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(generated from captions) You are watching a special
1-hour edition of Seven News, celebrating the birth
of the Prince of Cambridge. Let's return to Melissa Doyle
outside Buckingham Palace. Mel, it's around 9:30am there.
Any sign of the proud parents? Chris, undoubtedly they're awake,
and I'm sure the baby is, but at this stage
they've made no appearance, though we could see
other members of the royal family popping in for a visit -
Prince Harry, perhaps. He and Kate's sister Pippa Middleton are tipped to be named
as godparents. Harry, by the way,
has been bumped to fourth in line for the throne by the new baby,
but I'm sure he won't mind. There's speculation
Kate and the baby might actually
leave the hospital today and return to their home
at Kensington Palace. There is precedent for that - Princess Diana
left the same hospital within 24 hours of the births
of both William and Harry. But there's no rush,

unless you count
the $8,000-a-night cost of Kate and William's suite
at St Mary's Lindo Wing!

Fingers crossed they will leave soon.

Every baby is treated like royalty, even more so
for babies born around the same time as William and Catherine's
bundle of joy. Some Sydney families have today
been celebrating their new arrivals, giving them
something in common with the royals. Born early this morning
and weighing just under 3.8 kilos - a little boy. No, not that boy in London
the world's talking about. The one in Randwick Alyssha and Jake
can't keep their eyes off. Pretty overwhelming, you know,
something that you've made yourself, and they're perfect. Riley Styles shares even more
with the future king - keeping his mum waiting too. It's hard enough to be overdue, let alone overdue
with everybody watching you. They're the Sydney babies who will grow up
with the Prince of Cambridge. There's a new little prince
in Penrith too. Sarah Baxter's fifth child
has a royal name - Will. Lots of people were saying,
who will go first, me or Kate? But they ended up going
on the same day. For many of the parents here,
this is a very special private time, but they know that's different to what William and Kate
are experiencing on the other side of the world. The boy prince shares a birthday with former 'Home and Away' actress
Sharni Vinson, actors Willem Dafoe
and Danny Glover, Savage Garden's Daniel Jones and another young royal - 11-year-old Prince Felix of Denmark,
eighth in line to the Danish throne. There's debate, though, about whether the newborn
is a Cancer or a Leo - born right on the cusp. He'll be a lovely little boy. Very home and family oriented,
just what they need. Someone who'll stick by the royalty,
a traditionalist. News of the royal birth
has made headlines around the world. After staking out St Mary's Hospital
for almost three weeks, the media's big moment had arrived. American networks
went into overdrive when details of the prince's arrival
were confirmed. She's in labour. For a country that went to war
to be free of the British monarchy, Americans can't seem to get enough
of the Royal Family. It's on.
It's on. This is what we've been waiting for. For weeks, the great Kate baby wait
has captivated the US media, even if there wasn't always
a lot to report. WHOOPI GOLDBERG:
That is a live shot. We're looking live at a door. (LAUGHTER) WOMAN: Kate did go into labour
during a full moon. Prince William was the first royal
baby to use disposable diapers, and, presumably, this baby will too. How could you have lived
without knowing this and I have more but I'll shut up. It left some Americans wishing
for a bit of British honesty. Plenty more to come from here,
of course, none of it news because that will come
from Buckingham Palace but that won't stop us. After all
the breathless speculation, confirmation of the birth
drew gasps. Brooke, Brooke.. Yes. ..Brooke. Her Royal Highness,
the Duchess of Cambridge, was safely delivered of a son... (GASPS) 4:24pm, local time. Finally, something to celebrate. Woo!

Kate, I have to ask you,
how are you feeling? It was a rather long delivery. Well, actually,
I've got my figure back already. Don't you notice. Cheers to the new king. The bubbly was flowing at this
English-themed pub in Los Angeles. I wanted a queen, but I'm happy,
I'm very happy, I'm excited. He's healthy.

Americans have been fascinated
with the British royals ever since Princess Diana. William and Catherine's tour here
after they were married cemented their affection. Now Americans are hoping
for another visit, for the couple to show off
the future king. Most of us in the US
would love to say hello. In the meantime, this new mum
has some advice for Kate. It's a lot of work,
not too much sleep. but, you know, it's rewarding,

A former royal bodyguard
is already worried about the level of security
that will be required to protect the future king. But, for the moment, it's more about
the celebrations of the new arrival. (TRUMPETS BLARE) Everyone,
the royal baby has just been born. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) A patient world has been rewarded,
with one prince fathering another and the British, as we know,
are sticklers for tradition including the time-honoured custom
of rushing down to the pub to wet the baby's head. Cheers.

Did you expect
to meet Prince William when you sat down here today? No.

I'm here to celebrate,
with everyone, the birth of my new child. Because that's what Prince William
would do. Exactly. He's a commoner. He would come to a local pub
and celebrate. Celebrate with everyone. OK, so this is not
really Prince William but we're sure
he's somewhere tonight toasting the birth of his baby boy while Kate is resting
after a textbook 12-hour labour. (CHANTING) It's a boy! It's a boy!
It's a boy! London celebrated
in a non-stop party, welcoming
the third in line to the throne - a future king. So, every baby that's born today that shares its birthday
with the royal baby, will get one of these? It's a specially minted silver penny
to commemorate the royal birth. Jo Carr from The Royal Mint. The long tradition of being given
to babies for good luck, for health, wealth, happiness. You're meant to cross your palm
with a silver penny. But there is a serious undercurrent
to all the frivolity. The ever-present issue of security. Well, the baby
is the greatest security risk than either of its two parents. Third in line to the throne
and totally defenceless. Ken Wharfe was
Princess Diana's trusted bodyguard. He even remembers Prince William's
first day at school. I remember his first day
very clearly, age five. Every single day after school,
checked by the bomb squad for bombs. That is a national
security proportion and that hasn't changed and will apply to his children
when they go to school. So, will it have a security guard
from birth? Unfortunately, for that baby, that child is going to have security
from the very beginning of its life right through the end of its life. The young prince
will be constantly monitored, not just for his security,
but also his wardrobe. It would be incredible for us. You cannot buy
that kind of exposure. Particularly
on the international stage, it would be fantastic for us. Would you send something like this
to Kate? Of course, absolutely.
And hope. And hope and pray that he wears it. With the birth of a boy, designers will be banging
on the palace doors with their latest offerings
fit for a prince. Barny Edis from
UK children's label No Added Sugar. When I first heard about
the royal baby, obviously we were very excited
for the country. And then, obviously, my thoughts
turned to more commercial values. Whenever Kate showcases a frock,
an adoring crowd follows. And even though it's a boy - a gender less known
for its fashion sense - Barny predicts the royal baby
will have the same touch. Whatever that baby will wear
for the first time, let's hope that company
has a lot of stock because that will just fly
off the shelves. Our most popular products mainly
have been the little baby clothes. They're so cute. Other companies are already
cashing in on royal baby fever. CafePress is an online website
that sells memorabilia. Operations manager
Elizabeth Detarding. The most popular design
that we've printed so far has been 'royal baby fever' so I guess that sort of encompasses
the social environment out there that everyone is jumping on
with excitement. As the celebrations continue, Ken reminds us
of the privileged life this baby prince will lead and the lack of privacy it faces. The point is
the royals aren't normal so to have a normal life
is almost an impossibility.

Sport next with Jim Wilson, and the Dragons aren't too happy
with the Bunnies? Chris, it was a great comeback
by the Red V but Roy Asotasi's tactics
have hit a nerve. Coming up, what crisis? Sharks players and support staff
in ASADA's sights but Cronulla unites. Plus, Reds mania, and a Seven News exclusive
with a Liverpool superstar. And the chase is on - wait till you see what happens next.

G'day everyone Daniel gibson here
in Canberra and the day was a little better without the
wind we made it 13 today. Tomorrow, wide spread frost
then a fine and sunny day tops around 14 for Cnaberra
queanbeyan tuggernaong and yass 13 Be a
fresh one for Coma too with 12 and if your headin to the
coast 16 at batemans bay. Ifyour up ath the
snow, perisher tomorrow

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Blake Ferguson's been cleared
to play again after facing
indecent assault allegations and could return
against former team-mate Josh Dugan when the Raiders tackle the Dragons
on Saturday. Meantime,
Sharks skipper Paul Gallen denies he ever tried to do a deal
with ASADA over drug allegations. He was all smiles as the Sharks hosted
some of their special-needs fans but Paul Gallen's not happy
at claims he was among a group of Sharks who
considered doing a deal with ASADA. I think the criticism of Paul today
is way over the top and unfair. I never went to broker any deal
with ASADA. I never had any interview
with ASADA. Never spoke to ASADA at all. But Gallen and all players
at the Sharks in 2011 will talk to ASADA from Monday with club football boss Steve Noyce
confident they are innocent
of doping allegations. Based upon the information
I've seen, I'm happy
to continue to support them. It's not just the players here. Former Sharks now with other clubs
say an end to this whole drugs saga
can't come soon enough for rugby league. We want to sorta
get it over and done with and push it aside
so us boys can play footy. The Tigers know their former winger
Pat Richards can play, that's why they're bringing him back
from Wigan where he landed
a sensational field goal overnight. COMMENTATOR: I can't believe it. And here's a beautiful little bundle
of rugby league royalty. Freya Gower was born this afternoon
to Craig Gower and wife Amanda. Their princess conceived
when he was at the London Broncos. Roy Asotasi has escaped sanction
for his cannonball tackle, but not the fury of Dragons players. The Bunnies prop
was placed on report in last night's
shock golden-point loss, but today had no case to answer. You can see that it's coached
into a lot of sides. Rabbitohs are really good at it. They hold you up
and they take your time and, the last second, they come in
and hit your legs. And the season is over,
and possibly his career, for Matt Cooper, suffering a pectoral muscle injury. The Bunnies' lead
is back to one game, then comes the Roosters, Storm
and Sea Eagles. The Bulldogs are sixth
on the ladder. And our league insider,
Laurie Daley, tipped five out of six missing on the Dragons last night. Thousands of Liverpool fans
will be at the MCG for tonight's open training session. Supporters are painting Melbourne
red ahead of tomorrow night's clash with the Victory and Liverpool
legend Steven Gerrard has told Seven News
he is a certain starter. Yeah, I'll be involved. I've got some blister concerns
that I have to manage and take care of. I'm very confident I'll be fit
and available for tomorrow night. Liverpool great Craig Johnston
gave a rev-up to Melbourne Victory this morning ahead of the historic game. Live and exclusive coverage
of the big match on 7mate from 7pm tomorrow night. Now check out this ugly brawl The pair were former
Olympic partners for Thailand. One of the players required stitches
after being hit with a racquet. The Badminton World Federation
is investigating. We'll cross back to London shortly

James Pattinson is out of the Ashes, with back problems. I am happy not to talk cricket, I am happy to talk Liverpool.Fair enough.

We'll cross back to London shortly for the latest
on the royal arrival, plus Sarah with Sydney's weather. Also, evacuations
after a fuel tanker crashes, spilling its load. And a security nightmare
on the Pope's first overseas trip.

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The New England Highway at Maitland
has reopened after a fuel tanker crashed
early this morning. The driver was heading north when his truck,
loaded with 47,000 litres of fuel, rolled over. Fire crews managed to contain
the leak to just 200 litres. A nearby takeaway store
was evacuated and the highway was closed
in both directions for most of the day. The driver escaped uninjured. In the wake of
the Defence Force Skype scandal, Australia's military bosses have
adopted a new approach for the reporting
of sexual misconduct. Men and women can now contact
a specialised office, confidentially reporting
their experiences outside the chain of command. It was the 2010 Skype scandal in which a cadet streamed images
of sex with a female cadet that prompted this review
of how women are treated in the ADF and how they ought to be. Good progress has been made,
but more work needs to be done. Some who did report incidents were
not getting the support they needed and were often re-traumatised
by the system. They'll no longer report
to their senior officer. Instead, a prevention and response office
will focus on caring for them first, rather than investigating. The victim, not the system,
will now decide if, and when, to report a matter
for investigation. There is clear evidence that ADFA
is working to improve its culture. What is less clear is why the army
had promoted a number of men, named as people of interest in the ADF's
Jedi Council sex scandal. General David Hurley says it would have been improper
to investigate those men in case it interfered
with the police investigation. And it wasn't until March this year and informed us of the situation that we took action. Last night, we reported
the ADF had already found none of its officers had forwarded
the offensive material - a conclusion, police claim,
was deliberately misleading. I'm absolutely satisfied
with the conduct and the actions taken by the
defence leadership in this matter. General David Morrison
did suspend eight men as soon as he found out. Problem is, the same evidence
he used to form that opinion apparently wasn't good enough
for defence investigators to even find a case to answer
two years ago. Thousands of nurses across the state
will stop work tomorrow as part of their campaign
over staffing levels. Live to political reporter
Lee Jeloscek at State Parliament. Lee, how will it affect patients? Chris, the advice for patients booked in for elective surgery
tomorrow is to check with your hospital. The Health Minister says
it's unlikely to have any impact on emergency
or the majority of operations, but it's best to make sure. The association says
it has no choice but to strike, with nurses from 180 hospitals
statewide expected to walk off the job. They want guaranteed ratios - one for every four patients
in general wards and one nurse for
every three patients in emergency. There will be thousands of nurses
on strike tomorrow. This is unfortunate
that we are at this point, but clearly
the O'Farrell government believes it can continue to ignore the nurses
of New South Wales. Industrial Relations Minister
Mike Baird is disappointed with the strike, he says the government
has hired an extra 4,000 nurses in the past two years. Chris.

A security nightmare
has confronted Pope Francis on his arrival in Brazil. He was forced to stop several times as thousands of pilgrims
swarmed his motorcade as it made its way
through the streets of Rio. City officials say the route
was changed without notice. Several people were able
to touch the 76-year old, who shook hands and kissed babies. A homemade bomb has also been found
at a shrine due to be visited by Pope Francis
on Wednesday. Here's Sarah with Sydney's weather. Chris, this morning was Sydney's
coldest morning in 10 months thanks to the clear skies
and low humidity. Today, at 6:45am,
the temperature dipped to just 7.1. It reached 18 this afternoon. Campbelltown was, again,
the coldest spot though. It was fine and sunny
to begin with today. But the winds turned more southerly
in the afternoon bringing in a bit of cloud. From the satellite, but that has moved out to sea. While a southerly change
is producing very isolated showers over southern
New South Wales. Tomorrow, a large high will generate
stable conditions across much
of central to eastern Australia, including New South Wales. Though we could see the odd shower
along the coast thanks to the onshore winds. Interstate - warm in Darwin. Fine in Brisbane. A possible morning shower
in Melbourne. Conditions will be pretty rough
out on the water tomorrow. A dangerous surf warning
has been issued.

Sydney will get down to nine degrees
overnight. Tomorrow will feel quite chilly. And we could see the odd
very light shower near the coast. The fresh and gusty southerlies
will bring us a cold and cloudy day. just the small chance
of a brief coastal shower. 17 degrees in most spots.

But it will feel colder
thanks to the wind chill. Looking ahead - Sydney's weather is staying dry
all week with temperatures creeping
into the 20s again on Sunday and Monday. Chris. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - we'll go back to Mel live as we await a glimpse
of the new prince.


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Welcome back to Seven's continuing
coverage of the royal baby. This is a live shot of the door
at the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital. We're hearing William and Catherine
could soon be leaving with the Prince of Cambridge for the short journey
back to Kensington Palace. Let's go to Seven's Mike Amor
who is there. Mike, any sign yet
of William and Kate and their baby?

No sign yet, Chris, but a lot of movement. They have put up extra barricades and the police presence has certainly step up. There is a real sense that something could happen very soon. We were given any indication that perhaps it may happen around 7pm your time. No guarantees are given how many of these royal predictions have gone wrong, but there is a real sense we could see them very soon, much in the same way that we saw Charles and Diana bring out baby Prince William 31 years ago. So much excitement here, and compared to 31 years ago, a lot more cameras. There are several hundred cameras here waiting for their first look at this young Prince. They will pause, we think, on the steps of the window wing, ever so briefly, because they're going to be protective of this newborn baby. Perhaps they may something -- says something very quickly. We may even allow his name. We are not sure, but we think we may learn his name today. Then they will jump into that kind and speed off to Kensington Palace, where they are staying in the Nottingham cottage. They will do what on your parents do, I guess, and bond with her baby boy. Keep your eye on that tour. It could happen any moment. A lot of excitement here, a lot of buzz building, a bigger crowd yesterday, which is hard to believe. -- a bigger crowd then yesterday. I think all the eyes of the world are here on that tour.Yes, the most watched or in the world. Mother said Doyle is still outside Buckingham Palace. How why the local media reporting the rival? Can you imagine, the printers would have been poised, waiting to find out. I have got some papers I can share with you. The Daily Star, it is a boy. I like the 'Daily Mirror', are little prince. All of them were ready to go, ready to fire up. Their son is quite nice. With this lovely announcement. This is the notice that was put up on the easel behind me at Buckingham Palace last night. Everybody was Russian, the crowds were they to get a glimpse of it and see it for real. -- rushing it. There are lots of double-page spreads and souvenir editions, etcetera. I imagine they will all go to town again once we know the name, and we will get that first photo that might is waiting for. So, yes, a lot of excitement. People are still gathered around waiting for the news.Is it unusual for a lot of people to be there behind you, or are they just there for the changing of the guard?A bit of bite, I think. Of course, there are always tourists around Buckingham Palace for photographs. The changing of the guard begins in about one hour, which is a regular occasion every single day. But we have had a heatwave in London for the past 10 days, so the temperatures have been hovering around 30 degrees, which is quite warm for London. Last night, just as we were coming off air for Sunrise, there was an absolutely torrential downpour. Everybody left, but they are all back now. It is pretty muddy, everybody is out and about, and it is a bit of a fun atmosphere. Cars are driving past Hocking that haunts, waving flags, doubling out and suggesting names. Everybody is waiting to find out. Is the Royal motors of the baby on the easel still there? A good question.I am not sure my eyesight is that good. I am assuming it is. There is the changing of the guard, I guess I was wrong about it being one hour away. There are still so many people. There are cameras everywhere. I suppose it is still there. A lovely sense of occasion here. BT Tower, we saw that last night lit up with the announcement. Beau Waters in Trafalgar Square turned blue, as they did when Prince William was born. I am assuming that if it is anything like some of the people I have met in the past week, who were hedging their bets with pink and blue balloons, and Margaret, who is the biggest royal collector in the universe, with 10,000 pieces of china and everything else you can imagine, she did both options. She had pig bones and blue balloons ready to go, and was busting to work out which ones to let off. -- pink balloons.Any suggestions in the newspapers about the name? There is a fair amount of speculation here.The front-runner is that we have heard, I love the speculation, they are talking about the fact that he is a Cancer, and what that means. They are saying he will be a lovely, gentle monarch. Astrologist suggest he will be a sensitive monarch with a streak of iron. -- iron. Caring and tenacious, with natural leadership skills. They think he could make the ideal king. George and James are certainly the front-runners. According to this one, Charles is also a contender. Even King Francis, they have here, if the family follows Kate's tradition. But some of those crazy ones we heard, they have not been mentioned around here very much.We will leave you at Buckingham Palace. We return to the hospital with Mike Amor. We are hearing that the departure of the new prints from the hospital is imminent. What are you hearing?Yes, keep an eye on that tour. Also, a good clue that something may be about to happen will be when the car, the official car, pulls up at the front, ready to take the new family back to Kensington Palace. Spare a thought for this little baby. Not even 24 hours old, and it is going to have its first photograph taken. Multiple times, thousands of times. And that is going to be the start of a lifetime of this, as he eventually becomes the King of England. Also spare a thought for Kate. She has just gone