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More drama on the high seas - one asylum boat intercepteded - another boat rescue under way.


.The royal family's Live.

.The royal family's newest
member makes his first public appearance.He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that is is
for sure. He's a big boy, he He is quite heavy.Thousands of nurses walk off the job in NSW hospitalsAnd Liverpool gets ready to threat its fans at the MCG tonight.Welcome back ABC News Breakfast. I'm Michael
RowlandAnd I'm Virginia Trioli. This is our top story - the Australian maritime safety authority has confirmed another boat rescue is taking place off the Indonesian island of Java. Indonesia's search and rescue agency says it's sent crews to the area to look for survivors.It's thought there may be as many as 100 people on board. Meanwhile in a separate incident the Australian Navy has intercepted a boat off Christmas Island, believed to be carrying up to 40 people. We're joined now by Latika Bourke in Canberra. I know details are sketchy. What do we know about the search for the missing asylum seekers?Those details are sketch y regarding the boat sinking off Java but what we do know is at least one person has died.Now, we don't know if this boat was headed for Australia, but it was filled with sleej e, possibly as many as 100 asylum seekers.So two things - one, it could reveal that this boat has set off after Friday's announcement about all asylum seekers coming here in this way being sent to Papua New Guinea for permanent resettlement.And also we would expect that that death toll could be higher but we have to wait to hear from the authorities have to say.Meanwhile we are getting news of that separate boat intercepted near Christmas Island. This comes days after the Government announced its hardline policy regarding asylum seekers being sent to PNG.Yes, and we're getting to that point where the boat rival s will be measured against the Government's announcement. There have been several broets that have come about four others since Friday's announcement bit's very possible they would have left before PM Kevin Rudd announce - announced that resettlement arrangement with Papua New Guinea. Now we are getting to the point where boats will be de parting if they do from Indonesia for Australia and anyway will have had a chance to absorb this policy, if indeed it is being heard over there. We know there's a massive and major advertising campaign being done here in Australia but whether that is reaching Indonesia we will have to wait and see. That is obviously a high priority for the Government because this is aimed at deter ing asylum seekers from coming here by boat in the first place.Asylum seekers are being sent to man use Island in particular in PNG and as we learnt on SBS last night it's far from paradise.Absolutely.There have been some very disturbing allegations raised bay whistleblower who used to head or was involved in the security at Manus Island and has subsequently quit his what he has seen. He's spoken to SBS's 'Dateline' program to SBS's 'Dateline' program and made some to SBS's 'Dateline' made some allegations about the made way detainees are made some allegations about by each other and also raised claims that there are claims that there are a couple of men working as heavies in the group who are influencing all sorts of out comes, including forcing detainees to sew their lips together to make a statement to the Australian Government about conditions there.Let's have a look at some of those claims.They wanted to make a statement. And so forced a couple of guys to sew their lips together. They weren't going to do it themselves. A statement had to be made. So they basically stood over a couple of guys and made sure they did it. One man in particular, he had already been a victim of torture, the at the hands of these same men. His left ear had been perforated, they had been pouring solvents in his ear.A story that will continue to dominate the headlines today. The PM has got a very important meeting with business in Melbourne today?Yes, that is and
right. He is meeting business and the unions to speak about productivity and this was one of the economic agenda items that he listed very soon after becoming the PM again. He wants to raise productivity and, therefore, spurring economic growth. Now of course whenever you raise productivity the business groups come back and say we need more flexibility in industrial relations laws and the unions won't have a bar of that and nor will Labor. What Kevin Rudd wants to do is ask business if they're using the existing workplace laws as best they can to obtain flexibility in productivity. We will wait to see if anything comes of that meeting. The PM is also in Victoria this morning and he meeting. The PM is also Victoria this morning and he is going to be visiting two different schools. So education is also another item on his list today because he's been meeting the Victorian Premier and trying to persuade that State to come on to the better schools funding plan before the Friday deadline.Human rights activists are demanding that seeker policy
Labor rethink its new asylum seeker policy amid claims it will put even more uncompanied children and pregnant women at risk.The Sophie Peer has told us on News Breakfast that reports of abuse at the Manus Island detention centre are confronting.That report was shocking. Yes, it does surprise us. What doesn't surprise us is the lack of transparency, the complete inappropriate conditions about the helplessness and desperation that people feel, that is unfortunately not surprising at all.What are the options? We know there are still boats coming to Australia, places like planus Island only a have a certain amount of beds at the moment. Do you see that as a viable option into the future, the Manus Island detention centre?Absolutely not.The Minister's referred in the last few days to a tent city being constructed on Manus Island to hold people. It's simply not appropriate. Ice not appropriate for children and not for anybody. The Government has taken steps to move all children and vuler inable people off Manus Island only this month. So to now turn around and tell us it's appropriate to send those people back there it simply cannot work.Where else do they go then?They come to the mainland? They would be repro-cessed in on Australian shores in we have for children we say they should be held for a very limited time and in metropolitan locations. And Australia work with our region, honestly and openly, to come up with other solutions, dumping people on Manus Island is simply not the answer.We will get to the local option shortly but what other regional solutions are available here, realistic regional solutions?Sure, one of those Kevin Rudd has already talked about this week which is terrific and that's an increase to the number of people that we take, refugees we take from Indonesia. That is a terrific start.If we're talking about stopping people getting on boats and if that is genuinely need
what we are talking about, they need protection out comes en route. They need safety in Malaysia or in Indonesia.To simply allow them to get on the boat and then where they are detained, that is not a deterrent and that does not stop people getting on the boat in the first place.I put to you that, you the Government's claim
that, yes, but it's the that, yes, it's a but it's the second worst option but it's the option to asylum seekers including children drowning at sea?I agree that it's a tough sea?I option but, no, it's not the only other option but, no, it's only other option.The only options as we say are to really options as work with the options as we say are work with the region to talk to Indonesia and Malaysia seriously about providing more safety, more assurances on the ground there for refugees and asylum seekers who are there.And it as Kevin Rudd has done to talk about in crease ing the in take from those countries to Australia so that people don't have a reason to get on that goat both in the first place., not to simply provide yet another detention facility which doesn't come into place until the boat journey has already been undertaken anyway.If you want asylum seekers to be process ed on shore, the infrastructure this n that sense bursting at the seams. How is that going to be possible in the short term?You're right, the infrastructure is bursting and one of the reasons is this policy of indefinite detention. What Australia should be doing and has done in the past is prompt health security and identity checks, once those are done, people will be released into the community. They begin their lives in our communities whilst they are undergoing their refugee status determination. Many other country Dos this, Australia, the entire length of that refugee process and there is no reason to do refugee process and there is reason to do so.People coming by plane seek asylum are not held in by plane seek asylum held in detention.But that screening process, health checks do sake some time . You can't simply rush that.Absolutely not and it's abhorrent that Tony Abbott is suggest that those do be rush and people be sent to Manus as early as today.They take a little bit of time. They could take a week, two week, potentially three in some casings and there will be cases where there are health risks absolutely. But they are in the minority and they need to be dealt with on a case by case basis. Simply locking everybody up indefinitely is not the answer.That's Sophie Peer on the program earlier. Now to happier news - and the world's first glimpse of the new royal baby. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed off their son and joked with the media as they left St Mary's Hospital in London. Mary Gearin was there.It's just moments since William and Kate made their long awaited appearance with their new son here outside the hospital. They spoke to the media, this is what they had to say.He's got a good pair of lungs on hip, that is for sure.He's a big boy, he is quite heavy but we're still working on a name so we will have that as soon as we ki.'S the first time we have seen him so we're having a proper chance to catch up. REPORTER: (Inaudible question)...Very emotional.It's very emotional. It's special time. I think any parent probably know what this feeling feels like.Very special. question)..I remind him of his tardiness when he is a bit older because I know how long have been out here. Hopefully the hospital and you guys can go back to normal now.He's got her looks thankfully. No, no,, no I am tam not sure about that...Have you called him George?Wait and see wait and see.We've done that already.He's done the first nappy already.He is very good at it.He's got way more hair than me, thank God.It was just fantastic. I have never experienced anything like it. Have you? JoNo, so exciting Have you? JoNo, so William.They're looking so, so well it's William.They're looking so, well it's unbelievable. Really amazing.Orlando my son will be in the same academic year school wise and they may be at school together.Imagine afternoon tea at the palace that would be grae.It was a great moment. I was in tears and I was whistling and hip, hip hooray for them it's a very jolly moment. I am very happy. I am really excited adds well.It's just amazing to say you were there. The whole world is watching. We saw it for our own eyes or just about through the cameraks it's great to know I was there.She's famous that one.She was there this time yesterday.She's taken up camp. That's hi arious.She has the same wig on but changed the seriously
dress.Back home and far more seriously former sphunts and teachers at a Sydney high school have raised fierce of a cancer cluster after dozens of them became ill and some died. The old cam Ben high school shuttle down in 2001 after toxic chexicals were found on the former gas works site. More than 70 teachers and students are blaming the school for cancer and birth defects.Predominantly we've Ian cancers, benign tumours, a lot of tie roid problems. We have had relatives of 16% of the people in touch with us come forward and suggest that those people have died as a result of illnesses contracted at this site.Jim Marsden there. Nurses in NSW are walking off the job in NSW across the State this morning it's part of their campaign for more staff.But the Government says it's already employed 4,000 nurses since come ing to office. Nurses say emergency care will not be affected.The top stories on ABC News Breakfast this morning - a boat rescue is under way off the Indonesian island of snaf f ja yait's believed up to 100 asylum seekers may have been on board. And another boat has been intercepted off Christmas Island.The world has been given its first glimpse of the new royal baby a day after he was Bosch. Prince William says his lungs on him and he's got his his son has a good pair of mother's looks.Thousands lungs on him and he's mother's looks.Thousands of
nurses in NSW are walking off the job this morning, the job this morning, they their strike is part of an ongoing campaign to employ more nurses in the State's hospitals.

To finance news aton latest inflation figures are due outed to Today in calm of hour s time. Many economists expect the results to set the scene for another interest cut.The Reserve Bank warns inflation will rise because of the fall in the value of the dollar. But most economists believe that for now inflation isn't anything to worry about. On average, they believe today's figure also show prices rose half a per cent during the June quarter. That puts the annual rate at 2.5%, smack bank in the middle of the Reserve Bank's target range. So there's plenty of room for the Reserve Bank to cut the cash rate again without fear of overheating the economy. On average price across the economy are not really rises. Petrol prices dropped during a period. There was a surge in late Play but not enough to lift the average price. This graph does show it will be a very different story next quarter as the falling dollar pushing prices up: Domestic holiday s got cheaper and the cost of xierth and high-tech computer also fell. But there has been pain in hip pockets. Fruit and vegetable prices are rise rising. There's been a surge in private health costs with premiums rise ing an estimated 5.5%. New house prices continued their rise as did rent which is now up 3.5% for the year.And electricity is up 17%.Expected to have gone up again during the quarter:So what does it all mean? If price rises are offset by the falls, then there's nothing holding back the bank from cutting next month.Those consumer inflation figures are out at 11:30 eastern this thorning . To the markets now -

Now it can be Now it can battle tries to get young children, especially boy s to read. But one author may have found read. But one author may found the solution.Morris Gleitzman's book, 'Extra Time', is aimed at drawing them in.Like so many Aussie kids, Matt likes nothing more than having a kick around with his friends on the - in the local park. But like a few Aussie kids, he's got a prodigious amount of talent at his particular sport, soccer, he gets spotted, take taik groan the UK and throw the voice of his younger sister who goes with him as his faithful companion and manager we learn about how different sport is at the elite level where there is just huge amounts of money as probably some Melbourne soccer fan s will be reminded tonight watching Liverpool run out.This interview is very topical, Morris, with Liverpool about to take on Victory. Bridery, the sister, is very much - bridy, the sister is very much Matt's level head. Playing top level football is not all it's cracked up to. BeThat is kind of guardian of the family values I guess. All of kind of guardian of the values I guess. All of my books are about family relations as well as about kids going out in the big wide world well as about kids going the big wide world and doing bold and unusual things.As malth get s drawn into a system where the prospect of earning a couple of hundred thousand dollars a beak by the time you're 18 does tend to turn a young person's head. She lucky he has his sister there to remind him what she thinks are some of the most important things in life.You said recently that children like to be entertained but they want to see characters experience the same sort of concerns an anxieties they do and that is very much the case with this book.Yeah, I think young readers want pretty much what we all want from a good story - to be taken to places and to share experiences that may be we wouldn't get a chance to in our real live bus at the same time to connect with the emotional life, the feelings that we all know so well. I have always been struck by for
often it's felt that the boys, for example, are only going to be interested in a story with lottings of surface action and drama and people doing physical things. And this is true to an extent. But I found over many years of writing for girls and boys that young people want the truths of their inner lives brought into their stories as well, because every kid knows the story emotions that Matt goes through - the hope, the dis appointment, the excitement, the fear, et cetera, even if they have never run out into a Premier League stadium thels.In this digital age with smartphones and tablets very prevalent in a lot of Australian households, how conscious are you as a children's author of the increasing battle many parents face getting their young kids to sit down and bury their floez in a book?It can be tricky because there are lots of other attractions. Many of them of course still using the printed word or words on screens. So that connection with that use of language has remained.Morris Gleitzman on the show earlier. Let's go to Paul now with sport.Good morning. Back by popular demand we will play you that story about the two young Australian basketballers who have found themselves at a Brooklyn college playing US basketball. Ailee Simpson and Jessica have brought a couple of team-mates with them and I caught up with them to talk about their experience playing college basketball. How did you get How did you get from Sandringham How did you get Sandringham Sabres over to
playing How did you get from
Sandringham playing for St Frannis?During year 12 I played for Sandringham saibers and my coach Simon Mitchell made some highlight reels that went on to YouTube and we emailed those links out to several different coaches over in America.From there that's when the recruiting process began. I got a few phone calls asking me to send more game tape and it went there.Did St Francis like the package deal you were offering?They did. The coach told me one time he was watching Ailer and saw me in the background and thought who was that girl. When he really watched my film he was interested in both of us and the chemistry we had together playing together for so long, we've been playing together for five or six years an we work so well together.Did it make it easier having Jessica there, having a friend?It made the transition so much easier. We're roommates, we play together, weir pretty much best friends on and off the court so it's made life extremely easy for us.What is your New York experience for us.What experience like?It's amazing.It's the game itself is quite different over there, the college has some different rules, and then college life obviously is just completely different to back home. Thesy is amazing.And there's always something to do.Do they like Australians over there for a particular reason?They love our hard work. They say Australians put in a lot of work, we train really hard, we practice really hard and we're quite rough on the court as welg.I've heard that about AIS students going across and living away from home, so they had that experience. But that is not your experience. So where do you think that hard work and discipline and the roughness comes from?I think that is just being an Aussie. We're brought up playing sport in your backyard at school, through club, through schools and it's obviously very competitive and I think we've just taken that over with us. Is there any downside for young athletes going over and popping into the college system in the US?One thing I would probably be a little weary of is the training schedule is very different I probably hadn't trained that intensely, it's quite different over there and a lot of us I feel like some Australian athletes get injured. Both of us had to have surgery last year..It'sI've always thought Australia was such a cool place and being able to have them on my team and actually becoming friends is something really cool and different:We love our Australians. It's pretty funny because when they came over everyone thought they would become Americanised and instead they've turned the team like Australian. We all end up using their words and phrase s. It's pretty funny how it worked out.Like what?We will say heaps and massive and all these words that we don't normally say but we have picked them up and use them in conversation now. Now the rubbish bin.Starting to call these jumpers.Bringing them over here, showing them around Australia is fun, showing them go
the Australian way of living. I go over there, I go to their house on their breks, breaks see all the different States America and how they live.'S a
great experience. America and how they great experience.You're studying as well so it's not studying just basketball bit's
everything.They're always telling us you're a student@lead, student comes first. You have to first. You have to keep a certain grade point average during school.And then you get your 4-year degree out of that. There are a lot of options so you can go on post-grad study or try to play professional basketball.Which is what you want to do?Definitely.You would never think the sport would take you so many places when you're five or six years old and then you're 20 years old and you're in another country.And your impressions of Australia is it different to what you would imagine?I thought there would be kangaroos everywhere!That is not true.But I made sure we saw some in the wild. It was definitely school. Australia is pretty much what I thought.They prepped us pretty well for it. We love it.You didn't really think there were kangaroos ever!A great story and we will post that one online on the ABC's website.Rocking into the morning. Have a good day.Tapping his toe in the background was Paul Higgins.I was bopping along.Good in London today for the royal babe write in London today babe in London today for the royal after the hottest say so far this after the hottest this year in Britain but in it ly temperatures neared 40 degrees. That meant treat treets for those animals most affected by the heat at Rome's zoo. The bears scored huge blocks of ice with froze yoen fruit inside and the seals some frozen pish. Even the humans copped a spray at the front gate if they wanted it.Crowd free skies force much of Australia. We have a trough of cold air, a pool of old air with a trough over NSW that is bringing some coastal showers there and also we have this cold front that rush pushed through the south-west of WA. It has brought some welcome rain, 19mm overnight in Perth: Ice heading east but weakening. You can see the band of rain will narrow. Another cold front is due on Friday. But in the east today, mostly clear skies for Queensland apart from a shower or two on the east coast north of Cooktown. Mostly sunny in Brisbane.

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Last word this morning - as a Republican I was in the least bit interested in the royal baby but I can't stop look at it. It cheer s us up after all This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

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Good morning. Welcome to Business Today for Australia Network. Fitzsimmons. Coming up on the
program - acceptable range - China's Premier suggest s Beijing will China's Premier Beijing will intervene if growth drops below 7.5%. Resilient result - Apple posts better than Resilient result - Apple better than expected earnings as it taicts on his cheaper smartphone rivals. And sustainable design - how one entrepreneur grew a successful business out of a personal choice.Those stories coming up shortly but first let's take a quick look at the markets. On Wall Street there was a mixed decision.