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Today - three people reported dead after another aslyum seeker boat gets into trouble off Indonesia. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge makes his first public appearance. The PM to met with business leaders and unions in a bid to boost the nation's productivity. And sacked Cricket Australia coach Mickey Arthur says his Diz missal has hurts his career.Good morning, you're watching News 24, I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first in the capital cities around the nation -

We have those CPI figures coming out in half an hour. Another aslyum seeker bots carrying bound for Australia has begun to sink. Indonesia is coordinating a search and rescue operation off the Island of Java and at this stage three people are believed to have died . Search and rescue teams still haven't reached the area, off the south-west coast of Java. I spoke to Indonesia correspondent George Roberts earlier?About 160 people on board, 160 survivors, this is the latest information we're getting, possibly more than 160 source, three dead at this stage so that's the latest numbers so that could change, the Origin of the people are from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, and Sri Lankan. Not Somali an. This information is justing can through as we speak. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lankan. People on board.Is that coming from Indonesian authorities or fishermen who were part of the rescue effort?That's coming from authorities in the area as far as I'm aware so contracted out to part of the search and rescue authorities in that area. Information is thripping through slowly. This stuff always changes.As far as leaving the coast goes, given the prom imenty of this boat to the mainland, it's fair to assume that it would have left, if it left say North Java from a Port near Jakarta it would have left in the past 24 hours to 48 hours if it left a place closer to Christmas Island perhaps, in the Sunda Strait in West Java or perhaps on the South Java coast, south-west Java coast, you could expect that it probably left in the past 12 hours but you would expect it probably left last the
night given its proximity to the coast.Would you assume that this is a boat that was headed for Christmas Island or have you heard that it was?That seems to be all the indications at this stageObviously it is really early days, early hours so I've just sort of issuing a caution there that any of this information could change, is local search and rescues people are saying up to 200 people on board. That's changed from 100 people on board down to 60 down to 20, then we think that that was missing a zero, just spoken to the head of search and release cue he says up to 200 people. Anything could come in the next hour to clarify that.Meanwhile manager at Papua New Guinea's Manus that.Meanwhile a former Manus Island detention centre claims some detainees Manus Island detention claims some routinely abused by claims some detainees were routinely abused by others.
He's told SBS's Dateline routinely abused by program that in one He's program that in one case two
men were program that in one men were forced to sew men were forced to sew their lips together.These young men who lips together.These young who were considered vulnerable, which in many cases is just which in many cases is just a euphemism for men being raped, they had to stay where they were. These people who have been assaulted, are forced to remain back in the tent. Being an Australian, and knowing that this is what my Government doing, that my Government has sanctioned this, made me feel ashamed.Human rights activists are demanding that Labor re-think its new aslyum seeker deal with Papua New Guinea amid claims it will put more unaccompanied children and pregnant women at risk. Dhilout has been campaigning against holding children in detention and says the new policy is worrying.The Minister's referred in the last few days to a tent city being constructed on the Manus Island to hold people. It's simply not appropriate for children, and not for anybody. The Government has taken steps to move all children and vulnerable people off Manus children off Manus Island only this month. So to now turn around and tell us that that's appropriate to send these people back there, it simply cannot work.For more political reporter Kerrin Binnie joins us no from Canberra. What's been the Government's response to these claims about the situation on Manus Island? Pnchts Tony Burke the Immigration Minister is in fact heading over to Nauru and then visiting Manus Island, that trip is beginning today. He was spoke to the ABC before he headed off, radio national and Fran Kelly this morning, and he said that he described the situation and the allegations as horrific and says that they shouldn't have happened and he will look into it. He wants to make sure the people at that detention centre are treated with dignity and at the moment it doesn't appear that that is happening if these allegations are true, so he is heading over there, he will check out the damage from the riots on Nauru at the waur when the permanent facilities there were burned and while there was some rioting there and then he will head to Manus Island to inspect the situation there for himself and just on the broader immigration policy in sending aslyum seeker to Papua New Guinea, we've had so far five boats that are subject to this policy and 313 people on boards those boats that are subject to the new policy of anyone that does arrive in Australia by boat being sent to Papua New Guinea and has the prospect of being resettled in Papua New Guinea.The PM is in Melbourne today. What's he up to?This morning, he is at a school, he'll visit another school later today and then this afternoon he's expected to hold talks with business leaders and unions about boosting productivity in Australia. When Kevin Rudd took over as the PM, he made a speech at the National Press Club and outlined that he wants to have a more cooperative approach with business group, unions as well and gets everyone around the same table talking and everyone on the same page, so that's expected to happen this afternoon. And he's also in Victoria last night, he held talks with the Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, still trying to get Victoria to sign on to the education reform package that the Government is pushing.The PM in Melbourne today, he's in the suburb of Berrick in Melbourne's south-east right now at the Brentwood Park Primary, we're expecting he's going to step up there for a media conference at some stage in the next half hour or so. There's no fixed time for that. And the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, looks like a gorgeous day on the sunny Gold Coast. So we'll bring you that live just as soon as Tony Abbott steps up for that media conference as well. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending their first night at home with their new son, the third in line to the throne has made his first public appearance on the steps of St Mary's Hospital in London.It's just moments since William and Kate made their long abated appearance with their new son here outside the hospital. They spoke to the media, this is what they had so say.He's got a good lungs00 oil, that's for sure. He's say.He's got a good pair of

He's a big boy, he's lungs00 oil, that's for sure. He's a big boy, he's quite
heavy, but we're He's a big boy, he's on a name heavy, but on a name so we'll have that as on a soon as we can but it's the first time we've seen him first time we've really so having a proper chance to catch up (INAUDIBLE) Very emotional.Very emotional. It's such a special time. Any parent I think probably sort of know what this feeling feels like.Very special.We'll just break out of that because the PM Kevin Rudd has stepped up to their media conference at Berrick in Melbourne's south-east. He's at the Brentwood Park Primary after having announced yesterday that the Catholic education system has come on board with a better schools program.Great to be here at Brentwood Park Primary. I'm here with Laura Smyth and she's our local member, and this is the a great Australian State school. And we're here to talk about the better schools plan and our investment in schools right across Australia. Including here at Brentwood Park Primary. I've just had a look at some of the investments we've made at this school in the past including this fantastic multipurpose facility and what we're talking about now is how we invest further in the future. This is an important plan for the country. The better schools plan is about lifting the standard s for all Australian school, lifting the standards for all Australian school kids, so that there is enough fundses to one-on-one attention when you need it. If if one of the kids is falling behind a bit or needs is needs a bit extra for them to surge forward. needs a bit extra for them surge forward. I've been
talking to the kids needs a bit extra for them to talking to the kids and the teachers here who are learning Chinese this is a great thing. It's important that they're doing so because It's doing so because it reminds us that our schools are doing so because it reminds that our schools are part of the world. And there's a bit of a competition going on around the world as to which kids are going to emerge with the the world as going to emerge with the best skills in the future. Here in our part of the world in Asia, four of the top five school systems in the world are just next door. Really, Hong Kong, Korea, and Shanghai in China and in Singapore, so under the better schools plan we want Australian school kids to be able to match their examine competitors, match the other kids from these schools into the future. Just to underline that one more time, we want Australian school kids to able to compete properly against kids graduating from schools in Korea, China, and other parts of the world like Singapore. Why? Because we want our kids to get the best jobs possible and for their living standards in the future to be high as well. Across Australia we're putting out this better schools plan. This represents if we get agreement across the whole country, a further $15 billion investment into Australian schools. This is a huge investment. It will apply to Government schoolings, Catholic and independent schools, yesterday, Bill Shorten and I announced the agreement of the Australian Catholic school system to support the better schools plan. If Catholic school system has 1700 schools across Australia, they educate 20% of the kids in this country so I welcome them coming on board. The independent schools have done the same. State Governments in NSW, and South Australia and Tasmania have done the same and yesterday I sat down with Premier Napthine to see if slirk could come on board as well. Victoria is the second biggest State in the country. We have more than half a million kids in school in Victoria and I want them benefit from the better schools plan and we want them therefore to have the best resources for the future. In Victoria, if Premier Napthine signs up you will see a $4 billion additional investment will Victorian schools. That is a lot of funding in order to make schools like Brentwood Park Primary be the best they possibly can and provide those extra resources to help kids who might be fool falling behind a bit or if you really want to turbo charge a few kids doing particularly well, a bit of one-on-one to make sure they become the State's best. The Denis Napthine signs up to the better schools plan, this school here at Brentwood Park Primary would be $2.8 million better off over six years. That represents a 48% increase per students in terms of the overall school budget. This is not just a small amount, it's actually a large amount. It's designed to make the job of our teachers and our principals'sier than it is. Raise the principals'sier than it Raise resources and produce better outcomes for our kids. So outcomes for our kids. So my challenge though is not just to Premier Napthine, with whom I had a good conversation yesterday, my challenge is also to Mr Abbott who puts himself forward as the alternative PM of Australia. Mr Abbott has decided to be 100% negative about this plan to invest $15 billion extra into the Australian school system. I think Mr Abon the needs to be asked why. I don't know a single mum and dad in the country who could understand why you would not want to invest more in our school asks. Australians are sick and tired of such wall to wall negativity on things such as that. Before taking your questions, the last thing is just to reflect also on what Laura has been doing here in the local communities more broadly. I mentioned this multipurpose facility which has been built here at Brentwood Park Primary, in fact in the electorate which she represents, we've made similar investments in around 61 schools, and we've had a total of 1150 million dollar investment, true the school improvement program, and that includes 15 multi purpose facilities like the one at the back hee, it includes building 28 new school libraries across the region, and 20 new class rooms. At the secondary school level we've also provided the funding Morales than 7,000 new computers to go into the region's secondsary schools. A few kids when they've gone through primary school want to pursue not but a career in the trades, we've actually but a career in we've actually also invested in we've actually also building three new tradeses training centres so that they get the best opportunities possible as well. Better school plan I have just mentioned. One final point about the record here in La Trobe, in the electorate which Laura proudly represents is that it's not just in schools that we've made this investment, but in health as well. For example, the Berrick Galaxy Poll superclin yrk, $2.5 billion investment from us. Before it didn't exist, now it does. Also in local infrastructure, roads are important here in Melbourne, we've invested just under $70 million for the Monash freeway in the Warrigal road to Clyde Road section and also I remember myself committing to a $30 million investment for the Clyde Road upgrade which I understand is getting closer to completion. That's our funding as well. NBN, we will have an vements in this part of Victoria by mid- 2016, we should have something in the order of 2 f00 homes connected in the biggest engineering projects in the country's history. So whether it's infrastructure or roads, whether it's the new infrastructure, the National Broadband Network, whether it's very practical things like local health services and the Berrick GP super clinic or the huge investments in schools like Brentwood Park Primary, our mission is to make a different and too try and make these communitieses better and that's why we are pleased to be able to represent this community through Laura in the parliament and the Government of the country. Over to you folks. REPORTER: What's the latest on the boat that's sunk off Indonesia?I've just received some advice on that and I think it's far wise they're we leaf it to the relevant Minister, Minister Jason Clare to provide a rolling update on the facts but I would say that all of our agencies are actively following this and ensuring that everything that can be done is being done. This underlines the need for policy changes in Australia on aslyum seekers policy which sends a very clear message to people smugglers stop message to people smugglers to
stop sending people by boat to Australia. We stop sending people by boat Australia. We are seeing too Australia. We are many drowns, too many sinkings,
too many many drowns, too too many innocent people being lost at sea.There lost at sea.There is news this morning that there are up to 100 morning 100 people unaccounted for from a boat that has sunk off Indonesia. This will take the total of people who have boarded boats since... To more than 400. Is this an indication that your policy... (INAUDIBLE) Can I just make a very clear statement about this. Number one - the aslyum seekers policy we've adopted is about sending a very clear message to people smugglers that if you try to come to Australia by boat you'll not be settled in Australia. Very clear message. In fact, if you are proven to be bona fide refugees you'll be settled in Australia country, Papua New Guinea. That is all about destroying the people smugglers' business model. That's why we're doing it. Secondly, as I said and others said on the day we launched this Friday last week, that the boats would not stop coming straight away, we also said this would take some time. We also said that the people smugglers would in fact try to test our resolve to swlee wee able to implement this follow policy. You'll have naysayers like yourself saying that - because that underpins your question - that there are problems. I'm saying this is of public policy in one of the most difficult of public policy in Australia. And we have of public policy And we have taken a considered decision on what we regard to be the best response to a cadge for AustraliaIt's not been one taken lightly. It also be take time to implementment let me add one other thing - that's our policy, it's clear cut but you've raised the question of aslyum seeker policy, let me put to you what the alternative is. We have said very clearly that we intend to break the business model for aslyum seekers by saying to them that if you send people by boat to Australia, you will not settle in the country. It's very simple and clear message. It's going to be tough in the implementation phase. People will challenge it and do sorts of things. This is a sta teenagic direction for the long term and it will be bumps on the road. The alternative, because Mr Abbott wants to become PM, and he should be held account for what he puts forward. Mr Abbott initially welcomed this policy, then on the second day he attacked it and said it wouldn't work. Well, I would simply say to Mr Abbott the previous policy adopted during the days of the Howard Government it didn't work either, you know why? Because their Pacific solution simply became a way station on the way to Australia. 75% of people ended up in Australia a few years later. It didn't send any signal at all over time to people smugglers and then we come to Mr Abbott's new alternative policy, his three words slogan, stop the boat, the Australian people want however a six word slogan which is how will you stop the boats? That's a legitimate question. I want to finish on one pointment and then I'll come back to you. I won't be adding to the detail of it because the relevant Minister Jason Clare is in tact account the maritime authorities and he'll give you the most relevant update. The question is about the alternative policy on aslyum seekers and that is what the Australian people are out there considering and what they'll ultimately make up their mind on. So what I'm saying very simply is this - it is in the national interest that this policy of ours works. Because we need to make sure that the business model of people smugglers is destroyed. But while it's in the the national interest for the regional resettlement agreement to work, it seems to me increasingly that Mr Abbott has judged that it's not in his political interest for it to work so what I see now is him just changing hi language, Nationally welcoming it the first day, the second day attacking it and saying it wouldn't work. The effect of what he is saying to mud the message to people smugglers effect of what he is saying is
to smugglers around the world, because to mud the message to people because each of them carefully to aerg everything that is said in the national debate including that is said in debate including by those who put themselves forward as the alternative PM. So therefore the effect of Mr Abbott's statements is to muddy the message, to people smugglers, because I think Mr Abbott has reached a political conclusion that he'd much rather see this policy not be effective. And I say again, very bluntly that if you put yourself forward as to be the PM of Australia, the national interest should come first, and partisan politics aimed at to framplgly derail the regional resettlement agreement is just an appalling approach the responsibilities of the highest office of this land and frankly, causes many people question whether he is in fact fit to hold that office.REPORTER: Do...To respond to your question about an unfolding incident as I am here in Melbourne, the responsible Minister is Jason Clare and he will be in touch with the relevant authorities now. the sea involving now. We take every incident in the sea involving the possible loss of life deeply seriously. All of the resources of the State All of the State are dedicated to do whatever with and it's on are whatever with and on going at the moment.REPORTER: Has the Government - is the Government looking for an extra $6 billion to make up saving measures?All Governments around the world are facing pressure on their Budgets, the expenditure review committee of our Cabinet wouldn't be doing its job if it wasn't continually looking at the overall shape of the budget in terms of its detail work, that's a Cabinet in confidence matter. But we take our fiscal responsibilities seriously. What are they? Number one, keep the economy strong, number two, return the Budget to balance, number three, deal with any challenges on the revenue side and too deal with any way in which we can continue to tighten expenditure. That's the responsible course of action. And given that we are in the business of alternatives, Mr Abbott's alternative Treasurer said that they have a $70 billion black hole for the Opposition to account for in their Budget numbers and by virtue of their position on the fringe benefits tax it's just gone up to $72 billion. I'd wait for them to answer the questions about where they'd fund that block hole from. REPORTER: In relation to SBS last night, a show described the situation in Manus Island and sexual assaults and abuse among detainees. What is your response?We take any such reports seriously and shay should all be investigated. I understand that the Immigration Minister is investigating this. I think he's sought some evidence from the journalist in question when this was first raised. Where that has got to the in represent days I'm unsure but any allegation of this nature should be prop dwrerl investigated. Thoroughly and I imagine that will occur. I go back to the general question of aslyum seekers policy. We have a clear policy direction, which is saying to the people smugglers, "if you send people to Australia by boat they'll not be settled in Australia." I'm still waiting to hear what the alternative policy is in detail. This morning here in Melbourne I was interviewed by Neil Mitchell this interviewed by Neil Mitchell on
this subject and what did Neil this subject and what did Mitchell say? If you want to Mitchell have a debate Mitchell say? If you want have a debate on aslyum seekers
will you do have a debate will you do it on my program, will you do it on my program, 3 AW. I will you do it on my AW. I said, "Fine, I'll do it AW. tomorrow morning." People have to right to tomorrow morning." to right to now. Our policy is out there, we're seeking to implement it.Ways the alternative apart from a three world slogan. Once again on Mr Abbott's chosen grounds Abbott's chosen grounds for debate he's refused to show up. I said if you want to fight the election on debt and dif credit come to the National Press Club, he didn't show up. A week ago I announced we'd be scrapping the carbon tax and he said he wants to campaign on this, I said to come to the National Press Club and debate.. We're in the midst of the debate which you're asking questions about. I've said, "Put your money where your mouth is on to a debate offered by Neil Mitchell on 3 AW. I said I'd be there tomorrow morning and he's declined because he's too busy. If you're too busy tomorrow morning Mr Abbott to have a debate on aslyum seekers policy, on 3 AW, you pick the day, any day, within the next week and I'll come to Melbourne, and join that debate. Hour-long debate, straight Neil Mitchell, myself and Mr Abbott, and and p Mr Mitchell can be the person in the middle, always gives me a hard time, I'm sure he gives Mr Abbott a hard time as well, good on him, that's his job but I go back to the point whether we're talking about the economy, aslyum seekers, if you're serious about being the next PM of Australia, u grot to step forward and engage and say, "This is what we'd do differently and why."REPORTER: (INAUDIBLE) Our undertaking through the joint arrangement with the Government of Papua New Guinea is that which will work with their authorities their authorities to ensure the safety and security of those who are assessed in Papua New Guinea, and further more, those if they're determined to be bona fide refugees those settled in Papua New Guinea. We take those convention responsibilities seriously. And for those reasons we spent several weeks discussing this with the UNHCR.

I'll just take the one I was presented with this morning. There's a pretty clear invitation out there, so let's see - if Mr Abbott's response is "I'm too busy to come to Melbourne to debate the Prime Minister of Australia" well, fine, I'm sure he's got a lot of stuff on. I've got a few things on as well. I'm trying to negotiate a new schools agreement with Victoria worth $4 billion. Let's just say he's really busy. The challenge is come back within that
one week and I'll be up for that debate. In terms of other programs, we'll take all those in sequence. REPORTER: How much extra will this AusAid to PNG cost? I said earlier that a number of the measures that we've adopted to support our friends in Papua New Guinea will come through reallocations within the development assistance budget. A number may be funded elsewhere. We've also said this will be fully accounted for when the Government delivers its economic and fiscal statement. REPORTER: Can you give us a round-about figure. In any case why we have a fiscal statement so it's not round-about. We've a $5 billion assistance budget globally. It will be fully accounted for. Now that you ask that question, let me flip this into reverse one more time. Mr Abbott told the Australian people a lie yesterday. He told them a lie. What he said was that the Australian Government was providing unaccountable cash grants to the government of Papua New Guinea. That is a bald-faced lie and I would ask those of you in the media to hold him to account for that. Where is his evidence? Every single dollar that we provide any country in the world through development assistance cooperation is done on the basis of that bilateral agreement which we monitor the implementation of to ensure that it is spent on the right purposes - hospitals, schools and the rest. In Foreign Minister, and the rest. In fact, as Foreign Minister, I oversaw an
independent review of aid

independent review of effectiveness in 2011 with an independent concluded the Australian aid budget was concluded the Australian budget was the most efficient and effective budget for budget was the most development assistance anywhere in the and effective in the world with one of development assistance lowest levels of fraud in the world. So if Mr Abbott is seeking to be truthful with the Australian people today, maybe the national broadcaster could ask him this question - ask him this question - where's the evidence? I think it's time we had some truth in the national debate. I've told you what we stand for in asylum seekers policy and there are challenges and difficulties and I've acknowledged all of those. What's the alternative policy? He's said we're providing cash grants. Where are the truth and facts, or is it a wild political assertion in order to obtain political office. Thanks for your time.
REPORTER: (Question inaudible) Knowing a little bit about this case, this would be a very terrible day for the family, a really terrible day. My understanding is that there is an ongoing coronial inquiry and they are the proper authorities for dealing with these questions. Thank you. So that was live from the Brentwood Park Primary School in Berwick, Melbourne's south-east, the Prime Minister talking once again about the new school funding program and working on getting several States on board. While he was talking there that CPI figure came through and you can see that across the bottom of the screen. The ABS released that CPI figure for the June quarter, came in at 0.4%. That was pretty close to what was expected. It was expected to be about 0.5% and so obviously no pressure there on the Reserve Bank in terms of interest rates, so leaving the door open once again for the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates next month. The annual rate of inflation is now 2.4%. Just continuing on what the Prime Minister had to say there on the asylum seeker boat issue. We've been covering that this morning. There's this asylum seeker boat that's caped or in the process of
sinking off the coast caped or in sinking off the coast of
Indonesia. Three sinking off the Indonesia. Three early reports
are indicating three people dead, 160 are indicating dead, 160 people rescued. The Prime Minister says he did not expect the boats would stop coming straight away after that announcement of the new asylum seeker policy last week. The expectation was that people-smugglers would continue to test the resolve of the Government on this issue. Just on that boat cap, we should get an update from the Home Affairs Minister at some stage today on the specifics of that. Very early in that latest asylum seeker boat incident, and also on the asylum seeker issue, there are those allegations that came to light last night on the SBS's 'Dateline' program on about rape at the Manus Island detention centre. Mr Rudd said the Australian Government would work with PNG authorities to ensure safety and security of asylum seekers. Now the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is on the Gold Coast today. He's just begun a media conference there. Let's listen in. It's really good to be here on the Gold Coast in the company of the local member and also my friend and distinguished senior colleague Bronwyn Bishop, the shadow minister for seniors. It's always terrific to be with Australia's seniors, because the seniors of our country have built our country, the prosperity that we enjoy is in large measure the result of the hard work of Australia's seniors and Australia's seniors deserve a better deal than endlessly increasing cost of living and governments that add to the pressure with unnecessary new taxes. So as part of our real solutions plan, we will ease the cost of living pressure on seniors and households by abolishing the carbon tax, but keeping the compensation. That means that the tax cuts and the pension and benefit increases will be real, not fake. They'll be real tax cuts and real pension increases under the Coalition as opposed to the fake ones that they got under the Labor Party. The other point that I want to make this morning before throwing to Bronwyn and Stuart is that we've already seen concrete evidence that Mr Rudd hasn't changed. The one practical difference that he has made since becoming Prime Minister is to stop dead in its tracks the car leasing business with tracks the car with his fringe benefit tax changes. with his fringe benefit changes. What that changes. What that sales are stopping now, that sales jobs are being lost now jobs are Rudd just doesn't jobs are being lost Rudd jobs are being lost now and Mr
Rudd just doesn't get it as he demonstrated Rudd just doesn't get it as demonstrated on radio with
Neill Rudd just doesn't get it as he
demonstrated Neill Mitchell this morning. He just doesn't get it, because he is always making policy on the run which is all about him and his political interests, it's not about the real welfare of the Australian people. I'll take some questions in a moment, but first of all I just want to ask Bronwyn and Stuart to say a few words. Bronwyn is the most indefatigable senior in our country. Terrific to have her representing seniors in the shadow ministry and Bronwyn, it's nice to be with you and your people. Tony, it's a great pleasure to be in Stuey Robert's electorate and to emphasise the point that Australian seniors who are so many of them on fixed incomes are the ones who feel the cost of living pressure the most. The problem with the carbon tax is it's a pervasive tax that gets into the nook and cranny of every aspect of your life, because it's a tax on electricity and we all need electricity to live the lives that we think are right for Australians. And so removing that tax will remove the insidious impost on the cost of living and as Tony said, you'll keep the so-called compensation payments which means you'll have a real benefit, because the tax will be gone. I can't stress how important this issue is. Mr Rudd says he'll make it a floating tax. Always remember, a tax that floats down always floats up. It's got to be abolished. We're the only ones who only ones who will. Thanks
Bronwyn. Stuey? It's a great pleasure to introduce and Bronwyn. Stuey? welcome pleasure welcome Tony here to the Gold Coast and there's 2,000 senior Gold Coasters here in the north that have come out Gold that have come out to welcome Tony. A couple of former mayors, all the local councillors have come out as well. It's great to meet the local veterans here and for Tony to reiterate that a Coalition Government led by Tony Abbott will index pensions the same as the age pension. We will ensure that the cost of living pressures on veterans are fixed, taken care of. Veterans know there's a steady hand in very Tony here. Welcome to the Coast. I don't think Prime Minister Rudd has been here at all even though his electorate is 20 or 30 kilometres away, yet you've been here almost 10, 11 times. Great to see you here again. Thanks so much. It's lovely to hear from the popular local member. Are there any questions. REPORTER: Last night on SBS 'Dateline' program a former officer on Manus Island spoke of rape on Manus Island there and people carrying out abuse were carrying out abuse on victims. What would you do to fix that? These are very serious claims. They have to be taken seriously and properly investigated. If people have done the wrong thing, they ought to be punished. Scott Morrison has been warning the Government for months that there were serious risks of bullying and abuse and violence inside detention centres both here and overseas. I'm disappointed that the Government has made light of Scott Morrison's warnings, but now there's further evidence that what Scott has been saying for months is right. Final point make is look, a lot of terrible things are happening right now, and the only way to end the tragedies, the only way to stop all of these horrors is to stop the boats. We've got to stop these boats. It's the right and compassionate thing to do and it will happen under a Coalition Government. REPORTER: Do you think the AFP should have a presence at detention centres? My understanding is under the former government, know put the Pacific former government, which as you in place, know put the in know put the Pacific solution who closed it in place, and it was Mr Abbott who closed it down and put people-smugglers back into business and all of the things that we are now seeing are the direct result of the decisions that Mr Rudd took back in 2008 when he was Prime Minister the first time round. Look, my understanding is that these security concerns were appropriately managed under the former Coalition Government. They need to be appropriately managed now and if that requires the involvement of the AFP well, so be it. REPORTER: There's a report that up to 60 people have drowned in Java coming through this morning. Could you comment on this latest tragedy? Again, this is a tragic reminder of what happens when policy change in Australia puts the people-smugglers back into business. I'm not accuracy enough to directly blame anyone in this country for tragedies at sea. The people-smugglers bear the prime responsibility for this, but Mr Rudd should be man enough to admit that he got it wrong. He should be man enough to admit that it was a terrible tragic mistake that his government made back in 2008 when they reversed the policies that worked that had been put in place by the Howard Government. The only way Government. end the tragedies is to stop the boats and the only way I submit to stop the boats is to change the government, because the government which started the problem is not going to solve the problem. REPORTER: How will you stop the boats? Our policy has been crystal clear for more than 3 years now. I want to stress that for the last 3 years under the Coalition you've had the same strong team and the same clear plans and our plan to stop the boats has these fundamental elements. First of all, temporary protection visas here in Australia to deny the people-smugglers a product to sell. First, be serious about offshore processing in countries like Nauru and PNG, not half-hearted about it. And let's never forget that when the Government first talked about Manus and first talked about Nauru less than of the boat people that were about Nauru less than one in supposed to go there of the boat people that supposed to go there went there. Finally, we've got to give the Navy a real job and the real job of the Navy is to turn boats around where it is safe to do so. Let's not reduce the Australian Navy to a water taxi service for people-smugglers and that's what's happened under Mr Rudd.
REPORTER: Question inaudible. Naturally, I want to build a stronger economy so that everyone has a chance to get ahead and the sad thing about this Government's economic policy is that when it's not all about taxing, it's all about cutting. By all means get Government spending under control, but what you've really got to do is make our economy more dynamic. If you made our economy more dynamic, you wouldn't need to be imposing more cuts on more Australians, so I accept that this Government has been on a spend-a-thon. They do have to get it under control, but what I want to see from the Government later this week is some serious evidence that as well as just cutting, they are going to deregulate and reduce taxes so that our economy is more dynamic and people have the realistic prospect over time of economic growth increasing and the Government then being in a better position to deliver sustainably better services in health and education. REPORTER: How much better off will senior citizens be under a Coalition Government? The best thing that we can do for senior citizens is to build a better country, and senior citizens are smart people. First and foremost, they are Australian patriots and they understand that the business of helping our country is not running around conducting a political auction. That's running kind of thing Mr Rudd does. They business They understand that the means building a strong business of running our country means building economy, strengthening national security and building national cohesion. That's what they understand. But as I said today, two very important announcements that will impact on seniors, we will provide indexation justice to DFRPT and ex-service pensioners and we won't treat people's superannuation savings as a pot of gold to be raided by government whenever it needs money. REPORTER: Are you able to say how much more they'll have to spend?

What we're doing is abolishing the carbon tax which means that the tax cuts and the pension increases that have been given to people will be real, not just compensation. REPORTER:You were here last month. We've some make and beach erosion issues happening here. The State has refused to fund, it needs another $15 million. Kevin Rudd's refused to put in funding as well. Is there something the Coalition could look at doing?Stuey Robert has get me well briefed. Stuey as well as our other Gold Coast member, Karen Andrews and Steve Ciaobo have been keeping me up to speed with this issue. It is fundamentally a State and local issue. But I'm always happy to look at whether the Federal Government can provide happy to look at some additional assistance to make it real.REPORTER: Your chief of staff pleaded guilty this morning to a drienk drive staff. How do you feel about that? (BOO)Look, we've got to allow the media to do their job, but, look, the thing is it's never right to break the law. It's never right to break the law, everyone in my office understands that, and if you do the wrong thing, you've got to be contrite and you've got to take the consequences and that's what my chief of staff will do. REPORTER: Mr Rudd has said that your criticism of the Papua New Guinea solution as it's been called is sending mixed messages to people smugglers, saying it won't work, do you accept that your criticism of his policy is having that effect?This is another trion from Mr Rudd. He is the PM, the boats are coming up on hi watch, the boats are coming, because of the changes that he made back in 2008. I think the Australian public are sick of Mr Rudd's excuses. This is more buck-passing from the great buck passer. It's more buck-passing from the great buck passer, you're the program Mr Rudd, it's uyour pron, you've got to fix it, and you've got to fix it without the abuse of taxpayer-funded advertising which we've seen so much of over the last few days. Thank you.Let the seniors have a go!Look, the points I make - I'll take a couple of questions from seniors at the end of ex-this is the last question from the media and I'll take a couple of questions from seniors but look, on this point of debate, Mr Rudd needs to understand whether he's campaigning, if he's governing bring back the governingor whether he's
campaigning, if bring back campaigning, if he's governing will debate him in the parliament every day, if will debate him campaigning, name the date, end the suspense, at election and we'll have the election the suspense, at all the
election and election campaign debates. The interesting thing today election campaign debates. interesting thing today is that
Mr Rudd has interesting thing today Mr Rudd has got time to have a debate with me but he doesn't have time to meet with the people have time to meet with people who have lost their job s because of policy on the run over the fringe benefits tax and hitting company car drivers with $1,500 in extra tax. Shament on you Mr Rudd. Talk to the people who your policies have damaged. Yes sir?Tony, the United Nations agreement signed here in Australia in 51, 52 are you prepared to review that or rip it occupy because they seem to be diktsating a lot of policies particularly on boat people that's not comfortable with us all?It's a very good point you raise sir about the UN convention. The UN convention was Iran for different times and different circumstances. It was written to deal with the terrible tragedy that we had in Europe at the close of the second world war. Ba we're seeing today is not so much people fleeing the immediate risk of death or horrific persecution, we're seeing people who want to build a better life and a better country. So we do need to accept that times have changed, but the big problem changed, but the big problem is in Australian law. That's where we need to make the changes, we need to make the changes in Australian law and they're changes that we can make immediately. The trouble with trying to do things with the convention is that inevitably lit take months and months and years and years, and just provide Mr Rudd with even more excuses to be Kevin 7 for 7. I think we need to make changes here in Australia, and on our borders and we need the make them straight away. One more question from seniors? Yes mam?First of all Mr Abbott, I'd like to thank you for visiting us at Runaway Bay. APPLAUSE
.Do you have some insider information regarding the date on which you're going to be elected our new PM?Well, I don't take anything for granted. And when the date is named I will be campaigning even harder, I'll be talking even more intentionly to the Australian people because together we are going to build a great country and the point that I keep making is that it's not about me, it shouldn't be about Mr Rudd, it's got to be about our country. It's got to be about all of us. It's got to be about all of us because in the end we will all advance together as a nation and the thing that's so upset me in recent times, the thing ha has made me so embarrassed to sit in the parliament and listen to Government Ministers and indeed to the PM, this constant attempt to divide Australia for party-political advantage, it's shameful, it's dede meaning, it's unworthy of people who occupy high office in this country. Now, as to the election date, the drums are beating, there's no doubt about that, my insting is that the PM understands that he's got to go to the polls quickly, because he the things that he's been announcing will be exposed as shams the longer they last. They'll be exposed as election fixes, not as real policy changes so much of what he's been doing basically it's just done with blue-tc and sticky tape and the points is that the only thing that's really changed since Mr Rudd became PM is the FBT announcement which has stopped an industry dead in its tracks and is costing car sales and costing jobs right now and Mr Rudd is always happy to now and Mr Rudd is always to demand debates but he doesn't have the time to demand debates doesn't have the time to
actually meet with the doesn't have the who have been hurt by actually meet with who have been hurt by his policies who have been policies and his mistakes. Thank you. policies and his Thank everyone.So that was from Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. The Opposition Abbott along with British and Stuart Roberts a and heat of enthusiastic seniors there as well. Mr Abbott says that the latest boat capsize with early reports of three dead is a tradge dick reminder of what happens when policy change in Australia puts people smugglers back in business. He says the serious allegations of rape and abuse at Manus Island detention centre need to be properly investigated. The Greens Sarah Hanson-Young has held a media conference in Adelaide in the last hour or so commenting on the aslyum seeker boat sinking and those allegations against rape at the Manus Island detention centre. Let's listen to some of what he said?What I think is really tragic is that people on board that boat felt that that boat was their only option, to get out of Indonesia and to find safety. It is just heartbreaking to see people have to take dangerous boat journeys as they believe it's their only option . We need to be offering a safer pastways for people, not punishing them, not cruel policies that put them in more harm's way. But in fact dealing with the very need of them needing to find safety. Giving people a safer option, would mean doing what the Houston report recommended, which was an urgent intake of at least 3800 people out of Indonesia. The to do that quickly. It should have been to do have been done 12 months ago. It can have been done 12 months It can be done today. It needs to be done today. Increasing to be done today. the intake out of Northern Ireland will stop people being forced into the handses of people smugglers. We heard reports yesterday of unaccompanied children in Indonesia saying they will continue to come by boat because it's the only option they have. We have to stop pushing these children into the hands of people smugglers and give them sanctionary and hope of sanctionary in a safe a safe country like Australia. I want to just go to the issues in relation to Manus Island if I could. Obviously the report s of a total breakdown of that detention camp, the horrific conditions withinside that camp and the horrific reports of abuse, self-harm and torture, are just absolutely breathtakingly shocking. This is a human catastrophe unfolding before our eyes, I've heard the Minister's response this morning, he's now going to go to Papua New Guinea, he knew about these reports last week and yet the Government still announced an increase to the Manus Island detention camp, there is no oversight, there's no independent oversight of this detension facility, there was a committee set up last week, we found out through the development of FIO documents that that committee has never met. This catastrophe on Manus Island will not be fixed by simply expanding it and putting in more desperate refugeeses. It is never going to work. It is human catastrophe, I've heard today as well reports that there is a malaria outbreak within the camp. 15 people being hospitalised because of malaria. This is just a rolling catastrophe of damage and danger to refugees and of course also the individuals who work there. The Minister has to recognise this Papua New Guinea deal that dumps vulnerable people in an isolated prison camp on anise latsed island, is not how you care for vulnerable people in our region.Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young speaking there in Adelaide in the last hour or so. Time now for the latest weather with Paul Higgins.

Thank you Paul. So we're just about to go to our next bulletin but before we do I'll just mention that latest on another aslyum seeker boat tragedy off the coast of Indonesia so this happened overnight. These are early reports at this stage so the figures aren't confirmed but apparently there were up to 200 people on board, early reports suggest 160 people have been rescued or picked up by fishermen in the area, three people are confirmed dead including a little girl. Stick with us on Senator for the very latest on the markets and more coverage of the day's stop stories Sn.s?Captions by Hello. I'm Ros Childs. Welcome to this national edition of ABC News.

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