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(generated from captions) but it's the twins' kitchen
that comes crashing back to earth. Gonna look so (BLEEP!),
that kitchen. We've got brown, grey, charcoal. Oh, I know. Lysandra pushes the friendship
with Freedom. What would the chances be of changing the colour
of those cupboards? Not before Saturday. And the cupboards aren't the only
thing that's the wrong colour. What's going on here? We're painting our side
a different colour, and they're painting theirs
a different colour. You can't do that.
Yeah, you can. BEC: We had a discussion
and we both agreed that we were going to keep
the ceiling the one colour. She didn't listen. I personally would paint it
one colour. Otherwise I reckon you've got
no chance of winning anything.

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This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to this special well baby edition of Nine News. What a beautiful family portrait. They're open up about just how emotional becoming parents has made them. We also go inside Kensington Palace. Pass, the difference between today and this moment 31 years ago with Charles and Diana. Of how one of the 2 billion aced that car seat? And I decided put my skills to the test. I'll find out if I do it any faster. Britain's future King has made his debut in the arms of his power to parents. - - proud parents. We are now going live. Good morning. You're at the hospital. You have been through it all. It must have felt like this would never end.It did. But it was all worth it. And it was an incredible feeling at the hospital. If an amazing thing to witness. An amazing few moments for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. People were trying to catch a glimpse of the new baby. Keen to see the future king. And William and Kate looked genuinely proud. We were just as excited to see them. A lot of clapping. They were holding on to their new baby boy. If she was holding the baby when they first came out. She seemed to be channelling the late Princess Diana. She was wearing a pale blue poker dot dress. Of # poker dot.

After a few moments, the duchess handed the baby over to the Prince. And much to the delight of the crowds, that started up more cheers. They then approached the media and spoke about their son for the first time. They had some lovely things to say.He has got a good pair of lungs on him. He is a big boy. We are still working on a name. It is the first time we have seen him. We're getting a chance to catch up. It was very emotional. It is a special time. Any parent would know what this feels likes.Very special. I will remind him of his tidiness when he is a bit older. Hopefully we can now look after him. He has got her looks, thankfully.

got her looks, thankfully. We will wait and see.He has done the first Mafia already. -- nappy.Thank you. The very proud new parents. Earlier in the day, the grandparents visited the hospital to meet the new pence. -- Prince.He is absolutely beautiful. They are doing really well. We are so thrilled. They are amazing. It is all coming back. Thank you.Very classy and stylish. When can we expect the Prince of Cambridge to be named?Prince William said they were still working on a name. They were not sure, but they would let everybody know as soon as they made the decision. People have been giving suggestions. They are likely to name the baby a crucial name. Of the favourites at the moment I'd George and James. -- are a George and James.Thank you. I guess Wayne and Shane has been rolled right out. The new family has just spent their first night in Kensington Palace. It is a home rich in history. The new family arrived home at Kensington Palace, built in the 17th century. Tonight they are staying in a cottage on the grounds. And what grounds they are. This is the king's Gallery. There is the king's staircase. And the sprawling gardens, flowers, fountains and analysis. They will not be alone. It is also home to other royals. Their permanent apartment is not ready. The family will eventually live in a apartment 1 A. It is the former home of Princess Margaret, last renovated in the 1960s. But the new repairs and not yet complete. And even the renovations are behind schedule. Prince William is no stranger to Kensington. It is his childhood home.This baby will live in palaces because they are safe.The baby will also spend time at her family home, a escape from palace life. The Prince of Cambridge has plenty of royal duties are headed his next major appearance will be his christening. Perhaps the best appearance of the baby will be at his christening.It will follow tradition. They like to do things quite low-key. It will be a family occasion. No date has been announced. It will traditionally happen a month after the birth.It will happen in Buckingham Palace in the music room with the baby in the same down William and other royals have warned. -- same outfit. It has intricate lace and elaborate callers and bows. It was retired recently after 163 years of service. I was christened in this.The Queen had the replica created. As extravagant as all of these traditions seem, here is one that is not quite as appetising. William and Kate, falling British tradition, will reportedly break out the preserved cure of their wedding cake for the christening party. A hopefully well-preserved 2-year-old fruit cake. We have plenty more coverage to come, but now to other news. Three people, including one child are dead and an unknown people are still missing after an asylum seeker boat sank off the seas of Indonesia. What other latest details?A lot of the details are still unclear. His rescue has been co-ordinated by the Indonesian authorities. This bird is thought to have around 170 people on board. Perhaps as many as 200. There are reports 154 survivors have been found.The mob, reports have emerged of sexual assaults on man's Island. -- manners Ireland.The whistle-blower was in charge of occupational health and safety. He claims that detainees were raped and abused. He also says suicide and self-harm happens almost daily. I have never seen human beings so destitute and helpless. So hopeless. In this trivia, it could not even serve as a dog kennel. -- in Australia.Kevin Rudd has responded to the claims.We take any such reports seriously. They should be investigated. I understand the Immigration Minister is investigating this.Scott Morrison has been warning the government for months that there were serious risks of bullying and abuse and violence inside detention centres. I'm disappointed the government has made light of his warnings.Tony Bacall travel to Manners Island -- Tony Burke will travel to Manners Island. Jill Meagher's husband demanded answers about the parole board's actions in the case of the murder of his wife. He has called the Parole Board lazy and cowardly for failing to respond. The man sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was on parole at the time.If he wrote to the Parole Board, at least he should be shown the courtesy of having an enlargement of the letter. He has not ruled out joining a class action against the state. Former Cricket Australia coach Mickey Arthur has fronted the Fair Work Commission in Sydney today to begin conciliation talks over his sensational sacking just days before the Ashes series. Mickey Arthur says he tried to avoid collateral damage to the cricket team, and he's became the victim of a deliberate campaign to taint his reputation.All we are looking for is a fair and reasonable resolution today. That's all we have ever wanted.Meanwhile, high performance manager Pat Howard has defended his move to appoint Darren Lehmann as coach, and says the change was simply needed. Nurses across New South Wales went on strike today, with 3,000 of them converging on Sydney for a protest meeting. They're demanding an increase in staffing numbers, so there's one nurse to every three patients in emergency departments, intensive care and many other wards. The nurses are so angry about the issue they're planning more action on the 17th of September. Meantime, hundreds of Queensland nurses have stormed State Parliament, angry over a proposal to replace 140 experienced staff with graduates in Brisbane Hospitals. 3,000 senior nurses and midwives were told about the fresh round of redundancies last week, and say they feel they're being pushed out because of their age. But the Health Minister says 224 nurses have already put up their hands for voluntary redundancies. South-east Queensland has had a very chilly week, with some parts of the region plummeting to below freezing. Where were the coldest part in the Sunni state of Australia?It is the sunniest state, but it has had a cold night. Widespread frost was woken to this morning. The people of Stan Thorpe Acre we used to these temperatures. -- are used. Once again, the coldest town in the state. The cool air will persist in the state. A cold temperatures were reported across the nation.

cold temperatures were reported
across the nation. In NSW, we had up to -6. Through the interior of the country, -1. A chilly start in the Eastern States. And tomorrow, it is due to the high pressure system and the clear skies. The heat will radiate quite quickly. We're in for another cold morning. A bit of an indication of tomorrow. Widespread frost and fog.

It looks like we will put up with some

some more cold mornings. But it will warm up towards the end of the week. Star All headed live to Melbourne with the death of Derek Percy has come as a blow for a police trying to solve some of Australia's most notorious child killings. Plus, the shocking video of a plane in New York. And we look at the family members that will be linked and for help with the new royal prince.

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Derek Percy has died in a Melbourne hospital, leaving the families of victims without several answers. We have heard from the families of the victims. Do they have closure or is it the opposite?It is a mixed bag. Here is some crimes that you will remember. The disappearance of the beau monde children, all of them may have been linked to this man. He died overnight. He died from lung cancer. He had been sick for some time. Funnily enough, he was never convicted of a child murder. That is because in 1970, after he was arrested, he was found not gilded by reasons of insanity. -- guilty. It does leave unanswered questions. He never admitted to killing any child. He could not remember. But the one that stands out in the minds of many Victorians will be Linda. For a long time, he has been the prime suspect. The only suspect in her disappearance. He was asked if he killed. He denied it.We are disappointed that he has not let us know where Linda's remains are. On the other hand, to me the spectre of Derek Percy has hung over my family's head for 45 years. I am not sorry to see him go.I spoke to the officer who ended up arresting Derek Percy in 1974 stop he says today is the end of the face of pure evil.Not a very nice man. Now we go to the United States, where new video has been released from inside a passenger plane that nosedived onto a runway in New York. This video captures the moment of impact. Passengers unaware that this was about to happen. At speeds of 126 m/h, the landing gear failing. Watch again and listen as the plane hit the runway. Sparks are flying outside, chaos inside. Flight attendants trying to calm those on board, still in their seats.

The 19 JUN 15 on board evacuated the plane through the emergency exits. Nine were treated for minor injuries.The whole plane went down very quickly.The landing gear collapsed violently.Something failed catastrophically India and Europe.The nose of the plane scraping along the runway.Once you're grinding metal on the concrete, the best thing you can do is keep the plane on the ground. The answer may be in the flight recorders, delivered today to the headquarters in Washington, DC. This is just two weeks after another terrifying runway crash in San Francisco. Three people died, nearly 200 injured. In New York, Cruise towed away the plane. A full-scale investigation has been started. While William and Catherine juggle the joys of parenthood, the couple will no doubt we none the extended family for guidance. -- lean on. In the blue-blood corner, Queen Elizabeth II. She has ruled the country and an empire for 60 years. In the red corner, Carol, a one- time flight attendant. She has gone from being a coalminer's daughter to mother of the future Queen.She is mother-in-law to the future king. She is a very formidable woman. She has transformed the family to irregular middle class family into the second most powerful family in the land.And the smart money is on camel to be the grandmother who gets her hands dirty.The power granny. She has got three children of her own. She will know how to raise babies. There will be the hands-on ones.I wonder how many divers the Queen ever actually changed. I have heard her own children have to make appointments to see her. William, who clearly misses his own mother, will will come Middleton involvement.He loves the family. It is being normal.The Queen might be intimidating. She has her own army. But I think Carol might win the grandmother face-off. When the time comes for the official baby photos, who will be anointed godparents?We all love Prince Harry.He is a no- brainer. He is the perfect godfather. He might think about settling down. He is dreaming of a more domesticated existence.I have longed for kids since I was very young. I would like to meet someone who is willing to take on the job. And he can be responsible. These children seemed quite taken with him. The other issue in his Kate's little sister. -- Shirin.Utter perfection. The reason we lost her is because she is a little bit saucy and naughty.There is the trademark limelight.Festival, they just do not like to make a fuss. It is seen as a little bit self- indulgent to ask people to come to a party and bring you things. We just do not do what.Back to the good parents. Another possibility is James. Good looking. He is reportedly engaged to a television presenter.What the family have done is brought in a kind of good- looking secondary characters to extend the Windsor soap. It all disappears when there is a dirty nappy. Next, all the showbusiness news. And it is not just Kate making headlines. Penelope Cruz has also given birth. Plus, Beyonce get up close and personal with a fan. Also, they're not even ferrety, but there are already filthy rich. -- 30. And we will tell you why the release of One Direction's new video is This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC)

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time to get all the showbusiness news. First, the new Prince was not the only baby born yesterday. A Hollywood star gave birth as well. We were too busy over the Little Prince. But yes, Penelope Cruz and her husband welcomed a little baby going to the world. Very exciting. -- Baby girl. Maybe they should send each other letters. Very exciting for the Little Prince and their children. It is good news for the family.I know that all the youngsters love Pink's music, but apparently we will see her acting on the big screen.She is starring alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in a new film. She plays a sex addict. It is not the first time we have seen her on the big screen. She lent her voice to Happy feet. It looks like a good film.I got fired yesterday. I am out of control. I need help. That was inspiring. I am going to call you.I am going to answer.Is that a sobriety medallion?When I am sad, I want to have sex.I am making you're anxious.How do you know you're not going to fall off the wagon?It is the most important thing in my life. I do not want this to be over.That hit the Australian cinemas in October.She is apparently the best person. A lot of fun. Yesterday we saw Beyonce's effect on a fan at her concert. But now she has caught up with a fan. It was bizarre.We all know that she loves getting up close and personal with the fans. But not this type of fan. She was performing in Montreal and got too close to a wind machine. Her hair got caught. She was a true pro. She kept on singing while security got her out. She even laughed about it afterwards. She even posted a funny photograph with different lyrics to one of her songs involving eight fan. She even posted a video of the incident.There you go. She has got a good sense of humour. I bet she hit a note she never thought she would hit. Michael Jackson do that sort of thing. One Direction has a new video out. Yes they do. The beer for the new song is out. It did get a bit of its thunder stolen. It was uploaded about 10 minutes after the royal baby was born. But 14 million people have already seen it. Less than two days ago. That is pretty good. It is actually a funny film clip. The boys are good sports.

clip. The boys are good sports.
My granddaughter told me about them. It is a catchy song. I'm a bit of a fan. Imagine having more money than you could ever want or need before you have even left your 20s. That is the reality for these Hollywood celebrities. The top 10 richest stars under 30. Influence. Looks. Fame and fortune. They have got it all and they are at all under 30. Landing at the top 10 is Taylor Lautner. Both in their early 20s, the pair hit the big- time, pocketing $22 million each. Next up is actress Jennifer Lawrence. The 22-year-old is relatively new to the Hollywood scene. She now demands millions per movie. Then there is Adele. She is just 25, but pocketed $25 million last year. Her fortune is set to grow with another album in the works.

works. 28-year-old Katie Perry comes in at number six. Owning an impressive $39 million. Arianna was number five, finishing just ahead was a celebrity DJ collaborator Calvin Harris. Then it was 23-year- old Taylor Swift. A slight drop from number one last year, but she is still as popular as ever. Her last studio album sold 1.2 million copies in its first week. She was beaten out by Justin Beiber. At 19, the Canadian is the youngest on the list. He and $58 million over the past year. This was thanks to merchandise and Taurus. -- Tours. But cashing in well above the rest was Lady Gaga, owning $80 million over the past year at just 27 years old. Claimed the number one spot, an impressive feat. Amazing figures. Still to come, we will tell you what she whispered to William when she handed him the Little Prince. Also ahead, Kate's dress. This is a sign of the change. I talk to a fashion expert with the answers. And will the new Prince look anything like his dad and This program is not captioned. MAN: For me, it's the new
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And tucked up in his cot and at least it will sleep is the new Prince. He just spent his first night with mum and dad at Kensington Palace. His name remains a mystery. Proud parents, William and Kate, with their day old son. The future King's first royal wave on the steps of the hospital.The has a good pair of lungs, that is for sure. He's a big boy, quite heavy. We're still working on a name.In a choreographed hand-off, William holds his baby boy. Look closely. One that read it told us that Kate asked William if he had him and to mind his head. Their private family moment shared with the public. (INAUDIBLE).It is a special time. Any parent will know what this feeling feels like.The very special.The couple at ease with a new son and each other, his hand resting lightly on her back. Thankfully, he has her looks.No, No.Even joked me that his head of hair.He has way more than me, thank God.A different scene from William's debut 31 years ago. His father in a suit, mother and father standing formerly a park. So different from the relaxed couple today. William's shirt was unbuttoned at the collar and cake or poker dots. The proud grandparents on bedsides visited today.He is absolutely beautiful. They're both doing well.-- on both sides. It will be a balancing act. (INAUDIBLE).Will he was raised surrounded by cameras and tradition, blended with Kate's down-to-earth upbringing. Today, the couple looked unlike new parents everywhere. The Prince carried his son to the car. They then drove the new family home. I am no fashion expert. I know that the style of the Duchess is always a hot topic. To talk Kate's fashion choices past and present- joining me is 'Vogue's beauty and health director Sigourney Cantelo. Were you impressed, the way she turned up on the front steps with her newborn son? Did she get it right? She melded as she always does. Everything she wears his intends -- subject to intense scrutiny. Entire websites are dedicated to her staff. When we put her on the website, every time she goes again busters. No wonder she chose such a beautiful cornflower blue number. Take a guess - how much preparation would have gone into the appearance?A lot of thought. It would have been very important. It had to be appropriate. We spotted the hairstylist going in this morning. Everything she does is always watched.What about the style over those 30 years. The grandfather in a double-breasted suit. Princess Diana was beautiful but formal. And it is now smart- casual.Kate's style is very elegant and ladylike and it is fitting for the Duchess. Now that she is a mother, she will have to tweak her a star.(CROSSTALK).You will jump on her?I will call her on the Bat Phone. She really - all those tapered trousers that she wears are appropriate for public appearances but not for the playground. -- a bid dresses. She will have to begin with pants and jeans and a tailored jacket.High heels are never practical. Never practical at a moment like this. She did a little wedge heel which is much easier to walk in and something that you can probably handle when you are holding a baby. Going forward, she will have to go back to the flats. Thank you for joining us. You will be watching with great interest as her fashion unfolds.I will. That is right. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.She will be her own person. Thank you for joining us. There's nothing people love more than to compare a baby to his parents and the new prince is no different. While we've only seen glimpses of the newest royal, fans are sure to be looking back at a cute little William and making comparisons to his son. Is it the nose, is it the mouth - can we even decipher any similarities yet? No, not... But perhaps the third in line to the throne is more like his grandfather, Charles. Looks aside, there's no doubting that the newest heir to the throne, much like a newborn William, is the apple of his father's eye. Next on Nine News Now - we head into the Chatroom. We're talking about superstar dad William - how on earth did he get that baby seat in so quickly? This is impressive. I decided to have a go myself. And what other skills will this modern royal dad This program is not captioned.

With all the hype about William's ability to put the Prince in the car seat in eight seconds, it got me wondering what the fuss was about. I thought I would give it a try. He reads the as yet unnamed Prince. Here we go. Any car seat is a challenge. -- here is a D. It has been a long time. All of my children have grown up. -- here is the prince. Away we go. I think I'd beat William. Will was on his way fall Kensington Palace while I was still fiddling around. Now it is time to head into the Chatroom. We're talking about superstar dad







--$$NEWLINE We're talking about superstar dad William - how on










Time to head into the Chatroom. Psychologist Sandy Rea in Melbourne and in Sydney, Nine's Peter Overton. You need a university degree these days. They were frustrating.He did a fantastic job. I remember practising when I was pregnant with my first baby. I had a cushion in one hand and a pram in the other. I thought I would not get caught out. I practise on pulling it and had lots of help.You are good at what do you do. How good will you add that? -- were you at that?Prince William he's the king. He did an amazing job. I can vividly remember taking our newborn to the car. My wife was watching. She had just delivered the baby. My job was to clip it in and did take off. It took me ages de get it in. To see Prince will him - they must have had a simulator in the hospital. He had not only his wife hospital -- his wife watching but all those lenses on him. He would have been sweating bricks. He nailed that. You can see him going, few, I did it.He was great.When I was a young dad and they didn't have these fancy seats, you had a basket and a roof rack, he didn't put the child on the roof rack.I thought you had a Model T Ford.Something much more sensitive. A British newspaper is researching on what new mothers do

new mothers do not want to hear. For instance, the worst thing that you can say 20 mother is that you look great or that your sex life will never be the same or, in my look great or that your sex life
will never be the same or, in my day, or that my child was so much begat the same age, or that he or she looks thin. Do those things offend you?I think that I agree. All of those things are offensive. These days, you have to respect that the mother will ask when she is having trouble. We all realise that people give advice. Just wait until she says, what do you think or what is not working. Instead of being intrusive, that is the key to it.Or even, you are not breastfeeding?Exactly!That is a nasty one.The breastfeeding debate he's fairly robust steel. Some people get awkward about women exposing their breasts in breast feeding. I don't know what you? Think.I never do it. This is for more you than me. Have you ever gone to a mother and asked an agenda of the baby? Or identified it as a goal when it was a boy?I always take a guess based on the close the key is wearing. Its blue, I say a little fellow, if pink then a little girl, and hope for the best. You have got to be very careful with mothers and a will take a serious path here with my work with mental-health. If a mother says, I'm not feeling right, I need some help and the reaction is not to be, you will be alright and get over it and in our day... It is to say, how can we help you. Are you OK? If this goes on, let us talk about it and get some help. Baby blues, post-natal depression - when you talk to Imam, really listen.That is a good point. My generation did not know that much about it.-- talk to a mum.It used to annoy me from time to time. People would say that you should do it this way. Please, let me make my own mistakes and did not insult my intelligence. They do get under your skin.The other thing, you can say to a pregnant woman and I experienced it, watching Jessica and other women - the horror stories about Labor as you are about to go into hospital. Why would you say that? Why are you not saying, enjoy the adventure. You would get a beautiful little bundle. Good luck. Rather than being a Labor for five days. It was the worst.I remember those stories. You are so right.We will move on. Researchers have found that selective

Researchers have found that
selective hearing is real. I believe it. It

believe it. It is the ability to filter unwanted noise in conversation and finds -- the researchers hope that they can combat a deafness. I think that this is something we indulge in when it suits us. It has nothing to do with a medical condition. I am living proof. When I don't want to know, I can just walk away. My grandfather just turned up his hearing aid. Do you have sensitive hearing?I haven't. I am a mother so I cannot have selective hearing. It is actually true. The central auditory process - they have had trouble work near what is foreground or background noise. People do have trouble discriminating but funnily enough, men seem to suffer from it more than women. Why would that be?I AM 50-50. We can all say that we couldn't see things but this can lead to great developments in hearing aids. And developments for people who were having trouble. If the brain is having trouble with this. This could help a lot of people. I get selective hearing when I get asked if you would mind doing something you don't want to do. There is a medical condition and you can laugh at it but there are people who do have an issue. Thank you for joining us.Thank you. Still to come - the weather. The This program is not captioned. MAN: For me, it's the new
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We are now joined. She is usually up the back. What's coming up in the 4:3pm Afternoon News? The royal prince will be waking up after his first night in Kensington Palace. It is early in London so we will have all the events of the day in which he introduced the baby to the world. What life will be like for him, growing up. We will have the house on when we may see it a name. This a child killer has died in hospital from cancer. It is thought that he may have taken many secrets to the grave. We would hear from some family members of he suspected victims. There are around nine suspected victims. A huge game tonight at the MCG. Liverpool take on Melbourne victory. Some big names. The MCG has double capacity from their home ground. A big game.The guys are saying that this is the biggest crowd they will have ever played before. It is just a friendly but they have turned up in droves. We look forward to seeing what you have. That's it from the Nine News Now team. Thanks for your company. Have a great afternoon. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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