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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, the death toll from the latest asylum boat disaster rises as survivors are brought ashore. Australia's immigration Minister in Papua New Guinea tonight and of investigations into claims of rape and torture at the Manus Island Detention Centre.Any allegations of this nature should be properly investigated. Greeting great granny - Britain's baby prince visited for the first time by the first time by the Queen.

Also add: the action from tonight 's blockbuster football match between Liverpool and Melbourne Victory at the MCG. Survivors from an asylum boat which hit trouble on its way to Australia are arriving back in Indonesia with rescue crews. esia with rescue crews. The vessel sank off the coast of west Java. It has been reported that the death toll has gone up to five. Meantime, there are further time, there are further developments of the Manus Island Detention Centre, with Australia's immigration Minister arriving in PNG to personally investigate claims of rape and torture. Survivors from the latest asylum boat tragedy, including young children, arrived g young children, arrived back in Java, plucked from the sea by rescue teams. Tonight the death toll has risen after the vessel sank while attempting to reach Australia.This underlines the need for policy changes in policy changes in Australia on asylum seeker policy, which sends a very clear message to people smugglers. It seems more boats are on their way. Australian naval vessels have been sent ls have been sent to assist to asylum boat is thought to be in distress north-west of distress north-west of Christmas Island.-- two asylum nd.-- two asylum boats. I think the public are sick of Mr Rudd's excuses. It is more buckpassing from the great buck pass. Meanwhile, 70 asylum seekers have been removed from the Manus Island Detention Centre, land Detention Centre, with more to follow over coming days, making way for a ys, making way for a new influx of detainees. It comes just hours after the dateline program at a whistleblower's allegations of widespread torture and the tangy -- weightlifting -- rape of detainees. Tony Burke is now in Papua New Guinea and due to visit the Manus Island tomorrow to investigate those d tomorrow to investigate those claims. A decision with A decision with the support of the Prime Minister.Any accusation of this nature should be properly investigated thoroughly.The only way to stop all of these horrors is to stop the votes.As the insults fly, the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister has joined the debate. There may be an isolated case, but this kind of allegations of rampant misbehaviour that is happening at the centre is an overreaction on the part of the whistleblower. The coronial inquest into Australia's response to the fatal sinking of an asylum seeker boat last year resumed in Perth today. 110 people were rescued, but more than 100 drowned between Indonesia and Christmas Island, with only 17 bodies recovered. WA 's coroner expressed surprise that Australian Maritime safety authorities not know the specific capabilities of their Indonesiancapabilities of their Indonesian counterparts before handing over responsibility for the rescue. Survivors are due to give vivors are due to give evidence to the inquest tomorrow. More than 150 asylum seekers accused of burning down the narrow detention centre ow detention centre have been denied bail. A large group of asylum seekers torched a health centre, accommodation blocks, offices and cars. The district court hearing continues tomorrow. To some breaking news now: CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been given an official pass to leave Moscow airport. It is understood Russia's migration service has issued the notice. He has been stuck at the airport since the 23 June. He recently requested temporary asylum in Russia. Pressure is mounting on Egypt's new leaders to g on Egypt's new leaders to release Mohammed Morsi from detention as clashes between supporters and opponents of the deposed President left at least 10 people dead. east 10 people dead. The Interior Ministry has warned it will deal with any lawlessness firmly with any lawlessness firmly and decisively, but Morsi's family says it will sue the military over his ousting. In Brazil, around 400,000 young Catholics have packed the beach of Copacabana for the start of the 28th world t of the 28th world youth Day. Pilgrims waved flags, saying and prayed as the Archbishop of rear DeGeneres landmass. -- Rio de Janeiro. Tonight, the Pope is due. Disgraced US politician Anthony Weiner says he will still run for mayor of New York, despite being embroiled in another sex scandal. He has admitted sending more lewd text and photos two years after resigning from Congress over similar revelations. A gossip website posted X-rated messages allegedly sent to a young woman. His wife says she is standing by her husband. The Queen has been to see her great-grandson, spending half an hour with the newborn prince at home in London's Kensington Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now settling into life as into life as new parents as the world watches on. as the world watches on. Our Europe correspondent is outside Buckingham Palace for us. No sign of the excitement subsiding?Not at all. He may only be a feud is all, but the Prince is all, but the Prince of Cambridge is keeping a very ridge is keeping a very busy social schedule. -- a few days old. In the fast you hours, his parents have been spotted leaving Kensington Palace in a convoy. -- past few hours. About half an hour after they received an official visit from the Queen. She dropped by two metre great-grandson for the first time. Kensington Palace confirmed Prince Harry dropped by to meet his nephew, as well as Kate 's brother and sister. Or the Royal introductions are out of the way following yesterday 's thunderous welcome outside the hospital. A welcome for a future king. Cradled by his mother, the tiny Prince was blissfully unaware he was the centre of the world 's attention. Even so, he seemed to get a cheeky royal wave before he was passed into the arms of his father.He is a big boy. He is quite heavy. We are still working on a orking on a name.Any parent would know what this feeling feels like.Very special.Whose genetics to the prince inherit?He has her looks, thankfully.What about the young Prince's hat?He has way more than me. Thank God.The first introductions were made in private, with visits from beaming grandparents. Already comparisons are being made to Prince William 's departure from the same hospital 31 years earlier. Then, in a break with royal n, in a break with royal protocol, the beaming father took l, the beaming father took the wheel, driving his family to their new home at Kensington Palace. 41 gun salute across the capital. They reject changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. All warmly received by a young family eceived by a young family whose only real wish now is to spend some time alone. Now all we are waiting on is a name. There are plenty of people in Australia who have sent suggestions to the royal couple.I have no idea. Something regal, I guess. James, perhaps.James, maybe. James, maybe.Racks. Because racks means king. . Because racks means king.Probably Nicholas. Patrick.Christopher.I like George.Philip, perhaps.Samuel. Ryan sounds good for a royal name. -- Brian.I wouldn't hold my breath. It took a month for Prince Charles to be getting his name and a week for Prince William. I think we still m. I think we still have a feud is yet. -- a few days yet. Coming up: fears emerge a tuberculosis outbreak as scientists warned antibiotics cientists warned antibiotics are losing the war against superbugs.

The Federal government is turning the screws on Victoria as the deadline for the comms Key deal on education approachesms Key deal on education approaches. The NT and three Liberal led states, including Victoria, are luding Victoria, are yet to sign on. Extended deadline to sign on expires on Friday. He is the king of the playground. Kevin Rudd is that Brentwood Park Primary School in Melbourne, School in Melbourne, spooking his education funding model.We have more than 500,000 kids in schools in Victoria and I want them to benefit.Mr Rudd says the school will have a funding injection of nearly $3 million if Victoria signs up to Victoria signs up to the reforms.I don't know a single parent in the country who could understand why you would not want to invest more in our schools. Victoria is one of four states and territories yet to sign onto the new funding model. WA, Queensland and the NT are so far for refusing to budge. fusing to budge. -- so far refusing. The Federal education Minister is reasonably confident negotiations with Victoria t negotiations with Victoria will be successful.A more in -- I am more optimistic than I have been.The Catholic school sector negotiated a deal with the Federal government yesterday. They will receive an extra $1 billion of Commonwealth funding. Coalition says it is a cash splash.Policy on the run, expenditure on the run, someone else has to pick up the pieces.The Prime Minister p the pieces.The Prime Minister is playing up the country 's economic credentials in a Labor Party ad due to at night. These are the real facts.Former opposition leader acts.Former opposition leader John Hewson warned of making policy announcements without funding them. Important recent examples are the education reforms, disability care and several infrastructure projects.He is giving advice to his former staffer, the man who holds his position.The best model for Tony to follow is something like walk.While Kevin Rudd was missing with the youngsters, Tony Abbott was trained to secure the seniors' vote at an event on the Gold Coast. His supporters took umbrage at a question relating to a drink-driving charge for his chief of staff, billing the journalist who post the journalist who post it. -- doing. An old mineshaft in outback SA is being excavated is being excavated by police in a new search for a 16-year-old girl missing for more than two decades. Karen Michelle Williams was last seen in 1990. Police remain hopeful of a breakthrough in the investigation, obtaining a DNA sample from a Coober Pedy man they say is r Pedy man they say is a suspect. Child killer Derek Percy has died in a secure ward at a Melbourne hospital. He was Victoria 's longest serving prisoner. At his trial for the murder of Yvonne Tuhoy in 1969, Percy was found criminally insane. The 64-year-old was also linked to the disappearance of another eight children in the 1960s. Papua New Guinea ends up being turned away from the tourist trade Islands because of fears of a to the killers is academic. One person has already died after apparently can tracking -- contracting the disease from someone seeking asylum. The island is only about 4km off the coast of Papua New Guinea. It is the only route in the world that route in the world that allows travel from one country to from one country to another without a passport. Since the 80s, sick PNG nationals unable to find adequate care of medication at home have been making e have been making the crossing. A team of patients have sparked fears the disease is spreading to the local community because not all patients were taking nts were taking their jobs properly, which was also making the tuberculous strain drug resistance. That news comes as scientists warn antibiotics are failing in the battle against Eddie Betts -- bacterial infections. They say more needs to ore needs to be done against the emergence of superbugs. Antibiotic resistance seems like the stuff of horror films, a dystopia where humanity is under threat from incurable diseases. Well, this isn't a film, unfortunately. It is a reality. That -- bacteria are developing resistance to antibiotics and at an alarming rate. The World Health Organisation estimates that it occurs for 150,000 deaths each year. The problem is twofold. One, the unrestrained use of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture is driving the growth of drug-resistant organisms. Two, the research is not keeping up. In fact, some bacteria are so resistant they are virtually untreatable with y untreatable with any of the drugs that are currently available. Now scientists fear w scientists fear there is a genuine risk of returning to an era when deaths from common infections are rife.This is a very serious threat. It is a war and I feel some of the battles are being lost. We haven't had a new class of antibiotics of the late 80s. There are very few antibiotics in the pipeline that are being developed. To put it frankly there is no incentive to. The estimated cost of bringing new timated cost of bringing new antibiotics to the market is otics to the market is between 500 and $900 million. -- $500 million. In the last 50 years we have only seen one new class of antibiotic drug developed. That is why scientists are calling for urgent global action before it is too late.

are calling for urgent global
action before it is too late. To finance news, and inflation figures have been released today as a strong guide towards future in stricter --

stricter -- interest rate

stricter -- interest rate moves. It came in softer than expected. If you have moved house recently, either buying or renting, you have been hit hardest by inflation. Also among significant price rises, healthcare, cigarettes and furniture. Overall, inflation results for the June quarter subdued. Consumer prices rose 04%, slightly lower than economists expected. -- zero .4%.The impact of the lower currency had not filtered through. ot filtered through.It hasn't provided the silver bullet someone hoping for. Underlying inflation, which smooths out volatile price swings, which -- was like -expected. Accommodation of oil prices and Aussie dollars likely to push prices at the higher end of the target band.Petrol prices are rising and that is going to put some upward pressure on inflation, particularly as we look into the second half look into the second half of the year.Although prices are on the rise, in the June quarter the the fuel actually fell, down 3.1%. Chinese Manufacturing activity fell uring activity fell its lowest in 11 months.It looks as though Chinese growth is on a knife edge at the moment. It could be that Chinese growth to slow down more. We don't expect it . We don't expect it to because we think the authorities will actually start to do a bit more spending.Straight after the inflation result, the probability of result, the probability of a rate cut jumped almost two thirds. Just 15 minutes after the weak Chinese debtor, chances pulled btor, chances pulled back to 50%.We are pencilling a rate cut in August but it is certainly not a certainty. The RBA holds its next board meeting on xt board meeting on the 6 August.

The RBA holds its next board
meeting on the 6 August. Staying with finance, the Australian sharemarket continued to rise, reaching nued to rise, reaching another 2-month high. The big banks also did well.

Stay with us, the action from the night football match ahead at Liverpool makes its first ever appearance in Australia.

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It has

It has been

It has been a

It has been a big night

It has been a big night for

Australian football

Australian football fans

Australian football fans and fans of Liverpool, ans of Liverpool, in particular. The historic 1st-ever match in Australia at the MCG against Melbourne Victory was watched by over 95,000 as watched by over 95,000 supporters and the English side one, 2-0. All the pre match focus centred on Liverpool 's Luis Suarez. His services want His services want required in the first half, Brendan Rodgers leaving his intimate ford on the bench. After a rousing rendition of the team song, it was the Melbourne Victory for that was made headlines. Andrew Nabbout looking lively. Liverpool 's Australian keeper keeping out Melbourne, who didn't look overawed.

Shortly afterwards it was Stephen Garrett showed an appetite for gold. It was the Liverpool captain who's Tommy verpool captain who's Tommy sparked another move. Joe Allen delivered the return.

In the second half, Connor Pain showed just why he is in the sites for soccer rues duty, bringing out the best once again from Jones in goal.

Steven Gerrard made way for Lucas to a huge ovation. Liverpool introduced soirees with just under 10 minutes to go.

2-0 the final score. The concept of bringing topsides to Australia and massive success, with 180,000 fans attending two matches within the space of days. To

space of days.

To the

To the weather now,

To the weather now, and in

To the weather now, and in the major centres, fine in Melbourne, showers for Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


That is

That is the

That is the world this


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