got northerly winds so day time temperatures increasing a little bit, winds will also begin to strengthen. Also have windy conditions through Western Australia and a few showers on the way for Brisbane.Graham Creed thank you.S They all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be up in an hour you can also visit our website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company, goodbye.

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