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(generated from captions) centre revolution in Australia and we've seen that with the and we've seen that with expansion of the population in our detention expansion of the our detention centres. This
chart chart also doesn't include the 15,000 that are chart also doesn't 15,000 that are out in 15,000 that community release on bridging visas. What this community release on visas. What this shows is we had a population when we're had talking about just those had a population when talking about just those who've
arrived talking about just There were just four arrived illegally by There were just just There were just four people,
just four, in November of just four, in November of 2007 when Kevin Rudd became Prime when Kevin Minister. Now when Kevin Rudd Minister. Now that he's Prime
Minister. Now Minister again, that figure is approaching almost 12,000 in detention and there's another 15,000 who are out there in the community. That is the consequence on those terms of failed policy, failed resolve and failed implementation. Tony has rightly mentioned, as all have and I'm sure all Australians, regardless of their position in the debate share the concern, about the hurenled s loss of life that has occurred and continues and

few years who would have got a visa to come to Australia, who are waiting somewhere else but their visa was given to someone who came illegally by

Labor's failures as I reflect on are these - first, they refuse to acknowledge the problem they created in the decisions they took when Kevin Rudd became PM and they've refused to understand what has caused that problem or acknowledge those causes.They are more interested in the announcement effect of things than the implementation effect.And we've seen that again with what the PM announced but doesn't have the capacity to implement with what he announced last Friday. The internal decision within Labor, as I have sat them and watched them go from failure after fail ure after failure there are reasons for that failure. One of those reasons is the internal decision that exists within the Labor ranks on this issue, forcing back down, forcing compromises, and a a tendency for this Government to be all thing force all people on this issue. What you need on this issue is clear you need clear direction, you need clear chain of command, clear authorities to get the job clear authorities to job done.Not trying to keep everybody happy all the time which seems to have been the top priority of this Government over the years.There's been a lack of clear decision making and authority across portfolios, to make things happen and respond to changes events.They act one out, each agency trying to do its own thing but not connected together in any sort of comprehensive strategy putting incredible pressure on those who are forced and have to implement these things on the ground.A lack of coherent strategy as well over time. One minute they're saying the Pacific Solution is evil and the next Magistrates Court they're telling you it's the answer. One minute they're telling you they want to be com passionate and the next minute they're telling you they want to be tough. This is a Government that is so double minded in its approach that has completely compromised the messages that it's been sending on this issue and when you look at their form you come a way with one message - Kevin Rudd is a soft touch on people smuggling. That h his form. His form speaks louder than his words.There is a lack of coordination and integration between agencies and there is a lack of a sense of urgency when it comes to these things.And this is I think one of the most significant things that military-led operations can bring to any operation, the sense of urgency, the sense of mission focus for which our Defence Force s are famous. And the consequence of all of this has bhn the agencies that have been involved won out on these issues have been frankly over welcomed by the task. I've seen that in the depth of immigration which is frankly collapsed under the weight of having to deal with this issue in isolation over the last four or five years.I've seen nit the compromise to other part of their operationsWe have seen it in Customs and board protection as issues of guns and drugs an corruption and variety eer things do edemand the attention and could command the attention of those runs thosing at ace and would be seeking to try to deal with those issues. But when you're dealing with this chaos on a daily basis it clear ly distracts your attention.So let's to what we're talking about. Operation sovereign boarders about is having having a clear mission, a clear chain of command and a clear policy framework for doing that. What we do here is bring together more than 15 different departments and agencies who were involved in these organisational and operational matters.Everything from our Customs and border protection service, immigration, ours our services services, our Defence Forces, AMSAR and others involve including the Australian Federal Police. They are conducting their operations across a whole range of areas. Our policy approach is based on four key areas. Disruption and deterrence, on the ground and up through the chain. That includes disruption and deterrence here in Australia. There are networks of support that exist within Australia that are funding and organising people smuggling in this country.And if you don't believe me, just read the captain Emad story again because he was proof positive of that ing a on operation al situation. U am mystified as why the Government situation. U am mystified as why the Government announces on
the eve of an ae election a $200,000 bounty when it hasn't put one for year. Those operations have to happen in Australia as much as they have to happen in Indonesia and up through the chain and into Sri Lanka:There there is detection, interception and transferring. That is predominantly the work that is done at sea. In terms of this operation and there can be no substitute, no substitute for a deterrence at sea when you're looking to protect your sea boarders. Kevin Rudd refuses to put in place a physical deterrent on our border s. Instead, he like his predecessor is using our Navy and our Customs fleet as a tafrmy service. That has to end.Then we have the offshore detention and assessment task and that relates predominantly to the running of our processing centres and our detention operation s, offshore in particular, and that needs a very clear and direct focus from a very coordinated group of people. Now, presently we have seen what happened when you get that wrong. Detention centres burn down. We just had the latest one burn down in Nauru.Riots and chaos have been common with this Government over the last number of years as their Ord border protection failures have only escalate sed ed. Then there is the issue of returns and moving and resettlement. Those the policies that are designed to get people back to where they've come from at tend of the day: To the extent that what the PM announced last Friday can be implement and we have serious questions over that, we would -.That that, Opposition Scott Morrison there, that is half of that media conference from this morning. We have the the remaining portion of that due in in the next half hour or so. As on a as we get the rest of that we will bring it to you. That was Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader announcing some of the strategy asylum seeker policy. Saying it will have asylum seeker will have the focus of a targeted military effort with an operation al led by senior military commandser of three star ranking. For more Kerrin Binnie joins us,000 from Canberra.Good good morning. What is new in this ray news onment from the Opposition this morning?Essentially it is there will be a tighter control of the chain of command for the board protection services, so at the moment the Opposition is saying that it is not working, that it's a big fragment add because of all of the agencies not being controlled by one person. So you said the three-star general in the military and at the top of that will be the ultimate control, the Immigration Minister himself.So that will bring together 15 agencies under that one command infrastructure structure. In that media conference there, there was a lot of criticism again from the Opposition of the Government's policy.And built into that was this announcement on top of dr or expanding at least the Opposition's policy that it's already announced.So putting the policies side by side because obviously this is going to be a key issue during the election campaign. What can we say are the clear differences between the Government and the Opposition on this now because we have the Greens on the other side saying that both - the major parties are a race to the bottom in terms of cruelty. What are the differences between the two major partieses on this now?Essentially both parties are supporting offshore processing. Now the Government has announced its PNG solution, that is to send anyone who arrives by boat to Papua New Guinea. We rex pecting that will start within the next couple of weeks because that is what was said when the announcement was made. So temporary protection visas is on top for the Coalition and also, Joe, the Coalition has flagged that it will also look to essentially expand offshore processing . That was also flagged in that media conference there as well.This is happen ing as we have Tony Burke arriving on Manus Island. That's just happened in the last hour or is right. He's last hour or so I is right. He's over there nptsing the situation course we have had nptsing the course we have had some riots on Nauru as well, course we have had some on Nauru as well, Joe.And he on Nauru as well, Joe.And will then travel to Nauru as well to inspect the situation there.Now, also this morning in response to this Opposition's announce we haved that PM Kevin Rudd. Let's listen to some of these response to the Coalition this morning.Mr Abbott demonstrates that he is not capable of working with our regional partners, whether it's in south-east Asia or in the Pacific to produce a regional agreement to deal with what is a regional and global problem called people smuggling.Therefore, I think it's pretty clear you've got three-word slogan, a bloke who doesn't want the regional resettlement agreement to work and he is sending out mixed messages to people smugglers around the world because he doesn't want this strategy to succeed because that is not in his political interest. On top of that, he can't work with our neighbours.That is the PM Kevin Rudd speaking there in Launceston in the last couple of hours. A former PM has had a bit to say about the asylum seeker debate this morning.That is right. Malcolm Fraser has been quite critical of the harsh policies as he described them by both sides of poll it MrS in recent times and he says this has been a debate from back when he was the PM as well. He has spoke European Union on News Breakfast about what he thinks of the policies from both sides of the parties.In my time even they recommended fixed detention centres, in the middle of Australian desserts, so they had that mindset had that mindset over many decades. But the policy is wrong because if you really wanted to stop people getting on boats, you would establish a major processing centre in Indonesia with UNHCR, hopefully any Indonesia would agree to that but then there would have to be an understanding that they weren't going to be left with the problem.When we did this in relation to the Indo Chinese exodus, we told maish, 'Look, Australia is going to take very large numbers of people, America is going to take very large number of people, and Canada would take large numbers of people.' That was a real regional solution.Former PM Malcolm
Fraser speaking there on ABC News Breakfast this morning and talking about how he's in favour of major process ing centre in Indonesia. We're talking to our political reporter Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. So the Labor Government had been keen on pursuing the Malaysia solution. Does is it still pushing holding out any hope the there can be some sort of agreement with Malaysia if there was to be a Labor Government after the coming election?Essentially the Malaysia solution as we know was struck down by the High Court and it was recommended by the expert panel under the Gillard Government that the Government then go and pursue that and try and build in some safeguards with Malaysia to get that agreement happening. Now that would have required as well after those safeguards were in place for the Parliament to pass legislation to get that through and that would - that didn't have the support of the Opposition. The Greens weren't supporting it so that wouldn't get through the Parliament. We will have to wait and see whether another Labor Government would still with that and try to get that through.But it's not on the table because of course we're not expecting Parliament to sit down before the next election.And the PM is in Tasmania today. We heard him speaking there in Launceston. And the Australian economy is front and centre for him today and his belief in the future of Tasmania as part of a strong Australian economy.That is right. The Australian economy and also education. Kevin Rudd was with the Tasmanian Premier and Labor MPs from Tasmania in Launceston this morning, and he was talking about Gonski education re forms or the better schools plan, as Kevin Rudd now wants it to be known.And Tasmania science up to that. That Tasmania has previously signed up but Kevin Rudd is keen to push that as well as the Government continues to pursue Victoria and get that State signed up.
We heard and get that State signed We heard from Bill Shorten
yesterday We and get that State signed up. yesterday on Capitol Hill - Capital Hill saying that he is still holding out hope that Victoria will sign up. Of course second big est State in Australia, NSW is on board, so Kevin Rudd is keen to get Victoria on board. On the broader economy, the PM Kevin Rudd says education is a key part to building the economy.Binnie, we will leave it there. Just recapping we have had the Opposition release ing more elements of its asylum seeker policy this morning. We're able to bring you about 20 minutes of that so little earlier today with the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the immigration spokesman Scott Morrison speaking there in Brisbane. They're describing their new policy as operation Sovereign Boarders, a major element of this operation, Sovereign Boarders is it will be led by a senior military commandser of three-star ranking.As I mentioned we were able to show 20 minutes of that conference before. Let's listen to the rest of that now.That regional deterrence goes from shieshing this will proper 167 and rescue capability on the southern coast of Indonesia to ensuring that there is the appropriate special operations funding for people on the ground in Indonesia, in Malaysia, in Sri Lanka yai. Goes through to the issues of offshore process ing to ensure you can get the places on the ground in time and run those centres effectively.So if we go to the last one.And in the first 100 days this is what Operation Sovereign Boardsers would be doing. Firstly, we need to get the operational protocols for what would be called operation al rel yex o, which is the turn back to boats when it's safe to do so production. That would be worked with our border protection command to get the rules of engagement and the establish issued established for. That we would create the joint agency taskforce and the other arrangements write the joint agency taskforce and enterdepartmental groups that focus on supportive measures for this arrangement .Temporary protection visas would be back on the books.We would increase the capacity of our offshore processing serngts and we will have more to say about that between now and the next election.There would be immediate visits to a number of the key countries and a ministerial level to work through operational arrangements, operational arrangements that are focussed on implementation not press conferences.Retasking the border protection command surveillance to ensure that we're able to detect the removal of these - vessels more appropriately and that is going to require an in - promptly and that is going to choir an increase in our intelligence operation also.And we will ensure that our Navy and border protection fleet will no longer be used as a taxi service, a water taxi service. What we will do is we will be putting in place addition Alves Els to support our border protection fleet to conduct the transfers that will be part of these operations.Now, these transfers can be many and varied in their nature u, whether it's transferring people back to Sri Lanka or transferring people back in relation to the return and turn back policy and the operation of that policy which the people smugglers will find out when they're confronted with those tactics on the water. Finally, to any other transfers that are necessary.So no long er under a Coalition Government if we're elected would our Navy and border protection command with be used as a water taxi service, as it currently is, under this Government.So that is the package of militias we're outlining today. It is about a clear mission, it is about a clear line of command and chain of command that must be followed to manage the risk and to ensure the implementation. And it has a clear policy basis. It's the policy basis we have stood by for more than a decades. The people smugglers know the Coalition's form when it comes to border protection.They know that we will fight this thing and them every single day. We have learnt from Labor's failures. We flow the change that needs to be made to get us from what we had under John Howard to re implement that today. What that change is to put this operational command structure in place which means we can responds, move, adapt and deploy.And under the experienced leadership of a 3-star military commander this will stop the boats an will get the job done.Thank you very much, Scott. You've obviously as is apparent today put an enormous amount of work into this policy. General Molan.What I believe I bring to the Coalition's policy is a additional conduct operations. Both major
parties additional experience of how to conduct of the parties and I think a majority of the Australian people now seem to agree on why such operations are necessary. What I have I have been doing is looking at the how. I've got significant experience in cuttinging very complex operations all round the world and quite often in very dangerous situations. We all know this is a very difficult challenge. To approach it one dimension ally is wrong. This is not the work for a committee. Look at the functions we saw on the slide back there and are listed in the policy documents that have been handed out. Disrupt, deter, detain, intercept, transfer, assess, return, remove and re settle, conducted humanely, legally, often with courage, always with risk by military police Customs, officials, intelligence, diplomats and many, many others because as vrn, as we all know so tragically, this is about life and death.This is high level cross agency and whole of government business, if you don't have an appropriate response, you don't have a policy. What I offer to the Coalition is a check on Feizibility. Is the policy workable? The result is that the Coalition, be able to give more refined direction to the agencies and the agencies plans when they the come back to government the agencies plans when come back to government for approval can be better under. It's very important to acknowledge that the actual detailed plans will not exist until the agencies produce them.And the Government consider s and approves them. That thorough ness is far, far better than policy on the run.It's really worth noting this is not a military operation, it is a military-led operation but it is not a military operation, despite military involvement in the
field, in commanding and in some of the language that is used. This is constabulary work,, it's law and order, it's a complex challenge and it needs a complex solution and it needs a capable organisation to run it. This is why Operation Sovereign Borders joint agency taskforce is important. You need to respond comprehensively and cover all the bases. To do that you need the kind of organisation that is being announced here today.And this is not afternoon unusual circumstance, the people of Brisbane would certain ly understand the military's involvement in this. It's certainly for the post flood period it is not an unusual circumstance for the military to be used in this way. Border protection command has been doing this for years. In the latter stages of East Timor and in various situations in the Solomon Islands we've been doing this for years.Plan well, planned comprehensively from solid policy, don't rush to failure, focus on the out comes but with infinitely flexible amount reactive in what you do on the ground. Finally, achieve effects across the whole of Government.This policy sets the stage for the operatesors in the field to do this and to be successful.And this is what gives me confidence - to endorse the Coalition's policy.Thank you.Thank you so much, Jim. We have heard from Scott and general Molan. Are there any questions?Mr Abbott as the General alluded to the military has had involvement in this issue for some time. Under this plan how exactly does that involvement change or what do you see as the biggest change for the role of the military this isIt's unified commands and control structure with the military in command of the operation al aspects of it.As Scott has pointed out with the captain Emad shambles, with ethe Egyptian jihad ist shanls, a whole lot of people all doing their own thing, not necessarily talking to each other and nothing very much happening. We've got to avoid that kind of disjointed, disorganisation, that is what this new structure is all about, it's about adding cohesion, consistency, sufficient level organisation and urgency.This organisation and is a national emergency. We is a national have to treat it as such, that is why have to treat is why a military-led taskforce is why a military-led is the way forward.So is the yet is the way forward.So you're
yet to defence about this?No, yet to speak to chief defence about this?No, that is not right. As not right. As a courtesy, not right. As a courtesy, I spoke to the Chief of the spoke Defence Force this morning.And as a courtesy we have advised as a courtesy we have the Indonesian kmd we would be making this announcement today:You don't think you should have consult more.I the last thing I would want to do is get senior serving officers directly involved in advising the Opposition. But we have consulted informally with serving officers, and obviously we've consulted very widely and deeply with recently retired officers such as general Molan:The language you're using in 24 job is very strong. Is there some suggestion that Australia is under an invasion?This is a national emergency. When you 've had almost 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat, you have a cries I on your borders. And in the end, the first responsibility of government is national security. If you don't control your borders to that extent you are losing sovereignty over your own nation. That is why we have to treat this problem with the appropriate level of seriousness, sur urgency and organisation. That's what this policy is all about.Kevin Rudd's said we had the PNG deal thousands and hundreds of asylum seekers who have been dying, do you believe thatWe have had, so it seems, some 1,000 deaths at sea already since Mr Rudd himself watered down indeed abolished the policies that worked as Scott has gone through.A whole range of effective measures have been systematically and serially abolished by this Government. So there's a very real sense in which Mr Rudd started this problem. Mr Rudd is incapable of fixing this problem. We are grateful to have the cooperation of the PNG Government in helping Australia Government to solve it.But in the end this is our problem. We've got to have an Australian solution.We will cooperate with other countries, including PNG. We will salvage all we can from the arrangements that Mr Rudd has apparent ly entered into with PNG. But we can never rely on other continuesries to solve our problems for us. That's why we need a much higher level of organisation and urgency here in Australia.What is your response from the PNG Government's claims that you misrepresented their position on the asylum deal?Look, I have been saying for years now that our foreign policy needs a regional focus, that we would run a foreign policy that's focussed on Jakarta, not Geneva. I have a good relationship with PM Peter O'Neill, who I have now met several times. I am confident that we can work effectively with the PNG Government as I am confident we can work effectively with the Indonesian Government.What we have said about the true state of the agreement between Mr Rudd and Mr O'Neill is based on Mr O'Neill's public statements. Yes, we had a private met meeting with Mr O'Neill and what he said in private was entirely consistent with what he said in public.Mr Abbott, you've challenged the PM's policy, you've said that from day one the boats have to stop coming.When do you pledge the Coalition will stop asylum seeker boats coming after this policy is implemented?What I have said said is we will make a difference from day one. We will make a difference from day one.And I think anyone listening to today's presentation, watching the presentation from Scott, listening to the remarks of general Molan would be under no illusion about the seriousness with which we are treating this. Would be perfectly well aware of the thought that has gone into it.And the people smugglers will discover that our will is more than sufficient to match theirs. The people smugglers that our people smugglers will discover
that our strength is more than sufficient to that our strength is sufficient to match theirs.
They that our strength is more than sufficient to They will discover that our wits are They will discover that wits are very greater than theirs when it comes to addressing this problem. We will make a difference from day will make a difference from one and I am confident that by the close of the first term of the Coalition Government we situation
will have restored the situation that existed between 2002 and 2007 under the Howard Government.I just want to add to that. What this plan is about is about the Coalition, if I elect, - elected, hitting the ground running. Kevin Rudd's plan is about Kevin Rudd hitting the ground talk. This is about putting policies in place. That is what is missing in Kevin Rudd's plan.The implementation. - implementation.Back toBack to that question, by the end of the first term of the Coalition Government if the e Coalition is elected there won't be any asylum seeker boats coming, is that Ma you are saying?Under the Howard Government, for the last five years of the Howard Government, asylum seeker boats averaged three a year. At the moment under the Rudd Government we are getting sometimes three a day, even more.The Government's offered you a series of national security briefings. Have you taken them up on that offer?I had have had a series of briefs from a whole range of border protection agencies, intelligence agency, military commanders and I will continue to get them.On that same weekend that the PM and also copied myself and other senior shadows in on I had exactly that briefing in Jakarta from our own agencies.So you don't need Government facilitied briefings.I had requested that briefing and I had it in Jakarta. We have been keeping very up to date on these matters.If I could further adds I have had a very wide range of briefings from a very wide range and intelligence sources.But interestingly we were about to receive briefs interestingly we receive briefs from the
department interestingly we were department of PM and interestingly we were about to
receive briefs department of PM and Cabinet
just a receive briefs from the
department just a few weeks ago interestingly were cancelled with very short notice by the PM were cancelled with very notice by the PM when he decided that notice by the PM when decided that the election was not necessarily going to happen decided that the on September

on September Council of Australia's been critical of the Federal Government, saying they want decisive action and also saying unions shouldn't be going and stakeholders shouldn't be. Can I get your response? I can understand for frustration of the Business Council of Australia because Mr Rudd has

the 14,500 people in the last