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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. We begin with breaking news on a firebomb that's exploded outside what's believed to be a bikie clubhouse in Victoria. And we will go straight to our reporter Laura Turner at the scene in Dandenong. Good afternoon. What happened?Good afternoon. Well, an explosive device was detonated outside the Bandidos clubhouse. It shattered a window and it was thrown at the front of the building. Otherwise, there was minimal damage but other buildings have said that there was minimal damage there as well. Luckily, nobody was injured. There are arson chemists and explosive experts on the scene at the moment trying to determine exactly what it was that was thrown here overnight. It's obviously got police on high alert here as there's been talk of Victoria being on the brink of a bikie war and strong tensions between warring bikie gangs here in Victoria for the past six months or so. So this has been taken extremely seriously. They're trying to work out at the moment exactly what the device was. We'll bring those details to you as they come to hand throughout the afternoon.All right, thank you for the update. Four people have been injured after a four-wheel drive smashed through the front of a KFC store in Linfield on Sydney's North Shore. It happened on the Pacific Highway at 3:30 this afternoon stopping traffic in both directions. It took emergency crews around half an hour to free the female driver. To breaking news out of Brisbane and there's traffic gridlock at a service station in Gudna after it dropped the unleaded price to 88 cents a litre. Police have been called in to guard the area. The price drop is a welcome change from the average of $1.65.2 earlier this week. It is all part of the hype surrounding this weekend's V8 supercar series. Chaotic scenes and we'll cross live to our reporter who is there later in the bulletin. The Coalition has announced its answer to Kevin Rudd's tough asylum seeker policy today. Tony Abbott plans to use the military to tackle the crisis. It comes as two more asylum seeker boats arrive in Australian waters. Let's go to John O'Doherty in Canberra. Good afternoon to you. Take us through the Coalition's announcement.Tony Abbott has again said that what we're dealing with is a national emergency and that's prompted the Opposition to unveil a plan called Operation Sovereign Borders. Now, Mr Abbott wants to put a 3-star military commander in charge of stopping people smugglers and protecting Australia's borders. And this special prayingal taskforce would be made up of various Government agencies and would be established within 100 days of the election. That is, of course, if the Coalition does win. Tony Abbott made the announcement this morning. Let's hear from him now and then we'll hear from Kevin Rudd making light of the policy.This is one of the most serious external situations that we have faced in many a long year. That's why it must be tackled with decisiveness, with urgency, with the appropriate level of seriousness.Then he's got a new 3-word slogan today called Operation something or another. Operation Sovereign Border or something!The announcement from the Coalition comes as we learned two more boats have arrived. One with around 100 people onboard was intercepted on Tuesday night north of ash more Island and another arrived yesterday with 140 people onboard. Those passengers will undergo the regular checks on Christmas Island. What we're looking at now while the political debate rages here in Australia - there is a reminder of the human side to all of this. Some truly disturbing vision has emerged that we're seeing now of the survivors from the tragedy earlier this week when a boat sank off the Indonesian coast. Among the 189 people rescued were men, women and children. They've been treated at a Medical Centre in Java and they've told of the hours they spent waiting to be rescued. But also on the boat were nine people who didn't survive, including children and a baby and one woman lost her three children and her husband. So as I said, this really is a reminder of the very human side to this political issue. Yeah, it is an awful situation, that's for sure. Thank you so much for that. Let's head overseas now and the guessing game is over. The new prince has been given a name - one that's steeped in history. William and Kate have called their son and the future heir George - the name of all the previous kings of Windsor. Today, the final piece of the puzzle after William and Kate introduced their son to the world. One reporter played a hunch shouting out, "Have you called him George?"Wait and see, Peter, wait and see.Now, one day later, the wait is over. George Alexander Louis. So, what's in a name. So many were hoping for a nod to Princess Diana's heritage. The name Spencer was an American favourite, but British tradition ruled the day. There have been six kings of England named George. The most recent - King George VI - the Queen's father. The story told in the Academy Award-winning film 'The King's Speech'. Tonight, people are talking about the baby monarch's moniker.I like it but my dad's name is George.It rolls off the tongue?George Alexander Louis! Maybe other people's tongues!The biggest surprise according to the palace, William and Kate will not be hiring a nanny - yet. They want to take care of the baby themselves. But earlier this year, they hire a housekeeper. Her responsibilities include cleaning and walking their dog, Lupo. As for the expected army of valets, dressers, butlers and cooks, no plans for now. This morning, the modern royals left London for the inlaws in Bucklebury. New dad in the front seat. You can see mum in the back next to the newly-named George in his car seat going to spend time as so many parents do with mum's family before William, after two weeks paternity leave, has to get back to work. We are going to head to Spain now where at least 77 people have been killed after a train derailed in the north-west of the country. Witnesses say passengers were thrown in to the air as carriages twisted and broke apart. By a small hillside, an horrific scene. Train wagons toppled on the bend. A carriage ripped apart. And rescue workers frantically pulling survivors from the wreckage. TRANSLATION: I heard an explosion. When I arrived, one of the carriages was already over the road. The neighbours all came over. But we began to get scared as one of the firemen said it fight explode. The train was carrying 218 passengers and staff and it left Madrid bound for the north western province. Just a few kilometres from a station at Santiago, disaster unfolded. A journalist in Spain said the train was travelling at speed at the time.Probably, most of the people on the train would have got off at the station that was going on to another destination afterwards.Witnesses said they heard an explosion as carriages tumbled from the line, sparking a major rescue operation. Stretchers were positioned next to windows. Workers tried to remove the wounded still inside the cars. While emergency personnel worked tirelessly to help the Doddss of injured passengers, not far from the crash ceen -- dozens of injured passengers not far from the crash scene. At this stage, there's no word on what caused the disaster. Back home and the hunt is on for a person who left a deadly explosive at a Sydney politician station. The device was found on Tuesday after a threatening e-mail was sent to several media outlets. Our correspondent is following developments. Virginia, good afternoon to you. Do we know why police were targeted?Federal Police have now joined investigators from the counterterrorism group who say they've got strong leads on the case. But so far, it's unclear why this particular police station here at campscy was -- campcy was targeted. The explosive device was -- Campsie was targeted. The explosive device was found and the police station was evacuated along with a Medical Centre next door. Police confirmed that the device did have explosive components but it was wrongly put together so that it could not detonate. Here's what police told us earlier today.If it had been constructed properly, and if it had detonated, it would have been very dangerous to someone standing nearby. We are very concerned about the fact that someone, or some people, have placed this dangerous item inside the confines of a police station. Now, locals here at Campsie are understandably scared and some are angry that they were only told of the incident yesterday - 24 hours after it happened. Here's what they had to say.It's pretty frightening, right next to our house.They should notify us and at least evacuate the street.Police say that the bomb scare is directly linked to a threat made to them on Facebook on the same day on Tuesday. It was similar to a threatening e- mail sent to a Sydney newspaper. That e-mail read, "We've detonated a bomb protesting against the killings of Muslims and your treatment of us when we protested in Sydney." And it's thought that that relates to protests in September here in the city that ended with riots between police and Muslims. Now, police say that their strongest lead will be that e-mail. They're also trawling through CCTV footage here from the station to hopefully uncover the culprit. OK, thank you, we'll leave it there. Thank you for that. Now to a bizarre story out of Melbourne where two baby goats stolen from a school have been returned after they were kidnapped over the weekend. Our reporter has the story. This was one kidnapping that took the term literally. Two young goats from stolen from the secondary college on the Mornington Peninsula last weekend. The two victims, named Dewy and Hazel, were grabbed from their pen in the school's agricultural section after thieves cut through the fence on the boundsary. It's not known if the kidnappers themselves were acting the goat! But the 18-month-old kids were found this morning and reunited.We had a call last night that someone saw the goat being thrown out of the car. We secured that and picked it up and brought it to the pound overnight. We made some enquiries and we got it back to them today.I think it means a lot to the kids. It gives them something to look forward to, to feed and to look after. Real good. It's safe to say that there will be no more kidding around for Dewy and Hazel, but someone may start bleeting about the kidnappers' whereabouts, and Mornington police would love to hear from you! Stay with us. Still ahead - the shocking security video that reveals the real cause of delays on the train network. Plus, lasooed and released. The delicate operation to save a shark caught by a fishing hook. And some good news for the ski This program is not captioned. Well, we've got
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Queensland truck drivers are being blamed for massive delays on Brisbane's rail network. Shocking security camera vision shows an increasing number of trucks slamming in to rail bridges and causing rail delays. 203 trains have been cancelled in the last year due to truck crashes affecting 60,000 passengers. Sharks and humans don't usually mix too well. But sometimes, there is a happy ending. Sea World on the Gold Coast has saved a grey nurse shark by removing a huge hook wedged in its mouth. After lasooing the creature off brie Byron Bay, they used pliers to get out the last and most dangerous piece.These animals are the Labradors of the shark world, and they've got a lot of teeth. But a shark's bite response is more about food than anything else. To be able to help something that's critically endangered is an experience that's very memorable. It is time now to check what's happening on the ski fields and we cross live to Perisher. Alice Joyce is standing by. What a difference a week makes. A 49cm difference in fact. The resort is back to its best for the 2013 season. We've had snow-making most nights so there's a nice layer on top of a firm base. 69 groomed runs and 42 lifts and all four resort areas are open. Clear conditions expected for the next couple of days so it is time to get those skis and boards in the car and come and join us.Looks amazing. Thank you. Still ahead - the Sydney man hailed a hero for saving a family from a house fire. Plus - a jaw-dropping encounter for a crocodile trainer. And missing the mark - hot air meets cold water in an emergency lake landing. Let's have a look at what's Good afternoon. The Campsie bomb scare - counter-terrorism police examine threats made on social media, and possible links to Sydney's Muslim riots. A stroke of luck - how a passing neighbour saved a Bonnyrigg family from a house fire. They escaped unharmed, but they lost everything they own. The long-running M2 roadworks come to a close - but stand by for big price hikes in toll prices. Clinical trials about to start on a new device that could fix chronic back pain for thousands of Australians. And the family ties behind the choice of name for baby George. Stay up-to-date through the afternoon on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. Small business helps Australia work. Right now there are over
2 million small businesses with nearly 5 million employees. The Australian Government has a plan to help these businesses grow
towards their full potential.

The Plan will give more assistance
to small businesses to help them innovate, expand
and employ even more people.

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A Sydney man is being hailed a hero for saving a family of eight from a fire in the city's west. He rushed to wake them after seeing flames coming from the back of their home. Our correspondent has the details. This Bonnyrigg home has been absolutely gutted by the fire which ripped through the property shortly before 7:30 this morning. Eight adults and three children were sleeping inside and had no idea the house was on fire. It was a group of passers by who saw smoke and knocked on the door, alerting the residents inside to evacuate.I was just driving past and I saw the black smoke coming from there. I normally drive that way. I realised nobody was coming out. So I knocked on the door and then the mother and the grandmother, who you saw over there, was with the grand child and came outside. I told her there's a fire and she screamed.Firefighters say the family are extremely lucky that they received the knock on the door or made it out uninjured. We spoke to one of the residents earlier who describes the smoke and the heat as they tried to escape the burning house.The backyard, the backyard started. Because people ran to the back and they saw the backyard all on pie.How are you feeling at the moment?Upset. Devastated.Investigations are now under way in to what caused the fire. It's believed the blaze broke out at the back of the property. That's where the roof has collapsed making it extremely difficult work for investigators. One of the residents inside the home, though, said that it may have been an overloaded power board that sparked the blaze. There there's been a croc shock for a reptile trainer in Thailand who had a brush with death when one of the giant crocodiles he was working with snapped to attention. The man can be seen approaching the crock before placing its head inside the mouth and that's when it turned deadly. The animal thrashing its jaws shut before thrashing him about. A hot-air balloon carrying ten passengers has made an emergency landing in to a lake in the Netherlands. A man sitting on his balcony filmed the horrifying plunge on his mobile phone showing the balloon flying low over a village before changing direction with the wind. Two passengers were injured as they jumped out. Still to come this afternoon - Tony Abbott reveals how he'll stop the boats as 100 more asylum seekers arrive in Australian waters. Plus, shocking admission. Why an Olympic star chose to cheat. Also - William and Kate take baby George to the country. We're live in Kate's home town. And just how much money is the royal baby worth? We'll tell you, This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. The Tuggeranong Community Council says it will active s it will actively campaign against any attempt aign against any reloca
attempt by Tralee residents to Tugger
relocate flight paths over the Tuggeranong Valley. Despite th ng Valley. Despite having th the
Tuggeranong Valley. Despite having the best vistas in town - the re
restaurant in Black Mountain Tower remains empty. Work has began to secu as began to secure remains empty. Work has began to secure a new tenant. And Raiders halfback Josh McCrone says shutting to
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Prince George already has the world's attention and will one day become King. But when it comes to money, how much Windsor wealth does he stand to inherit? Barbara Walters takes a look. Imagine being born in to this? No- one does pomp and circumstance better than the British royals with lots of blipbg and bang. When they throw a party for the Queen, the whole country joins in. And when they put on a wedding, the whole world watches a real life fairytale unfold. Now, imagine inheriting it all.This baby, in its own right, before its even done a royal wave, this baby will be one of the richest people in the world. It will be super rich.So just how rich is super rich? Let's start with the likely inheritance from Queen Elizabeth.The Queen has her own personal collection of jewellery and property which this child would inherit.Like a couple of castles. There's Sandringham,s Queen's 20,000 acre estate. And Balmoral - they are castle and her 49,000 acre working farm in Scotland. The properties are reportedly worth almost $150 million. There are also the Queen's cars worth $11 million. Her horses, $5.5 million. Her furs, $2 million. And her personal art collection worth more than $4 million.So, you're talking about property and possessions worth hundreds and millions of pounds.And then the small chunk of change that Princess Diana left William. That's at least $16 million more the royal baby will likely inherit.Prince William did receive several million pounds in trust. I suspect that that will be placed in trust to his heirs, so this child will certainly want for nothing.Back to them, Prince Charles is passing on the $600 million family business, the Duchy of Cornwall. And the Queen handing down her grandfather's one of a kind stamp collection. And this baby's potential net worth is more than $1 billion. But let's put the current monarch's personal wealth in perspective. On a recent list of England's wealthiest people, Paul McCartney, J.K. Rowling and Richard Branson topped the list and the Queen, way down at number 268.It's interesting to see this number because it shows the British taxpayer that she's actually not as wealthy as people think. She doesn't own all these things that people think.Some of those things include the most palatial rent- controlled residents on the planet, right over there, Buckingham Palace. The Queen lives there rent-free with its 775 rooms, 78 bathrooms and a staff of more than 800. Something else the Queen doesn't own - the crown jewels. A fabulous collection of tiaras, crowns and diamonds including the diamond tucked away in her coronation sceptre T is the third most expensive diamond in the world and is used exclusively, but not owned by, the monarch. How is that for borrowed baubles! You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what making news. A firebomb has exploded outside a bikie clubhouse in Victoria. The State's Arson Squad is at the scene. Police have been called in to help manage traffic chaos after a Brisbane petrol station dramatically dropped its prices. And Prince George has made his first trip visiting relatives in his mother's home town of Bucklebury. There are fears of a bikie war in Victoria after a clubhouse was firebombed in Melbourne's south- east. Police say the device caused some damage after detonating outside the Bandidos headquarters in Dandenong. No-one was hurt. A Brisbane service station has created traffic gridlock after dropping the price of unleaded to 88.8 cents a litre. Chris O'Keefe is there for us. It looks like chaos there this afternoon.It's basically a party down here. And why wouldn't it be! The kal recognises has dropped prices to 88.8 cents a litre. That's a price we haven't seen in Brisbane for the best part of a decade. To put that in to perspective, we saw prices rise in Brisbane this week to $1.65 so there's been people converging from all around the city to get down here and get these cheap prices. There's been traffic chaos. People have been waiting up to two hours just to get to the bowser and a few of them were surprised when they saw some V8 drivers filling up their cars. 88 cents, did you rush to get here?Yes, I came all the way from Ipswich. And I had to drive three times around before I got in here.It's great to be able to reduce the cost and give something back to the fans.Now, this was all just a promotion for the Ipswich race day on Saturday. The V8 cars and prices are back to $1.60 and unfortunately, I didn't get any hands on any of it. Thank you so much for that. Tony Abbott has announced plans to use the military to tackle the asylum seeker crisis. A 3-star commando would lead the special taskforce called Operation Sovereign Borders which would be established soon after the election. The Opposition says the action is needed to deal with what's become a national emergency. But Kevin Rudd says the policy is just another 3- word slogan. The newly-named Prince George of Cambridge has made his first official trip and headed for his grandparent's house in Bucklebury. Our correspondent is in Bucklebury for us this afternoon. Another big day for the royal bub?That's right. It certainly hasn't stopped yet. Prince George George spent the first night with his first name and it has been a couple of busy days for the new born. He spent his first night in hospital and the second night in Kensington Palace and he's probably just waking up here in Bucklebury this morning or perhaps he hasn't even been to sleep yet, depending on if he's a good baby or not. We saw pictures yesterday of the new born in the back seat with mum Kate keeping a very close eye leaving Kensington Palace. Prince William in the front seat, and they made their way here to Bucklebury. It's a small town. There's not much here. We're just outside the pub here and there's a sign out the front congratulating William and Kate on the birth of their son. This all makes sense for the new Cambridge family. Prince William has two weeks off work before he goes back to Anglesea where he's a search and rescue pilot. Here, Kate has the support of her mum, Carol, and her dad. It's a very private property which has been newly refurbished. It's worth $5 million or $6 million. There's a lot of privacy there and a lot of security and everything that the little new born prince could want. So yeah, this is where they'll be. The locals are pretty excited hoping that in the next couple of days or weeks when the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling up to it, she might take the prince out and they might possibly get a glimpse of him.I bet they are. And Prince George met his other granny earlier in the day.Yes, he met his great grandmother, the Queen. She was seen leaving Buckingham Palace making the short trip over to Kensington Palace. She stayed with the little Prince George for about half an hour and this is actually the first time in more than 100 years that a reigning monarch has come face-to-face with their great grand child who is directly in line to the throne. This visit came before the official announcement of the prince's name, prince George Alexander Louis. So no doubt Prince William ran the name past his grandmother before it was all made official.You would think so. Thank you very much. And of course, plenty more on the royal baby in Nine News at 6:00. Well, we are now learning more details about a deadly train crash in Spain. At least 77 people were killed when four carriages of a passenger train overturned smashing in to each other in the country's north-west. Some authorities are suggesting the train was travelling too fast causing it to derail. Rescuers frantically worked to pull survivors from the mangled wreckage. 143 people have been injured. There's been mixed reaction today to the confession by Australian cyclist Stuart O'Grady that he took the blood booster EPO before the 1998 Tour de France. Tom Rehn has been following developments. The Australian Olympic Committee has been the first to react?Good afternoon to you as well. They're not happy. They asked Stuart O'Grady to step down from his role with the committee and this is something that O'grady is going to have to get used to. Some people are very upset that they feel he's kept a secret from them for 15 years. He, of course, confessed in the last few hours that he took EPO in the lead-up to the 1998 Tour de France. He's an Olympic champion and won a an Olympic medal. He competed in 17 Tour de Frances. He won four Tour stages. He's been an outstanding athlete for a long time, but many people, unfortunately, feel like he's lied. He's had a great history around the world but particularly here in South Australia where he won the Tour Down Under in 1999 and 2001. They're adamant, the organisers, that it doesn't affect the integrity of the race. But no doubt that it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. This is a snapshot of what Stuart O'Grady had to say. It's sad. He won't be remembered as a fantastic competitor that we all thought he was. Instead, he'll be remembered as an athlete who succumbed to the temptation of drugs in sport just to get an edge on some of the fellow riders. People from all around the world admired Stuart O'Grady and listened to him and he's done himself the greatest damage that he possibly could and that's really regrettable thing, but he's going to have to live with that, just like he's had to live with the secret for the past 15 years. You touched on fact that the reaction has been mixed. The team had a he road for in the laiptest Tour de France. They're sticking by him saying that one mistake in his career shouldn't tarnish what he's done throughout his career. It was a very successful one for the main. But unfortunately, the court of public opinion will probably judge whether or not its been a good one. All right, Tom. Thank you for that. The victim of a brutal bashing on Melbourne's trains has spoken out in the hope police can find his attacker. Let's go straight to our correspondent for more. What's the latest?Well, at around 7:30pm on Tuesday, July 9, a 28-year-old man called Darren was standing on the platform here at Merinda Park in Cranbourne North. A man who got off the train about 15 minutes earlier went up to Darren asking for a cigarette and then asked him if he could use his mobile phone. Now, when Darren refused, the man punched him so hard, he fell to the ground. Then repeatedly punched and kicked him, depand manding he hand over his -- demanding he hand over his phone and wallet.Basically a lot of kicks when I was on the ground in the low position. So basically, all I could do at that point was shield my head. He was basically targeting my head and face region with the majority of the blows. He was yelling and screaming various profannities.Now, Darren suffered two black eyes. He lost two teeth. He fractured his hand and needed two stitches in his forehead, and since the attack, he's been too frightened to catch the train. Late this afternoon, police released CCTV footage of the person that they are looking for. He's described as a man in his 20s of Pacific Islander appearance with a solid build and he has a fairly distinctive tribal tattoo on his upper arm. Obviously, anyone with any information is being urged to contact police immediately.All right, we will leave it there. Thank you for that. Time to get the sports news now. More drama at Essendon this afternoon.Yes, there's been an emergency meeting. We'll cross live to Melbourne for all the details, next. In the international, -- NRL, Stuart describes the record. And James Pattinson strikes a pose in London, but when will he be back This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: This is Audrey. She's on her way
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for Australia?
Essendon has called an emergency board meeting after suggestions the club was tipped off before self- reporting to ASADA about its supplement program. Tony Jones is at Windy Hill. What's prompted the move? What's going on there?Good afternoon. I have to say even though the club is saying this is a scheduled board meeting, it would be a crisis meeting because the whole drug scandal seems to be spiralling out of control. Now, it took another nasty turn today when it was revealed that Andrew Demetriou, the AFL CEO, actually placed a series of phone calls to Essendon chairman David Evans. This happened during a meeting that the Essendon club was holding at the home of Evans the day before the club self-reported. Read between the lines because speaking on radio this morning, Andrew Demetriou certainly did.

Andrew Demetriou speaking on the Neil Mitchell program this morning. Now, it should be said that again, ununfortunately for the Bombers, this is at a time when they're preparing for a massive game against Hawthorn tomorrow night. But James Hird's focus was very much on the doping scandal. And late today, it was reported that he was the one, according to the report, who told the ASADA investigators about the Andrew Demetriou phone call. Today, though, James Hird was playing the latest twist with a straight bat.I was at David's house that night. I think myself, Bruce, Danny and Ian Robson and David were all there. And Andrew made a call at some stage in that meeting. And the contents of that call were discussed and I think we've all given our version or told the truth to ASADA. Now, only moments ago, James Hird left the building here at Windy Hill and was refusing to comment on the latest allegations - those being that he was the one who basically dobbed in Andrew Demetriou. Never a dull day out here at Windy Hill. But as I say, they are trying to prepare for a massive game tomorrow night.Thank you for keeping us up to date. And all the latest in your news at 6pm. Manly hardman Steve Matai says he'll love to put a big shot on Mitch Allgood. Brett Stewart wants some Sea Eagles records rewritten, even if it revents him reach ago significant milestone. Danny Weidler has the details. Try scoring records were all the talk here at Manly today. Manly have the current record at 151 for Steve Menzies, but they believe it should be 180 because he scored 29 tries at the Northern Eagles. The player who is closing in on that, Brett Stewart, who has 130 tries now, was supportive of a move to try to make Menzies' record count. I see the record as 180 not 151. So I will probably have to play to 150 like him to beat it.Is there any chance of that?No way! The Sea Eagles should be focusing on the clash against the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown on Friday night but there's plenty of talk about Mitchell Allgood's punch on Steve Matai. Steve Matai, the man who copped the punch, has revenge on his mind but wasn't too keen to say that today. Have you seen vision of the incident?I haven't. I don't want to get too aed up about it so I don't want to look about it. I just like to tackle hard. If he runs my way, I'll be tackling hard.Matai's Manly team- mates are trying to say that they don't think that Matai will be looking to put a punch on Allgood's chin, but you can be sure that he'll hit him with a big shot. Melbourne Victory coach says he couldn't be more proud of his side in the loss to Liverpool. More than 95,000 packed the MCG to watch the historic match, and despite the scoreline, none of them went home disappointed. It's hard to walk alone when everyone is singing the same note. Mercyside mania taking over Melbourne, standing side-by-side and in full voice, there was no silencing the red tide sweeping across our shores for the first time. # And you'll never walk alone # You'll never walk alone. # Led by Stephen Gerrard, the Reds came out firing. The Skipper on target early. Given a second chance, this time, he didn't miss.

COMMENTATOR: Stephen Gerrard with Liverpool's first-ever goal in Australia.With an understrength line-up, the Victory threw everything they had. The Reds with no such worries. The entire bench subed on late in the second-half. A completely different team taking the field including Luis Suarez. Subject to transferp speculation, the striker showed why he's hot property setting up the second. COMMENTATOR: He creates that. A memorable moment for the Victory, but for the tourists, it's just another preseason hittout.It doesn't matter who scores the goals. It's all about the team and the team are in good preparation for hopefully a successful season. It's another step forward. Exiled to Africa, David Warner has scored 193 for Australia A, perhaps forcing selectors in to an Ashes recall. And fast bowler James Pattinson is hoping to be fit for the first Ashes Test in Australia saying he'll work overtime to get another crack at England. He's been slightly distracted by a modelling gig in London, but is still devastated by his back injury.To get told that you can't play any more because of injury is pretty hurtful. I know after it, I was a bit like - why now. Meanwhile, Nathan Lyon is hoping to force his way in to the third Test bristling at suggestions England will win 5-0.5-0 is still a long way to go in this series as far as we're concerned. We're looking at a 3-2 victory to us right now.Ed Cowen will captain Australia against Sussex with Michael Clarke resting his back. It's been a rough start to the US Open of surfing. Stephanie Gilmore was beaten and will have to remain in the event. Rankings leader Tyler White also came out in Round one. But a lot of Aussie fans have adopted Alana, so they're happy with that.We will see you on the 'Footy Show' tonight. We've got the finance for you, next. And the latest weather. And Rebecca, more severe weather in the west?Hi there. Yes, the south-west of WA is expecting another drenching. Up to 80mm on the coast from Perth down to Bunbury. I'll have all the information after the break.

Tonight: What the Tralee
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This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. A strong low is approaching the southern half of WA and a high sitting over the south- east of the country kept conditions settled. But it has given some of us a cold morning. Canberra had a low of minus 6, which is the lowest temperature so far this year. In Sydney today, it was mostly sunny with a top of 20 just after 2:00. Melbourne had a cold start to the day with a low of 4 at 7:00 this morning. With the wind chill today, it felt like only five. Tomorrow, a cold front will cross the west coast. The high will continue to sit over the west of the country. The weak front crossing Tasmania will bring rain to western parts. So tomorrow in WA, rain is expected across the south-west and most parts of the Gascoigne, Goldfields and down to Eucla. The coastline from Perth to Bunbury expecting up to 80mm but rain will weaken with 5-10mm. Weather around the country:

In finance:

That is the Afternoon News. The next bulletin is coming up at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thank you for your company. Hope to see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get straight into the action. Six contestants, 15 questions,
$1 million. Somebody's gonna win it,
aren't they, guys? Come on.
AUDIENCE: Yeah! Tonight's the night.
Let's go, go, go. We want some big money to go. Let's meet our contestants. They are - Pete Ozard
created the advertising campaign that launched colour TV
in Australia. Em Hayes was so convinced
she was having a baby boy, she thought they'd given her
the wrong baby. Whoops! Georgia McCormick played
in the first female soccer team in Ballarat in Victoria and played for eight years. Darren Spencer test drove a car, told the owner
he was an experienced driver, then reversed it into a pole. Jules Yensen-Hero's earliest memory was when he superglued
his teeth together. Oh, no. And Janet Abram
would like to build a place to take in children who need
a safe and loving home. Well done, Janet. Good stuff.

Alrighty. Good luck, everybody. Pete, you're first up. Let's go.
Come on.

Hello, Pete.
How are ya, Eddie? I'm well. Pete Ozard is 62
from Malvern East in Victoria. Marketing communication
systems consultant.

That's a fair business card. I like this one, though. You were the advertising manager
with National Panasonic when colour TV came in. I remember this ad. You went over
and did it with ABBA in Sweden and took them to number-one brand
in Australia. Yeah, we did, Eddie, yeah.
That was massive. 1976, just after colour TV launched. And we did some research
to find our brand - in those days
it was called National, then it became National Panasonic. Today it's Panasonic. But our brand wasn't number one. I think Rank Arena was number one,
Sanyo was up there. So we needed an injection of funds
to lift the brand, and I convinced the Japanese
to kick the 10 million bucks, and we got ABBA to... Million bucks back then? Good whack. Well, it was based on
a tax arrangement, 'cause the tax in Sweden
in those days was over 80%. So it had the net effect for ABBA
of a about a million bucks. Fantastic. And we recorded seven commercials and they rerecorded
the song 'Fernando' with the new lyrics
'There is so much more to National', and we put the ads on air
and off we went. Away it went. Hey, you met
Peter Sellers in Hong Kong one day. I did, yeah. I was on my way over to Japan,
in fact, to get some money
to do the campaign, and I was sitting in the Peninsula
Hotel in the restaurant in Hong Kong
with some colleagues, and he walked
in with Lynne Frederick, his fiance. He'd been married to Britt Ekland, but he was about to get married
to Lynne Frederick. And they sat in the next table to us
and overheard the Aussie accents, and we spent the afternoon
drinking red wine with him, yeah. Why not? What a great memory.
Yeah, it was good. Hey, Pete, let's get on with this,
OK? Rowena is your wife. Hi, Rowena.
Hi. How are ya?
I'm excited to be here. That's exactly where you should
be too - here and excited. Good on you.
Wish you both all the best. There's $1 million here to be
won. Go and buy ABBA again. (LAUGHS)
Get another ad. They won't be getting the dough.
Alright, mate, let's go. You know 15 questions -
you ready to play? Absolutely, Eddie.
Let's play Hot Seat. Go.



Lock in D, 'Dozing with the Stars',
please, Eddie. Lock it in. Correct for $100.



(LAUGHS) I don't think it's Olivia. Lock in C, a mechanic, please. A mechanic
is a grease monkey for $200.



I think we'll lock in A, olive,
please. Olive is locked in. Don't clap yet. Don't go early.
I haven't said it's right. Now go. Correct for $300.



Camelbak. I think it's a, uh...
a drinking apparatus. I'm gonna lock in C.
Lock in C.

Oh, 'camel' would lend itself
to that, wouldn't it?

You hope?
I hope.

Old advertising bloke from way back. You should know
all this product stuff. Camelbak -
what do you reckon it'd be? I hope it's drinking apparatus. It is a drinking apparatus,
for $500.

You see cyclists
and triathletes sometimes - it's the pack on the back with
the little tube round the front so they don't have to take their
hands off the steering wheel for mountain hiking
and all that type of stuff. OK. $1,000, first safe level. Good luck, Pete.