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Tonight - a first royal wave from the new prince. God, is anyone else sick of this kid yet? The young Aussie setting her sights on the top of the world. Claims of assault, sexual abuse and torture - do we really want to be responsible for sending fellow human beings to Manus Island? $39 million in stimulus cheques remain uncashed. Is there one stuck to your fridge? Plus, get your claws out - we catch up with Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. This is The Project. Good evening, welcome to The Project. Please welcome back the great Todd Sampson. great Todd
Sampson. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Great to have you back, Todd. That's one of the plainest T-shirts you've had.Yeah, Charlie got it straightaway. Did you get it?Is it a Klingon thing?It's Vulcan, you idiot!Let's just keep going. Unbelievable.I apologise.Ah, some headlines?Thank you, Charlie. (LAUGHTER) ou, Charlie.
(LAUGHTER) In the news today, Wednesday, July 24 - he's only a day old, and already Britain's new prince is king when it comes to global media coverage, after making his first public appearance. Presented to the world outside St Mary's Hospital in London, his proud parents told journalists it's been a very special

Lucy McDonald continues her watch on all things royal baby. This time from out the front of Kensington Palace. Lucy, you were there when the Duke and Duchess showed off the royal bub. How were the proud parent?They looked very relaxed, very happy. Big, wide beams. Lots of smiles. The crowd went absolutely wild. There were people hanging out of windows, climbing up to get positions on high windowsills. As soon as they came out, the crowd surged forward and had to be held back by the police. It was all very good-natured, though. William, in particular, looked completely made up. He admitted he had changed his first nappy, said that his son, the prince, had a healthy pair of lungs on him, and that thankfully, he looked like his mum.Lucy, you and I are both mums. We've both been in that position. I think we need to reassure the women around the world that you don't often look that good after just having a baby, do you? (LAUGHTER) No. Tracksuit and slippers is fine. That the normal maternity wear over here. But didn't she look fantastic! She came out absolutely glowing in a bespoke Jenny Packham dress. It was pale blue. I wonder whether she had one made up in pale pink as well, had she had a girl. My friend, Mandy Tucker, is her hairdresser. She's my hairdresser too. I saw her enter the hospital, and texted her. I said, "No pressure, Mandy, but the whole world is watching. This better be one hell of a blow-dry." And she did, and she looked great.Is it possible, Lucy, that there are some people in London who are absolutely over it?(LAUGHS) I think all the journalists who've been here since July 1 may be getting that way. The journalists who've been here, the shops have been gearing up for it, but most people only got excited on Monday, yesterday and today. There's a fantastic Tube announcer on the London Underground. Yesterday he said, as people were trying to get on the train, "Big love to Kate and Wills. Stand behind the yellow safety line if you're happy." This morning, I was buying a newspaper from a newspaper seller on High Street. He was rifling through to find me the best pictures. I think people have only been excited yesterday and today, especially now we've seen that lovely picture of that baby and his first royal wave. Always great to chat. The last time I was at Kensington Palace, I left a Snuggie in the upstairs rumpus room.(LAUGHTER) If you can just pop in and see if they've still got it, that would be great. Other than that, I will let you go.No problem.(APPLAUSE) Thank you. The couple do look great, no doubt about it. I think I might know why. They came out to meet everyone 27 hours after the birth. Just listen very carefully to what Will says here.It's the first time we've seen him, really. Having a proper chance to catch up.(LAUGHTER) What were they doing for that 27 hours? Wasn't he at the birth?! The whole time, was he in make-up?! That could have been -- They could have been in make-up. She looked amazing.She did. As Lucy pointed out, if you've got a new mum at home and you look pretty ordinary, as I did after a baby, she's got a team of stylists there and planning this whole appearance. I love the fact that she came out and wore a dress that actually embraced the bump, which is, of course, who after a baby. It doesn't just go away. She could have very easily put a coat on...A mumue.A what?! A mumu.A mumu?!Isn't that a dress...How do we know a dress that you don't know?You need to put on some weight and get yourself a mumu.It's like a caftan. Slightly more tropical. No?Don't you wish she looked a total mess and said, "That was really hard!"I reckon the next baby mightn't be far away, according to this royal onlooker. Check her out.Oh, she's a yummy mummy. Definitely yummy mummy. He's so proud. You can see it on his face.(LAUGHTER) Second one's coming up, I reckon! Stop talking, bad woman.Now to the rest of the day's edlines. Derek Percy, one of Australia's most notorious child killers, has taken his secrets to the grave, after he died of cancer in a Melbourne hospital this morning. It's a blow for detectives, who'd been hoping he might finally open up about the disappearance of Linda stillual and other children.We're very disappointed that Percy either couldn't or wouldn't share information that we think may well have put some issues to rest with the Stillwell family.Doesens of asylum seekers are still -- dozens of asylum seekers are still missing after a boat capsized off the Indonesian island of Java last night. Local fishermen helped rescue nearly 160 people. The disaster has claimed at least four lives. It's believed the local hall in a nearby fishing village is being used as a makeshift morgue. News Limited senior reporter Paul Toohey is on site in Cidaun, where the boat capsized. You've been there all day. How's the rescue effort been going?What we've seen from the early hours of this morning is there's a little hospital where - a clinic, really - where a lot of people have been taken. I can tell you that, in the last hour, seven survivors have come in from the sea. I'll try and gather information on how they survived - I don't have that yet. Among them, the first person brought in was an Iranian boy aged three or four. He was alive but, unfortunately, was not responsive. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this as more news comes to happen. Paul, thank you for your time.OK. Thanks. An 11-year-old boy has been killed on a West Australian property after the car he was driving crashed into a tree and was overturned. He and his 9-year-old sister had been driving to meet the school bus when the accident happened. She was airlifted to Perth with an arm injury. Thousands of nurses and midwives from 180 hospitals across NSW have voted for further industrial action over staff shortages. Some nurses claim current ratios put patients in danger.Their lives are at risk. A lot of times when they have a patient inquiry after why someone has passed away, it comes down, a lot, to being shortstuffed.In Queensland, nurses have rallied outside Parliament House over a planned staffing restructure. On a lighter note, I want to go back to the NSW nurses and their chant. It was all about ratios - bed ratios. They broke the rules of chanting. You've got to tell us what you want and when. Don't take it further. You get in trouble. What do you want?RatiosWhen do you want it?Now!Why do you want them?We want do keep... Patients in bed.(LAUGHTER) There's just so many reasons why! That's not for the chant! That's an email.(LAUGHTER) Gold. It's hard to believe, but 47,000 stimulus-package cheques handed out by the Federal Government four years ago still haven't been cashed. Between late 2008 and early 2009, about 7.7 billion dollars was earmarked for the scheme, but nearly $39 million is yet to be claimed by taxpayers. Does everyone get a cheque?You don't get one.You don't.You definitely don't.Don't go rifling through drawers at home.You get a destimulation cheque!What do you think happened?Some people just don't like to be stimulated. (LAUGHTER) So they're fiscally asexual, is what you're saying?When you think it's from the Government, you think it's a bill or a fine.It's from the ATO.People are scared.They tried sending them out and said "You may have already won," but no- one opened them.(LAUGHTER) As we just heard, the search continues for the survivors of the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy. For those who do make it, the worst may yet be to come, after horrific new allegations about conditions in detention centres. Immigration Minister Tony Burke is in crisis mode, making last-minute trips to Papua New Guinea and Nauru to investigate disturbing claims of serious mismanagement within Australia's offshore detention centres. SBS last night aired allegations that self-harm, suicide and sexual assault are rife among inmates at the Manus Island facility in PNG.In Australia, the facility couldn't even service a dog kennel. The owners would be jailed.Insiders from the Nauru detention centre say the department should have done more to prevent Friday's destructive riot.The department has seen this before and were concerned the same thing with would happen either on Nauru or Manus. Turns out it was Nauru. I'm not surprised in the slightest. Whistleblowers from both facilities paint a disturbing picture of a system without the resources or expertise to protect the detainees in Australian custody.There was nothing that could be done for these young men who were considered vulnerable, which in many cases is just a euphemism for men who are being raped. They had to stay where they were.Tony Burke says he first heard the Manus Island allegations earlier this month.Any allegations of this nature should be properly, thoroughly investigated. I understand the mimgration minister is investigating this.The Project understands the Immigration Department was informed in April, and failed to take appropriate action. Tony Burke says these revelations won't stop Australia from sending people to Manus Island, and officials say they'll use tents and marquees if necessary to rapidly expand the centre's capacity. But it's hard to see how they'll be able to increase safety at anywhere near the same rate.I suppose, being an Australian and knowing that this is what my Government is doing, that my Government sanctioned this, made me feel ashamed. Pamela Curr from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre says the Immigration Department is failing to protect detainees on Manus Island. Pamela, what allegations are you aware of?I'm aware that, on April 10, I contacted the Department, the Minister's office, a whole range of people, about a teenage boy having been raped in that camp. I asked them to remove the boy and I was told that the boy would remain in the camp while the allegations were investigated. Pamela, if we knew about this in April, why did you wait until now to go public with it?It was a very hard decision. We couldn't protect him. We couldn't extract him from the danger. It would put him more at risk to go public. That's why I've been working behind the scenes, trying to get somebody to lisen.It is a dreadful situation. What is clear is that the Government aren't exactly going to walk away from the Manus Island arrangement as it is. They're going to commit to it. What changes need to occur to prevent this happening in the future?Look, we don't believe that Manus Island is workable. John Howard opened a camp there in 2001. He walked away from it two years later. They pulled all the people out and transferred them. Many came to Australia. It wasn't a workable situation. They're talking about putting women and children back there. They pulled women and children out of there three weeks ago because of the danger. I just don't see that you can do it. Pamela, can you see how some people would think crimes like this being committed in these detention centres actually means that mandatory detention is needed, because there's obviously criminals amongst asylum seekers?Yes, and I would say that we know that there are rapists in Australia, but not all Australians are rapists.Pamela, there's been an enormous advertising blitz around this PNG solution. What do you think? You've spoken to a lot of refugees. Do you think it's actually going to deter them?They say to me, "Look, if we had any other choice, if we knew that Australia was prepared to resettle us or another country would take us, we would wait two or three years. There's no way we'd get on a boat. But we can't wait, because all we think is Australia's going to close its doors and so is everyone else, and where are we going to go?"Pamela, this is the political football of the moment. A lot of Australians would appreciate it, and I personally appreciate, the way you give a voice to the voiceless. Thank you very much, Pamela.Thank you. Very serious issue. We'll be back in a moment. Coming up on project project - -- The Project - Johnathan Thurston hits out at ASADA. One fan Beyonce would be happy to see the back of. And could young Aussie climber Alyssa Azar become the youngest female ever to conquer Everest? I've given myself several years to be ready for it. I think that now is the time.You're watching The Project.

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. As Jill Meagher's husband searches for answers, even Victoria's police chief believes the state's Parole Board is broken. Tom Meagher has branded members of the board cowards for failing to respond to his emails about why they released his wife's killer, Adrian Bayley. Legal experts are calling for more transparency.It's just a matter of courtesy that you talk to people and explain what's being done. You don't need a law to do that.And the show must go on, even when the hair of one of the world's biggest pop stars gets caught in a huge stage fan. Beyonce didn't miss a beat during the drama while performing to a sell-out crowd in

Canada. She just kept on singing as her stage crew wrestled her weave free.(LAUGHTER)

her stage crew wrestled her weave
free.(LAUGHTER) Don't laugh at that! She was about to be scalloped!But she wasn't scalloped, therefore it's amusing. Did they put the blade around the wrong way? Why was the fan sucking?!She should get sponsored by Superglue. That's a wig, and it didn't come off!She's got a wig on?!That's a wig. Her hair's that big. That's a wig.There may be some more serious things to talk about. Moving on - kids are often encouraged to dream big and most don't take it as seriously as Alyssa Azar.There is the possibility of death on Everest, as with every high-altitude mountian climb. I think it's part of it. You have to accept that that's a possibility, and it's part of the risk of what I do.Toowoomba teen Alyssa Azar is incredibly down to earth about a mission that will take her to the top of the world. It's not so much about the record, to be honest. It's a lot about the challenge itself.The 16-year-old's sights are set on becoming the youngest female ever to conquer Everest.A lot of people ask me why now? I'm so young and I have plenty of time ahead of me to do all these sort of things. I've pretty much gotten that my whole life. To be honest, I think no day is guaranteed and you don't know what's going to happen in the future.Alyssa, if she decides to do something, she just does it. Adventure is in Alyssa's blood. At the age of eight, she became the youngest person to walk Kokoda. By 12, she'd tackled Africa's Kilimanjaro. Earlier this year, she took on Australia's 10 highest peaks in less than 24 hours. And nailed it with 7 hours to spare! It's very addictive for me. It's something I've been addicted to for a long time.Now she's got the roof of the world on her mind.It's all she reads, it's all she watches. It's all she studies on the internet. Her focus is just about that mountain.I've put 100% of what I've got into this, which means a lot of the normal stuff that a lot of teens do, I don't do. I don't just hang out and all that sort of thing. To be honest, it doesn't interest me a great deal. But hardcore workouts do, meaning school's out for now, and training's in - up to seven hours a day.You've got the rest of your life to go and do one more year of school - Year 12. This is a big thing for her. I think she's learning more in life by what she's doing than they could ever teach her at school. I think school, if anything, was hamstringing her a bit, for the kid she is.The physical training is only half the battle.It's very difficult to mentally prepare for something like this. There's no way one way to do it. With physical training, there's a program. Mental preparation depends on who you are.Everest itself is a 3-month event, and a long event, and it's gruelling and will wear her out. It's not a walk in the park by any stretch.This is a gas mask. It replicates, basically, having a lack of oxygen whilst having to exercise.The air near the top of Everest has only a third the amount of oxygen than at sea level. Last year, just over half of those who tried actually made the summit - but 11 were killed while trying.The risks are real. We know what they are. That's worst-case scenario stuff. We just hope that that doesn't happen. Alyssa has already been to base camp twice.It really depends on the weather window. There's a 2- week period every year where the jet stream winds lift and so we can then summit. Before that, you have to be prepared and acclimatise before you can attempt the summit. If she makes it, time at the top is precious.Maximum 30 minutes. That's the absolute maximum. It's funny - you spend years training for a couple of minutes on the summit. But I think that'll be totally worth it.If you think that's a hard act to follow, Alyssa's already got plans beyond Everest.There's plentry more mountains to clime problem me and all that sort of thing. I don't see it as that's it. Basically feel the fear and do it anyway.(APPLAUSE) Later this year, she is getting another couple of climbs under her belt in Nepal and South America, before she heads to Everest in April. You've climbed Everest. You, at first, were concerned about a 16-year-old doing it?I think it's absolutely brilliant that she's doing it. I recognise that drive and determination and addiction to the mountain. But I do wish she'd slow down. Kokoda at eight, Kilimanjaro at 12. Everest at 16. She's being rushed.She's going to walk on Mars by the time she's 20. It'll be fine.(LAUGHTER) She'll be the youngest.She's got to be the youngest, assuming she gets to the top. I can tell her now, you will not spend 30 minutes at the summit of Everest. It will be 30 seconds, yay, and straight down. Have your iPhone ready to go on the photo setting.I couldn't do the walking on the ladder thing. We'll take a break. Back in a tick. Coming up - how much tax did you pay last financial year? Much more than these guys, I'm thinking. How this Bondi mum escaped a fine and got fresh breath. Plus, Tom Gleeson and Tommy Little drop by before their debut episode of 'This Week Live'.

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Welcome back.Police in South Australia are following up a new lead in the disappearance of teenager Karen Williams 23 years ago. There was a review of the case last year, detectives are now excavating an old mine shaft in Coober Pedy after an appeal on Wanted. A magistrate has over turned a fine for Marina Alexu using a mobile phone while driving. Because of the seriousness of the story we decided to get our opinions from our good friends Tom Gleeson and Tommy Little. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) So, what do you make of the tic- tac...Check her breath! Check her breath! Literally. It's the breathalyser.Your breath extinction, you're in the clink!I got caught on my mobile phone while I was driving. I tried this - maybe don't try this - they said were you on your mobile phone, I said, "No comment." they said, "Who are you?" I said, "No comment." I said that eight times and still not fined. Were you on the phone to your lawyer at the time?No comment!You haven't been hanging around this building every day for the last month just to answer that question? Yes.You weren't. You have a brand- new show on tonight. How does it feel to have full time employment? That's a bit patronising, Hughesy. I'm employed as a full time comedian and once in a while I lower myself to do television.This is some of the rehearsals. How has it been feeling good?It's been feeling good. Look at me, I'm a natural.You have the gorgeous Michelle Laurie.So the show is four people at a desk talking. I have literally never seen that before!It's kind of like this show, to be fair but we have less obligations. We don't have to inform, we're not telling the news or informing, we are -- we are reflecting. We're at 9.30 so we can cut loose. Can we just ditch Offspring now, please, I'm champing at the bit!Tom has been around for a while. Has he been giving you words of wisdom?We went to the Ten launch party. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. At one point he looked at me and said, "Mate, this is the first and possibly the last time you will ever go to a launch party so enjoy yourself!" thanks for the vote of confidence.I have been on this TV show. I have been on other TV s. For him it's make or break! You said about the full time job before. This is the first time I have ever had a car park at a job. I'm the only person at 10 whoever had a double car park.This Week Live premieres -- premieres tonight straight after Off spring.If you have just joined us here is a recap. The British royal family's new addition the Prince of Cambridge is settling into life at Kensington Palace after being presented for the first time to an adoring public. He has a good pair of lungs on him, that's it for sure. He is a big boy. He is quite heavy. We are still working on a name.More industrial action is planned for September after 5,000 New South Wales nurses and midwives walked off the job today and voted to strike again over staff shortages. No resolution yet for sacked cricket coach Micky Arthur. After six hours of mediation with Cricket Australia today. But he is still confident of reaching a settlement. NRL star Johnathan Thurston has taken to Instagram to vent his frustration after ASADA staff showed up unannounced for an early morning drug test. The new dad hitting out at anti-doping officials for bashing down his door and waking his six-week old baby girl Frankie. If that girl had just got to sleep the mother should have bashed them. He is a professional athlete. They need to test them first thing in the morning for the best sample. Why?Because that's the most reliable time to test for drugs.So you're an expert?The kid is still sleeping at 6:00 - everything is good.And you've just got the kid to sleep, though!Exactly.It's that time of the year when we all hope our tax return will bring us happiness and not abject terror. Even as the ATO is cracking down on some people not paying enough, some companies are getting away with paying virtually nothing N 2007 Google paid just 781,480 in tax in our country despite $2 billion in revenue. It's outrageous but here is the clanger - no-one has broken the law. Today you're Treasury admitted its hands are tied when it comes to massive multinational companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft avoiding tax Down Under. We're not the only country in the world faceing this challenge. Companys are not only not paying taxes here in Australia but in many cases they are not paying it anywhere in the world.This pittance being paid by some of the world a's most profitable companies comes as the ATO is crocing -- cracking down on regular workers. They are collecting 640 mill job bits of data - that's 20 million pieces of da it a a second, matching the data and sorting it and trying to catch people who are are avoiding paying their tax. Meanwhile a whole bunch of companys in Australia have subsidiarys in no tax or low tax countrys to help them move profits around the globe to dodge the tax man.Many of these companies are not breaking the law as it currently stands but they are really pointing to the fact that our laws need to be updated.But perhaps it was the Uber-rich Bill Gates who nailed the topic best.If somebody wants those companys to pay a higher percentage of taxes they should change the rules and make that happen.When we want to discuss multinational tax scandals without falling asleep there is only one person to talk to, Tom Elliot. Is it too much to ask big companies not exploit international laws?Big companies have a duty to maximise their profits and part of that is paying as little tax as possible.Kerry packer said as much to the ATO20 years ago when he was alive. Big multinationals have a duty to their shareholders. But plenty of Australian companies do this. I understand that the Future Fund, supposedly a paragon of investment, it has subsidiarys in low tax destinations in the world. What can be done about this?There are two big things. We have had the rise of the big multi-tharbl in the past 20 or so years. It used to be that we dealt with local businesses, now we deal with multinationals. Secondly - the internet means we as consumers can buy things from Apple, Am stkphron and Google. You put those two things together and we have a globalised business.Tom, you are connected. Do you have the number of Google's accountants?I looked it up. I'm pretty sure it's 1 followed by 19 zeros. So why not put that into your phone.Have you confused me already!Thanks for your time.Thanks, Charlie.I love Tommy. He knows what he is talking about. But the government needs money to pay for the NBN. It's expensive. Anthony Albanese is the new minister for broadband. He is completely across the NBN. He is right onto the technical questions. How can people still bes fored to get the battery pack?How can - oh, technical questions, you know.Talk about

- not computersPerfect. We have to take a break. Back in a tick. Coming up - how is this for a

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Welcome back to the Project. Jumping the gun there, Todd? You went early. You have some feedback you're desperate to tell everyone about?Here on Channel Ten we have ads.Jo says:Go!When it comes to the worst road in New South Wales, the Pacific Highway has taken first prize for the third year in a row. A survey by the NRMA found 7% of motorists hated it because of congestion, bad surfacing and insufficient lanes T sounds like we could be in for a Spinal Tap reunion. Christopher Guest who plays Nigel Tuff nell says there could be a tour next year.That's amazing for a band in an obscure documentary about a band in an unsuccessful tour.You know we are running out of ideas when Spinal Tap is coming back again.In even more obscure news there is a cow dung throwing competition in Russia. Have you probably never been to one of these competitions but you have to be very careful if you're a spectator because it gets very dangerous. The participants don't know how to throw dung so it ends up in the audience. What with this victim, "Oh, mummy, get it off me." What about this one? An unsuspecting woman with a face full of cow-poopie.Unlucky!Time to see what else is make ing news around the globe. Parts of Baghdad are in lockdown after Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for two jail breaks. Raids by insurgents saw hundreds of inmates set free. At least 25 members of the Iraqi securitys fors were killed. A special task forces has been set up to track down the Indian mistress of a school in India after 23 people died after eating meals at the school. The school cook who was also poisoned said she tried to warn the principal the food smelt bad but was ignored. It's the story a group of American Scuba divers will dine out on for years to come. They nearly ended up as lunch for whales feeding off the California kois. It's like two mountains erupting out of the water.And it looks like old habits die hard for Anthony Weiner, who has been forced to admit he sent sexually explicit texts and pictures to a 22-year-old woman a year after he resigned0 from politics after a similar scandal. Had his wife is standing by him and is asking voters to give him another chance.He was actually texting under the name Carlos Danger because apparently Anthony Weiner wasn't funny enough in that situation.He is really shocked by the allegations. I'm actually shocked as to exactly why he is shocked. Check him out.49 days left until primary day. Perhaps I'm surprised that more things didn't come out sooner! There are so many things to come out. He is waiting for them. He is proud of his we iner! The big scandal here - who is that guy? Who is the cubicle guy? The scandal is he is completely naked behind there. No sex scandal at all - he is faxing his joke to someone but no-one cares!God knows what his name is.We will be back very soon. Coming up, he is the hottest thing in Hollywood right now and he is 100% Aussie beef. Hughesy and Miffcatch up with the one and only MAN: Coffee can leave stains
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Hugh Jackman. This is the Project.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to the Project.Guys, Tony Abbott today was at a seniors event at the Gold Coast and he is having a good time with the seniors. But also today it came out his Chief of Staff had a drink driving charge in court today. He got asked about that question. Just check out the response from the seniors.Mr Abbott, your Chief of Staff pleaded guilty this morning to a drink drive charge. How do you feel about that?Oh!Boo!Yay!Oh, they remember when drink driving was legal!Awesome! In case you haven't heard it, Hugh Jackman has a new film coming out.It's no secret Hugh Jackman is the nicest guy in Hollywood. And according to Forbes magazine he is now the third highest paid actor there too. The last 12 months have been a huge year for the star thanks to his Oscar nominated role in 'Les Mis'. And his work playing the character that started it all, Wolverine. Hugh has played the hero five times on screen including his scene stealing cameo in X Men First Class. Now his 6th outing may just be the biggest.Trust me, you don't want what I've got.The Wolverine continues the story,this time with a very Samurai theme.What kind of monster are you?Hugh has been very generous in the lead-up by allowing the Project all sorts of on set access. He took Dave on a set tour and had all sorts of fun.I hate it when you come.And then he sat down with Myf Warhurst in New York to talk about the film and also Hughesy. Because, well, why wouldn't you?I'm a little upset he is not here. Not that I'm unhappy you're here. I'm putting down to budget restrictions but Hughesy, you let me down, man.You too, man. This is amazing. He is a massive star and I just hang out with him. Shut up.No, I'm not gonna.You can't have a smile with it.OK.I thought that was a little bit of the Travolt, a.All I wanted to do was some 80s dance moves.At the end of the movies everybody nicks everything, wheelchairs, everything!Good to know your workplace is like everyone else's. I shoved those into my hand luggage. As I was going through the hand luggage radar, the guy goes, "What is with the knives?" I said, "I don't have any knives" he said you have six knives in your bag. I said they are claws. Obviously he hadn't seen X-Men. So after a three-hour strip search...Is that all the men you brought?Those dudes up there. That could be you, Dave.That could be me.If you fall...What would happen if you fell off that? You wouldn't die.You could easily die. I probably I probably would. To go - imagine dying on the set of the Wolverine.And we would have it on film.You would sing at my funeral, wouldn't you?I would sing at your funeral. The character has existed since the 60s and is a huge favourite. An icon of the comic book world. And he is bad ass - way cooler than me as my son will tell you. His dad is not nearly as tough as Wolverine.He copped it there. I hope I didn't put him off!How do you get into the mood to be him and train as Wolverine?Is there any music you listen to?I listen to the same stuff. ACDA, Midnight Oil on a loop. God Smack when I went to get particularly angry. You want a song that says "pick (Beep sthfplt (Up now." occasionally, I will pull out the Rocky sound track.3? Eye of the Tiger. You have done a couple of musical things.Show tunes don't help. (SINGS) # These unbreak ..."... No, not working.What was one of the highlights of fming in Sydney?I would go to a swim in Bondi and literally turn up with a towel around my waist and sand on my feet and think how lucky I am.I was going to say: A visit to the set by Hughesy.He was very demanding. He said, "You've got two minutes. This is the Project. You're lucky to be on the show. I didn't want you on the show."I know you talked me up before but that was a joking talk up. Go into bat for me, mate.I didn't want to go too heavy. I told them you could do Japanese.If you could pick your own mutation what would it be?Tele porting.Really? 100%.Where would you go?Home. People say read people's minds but I don't want to know. Iing advance blitz. But in Australia they tell you: Your last movie sucks but keep going, good on ya.I have done a tele movie and people come up to you and go, "Oh, you're not as fat as you were on TV". Thanks a lot! You have taken over from X-men now. You were a ring in on the first one?I have been off the bench most of my career. It's worked for me. Oh!Well done, Hughesy.Great stuff. He is the best bloke in the world. There is no doubt about it.I love him even more after watching that interview.Wolverine is in cinemas tomorrow. Everyone's mum wants to have Hugh.Just the -- not just the mums!Tomorrow, it's the decision every parent would struggle with. So what would you want for your kid?People just see the chair. They don't realise that the feelings of these guys are natural feelings. And we we catch up with True VOICEOVER: At Coca Cola, we
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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Wem come back to the Project. Some important feedback, Dave.Toma has tweeted directly: Moomoo dress. Let's have a look. That's a photo. Now I get itmentThe cape is optional.They don't get sexier than that.True. My name is Charlie Pickering and I approve of this top 5. Shocking allegations from Manus Island and Nauru have raised questions about inmates' safety at our offshore detention centres. Treasury officials say international barriers make it difficult to force multi- nationals like nationals like pap gel to pay more taxes. Cowboys star Johnathan Thurston is furious after ASADA officers visited his home at 6:00 for a blood and urine sample, saying they woke his newborn baby. And Anthony Weiner is in trouble again for sending explicit pictures under his namesake two years after it got him out of gone kpwres. And visual evidence that a child emerged from the womb of the Duchess of Cambridge yesterday - doctors are still baffled by her story.There you go.It's been great to have you with us Todd.You are getting laser eye surgery?I am. I will be wearing sunglasses next week on the show.Like

Get think

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on MasterChef Australia...

Working in a freezer proved to be
one of the hottest challenges ever.


And the red team's loss
signalled the end of the journey

for Dan and Jules.

Tonight, it's the decider

and there's just one thing
on their minds.


You want your place
back in the competition

and you want an immunity pin.

And to do that,
a colossal challenge.

MATT: Butter mountain.

It's game on.

To reach this culinary summit,
they must cook as a perfect pair.

NEHA: Xavier, where's the sauce?

More butter, more butter. Xavier,
more butter, I'm telling you.

I'm looking at my pastry,
it's just all falling apart

and Liliana's chance to get back in
the competition

is riding on my back.

'Cause if they do,
one will score immunity.

GARY: Gee, that looks blooming good.

And it is.

And the other
will be back in the game.

Like, how bad do you want this?
I'm desperate for this.

SONG: # 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You don't really want to stay, no

# But you don't really want to go-o

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

LYNTON: (YAWNS) Morning.

RISHI: Yesterday,

four more contestants dropped out
of a chance to get an immunity pin.

there's only one winning pair.

One of us gets a pin,
the other one comes back home.

How you feeling this morning,
big fella?

Oh, yeah, not too bad.

I feel like it's my responsibility

to get Liliana
back into the competition.

This week has been about
helping her as much as I can.

I want Liliana back in MasterChef
because it's life-changing.

Nicky and I have had
the most amazing week.

It's been one of the best weeks
in the competition so far.


Hopefully, we're just gonna
go in there today and blitz it.

When I left in the Barossa
I was pretty devastated that

I didn't get the opportunity
to follow my passion and my dream.

XAVIER: Good morning.

Getting back in here today
would just mean the world,

so it's game on.

I'm not gonna leave anything behind,
I'm here to win.


SAMIRA: Today is the last challenge

that basically will get me
into the house or not.

And I wanna be happy,
I wanna cook with my heart,

I wanna fight
and I know Rishi wants that pin.

So, finger's crossed,
we get through today.

Are you excited this morning?

MAN: Oh, yeah.
I really hope so.

Today is all about one thing -


You want your place
back in the competition

and you want an immunity pin.

That's all today's about.
Good luck, mate.

Nicky, feeling tough,
feeling strong?

You led the pack in.

I can see the immunity pin on Vern
and me in a white apron.

Yeah? You think you're gonna
get back in, don't you?

You're feeling confident,
you had a good week.

You've been cooking well with Vern.

I'm ecstatic for the week
that we've had.

Cooking a couple of cracker dishes
with Nicky,

seeing you guys finish
that entire plate of squid -

I mean, it's been unreal.

Xavier, Neha.

Xavier went out so early, we never
got to see you really cook anything.

Oh, I think we've got nothing to
lose and everything to gain today.

At the beginning of this week,
you know, everyone thought

we were the underdogs and I think
we've had three good cooks,

we've shown what we can do
and I've got my bags packed

and ready to go to the house.

I think it would be, you know,

a great ending to the story
for Xavier to come back in.

He would be a force
to be reckoned with.

Rishi, Samira.

For me, this week has been
all enjoyment.

I've enjoyed every moment
in the kitchen

and that's my goal for today.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Today I'm walking in and I'm cooking
for you guys like you're my family.

And every time I've done that
in this competition

I've had amazing comments
from you guys.

Can't ask for more.

So, yeah. But I do wanna get in.

Don't get me wrong.

Lynton, Liliana.

You know, once you go home,
that's it.

I was lucky I got another chance to
come back to prove myself and, um,

so far I think I'm going OK

and I really wanna cook something
amazing today.

just any final fighting words?

I'm supporting Liliana all the way.

I feel this week for everyone here

is more about the contestants
coming back.

An immunity pin would be great,
but we're still in the competition.

These guys in black,
they're earning their stripes,

so if I can support Liliana,
I'm gonna do that all the way.

At the beginning of the week

you started out facing
a culinary Everest.

And just like that 1953 assault
on that mountain,