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Tonight on the Worlds - it's a boy - the birth of a future king sparks celebrations.

Now another wait is on with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expected to leave hospital tonight.Happy birthday to you.I'm over the moon, I am so excited. This Program is Captioned

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Also ahead - it's early

afternoon in Also ahead - afternoon in Cairo and six
people have Also ahead - it's early
afternoon people have been killed in new clashes in the Egyptian clashes in the Egyptian capita, bringing the clashes in the bringing the death toll to bringing around 100 since the Army around 100 since the ousted former Mohammed Morsi.It's 7pm in China's northern Mohammed Morsi.It's 7pm China's northern Gansu province where rescuers are having difficulty reaching victims in the remote parts hit by a powerful earthquake that's leveled more than 1,200 leveled more than 1,200 homes, it's 8am in Brazil's largest city Rio de Janeiro where the arrive al of the Poper Pope has been over shadowed by protests against the public cost of the event. Hello, I'm Jeremy Fernandez, it's midday in London and Prince William and his wife Catherine say they couldn't be happier after the birth of their baby boy. The royal family still in hospital and many around the world are on tenterhooks to get the first peak of the little prince. The baby's birth was official ly anoupszed on 2 July, he arrived at 4:24 local time in the afternoon. He weighed about 3.8 kilos.And this is the scene right now in London outside the lindo Wing of Saint Mary's hospital in spad Paddington. The royal couple is expected, we don't know for sure, expected to appear some time in the Foxtel few hours with the first glimpse of their baby boy.This will be very reminiscent of the very moment that Prince William was first introduced to the world by prin sis Diana and Prince Charles.People across the Commonwealth are celebrating the news of the royal baby's birth. Our reporter Mary Gearin is outside the lindo Wing at Saint Mary's believe it's just started
raining there, that adds believe it's just raining there, that adds a little bit of raining there, little bit of complication to the coverage of the the coverage of the vent?That is right, it is not just raining it's been bucketing for the past 10 minutes, it's been quite Shakespearian you could say this sultry weather was building up over weeks as everyone was weight and now the birth has happened there's thunderstorms tonight and day and makes it dramatic down here or it could be delirious from people in the media who have been here too long. As much as anything, the royal family knows that this is an important part of the PR, this has been planned for some time by Kensington Palace. That they will come down on these steps an it is important part of this whole process for them to show the baby.So we're only thinking that, as the speculation has grown this morning that in fact yes they ready to leave and there were reports that Kate Middleton's hairdresser had entered the hospital but, yes, this was going to be imminent. This rain, this bucketing rain could very well slow things down.We can hear a bit of chatter and buzz around you. I guess it reflects the mood more widely around the country.That is right. Beside me all around me there are journalists here doing exactly as I am, from all around the world. This press pack has not moved. It will stay here today. Else where also, yes, in London there are going to be two gun salutes, there are going to be bells ring out from Westminster abbey, essentially the pomp and the ceremony start today and we're hearing also of plans for celebratory parties and so forth. This is going to be the beginning of the celebrations as far as this country is concerned.What is the protocol about naming this baby? Is there any tradition set on when the baby might be named and what name it may be given?There isn't, there is no real set precedent. What we do know is what's happened in the past - that, is Prince William, his parents took a week to announce that name, Prince Charles's name was announced only after a month .Now there has been thought that since the royal couple said they didn't know the gender of this baby they may take a little longer. You would have to think like most parents they're prepared with a short list but that could affect the matter. There has also been a lot of talk about whether or not the Queen how much input the Queen might have to this choice. It's been seen since they are a modern couplings they are the Queen they are a modern the Queen is not overmeddling sort that there won't be too much pressure from the won't be too much pressure the Queen, although obviously there is a lot of tradition.Le and it is obvious also will will be will not very out there names being among the four names that will make up this Prince of Cambridge's full-time title.In the meantime, the messages of good will have been pouring in from around the world. Prince overjoyed
Charles has spoken about being overjoyed at the birth of this baby.That is right. He's been interviewed and also taken aside by people on his various visits and he's been quite candid about the joy and almost trep detion he is feeling about becoming a grand father and really he's saying that he is really going to embrace the experience. He's said this morning apparently they're - it is not clear what the name is going to be. So there were no clues there. Even the grands father doesn't know or wasn't giving anything away.And also the rest of the family is talking about how delighted they are. Clear ly family but it's clearly important for the monarchy which as important which as we have said before now has the third direct tyre the throne now has the third the throne arrive alive at the the same as 2 the throne arrive same as 2 others. That's happened for the first time in more than a century. For the House of Windsor it's another mark of its stability.Mary Gearin reports from outside Saint Mary's hospital in Paddington.As Mary mentioned, so far there is no word on a name. Let's look at how the news was reported to the British public courtesy of the BBC. A after long day for a new mother within the lindo wing, tonight the official confirmation of the birth.Moments before a copy of the form al announcement was brought from the hospital to be taken by car to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace issued this statement.

At Buckingham Palace, crowds had been gathering. Some 10 minutes after it had left the hospital, the car bringing the formal statement turned in through the palace gates to be received bay uniformed member of staff.After a short interval, the statement was brought out to be placed on an easel in the palace fore court. The statement gave the details of the birth and was signed by the medical team which had been present at prince's delivery. The Queen, who had travelled back to the palace from Windsor this afternoon, expressed the family's pleasure. She was said to be delighted at the birth of a boy who will become third in line to the throne.The Prince of Wales, who is in Yorkshire, said he and his wife were overvoied at the rival. He said it was an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine.Tonight, outside number 10 Downing Street, the PM offered his congratulations.It is wonderful news from Saint Mary's Paddington and I am sure that right across the country and indeed right across the Commonwealth people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well.It is an important moment in the life of our nation. But I suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who have got a brand new baby boy.It's been a remarkable few years for our royal family - a royal wedding that captured people's hearts that, tra extraordinary magnificent jubilee and now this royal birth. All from a family that have given this nation so much incredible service.Kate had gone into labour in the early hours of this morning at Kensington Palace. Overdue by then perhaps bay week. It's not clear whether medical staff had begun to induce birth.Shortly before begun to induce the birth.Shortly before 6am, Kate rived birth.Shortly rived with William at birth.Shortly before 6am, Kate rived with William at a back
entrance rived with William at entrance to Saint Mary's
hospital. She was already in the early the early stages of labour. Her admission was confirmed at 7:30 this morning, within moments the news was being relaid around the world.I think it's safe to say that the great Kate wait is over.Just around dawn this morning the Duchess of Cambridge -Good morning America breaking right now the Duchess of Cambridge in labour.Interest in this birth is considerable, the coverage has been intense and ongoing.Our team is live in London with the latest on Kate's condition.The fact that bill William and Catherine's child is a boy means that changes to the law of
succession which would have given a first born daughter equality in the line of succession won't have to be called on. First reactions to the birth -We got the news while we were sitting down waiting for dinner.We got the next taxi that we could get and and we're here.I want to be here for tradition. It cease exciting and I really like history and this is really history in the making.The
birth history and this is really a birth of a history in birth of a baby in direct line of succession only happens birth of a baby in direct of succession only happens once
every 30 years of succession every 30 years or so. A moment of Jo Joy for William and Catherine and for those of Jo Joy Catherine and for those who are
so minded of Jo Joy for William and
Catherine and so minded in Britain and the 15 other continuesry so minded in other continuesry of which the British king of queen is head of state a reason to celebrate.And this again is the scene right now out stied Lindo Wing of Saint Mary's hospital in Paddington where it's just begun raining, complicating the coverage of this event.And we're not entirely sure how the presentation of this baby is going to take place. We do understand that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be appearing on the steps of this hospital at some stage, like our colleaguings around the world we are keeping a very close eye on it for an image that is going to be replayed many times Overland the coming decades. We will take you back there when that happens.Let's turn to Ourer other news - six people have been killed in new clashes in Cairo at a Sith in of supporters of the deposed PM Mohammed Morsi. Dozens were more injured at kier you University.The latest incident brings the death toll to about 100 people, killed since the Egyptian Army overthrew Morsi on July 3 after mass protests, it comes as the family of the ousted Egyptian President accused the country's Army of abducting him.Three weeks on, a show of conviction in Cairo, these marchers clearly believe they can get Mohammed Morsi reinstated.The mobilityisation by Mohammed Morsi supporters in Cairo and around the country shows no signs of dying down.But what nobody knows for sure is when the man himself will be seen in public.This was the last time the world heard from Mohammed Morsi, a televised speech the day before he was deposed as President.Since then, he's been held in an undisclosed location for his own good, say the military. Now his family say they've had no contact with him and they're taking legal action through domestic and international courts. TRANSLATION: Kidnapping the President is part of kidnapping the whole country: It is no different from kidnapping the constitution, the authorities and the people.We're not surprised by the actions of the coup leaders but what is really surprising is kidnapping a President in Egypt.Rumours that Morsi was being detained as a Republican Guard base led to demonstrations outside and earlier this month more than 50 Morsi supporters were killed in a confrontation with security forcings.Germany and Turkey have said Morsi should be released straight away but some believe the interim leadership are holding out for his movement to cut a deal, perhaps dropping the demand to reinstate him.I think part reinstate him.I think this is
part of a game.I think that he should be released part of a game.I should be released or charged. should But I am thinking in term determines of rule of But I am thinking in think they're determines of rule think they're thinking about it
in terms think
determines of rule of law. I think they're in terms of a negotiation with the Muslim in terms of a negotiation that could negotiation that could actually result in the Muslim Brotherhood remains a part result in Brotherhood remains a part of
Egypt's Brotherhood remains a part Egypt's political future.For now, the pro Morsi now, the pro Morsi camp are deep keeping up the presh on the streets but how long that can last is hard to tell.The death toll from two earthquakes in China's western province of Gansu is climbing towards 100. More than 1,200 thousand houses are collapse and another 21,000 are severely damaged. Tense of thousand of people are homeless and rescuers are struggling to reach the victims in the mountain ous and remote location. After much difficulty, Chinese rescuers finally reached the remote villages of Gansu province. Their progress hampered by land slides triggered by the powerful quake that struck on Monday morning. Hundreds were injured when many houses were completely destroyed or severely damaged. The estimated damage so far is around 32 million dollars. TRANSLATION: My home is in this village and all the houses collapsed.The seriousy Wound Road being treat ed in make shift tent hospitals at the foot of the mountains. But ambulances have struggled to reach them because of damage and dangerous road conditions. Those whose injuries are less serious are being treated in the open air where all who survived spent the night. This doctor from one of the survived spent the night. doctor from one of the Army hospitals says they have run out of some medical supplies. TRANSLATION: We lack thing force clean ing Craig Lowndes and anti- inflammatories.China's President and his number two Chinese Premier have surge urged rescuers to take swift action to minimise losses. Heavy rain that's forecast over the next two days will low Slowe down relief efforts as it may trigger more land slides., prolonging the mystery for the people of this Hilary land.The Japanese Government says it was aware the cripple fuk sheem a nuclear plant may be leaking contaminated water into the Pacific ocean. The company has long suss peed the same. The Government is taking the issue seriously. Japanese Government agencies have been directed to act to stop contaminated water from seeping into the ocean: A Norwegian woman sentenced to jail in Dubai after reporting she had been raped has been pardoned. Marte Dalelv was on a business trip to Dubai in March when she told police she had been attacked. To her surprise she was charged with having extra marital sex, drinking alcohol and perjury. D d perjury. The case sparked worldwide outrage. On Wednesday she was sentenced to 16 months in jail. She is now free to leave the country.

It appears there's been a development in London. Mary Gearin is with us again outside Saint Mary's hospital. What can you tell us?Jeremy, in the last few.there's been clarification from Kensington Palace that in fact the young family will not be making an appearance any time soon. Despite the fierce speculation it was happening in the press pack. They're not likely to come down before 6pm local time or 3am eastern standard time in Australia. Also, what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said is that they would like to thank the staff at the Lindo wirng and the whole hospital for the care they've received. They know it's been a busy period for the hospital and the spokesman for the palace has said that everyone is doing well this morning. So the update is we don't see the royal couple and their baby until at least the early hours of the Australian eastern standard time morning.Mary Gearin, reporting London.Back home now and

members of the Defence Force can now report members of the Defence can now report sexual
misconduct without having can now misconduct without having to go
through can now report sexual
misconduct without having through their direct superiors. A new office which was through their direct A new office which was launched today will allow officers to report incidents confidentially.This is to ensure that every man and woman in the Australian Defence Force can feel confident, comfortable and safe in making complaints of sexual misconduct or sexual mistreatment.The ADF says the service will be staffed by uniformed and civilian workers and will focus on supporting victims rather than dealing with perpetrators.Australia's opposition has decleared the deal with Papua New Guinea over asylum seekers is unraveling with concern over the state of the Manus Island centre and control of Australia's foreign aid budget. The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has been criticising the time taken to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea. But the Immigration Minister Tony Burke says the Coalition is behaving line an irresponsible and possibly dangerous force. The Australia Network's Canberra correspondent Karen Barlow reports. The first asylum seekers to arrive since the PNG solution was was enacted last Friday have been sold told they will be sentd to Papua New Guinea despite great concerns about pnk's poverty, violence levels and the state of the Manus Island processing centre. Temporary capacity is being increased but it's estimated it will be two years before a permanent facility can be built to house 3,000 asylum seekers. No asylum seek kecious sent there since the deal was struck which has concerned Australia's Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.And if Mr Rudd is serious about intimidating the people smugglers and their customers, people have got to be leaving for Manus Island now.People have got to be leaving for Manus Island now and it's absolutely clear that no-one is going to Manus any time soon.The Immigration Minister Tony Burke insists the asylum seekers have Minister Tony Burke insistdon - to be given health checks insists the asylum seekers to be given health checks force tuberculosis and to be given tuberculosis and a range of vaccinations before they can be sent to PNG.You cannot do these checks within 24 to 48 howevers.And - hours and Tony Abbott knows that.He's a former Health Minister who campaigned on vaccinations.He knows that the test he has proposed today puts people, if the government were to follow through, at serious health risk.The Opposition has also raised concern that under this asylum deal Papua New Guinea is taking control of the half a billion dollar Australian aid budget. This is after Peter O'Neill's comment yesterday that the PNG Government will now set the priorities under which the Australian money will be spent.Tony Abbott says Australian aid should never be a free gift to a foreign Government but the Minister, Tony Burke, says AusAid always works coop ratively with a host continuesry and this is not new. As for how much the PNG solution will cost, Tony Burke says it will depends on how many people will come. The cost is expefblinged to be detailed before the election, the date of which is still unknown. The plan to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea has angered many people but on Manus Island the hood is relaxed. While some feel their land is being treated as a dumping crowd ground, others think it will lead to more jobs.Life is pretty laid back here on Manus Island. While many people on the mainland are angry at the plan to send more asylum seekers here, and settle refugees in PNG, the islanders themselves aren't bore worried. They have always supported the establishment of the processing centre and say more asylum seekers mean more jobs and business opportunities for locals.It's a community living close we are happy because of the job opportunities and development is coming up and the people living there can work and get money.One criticism people do have is that they're yet to see the Australian Government deliver on its promise to im local roads, health facilities and schools.At the processing centre, work is yet to start to increase its capacity to house up to 3,000 asylum seekers. But that is expected to ramp up later this week.For the issue of asylum seekers, we were speaking with Indonesia correspondent George Roberts joining us on the line now. This puts the Indonesian Government in a difficult position because while this decision has been made in Australia, asylum seekers keep riving there in Indonesia.Yeah, that is right. It's very interesting to see there hasn't really been much refraction the Indonesian Government at this point. In fact they have kept quiet. The foreign ministry has refused to comment. The only thing we know is the presidential palace has confirmed or the office of the President's confirmed they
weren't told President's confirmed weren't told about the deal
before it was President's confirmed they
weren't told before it was announced. They weren't given any warning.It's curious as well because the foreign ministry has before said that no country on this issue should do anything that puts the burden back on another country and effectively that is what this may have now done, if it does indeed mean that people stop taking boats that means that the thousands of people will pool here in Indonesia and Indonesia will have to deal with them.So we're waiting to find out what that means and how the Indonesian Government will react to that.For weeks and monthous've been speaking to asylum seekers and to people smugglers about what they plan to do.Are you detecting any change since this policy was announced?There's certainly been people saying they are not going to go on a boat anymore if it means they will end up in PNG. But there's certainly a sense of helplessness in that those people don't know what they're going to do. Because they are effectively as I said in that group of thousands of people who are here hoping for resettlement. Australia only issued 60 #0 5 visas last financial year for people from Indonesia for asylum seekers or recognised refugees rather from here, and it only aims to resettle about 600 every year from here. So out of the 10,000 - 10,340 registered people it would take 17 years for all those people to be resettled. It can take two years for people to get refugee status and it's thought there are possibly another 10,000 people here who aren't registered UNHCR. So there is a feeling of helplessness among those people who think they can't get on a helplessness among boat but then again as you saw boat but then again as probably from our piece today on News Breakfast and on News probably from our 24 and also from the piece on News Breakfast probably from our piece today
24 and also from the piece on 'A.M.' we have spoken to 'A.M.' we have spoken to some uncompanied 'A.M.' we have spoken uncompanied children who have fled Afghanistan and uncompanied children who fled Afghanistan and Pakistan
aged 16 and 17, and they say that a boat is their only option because they can't stay here. They can't get resettled in Australia, they don't think. So unless they go by boat and they said they're willing to risk Papua New Guinea but there is also a lot of rumour going around as well. The news reports that there's disquiet in Australia over the policy, also the people smugglers are spreading rumours as well but that is all adding to this feeling that perhaps the policy is never going to happen, that nobody has been transferred yet so perhaps it won't happen. So there's a lot of speculation and rumours going around, a lot of sort of feeling of helplessness among the people here.While this build-up of asylum seekers takes place in Indonesia, is there any indication that the Indonesian Government is going to crack down a bit more, particularly with those concerns among locals about cultural clashes an economic clashes between the people?Yeah, well, there is I guess in the same way as in Australia where you have some people who are quite happy to welcome people from another country, other people who just don't want asylum seekers or refugees moving into their street, there is a split in the way that Australia deals with this. There's a split in the way that Indonesians deal with it this. Some people are extremely welcoming of asylum seekers being here in the area around Punchuk, the people are Sy siege it as a business opportunities. Downvern down the street you have Middle Eastern cafes and they don't bother print k their menus in Indonesian because most of their customers are Arabic. In other areas they see it as a problem, some of them come to town and they drink, party and they pick up local girls and some of the locals don't like that. Some of the more conservative Muslims here don't appreciate that. So there has been small crackdowns over the past two months there have been 100 Iranians arrested in crackdowns and in raids and 96 of those people have been returned back to Iran:Certainly quiet a few layers there. George, thanks for talking us to..The regional assistance mission to sol mom islands, Ramsey, is marking its 10th anniversary in honourable Yarra. Regional leaders including New Zealand's PM John Key and Australia's Foreign Minister Bob in the Solomon force the 3-day celebration. Ramsay fliefd the Solomon - Ramsey arrived in sol - Ramsay is now backing a RAMSSI sex expect ed to wind up in 2017. There's been more violence in Rio de Janeiro shortly after Brazil officially welcomed Pope Francis. After 300 depem straetors threw fire bombs at police near the local government headquarter s.

A new Pope with a new message for Roman Catholics all over the worlds.As he deproef the airport, Pope Francis's car was engulfed by the faithful.A nightmare for his security entourage. A blessing for a child the pontiff summoned from the crowd with his mother. It was a gesture repeat edded over and over. As fen tens of thousands lined the streets to see the Catholic leader, this time in an open popemobile. Transhe and that means he will promote reforms in the Catholic Church.At the official welcome ceremony with the President, the Pope demonstrated some of that humility. TRANSLATION: I ask permission to come in and spend this week with you. I have neither silver nor gold but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me - Jesus Christ.The first ever non-European Pope is in the world's in the largest Catholic in the world's largest Catholic region to attend a youth event that has brought nearly 2 million pilgrims and toirss to Rio de Janeiro. The forum is a staging ground to introduce the Pope's reformist vision for the Church which has suffered mass defections in recent years. When Pope Benedict came to Brazil he spoke of the need to rein in in discipline among Roman Catholics who are increasingly violating the Church's moral code. Pope Francis brings less ideology, less theology and less prohibitionks so he can concentrate on his main concern - to attend to the needs of the need y people. The Pope who has renounced many of the luxuries of the papacy will spend the next week preaching his social gospel and calling on emerging economies including Brazil, not to put their wealth in the hands of those who need it least.Let's look at the latest international weather now.

The area of most significant weather at the moment remains parts of Asia. We will have a closer look at that and the monsoon very active. We are seeing easing conditions across most of southern parts of Australia, that is thanks to a high pressure system starting to ridge through. Clearing shower for Melbourne. A brief shower about the coast of Sydney. We also have fairly widespread showers after morning rain in Perth. That is as a cold front approaches the region. For New Zealand, we've also got the potential of fairly widespread showers at this stage, some cold air sweeping into the south and relatively clear across most of the fask. Pask. We expect to see relatively light winds across the region as well. Through most of south-east Asia, we have had some heavy falls around the Philippines but that is beginning to clear further to the west as a tropical disturbance starts to build along the coastline of China and also Vietnam. So it's around southern Thailand into Cambodia and Vietnam and up into Laos we expect to see the potential of very heavy rainfall in association with monsoonal thunderstorms. This is going to trigger falls heavy enough to trigger localised flooding. It could even with be the issue with land slides across many of these areas w.s eare looking at very heavy downpours in this system.For most of China, there will be some isolated showers and storms about, particularly through the north North. Soment of the heaviest of the falls through North and South Korea. With relooking at the potential of very heavy rainfall in association with thunderstorms. Also in a narrow band through central parts of Japan but not as heavy as the Korean peninsula. In India, look at the potential of widespread to moderate to heavy falls particularly through central parts and the slope of the the Himalayas that. Will push in to many part of Pakistan, particularly over the northern half. As we up into Europe, the UK starting to see an end to that run of very sunny and warm weather. Fairly widespread cloud, we are looking at the potential of some showers but still remaining relatively mild across the region. The next area of rainfall is stiz zitding through the inlands of Russia.Now across Africa, a weak front clipping the far south, we have the equatorial south, we have band act you've bites disturbance that is disturbance that is sit sitting off the coast of Africa that could trigger some increased activity through the Caribbean as it begins to move east in the coming days till quite unsettled and humid in the east. Very hot and dry through the western parts of the continent and a burst of cold air still sweeping up through the far south of South America.

You're watching the World on ABC News 24. Let's bring you are re reminder of our top story. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a statement in the last half hour thanks hospital staff for their care and understanding. A Kensington Palace spokesman said mother, son and father are all doing well. The three will depart the hospital either later in the evening London time or in the morning. Rescuers in western China are still searching for victims of an earth quake that struck a remote mountous area of Gansu province yesterday. have confirmed to have died and province yesterday. 89 people more than 500 injured. More have confirmed to have died than 5,000 heems more than 500 than 5,000 heems have
collapsed. The Immigration Minister Tony Burke will travel to Nauru on Minister Tony to Nauru on tried Friday. He will flpt the tense of millions of dollars of damage that Friday's fire and riot caused. The island's detention centre, 125 asylum seekers have been charged over that incident.Coming up late oreton World - royal baby was one of close to 400,000 children born around the world on the same day. We will look at how the country they're born in will impact on their health and life expectancy.Recapping - with the ongoing wait for a glimpse of the new royal baby, this is the door outside Saint Mary's hospital in Paddington in London where the world's media and well wishers are gathered. In a statement released by Kensington Palace in the last half hour it's been confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge won't be making a public appearance until at least 6pm local time and that's about 3am Australian eastern standard time.The baby boy weighing about 3.8 kilos was born in the early hours of this morning, here

Cross England are still celebrating the birth of the new tyre the throne. Mary Gearin sent this report from shary's hospital.- Saint Mary's hospital.Oye, a prince here today.It was the moment so many were waiteding for.For the baby!Crowds outside the hospital erupted with joy at news of the baby prince. (Sings) # Happy birthday to you # Happy birthday to you #A girl had been the popular preference before the birth, but there was no disappointment here.Is it really a boy? Wow. Amazing.Congratulations to William and Kate. It's great.Couldn't wait to get down here. I pull up and they were like it's here and I was like, no!The news of the boirt the Prince, weighing about - Prince of came brej was first announced by press release,.It's a boy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a son weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces.4:24mm. That is the latest that we're hearing as we are looking at these pictures from Buckingham Palace.It is an important moment in the life of our nation. But I suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who have got a brand new baby boy.Nen the official bulletin of the birth was delivered the old fashioned way to Buckingham Palace. The formal statement was displayed in front of growing crowds.It's taken back 31 years to when Prince William was first introduced to the world in his parents' arms. The new prince and the royal couple are likely to spend the next few weeks in the company of the duchess's mother.I think Carol Middleton will play quite a big part in the upgriing Brigg of this royal baby.Kate is very close to her and she is the only grand and she mother. and she is the only mother. Diana, sadly, is no mother. Diana, sadly, is longer around.As Trafalgar Square turns blue longer around.As Square turns blue to mark the occasion, a new chapter for the House of Windsor begins.As just heard, the as yet unnamed prince is third in line to the throne after his father and grand father Charles. From this moment on his life will be one of intense privilege and scrutiny. Veteran royal watcher Dickie arbiter spoke to '7:30''s Leigh Sales a short time ago. She asked him whether this was - there was a naming protocol that had to be followed?No, no particular protocol. Yes, the world is waiting for names and William and Catherine have probably already chosen the names an they will tete Let us know in the fullness of times. It was a few days after William was born that the names were release vealed and William will likely do d'oh the same. We will probably get the name before the Queen leave for Balmoral on Friday. What the name s will be only Catherine will know.Are people take ing a bet punt as to what they think the names will be?The betting markets have closed. James is running ahead. I am not sure what the odds are. They're giving different odds.But James is in the frame, Philip, Charles, George, Albert, some names they George, Albert, closed on last week. George, Albert, some names they closed on last week. But it's anybody's guess. There will be a traditional name rather than something 21st century. I think William and Catherine I say this in the nice est possible way, middle class, so they will choose something that is in keeping with the royal family.What sort of upbringing awaits Baby Cambridge?I think Baby Cambridge will get a similar upbringing to that of his father. His father had a pretty good upbringing, a fairly normal one as normal as it can be if you're a member of the royal family. He went to a kindergarten that a lot of other kids go to. He went to a preprep school, a prep school, Eton and university at St Andrews an Catherine had a similar education.It will be very much ib threwed by what William and Catherine want rather than what anybody else wants. William had a good rounded education for a royal prince and he will make sure that his son gets the same.Will William and Kate be at pains to protect this baby as much as they can from the inevitable scrutiny?They will try. They will try extremely hard. The media in the United Kingdom is very conscious of what happened in 1997, although it wasn't directly responsible.And it was found out and revealed at the inquest that what happened was largely down to the paparazzi. But, having said that, William encountered a certain amount of harassment from Fleet Street's finest whenever he went on holiday with his mother to the Virgin Virgin virgin island. There was always a boat with frach ers they will be very keen to protect Baby Cambridge from anything like. That I think the British press will stand off quite definitely, they won't want to upset the apple cart. But they will try to protect him as much as possible. But once he goes out into the wide world to kindergarten, to schooling, is anybody's game but there are laws in this country that you cannot photograph minors under the age of 16 without parental consent. He will be better off than William and Harry were when they were that age.Recent changes in the law means it would have made no difference to the succession if the royal baby had been a boy or a girl. The baby would still have been third in line to the throne. As it turns out the new law won't be put to the test.It was a pregnancy in the public eye, there was no hiding away from the cameras, and royal duties continued for the Duchess of Cambridge until the final weeks. Wherever she went, the gifts, the questions, the chat had been of the baby. She gave little away.The new baby on board.With this great grand mother in her 61st Year on the throne and his grand father and father ahead of him in the line of succession, it will be some time before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son is king.In the past, there was a formality to the royal birth announcements, much has changed.After Prince William was born at Saint Mary's hospital, his father spoke to the media.How is Lady Di?She is very well.Was it a very painful experience.Have you had a baby inNo, I haven't.I should bait wand and see.From the moment the new prince appeared on the hospital steps, it was clear his upbringing would be different, less formal.William will now be fiercely protective of his wife and child. But controlling the level of interest from the public and the media is problematic.The Duke and
Duchess of probably say we know people are interest ed in probably say we interest ed in this child interest ed in this child but we don't want them set upon, we don't want them frighten and we don't want them in any way don't want them in any way to not think they can't live a really ordinary, happy childhood.The Duchess of Cambridge's childhood memories are of a strong family unit in rural Berkshire. Royal life appears not to have dim inirned that bond and there is speculation that after the birth the duchess will return home to mum for a few weeks.William's childhood broke with tradition by royal standards there was greater freedom, it was more normal, less restraint. He is likely to want the same for his son.A little boy who one day will be king.We will leave our coverage of the royal baby there again and let's move on to some of the other stories. Last week's riot by asylum seekers on Nauru has left the detention centre there in ruins. And Australian taxpayers facing a damage bill of at
least $60 million. So far there's been little ex-thanation as to why the trouble erupted or how it was allowed to run out of control. The ABC can reveal that riot was the culmination of months of growing tension and unheeded warnings that the situation was about to explode. This report from '7:30''s Connor Duffy.It's a remote island detention centre, thousands of kilometres away from Australian eyes and scrutiny.And behind the walls, trouble has been brew ing since the centre reopened in September last year to cater for a new surge in asylum seekers who were there when I was asylum seekers.The asylum
seekers was on Nauru were involved in all sorts was on Nauru all sorts of expressions of their frustration. all sorts of expressions their frustration. Everything
from huge levels of depression and self-harm even through to voluntary starvation demonstrations and protest action, occasionally that would break out in physical efrmg pretions of frustration in violence and things like that, even down to lip sewing and all sort of horrific behaviour which is sourced from a place of vulnerability and immense frustration.Detainees have made their frustration known, rare footage cap during one of many protests.Audio smuggle ed to refugee advocates records the sound of another.

the sound of another. flown into Nauru.Hundreds of asylum seeker s have been charged after causing tense of millions of dollars of damage.On Friday night, the centre exploded into violenceks unprecedented on Nauru with the accommodation gutted by fire and rocks thrown at guards.An eyewitness describes a terrifying clash. terrifying clash.

Absolutely seen this before and I'm aware of colleagues of mine who had that same concern that we saw leading up to the March 2011 riots on Christmas Island and inville ode they were concerned the same thing was about to happen at the regional processing centre. It was Nauru and I know some of my colleagues were also concerned about this sort of eventual ality.Mark Isaacs was one of a team of Salvation Army officers provided humanitarian support to detainees on the island. For months, he and others have been warning conditions were so bad a riot could break out at any time.As shocked as we are, we time.As shocked feel it was time.As shocked as we are, feel it was an incident was inevitable, considering the conditions that the men are conditions that the men kept in and the past events that have kept in and the that have occurred in Nauru.He's broken ranks with the organisation speaking for 25 Salvation Army officers who have served on Nauru.In the past 10 many months there have been a number of incidents - incidences, two riots, two up risings that I was present for. I've witnessed a man suffer a psychotic episode within the camp and not be treated for three days.This deterioration of mental health plays a large part in the incidents that have occurred.There's been a building tension within the camp, building frustration ever since we first arrived.Police have used tear gas to break up a demonstration -Federal Police say they can control the centre -The Government has seen the exact same tensions explode before. It was in March 2011 that the detention centre on Christmas Island went up in flames.Insiders could see the same danger looming among detainees on Nauru.The situation seemed to be very, if not identical, obviously the isolation of Manus and Nauru and Nauru had a very and does have a very small police service and it was my indications that the AFP had not deployed to Manus or to Nauru island.AFP officer target Brendan Thompson who is currently on unpaid sick was stood down for writing to the AFP Commissioner ahead of the Christmas Island riots to warn of the looming danger there.In August last year, Thomson's lawyers wrote to the Home Affairs Minister warning the same thing would happen on Nauru and that the Government needed to -

Brendan Thomson's letter received a brief dismissive reply. '7:30' has obtained an email sent to the Immigration Department after a clash at the detention centre last October asking for 40 settings of riot gear, including shields and helmets.We have put some thought to sourcing equipment that is flexible and not as confronting as the more protraditional riot equipment. In particular the use of a soft shield that minimise s harm to the user or the client is a good step forward.The email also cast doubt on the ability of Nauru police to respond to a riot.As.

There are riot.As. services who felt that equipment like that was required to maintain good order at a centre like the regional processing centre on Nauru.As far as you're aware, was this equipment ever delivered?when I had arrived it hant arrived there.7:30 has learned the Immigration Department approved the purchase in December but seven months later it still hadn't arrived on Nauru. In any case AFP riot specialist sergeant Brendan Thomson says the soft field shields were not the right equipment but were better than anything.That is very basic order and to use that use of force you need a lot of people to make that effective.So that is the first point.Today it was revealed Nauru's Australian Police Commissioner was suspended during the riot by the acting President in a dispute over allow ing young men to help police. '7:30' understands a text message was sent to locals a and the protest only subsided when they re - reinforced police lines.I think that is endemic of an absolute catastrophic file u Failure of stage
law and order to get to the stage where there's almost a call to arms.The Salvation Army officers who served on the island believed detainees are being demonised in the aftermath.This is why we spoke out. We fear that the 150 men who are now detained in a Nauruan prison that a large majority of them may not have acteded in any criminal form and we fear that these men will and we fear that not be given and we fear that these men not be given proper access to legal representation.Target
Brendan Thomson says it's time there Brendan there was a permanent AFP presence there was a presence in depss.I jus - presence in depss.I jus defrnss.I just don't understand at this stage the defrnss.I just amount of damage of cost understand at this stage amount of damage of cost to the
Australian taxpayer amount of damage of seeing uniform police maintaining and establishing or re-establishing the rule of law and law and order in the detention centres where it clearly has not been able to be maintained by the service providers.He fears that without it the Government's Papua New Guinea solution will also go up in flames.Australia is probably the biggest richest nation in the Pacific and Nauru is probably one of the most poorest nations. I think Australia handed them a grenade without the pin and what's happened over the weekend is indicative of potentially what we may see in Manus and what we saw on Christmas Island. Connor Duffy with that report. Let's go to sport now. Amanda, with the first two Tests in shambles, Australia's looking to the third.Not panicking as well. Keeping positive. Usman Khawaja says Australia has the players capable of winning the Ashes. England leads the series 2-o 0 - 2-0 and James Pattinson has been ruled out of the final three Tests due to a back injury.But Khawaja says all isn't lost for the tourists.I think the guys know that we have a very good team and if we can perform the way we know we can perform and do it right, then there's no reason why we can't beat England.Grandstand cricket commentator Jim Maxwell cricket claimed Cricket Australia for priertd ise ing Twenty20s over priertd ise Tests.What are they doing to invest in Tests.What are they doing invest in Test cricket? Why don't we just give up Test cricket and play T 20 all the time? That is what the people are thinking when they look at the way time? That is what the the way the game is promoted, the players are paid, the rewards, the whole lot, it's all skewed.Liverpool captain Stephen Gerard says he's recovered from shoulder injury sourjry and will be fit to play in tomorrow's exhibition match against Melbourne Victory. The game is sold out at the MCG. Former Reds player Australian Craig Johnston addressed the Victory players at train and admits he has divided loyaltyings.I love what Ange does, and they're great lads. This is their cup final and for Liverpool it's a preseason friendly. So I did say first time ever I wish that you'd beat my team.Across town, former Liverpool players Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler put on a clinic for local youngsters.One of Australia's greatest all-round cyclists Stuart O'Grady has announced his retirement. The 39-year-old six time Olympian made the announcement just a day after finishing his record equalling 17th Tour de France.O'Grady twice claimed individual stage victories on the tour as well as two team time trial wins including this year with GreenEDGE. The Adelaide born cyclist has been linked to a role with the Tour Down Under which he won twice during his career. Australia has won its first gold medal at the international Paralympic champ fr yos. Evan O'Hanlon broke the record on his way to gold in the 100 m T 38 class for athletes with cerebral palsy cerebral palsy.There silver in the T3 4 wheelchair 200m and Rose mayor little won in the T3 4 wheelchair 100m. Adelaide midfielders Robin Van Persie says he's un - Nathan van Berlo is unfazed by calls for him to be replaced. He admits he n b been out of form for much of this season but insists speculation about the captaincy is not affecting people.People are going to be entitled to their opinions, it's been like that for me the whole way through to be honest. That is probably made me grow thick er skin and realise some people around 2 footy club and the team-mates that matter most to me.Port Adelaide's Tom Joanus has accepted a 3-match ban.And the Australian women's water polo China 14-5 in water polo team has downed China 14-5 in its second group came China 14-5 came at the world championships in Barcelona.Turning to our toptor Story in Barcelona.Turning toptor Story - the new prince was one of hundreds of thousands of children born around the world include ing many in Australia.While it's more likely the royal offspring will lead a life free of money troubles it is not the case for many of the babieses of 2013. Prince William and Catherines newborn was one of almost 400,000 children born and the world today.One of these new rivals was Reilly Grant Styles, born at 8 pounds and almost 3 ounces to Alesha Short and Jake Styles in Sydney's Royal Women's Hospital this morning.Everyone is like you might get the baby the same day as the princess and you can't of don't think about it too much. You are more interested in the arrival of your own.It's good timing.The first time parents were long aware that their child should share a birthday with the future tyre the British throne:He is definitely our little prince.It's been an exciting time in maternity wards across the koufrnts ry as well. Ryley Styles like other blaibies born in Australia today is ex-Prime Minister-elected to live until they're 82 years old.That is a little longer than Prince of Cambridge and those in the UK, who are expected to live to just over 80.Japan ranks the highest among the Asian nations, and third best overall
behind Monaco and macaw, with Japanese kids expected to grow up and live to more than 84 up and live to years olds.The US on the other hand falls behind much of the developed world with American babies expected to live to just over 78.5. But still the most pessimistic outlook is for those babies born in Africa. In Uganda, they make it past their mid-50s.That is 28 years less than their Australian counterparts.One out of 19 babies die before their first birthday and one out of every 11 baby s die before their birth fifth birthday. All of these babies are dying of preventable diseases.Experts say high mortality rates in other parts of the world should not be forgot glen the midst of the royal baby celebrations. Every child that's born really we should treat as royalty. Every birth is magic.We shoumd use this moment of celebration with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to say let's really step up our commitments to say no baby is born and then dies from a preventable disease.But how to adress the gaps in life expect ansy rates around the world is a question these newborns can leave for another day.You've the World on a night when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have thanked hospital staff for their care and understanding following the birth of their son and the heir to the British throne. You will find details and more on our website. You can keep up to date on Twitter as well.You will find me there too.I will be back with the national headlines in just a moment. Stay with us.

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Captioned Live. The top stories from ABC News - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a statement thanking hospital staff for their care and understanding after the birth of their baby boy. The three are not expected to depart the hospital for at least another five hours as Europe correspondent Mary Gearin reports.There's been clarification from Kensington Palace that in fact the young family will not be making an appearance any time soon despite the fierce speculation that was happening in the press back pack. They are not likely to come down until 6pm local time or 3am in Australia. Also what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said is that they would like to thank the staff at the Lindo Wing and the whole hospital for care they've received. They know it's been a busy period for the hospital and the spokesman for the palace has said that everyone is doing well this morning. The