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P Hello, I'm jaems McHale and thanks for joining me. Today - the newest member of the British royal family.

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News of the royal birth met with celebrations an tributes from around the world.I think all Australians at the bottom of their hearts wish the royal bub all the best and certainly wish the new parents all the best as well.The Defence Force sets up an independent office outside the chain of command to handle complaints of sexual abuse. Australian scientists planning new techniques to help in the battle against breast cancer and a 72 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton gradually emerges from the Mexican desert.

ItIt's been a long wait but finally 2 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had their baby, a boy. Prince William says he and his wife could not be happier. The baby weighing 3.8 kilograms was born in the early hours of this morn, our time, before 4:30 in the afternoon in London.For the baby!For the baby.Crowds outside the hospital erupted with joy at news of the baby prince.Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you -A girl had been the popular preference before the birth but there was no disappointment here.Is it really a boy?Wow! Amazing.Congratulations to William and Kate and it's great.Couldn't wait to get down here. Literally I pulled up and they were like it's hear and I was like no!News of the birth of the Prince of Cambridge was first announced by a press release.It's boy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a son weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces.4:24pm, that's the latest that we're hearing as we are looking at these pictures from Buckingham Palace.It is an important moment in the life of our nation but I suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who have got a brand new baby boy.Then the official bulletin of the birth was delivered the old fashioned way to Buckingham Palace.Although the bulletin was carrying the flues that everyone knew it carries that extra bit of theatre for this royal birth. The wlin was decision played in front of growing crowds and good wishes came from around the world, including some realms that may well see this baby reign as king.I think all Australians at the bottom of their hearts wish the royal bub all the best and certainly wish the new parents all the best as well.Prarltion said he and his wife were overjoyed at the arrival of his first Groote Eylandt. In a statement, - grand child. In a statement Prince William said he and his wife would not be happier. So begins a new chapter for the House of Windsor.So what present do you give a royal baby? The PM Kevin Rudd has a few ideas about what Australia will sends:What we have decided to do as a disboft provide ad 10,000 grant to the research program at Taronga Park zoo for the bilby and this will be in honour of the new baby prince.Further more, we will name the enclosure for the bilby after the prince subject to the agreement of the Taronga Park zoo authorities and the Premier might come along with that.Thirdly, I don't know if the royal family would need this, but we will probably give them a free pass to Taronga Park zoo as well. In terms of cute and cuddly toys, it will be a cute and cuddly bilby we will be sending off to London soon with a copy of of Mem fox's book and we will think if other gifts are appropriate for the nation as large.For the first time Defence Force personnel who are introduced will be able to take their complaints to an independent office that will provide them with support. Operating outside the chain of command, the new unit will will allow incidents have been reported confidentially.The Defence Force is making progress in change s its culture.TheThe reporting of allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual behaviour to be made by Defence Force personnel outside of the chain of command.Restricted reporting, confidential reporting outside the chain of command.It became apparent to me and my team that victims of sexual assault and sexual misconduct were not reporting incidents and as such were not getting the support they needed. The shame associated with being a victim of a sexual ly 46 related matter together with a culture of not reporting, not complaining meant that these Victoria I ims were often dealing with a terrible trauma, silent ly and alone.The victim, not the system, will now decide if and when to report a matter for investigation.Over time, I am optimistic that with the right support people will build trust and confidence to take that action.The PM has struck another agreement on school funding bringing almost two-thirds of the nation's student s into his scheme. Catholic school also get an extra $1.6 billion through the agreement. Kevin Rudd says it will benefit almost 700,000 students in the Catholic system.This is a big slice of Australia's education. One-fifth of the kids in school are at Australian Catholic schools and that is why this agreement with the Catholic school system has been so important to roll out the better schools plan across the nation.Mr Rudd is negotiating with Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, one of four leaders who still haven't agreed to the Government's better schools plan.New pictures have emerged of the damage caused by last Friday's asylum seeker riots in Nauru. Most of the Australian run detention centre was burnt to the ground during a riot involving more than a00 asylum seekers. The damage bill estimated to be 60 million dollars. Nauru's resident magistrate says 152 men have been detain and will start facing court tomorrow. He says some could be charged with arson which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. The Immigration Minister Tony Burke says those responsible for the unrest will not be coming to Australia any time soon.Nauru, the situation there has been complicated very much compared to what I was hoping to do. There were some people who may well have found they were going to come back to Australia at different points.They were all prethe announcement obviously, already in Nauru. But it's been a fundamental change now because now I am not just applying a test of refugee status, I am a

Plying a character test as well. I have very strong views about how that sort of activity reflects on character. On individual casis I will wait until I see individual briefs and in the meantime the criminal law of Nauru will also take its course and I am certain ly not removing anyone from Nauru while there are criminal investigations going on.Tony Burke also criticised the Federal Opposition's call force asylum seekers to be moved to man use Island straight away. The Immigration Minister says asylum seekers who have arrived since the deal with Papua New Guinea was announced last Friday will be sent to Manus Island only after their immunised for tropical disease. But the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says they should already be on their way.Since Mr Rudd announced this deal on Friday night, several hundred people have come illegally by boat, not a single one of them has so far gone to Manus Island.And if Mr Rudd is serious about intimidating the people smugglers an their customers, people have got to be leaving for Manus Island now.People have got to be leaving for Manus Island now, and it's absolutely clear that no-one is going to Manus any time soon, which is why I say that whatever the merits in any arrangement that this Government enters into you simply can't trust them to put it into practice.Federal Labor has lost ground in the latest opinion poll. The Newspoll published in the 'Australian' shows the Coalition leading Labor 52% to 48% after preferences. The result is within the margin of error. The last two polls had the two major parties tide on 50% each.The Cunneen inquiry into child sexual abuse by clergy. Father James Fletcher was sentenced in 2004 for the sexual abuse of the victim who cannot be named. The priest died a year into his sentence. The inquiry has been running for seven weeks now but this is the first time we have heard directly from a victim. The sman now in his 30s and he was abused by for years by Father James Fletcher.He spoke about He spoke about the devastating impact it had on his family, all of whom are here to today to support him. Perhaps what stood out the most was when he thought he finally had the courage to go to someone and tell them about the suffering that the Church could stand up for him. But he said that didn't happen. Something that he elaborated more on outside the hearing.I thought they would say, yes, we know about it. I thought they would believe me up-front. I didn't envisage I would be hands standing here today wul a years later with a commission going on. Why do we need a commission at the end of the day to highlight the movements of priests? Shouldn't they just fess up and say this is what's happened 689In all in all a powerful piece of evidence. He spoke about years of depression, a suicide attempt, not being able to maintain relationships and jobs and he was very honest and raw. He said he's jealous of his brothers who have all gone on to pursue successful careers but he struggle as a result of the psychological trauma at the hands of this priest. At the end the Commissioner thanked him directly for giving him his evidence and said his courage places the blame squarely where it belongs. Former water polo champion Kelli Lane is a ing against her conviction and 13-year jail sentence for murdering her baby Tegan.Kelli Lane, who is now 38, looked happy and relambed as she scat Zat in the dock of the Supreme Court. She wavend a smiled at several family members and friends who were in the public fally. Her barrister told the court her trial wasn't fair because the jury who convicted her of murdering her daughter Tegan should have been given the option of alternative charges include ing manslaughter. He said Tegan Lane may have been killed but he said it might not have been intentionally. The barrister also criticised the crown prosecutor's sumg up of the case to the jury and he said the crown case for murder was based on circumstantial evidence. The barrister draw parallels in the case with aspects of the case of Gordon Wood, who was recently acquitted of murdersing model Carolyn Byrne. Kelli Lane always maintained she gave league Teaguian to the child's bio logical father, a man called and you Norris or Morris who has never come forward. Teaguant went missing a couple of days after being born and the crown case was that Kelli Lane murdered her baby because the baby would be a set back to her sporting am - ambitions. Kelli Lane has always maintained she's innocent and will continue to fight for her re release. Australian scientists have given new hope with women living with breast cancer. Sign tince at the Garvan Institute found women with the most common type of breast cancer has certain againatic change s, which take may make them resist ant to tamoxifen.IfAt the moment, many patients with breast cancer relapse within 15 years and eventually die from the disease. The results have just been published in an international medical journal.An international operation has been launched to collect and save the seeds of wild plants. Againetically related to some of our most important food crops. Scientists say it's crucial to protecting our future food supply from what they say could be the devastating impact of climate change. 25 countries are involved in the scheme, collecting seeds from 450 plant species.The landscape of northern Italy - an agricultural patchwork forged over millenia of human endeavour. Modern drops across the world have been bred to drive thrive in highly specific environmental conditions but if the climate changes as superspecialised crops they suffer or fail, as weather patterns shift.It is then a question of food security and the answer they not lie in intensively farm s areas but in wilder place brs the ancient an cessor s crops are still thriving. Places like this where we're told there's a treasure trove of untapped genetic material.In dozens of countries, then, the hunt is on for the wild ancestors of our most important food crops.The DNA of these seeds is most the original blue print and potentially the future of world farming. Here, wild relatives of wheat, oats and carrots.They contain characteristics that might help the crop adapt to climate change and other future scenario. They might have the gene for drought tolerance or tolerance against a certain pest of decease.: It's an untapped gold mine.The first job is to find examples of the 450 species on the global most wanted list. And then the painstaking work to collect the seed.It's a process which will engage scientists in dozens of countries around the world.I think it is important because in this way we can have a again at - genetic pool in order to have genetic material for breeders, for agriculture.For the future:For the future, yes, why not.Once collected, the needs are bagged and tagged and shipped out.And they arrive here at Q's mill ennium's seed bank. They're receiving shipments from Tonga to the Mexico, to form a global resource for breeders to create new robust food crops. There is urgency here. Human encroachment means some wild crop species are endangered. Their seeds must be taken now before it's too late.The skeleton of a dinosaur believed to be 72 million years old is being slowly unearthed at a desert dig in Mexico. For three weeks excavators have been carefully brushing away top layer of savend and gravel to reveal the vertebrae of the animal's 5 m tail ftThere are not many sites across the world where there are these types of discoveries. The most important thing at the mex cam level it's the first that's been discovered with this type of characteristic.The body of the Sinodinosaur is believed to be buried below. The species has not yet been identified.

The market struggled to extend above 5,000 today, despite a rise in commodity prices over night. The ASX 200 did close above that. A third of a per cent higher.

The man who sent a hoax press release that caused the share price of Whitehaven Coal to plummet has been grant bail after appearing in court. Jonathan Moylan was charged by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission with making a false and misleading statement. Tracey Kirkland is covering the case in Sydney. What happened in court today?Jonathan Moylan, the 25-year-old activist immediate a brief appearance at the local court today. He was flanked by around 50 quite noisy supporters who are behind his campaign to stop the expansion of the Whitehaven mine on the NSW north coast. As he said the corporate regulate or ASIC has charged Mr Moylan for making false and misleading statements after he sent a fake press release in January this year. The hoax was spesedly from the ANZ bank pulling its funding porthe expansion of the Whitehaven mine, the fake pretion release was reported as fact by the media and that wiped around $300 million from the company share price and forced them into a trading halt and that angered loads of even mum and dad shareholders.In court today Mr Moylan was quiet and after the short hearing his lawyer John Sutton spoke on huz be half. Mr Sutton said that the case was now bigger than Jonathan Moylan and was much more about saving the environment around Maules Creek malls.I imagine ASIC doesn't get involved in these allegations light lie. Why has the watch dog within so aggressive in the pursuit of this individual?That is right. There's been some speculation as to why ASIC are going so strong on this case when they're saying that other organisations and other companies have lost much more money for the shareholders. His lawyer John Sutton called it - said it was like a sledge ham tore a nult, it was really over the fop for ASIC to be pursuing this individual. The Australia Institute's doctor Richard Dennis also had something to say. He said ASIC really should have bigger fish to fry and they are just wasting taxpayers' money on this.In any case he has to Tais the law for what he did for that hoax press release and he will be back in court in September.A beef producers from across northern sauce are meeting today in Mount Isa and Indonesia's recent decision to increase the live cattle quota to our most important market is high on the ayevendsa.The ABC's reporter Pete lieu sis in Queensland's south-west.I'm in Mount Isa in Queensland's north-west where key stake holders from northern Australian beef industry are meet ing ed to today, a special forum to consider one of the toughest trading years they have had. With me is the executive director of the NT cattlemen's Association Luke Bowen. Can you recall when tow so many things were stacked against producer? I guess we've had a convergence of climate market and these are happen at the same time - political decision you can talk to people about the crash in the '70s which is comparable.Now, the industry's been speaking for the last couple of years since the closure of - the effective closure of the Indonesian trade about a circuit breaker. Is Kevin Rudd's trip to Jakarta the kind of circumstance yilt breaker the industry was looking for?We have a combination of things that have happened. There's been a number of things converge. We have seen obviously primarily the demand and supply in Indonesia has been one of the driving factors. We're seeing rma Dan, and that is - Ramadan and that is obviously driving a lot of the the reaction to alleviate what is some short-term issues: But we have to see a long-term solution to the demand supply equation in Indonesia.Australian opening bowler James Pattinson has been ruled out of the rest of the Ashes tour with a stress fracture of the lower back. The team doctor said Pattinson had hip and back sore s on ness. Scent scans revealed Pattinson has an early stage fracture.Newcastle will be without kaid Snowden - Kade Snowden for the clash on the wooblds.Snowden will miss two matches after taking the early plea having been charge ed with with running with a raised knee. The Australian anti-doping authority will resume interviews next week with 10 Cronulla players. Previous talks with NRL players were abandoned following debate over the level of cooperation from shrk Sharks forward Wade Graham in his interview. The NRL informed staff and players to take part in the process.After 19 years of professional cycling, Australian Stuart O'Grady has retire pd from the sport. The 39 end nrld ended 17th. He recorded three stage wins in the race and played a key role in Simon Gerrans's victory on stage three earlier this month. He also won an Olympic gold in@lean s in 2004.After Phil Mickelson's golf Open victory the American has move $to the second in the ranks. He is up three places to two behind Tiger Woods who remains at number one. Rory McIlroy dips from two to three while his woes continue while Scott Scott Scott stays at number four. Jason Day is number 19. John Tomic has been appear ed in a Madrid court over the alleged assault of Thomas Drouet.TheAnd former Australian world moat wroer GP champion Casey Stoner is paized to make a - poised to make a sensation al return to two wheels. It would be as part of Honda's test and development program for the 2014 season. Stoner famously quit motor cycling racing, saying he had been burnt out by the grind and was fed up with the circus involved in MotoGP ratings. He's public ly stated he is live happy to be living in Australia and learning his trade in the V8s but has admitted to missing the thrill of ride ing bikes. We are will cross now to your local news room.

Thanks, James, and good evening. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in Virginia Haussegger. Coming up in the Canberra news, a motorcyclist was killed in an accident on the Barton Highway this morning. Police say the motorcycle and a truck collided near Boundary Lane. The rider died at the scene but the truck driver was not hurt. The Barton Highway was closed for several hours. An independent review has found flaws in how the nurse-led walk-in centre at Canberra Hospital was set up and run. It says the centre is in the wrong place and that the government misinterpreted evidence gathered about similar clinics overseas. The Chief Minister has admitted there were errors with IT systems, marketing and the location. Public service unions say they'll hold a protest at this weekend's Labor Party conference weekend's Labor Party conference over the ACT Government's failure to make an improved pay offer. They say the government failed to improve its 2% offer at a meeting today and is not bargaining in good faith. ACT Comets star Jono Dean has been signed by star Jono Dean has been signed by the Adelaide Strikers for the Twenty20 Big Bash. The Comets' captain rose Big Bash. The Comets' captain rose to prominence earlier this year with a quick-fire half-century for the quick-fire half-century for the Prime Minister's XI against the West Indies. He also struck an unbeaten triple-century for Queanbeyan in the Futures League last summer. We'll have the details on those stories have the details on those stories and the rest of the day's news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

P We have a surge of winds and cold air moving up the NSW coast at the moment. Now, it's triggering some heavier showers and thunderstorms off the coast but most of the fok is through the coastal fringe have been relatively light. It could be cold enough through the Upper Hunt tore trigger some very brief and light snowfall above 1,200m this evening. These temperatures will hang around tomorrow, there will be some gale force winds around central parts with strong wind warnings else. Where today we've had a band of cloud signature over the south-east, keeping conditions cool and cloudy. This band is triggering only patchy and light rainfall but this band is a fairly strong cold front that is moving to the south-west corner. It will trigger some strong winds overnight but that system will move in as well. It will dip down into the bielth and will have no impact on the south-eastern States at this stage. Underneath this high we have very cold air and light winds developing. That will see some widespread frost about and finally an end to the showery and cloudy conditions.A few showers about the south-east of Queensland, the NSW coast and the far north eastern tropics of Queensland. We will see fairly widespread rainfall in and showers through much of the southern half of WA but contracting south through the day. We still have light winds beginning to push through the south-east but a general ly southerly flow keep ing the temperatures school till..

That is all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be in an hour. You can visit our website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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