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The world's first glimpse of William and Kate's new prince.He is a big boy, is he quite heavy, but we're still working on a name. We will have that as soon as we can. The first time we've seen him, really, so having a proper chance to catch up.Claims vulnerable detainees have been sexual assaulted on Manus Island.Fukushima's operators admit radioactive ground water has leaked into the Pacific Ocean.And more than 95,000 fans expected to pack the MCG when the Melbourne Victory takes on Liverpool tonight.

The new Prince of Cambridge is spending his first night at home. The world got its first glimpse at the third in line for the throne as he left hospital in the arms of his proud parents William and Kate. They say they're still working on a name. Mary Gearin reports from London.A royal revealed and about a thousand waiting well wishers were jubilant. At just over a day old, the latest heir to the House of Windsor made his first public appearance. The future king seemed oblivious to at tension but his father said he is already making himself heard.Well, he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. Is he a big boy, quite heavy, but we're still working on a name, so we'll have that as soon as we can, but it is the first time we've seen him, really, so having a proper chance to catch up.These royals whose popularity is widely seen as the key to the royals' future.Very emotional. Such a special time, I think any parent would know what this feeling feels like.Very special. He has her lips, thankfully. No, no, no.And then they were asked about the baby's hair.Obviously way more than me, thank God! Thanks a lot. Thank you.Fort the people who waited hours and even days to see the couple, it was a pivotal moment.It was just fantastic. I've never experienced anything like it. Have you? No, so exciting and so pleased to see Kate and the impa by and William, too.Fantastic. It was a great moment. Nifs tearing and whistling and hip, hip hooray for them.Earlier in the day, both sets of grandparents had paid visits.He is absolutely beautiful. They're both doing really well and they're so thrilled.REPORTER: How are the parents going?Fabulously.Meanwhile Britain put on a typical show of pageant tri-.Two separate gun salutes heralded the prince's arrival, and the bells of Westminster Abbey rang for three hours.Best wishes came from all corners, including William's workmate s.And so starts a life of intense scrutiny for this newest royal. For now, the royal family will retreat for some privacy.The family was off to Kensington Palace. One media appearance down, so many to go.Nowhere has the royal baby been celebrated more than in the village where the Duchess of Cambridge grew up. They were up all night in Bucklebury in Berkshire and the party time he was born yesterday afternoon?They've been following every detail here at Bucklebury Primary and they're proud their village has played a part in royal history.Maybe some of you sitting in the front here will be able to watch him being crowned King of Ng land. Won't that be exciting? Perhaps you will remember when you were very small in school, you will remember the day that he was born. (Giggles)That's a big smile.No sign of tierdness at the school drop-off this morning, despite a very late night.Everybody takes Kate right into their hearts, and William. She is a local girl, she uses the local pub when she is here, she uses the shop, so people feel like slightly like they own her, I guess, but in a kind way. She is allowed to be her own person when she is here. That's really nice. People ex- - people respect her privacy.That privacy is very closely guarded N lanes around the Middletons' home here there is suddenly obvious security because this is where Kate and her baby son are expected to spend time in the next few weeks.Congratulations.And on Anglesea, this from Prince William's RAF search and rescue mates.William, we shown you enjoy your paternity leave and we'll see you on ship soon. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) .We found excitement and a little baby fatigue along the north coast where Prince William works.The first 15 pages of my paper which irritates me absolutely dreadfully. It's just too much. Allegations of abuse among asylum seekers on Manus Island haven't shaken the Government's resolve to send more asylum seekers there. A former security manager at the Manus processing centre has claimed men raped one another and immigration authorities didn't deal with T the Government is promising to investigate the claims. As Narda Gilmore reports, the Immigration Minister is heading to Manus for his first inspection of the camp.Manus Island is is meant to be part of the solutionIt's become a dark and dirty secret.This man has turned whistle blower. He has told SBS's 'Dateline' program the island's detention centre is plagued by abuse, torture and rape and immigration officials are doing nothing about TThere was nothing that could be done for these young men who were considered vulnerable.Which in many cases is just a euphamism for men who were being raped.He says conditions there are worse than a prison. Attempts at self-harm happen daily, and weapons are being stock filed - stockpiled as tensions build.The detainees are quite open that there will come a time when, whether they will break out and that people will be killed.The Immigration Minister has called the claims horrific and has promised to investigate and make sure conditions are improved.But the Government has no intention of abandoning the Manus Island option.Even the whistle blower himself wasn't saying shut it down. He was saying it can be fissioned and these are the things that can be done to fix it and that's what I intend to work through. We will work with their authorities to ensure the safety and security of those who are assessed in Papua New Guinea and furthermore, those, if they are determined to be bona fide refugees, those who would be settled in Papua New Guinea.The Immigration Minister will visit Manus Island and the den in Nauru this week.As you've heard, the Immigration Minister says Australia will continue with plans to send more asylum seekers to PNG's Manus Island Detention Centre, despite those allegations of rape and torture. The Government has announced it will send all asylum seekers who arrive by boat to PNG. The ABC's Liam Cochrane spoke to residents at a refugee camp in Port Moresby.This camp is home to more than 120 people who have come across the eastern border from Indonesia's Papua and West Papua provinces. Some people living in this camp have been in PNG for more than 30 years. The lives of these people give some idea about how refugees have been treated in Papua New Guinea in the past. This community has been repeatedly evicted and has only managed to stay here at Rainbow Camp for the last few years because it is unwanted land next to a drain. Accommodation is simple, water is limited. Electricity only at night and the community say they live under constant fear of another eviction. This young woman, Ida says she is one of the lucky ones. She is studying grade 12 thanks to a Papua New Guinean sponsor.No No-one has noticed us here. It's really unfair what the government is doing right now. They see us as nothing and they are helping people who are a totally different skin colour, we are the same skin colour as them, and we think it's not right. Sorry to be emotional, but... it really hurts to see my other siblings, they don't go to school.Some of the people fool it's unfair that so much attention has been given to people trying to get to Australia by boat when they've been left to languish.There are reports of an asylum seeker boat sinking off the south-west coast of Java. Indonesia's search and rescue agency says it has sent crews to the area to look for survivors. One person is reported to be dead. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority says there may be as many as 100 people on board the boat.Nurses around NSW have walked off the job today as part of their campaign for extra staff especially in critical care areas. The State Government says it's given nurses a 2.5% pay rise but doesn't support the demand for increased nurse-to-patient ratios in hospital wards. The nurses are holding a rally at Sydney's Olympic Park and NSW State political reporter Brigid Glanville is there. Brigid, what's happening.Ros, as you can see behind me thrrtion is around 1500 to 2,000 nurses and midwives who have come from right across NSW to this rally. In fact, they estimate organisers say, hundreds more across NSW are taking part via a live stream. Their biggest concern is that the O'Farrell Government won't negotiate on these nurse-to-patient ratios and it is actually putting nurse staffing levels in all public hospitals at risk, and they obviously claim that nurse/patient ratio is supposed to be one nurse to four patients, and while this happen as cross many wards, it's not happening across all wards N the general children's ward, for example, it should be one nurse to three children and they claim it's often one nurse to 6 or 7 patients. We've heard a number of different stories here today, Ros, one of them last Saturday two nurses turned up to look after 17 children at Campbelltown Hospital. They eventually got a third nurse in, which took the ratio to just over 1/5. They also want a 2.5% pay rise, but throughout the rally this morning, the main thing is about ratios to improve patient care.What are nurses saying about their working conditions?I've spoken to a number of experienced nurses and younger nurses and they say because of the ratios they are run off their feet and they just can't get the simple patient care things being done, such as the one-on-one contact with patients, looking after them. Changing beds - one nurse talking about patients with bed sores need to shall turned over and that requires the nurses to do that and they get more bed sores F they need bed pans changed, all of those basic nursing levels and they say when extra staff come in, while they're often helpful and assisting, they are not registered nurses, and if they're in the a registered nurse, they can't give a cannula or give out basic medication. They are telling stories of people who have died because there are simply not enough staff on the wards. I spoke to one of the newses, Samantha Green from RPA in Sydney ( Some people can die. Without having the right amount of nurses on a ward, our patients miss out on necessity things like pressure area care, so they end up with severe bed sores on their bodies, or we have people who die, we have lots of things go wrong. People can miss out on medications, they can miss out on having their pad changed and they might have to sit in urine and faeces all day because there is nobody around to help.Brigid, plans for more industrial action, briefly?Ros, they're saying that they won't rule it out, they don't take industrial action lightly. It is only the second time in 10 years and that will be discussed today.Brigid, thank you. The inquiry into allegations that the Catholic Church covered up sexual abuse in NSW Hunter Valley is today hearing from the most senior church member to give evidence. Father Brian Lucas is the General Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Here is reporter Lucy McNally. Tell us a little bit more about Father Lucas?Well, Ros, Father Lucas is a key witness at the inquiry and that's evident in the sheer number of people who have turned up today to hear him speak. He was trained as a lawyer and worked as a lawyer in Sydney in the 1970s, until he was ordained as a priest in 1980. He said that during his time as a lawyer, he did some work with Legal Aid where he came a Christmas victims of child sexual abuse, and he agreed that sexual abuse is something that children carry with them, their entire lives.What else did Father Lucas have to say?Well, Ros, he has actually told us that he was involved in the establishment of a committee that was set up to deal with priests who had had allegations of sexual abuse made against them. That committee was set up in 1988 and lasted until 1996. Father Lucas said it was his role to persuade priests who had had these allegations made against them to leave the priesthood and he said he did that with about 35 different priests. He has been grilled by Counsel Assisting by about why he didn't take notes during these meetings and he said that one of the reasons was because a priest would just deny everything if someone was sitting there taking notes, but he did make one startling admission and that is that one of the reasons he didn't make any notes is because he didn't want a paper trail to be used against priests in any future legal proceedings.Lucy, thank you.The husband of Jill Meagher has called Victoria's Parole Board members cowards and demanded an apology for allowing her killer to roam free when she was raped and murdered. Mr Meagher told the 'Herald Sun' he is furious the board failed to respond to questions in two separate emails. The Parole Board only acknowledged the emails after it was contacted by Victoria Police last week. Tom Meagher says he hasn't ruled out joining a class action against the State. Last week Adrian Ernest Bayley appealed the 35-year sentence he was given for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher last September. Bayley was out on parole when he killed her.Convicted child killer Derek Percy has died at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. Percy has been in custody since being found criminalally insay. He kal killed 12-year-old Melbourne girl Yvonne Tuohy. He was also a suspect in the deaths of the three Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966, three other children in Sydney and a 6-year-old boy in Canberra also in the 1960s. The 64-year-old had lung cancer. He was Victoria's longest serving inmate..A new report has found high levels of physical and mental illness amongst prisoners being admitted to jail. Almost one in three inmates reported having a chronic disease and half had a history of mental illness, but researchers were surprised to find that many prisoners reported their health improved while they were in jail. Social affairs reporter Sally Sara.The study has found that rates of physical and mental illness among inmates are higher than the wider community. Up to 20% of prisoners tested positive to both hepatitis B and C. A quarter were referred for mental health assessments on arrival in jail, but surprisingly 37% of inmates reported their health improved while they were locked up.Some of these people - it's really the first opportunity that they've had to actually come into contact with treatment services or mechanisms to manage some of the conditions that they're facing.More than 25% of prisoners also said their mental health improved while in jail. It is a common scenario for those who have fallen through the gaps of the health and welfare system on the outside.When they transition from prison to community, it's really, really hard, so we've certainly had the experience of having client whose have done crimes so they can end up back in prison.The research shows that prisoners take more risks with their health than other Australians. 8 out of 10 smoke, 7 out of 10 had used illicit drugs in the previous 12 months.There are plenty of temptations on the streets for prisoners fresh out of jail. Drugs and alcohol are readily available but sometimes services are in short supply. That's a dangerous combination for those lacking support. Henry hk gill got spent five years in jail on drugs charges. He says prison is the wrong place for people suffering from mental illness and addiction.People with mental issues they like to lock them up and throw away the key, because they're too much of a problem, but what these people need is help.Researchers want to get a detailed picture of the health of people in jail.You may have heard the name Montessori in the context of schools, but an expert from the US is in Australia talking about how Montessori methods can be applied to people with dementia. Dr Cameron Camp is launching a new guide, with a national tour today in Melbourne with the help of Ita Buttrose. Dr Camp joins us from Melbourne. How can the Montessori principles be applied to people who have dementia?The principles are universal prelts. In terms of philosophy, it involves respect and dignity for every person. It is not a matter of age, not a matter of ability, it is a matter of treating persons like persons.Try to engage people with dementia, how to focus on the abilities that remain and to use those to enable a person to do meaningful activity, to fulfil social roles, to have a place in the sun.What are the practical applications of that?When a person is engaged in meaningful activity, two things happen: First, they cannot at that time be exhibited challenging or problematic behaviour, so it can reduce stress within relationships or within residential settings, but secondly, it also gives them purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It gives them an opportunityTo become a normal person again, and that's critical.This is things like playing music that the person once useded to listen to a lot, flower arranging if they like gardening, things like that?Yes, but also being able to learn new things. In Oregon, there is a residential facility where they formed a beer-making club, and I think that might be of interest to Aussie sWhat are you saying?They entered and won a blue ribbon at the County Fair and now every month they're bottling one beer and transferring one from primary to secondary storage.Are these people who have dementia that is not that severe?That's true, but we work with people with all stages of dementia, including those in hospice care.So you've seen a real difference in their behaviour, they've become more engaged in their environment?Exactly so. They become more engaged. They also begin to form community. They learn about the people they are living with. They begin to look forward to the day. They have things to look forward to. They have expectation, they have responsibilities, and that's what all of us want, truly.And what's been the reaction to your ideas here so far?It's been amazing.The approach is being espoused, especially by the National Alzheimer's Society, so we're launching a new campaign, focusing on Montessori principles, and information about that is available at the society's website. I would encourage people to check that out.Dr Cameron Camp, thanks for coming in. Good to talk to you.AlMy pleasure.The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has admitted for the first time that radioactive ground water has leaked into the Pacific Ocean. It's a problem scientists have long suspected but the plant's operator insists the environmental impact will be minimal.It's a problem the operator of the Fukushima plant TEPCO has been battling for months, how to stop ground water from leaking into the complex and becoming contaminated.Now the company has admitted that radioactive water from the site has leaked into the sea.But a spokesman insists the impact on the ocean will be limited. TRANSLATION: High readings of radio were detected from the ground of the turbine building. We are very sorry for causing concerns to many people and especially we deeply apologise to the people of Fukushima.The Japanese Government says it's taking the issue very seriously .We were informed of Fukushima nuclear plant's possibility of leaking contaminated water into the sea. The ministry of trade, economy and industry was instructed to act promptly to prevent contaminated water from leaking into the ocean.TEPCO had previously denieded contaminated water was reaching the sea, despite samples of ground water and sea water at the plant showing spikes in radiation levels. Japan's nuclear watchdog suspected there was a problem two weeks ago and ordered TEPCO to investigate. TEPCO's comments this week come after Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party scored a decisive victory in the Upper House at the weekend, cementing the leader's grip on power, but facing a tough task in increasing confidence in nuclear power.Taking a check of finance news and here is Elysse Morgan. Official inflation figures are just out. What do they show?They really show, Ros, that consumer prices aren't rising as much as expected. The Bureau of Statistics shows headline inflation rose 0.4% in the three months to June. That's putting the annual rate at 2.4%, down from the previous quarter and well within the Reserve Bank's target range. The most significant price rises during the quarter were medical costs, tobacco, new house prices and rent, but these were all offset by significant falls in the cost of fuel and holidays.Now, the market responded really well to the data. The Australian dollar rose above 93 US cents because the core rate that the RBA looks at is a little higher than expected, but we've seen since a very poor manufacturing report out of China with activity there hitting an 11-month low. That carved a quarter of a cent off the dollar and taking a look at the dollar now, it's sitting below that 93 US cents and it's been falling since then.Well, take a look at the market now and it also trimmed back gains. Mining stocks there now under a bit of pressure. So as you can see, the dollar now 92.Taking a look across the region, the markets there under pressure as well, following that PMI print from China, the Nikkei heading south, as is the Hang Seng. Overnight in the US lack-lustre trade there, as well as markets focus on the plethora of company reports out and the Dowsettled, up 22 points.

Melbourne Victory will field a young side against English Premier League powerhouse, Liverpool for tonight's exhibition match at the MCG. A crowd of 95,000 is expected at the game and the Reds also got a lot of support from their fan base at training last night. Victory coach and long-time Liverpool supporter Ange Postecoglou says he is hoping for a strong fight from his side, but it will be a huge test for everyone.Impats man Usman Khawaja says Australia has the players capable of winning the Ashes. England leads the series 2-0, and Australia's hopes have taken another hit with fast bowler James Pattinson ruled out of the final three Tests because of a back injury, but Khawaja says all isn't lost for the tourists.The guys know that we've got a very good team and if we can perform the way we know we can perform and do it right, then there is no reason why we can't beat England.'Grandstand' cricket commentate tore Jim Maxwell isn't as optimistic. He has slammed Into Cricket Australia for pushing Twenty20s before Test matchesWhat are they doing to invest in Test cricket? Why don't we give up Test cricket and play T 20 all the time? That's what people are thinking when they look at the way the game is promoted, the way the players are paid, the whole lot - all skewed.The Muppets are amongst those to celebrate the new royal baby.Kerr my, isn't it exciting, Kate is a mummy, Prince William is a Daddy and there is a new royal baby boy. It's wonderful, Piggy. And from all the Muppets, congratulationsKind of makes you want to have a child of your own, dompbt it, Kermie? No, not really Oh, come on. Can't you hear the pitter, patter of tad pole feet Tad poles don't have feet. CongratulationsYou know how to kill a beautiful momma, don't you. Congratulations.Here is Paul Higgins with the weather.Cloud-free skies over much of Australia at the moment. Trough and pool of cold air off NSW is bringing a few coastal showers there and a cold front that stormed through the south-west of WA has brought some welcome rain at last. 20-40mm around Perth and bun brie. It's heading east but weakening as it does, so the rainfall amounts will drop off. Another front is due in the south-west late on Friday, but late on Thursday shower also move into Tasmania.Today, though, mostly clear skies for Queensland apart from a shower or two on the east coast.

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