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(generated from captions) FBI, perhaps.

You're out of your mind.

Hey, Sidorov...

you got this all wrong.

A room within a room

like this has
many functions.

for example.

Is Quinn also an agent?


crackling, buzzing)

Let's go.


It has to be a place
to exchange the trucks.

The basement parking garage.
Come on.

I've got them, Kensi.

They're headed
to the freight elevator.

Give me a floor, Eric.

Why are we going up?

They're going up.

I do not have a camera
in the elevator.


They're supposed
to be going to a location

where Vaziri and Sidorov
can exchange trucks.

Hetty, this doesn't feel right.

I want to go in.

Go in, Agent Blye.

Bring me at least one
of the Russians alive.

On it.

Eric, I'm gonna need
another elevator.

The public elevators are
in the front of the building,

and you're gonna have
to go through security.

Where are the stairs?

Far end of the hall.

Kensi, they stopped
at the 30th floor.

No leaving

until we get
the call from Isaak.

Why is Isaak doing this?

Don't know.

But you know he loves you,

so don't make us hurt you.

I'm out of here.



(both grunting)






(wind whipping)

Is Quinn an undercover agent?

She's not an agent.

But I know you are.

As sure as I am standing here.


you got it wrong.

No, David.

An old and trusted
friend told me.

Hold on.

Get out.

Leave the building.

You gave Sam up!


You can't hurt me anymore.

Not after
what I've gone through.

Which, by the way,
Agent Callen,

I blame you for.

You gave me to them.

This is all your doing.

Look into my eyes.

I still only live
for one thing:

To kill what you love.




Very good.

Thank you.

Sidorov is going to kill

your beloved partner.



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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - the world will have to wait a few more hours before we glimpse the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But Prince Charles has spoken about his first grandchild. We speak to the Deputy Prime Minister about the Government's plans to send asylum seekers to PNG. And it's not a sport known for its brawling, so just what sparked this fight in Badminton? The Late News is next. your beloved partner. (electricity
buzzing, crackling)



Your body is
literally burning.

Are you that strong-willed?

What is it?
(wheezing, gasping)

She's not an...

an agent.

This isn't going to work.

Let's start on the other one.

Why was I wasting
my time with you

when I have the weak one?

(rasping inhale)

That doesn't look very fun.

Is it safe
to sell the bombs?

Or are there other
undercover agents?

I already told you,
I'm an LAPD narcotics officer.

We were casing the house...


I don't even know him, man.

(Deeks grunting)


Is Quinn an undercover agent?

Yes or no?

Aw, come on, man.

What are you doing?

(drill whirring)
What are you doing...?



(Deeks' screams echoing)

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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. From the Network Ten news centre, this is the Late News. Tonight - we're still waiting - Kate and William remain inside St Mary's Hospital in London with their son, the future king, while grandad celebrates. Australians join those celebrations - how much this child affect our constitutional connections with the House of Windsor? A long-time royal watcher joins us tonight. And the deputy Prime Minister also joins us to reveal why this old lefty has changed his mind on refugee policy. We've seen too many men, women, young people and, indeed, babies, perish at sea.

Also ahead - the Adelaide man who stunned police, caught driving a car without a steering wheel. Plus - more problems for the Pope on his first trip overseas. He's had a security scare, and now protesters are angry at how much his visit is costing Brazilians. Brad has it latest in sport. You can join the conversation using #TenLate. First tonight - the world continues to wait for a glimpse of the still- unnamed king-to-be, with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, still inside the hospital, the world's media remaining poised outside. Emma Dallimore remains at St Mary's Hospital for us again tonight. Emma, we have learned that Kate and William are not expected to appear with the new prince just yet. What does that mean for the crowds still waiting at this moment?Well, Hugh, it means we hurry up and continue to wait. What we're hearing now is that it's unlikely the new royal family, the young family, are likely to leave any time in the next 4.5 hours - perhaps they won't even leave until tomorrow morning. Everyone here has been on tenterhooks, as you can imagine, all day hour after hour, assuming and hearing that it was imminent that the young family would be leaving the hospital. But then, in true London style, the heavens opened up, there was a serious downpour here, and it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that they would not be coming out to that. We know the Dutch's doctor has seen her this morning, and Kensington Palace says that mother, son and father are doing well. But you're right - still no name for Baby Cambridge.Have we heard anything at all from the new parent, Emma? Hugh, they have actually released a statement. In part, I will read some of it. They thanked the staff at the Lindo wing for the tremendous care the three of us have received. "We know it's been a very busy time for the hospital, and we'd like to thank everyone - staff, patient and visitors - for their understanding." We also know Prince Charles has been out and about today. He hasn't commented too much yet, but he's been shouted down with congratulations everywhere he turns. Perhaps the line of the day, though, goes to Princess Anne, who when asked about Baby Cambridge, said, "It's got nothing to do with me, but it's very good news." she might not be popping champagne any time soon, but plenty of people around the world still are. The moment belongs to William and Kate, but it's one shared by the entire British public.(CHEERING)

We're so happy. They are like the British fairytale. It's come true - it's amazing.His Royal Highness, the Prince of Cambridge, born weighing 3.8kg after 11 hours in labour for Kate.

Ho, yay, ho, yay, ho, yay. We have a prince here today. God save the Queen.A natural birth, but not everything went to plan. An email was the first we heard of the newest royal, rather than the planned ceremonial posting of the official proclamation. That still went ahead, though, for the crowds and the cameras.(CHEERING) Prince William said he couldn't be happier.It is an important moment in the life of our nation, but I suppose, above all, it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who've got a brand new baby boy.What a day of great joy for new parents.British pride on display at Buckingham Palace. # Happy birthday to you And at any event where there's fun to be had, you'll find an Australian or two.We were at dinner, but we quickly stopped that and cameing down.We just came from Paris and saw the end of the Tour de France. I think this is a little bit more exciting.We've probably been camped here for three hours. Hey, doesn't happen every day. Got to make the most of it while it's here.After the most discuss pregnancy of all time and the most- talked-about delivery, Will and Kate will have time to themselves with their newborn son. Where will they be? There's some discussion they will go to Bucklebury, Kate's home town, or perhaps Balmoral, if everything goes to plan set by Palace officials. If they go to the sleepy Berkshire village, they'll be welcome.Oye hope they come in.A royal baby already adored by the rest of the world. Back to Emma Dallimore at St Mary's. What now for those who are still waiting with you?There are still plenty of crowds waiting here at St Mary's for that moment when the Duke, Duchess and their little prince come out. Still plenty of crowds at Buckingham Palace reading the announcement on the easel. In the next 15 minutes or so, we'll have gun salutes ring out across London. Still plenty happening. The Changing of the Guard down at Buckingham Palace earlier today was probably one of the more popular in recent history. There was a musical tribute played by the Scots Guard Band to the new baby, playing 'Congratulations' as the crowd sang along. Still plenty of excitement and, I suspect, it's going to stay that way until we lay our eyes on the little prince.Thank you very much, Emma Dallimore there in London. Joining me now is the deputy editor of 'Women's Weekly', Juliet Rieden. Thank you for taking time away from putting out an edition, I guess, which will be dominated by this birth?Certainly is. Been a very busy day for us today.Obviously you've been watching royals, royalty, for a while. In this next generation, this new baby born, what is the necessity for that child, in fact, to be popular for the sake of the ongoing constitutional connection of the royal family to us?Oh, obviously it's very important. Fortunately, the parents are very popular at the moment. I understand that they will be coming to Australia in the next 18 months. I think their popularity will grow and grow. The baby will come with them. And we're gonna watch every moment of this baby growing up, much as we did for Prince William. I think there's every chance the baby will be just as popular.I was living in London in the '90s when Charles and Diana divorced, when there was the toe- sucking incident involving Fergie and there was squidgy-gate and Camilla-gate and these other things going on. At that point, the royal family had almost become a after allingistic, with its days numbered. What's your assessment of how Australians, particularly young people, look at the royal family? You're right. 15 years ago, we were looking at a very different house of Windsor. They've totally re- created themselves. I think it's largely due to the new young royals spearheaded by William, Katherine, Prince Harry. They've totally re- energised the royal family. They have made them cool again. That wedding completely changed things here in Australia. The popularity which, as you say, had been dwindling, suddenly came alive again. We've noticed an incredible surge in popularity when Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were out here earlier, what, six months ago now, everyone wasn't quite sure the popularity would be there and what the response of the public would be. But I followed that tour and I was blown away by how many people turned out in the streets. Normal people, all ages, lots of young people there as well. Do you think there is just a tiny bit of disappointment that it's not a girl, that it might not have been the first-ever future queen born, even though there could be younger brothers to come?Look, as a woman working for the 'Women's Weekly', I would have loved it to have been a girl.(LAUGHS) We want a bit of girl power, and we'd have loved to have seen the first princess under those new rules, but happy, healthy boy - we're pretty pleased about that as well.This little lad has not got a name. He has not yet seen daylight outside the hospital. From the moment he is first revealed, he will be under public scrutiny, he will be under that scrutiny for the rest of his life. Should we envy, for all the privileges of his position and his birth, should we envy this child?Personally, no. I wouldn't envy his life at all. I've seen the royal life and it's a tough one. It's hard work. A lot of it is kind of dull. There's a lot of shaking hands and an awful lot of early starts and late nights, and largely you've got to behave yourself.I guess you can't be anyone other than who you're expected to be?Absolutely. You can make your own path. You can follow some of your own interests. There is definitely the opportunity to give back and make a difference in the world. But you can't live a life like any of the rest of us. You are completely on the public stage.I'm sure you'll follow every little baby step along the way. Juliet Rieden, thank you for joining us.Certainly will. Thank you. Today was a celebration for many monarchists and royal enthusiasts alike. It was extra special for some mums who welcomed their own little princes and princesses into the world. A bouncing baby boy born overnight. Lachlan is a little king. Well, at least to his mum.It's pretty exciting. It's something to tell Lachlan later on - that he was born the same day as a little prince. # Baby, baby, baby He and a bunch of other Aussie bubs shared their birthday with the royal baby. In Queensland, it was an occasion worth minting.Because he was born on the day, he'll get a special commemorative medallion. Those who have lived a little longer celebrated too. Congratulations!At this nursing home, anticipation ran high.We were more or less waiting and chatting, and eventually the news came through - 5:26.And at lawn balls, the quiet murmur was about more than just the jack. They were all belting on a royal baby name. - - betting on a royal baby name. Somebody suggested Alexander. I think that makes sense to me. Alexander thIate, yes.Australia sent its best.Grandmothers like me will be indulging in heart-warming nostalgia about our own experiences of the most memorable life-changing event in our lives.You read the little book 'Ten Little Fingersb, Ten Little Toes', by Mem Fox? We'll be providing a copy of that wonderful Australian children's book to the mum and dad.From the famous backpackers at Bondi, the Brits yearned for home.I think the combination of the heatwave plus this news means this whole week, possibly whole sum, will be amazing, like last year was during the Olympics, probably.And with almost as much merchandise. But that's still to come. Wouldn't you have loved to have written a song in the last year with 'Baby' somewhere in the title? Kimberley Soekov with that story. I'll be back in a moment with an exclusive interview with the deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. First, a look at what else is making news - Amanda Hart. Thank you, Hugh. Good evening, avenuen with. A man accused of assaulting a teenage girl at an army cadets camp has made his first court appearance. The 19-year-old former army cadet shielded his face as he arrived, charge would aggravated assault. His 15-year-old alleged victim, a fellow former army cadet, says he threatened and harassed her in regional South Australia. The victim's mother has accused the army of trying to sweep the incident under the carpet.Not an apology, not "Is she alright?" Not anything. Not even making sure it doesn't happen again.The army hasn't responded. Victims of sexual abuse in the Defence Force will now be able to report incidents to a new body outside the chain of command. The independent office will encourage Defence personnel to break the code of silence.It became apparent to me and my team that victims of sexual assault and sexual misconduct were not reporting incidents and, as such, were not getting the support that they needed.The Sex Discrimination Commissioner says progress is being made, but offensive behaviour and attitudes remain. A school sports carnival in Far North Queensland has been cancelled, after the tragic death of a teenage competitor. The Year 12 student collapsed after a sprint race at Redlynch State College in Cairns. Staff performed CPR on the 17-year- old boy, but he later died in hospital. Counselling has been organised for staff and students. A Melbourne town has come to a standstill to farewell a much-loved jeweller who was stabbed to death in his store. Hundreds of people lined the streets of Hastings to remember O'Toole tool as a man who loved his family and his customers. Dad gave us laughter and joy to our world. He was a man of extraordinary talent, and just loved life.The grandfather died protecting his wife Bridget from an alleged armed robber. A 26-year-old man has been charged with his murder. The man who killed Melbourne woman Jill Meagher will not serve extra time in prison for racking up thousands of dollars worth of traffic fines. Adrian Ernest Bayley has dozens of unpaid fines amounting to more than $12,000. The penalty is 87 days in jail. But it will be absorbed into his current sentence. Bayley will be eligible for parole in June, 2048. 'Hey Dad..!' star Robert Hughes appeared in a Sydney court today and will plead not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting five young girls. Lawyers for the former TV actor today waived his right to a committal hearing to get to trial as quickly as possible. Hughes is accused of molesting girls as young as six years old during the 1980s. The 64-year-old fronts court again on Friday. Adelaide Police have been stunned to find a man driving a car without a steering wheel. Officers couldn't believe their eyes when they pulled over the driver, who'd been travelling on two blown tyres, with just a pair of vice grips to steer the car. He's suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run crash.It goes beyond stupidity for anybody to be driving a veer in this condition, or even attempting to put it into motion.Police say he was unlicensed and under the influence of ice and cannabis. A quick look at the weather across the country tonight:

I'll have tomorrow's forecast a little later on. Still ahead, though - praise, protests and a security scare as the Pope visits Brazil. Hugh? Amanda, thank you. If politics is a miserable job, it seems no-one has tipped off our deputy Prime Minister of the past month, Anthony Albanese. Our focus interview this week is with the man who publicly went last year when announcing he'd be supporting Kevin Rudd in his then-doomed challenge to Julia Gillard. Anthony Albanese has been out and about with the restored Prime Minister in recent days, delivering exuberant hugs to the man Labor hopes might save them at the coming election. No issue has been more contentious for Labor than border protection. Mr Albanese told me tonight he would never have believed he would one day support a policy to flick the desperate thousands turning up on our shores to a lifetime in PNG. But he is supporting it. Tonight, he told me why. Deputy Prime Minister, good to talk to you.Good to be with you, Hugh. When will the first of the asylum seekers who've arrived since Friday be sent to PNG under the new arrangement?What we'll do, of course, is have the fundamental checks in terms of health occur, and them we will be transferring them to Manus as soon as possible. We've said that it would take a little bit of time for that to occur.The Opposition points out that hundreds have already arrived since the announcement was made on Friday. Is it not true that the deterrent is diluted if it's delayed?Look, we already know from comments of people in Indonesia who've chosen to not take the dangerous journey, we know it is already a deterrent. And we know that a number of people involved in the people-smuggling business have said they are out of business.Are you confident this will stop the boats?I am confident. We needed to do something. We have had too many tragedies at sea, which a tragedy for the asylum seekers, but all of their families as well. We've had too much pressure and difficult circumstances placed on those brave Australian naval and Customs personnel, rescuing people at sea, or in the worst case having to deal with fishing, literally, dead bodies that are in the ocean to the north and north-west of Australia. We needed to do something to make sure that we put the people- smugglers' business out of business. The ideal is no-one sent to Papua New Guinea through these processes, because no-one's getting on boats. 20,000 as it currently stands. Are you absolutely certain that none will come from those who are now going to be sent to PNG?Absolutely. That's a very clear policy position of the government.That includes those who've been sent to PNG even if they have family members already in Australia?Look, we've made it very clear, Hugh, in the policy - this is a policy that's been thought through.Is it cruel, what we're doing?What it is is ensuring that the ultimate cruelty - which is people losing their lives, risking their lives, coming to Australia by boat - we've seen too many men, women, young people and, indeed, babies, perish at sea in recent times.You're from the left of the Labor Party. Are you now confident that the left tradition of the party is on board with this? Is everyone completely comfortable with this policy? Of course it is a difficult policy. If you had have said to me a number of years ago, "Would you find yourself advocating a policy such as this?" I probably would have said to you that I don't think I would support this.You're a proud republican. Will the baby, who was born overnight in London, ever be the king of Australia? That's a decision for Australians to make. What I would say is a big congratulations to William, the Prince, and to the Duchess, Kate. I remember very well the birth of myobe son -- own son. It was the happiest day of my life, and I'm sure this is the greatest day of their life, notwithstanding any future events.Thank you, deputy Prime Minister.Good to talk to you. TheThe happiness is not restricted to Anthony Albanese and the royal family. Let's take live pictures across London right now. In a number of locations, there's Tower Bridge in the background, a 41-gun salute taking place. The explosions ringing out across that famous old grey lady of the city. Apparently 41 guns are fired on the birth of every prince, I'm told. I can't remember seeing it before, but there you go. Bang. It's been a busy night for us here on the Late News. Stay with us - there's plenty more to come, including - the desperate search for survivors, after a powerful quake kills scores of people in China. Later in sport - the bizarre brawl at a badminton match - just what was it that sparked this spat between two former partners?

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Welcome back. This is Ten Late News. You can join the conversation using @TenLateNews or #TenLate. Amanda, what's going on in the world tonight? Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators in Brazil, prosting at what they say is wasted government money to organise the Pope's visit. The Pontiff is in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day. Protesters had to be dragged away be police. In another security scare, a small homemade bomb was found at a venue Francis is due to visit later in the week. But the reaction hasn't been all bad - earlier, the Pope was in the thick of a jubalent crowd. Rescuers have dug through earth and sand to pull 13 people from the rubble of an earthquake in China. The two minor quakes have buried three small villages in the gapsue province, killing at least 92 people and injuring many more. Temporary shelters are being set up to try to help the hundreds of distraught residents who are now homeless. A suspected copycat serial killer has been charged over the murder of three women in the US. The bodies were found wrapped in plastic. Michael Madison has been charged with aggravated murder and kidnapping. If convicted, the registered sex offender faces the death penalty. Detectives have finished their search for more female victims. Hugh, I'll update our top stories later in the show. Amanda, thank you. Let'schuck in on the markets:

Juliette Saly from CommSec joins me now. Juliette, a soaring gold price pushed the market higher today. What is pushing up gold?Hugh, maybe there's some punters wanting to buy the new royal baby a shiny new gift. We saw the gold price have its biggest rise in over a year overnight, up by 3% to above US1,300 an ounce. It's technical buying - investors basically covering their short positions in the event that the US Fed starts to wind back its stimulus program and investors, therefore, have gold as a safe haven. Also, the gold price rising ahead of key Chinese data coming out tomorrow. The rise in the gold price did help our market today, particularly those gold players. Good movement coming through from some of the smaller gold players, up by as much as 50% on our market today, Hugh.Juliette, a lot of people looking at their superannuation not always happy with what they've seen in recent years. Some research has come out showing there's been some good news for mum-and-dad investors?That's right, Hugh. The CommSec Mum and Dads Index, tracking blue-chip shears shares a lot of investors own like Qantas, Woolworths and Telstra since the late 1990s, is not far off its record highs. The All Ordinaries Index is still 5.5% lower than its all-time high, reached before the GFC hit. This index is only 1.5% lower from its all-time high. Investors that have held onto Telstra shares since 1999 would have made a back their investment and then some, particularly thanks to strong dividends from that company. The all-time share market hit by the fall in mining shares. It could be some time before we see that get back to those record highs, Hugh. Juliette Saly, thank you. Amanda and Brad join us now on the desk. Brad, what have you got for us?Hugh, up next - Buddy good news for the Hawks. Plenty more to talk about at Cronulla. And one of our Ashes quicks injured. Also - the badminton player with a bad temper - what led to this extraordinary incident between two former doubles partners. And don't go anywhere - still to come - the frantic snail racing World Championships.

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Welcome back. I've been waiting for weeks for the results of that snail race! They take their time.Lucky it's coming up in a moment, Hugh. We'll have to wait with that, and - - wait for that, and start with AFL. Buddy Franklin looks a likely starter against Essendon on Friday night. The Hawks star has missed two weeks with a knee injury, but appears back to full fitness. No signs of knee soreness here - Buddy Franklin joined team-mates in full training at Albert Park, and looks a likely starter against the Bombers on Friday night. There's more good news - Sam Mitchell peers to have shaken the illness which saw him miss against the Lions. Defender Grant Birchall is making strides on his return from a strained posterior cruciate. Jimmy Bartel is fighting fit, but ewon't be playing against the Saints.

be playing against the Saints. He
accepted a one-match ban for rough conduct. If your natural game is so close to the line that you get reported more than you should, then your natural game has got to change.James Podsiadly copped his reprimand, but joins the list of Cats weighed down by carryover points.We haven't got our head in the sand. The numbers don't lie.Geelong has slipped to third on the ladder after another fade-out loss in Adelaide. Scott concedes he's angry, but not concerned.We're very confident we've pinpointed the things we need to improve.Two weeks ago, Michael Voss said it was ridiculous to suggest the Lions could make the finals. A win against Port Adelaide might change his mind.What scale of ridiculous are we talking here? (LAUGHTER) Results are starting to come.The Power won't be handing over their spot in the eight, but they have handed Kane Cornes another one-year contract.When I came to the club, we used to win every week and played finals for five or six years in a row. Now it looks like we're on the way back up.Tom Jonas won't be part of it for the next three weeks after accepting his ban from the

the Match Review Panel.

weeks after accepting his ban from
the Match Review Panel. Canberra's Blake Ferguson is expected to line up against St George Illawarra on Saturday, after the NRL today reinstated his contract following a 4-week alcohol rehabilitation program. There's tension at Cronulla, over reports captain Paul Gallen and others tried to cut a deal with ASADA. Liam Cox has more. The uncertainty of ASADA's investigation.Haven't heard too much.Hovers over 10 Cronulla players.They're human beings. They've got partners and families and, again, it's important that we all keep communicating and work through this process together.It's reported Paul Gallen considered accepting a 6-month ban in exchange for $200,000, two cars, and a Harley Davidson.I think the criticism of Paul today is certainly way over the top and unfair, but it's there. There's nothing he or I can do about it. ASADA's interview schedule will be finalised tomorrow. At the Bulldogs, Des Hasler is intent on keeping Ben Barba away from the Broncos.Has Ben Barba officially requested a release?No.

release?No.Would you consider granting him a release if he did? It's not my call.Would you be reluctant to let him go, given his stature in the game?He's a class player. I think any club would be wanting to hang on to someone like Ben Barbaer.The Ben Barba issue is a stenseative one. The Bulldogs don't want to lose a player they've nurtured to be one of the best in the game, why also mindful of his personal situation.There's a whole lot of issues and things Ben is working on as well. I'm quite sure Ben wants to stay at the club. It's just the circumstances that are involved and are personal, and I would ask you to appreciate that. It's the first order of business for new boss

for new boss Raelene Castle. Australia's Ashes woes have deepened, with James Pattinson ruled out until our summer. The injury-prone fast bowler has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his back, and will head home next week. Usman Khawaja says coach Darren Lehmann's message to the under-performing top order is straightforward.Score big scores. Be really greedy as batsmen, and get out there and do what we need to do to help our fast bowlers out. Sounds simple. On those fast bowlers, Jackson Bird is a chance to replace Pattinson. Pat Cummins, currently touring Africa with the A side, might also be considered. Liverpool stars Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard remain in doubt for tomorrow night's match against Melbourne Victory. As the build-up continues, Victory coach Ange Postecoglou says his players will be going for broke, despite the game's exhibition status. Henry Peters has more. Words of wisdom from the enemy camp. Melbourne Victory coach Ange Postecoglou called on a former Liverpool star, Craig Johnston, to spark his side ahead of tomorrow night's match against the Reds. Just a friendly bit of advice about how fast and accurate the English footballers are - and that's really the difference.A former Socceroo, Johnston played close to 200 games for Liverpool, but is happy to switch sides tomorrow night.This is their Cup Final. For Liverpool, it's a pre-season friendly. I did say for the first time ever, I wish that you'd beat my team. Postecoglou will be putting faith in his younger brigade, vowing to pick seven players under the age of 21.We want entertainment. We want goals. I'll settle for a 4-3. I don't know if our goalkeeper would. Across town, two Reds legends strapped the boots back on. Still fleet of foot, Robbie Fowler doubts Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez will start.The good side - I'd love nothing better for them to go onto that stadium and knock a few goals. It's also not just Stevie G and Luis Suarez, but about the younger ones. They will not have experienced playing in front of this many people.With the match officially sold out, 95,000 fans are expected at the MCG. Today marks one year until the Commonwealth Games, with Glasgow building up for the biggest sporting event in Scottish history. Australia faces a serious battle to retain the number one ranking, with England aiming to upstage us.. We want to reaffirm our position as the number one sporting nation in the Commonwealth. We just expect that. It won't be a massive challenge. All we have to do is perform at our best, and it'll happen. We need him in our crickets team! Very confident. The stoush for the netball gold medal with New Zealand again promises to be a highlight. The swimming teal team will have new faces, like 1,500m specialist Mack Horton. We've seen brawls on the football codes - many of them. Baseball, even basketball. Now for a bizarre attack in

attack in badminton. Former London Olympic team-mates who represented Thailand were sledging each other during a doubles match at the Canadian Open. It escalated to exchanges rarely seen in badminton. One of the players needed two stitches after the fight. The sport' governing body is investigating. Seatbelts on, everyone, for the annual Snail Racing Championships. They've been held since the '60s in a corner of England where the fans go crazy.

(CHEERING) 200 contestants came out of their shells this year. After a sluggish start, Racer 2 stretched to reach the line in 2 minutes and 47 seconds, 30 seconds faster than the average time to win the Melbourne Cup, and almost as exciting. A bunch of lettuce for the winner, and our Play of the Day.

bunch of lettuce for the winner,
and our Play of the Day. Oh, well. I'd like to think I "snailed" that one.I recthat snail was going too fast? Any reports of drug testing?I'm not sure about that one. But we know how to train a racehorse. How do you train a snail?They might need weights to slow them down.Darren Lehmann says, "Slime faster and score big scores." That's how it's done in coaching these days. Still to come - tomorrow's weather and our Bedtime Bytes. Don't go away.

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Welcome back. This is Ten's Late News. I always have trouble with that! Here's Amanda with an update on our top story. The world is still waiting to get the first glimpse of the royal baby boy, but celebrations are continuing across the UK. In the past few minutes, a traditional 41- gun salute rung out across London, marking the arrival of the king-to- be. The last time this took place was for the birth of princess Eugene in 1990. Crowds of fans are still camped outside the hospital, but the royal couple and the unnamed bub aren't expected to make an appearance for several more hours.

Thank you. Before we go - our Bedtime Bytes - what we're reading online. Given we're talking about refugee policy, I thought we'd go straight to the UN site, which has the 1951 Refugee Convention. This is a thing that Kevin Rudd wants to update. If you want to know what we've signed up to precisely, the words of it, whether we are complying with it, you'll find it all there. If you haven't read it, have a little read. Amanda?Mine's a bit fishy, so to speak - it's a woman who dresses up dead fish as art. I don't know if you can flick through any of those photos there, but that one - there's some fish dressed up at a hipster

but that one - there's some fish
dressed up at a hipster cafe.

There's a couple of other ones - salmon and trout shaking hands in the Oval Office. Another one - mullets working in a sausage factory. After she dresses them up, she

she eats them. Up As you do. Why didn't we all think of that? Crazy. Anyway. Sporting piece here - this is from Paul Newman, the cricket writer for 'The Mail'. He points out - there's a few people saying, "Let's show mercy on the Aussies." He says, "No way. We got smashed eight successive Ashes campaigns. They can cop it. Let's make the most of this."I love this gagt apparently the Duchess goes into labour and says, "I hope it's as easy to get out as the Aussie batsmen." (LAUGHTER) That's all from the team here at the Late News. Thank you for joining us. See you tomorrow night. Ciao. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Need heart surgery? Book it in for a full moon. Stepping out with Sarah Murdoch. Are State Governments putting cost cutting ahead of newborns. We chat with the man himself. This is The Project. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Good evening, welcome to The Project. Tonight we have Gorgi Coghlan and Dr Andrew Rochford. It's great to be here.Definitely. So, please, tell us the news of the day.In the news today Tuesday 23 July, the Royal baby arrived.What? I didn't even know the Queen was pregnant.In a story we are sure no other news outlet is covering. As far as we know, only we have the details. Let's go-ahead and call this an exclusive.At 4:24pm Monday July 22 his royal Prince was born weighing 8lbs 6oz. William, the duke was present for the birth,tives announced on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The new prince may not have a name yet - but he does have a hash tag. Facebook recorded over 1 million