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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. On this historic day for Britain and the entire Commonwealth. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a baby boy. The Prince of Cambridge and a new heir to the throne. We have reporters across London this afternoon with the very latest royal news and we'll go first to Peter Stefanovic at St Mary's Hospital. It has been a crazy 24 hours. Good afternoon. Tell us how it played out.You're right about that. The royal prince is now 12 or 13 hours old and in that time, all that information, the live news broadcasts have been booming throughout the world in all that time. Even before then. Today, the press is starting to come back. The royal watchers are starting to come back down here to St Mary's Hospital to be a part of this again, because we still haven't seen the new Royal Family of three. But the news broke around about 8:30pm local time here last night when Kensington Palace sent out the statement that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a healthy baby boy. After that information went out, it was the birth notice that was driven by car. A short drive, about a 10-15 minute drive to Buckingham Palace and that's where the birth notice was placed on an easel. It had all the information that people wanted to know about. I was at Buckingham Palace when that actually happened. There was quite a celebration that was going on there. I hadn't seen anything like that for quite some time. People were popping corks and drinking champagne out in the streets. They were cheering at whatever car went in to Buckingham Palace at the time. People were really having a great time. It really was a national celebration and that was happening here at St Mary's Hospital too. As I mentioned, the royal watchers are starting to come back here and really just enjoying this moment because at some point today behind me, we will see the new Royal Family of three. But going back to last night, it was after the announcement, after that statement went out from Kensington Palace, it of the town cryer who rung his bell telling the people here about the news. Have a listen to what he had to say.On this day, July 22, the year 2013, we welcome with humble duty a future King. The first born of His Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. God Save The Queen. Yeah, a huge amount of excitement,, of course. We know that Prince Charles was very excited about becoming a grandparent. What has he had to say?Well, it was after that announcement came from Kensington Palace. First of all, we heard from the British monarchy, the Queen sent out a tweet. I don't know whether she did it personally, but it was sent out on her behalf. She wanted to say a congratulations on behalf of her and her husband, Prince Philip. But a short time after that, Prince Charles sent out a statement saying:

Of course, we're all eagerly looking forward to seeing that royal baby as well. We are expecting it to happen at some point today. If history tells us anything. Let's go back 31 years to when Prince William was born. It was Charles and Diana who left the Lindo Wing here with William within 24 hours of William being born. So we are hoping that history repeats itself today and within 24 hours of this new prince being born. Fingers crossed that we'll get to see him today.All right, all eyes on the door behind you. Thank you, we'll check in with you in 30 minutes for an update. In the meantime, let's go to Lizzie Pearl outside Buckingham Palace for us. Good afternoon. It's been a huge night of celebrations there. What's the atmosphere like?Yes, it certainly has been a very big night here at Buckingham Palace. At the moment, you can probably see a crowd is gathering around the gates there of Buckingham Palace. They're trying to get a look at the very much spoken about easel, probably taking a couple of photos on the their phone and popping them on Twitter or Instagram just to say that they were here and they were part of history. And yesterday afternoon, as news filtered through that something was happening at St Mary's Hospital, the crowds started gathering there. Then there was an all mighty cheer as we found out that the prince was here. Soon after that, the party moved here to Buckingham Palace and it went on well in to the night. London put on a spectacular light show of its own. The heavens opened and it started raining. There was lightning and the London eye turned red, white and blue. We had the BT Tower displaying the news that it was a boy. And the fountain in Trafalgar Square Old Trafford turned a beautiful -- in Trafalgar Square turned a beautiful shade of blue. People at Buckingham Palace were here all night. They didn't mind that it was raining and they were all getting wet. They broke in to spontaneous song. Let's take a listen.Happy birthday royal baby # Happy birthday to you. # # For he's a jolly good fellow # For he's a jolly good # And so say all of us. # Good stuff. No doubt plenty of Aussies in the crowd as well. We've also heard from excited residents in Kate's home town today?Yes. If anyone was to put the little village of Bucklebury on the map, it's the Duchess of Cambridge. They have always been so proud of the girl they know as Kate Middleton. Before the wedding, there was an influx of media all wanting to hear the back story of the girl who grew up out there. It is probably around an hour's drive from London. And last night, there was just no stopping them. The champagne was flowing. They were partying like there was no tomorrow and you know, now they can say that the future King will be spending a lot of time in his childhood growing up in Bucklebury. Let's take a listen to some very excited locals.It's the future King of England, you know, from the small village of Bucklebury in Berkshire. It's amazing. Well' really over the moon. I think it's Bristol yapblt. It's one or the other, boy or girl. It would have been nice to be a girl, but it is brilliant. Especially for Bucklebury, it is really good news. So the next piece of news we're awaiting is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the little Prince of Cambridge making their appearance on the steps of the hospital there. Of course, we don't know his name yet, so at the moment, we call him His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge. Most popular names at the moment are George, Alexander and James. But we'll have to wait and see. And it could be a couple of days before we find out what his name is.All right, that will be the next big news. Thank you for that. And there's been plenty of reaction to the royal birth here at home as well. We'll have that for you and plenty more from London a little later on this afternoon. Let's move on to other news now and Robert Hughes is hoping for a trial sooner rather than later so he can clear his name. The 'Hey Dad' star was silent as he walked in to a Sydney court today where he formally waived his right to a committal hearing. He's facing 11 charges of indecently assaulting five girls in the 1980s. Hughes insists he's innocent and will enter a not guilty plea when he appears before the district court on Friday. Mourners have gathered in the town of hastings south of Melbourne to farewell jeweller Dermot O'Toole who was fatally stabbed while trying to protect his wife from an alleged armed robber. The crowd paid tribute to the 64-year-old grandfather from Ireland by wearing green. He leaves behind three sons and his wife, Bridget. Turning to Federal politics now and there's been a major development this afternoon with the Government's Gonski school funding reforms. Let's go straight to John O'Doherty in Canberra. A big change that will impact tens of thousands of students?Yes, this is quite a big change. Kevin Rudd has just announced that Catholic schools have signed up for the Gonski reforms for better school funding. The Prime Minister made the announcement at a school in Melbourne a short time ago. As we can see there, he was mobbed by the school kids and he spoke about the benefits now in store for more than 1,700 Catholic schools across the country. Here's what he had to say. Our objective is clear - we want our kids to be the best educated, best skilled, best trained workforce anywhere in the world. And to do that, we have to make sure that every school gets the resources it needs.And it could be another development soon. Kevin Rudd is currently meeting with Victorian Premier Denis Napthine to talk about Gonski. Victoria is still yet to sign up to the funding reforms, but perhaps that is about to change.John, Kevin Rudd has had a little bit of a honeymoon in the polls since returning to the top job. It looks like that could be coming to an

coming to an end?Today there's been a drop in the Newspoll. If we start off with a look at the primary vote, Labor is down one point and the Coalition up three points. Once preferences are distributed, the Coalition has taken back the lead leading 52% to 48%. And as for preferred Prime Minister, well, more people still prefer Kevin Rudd to Tony Abbott, but the gap is narrowing.

prefer Kevin Rudd to Tony Abbott,
but the gap is narrowing. Let's get some political reaction to this now starting with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and then hear from the Health Minister Tanya Plibersek. The Australian people had a good look at him last time. They were preparing to vote him out of office. They're seeing more and more that it's the same Kevin Rudd and it's the same Labor Party.Certainly, this shows that there's a tough contest ahead of us. Kevin Rudd is a very good campaigner. And there's still no word yet on an election date, but as of midnight last night, the earliest possible date is August 31. So, Amelia, watch this space.We are all waiting. Thank you for that. Still ahead this afternoon - royal reaction. How Australians are celebrating the birth of the future King. Also, ten people injured after a plane nose-dived in to a New York runway. We'll show you what happened, next. And Bernard Tomic takes the stand at his father's assault case. This program is not captioned. WOMAN: I typed my name
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at his father's assault case.
We might be halfway around the world, but the champagne has also been popping here at home following the birth of the new prince. Let's go to our correspondent in Brisbane. Good afternoon to you. Take us through the celebrations.It's been a very exciting time for Brisbane. You can see our landmark, the Storey Bridge behind me here. It will be lit up in honour of the prince. All across the city, there were celebrations especially in the local British food stores. We popped in to one and all the staff were smiling and excited and even announcing a Royal High Tea in honour of the new prince. The Queensland Government has announced today that all babies born on July 22 with the same birthday as the prince will get a special commemorative medallion. And our Premier, Campbell Newman, even talked about naming a new hospital after the new prince.I think it's a suggestion with some merit to actually name the hospital after the new prince. But it's one that I think Queenslanders should speak up about.Now, Australia will be giving a new gift to the prince. The Prime Minister has revealed what it will be?That's right. It's a very Australian gift. I suppose, what do you give to a new prince that will have nearly everything? Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given it a lot of thought. He announced a $10,000 grant towards Australian bilby research. If Taronga Zoo agrees, the new enclosure will be named after the new bub, too.I don't know if the Royal Family would knee this, but we'll probably give them a free pass to the zoo as well. But in terms of cute and cuddly toys t will be a cute and cuddly bilby we'll send off to London soon.It's a very interesting gift, isn't it. And as well as the Story Bridge behind me, that's not the only Brisbane landmark that will be bathed in blue. You can see other landmarks lit up like the Wheel of Brisbane and the Brisbane Casino. They'll stay blue for about a week.It's a lovely tribute and a baby bilby - what more could he want! Thank you very much for that. And we'll cross back to London live for all the developments on the royal baby. That's coming up at 5:00. In the US, more than ten people have been injured in a plane crash - the second in just a month. The south-west airlines plane nosedived and skidded off the runway in New York after the front landing gear collapsed. The airport remains closed as officials examine the damage to the runway. Tennis star Bernard Tomic has taken the stand in his father's assault case. John Tomic is accused of head butting his son's training partner Thomas Drourt leaving him with a broken nose. Bernard Tomic didn't witness the fight but described the events immediately afterwards. He also denied saying to the place that John had attacked Thomas Drourt. In the news ahead - roadway shock. The man caught driving without a steering wheel. Plus, security scare - the Pope mobbed during a visit to Brazil. And media moguls James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch join forces at a special event. Right now, let's have look

Thanks Amelia. Tonight, marking a moment in history - celebrations around the world for Kate and William's new little prince. Reaction from the Queen, Prince Charles, and Uncle Harry - plus the latest on what the royal name could be. Plus - the Sydney baby sharing a special royal day - and we'll tell you what Australia's gift will be for the newborn. Also tonight, Kevin Rudd mobbed by school kids - but there's no love from the polls. Child-killer Keli Lane, smiles in court, as she launches her bid for freedom. Sydney's rising petrol prices - the staggering real cost to the average family. And the Cronulla Sharks rally behind Paul Gallen, as the ASADA drug investigation heats up. See you for Nine News at 6:00.

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Now to a bizarre case out of South Australia where police have pulled over a man driving a car without a steering wheel. Our correspondent reports. From a distance, this looks like a standard Commodore, but up close, it's clear there's major problems. Police first pulled over a 38-year- old Adelaide man for driving dangerously, but upon closer inspection, were shocked to find that the car was driving with two blown-out front tyres. And couldn't believe it when the car was missing a steering wheel. The car using a tool to control the car. To make matters worse, the car was involved in a hit-and-run accident a few hours earlier and the driver then tested positive to methamphetamine and cannabis. This is a case that's left even experienced police stunned.It belies belief to think that somebody would be driving a vehicle like this, of this condition on the road. And importantly, the message here is that the driver would have had almost no control over the vehicle. The man has been charged with a string of driving offences, including driving unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured. Driving a defective vehicle and to top it off, breaching his bail. He's been remanded in custody. The Pope has sparked a security nightmare during his visit to Brazil because of his car windows. The Catholic leader decided to keep them wound down creating chaos as he drove through the streets ahead of the church's World Youth Festival in Rio. They're from rival media empires but James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch were united in their goal to take down a key competitor. They bumped Fairfax's control of classified advertising. And today, the media tycoons attended the launch of a book outlining the journey.When you read the book, you see that the opportunity was really there for Fairfax to grab first and they missed the opportunity and we were in the right place at the right time.The websites Packer and Murdoch launched were enough to dry up Fairfax's revenue and it's been trying to claw its way back ever since. Still to come on Nine News - a prince is born. We'll get the latest on the royal baby live from London. Plus, the world's media swoops in. Just how much is the royal baby worth? Also, we'll hear from the good samaritan stabbed while trying to stop a thief. And I' m Kerryn Johnston with a WIN Newsbreak The troubled o The troubled headquarters o of
Newsbreak The troubled headquarters of the domestic spy agency ASIO

of the domestic spy agency ASIO have
been officially opened by the Prime ac
Minisiter,There' s been a serious accident on the Barton Highway Barton Highway half
accident on the Barton Highway about half way between Canberra and berra and half way between Canberra and Yass, And research from the ANU shows young voters may hold the key to the upcoming Federal election. i ing Federal election. Details i in
upcoming Federal election. Details count
in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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This program is not captioned.

Lane's bid for freedom.
We haven't even seen him yet, but the new Prince of Cambridge is sure to be the most photographed baby in the world. A royal birth is big business in the industry and magazines are set to rake in the cash. It's the biggest baby news of the decade. And a magazine editor's dream story.To see all of the cameras outside and the press interest just goes to show that they are the golden couple of the Royal Family.The royal bub will be the world's newest cover star keeping in tradition with previous births in the family.We know that Kate and William do like to do things their own way. It was the same thing when they were inviting guests to their own wedding. They don't necessarily follow protocol, so anything could happen.Princess Mary was the darling of the press, especially when the twins came along.They're absolutely wild about it. Take a look at this. Three magazines and I could get you six more, all of them with Mary on the front cover.But it's no secret babies are always big business for the industry. Princess Diana was a cover girl with huge pulling power.

William, where are we going?When a pregnant Demi Moore graced the cover of 'Vanity Fair', the magazine had one of the best selling issues ever. 'Woman's Day' had record breaking figures in 2005 after Mia Hewitt made an appearance with her proud parents. But that was no match for Hollywood royalty once this news was made public to the world.Yes, they are twins. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie received a reported $15 million for the first pictures of their new born twins - all of it going to charity and now the most expensive magazine deal in history. But, while Kate and William are expected to take a more low-key approach, the first snaps of their precious little heir are sure to be bestsellers. You're watching the afternoon news. Here's a's what's making news right now. The world is waiting for the first glimpse of the new prince. There have been scenes of jubilation on the streets of London following the birth of Kate and William's first child. Australians have also welcomed news of the royal birth. The Prime Minister announcing a new bilby enclosure in honour of the prince, and he'll be getting a cuddly toy and a zoo pass too. And Sydney mother Keli Lane has faced court today fighting her conviction for murdering baby Tegan. Let's go straight to the top story and the world's eyes are on London this afternoon as we eagerly await news on the new Prince of Cambridge. And our Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic is at St Mary's Hospital. An historic day there as England welcomes the third in line to the throne.It sure is. It's been a whirlwind 12 hours, really, ever since Kensington Palace sent out that statement here at about 8:30pm local time last night telling the world the news that they wanted to hear, that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a healthy baby boy. That statement went on to say that the baby was born at 4:24pm local time, which means that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had some private time. They had about four hours of private time with their new baby, which is nice, before they made that news public. Now, once the news was made public, there was a birth notice that was carried or driven, rather, from the hospital here in Paddington to Buckingham Palace, which is only about a 10-15 minute drive. And as the birth notice was taken to Buckingham Palace, it was placed on an easel where huge crowds are gathered outside the palace. People had cheered. People were popping corks and drinking champagne out in the streets. It really was quite remarkable scenes. And a short time after a that, the town cryer came down here to the hospital to do what he does, and have a look at what he did.On this day, the 22nd of July, the year 2013, we welcome with humble duty a future King. The first born of His Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. God Save The Queen.There he is, the town cier. It's a great tradition. But we've also heard from Prince William's work mates today.Yes, we have. You know, there's been notes of congratulations that have come in to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from right around the world, from world leaders to the Queen, of course. Prince Charles has mentioned a couple of words, which you know about already. But we're not going to miss out on William's friends, especially those within the air force and this is what they had to say.Hi, William and Duchess. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. William, I hope you enjoy your paternity leave and we'll see you on shift soon. And the celebrations will continue today. In a couple of hours time, there will be a 41-gun salute at Green Park followed by a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London. Already, it's early morning here, but the royal watchers coming down here to St Mary's hospital are waiting to see or hoping to see the Duchess of Cambridge and their new baby boy, perhaps some time today. All right t is one big party. Pete, thank you. And Pete will have all the latest live from London in Nine News at 6:00. Well, he might be just one day old, but already, England's newest prince has captured the world's attention and we'll go live now to Lizzie Pearl at Buckingham Palace. Good afternoon to you. What is the atmosphere like there?Well, it's still one of a lot of excitement down here at Buckingham Palace. It's just early morning here and a crowd has already gathered outside the gates hoping to get a look at the much spoke about easel and probably taking a couple of photos, which I'll probably be doing a little bit later on myself. But the papers are having an absolute field day, as the tabloids do. I'll read a couple out for you. We have the 'Daily Mirror' with a lovely photo of Kate and Will and it says, "Our little prince." The next one is the Daily Mail and here we have Prince Charles saying, "Oh, boy, one's a grandpa." Next is the 'Daily Star'. It's a boy! That's a popular headline for a lot of the papers today. The 'Daily Express', it's a boy. And this one is my favourite, 'The Sun' has changed its name to 'The Son' just for today. So certainly, the media is having a lot of fun with the story today. As were the Londoners last night who came out and partied well in to the night outside Buckingham Palace bringing lots of joy and celebration to the crowd. They didn't want to go home. Let's take a listen to a couple of very enthusiastic royal fans.I'm over the moon. I'm so excited. It literally just got here and I was like - oh my God, it's here. I got here just in time to burst my bubbles and raise a toast to the new prince.I couldn't contain my excitement so I thought it would be nice to bring my 8-month-old daughter with me. And Lizzie, the next bit of news we're all waiting for - any bets on the name for the new prince?Well, now we know it's a boy, the bets are really heating up on what the name will be. So James is very popular. George, Alexander and Philip, of course. And we'll just have to wait and see. Of course, he is the prince, so he can probably have all of the names. It may be a couple of days before we find out exactly what the little prince will be named. For now, we're calling him His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge.All right, you'll keep across developments for us. Thank you. Never ones to miss out on a good party, Australians have also been celebrating the birth of the Prince of Cambridge. Screens lit up in Melbourne. There was high tea in Brisbane and Sydneysiders have made several toasts to the new baby. Our correspondent is at one pub marking the historic occasion. Libby, a big reaction from royal fans?Yes, there sure has been. And how good is this - I'm in the Lord Nelson pub in the middle of Sydney. And I'm told that this is the best way to celebrate the arrival of a royal baby - we have a pint of beer here and a meat pie with mushy peas, mashed potato and gravy. So you don't get much more British than that. But of course, it's been more than 15 hours now since the arrival of the royal baby. The news filtering through very early this morning Australian time, so the celebrations have really only just begun. We're just getting in to the evening now in Sydney. The order of the day for royal fans has been champagne and we've been to or seen some high teas across the country as well including blueberry macaroons as well as Union Jack coloured cup cakes. The little prince is the toast of the city as well. In Melbourne, we've seen screens lit up down in the city there welcoming the news of the little prince. And in Brisbane as well, tonight, there will be lighting up some of the most famous landmarks, including the Story Bridge. So there's excitement right across the country at the moment for the little prince. And we've spoken to a number of people early this morning who tell us just how excited they are. They've all sent the baby their warmest wishes. Some said they expected it to be a little princess, and others even told us that they actually struggled to sleep last night awaiting the arrival of the royal baby.Very excited. I've been waiting since December last year, so it's just been six-ish months of waiting and excitement.Very exciting. I've been looking at the pictures and watching her tummy grow. It's wonderful. I hope they're very happy and very blessed. We're very thrilled about the Royal Family having a new addition. I'm quite a royalist, so I was very interested to hear about the arrival of the baby.Of course, the arrival of a royal baby is a magazine team's dream, and 'Australian Women's Weekly' is racing around the clock to reveal their special royal baby edition. We know that some royals have appeared on the cover before. William, when he was just five years old. But they will be waiting for the very special moment when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear on the steps of the hospital with their new born before they release that edition. And it's a moment that we're all waiting for. All right, thank you. We'll let you enjoy your pie and your pint. Thank you very much for that. Moving on to other news now. And convicted child killer Keli Lane has launched her bid for freedom today. Her lawyers arguing she should have been given a fairer trial. Our correspondent was at the appeal hearing in Sydney. Good afternoon. Tell us what happened in court.Good afternoon, Amelia. This is Keli Lane's bid for freedom. She's already spent two and a half years in jail. Part of her 13-year, 5-month sentence for the murder of her baby daughter Tegan back in 1996 just after she left Auburn Hospital. Her lawyers have eight grounds of appeal. One of the arguments is that the jury should have been allowed to return a verdict of manslaughter. Keli Lane has always maintained that she gave the baby to the baby's father who has never been found. Today, the lawyers raised other options saying if the jury has to accept that baby Tegan is dead, it's a big leap to say that the baby was murdered. Perhaps the baby was dropped. Maybe it was left in a bag and died of negligence. For her part, Keli Lane looked fit and healthy in court today. There were lots of smiles to her parents and her boyfriend. Perhaps she's feeling that the appeal is going to go her way. It's up to three judges on the Court of Criminal Appeal to decide that and they'll make their decision at a later today.Thank you very much for the update. A good samaritan, who became the victim of a vicious stabbing, has spoken out in a bid to track down his attacker. He was set upon after he chased a man who had stolen a woman's purse. Our correspondent has the details. It was a vicious attack that almost killed a good samaritan who was simply trying to do the right thing. 36-year-old Shyal Cameron was drinking with work mates earlier this month at a bar when he noticed a man trying to steal a lady's purse. Mr Cameron chased him down a nearby lane wanna when the man turned on him stabbing him in the neck, back and hand. He was rushed to Royal Brisbane Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. The good news is that Mr Cameron is OK. He spent four days in hospital, but today, along with detectives, renewed an appeal for assistance to help in the investigation.Turn yourself in to the police. Really and honestly. I can't believe you did it, but turn yourself in to the police. Yeah, once again, if anybody saw anything, please come forward because you know, they don't deserve to getaway with it. And they won't.There's no doubt the actions of Mr Cameron were heroic, and I can assure you that Mr Cameron did not perceive the outcome that had have occurred. If it wasn't for the first aid and medical treatment that was received, certainly, the outcome would have been more

certainly, the outcome would have
been more severe. Police have shown a fot of the man they want to see. Described of in his early 20s and around 175cm

Described of in his early 20s and
around 175cm tall. Police also want to speak to a woman who handed in Mr Cameron's driver's licence to a police station but are insisting she's not a suspect. Sports time now. Plenty of good news out of London today, but not for the cricketers, unfortunately. Things just keep getting worse. Sadly, that is the case. They've lost one of their star bowlers for the rest of the series. We'll have the details in a moment. Also, the sight that will lift the spirits at Hawthorn heading in to the top of the ladder showdown. And we hear from two Liverpool greats ahead of This program is not captioned. I couldn't live without my lycra. VOICEOVER: Luckily with AAMI
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clash at MCG.
Geelong has decided against heading to the AFL tribunal to challenge penalties dished out to two of the players. But with the Cats hierarchy having to deal with a spate of reports lately, the coach says the situation has become alarming. Once again, the Geelong footy club has had to make tough calls when it comes to findings from the Match Review Panel. Namely this time Jimmy Bartel and James Podiasley. He was given a Republic remand for a heavy bump. The club deliberated -- reprimand for a heavy bump. The club deliberated on this. It means that the two players, along with several other big name Cats will go in to the latter part of the season and also the finals with quite a few carry over points, and that is spelling danger for Geelong.We haven't got our head in the sand. The numbers don't lie, certainly. The Match Review Panel incidents over the last couple of months are alarming and it's something that we need to address. Chris Scott and the coaching panel have decided that some of the players who continue to err on the field need to change their style of play. He says they need to take responsibility, but Scott himself won't take responsibility.No, I'm very confident about what we're doing within the four walls. At the end of the day, I take responsibility for the discipline of our players, but so do they. Some great news for Hawthorn. They, of course, tackle Essendon in a monster match on Friday night. Buddy Franklin has been missing with the knee problem. He's had swelling around the knee. The good news is, as you can see from the picture, that he trained strongly today and is in serious contention for selection this week. And of course, Hawthorn, they're going great guns at the moment but they desperately need him back on track as they set their sights on September. Canterbury will show no sympathy for the struggling Parramatta Eels ease on Friday night. They're headed for back-to-back wooden spoons after recording just three wins this year. But the Bulldogs still fear their long time rival.I don't think that any of the boys are under any illusions of how tough it's going to be on Friday night. And by no means do we think that we're just going to walk to ANZ and grab two points.In judiciary news, Newcastle's Kade Snowden will spend two weeks on the sidelines for a knee lift. Liverpool fans are expected to flock to the MCG later tonight as the Reds finalise preparations for tomorrow night's exhibition match with an open training session. Clint Stanaway caught up with two club legends on the eve of the clash with the Melbourne Victory. 95,000 expected at the mighty MCG tomorrow night for Liverpool versus the Melbourne Victory. A huge clash joined by two legends of the game. Firstly to Ian Rush. Welcome to Melbourne. It's real Liverpool weather here!It's fantastic. We're looking forward to the game. It will be a great game and I think it is great for the supporters.Are you surprised by the turnout and the reaction?In a way. Soccer is not the number one sport here. But when we arrived at the airport, it was a fantastic reception and I've been here two days now and now I can say I'm not surprised because the response to the sport that is been incredible.Thank you for joining us. Robbie, you know the league better than anyone else. Were you surprised by the reaction and the ongoing reaction?Honestly, no. I played here for two years and everywhere I went, I got the reception that I had was unbelievable. And that was obviously an individual on the back of a Liverpool shirt.All we need now is to see Louis or Stevie G score a goal?I think we'll see both of them in action tomorrow. Whether they both start the game, I don't know. Look, I think it's an exciting time. Liverpool have never been to Australia. Where better to play an the most iconic stadium in the world.Exactly, thank you. Melbourne is buzzing and there is a sea of red following the Liverpool folk wherever they go. James Pattinson had bowled his last ball in the Ashes series after a stress fracture was discovered in his lower back. Mitchell Stark is the likely contender. Matthew Wade could be called in to the side as a specialist batsman as the Australian toprd continues to struggle for runs.Not ruling anything out. That's what happens when you have two losses. Have you to keep every option open. So as selectors, Rod and I and John will have to speak about it and see where we come from there.The third Test begins on Thursday week. Fingers crossed, Amelia, no more injuries. We really can't afford it. No, please, absolutely! Still ahead - we'll have the finance and the latest weather with Bec, who is watching preparations for the opening of Cavalia. Good afternoon, Bec.Hi there. You found me here under this huge white big top. It's the largest touring tent in the world for 'Cavalia'. It's been a good day in Tonight: A motorcyclist killed in
Tonight: A motorcyclist killed in a the
collision on the Barton Highway, hea
the ACT Government appoints a new head for the Eastman Inquiry and what Canberrans think of the new Roya of the new Royal prince. Do you know
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Good afternoon from Docklands in Melbourne for Cavalia which is an encounter between human and

Melbourne for Cavalia which is an
encounter between human and horse. The horses are absolutely gorgeous and during the show, they gallop at full speed. Now, it's been a fine day here. There were early showers but by 6:30 this morning, they'd cleared. Adelaide had a foggy start to the day. Now, central and eastern Australia are fairly settled underneath a large high but a cold front is approaching the south-west. That will cause rain in Perth tonight and will clear early tomorrow. But a band of showers will follow it. They'll arrive in the evening. The east of the country will stay fine apart from a few showers on the NSW coast and around Fraser Island. For the capitals tomorrow:

Thank you, looks like a great show. Having a quick look at finance:

And that is the Afternoon News. Of course, we'll have more on the birth of the royal baby live from London in our next bulletin at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thank you four your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Good audience in tonight.
(CHEERING) Calm down, calm down. Now back up again. Come on.
(CHEERING) That's it. Calm down, calm down. What about this side?
(CHEERING) What about you guys?
I'm happy, mate. You right? OK. Let's meet our contestants tonight. We've got a million bucks
and 15 questions. You know the routine by now.
Let's meet 'em. Over here,
we've got Sophie Jackson. She stripped down to her boots,
just her boots, and ran down
to the Sydney Opera House - wow. Frank di Blasi tried to
look older by drawing a beard. Unfortunately, it ran down his chin.
Whoops. Josh Debono found out
from that he might be related
to Jack the Ripper. Whoops. Nasa Dawson wanted to meet Ke$ha
so much, she went to her rose bush
but still didn't see her. And Russell King was very unwell so
he bought three wings in a hospital and relocated 'em
and now lives in 'em. And this - Jan Philp crashed
a 747 into the Sydney Airport. Luckily, it was only a simulator.
There you go.


You ready to go?
I'm ready, Eddie. Sophie, let's play. C'mon!

Hello, Sophie.
Hi, Eddie. How are you?
Great, thanks. Sophie Jackson's 45 years of age, a
photographer from Surfers Paradise. What sort of photography? Event photography
and action photography. What's that mean?
Sport, a lot of kickboxing
and music festivals. Good on you. What's your best shot? Who was the portrait of?
The portrait? Or who was the best shot
you've ever taken? Oh, I would say probably
John Butler. I've done great photos of him and then Total Carnage
on the Gold Coast. What's Total Carnage? It's a kickboxing fight, and there's
Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett. Oh, there you go.
Bit of Total Carnage action. Good on you, Sophie. Dawn is your mum. Hi, Dawn.
Hi. How are you?
Good. That's the way.
Good luck tonight, OK.
Thank you. That's what we like to see. Hey, Sophie, tell me about this -
what'd you do? You stripped down to your boots at the top of the Sydney Opera House
steps and...what? Was that it? Yep, and, well, there was
a lot of tourists walking up. It was the 25th anniversary
of the Opera House. I didn't know at the time.
I was just doing it for a dare. And there were all these
Japanese tourists streaming up. You only had boots on?
Yeah. What time of the day
are we talking about? Oh, midday. Really?
Yep. And what happened?
Just after lunch. Didn't decide to slide down the sail
or anything, did you? No, no, no, no.
I was at the top of the stairs. Oh, right. Oh, well,
that makes it a lot better. You just ran naked down the stairs.
Alright. Sophie, you ready to go?
I'm ready. Let's play Hot Seat. Go!

Good luck, Soph. For $100.
Here it comes.

I'll go for A, ballet. Ballet is locked in. It's correct, for $100.



C, goose, please. Goosey goosey gander is locked in and correct, for $200.

Male duck is a drake
and a male swan is a cob.
Oh. There you go. $300.


OK, I'm going to pass on that,
thank you, Eddie. For any particular reason?
Yeah. I'm just not entirely sure. Sport's my very weak point.
OK, Soph. So I'm gonna pass.
Catch you later. See you later. Thank you.

Hello, Frank.
Eddie, how are you? Good to see you. Frank di Blasi,
from Altona North in Victoria. Is an IT project manager.
That's right. What's that all mean, mate? Well, I project manage
software development so I basically coordinate
all the resources required to build the software
that we're building. Right. What are you building it for? What are you gonna build?
You're with a lease planner. At the moment,
I work for a lease planner, which we're
a vehicle leasing company and, yeah, we're just working
on the improvements there. That's it.
Hey, Frank, your mum's Gai. Her name's Gai, yes.
Yeah, that's her there! (LAUGHTER) Yeah. Hi, Gai.
Hi, Eddie. How are you? Are things good?
Yep. Everything's great. That's the way. Alright.
Let's get going, Frankie. (LAUGHS) For $300.


I reckon he'd do pretty well
at B, C and D. Not so good at A but let's say... Let's lock in B, Ed. Lock in B, the marathoner. The great Steve Moneghetti.
Correct, for $300.

Finished fifth in Seoul as well. A great effort. $500. (READS QUESTION)

Ed, I do know the answer
but I think I'm gonna pass. OK, the idea is
when you know the answer, you give it to me and keep going. No, no - the strategy is
that I think I should be back by the end when it's all important.
Alright. Josh is gonna belt you on the way
through, you know that, don't you? Killing me, mate.
He's not happy about that. Alright, Frankie. See you, pal.

How are you, Josh?
Oh, I've been better now. Oh, not happy with that one?
Nah. Didn't you work it out with him