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It can set she is not a bad girl after all. She was moved to tears because of the intensity of cheers from the audience. If she had just finished her valid when all this sudden, her voice cracked up and she began to well up. She was wiping away tears and admitted that she did not know what she was crying about. Tomorrow, the man behind the blockbuster Liberace movie. We're come to celebrate the music of Mick Jagger. Stay tuned for the news. Supertext Captions by This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams.Good morning. The world has had its first glimpse to the third in line to the thrown. Bundled in his parents arms out St Mary's Hospital this morning. The Duchess of Cambridge returned to Kensington Palace with their baby prince. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic gives us his take on how the Royal couple are juggling parenthood.I reckon they will be settling in nicely. They will be keeping it quite low key, getting some well-earned rest at the moment. They have been here for around about four hours or so. They want to be hands on parents and we did see an early example of that this afternoon, when the duke carried the baby into the waiting car and he drove his family back here to Kensington Palace. This is their home. They are staying in apartment 1A and also the Duchess of Cambridge wants to be a hands on mum, she says she won't need a nanny for the foreseeable future. She wants to take care of her own baby. At least for the next two days or so they will be staying here at Kensington Palace. There is a lot of renovation over the last few months or so, a new nursery is being built. They have had some visitors. Pippa Middleton has been here and Carol will be here keping out as well. But as I mentioned, in a couple of days time, the family will head to the home town of the Middleton family. And now the prince will stay in the family home, which is a sprawling mansion worth $7 million, plenty of

Kate has reportedly been shopping at fine London establishments and has been hunting for one of a kind antiques.She has been seen shopping in several antique markets and she enjoys haggling.She has been outfitting a nursery in Kensington Palace and also at her childhood home in the countryside. A former airline pilot turned party supply party founders, consists of a large house on several acres. It's a place she feels very safe and secure.The small town has been buzzing with excitement and the pub is readying a high chair for the new Royal. And the town will afford proud locals more - bragging rights. They will see their future monarch. We will have more news from London throughout the morning. Up to 60 asylum seekers including children are missing, feared dead, after their boat bound for Australia sank off the Indonesia coast. The Papua New Guinea island which is key to Kevin Rudd's people smuggler solution - let's go live to Kerr Jackson now. Tragic news. What are the details of this latest incident?Reports are coming out of Indonesia that a boat carrying 200 asylum seekers sank off Java last night. We are hearing that 160 people have been rescued. Sadly, there are 30-60 people missing and three people are believed to be dead. Now, there is a major search and rescue operation under way, it is being coordinated by the Indonesian authorities. There's been no formal request from Australia, although Australian authorities have offered their help. And those numbers that I mentioned, Amelia, none are confirmed at this stage.Alright, meantime there are disturbing reports coming out of Papua New Guinea solution from Kevin Rudd?We spoke to somebody who worked there for one month, he has made truly shocking allegations, telling the delain that detainees were raped and abused at the centre with the full knowledge of staff. He claims that suicide and self- harm attempts happen almost daily. Mr George had previously worked in the prison system but quit his job on Manus Island after just one month.I have never seen human beings so helpless and destitute and hopeless before. In Australia, the facility couldn't even serve as a dog kennel, the owners would be jailed.These allegations come after the Prime Minister announced that all asylum seekers will be processed in Papua New Guinea and resettled there if found to be refugees. The Immigration Minister says he is strubled by what Mr George alleges and he has said that he will investigate -- troubled. He is on his way to Manus Island as we speak. Kevin Rudd was also asked about the allegations.We don't apologise for our policy of saying to people smugglers that if you bring people to Australia by boat, that they will not be settled in Australia. These allegations are serious, and we will investigate it properly.The Department of Immigration says that it has no knowledge of any of the allegations made, Amelia.Thank you. Sacked cricket Australia coach Mickey Arthur fronted the flare Commission this morning for the start of his $4 million racial discrimination lawsuit. He tried to avoid collateral damage to the cricket team.All we are looking for is just a fair and reasonable resolution today. That's all we have ever wanted.Meanwhile pat Howard defended his move to appoint dar legallyly as coach. He says that the change was simply needed. Jill Meagher's husband has lashed out at the Victorian parole board which freed her killer. Tom Meagher demanded an apology. Take us through what he had to say?Well, Amelia, Tom has labelled the adult parole board as cow yards and has demanded an apology from them. And he hasn't ruled out joining a class action against the state. He first wrote an email to the parole board on June 24. He, among other things, he told them that nobody had the guts to offer an explanation as to why Adrian Ernest Bayley, his wife's killer was let out of prison in the first place. And he posed questions to him, what assessment the board undertook and what indications of rehabilitations did they have before allowing him out to roam the streets. But he got to reply from the adult parole board. Sew wrote another email five days later and he was furious. In

He wrote:

He wrote:
Now, the board only finally acknowledged Tom's email weeks later after the Victoria Police brought it to their attention. The parole board then blamed a faulty spam filter saying they never got the emails. But according to Tom Meagher that simply is not good enough. He has labelled it unacceptable, unbelievable and has labelled the department totally incompetent. Stkpwhruck certainly understand his anger and grief. Nurses are planning to rally outside Parliament House in Brisbane today, protesting over replacing experienced bedside nurses with cheaper graduates. The nurses union says that there are serious cuts to the state budget. Take us through the main concerns? About a week ago 3,000 senior midwives and nurses got a letter from their bosses advertising a fresh round of redundancies. The plan is to replace experienced nurses with cheaper graduates. That sparked huge rallies at our hospitals here and another one is planned for right here outside Parliament. Inside a special parliamentary committee is exam ening the budget. The nurses have since started stop-work. Not answering phones or transporting patient meals N some cases they are closing beds. The wording of the letter was clumsy but he agrees with the again trust. There were no forced redundancies. In fact, as of last night they had 224 applications for 140 of those redundancy positions. The Government argues that spending on the health budget at $12 billion is $1 billion up on last year. Hospitals are claiming huge improvements in waiting times for surgeries and emergency waiting times. There are big bills left over from thousands of health workers were not paid o underpaid. The Government says that the nurses are getting 6% more than under the last Government. There are big bills left over and huge rallies coinciding with ones in NSW today. Whether this one is as fiery as we expect, we will find out in over an shower.Thank you, Shane Doherty. A family night in front of the TV almost turned to disaster when a 'Four Corners' slammed through the back of a house in Sydney's west overnight. It's believed that the car was involved in a collision before losing control and ploughing into the lounge room of a home at Blacktown.You have to be careful of the glass around here.Amazingly, nobody was injured. South-east Queensland shivered through its coldest morning of the year. With the mercury plummeting to minus two. A blanket of ice dusted the region, covering cars and frosting front yards.Very cold. Very cold. Actually, we are just starting to get winter now.It was almost as chilly in Brisbane, which dropped to a relatively mild six degrees. The cold snap is said to be brief with average temperatures returning tomorrow. Still ahead this morning - a name for his Royal Highness, the Royal prince of Cambridge. Also - taking secrets to the grave. Victoria's longest serving prisoner dies just days after being interviewed about an unsolved murder. And superstar Beyonce gets a little too close to one This program is not captioned. The secret is out -
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This program is not captioned. biggest fans. Now that the world can put a face - all of the remaining is the name. William and Kate say they are still working on it. There is no shortage of suggestions from the traditional to the more unusual. Now that the town crier has cried and the announcement on the Royal easel has eased the anxious wait - the next benchmark will be the name that he will carry. George is close to favourite and a popular Royal name since George 1st in 1714. There have been five other Georges following and the name also chimes as the patron saint of England. James is popular, the name of Kate's brother. But it could end up a middle name as homage to his uncle. The Prince Harry affect trickles into the market with his actual name tightening up. Harry was the most popular name. Philip is amongst the contenders, an acknowledgement of great grandfather. Charles is in there but getting long odds with the bookies. Prince William is close to his father and would want to honour him as such but the first King Charles ended up being executed and the second reined every the plague and the great fire of London from. There - they blowout dramatically. Gary and Wayne and Kerr vin Terry Elvis are unlikely. With the most improbable suggestion being North at 5,000 to one.I'm happy for you. Sorry, when it comes to debate over baby names - the Royal family are the best of all time. But once the future king is named, punters can flock to the next Royal odds. The betting has already opened on which year William and Kate's second baby will be born. And 2015 is odds on. Derek Percy has died in a Melbourne hospital. Victoria's longest serving prisoner was under guard at St Vincent's Hospital battling cancer. Good morning. The death really leaves a lot of questions unanswered?Unfortunately for the families of up to nine children he is suspected of killing. Derek Percy died at 64. He won't be mourned except by investigators and families. Of all of the children he is suspected of killing, none of whom he admitted tomorrow suspected of being involved in beach murders in Sydney, a boy in Canberra and perhaps the three Beaumont children before he got to Linda in Victoria. He was evanityly arrested over the murder of eTuohy. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity but he could be kept in custody for the rest of his life. He was asked many times of the murders, particularly Linda, who disappeared at the age of seven off St Kilda beach. Her mother issued many pleas for admitting and telling where the body was. A few days ago when it was clear that Derek Percy was about to die, we spoke to Linda's mother of why the family needed the closure.To never know what happened to your 7-year-old daughter is very difficult and just to have some closure would be wonderful. I mean, it's going it be a foreclose your with him dying, it will be a closure for him but still not for us, because we just don't know.That was a few days ago. She was too upset to make any more comments this morning. Understandably, he took his secret to the grave. After 64 years of his life he never did grow a conscience. Thank you for bringing us up-to- date. Beyonce's long locks attracted the attention of an unrulely fan during a concert. The pop diva became caught up to an electronic fan. Ever the true professional, she barely flinched and carried on singing as security tried to remove her hair. Luckily, none of her real hair was damaged. It had latched on to part of her weave. Still ahead this morning - another famous baby welcomed into the world. Pen Cruise gives birth to a little girl. Escaping the heat This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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Penelope Cruise escaped most of the world's baby-watching paparazzi as she welcomed a baby girl into the world. It's the couple's second child following the birth of their son Leo 2.5 years ago. Mother and daughter are said to be doing well and remain in hospital. Italy is sweltering through its first heat waive of the European summer. The only way to stay cool is to head to the pool, as these animals did in the zoo in Rome. They were also treated to giant fruit treats to help them beat the heat. The Royal baby is shown off to the world, bundled in the arms of his beaming parents. We will get all of the details - next. A group of armed men in Brisbane. And a 72 million year old find in Mexico. We show you the discovery This program is not captioned.

A spin.
Welcome back to Nine's Morning News Hour. These are the top stories - the world has fallen in love with the prince of Cambridge, introduced this morning on the steps of a London hospital. Incredibly saving the life of a man from a burning wreckage of his car in Victoria. Sydney nurses walk off the job and take to the streets, demanding more staff to care for patients. William and Kate are enjoying their first night at home after showing off their baby to the world outside a London hospital. Good morning, Amelia. The parents looked so happy and relaxed?Amelia, they really were just the picture of happiness and seemed genuinely delighted to share their baby with the rest of the world. We were just as excited to see them. This really was the moment the entire world has been waiting for. 7pm that the couple emerged from St Mary's Hospital holding their new baby boy. And there was just this enormous cheer from the crowd who gathered there. Some people had been waiting for days to catch that first glimpse. They were very excited when the couple came out. Kate who was holding the baby seemed to be channelling the late princess Dianna in her dress style, very similar in style to the dress Dianna wore 31 years ago holding Prince William. Kate handed the baby to William, big cheers from the crowd when she did that and the couple walked towards the media pack. They generously stoppeded and spoke for a few moments about their son and this really lovely things to take.He has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. He is a big boy, quite heavy. We are still working on a name. It's the first time we've seen him really, having a proper chance to catch up. Very emotional.It's such a special time. I think any parents know what this feeling feels like, it's very special.I will remind him of this hardyness when he gets older, we know how long you guys have been waiting out here.He has got her looks, thankfully.

looks, thankfully. Wait and see. Wait and see.We have done that already. Way more than me, thank God. Thanks a lot. Thank you. Aren't they lovely. They headed home to Kensington Palace. When can we expect to see the prince again, Amelia?Well, that's a tough one. We are not exactly sure when we see him again. They have gone home to Kensington Palace. You probably saw Prince William jumping behind the wheel of the car to see them. He is on official two weeks paternity leave. We are not sure when we will see the prince again. The big announcement will be his name. Lots of people are trying to guess what it might be. So some more exciting times ahead, Amelia.Thank you, Amelia Ballinger. As many as 30 asylum seekers, including children are feared drowned after their boat bound for Australia sank shortly after leaving Indonesia. The latest tragedy coincides with shocking assaults and sexual abuse on Manus Island. Kerrie Yaxley, from Canberra. What are the latest details?The maritime safety authority said they understand the Indonesian authorities are involved in a major search and rescue operation. The reports coming out of Indonesia say a boat has sank off the coast of Java, around 200 people were onboard. 160 have been rescued but around 30 are still missing and three people are believed to be dead. But at this stage none of those numbers have been confirmed. Now, there has been no formal request for help from Indonesia. However, Kevin Rudd has just responded to the news and he says that all of the relevant Australian agencies are following dovements. Here is the Prime Minister.This underlines the need for policy changes in Australia on asylum seekers' policy which sends a clear message to smugglers to stop sending people by boat to Australia. We are seeing too many drownings, sinkings, too many innocent people lost at sea. Meantime, there are grim reports out of Manus Island which is key to Kevin Rudd's asylum seeker solution?Yes. Rod George is making the allegations, he was in charge of occupational health and safety at the centre. He told a program that detainees at the centre were raped and abused and staff there had full knowledge of it. He also claims that suicide and self-harm attempts happen almost daily at the centre. Mr George had worked in the prison system for 10 years prior but he quit his job on Manus Island after just one month. Listen to some of the claims that he made.I never seen human beings so dest stood, so helpless and so hopeless before. In Australia the facility couldn't even serve as a dog kennel, the owners would be jailed.These allegations come after the Prime Minister announced asylum seekers arriving by boat will be processed in Papua New Guinea and resettled there - even if found to be refugees. Immigration Minister Tony Bourke says that he is very troubled by Mr George's allegations and said that he will investigate and in fact, Amelia, he is on his way to Manus Island as we speak. Thank you, Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Two Victorians rescued a man from the burning wreckage of his car following a high speed crash. Let's go live to Seb Costello who is there for us. What happened?Good morning, Amelia. It was pretty extraordinary circumstances, especially when you consider just how high the car was in the air and the efforts of the two young volunteer firefighters who sprung into action and police say save this had driver's life. 12:30 this morning the wagon lost control and moved through a concrete fence before becoming airborne, crashing through a number of trees. You can see the markings on the trees behind me, suggesting that this car was up to 3m in the air. It spun a number of times before coming to a crashing hault around 130m from where it left the road. The two resident who is lived there - James was the first a and woke his housemate. They came outside and James grabbed the hose and extinguished the flames and Adam went to the driver and began bulge him from the wreck. The boys were successful in doing that before police a arrived. -- began pulling him. They were kind enough to join us.With the fire coming out of the bon yet so quickly, you don't know if it will explode or not. Bringing the driver out is the number one priority.It must have been pretty squarey.Adrenaline was kicking in well, we didn't have any gear. All we had was the garden hose and slippiers. We got into action quickly.James, at any stage did you think of your own safety? The adrenaline kicks in. There is danger there. All we had on our mind was saving the guy's life and the two cars it was near. It would have probably spread to the house if it got to the car. We got the fire under control and all in a hard day's work I guess.The police have said without your efforts this could have turned out to be a really serious case. Surely that earns you a day off work.Not quite. I'm heading there in 10 minutes time.Have you any any sleep?About 1.5 hours so far.Thanks to this boy the driver is in hospital but in a stable condition. A gun has been fired during a terrifying home invasion in Brisbane overnight. Police are still hunting for the offenders.Detectives are investigating after a shot was fired during an attempted break and enter on Brisbane's northside. Two men were trying to get inside one of the back units when a resident started yelling and managed to scare them off. As they were leaving another resident confronted them. That's when it got dangerous. One of the criminals pulled out a handgun and opened fire. The pair then fled. Nobody was injured. Terrified witnesses have been taken away by detectives to be interviewed. The unit complex remains a crime scene this morning as forensic officers investigate. Police say the attack is random. Excavation work is under way this morning at a property in northern Victoria in a bid to find the remains of tere Bluetongue. He disappeared in 2004 after being involved in the murder of Graham

involved in the murder of Graham
Kinninburra state political Kevin Wilde is at a rally in Sydney for the nurses. A big turn-out there this morning?It has just got under way. And they are just playing music to psych up the crowd.It looks like we are not hearing you too clearly. We apologise for that. We will attempt to bring you more news on the strike a little later. A family in western Sydney incredibly escaped injured after a 'Four Corners' drive ploughed into their home. Residents came within seconds of disaster when the car struck the property.The family say this is an incredible dangerous roundabout. It appears likely that the car smashed into another car and then into a fence before crashing into a brick wall of the family's home. The car landed in their lounge room. The family were at home at the time, sitting on the couch, watching TV. It was fright I think in that the whole room shook. Their grandfather was even knocked off the couch.He was just sitting on the sofa and the car came through.Luckily, the 8-year-old and 5-year-old little girls had left the room moments before the accident.We just heard a big boom and the TV exploded.We had guests staying, all four girls were playing just outside the door. The family say it's so lucky that nobody was seriously hurt.A young man has been stabbed multiple times in Sydney's south. Police found a 21-year-old man who kufred -- who suffered a number of stab wounds. He was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition. The girlfriend of a man missing in the NSW Blue Mountains says she's not giving up hope her partner will be found alive. Gary vanished last Tuesday after leaving a work conference. A work colleague says that the 23-year-old found him around midnight saying that he was lost in bushland near a main road. His girlfriend has been involved in the search efforts with hundreds of volunteers and SES crews. Air crash investigators in New York are still trying to work out why there was no warning before a plane with 143 passengers onboard crash landed. 10 people were injured and La Guardia was tempt rarely shut down in the wake of the accident. And our US bureau chief Robert Penfold reports. -- tempt rarely. Aiden Mack was excited, videoing through the window his arrival in New York. When suddenly, without warning - everybody onboard including the pilots had no idea there was a problem until the jet slammed into the ground. Inside, confusion and panic. From the terminal you can see the sparks and flames shooting out as the nose of the South-west Airlines Boeing 777 skidded down the runway on its nose and veered off and came to rest halfway down the runway. The emergency call went out and all flights heading for La Guardia were told to divert. Onboard the passengers felt two hard thugs.The whole plane just went down very quickly and that's when the door came in. There was only one way out quickly - down the slides. Surprise -- have surprisingly perhaps nobody was injured.You just want to get on the ground and kiss the earth.A warning light should have shown if there was a problem with the landing gear. For this time it didn't happen. The pilots handled a desperately dangerous situation. We will return now to Kevin Wilde who is covering a state-wide nurse' protest for us in NSW.The rally literally has just got under way. So perfect timing. Up to 4,000 nurses are rallying not for better pay but better conditions. If you add more nurse it is leads to greater care. Reducing the ratio of number of patients to number of nurses. So increasing the number of nurses overall. Let's hear a little of some of the nurses we spoke to. Patients come first no matter what. We have a whole career to fight for it but I want it now. That's why we are here today.We are hear to get better ratios in ICU, we need one- to-one. It's intensive care not intensive share and important for our patients.The strike is on now until 1:00, affecting 180 hospitals. Elective surgery has been delayed or cancelled in some circumstances. This isn't the end. On September 17th there will be more industrial action. The union hasn't decide what it will take to members. If we have a short strike today it could mean a major stepping up in the action in about six weeks's time. Thank you for the update. It's hard to imagine something of this size hasn't been found before. But palaeontologists in Mexico stumbled across a 5m dinosaur tail. Believed to be about 5 million years old. Scientists believe the rest of the creature may be buried further underground. Let's get some sports news now with Corey Norris. A huge night ahead in Melbourne?Good morning. The AFL was somewhat taking a backseat as soccer hits town. And Johnathan Thurston's fury over This program is not captioned. The innovation from Schwarzkopf - Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir. With a blend of nourishing oils
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over an early morning ASADA raid.
Cowboy's star Johnathan Thurston lashed out at ASADA after representatives arrived at his house at 6am this morning waking up his 1 month old daughter. He took to Instagram to slam the Anti- Doping Authority. He wrote, "Thanks for the 6am visit for urine and blood test." It will restart interviews with 30 NRL players next week. The AFL now - a blow to kargtian with Simon White ruled out for the rest of the season. -- karltian. He will spend eight weeks in a next brace with doctors to continue to monitor his progress. Mick maument maument -- Mick Malthouse will be concerned. Stopping Garry Abblett.I don't think any player is unstoppable. It's the effectiveness. If you say that he will get 30-odd possessions it's how and where he gets them and what he does with them. The Blues need to win to keep their finals hopes alive.Even Liverpool players aren't used to the huge crowd expected at the MCG tonight. They take on Victory who won't ruin the party, just wanting to make the most of T the MCG on red alert. It was only a training session, still Liverpool fans turned out in the,000s to catch a glimpse of their heroes. An opportunity these die-hard weren't going to miss.A dream since we were 10 years old. Not just locals.I came all of the way from England to support the team, we travel with them all over the world. If you are a true supporter you are there.Headlined by Louis Suarez and Jarrid Frye for the clash. Liverpool's captain has been passed fit and ready to make an impact. Taken aback by the reception.We thought that there would be about 6 people at the side. We were surprised when there was 500. The Victory will be without Mark Milligan and Archie Thompson for the blockbuster and it's a sell-out with more than 90,000 expected to pack the stands.He missed the A-League matches against All Stars. But Alessandro Del Piero remains a draw card in his own right. He pulled a huge fight at the final training session doing overovertime to get you will of the autographs done. Later training today ahead of the three-day tour match against sus sex on Friday. Peter Siddle a notable omission. They will rejoin the squad following a strenuous second test at Lords.Ever since I got dropped a couple of years ago it's been up and down trying to find my way back. I feel I'm in good place now. I can get some of the stars and make them into big scores.Australia is hoping to avoid a serious defeat in Old Trafford next Thursday. And a bonus for tennis fans with Roger Federer spending more time than usual in Australia this summer. He will begin his 2014 at the Brisbane International and intends to win T he has heard too many great things of the tournament to leave it off his schedule. He was last in Queensland as a 14-year-old tourist. No doubt the Queenslanders will embrace him too.Thank you so much. Stay wuss. The latest in finance and weather is coming This program is not captioned. I know. How about a Mexican feast? Mm. Oh, yeah.



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Carlton karltian A low pressure trough is causing a few showers along the NSW coast. A high is keeping Victoria and Tasmania mostly clear and dry around the country today - fine in Brisbane - the chance

In Sydney.

In Sydney.
To finance now - let's look at the share market We go.

We go.
That's our Nine's Morning News Hour for today. Our Adelaide viewers, stay with us for an extended special bulletin. Ken Sutcliffe will be here at 3pm with Nine News Now and I'll be back with Nine's Afternoon News at 4:30. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have This program is not captioned. SONG: # Let's have
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