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This program is captioned live. This morning - here he is - Catherine and William show
the world their little prince, who gives his own royal wave... He's got her looks, thankfully. No, no, I'm not sure about that. ..after being introduced
to his famous relatives.

Convicted child killer Derek Percy
dies days after being questioned
about a missing girl. And New South Wales nurses
walk off the job.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders.

Barely 24 hours old, the future King of England
has been presented to the world by his proud mum and dad. The yet to be named prince
lay quietly in his mother's arms before being passed to William
as the couple spoke to the media. Seven's Mike Amor joins me
from outside St Mary's Hospital. Hello, Mike. Both Kate and William looked
remarkably relaxed and fresh?

Yeah, and so happy, as were the hundreds of media and members of the public waiting for quite a while outside a hospital to see the royal couple, both dressed in blue, and William revealed he has already changed his first nappy - I suspect it would be his last. Let's have a look back at what was an incredible day.

This was the world's first glimpse
of the new prince. Ladies and gentlemen,
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Prince of Cambridge. (CHEERING) William and Kate both smiled
and waved to the cameras outside St Mary's Hospital before their new son
gave his own special royal wave. (CHEERING) The royal baby, barely a day old, was carefully passed from
his mother's arms to his father's.

He's got a good pair of lungs
on him, that's for sure. He's a big boy, he's quite heavy, but we're still working on a name, so we'll have that
as soon as we can. It's very emotional
and it's such a special time. I think any parent would know
what this feeling feels like. Prince William spoke
about the long wait for the media and fans
camped outside the hospital. I'll remind him of his tardiness
when he's a bit older 'cause I know how long you've all
been standing out here. So hopefully the hospital and
you guys can all go back to normal and we can look after him. He's already changed
his first nappy, and there's new speculation about whether the boy
takes after Mum or Dad. He's got her looks, thankfully. No, no no.
I'm not sure about that! As for the baby's hair - Well, he's got more than me,
thank God. Right now, William and Catherine are not
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a moment. They're proud parents, showing off their new baby boy
to the world. Kate wore a blue polka dot dress, a similar pattern
to the one Diana wore when she showed off baby William
on those same steps 31 years ago. The tiny prince was placed in a car
seat for his first ride home, with mum in the back seat
and dad behind the steering wheel. Earlier in the day,
he met his grandparents - Carole and Michael Middleton
were the first relatives to visit the hospital... He's absolutely beautiful. They're both doing really well
and we're so thrilled. ..followed by Prince Charles
and his wife Camilla. He's marvellous,
thank you very much. to finally see the baby. We want to get to know him,
we want to know his name. It was great - oh, my goodness,
it was worth the wait. We were so excited to be here.

Right now, the new family is at home in Kensington Palace. It is 2:30am. They are either sleeping or attempting to sleep. Welcome to parent would!

Pictures of the young family
leaving hospital were beamed live across the world. The royal birth was marked formally
with gun salutes in London and celebrated by relatives,
friends, and countless strangers.

The world was focused on her great grandson, just a few miles away, but for the Queen tonight it was work as usual as she hosted a Buckingham Palace reception. The new arrival was on her mind, though. She told one woman she was thrilled and that the baby was a big boy, adding that the first-born is very special. There were, said the guests, no disguising her joy.Her Majesty was glowing, beaming from ear to ear with pure joy.In Kate's home village of Bucklebury, they posed for a memorial snapped tonight, and a barbecue after seeing the local girl emerged from hospital with her family.But they beat his kind of heavy and has a good set of lungs on him but they did have a name yet.What an incredible moment.Home and abroad, the future King was making headlines around the world. Elsewhere, the salutes were allowed. The armed forces also marking the occasion. The King's troop the Royal Horse Artillery doing the honours near Buckingham Palace. While the Honourable Artillery Company took to the Tower of London. Westminster Abbey sounded its royal salute in the customary fashion. Sailors on HMS Kent took to the deck, and on HMS Lancaster they spelled out their congratulations - it has been a day of pageantry and pomp, a royal occasion that many have shared and will never forget, including those overseas and those much closer to home.

Life should start returning to
normal for most Brits and the media until the little prince's name
is released. Melissa Doyle has been
following all the excitement from outside Buckingham Palace.

Well, good morning, Ann after another very exciting day
here in London. It's well after midnight now and Kate, William
and their little prince are hopefully asleep
inside their cottage on the grounds
of Kensington Palace -

As you saw earlier -
the third in line to the throne had a very public introduction
to the world to the delight of the hundreds
of people who spent hours
camped outside St Mary's Hospital. Not to

Not to mention the media that had been there for weeks. There have also been big crowds at Buckingham Palace and a real sense of joy and happiness as people from all around the world celebrate the arrival of the future king. I've got to say it be lovely to cover such happy news. All too often there is doom and gloom but people have appreciated this joyous occasion and the genuine goodwill on display. We look at William and Catherine as a gorgeous couple with a baby boy, no different from any family except for the pomp and ceremony on the side. It's hoped the Little Prince will inspire a baby boom of a different kind as locals and tourists spend big on baby memorabilia. A lovely story. Thank you, Mel.

Up to 60 people, including children,
are feared dead after an asylum seeker boat
headed to Australia sank off the coast of Java. Australia says
it's aware of the incident. Indonesian authorities are carrying
out the search and rescue operation.

Five days after Kevin Rudd laid down the law, it is clear they are ignoring his message. So the news and the stands a boat has sunk off the coast of Java and at least three people have drowned.All of our agencies are actively following this and insuring everything that can be done is being done.As many as 160 people have been rescued. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has offered assistance to us Indonesian counterparts, which so far has not been taken up, but the Immigration Minister has other concerns closer to home, with allegations asylum seekers have been sexually abused and tortured inside Australia's processing centre on pub when New Guinea's Manus Island.It's become a dark and dirty secret.The former head of occupational health and safety, Rhode St George, says immigration turned a blind eye to self-harm and attempts at suicide on a daily basis.I've never seen human beings so destitute, so helpless, and so hopeless before.The immigration department says so far it is unaware of any claims of rape or self harm, but the Immigration Minister, who says he's horrified that these allegations, left for Manus Island this morning.

Child killer Derek Percy has died
from lung cancer in hospital in Melbourne. Police had hoped he could shed light on the 1968 disappearance
of 7-year-old Linda Stilwell. Michael Scanlan reports.

Derek Percy died a frail and widely despised man. He was Victoria's longest-serving prisoner and has links to at least nine child abductions and murders, including that of Linda Stillwell, who disappeared 45 years ago on the St Kilda for sure. Percy is the only suspect but has never fully admitted to involvement, only telling police he may have been in the area at the time. As recently as Sunday the coroner held a bedtime meeting in a final attempts to get him to make admissions in his involvement in her death. It was purely to give her family closer and Percy was given immunity from further punishment. He did make admissions but still refused to speak.We hate the idea that she was a piece of rubbish to be thrown away. We wanted to give her a burial with some dignity. And now we never will.The 64-year-old has never been convicted of murder but had been detained indefinitely over the death of a 12-year-old girl in 1969 on the grounds of insanity. While Percy's death comes as relief for the families of the victims, he takes to the grave with him so many important answers and props those families of any form of closure.

Nurses across New South Wales
are rallying in Sydney over fears for the safety
of patients. They walked off the job, demanding higher staffing levels
across the health system. Hugh Whitfeld joins me now. Good morning, Hugh.
How bad is the problem? Good morning. The nurses say it is making a huge impact on patient care, and especially patients that arrive in emergency departments - that's one of the reasons they are waiting so long because there's not enough nurses. There are plenty of them here this morning, about one fasten 500 at the sports centre in Holmbush. They arrived on bus after bus this morning and on trains as well. -- 1,500. It means 180 hospitals across NSW have been left with bare minimum staffing levels, or as one union official told me life preserving levels for most of today. That's in stark contrast to what business is actually want - they want improved staff to patient ratios, so one must every for patients, if and one-3 in emergency. At the moment they say it is much worse than that, wanted cent in most places, especially country areas, and the nurses we spoke to say that's not good enough. -- 1 to 10. I'm a registered nurse working
in emergency and every day emergency nurses
around the state are faced with challenges
of providing safe patient care with no minimum ratios.

The most upsetting thing about
being an emergency nurse is not being able
to provide our patients with the care that they need
when they need it most. The crowd is pretty damp up, almost like a rock concert at the moment, but they are pretty

but they are pretty angry as well, because talks with the Government has been going on for quite some time. The government blames it doesn't have enough money. Thank you.

Next in Seven News - the latest inflation figures and
what they mean for interest rates. Also, what went wrong - the investigation
into the botched landing which closed
one of America's busiest airports.

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The widower of murdered
Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has demanded an apology
from the adult parole board for releasing the man who raped
and strangled his wife - Adrian Ernest Bayley.

He asked about the risk assessment
taken when considering Bayley's parole, and signs of the rapist's
rehabilitation. Mr Meagher says
no-one has responded to him and he's now considering
joining a class action against the state of Victoria.

To finance now and joining me is Westpac's
global head of economics Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. The inflation report
has just been released, what's it saying about the economy? Good morning.

Good morning. Yes, please sort and low-inflation number reported a 0.4%, with inflation coming in at 2.4%, down from 2.5% last quarter, annual number, so it is indicating pressures remain benign. We saw a big fall in the cost of holidays and the cost of cars. We saw a slightly higher than expected rise in the cost of clothing and food prices were flat. In the implications for interest rates? The number they follow from the perspective of interest rates is what pickle an underlying number, and that was 0.6, a little higher than we were expecting at 0.5, but if the Reserve Bank wants to cut rates, as I expect they should be wanting to do given the weakness in the economy overall, this number would stand in the way, but it's not giving a number that says you absolutely have to cut rates because inflation is so low. The core inflation under sit at 2.4, the same as last quarter, indicating to me that we will see a rate cut on 6th August. Thank you.

Investigations have begun into the second major runway
incident at an American airport this month. 10 people were hurt when Southwest Airlines Flight 345
skidded nose first off the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Angela Cox joins me now.
Hello, Ange. The emergency temporarily
shut down the airport?

Yes, good morning. LaGuardia Airport only fully reopened today after crews could get into clear one of its two runways. We have new pictures of the actual moment of impact. The south-west Boeing 737 skidded down the runway during a spectacular crash-landing late yesterday after its nose gear collapsed on touchdown. There were 150 passengers and crew on board. Some of the passengers described their terror as well as the crash- landing itself. They were particularly concerned when the cabin started filling with smoke and they couldn't open the emergency doors.

It sort of came down really fast
and kinda step and then it kinda banged
and then it banged again and then it skidded to a stop. It all stopped quicker
than you would have thought. The worst part was when the doors
weren't being opened and the smoke was coming in and you
didn' couldn't breathe.

Bob course, you can imagine many of those passengers would have been thinking of the recent crash in San Francisco which killed three people and injured dozens more. Thankfully now on was seriously hurt yesterday. 10 people suffered minor injuries and they have all been released from hospital now. Investigators are looking at those black-box recorders to see what went wrong and also if other 737s are at risk.

Next in Seven News -
a tennis coup for Brisbane. And Liverpool fans gear up for tonight's big match
against Melbourne Victory.

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VOICEOVER: The National Plan
for School Improvement.

To find out more, visit the Better Schools website.

Over 95,000 fans are
set to converge on the MCG tonight for Liverpool's clash
with Melbourne Victory. It's likely to be the biggest crowd
the Reds have played in front of in their 121-year history. Sean Sowerby has more. Excitement is building up ahead of tonight's sell-out clash at the MCG. It seems everybody is following the Liverpool team around. We have all the fans up a hotel, but also the Prime Minister made an appearance today, speaking to the fans and to channel seven's Jim Wilson.We've had Manchester United and Liverpool in Melbourne. It's great for the round ball game. New have fun tonight?Yes!Who is going to win? Liverpool!What do the fans think of the Prime Minister?Let's not go into that.Last night more than 20,000 die-hard fans watched the team training and the atmosphere was amazing. All eyes were on Steven Gerrard. There were concerns that he might not play but the good news is that he will play tonight. I had 45 minutes since Indonesia, which was nice, but I'm hoping to play more than that and build on the 45.But in this swearers is no certainty. Brendan Rogers says he is under no pressure.I'm not sure whether we will play him, or whether we will assess him over the next day of training. If he will play, it will be very limited time. The excitement is coming to build this afternoon with tens of thousands of fans marching from Federation Square all the way to the MCG for tonight's sell-out clash, and it will all be on seven mate tonight.

NRL superstar Johnathan Thurston
is fuming after receiving a 6am wake-up call
from drug testers. The Cowboys co-captain vented
his anger on social media, posting photos of ASADA officers
at his home. The early visit for blood
and urine tests woke his newborn daughter, Frankie. But players at other clubs say
that's just life as a professional.

He I've had nothing but good things to say about them. They've come in, they're very polite, and you've just got to get the job done. Thurston's Cowboys tackle
the Broncos on Friday night. Carlton defender Simon White has been ruled out for the rest of
the AFL season with a neck injury. It's a setback for the Blues, over North Melbourne.

They're preparing to confront
the in-form Suns on the Gold Coast.

It's a highly competitive side that can use the football and a gift of being her early pics, and they are opponents you have to take very seriously.

In Brisbane, Lions captain Jonathan
Brown has confirmed he'll return from a hip injury
against Port Adelaide on Sunday. The Brisbane International
has pulled off a major coup, securing the services of 17 time
Grand Slam champion Roger Federer. For the first time
in his glittering career, the Swiss Master will use Brisbane
as the starting point, in his quest
for a fifth Australian Open crown. The tournament begins
on December 29. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the national weather now. A cold front in south-western WA
is bringing rain and a thunderstorm or two. A low and gusty southerlies
are causing a few showers along the New South Wales coast. A high in the south is keeping South
Australia, Victoria and Tasmania mostly clear and dry. Around the capitals - mostly sunny
in Brisbane. Showers clearing
in Sydney. Canberra,
warming up. Showers clearing
in Melbourne. Hobart,
fine and 13. Partly cloudy
in Adelaide. A shower possible
in Perth. And windy
in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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