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Welcome to Australia Vote. I'm Lyndal Curtis. Tonight the Coalition takes the military option, announcing it will put a senior serving military officer in charge of its border protection regime and not everyone is happy about it and we discuss the day with our MPs panel. Also tonight, News Exchange Votes with Matt Cargill. Lyndal, ahead on NX Votes, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announces his candidates for the federal election via videolink and the social Webb reacts to Operation Sovereign Borders, the Coalition's military-led asylum plan. Today we're asking which which party do you believe has a more effective asylum-seeker policy?

It back to Capital Hill in a moment, first here's Kathryn Stolarchuk with a check of the news headlines.Thanks, Matt. Spain is reeling after its worst train disaster in recent years with at least 77 dead. Rescue workers have been searching the twisted wreckage for survivors after the train ran off the tracks near the city of Santiago de Compostela in the country's north-west. More than 140 people have been injured in the disaster. Survivors have told how they climbed out of carriages to free themselves from parts of the Authorities say the derailment the burning wreckage. Authorities say the appears to be an accident. appears to Australian Olympic committee has called for the resignation Australian Olympic of has called for the of cyclist Stuart O'Grady from its Athletes' Commission in the wake of his admission that its Athletes' Commission wake of his admission that he wake of his used performance-enhancing drugs. The 17-time Tour De France drugs. The France rider has admitted to using drugs but insists he only did so once during the 1998 race. Dpaed gade cess he took the banned blood booster EPO without his team's knowledge. His admission comes after he was one of 83 athleelts named in a French Senate inquiry into doping in sport. The head of cycling Australia says Stuart O'Grady's admission is a real disappointment. As custodian of the sport, Cycling Australia can only take a far fairly hard line in response to the news overnight. As I said in my statement this morning, Stuart has been one of Australia's most enduring road riders and he's made a very poor decision in the past which, while obviously disappointing to us and his many fans, is clearly going to have a big impact on his own legacy and reputation.A senioring Catholic Church official has returned the NSW inquiry into alleged church cover-ups for his second day of evidence. Father Brian Lucas yesterday admitted he didn't take allegations about suspected paedophile priests to police. Lucy McNal y reports from Newcastle on today's developments. Father Brian Lukesis back in the witness stand today. He is a very powerful man in the Catholic Church. He is the head of the Australian bishops conference and he's already told the inquiry it was his job to persuade suspected paedophile priests to leave the ministry. He said he did that with about 35 different priests but can't recall how many of these made admissions of sexual abuse to
him. He is being asked about Dennis McA-Lyndon, one of the two dead paedophile priests this is focus on. He was never found guilty but was row found guilty but located to WA after being defrocked and went to the Philippines where he was able to act as a priest. The counsel assisting asked Father long s how is it possible after you interviewed and talked to the man he was able to act as a