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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Watching and waiting - all eyes on the London eyes on the London hospital where William and Catherine shortly expected to show off their newborn prince. Allegations of rape and torture at one of Australia's asylum detention centres. A whistleblower tells us nothing has been done.I have never seen human beings so destitute, so helpless. Surging through the crowds, but not through the opinion polls - is the honeymoon over for Kevin Rudd?

All eyes are on London, with the new prince about to make his first appearance in public in the arms of his parents. A real statement has been issued tonight advertising that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could leave the hospital around 6pm British time, 3am our time. Huge crowds have gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the baby. Among them, our Europe correspondent. This must be is must be an exciting moment.That initial excitement last night has really given way to anticipation. People are very keen to catch a first glimpse en to catch a first glimpse of the young Prince of Cambridge. You can see a large media gathering a ee a large media gathering a waiting -- waiting outside to meet the three members of the family embers of the family when they leave the hospital. The crowds have been gathering here this morning because we saw the royal household gynaecologist, the doctor who effectively lead r who effectively lead the delivery of the royal arrival, he went in this morning there was speculation that he may ulation that he may be getting ready to discharge the Duchess of Cambridge. That hasn't happened. That hasn't happened. We have had a statement saying that they won't be leaving in the next few hours. Perhaps later this evening or even tomorrow morning. The couple did have a statement. They said they would like to thank the staff of the Linda Wing and the whole hospital for the tremendous the three of them have received. -- window when.

There are so many people waiting outside to see the pit -- young Prince when he does leave the hospital. While we wait and see, his grandfather is carrying on his duties?

The Prince of Wales is in Yorkshire and he was there yesterday and was very keen to keep to his very busy schedule. There were lots of people keen to lots of people keen to congratulate him on becoming a grandfather. He seemed to be enjoying the attention, collecting gifts on ion, collecting gifts on behalf of his son and grandson. The Queen will later meet the Prince. There will be no hospital visits from members of the families. They will have those meetings in private, away from the cameras. That will probably take place in the next few weeks.

We also heard about the British Prime Minister as well?Yes, David Cameron has been one of the biggest fans of the couple of the last few years. He joined them as ambassadors for the 2012 Olympic Games. He spoke to the media in London.It is an important moment in the life of our nation, but I suppose above all it is a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who have a brand-new baby boy. brand-new baby boy.There has been a lot of excitement here in the UK. This news has really gone right across the world, including the world, including Australia. Lots of Australians keen to which the couple well as they prepare to leave hospital and begin life as young parents.By size and weight, this new arrival is most identical to his real counterpart, but it is unlikely the pair nlikely the pair will share a name. 8.6.He is 8.3. 8.6.He is 8.3. He is just a little bit smaller.Monarchists took to Melbourne streets to celebrate.What a day brate.What a day it is. A new king has been born. A future king.Federation Square's big screen carried images of the parents.I think it is good news for the world.It is really exciting.Politicians and dignity is -- dignitaries quick to lend their support.I think all Australians wish them the best.When a real baby is born, families everywhere are reminded of the joy of player at -- joy of parenthood.We welcome a prince and congratulate the couple. This media commentator is underwhelmed.Just a baby. A baby with no personality.She blames intense media y.She blames intense media scrutiny for eroding the royal iny for eroding the royal split was -- royal split was from statesman to celebrity.

It is not a view shared by this social media expert, who is measuring online trending around the birth. This live graphic images conversations on every social site. We can start to see the peaks in conversation here when Kate went into labour and then they dropped again and ey dropped again and then early this morning it starts to peak as she gives birth to a little boy.Peaking at 25,000 tweets per minute, the yet to be named real was, and is, a social media hit. is, a social media hit. -- royal. Speculation over a name is the new focus. While there has been a lot of excitement here in outside the hospital, Republicans have been keen to point been keen to point out that not everyone is thrilled about this arrival. They say on last night 's television ratings, Coronation Street outvoted by coverage of the royal arrival. One final word, the Duchess of Cambridge is no different to any other fresh to any other fresh mum. She will leave hospital when will leave hospital when she is ready. Rape and is ready. Rape and torture has been happening repeatedly in Australia's detention centre on detention centre on Manus Island in Popeye New Guinea, according to a whistleblower. -- Popeye New Guinea. A former security manager said that nothing has been done to protect the victims. This is Manus Island in northern PNG. It is home to Australia's refugee detention centre, a facility that one man with insider knowledge says wouldn't serve as a dog kennel at home. a dog kennel at home.I have never seen human beings so destitute, so helpless. Until recently, Rod St George was the complaints manager with the company the ith the company the Australian government contracted to provide security on Manus Island. on Manus Island. He has now returned to Melbourne, a man troubled by what he has seen. Among the alleged that any of horrors, that any of horrors, the repeated sexual abuse of five asylum seekers at the hands of m seekers at the hands of other detainees.There was nothing that could be done for these young men who were considered vulnerable, which in many cases is a euphemism for men who are being raped.He says there is no safe place for the victims. They are forced to live in tents alongside their tormentors. He lays much of the blame at the feet of the immigration Department bureaucrats who run the camp.I need to hear the very specific allegations. I need to make sure ed to make sure they are properly investigated and if the implementation of different policies need to be reviewed as a matter of that, then that needs to occur.Our reporter travelled .Our reporter travelled to Manus Island in May. Despite exhaustive efforts, he wasn't allowed inside the detention centre.I cannot get much closer than this. Not a single journalist has been inside the detention centre since it opened last August.Writer George contacted us after seeing the story.If you knew that there were people next door being raped, and you didn't say anything, you would be complicit.Mr St George says self harm is common, as is torture. In one case he claims a group of asylum seekers forced and other group of men to sow their lips together. He says there are many weapons in the facility and describes it as a tinderbox ready to explode. Mr St George says he took a job because he wanted to make the place safer. He concluded it was an impossible task. Labor's position on asylum seekers had given asylum seekers had given it a poll boost, but over all the latest Newspoll points to a decline in Labor's support, raising the question ng the question over whether it was a honeymoon for Kevin Rudd that is now petering out. that is now petering out. Still the rockstar, at least with these Melbourne students. As Catholic schools become -- became the latest to back the better schools program. The funding set to rise by $1.6 billion. Overall, Labor's support is waning, according to Newspoll. ning, according

to Newspoll.

This shows that there is a tough contest ahead of us.

Saying Australia's' sympathy for the once dumped leader is evaporating. I think they s evaporating. I think they are seeing more and more that it re that it is the same Kevin Rudd. Newspoll also shows increased support for Labor's support for asylum seekers. The greatest increase compared to February coming from Labor voters. The Coalition is accusing Labor of giving PNG autonomy over the annual $500 million aid program as part of the resettlement deal. art of the resettlement deal.According to the Prime Minister, to the Prime Minister, he, the Popeye New Guinea government, has total control over the entire eight budget.It is wrong in principle for Australian taxpayers money ralian taxpayers money to be given to a foreign governmente given to a foreign government as a free gift. He is wrong, says the Prime Minister.Every single investment we make is subject to the most detailed agreements about where investments are made and how they are counted four.Responding to Opposition demands that boat arrivals be sent to PNG within 48 hours, the Government says health checks need two weeks.He knows that the testing has proposed today puts people, if the Government ople, if the Government were to follow through, but serious health risk. Labor's research and is looking at risk as well. -- resurgence. The scene is set for talks with the Solomon Islands on a regional processing plant for asylum seekers. Bob Carr touched down to a vigourous welcome in Honiara today. He says the matter will be discussed in detail with scussed in detail with regional leaders in the near future.I would think this country would look at what we are doing with PNG in terms of the regional resettlement arrangement with interest.Mr Carr was in the country for in the country for talks to mark the end of Australia's involvement in the regional assistance Mission. Thousands of workers returned to Wellington's CBD today as engineers continue to assess buildings in the wake of Sunday 's violent earthquake. Wellington 's massive city traffic is returning to normal flows and all civil buildings have been cleared of structural damage. Multiple aftershocks have been felt since the 6.5 magnitude quake. Still ahead: the new plans to clean up the ADF, plus breast cancer breakthrough - new hope for millions of women diagnosed with the disease.

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The defence Department has opened up a new unit to support victims of sexual assault and harassment in a bid to make the forces that are places for women to work. Setting up the sexual misconduct prevention and response office was a key recommendation of the Broderick reporter sparked by the defence Force Academy Skype scandal. In what could be his last press conference as defence Minister, Stephen Smith is revisiting the subject that helped define ject that helped define his ministership. It has been 12 months since the Broderick review into the treatment of women in the defence force was released. Today readers are marking its progress.I acknowledged it would not be quick fix. To reach the deep -- to attain the deep reaching change we want it will take many years.Victims of sexual assault and misconduct were not reporting incidents and as such were not getting the ch were not getting the support that they needed.The new initiative was a central part of the review and allows victims to report abuse and misconduct outside of the chain of command.The shame associated with being the victim of a sexually related matter, together with a culture of er with a culture of not reporting, not complaining, meant that these victims were often dealing with a terrible trauma silently and alone. This is a deeply significant milestone today in the work of the Australian defence Force leadership.Initially the office will employ 14 full-time staff members. Four uniformed and 10 external. The 24-hour support service will cater to victims, but the defence chief warns perpetrators should watch arns perpetrators should watch their backs.There are severe penalties. cks.There are severe penalties.Set up after the ADFA sex scandal, the review looked at the culture within the defence Force. A feisty chief -- addressed by the Chief of Army compounded the message that this treatment of women will not be tolerated.If that does not suit you, then get out.Leader is a .Leader is a cultural change is already occurring, but further steps need to be implement it. Like sexual ethics training. That initiative is in the pipeline and defence hopes to roll it out soon. The Prime Minister has opened the new headquarters of the domestic spy rters of the domestic spy agency, easier, in Canberra. The controversial development, which saw cost blowouts and construction saw cost blowouts and construction problems, will house the Australian cyber Security Centre. Kevin Rudd says the centre will be dedicated to counter a new threats.In a world of change new threats are constantly emerging and evolving. Cyber threats, terrorism at home and abroad and people smuggling.Tony Abbott also welcomed the opening, saying Australia had real enemies and real threats that needed to that needed to be monitored. The former star of 'Hey Dad!' has appeared in a Sydney court, eared in a Sydney court, where he has vowed to fight charges he has vowed to fight charges of sexually assaulting children. Robert Hughes is facing 11 charges. His lawyers is that the 1-time TV icon will insist on his innocence when trial proceedings begin. 500 prisoners have reportedly escaped from rtedly escaped from two jails in Iraq. It is thought that fellow militants drove cars nts drove cars packed with explosives to the prison escapes and blasted their way in while others attacked security guards with mortars and grenades. At least 20 soldiers and 21 prisoners were killed. The EU has placed the led. The EU has placed the armed wing of Hezbollah on its terrorism blacklist. The decision came after prolonged diplomatic pressure from the US and Israel, who both consider Hezbollah a terror organisation. The EU says it will The EU says it will continue to maintain political and economic ties with Israel. At least 18 people are dead and 20 e dead and 20 injured after a fiery bus crash in Thailand. Officials say the bus was about 120km north of Bangkok when it m north of Bangkok when it collided head-on with a truck and burst into flames. Police say the truck driver was arrested after he appeared to lose control and drift into the opposite lane. Passengers on a plane flying from Nashville to New York had a bumpy touchdown when the Boeing 737's landing gear ing 737's landing gear collapsed. It skidded to a stop at the edge of the runway. Eight passengers were treated at the scene and six of them taken to hospital with minor injuries. The Pope is now starting the second day of his visit to Brazil. He has already received a roaring welcome from tens of thousands of pilgrims on his first foreign trip as pontiff. The violent protests later swept the streets, with police using tear gas g tear gas and stun grenades to disperse rioters. Australian scientists have made a discovery which could give new hope to millions of pe to millions of women with breast cancer. The breakthrough relates to the list common form of the disease -- most common form. A simple blood test could be used to determine when cancer cells to determine when cancer cells are most honourable to chemotherapy. One in nine Australian women will e Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, the most common form relying on oestrogens has to survive. Around half of the patients and of building a resistance to treatment.If you release under and a crane therapy the resulting gym is often more aggressive. -- and a crime. Australia's common Institute, in association with Cardiff University, has been running tests on drug resistant breast cancer.They found anti- oestrogen found anti- oestrogen therapy and is a weakening a gene that protects the disease. From there, patients would have blood test to pinpoint when the cancer is most honourable and target it using other treatments.If a patient is on hormonal treatment and you are not sure they are responding, you can do this test and if it is positive you can say they are not going to respond and let's change the treatment.You don't want to waste money and time. You want to be able to give the patient the maximum amount of benefit. Because the cancer's genetic make-up is individual to each patient, the gene would only be found in 25% of cases. Research is preliminary, but the Garvan Institute wants critical trials to start soon. What has given more optimism is the technology they have used to profile patients already exist in the drug for use for this kind of treatment is currently in everyday use. It is that kind of personalised treatment that research is hope will end up helping millionsope will end up helping millions of cancer patients across the world. To be a streaming sharemarket, which closed at another fresh 2-month high as Asian markets powered ahead.

Coming up: the weather. And we will have more in tonight 's big story, Britain's new prints. Our Princess Diana paved the way for her children and grandchildren with a different kind of nt kind of royal parenting style.

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Returning to the royal 's and as we wait to see the new prints leave hospital, possibly shortly, his parents William and Catherine will be of bringing him into a world where life is lived under the spotlight. But they will try to give him a normal as light as possible and that is a gift that to him by someone he y someone he will never know. Someone who broke down barriers between the royal family and the public have told the world what she hoped for her children. This baby boy will of course never boy will of course never meet his grandmother but her voice, free Willy, will reach his ear. In a 1995 interview, she recalled some advice she passed down to William. If you find someone you love in life, you must have until it and love it -- hang onto it and protected. This baby has a lot to thank her for. They are nearly -- Diana single-handedly rewrote the handbook on raising a royal baby. She wanted to take us away from the royal aspect of life and get us to see the get us to see the real world. I cannot thank her enough nk her enough of that. Diana exposed her kids to be good, the bad and the ugly, as she explained in that interview. I have taken the children to all sorts of areas where I am not sure anyone of that age in this family has been before. They have a knowledge.She was hands-on, a mum first, a real second.

But this baby 's biggest challenge might be dealing with the public pressure, dealing with the prying press who have been waiting for weeks for the most famous babe in the world. It was something Diana could never na could never figure out for herself will stop for herself will stop as a parent I want to protect

will stop as a parent I want to
protect my children. A low of the Tasman Sea will direct showers onto the south-east of the country, while a high will bring mostly clear skies to the rest of it.

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That is the world this Tuesday.

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