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Tonight on 'The World', more deaths at sea as the PNG plan gets more complicated.We are asking the Australian Government to realign its program to PNG priorities. That's what we said on Monday. I don't particularly appreciate being miss represented by others for their own political interests. Peter O'Neill rebukes claim by the Australian opposition that the asylum seeker plan will give PNG greater control over the foreign aid budget.

Also ahead - as a group of asylum seekers is flown out of Manus Island to make way for the Federal Government's so-called PNG solution, there are claims vulnerable young detainees have been sexually assaulted in the detention centre. The Pope is in Rio de Janeiro where tens of thousands of young Catholics have flocked to the city's Copacabana Beach for the world's first mass of the World Youth Festival. It's midday in London, where the royal baby is spending his first full day at home in Kensington Palace, after being introduced to the world on those famous hospital steps.

I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks for joining us. At least five people are dead and dozens missing after a boat carrying asylum seekers sank off the Indonesian coast. The boat was just 5 kilometres from shore when it started to break pay part. Local fishermen went to their rescue and managed to find more than 180 survivors. They've been moved to a small town in Java, while authorities continue to search for the missing. Indonesia correspondent George Roberts reports. This windy mountain pass is the highway to the south West Java coast where many boats have left from over the years in the hope of making it to Australia. Yet again it's ended in tragedy. Local fishermen were the first to respond, rescuing more than 160 people since about this time yesterday afternoon. The final death toll isn't known . But what is known is that among the bodies that have been retrieved from the sea is that of a small girl. It's not even a week since the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that anybody who tries to get to Australia by boat will be denied any opportunity of being resettled in Australia and will be forced to live in Papua New Guinea. While some styles have told us that that's forced them to cancel any plans they had to go to Australia by boat, others say that life in an Australian-run detention centre still beats being stranded here in Indonesia. For more, Indonesia correspondent George Roberts joins us on the line. George, I gather the search is continuing?Yes, that's right. Really camp down overnight or grind to a halt completely. As is pretty much usual here in Indonesia, because the authorities don't ability to search through the night. authorities don't have the night. At the moment, there are some people close to the or on the coast on the south west of Java about or on the coast on the west of Java about 50 people
are being held or on the coast on the south
west of are being held there, but are being they're being brought back to the Punchuk area where all the people originated from to head off to the start of their journey towards the coast. Apparently they're just going to be brought pack and allowed to go, because the immigration authorities don't have the capacity to deal with them and some of the other people who were being held at a place called Sukaputra near the coast as well have been brought back towardes this region too. Do
we have a firmer idea of the numbers involved here. It numbers believed to be carrying more than 200 asylum seekers.Well, the numbers have been fluctuating throughout the day. This is quite normal here. You're not dealing with Australian agency which is counting the numbers and checking names off on a list. The Indonesian police, they seem to be keeping track of it or they say they are and they've told us now that the number of survivors still stands at 181, no more dead so stands at 181, no more dead far have been found. So that still stands at five people, that's four adult, and one little girl. It's still looking at 186 people accounted for at this stage. It remained to be little seen if there was an official head count on the boat or whether there has to be some sort of reconciliation against family members and people who know if anybody else was still missing. But overnight now, very little chance of finding anybody else as it starts to get dark here. And so I guess things will resume in the morning. And any idea where these asylum seekers were from? There are indications that they're from Iran, Iraq and also Sri Lanka?Yes. A number of them are also from Iran and there were some indications or some reports that there were people from Iraq and Afghanistan. Not sure of the nationality of the who've died.Is this an area that's common - a common point of departure for those people seeking asylum seeker thrum in Australia?Well, it has been known. This region has been known as a point of departure along the coastline there. But also, it is an area where you sort of pretty much have to mass through in order to go towards Christmas Island. Say if you came from a port in Jakarta and you went down through the sun Des straight and south-east towards Christmas Island, you'd be pusso passing through this area. As a result, it is a region where there have been a lot of boat sinkings along that passage towards Christmas Island. George Roberts from Java, thanks very much. There may be a hitch in the Federal Government's Papua New Guinea plan. To get new asylum seekers to Manus Island, the ones already there may have to be moved to Australia. Manus Island is preparing for a big influx of asylum seekers under the government's tough new

the government's tough new
policy. One man who knows the processing centre intimately says it's a living hell. Rod St George told SBS there were Manus.
alarming levels of self-harm on Manus. He says the Immigration Department managers at the camp knew young men were being Department managers at the sexually knew young men sexually abused by other
detainees.Young men who were considered vulnerable, which in considered vulnerable, which many cases is just a euphemism for men who are being raped.Here at the island's police station, police say they haven't received any reports of sexual assaults or rapes. They've urged anyone with allegations to come to them. The PNG Prime Minister says he's surprised by the allegations.There may be an isolated case but this kind of allegation of a rampant misbehaviour that is happening at this centre, I think it is an overreaction on the part of the whistleblower. The Australian Government says the allegations will be taken seriously.Any allegation of this nature should be properly investigated thoroughly.If people have done the wrong thing, well, they ought to be punished. Bringing many more people here could create a whole new set of problems for the government and the refugees forced to endure the conditions here.

Joining us on the line now is Liam Fox, who is on Manus Island. We just heard in the report there the Prime Minister. He's surprised by these allegations of sexual spoken to the locals. What's assault in the camp. spoken to the locals. their reaction been?It's of surprise as we heard from the police. These were surpriseed to hear these allegations had nothing had been reported to them and were a bit miffed that these allegations hadn't been brought to them that they could investigate them. They've already conducted investigations on other matters inside the processing centre here to do with minor assaults and an attempted break-out earlier in the year and indeed some criminal charges have been laid against asylum seekers. So they said that they have conducted investigations into the asylum centre and they would've liked the delegation to come to them before being put through the media. There are also allegations from the former manager that there are attempted suicides and acts of self-harm. They're a daily occurrence. You've also spoken to the head of the hospital there. What's he had to say?With regards to the allegations of sexual assaultness an rape, he said that again, he's not aware of any of those allegations and that no-one who suffered any serious physical injury has been brought to the hospital for any treatment related to sexual assault. If they do sustain serious physical injury they have to be brought to the hospitals for treatment, but Dr Newman said that hasn't been the case with result to any sexual assault related injuries there.Difficult to corroborate these allegations. Are there any indications that those managing the detention centre are not act on these are not act on allegations?We can only go on what the official word is that the government is taking these seriously. I guess from what we've heard from the police today they'd also like to look into these, like to talk St George. I don't know how that would happen. It's unlikely he'd be coming again. So far all we have to go on is what the government says because the media is not given any access to those inside and that's not likely to change any time soon.On another matter, the Greens here in Australia claim several cases of malaria have occurred in the man news island detention centre. That is disputed by the Department of Immigration. Any word on that?When we were talking to Dr Newman he didn't mention there has been an unusually high number of malaria case within the processing centre. Malaria is prevalent here in Manus Island. The locals get it at a - a high percentage of the population here on Manus Island gets malaria. There are mosquitos all over the place. Within the detention centre, it's Within it's a fact of life in Papua Within the detention New Guinea and Manus it's a fact of life New Guinea and Manus Island.
And Liam, as far as And Liam, as far as Australia's so-called PNG plans, what's the local reaction been to the likely rapid expansion of the camp there on Manus Island?There's two aspects to that the wider PNG reaction has been one of anger. There are feelings that Australia is using Papua New Guinea as something of a dumping ground. Those feelings of colonial resentment, this is once again Papua New Guinea doing the bidding of the old colonial master. Here on Manus Island itself, people are very happy with the expansion plans. They've always been in support of the processing centre being established here. This is a place where there's not a lot in the way of industry or business. Now it's been in operation since November last year, it's effectively the largest business on the island, the largest employer, to the locals more asylum seekers means more jobs and business opportunities. Thanks very much. That's Liam Fox on Manus Island. Refugees currently living in Papua New Guinea say any new arrivals will face a tough life. Around 10,000 Papuan asylum seekers live in PNG, having fled the Indonesian controlled provinces in the west. They say they've been forgotten by the PNG government and they expect the same thing to happen to others. Liam Cochrane has more. On the outskirtses of Port Moresby. 25-year-old Ida calls this shack home.This is where me sit and joke, chat werf else.Her parents fled Indonesian-controlled West Papua province more than three decades ago. And she's lived her whole life in transient refugee camps.We got evicted from there, down to Ella Beach, then to Baroko living in the police station. This is known as Rainbow Camp but life here is tough. There's limited water, electricity only at night and the constant fear of eviction. Despite the hardships, Ida says she's one of the lucky ones.It really hurts to see my other siblings, they don't go to school. The refugees here are very aware of the resettlement deal the PNG government has signed with Australia. One of the camp's leaders says newly resettled refugees might be treated well in the short term ...But after they have process and become refugee and they will e resettle here in Papua New Guinea, they will face the same situation like us. Any refugees resettled here under the recently signed agreement will probably get more support than offered to these people. But this camp gives a sense what have it's like to live as a refugee in Papua New Guinea, the difficulty in finding land and the lack of basic services. This community hopes the MNG government will follow through on promises to waive fees for citizenship applications. So they might at last belong somewhere.

Still to come on 'The World' - the PNG Prime Minister issues a strong rebuke to the Australian opposition's claims that Kevin Rudd has effectively subcontracted out the country's aid program to PNG as part of its deal to process asylum seekers. That's coming up in just under 20 minutes' time. The Solomon Islands is commemorating 10 years since Australian troops led a peacekeeping mission to end bitter ethnic clashes that killed scores of people. Today, the Solomons Prime Minister thanked the 15 nations that made up the so-called RAMSI mission for restoring law and order. New Zealand correspondent gom neek Schwartz reports from Honiara. The celebrations here mark 10 years since regional troops and police flew into Honiara in a bid to stop a five-year bitter civil conflict between rival mill tnt groups. The Solomon island has come a long way since then and the Prime Minister says he's humbled and pays tribute to all of those who've participated in the Australian-led mission.When once there was no hope, now our future is bright.But he says the real challenges actually start now. Over the next month the military will leave Honiara. There will be a police force that will stay to mentor and train the Solomon Islands police force, but the Prime Minister says there will challenge Minister says there will be a
challenge to country can stay challenge to ensure that the country can stay united and not disintegrate into the microcosms that it was prior microcosms that it was prior to RAMSI's hey country needs real solutions to real RAMSI's hey rifle. He says the
country needs real problems. And country needs real solutions to real problems. And in a
national survey real problems. And national survey recently many
people said real problems. And in a
national people said the biggest problem they face in their communities and in their families are problems caused by alcohol and drugs. Further afield - prps William and his wife Kate are keepth the world guessing about the name of their first child as they begin family life. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left St Mary's hospital in London overnight taking home their newly born son for the first time. The royal couple introduced the future king to the world, to the cheers of well-wishers. On the very spot where he'd first been shown to the world by his mother and father, 31 years ago, William brought his wife Catherine and their first-born child. A boy with no name at the moment, who one day will be king. And here he is. Sleeping soundly, it seemed. A one day old child whose image in this unstant was being seen by people in many different parts of the world. Held tightly by his mother and oblivious to all the curiosity. Catherine handed their son to William. Carefully done, just like any first-time parents with a newborn. Except that this was one future king cradling another and the world's media was watching. There were microphones waiting for the inevitable questions, but in a sense they weren't needed. The expressions of the couple said it all. As William had put it last night, they couldn't be happier, and that's how they seemed as they spoke about their a good pair of lungs on him that's for sure. He's about their son.Well, he's got
a good pair that's for sure. He's a big boy. He's quite heavy. But we're still working on a name. boy. He's quite heavy. So we'll have that as soon as we can. But So we'll we can. But it's the first time we've seen him really, so having a proper chance we've seen him having a proper chance to catch up. They were asked how it felt up. They were asked how felt to be parents.Very emotional.Yeah, it's very emotional. It's such a special time. I think any parent I think will probably sort of know what this feeling feels like.It's very special. Then the baby's appearance, who did he resemble?He's got her lips, thankfully. No, no, no, I'm not sure about that. And finally, hair. Who had more? William or his son?He's got way more than me, thank God!

Thanks a lot, thank you. William and Catherine took their son back inside the hospital briefly. But already those first images were being set up for tomorrow's front pages. So let's take a closer look at a couple of the photographs. There wasn't much visible, a head, and some fingers. A face in repose. Well behaved certainly for this first appearance and a mother and father for whom he is now the centre of attention. The couple re emerged with the baby in a car seat. William placed him in one of the royal vehicles. Now car seats can be a test of dexterity and this wasn't the moment to get it wrong. There was some fiddling with the straps and then William was satisfied. He took the wheel and with Catherine on the back seat alongside the baby, they left for Kensington Palace to what they hope will be a period of tranquility and privacy. But this is a future king and there are certain protocols to be observed.

And so at Westminster Abbey this morning there was a special peal of bells. At the Tower of London the birth was marked by the firing of cannon.

Another salute was fired in Green Park by Buckingham Palace by the King's Troop royal horse artillery.

While within the palace forecourt, changing the guard had a specially changed program of music. (And plays 'Congratulations) 'Congratulations', a familiar tune, marking a widespread sentiment as weren't marked the birth of a baby whose destiny will be to take forward an ancient monarchy towards the 22nd For more I spoke a

For more I spoke a little earlier For more I spoke a earlier to Europe correspondent Mary Gearin earlier to Europe Mary Gearin from outside Kensington palace. I asked her about the local reaction to Kensington palace. I asked royal birth.As about the local royal birth.As you can see
here, on royal birth.As here, on the front pages of here, on the front pages just about every single paper just about that you just about every single that you have, the fresh prince, and our little prince, basically there's adoration through most of the outlets across Britain. And we can expect that to continue. There's a big media contingent here, just watching the palace, who knows what they're likely to see, but there is such intense interest in this, those images that you've just seen have been replayed endlessly overnight and into the morning, because that was the moment that everyone was wait fog see. And Mary, the next big announcement of course will be the name. Any sign of when that will come and what it may be?No, and Prince William stayed that they're still working on T there's no real indication as to when that might be. Legally they have 42 days to make their decision and to get to the registrar's office and put that down. Even wul aft questions from the media pack yesterday, no-one was giving anything away. So I think we're left with knows frontrunners from the bookmakers are still George and James. There are many other names being bandied around. They'll have three or four times for this baby as is the custom for royals. So there are quite a few chances for them to put in anything they like. Mary, an instant industry has already been created around the baby, as merchandisers cash in with souvenirs?That's right. It's estimated that about $400 million will be given in to the British economy for the retail, just in celebratory food and drink and baby merchandise alone. And when people have been talking about the worth of the royals and the support for the royals, the fact that this baby will add to brand Britain and all of the money that the royals bring to the economy, they quote figures of something like $3 billion a year. Versus a cost, say the supporters. Monarchy, of about $400,000, that the royals actually do cost the taxpayer. So for people who support the monarchy, they would be saying that this baby who's hopefully sleeping in the mall lass behind me is already earning his keep for his country. As you mentioned earlier the indications are that baby Cambridge will rarely be seen in public, least for the first few months?That's right. That is the expectation. Prince William is famously protective of his family. Obviously that also stems from the method and manner of the death of his mother. There's built up a very slick and vigilant PR team that has shown itself very willing to act at the first sign of any overstepping of the boundaries of privacy that they have actually launched legal action when they felt that it's necessary. So they will be keeping a tight hold on the exposure that this child will have. It's likely that yes, the media will also try to be respectful to that. So there will be official photos put out in due course, Kensington Palace confirmed, but that isn't yet and perhaps those images we've just seen overnight, they will have keep getting replayed for people to get those images that they want and they crave, it seems, of

To news at home. In a sign an election could be imminent, the Labor Party's rolling out a fresh round of television advertisements. The campaign features Kevin Rudd talking about Australia's debt level. The ads will air on prime-time TV this evening. Tony Abbott believes the drums are beating for an election. He spent the day campaigning on Gold Coast. And his supporters didn't appreciate some of the reporters' questions.Mr Abbott your Chief of Staff pleaded guilty in morning to a drink-drive charge. How do you feel about that?(Crowd members groan)Boo !Boo, hiss! The Opposition Leader says law breakers should be contrite and accept the consequences. Back overseas. American politician Anthony Wiener, who was forced to resign from Congress over a sexting scandal has admitted sending more lewd messageness and photographs. Mr Wiener is trying to become the democratic fom nee to contest the election for the mayor of New York. A gossip web site has published texts and photos he sent to an unnamed woman. He's acknowledged they are genuine, and that some of them were sent after his resignation in 2011.Ite these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go marriage that extended past through many challenges in our marriage that extended past resignation it Congress. Wiener's wife marriage that extended past my Wiener's wife is standing by her husband and resignation it Congress. Mr
Wiener's wife her husband Wiener's wife is standing by continue his her husband and he says continue his campaign to mayor. Pope Francis is continuing his trip to Brazil despite safety fears over the riots that marred his his arrival. The leader of the Catholic Church plans to visit a slum in Rio de Janeiro, saying the church needs to get closer to the poorest in society. And one congregation is taking that message to the streets of Sao Paolo.

Singing songs of faith and hope, looking to rescue homeless drug addicts near a place called Krakolandia, the roughest area of Sao Paolo. They're Catholic missionaries and volunteers from a radical offshoot congregation of the Sao Paolo arch die yo sees. Every day they take to the streets offering a handshake, a hug, consoling words, simply an opportunity to get off the streets. For people like Everton, a homeless crack addict.It's horrible to live here. The bottom of society. I don't wish this upon anybody, because this space is a bit of hell. At a house run by the congregation those rescued are given a meal and shower a medical check-up and a place to sleep but also spiritual guidance for strength to eternal life. It was all started by this man, who spends weeks at a time sleep on the streets with the homeless. He and his 60 missionaries have made a Sao Paolo shanty town their home.For those living on the streets, there is a lack of motivation to live. They consider themselves dead. Dead for their families. And for society. It's necessary to give them a dose of spirit twality and that is what can revitalise them.

In only seven years the mission has taken 25,000 homeless people off the streets, thanks in large part to a group of 130 volunteers who themselves to a group of 130 who themselves lived in the same situation as those they are now trying to same situation as are now trying to help.We speak the same language as the homeless. And are not ashamed of hugging them or touching them. The work of the mission is particularly important at this moment in time for the Catholic Church, because Pope Francis is trying to make the church more accessible to the poor and those people that are most vulnerable in society. At a mission house, this man, who is homeless for over 20 years, is now learning how to be a carpenter, but also says he has found something bigger.I used to feel inferior seeing people going to work having a normal life. While I didn't have a mace to take a shower I begged for food but today I feel I have a family. Thanks to one congregation trying to show that the Catholic Church won't walk past the people who need them the most.

To give us the latest news on the Pope's first trip abroad, we're joined on the phone by Nick Squires, Rome kors for the UK's Telegraph newspaper. He joins us from Rio de Janeiro. Describe the at moss near in Rio where the Pope will appear at the World Youth Festival?I was out yesterday at the first big set-piece event of this World Youth Festival and that was a mass on Copacabana Beach. There were about half a million young Catholics from around the world who congregate ed on the beach. Lots of Australians by the way, lots of Australian flags in the crowd. That was the opening event of World Youth Festival. The Pope wasn't there. Yesterday was a rest day for the Pope but he will resume activities today and he's off to a shrine between Rio and Sao Paolo to pray to the Virgin Mary. The Pope was involved in a security scare as he was mobbed by well-wishers. were also violent demonstrations. Were these protests aimed at the pontiff or were the protesters using the visit to continue their demonstrations against government corruption and spending?It seems very much the latter. That they weren't aimed specifically at the Pope. As you say, there was violence. That was within hours of Francis' arrival, protesters demonstrated, clashed with riot police outside the governor's palace in Rio, tear gas and stun grenade s were launched against them, but people were saying there, Brazilians were saying this is it not about Pope Francis, it's not about the Catholic Church, it's much more a continuation of last month's anger against government corruption and against the billions of dollars that are being spent in this country to host next year's World Cup and then the summer Olympics in 2016. Nonetheless, there has been some outrage over the coast of the papal visit. It's estimated to be costing around $60 million?ManyThat's right. Yes. Which pales into insignificance compared to the cost of the World Cup and the summer Olympics. But summer Olympics. nonetheless, it is a sensitive issue nonetheless, it is issue at a time when many braz yaps feel that issue at a time when yaps feel that their taxes are too high, transport costs are too high and Social Services are just not up to scratch. are just not up to scratch. So yes, it is an issue for some Brazilians but I wouldn't say it's a matter of widespread anger in the country.Brazil is the world's most populous Catholic country but the church is losing followers there. Is the fact that the Pope is South American likely to turn that around, do you think?Well, I think that's a very - a key question. As you say the Catholic Church has lost huge numbers of people in the last 20 years. Largely to the Pentecostal evangelical churches which have popped up here in the last couple of decades and done extremely well. The decline is quite dramatic an long term, so whether one visit by Francis, as popular as he is with many as people, will turn that around, I doubt it. It's four months since Francis became Pope. How would you assess his style hand his agenda?Well, the style I think is certainly very different to his predecessor Benedict VXI. Much Benedict VXI. Much more
informal, man of the people style. He has renounced much of the pomp and splendour of the office in lots of examples of that. For office in Rome. instance he office in Rome. There've been
lots instance lots of examples of that. For
instance he has decided not to live in the very sumptuous papal palace in the Vatican but to stay in what is effectively a Vatican hotel within the city walls. In terms of his substance, we're just beginning to see - to do with his papacy, but he wants to seriously have a go at reforling the the Vatican Bank, which is one institution that's in corruption and scandal. And the general Vatican administration, the curia. He will come up against some very powerful vested interests in doing so. Nick Squires in Rio de Janeiro thank you very much.Thank you.

You are watching 'The World' on ABC News 24. I'm Andrew Geoghegan A reminder of our top stories. Five people have been confirmed dead in the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy off Indonesia. The boat was carrying up to 200 people and Indonesian police say they found over 180 survivors. Rescue authorities are still scouring the seas off the south west coast of Java, where the boat went down. The Immigration Minister Tony Burke says he will inspect the Manus Island detention centre within days. In response to allegations of asylum seeker abuse. A former senior security manager has told SBS's date line program that detainees have been rape and tortured with the full knowledge of staff. Mr Burke says the allegations are appalling, but the government still intends to massively expand the facility. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their new son have spent their first night out of hospital at Kensington Palace in Central London. The third in line to the throne made his first public appearance this morning, or the morning before, as his parents left London's St Mary's hospital. But the public's still awaiting the announcement of the newborn's name. And - coming up later - reaction to the first glimpse of the royal baby in in the English village where the Duchess grew up.

Papua New Guinea has issued a strong rebuke to claims by the Australian opposition that Australia has ceded control of its foreign aid budget in the country. Peter O'Neill's response came after Australia's Opposition Leader Tony Abbott accused Kevin Rudd of subcontracting out the country's aid program to PNG as part of the its deal to process asylum seekers. But Peter O'Neill has criticised Australian opposition politicians for dragging his country into Australia's internal political debate over the two countries' agreement over asylum seekers. PNG correspondent Liam Cochrane spoke to Mr O'Neill Moresby spoke to Mr O'Neill in Port
Moresby and much control Moresby and began by much Moresby and began by asking how over the aid much control PNG would have over the aid program.Now, over the aid program.Now, this particular arrangement gives us an particular arrangement an opportunity for Papua New particular arrangement gives Guinea government and the Australian an opportunity Australian Government to align Guinea government and the priorities of the program
implementation of the aid program in line with program in line with the priorities established by PNG government. Now, our focus is still the same on issues like education, health, law and order, infrastructure development. Those are the same priorities that the aid program is aiming to tackle in it country. We are saying that rather an duplicating a parallel system of these services, we are really asking the Australian Government to realign its program to PNG priorities. That is what we said on Monday. And I don't particularly appreciate being misrepresented by others for their own political interests. Aside from Australia's aid budget which is around $500 million Australian a year that goes to Papua New Guinea you've outlined a raft of major infrastructure projects, the building of highways, hospitals, the co-funding of universities. Can you give me a total cost for these new infrastructure projects?These are the new priorities and it is not a new deal. These the same priorities that we highlighted to Julia Gillard when she visited Papua New Guinea. And she agreed to the scope and design of those projects. Those are the same projects and programs that we're now having to put forward to Kevin Rudd when he visited PNG. So as far as we are concerned, we have been consistent all hey long. Again, we are here resolving Australia's problem. That must be appreciated fully. John Howard requests us to establish a processing centre. We obliged. When Kevin Rudd came into power, he cancelled that program. When Julia Gillard asked us to reopen the asylum processing centre, we did. And now, Kevin Rudd and our governments has now agreed to expand on that. This is not a new program and it should be debated in the manner it has been now. Again I stress this very carefully. Don't get Papua New Guinea all meddled up in the politics within Australia. Papua New Guinea's national interests are very important to us. We won't put up with in kind of nonsense. We helping resolving an Australian issue. Try to be respectful when we start talking about these issues.In's been a real hack of detail around how this resettling program will actually work on the ground. It's only a few days since the announcement on Friday, still no questions on some very simple matters like: where in Papua New Guinea will these refugees be resettled?Now, we have not even processed one single refugee and we have not even had any information as to whether a genuine refugee will be part of that group is that is coming to the processing centre. So it is premature for us to go and say this is where they will be resettled or this is where we are trying to look after the genuine refugees. We will work through the numbers as we process them in man nuns and I think that Manus facility has been expanded as we speak, and again, both governments are working together in achieving that. The processing as you say has to come first, and that is going on and about to begin with these new asylum seekers on Manus Island. You're aware of the allegations made in the Australian media about abuse of detainees and among detainees within the facility. Were you aware of this abuse and can I get your reaction to the allegations?Well, this behaviour is happening within the centres itself and it's got nothing to do with Papua New Guinea. Now, I have requested our leaders within the province and our officials to investigate those allegations. And from early indications, it is quite surprising that this has happened. Now, it may be an isolated case but this kind of allegation of a many ra pant misbehaviour that is happening at the centre, I think it is an overreaction on the part of the whistleblower and I think Australian officials need to fully investigate this and I think the truth be told as a result of that investigation. The claims made were serious, of people The claims made were very
serious, of people being raped within the facility. You say it was an overreaction. Are you within the facility. You was saying that those rapes was an overreaction. Are happen?Well, from early indications, we are finding that this is completely surprising to us. There are no reports to us that this has happened. So I'm saying that rather than overreacting we will fully investigate these issues and of course, if this incident has happened, we will make sure that we will apply the full force of our laws in this country so bring the culprits to justice and face the judicial system in the country.There's an interesting contradiction within this policy, the refugee resettling policy, on the one hand, the Australian Government is arguing that PNG is an OK place for people to settle down. That they can make a life for themselves here. On the other, they're hoping that the prospect of being sent to Papua New Guinea is so abhorrent to people this they don't want to get on boats and that will solve the problem of people coming in unsafe ways towards Australia. How do you feel about your country being characterised in these ways?I think it is individual commentators in Australia who are painting that picture that Papua New Guinea is an undesirable place for resettlement. I think that is unwarranted. Papua New Guinea is a robust democracy. It is the fastest growing economy in the region. Its living standards are improving all the time. We are expanding on all the services including health, education. We are improving in terms of law and infrastructure's being improved all the time. When you look at t you see the increasing number of people who are now work and enjoying living of people who are now enjoying living in Papua New Guinea, including thousands of Australians. I don't think many of them are chaining that PNG is an undesirable place to come hand live and work. There is thousands of your citizens in Australia working and living here.

Fiji's sperm Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has told the country's Diplomatic Corps that his government will not be influenced by outsiders. Speaking at the two day head of missions meeting, Commodore Bainimarama said Fiji does not view itself as beholden to anyone.We will act in our own interests, not in the interests of those who attempt to impose their will on us. The days of us being dictators - dictateed to by outsiders are over. He said Fiji's international standing had never been higher, that's despite delays in the planned 2014 general election bs and allegation of police brutality. Returning to matters royal now - no name yet, but apparently a healthy set of lungs. The world's had its first glimpse of the baby born to rule. William and Kate proudly shoud showed off their little prince outside the hospital before taking him home for the first time. From London, Europe correspondent Mary Gearin. A royal revealed. And about a thousand waiting well-wishers were jubilant. At just over a day old, the latest heir to the House of Windsor made his first public appearance. The future king seemed oblivious to the attention, but his father said he's already making himself heard.He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. He's a big boy. He's quite heavy. We're still working on a name. We'll have that as soon as we can, but it's the first time we've seen him really, so having a proper chance to catch up.These royals, whose popularity is widely seen as the key to the monarchy's future, spoke of experiences common to many.Very emotional.Yeah, it's very emotional. It's such a special time. I think any parent I think probably can sort of know what this feeling feels like.It's very special. It's got her lips, thankfully.No, no I'm not sure about that. Then they were asked about the baby's hair.He's got way more than me, thank God! Thanks a lot. Thank you. For the people who'd days to see the couple, it who'd waited hours and even days to see the couple, it was
a pivotal days to see the couple, it a pivotal moment.It was a fantastic. I've never experienced anything like it. Have you?No, so exciting and so pleased to see Kate and the baby and baby and obviously too. Meanwhile weren't put on a typical show of pageantry. Two separate gun salutes heralded the weren't's arrival. Amounted the bells of Westminster Abbey rang for more than three hours. Best wishes continued to arrive from all corners, including William's workmates.Hooray!

And so starts a life of intense scrutiny for this newest royal. For now, though, the family will retreat for some privacy. After a first-time attempt at a car seat, the family was off to Kensington palace. seat, appearance down, so many to go.

A key measure of activity in China's manufacturing sectors a fallen to an 11-month low, raising concerns about growth in the country. The leading index by HSBC which focuses on small and medium sized factories dropped to a level of 47.7 in July. It's the latest sign of a slowdown in the economy of Australia's biggest trading partner. It sent the Australian dollar tumbling and put a squeeze on reresource stocks. Radioactive water is likely to be leaking into the nuclear plant. The cost of the ocean from the Fukushima clean-up has been put at $58 clean-up has been put billion, five times the original estimate. The confirmation of original estimate. confirmation of the leak is the first official acknowledgement of what experts had been suspecting for some time. The operator of the crippled plant Tepco had repeatedly denied any contaminated water had reached Tepco had repeatedly the sea, contaminated the sea, despite spikes in radiation levels and samples. The Japanese government is taking this issue seriously. The ministry of trade, economy and industry was instructed to act promptly to prevent contaminated water from leaking to the ocean. These latest revelations will add to the controversy over nuclear energy here, just days after here, just days after an
election with the future of Japan's shutdown nuclear reactors very much on people's minds. Japan's Communist party says the fact it picked up a big protest vote in Sunday's Upper House elections is proof the majority is against nuclear power. And still fearful of the Fukushima threat.We had a high radiation level in Tokyo from the crisis and many citizens were concerned about radiation spreading here. So it's very important that politicians hear the people's concerns. By the same token, the ruling Liberal Democrats could argue they have a mandate to resume nuclear power production. But this latest scare is not a great advertisement for the industry.

Let's check sport now with Amanda Shalala. The Reds aren't walking alone tonight, a massive crowd at the MCG?They never walk alone. It's incredible. More than 95,000 fans have filled the MCG to take Liverpool take on Melbourne Victory in an exhibition match and the Reds lead 1-0 late in the game. It's the Reds' first ever visit to Australia but the players wouldn't have felt far from home after the welcome they received. SONG: # You'll never ... # Walk alone #

Victory youngster Andrew Nabu had the home side's best chance of the first half but it was Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who converted in the 3 2nd minute.

Cut it is back inside for Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool lead! The Reds have rejected Arsenal's improved offer of more than $66 million for controversial star Louis Suarez. Talks between sacked national coach Mickey Arthur and Cricket Australia have failed to reach a resolution at the Fair Work Commission. Arthur is suing his former employer for $4 million for unfair dismissal. He was replaced by Darren Lehmann before the Ashes. The South African has claimed Cricket Australia failed to notify him in writing or pay him out properly. Cricket Australia has said it's comfortable with the level of support it's to level of support it's provided
to hours of talks, there to Arthur. After almost six hours of talks, there was no outcome.I'm pretty confident there was enough goodwill in outcome.I'm pretty there the room for us to there was enough goodwill the room for us to continue
talks next week. the room for us to talks next week. As I said talks next earlier all we want is a fair earlier all we and reasonable earlier all we want is a and reasonable outcome. I'm pretty sure we'll achieve that next pretty next week.The talks will
continue at pretty sure we'll achieve that next continue at the Fair Work
Commission next next week.The talks will continue Commission next Wednesday.
Queensland tennis continue at the Fair Work
Commission next Queensland tennis fans are in for Queensland for a treat later this year with Roger Federer signing up for the Brisbane International. The 17-time Grand Slam winner will use the event as a warm-up for the Australian Open. Organisers touted it as the biggest announcement in the tournament's history.I'm Roger Federer. Come watch me play at the Brisbane International. It's the first time the Swiss master has begun his Australian summer in Queensland.For some time we've been in contact with Brisbane. I saw how the tournament got stronger and stronger. The local tennis fraternity is thrilled.It's almost like a dream come true for me, because I was involved in building of the stadium and I was looking forward to d the day when Roger would play on it. Ashley Cooper says it's a real coming of age for the tournament.Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, Serena Williams, but Roger, 17 grand shams. No-one's come - Grand Slams. No-one's come close to that he's the one.Federer has won 77 singles titles and is hoping to add one more to the tally when he appears here.It's going to be a great preparation for me for the Australian Open. Not just coming there for the Australian Open, I'm coming there to commit so early in advance an it's also to win in Brisbane, so hopefully I can play well.Federer is the first player announced for the 2014 event.

farewelled one of the its all-time greats with Sharelle McMahon announcing her retirement. The 35-year-old juggled motherhood and playing for the Melbourne Vixens but now it's Family First. McMahon made a comeback in season after a two-year break due to injury and the birth of her son.I'm gonna miss it with all my heart. And I'm excited about the next steps. And thank you to everyone who's been a part of the journey.(Applause)

McMahon burst onto the scene when she scored the winning goal at the 1999 World Championships. She played 118 tests for Australia and captained the Diamonds for four years. Australia has won five medals on Day 4 of the International Paralympic Committee athletics World Championships in Lyon. Scott Reardon took silver in the 200m T4 2 class for leg amputees.Whitehead's going to get it. Fantastic! He's come past the Australian, Reardon. Angie Ballard just pipped training partner Madison Derozario in the silver in the T5 3 wheelchair 800m. And the Brumbies have named an unchanged team for this weekend's SuperRugby grand final qualifier against the Bulls in Pretoria.Doesn't come much tougher, playing the Bulls on the home turf. Tough ask. Returning to the royal baby, and nowhere has the birth been celebrated more than in the village where the Duchess of Cambridge grew up. Residents were up all night in Bucklebury in Berkshire and the party's only just begun. Who knows what time he was born yesterday afternoon? They've been following every detail here at Bucklebury Primary and they're proud their village has played a mart in royal history.Maybe some of you siting in the front here will be able to watch him being crowned king of England. Programs you will remember when you were very small in school. You will remember the day he was born.

That's a big smile.No sign of tiredness at the school drop-off this morning. Despite a very late night. Everybody takes Kate right into their heart n and William. She a local girl. She uses the local pub when she is here, she uses the shops. So people feel slight I had like they own her but in a kind way. She is allowed to be her own person when she is here.Her privacy is now being very closely guarded. In the lanes around there is the middle tonnes' home here, there is suddenly very obvious security. Because this is where Kate and her baby son are expected to spend time in the next few weeks. And messages next few weeks. And messages of congratulations have been pouring in here from all over the world.

On patrol in the Caribbean, Royal Navy crews spelt out the news. And on Anglesea, this from Prince William's RAF search Prince rescue mates.Hope you enjoy your paternity leave and we'll see you on ship soon.Hooray ! Along the North Wales coast, where the prince works, we found excitement and a little baby fatigue.The first 15 pages of my newspapers which irritated me absolute ly dreadfully it's just too much! At Birmingham heartlands hospital, Tyler has no idea that he shares a birthday with a future king but like all babies born yesterday he will get a silver coin to prove it. Wahida's new daughter will also get one but she was too busy dealing with her own labour to worry about the royal birth.My husband did say Kate's gone into labour and I was like, which Kate?! He was like Kate, Prince William's wife. I was like Prince like oh! Gimme that thing! In St Andrews they're thinking about gifts. This is where William and Kate first met.We almost felt they were William almost felt they were part of us in the town when they were here during their time. For us it's even more exciting. Just one day old and already quite a reaction.

Of course, Kate grew up in Berkshire, not Berkshire. You've watching 'The World' on a night when five people have been confirmed dead in the laitsest asylum seeker boat tragedy off Indonesia. And - Queen Elizabeth is currently at Kensington Palace visiting the newest member of the royal family. For details on those stories and more, log on to our web site.

I will be back shortly with the national headlines. Thanks for watching.

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The top stories from ABC News - at least News dead and dozens missing in the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy off Indonesia. The boat was just 5 kilometres from shore when it started to break apart. Local fishermen went to their rescue and managed to find more than 160 survivors.. They've been moved to a small town in Java while authorities continue to search for the missing. George Roberts has the latest. This windy mountain pass is the highway to the south West Java coast, where many boats have left from over the years in the hope of making it to Australia, but yet again it's ended in fishermen were the first to it's ended in tragedy. Local fishermen were respond, rescuing more than 160 people since about this time yesterday afternoon. The final death toll isn't known. But what is known is that among the bodies that have been retrieved from the sea, is that of a