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(generated from captions) Let's check in Thanks, guys. Up next at 4:30 - we're live to London as Britain wakes to a new chapter
in royal history. The special events planned
for today. Celebrations across
the United Kingdom and the world to mark the heir
to the throne's arrival. Australian parents say
don't forget us as they welcome their own princes
into the world. Kevin Rudd proves to be
king of the kids. But have voters had enough? The results of a new opinion poll. Petrol prices skyrocket faster
than they have for four years. Have they now peaked? Plus, thousands to watch Liverpool
train in Melbourne tonight. We speak exclusively
to the star team's manager. That's next
in Seven's Afternoon News. See you soon.

This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: Now at 4:30,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern. Good afternoon. with the birth this morning
of an heir to the throne. The as-yet-unnamed
Prince of Cambridge The official notification says Catherine and her son
are doing well.

Live to Mike Amor
outside the hospital in London. Mike, any word on when Kate
and the baby will be going home? Rebecca, there are many who think
it will happen today. Prince William stayed here
last night, as did many in the media,
to report on what was happening. William has released
a brief statement, saying, "We could not be happier." Although we got notification of
the birth at 8:30 here last night, it actually happened
four hours earlier, at 4:24pm. The delay was so William and Catherine could spend
some quality time with their prince before getting swept up
in the worldwide frenzy. Here's how the day unfolded.

Prince William is believed
to still be at the hospital Despite all the world's media
camped outside St Mary's Hospital, Catherine managed to get in
without anyone noticing. Her arrival broke
during yesterday's Afternoon News. VOICEOVER: Kensington Palace says the Duchess of Cambridge has been
admitted to St Mary's Hospital in London. And so the next
great Kate wait began. One BBC reporter
didn't seem too happy. Thank you, Robert. Ah, well, plenty more
to come from here, of course, none of it news, because that will come from
Buckingham Palace, but that won't stop us. 13 hours later,
the announcement came. Has the letter come out,
have you heard? We are being told
that a baby boy has been born. We don't know when,
we don't know a name yet, but how exciting is this? But keep an eye on that front door. Here we go.

Here comes that royal aide now
with the proclamation under his arm. A bit of a smile...
It's Ed Perkins, I believe? He hands it to the driver -
lots of cheering in the crowd. The official notification was posted
outside Buckingham Palace where crowds had gathered
for a moment in history. Kate has delivered, safely,
a baby boy - 8 pounds 6 ounces, 4:24pm London time. There was a statement put out
to announce the birth.

Outside the hospital, London's Town Crier
made the public announcement. God save the Queen! (BELL TOLLS)

If that wasn't enough notification,
it was emblazoned on a London tower. Proud grandfather Prince Charles released a statement
about his first grandchild. Yeah, Mel, Prince Charles
has issued a statement saying he's absolutely overjoyed at
the arrival of his first grandchild and say it's an incredibly special
moment for William and Catherine, who were thrilled for them, and to have a baby boy. Then he goes on to talk about how grandparenting is going to be
a particular challenge for him and he's looking forward to it. Britain's Prime Minister
expressed his feelings. It is an important moment
in the life of our nation but, I suppose, above all, it's a wonderful moment
for a warm and loving couple. And Britain celebrated. ALL: (CHANT) It's a boy, it's a boy! We're having a big party
and we're really pleased. It's made from 140 nappies. It's like a fairytale,
so people need that right now. Just like the new prince
needs a name. George is the favourite
with bookies, followed by
James, Alexander and Louis. This little baby is not called
the Prince of Cambridge. His actually title is HOH -
His Royal Highness, then 'Prince', and then the name,
of Cambridge. They were quite particular
about that. The Brits get all funny
about these things, you know, 'cause it's not like
the Prince of Wales, it's "Prince so-and-so
of Cambridge", not, the "Prince of Cambridge". Aside from his name, what we're waiting for now
is to see the future king, like we did with Prince William
31 years ago.

And, Mike,
it's not just London celebrating. Kate's home town of Bucklebury
has also been toasting the baby.

Kate's home town could not be happier for the Duke and Duchess. We were there when the drinks started to flow in honour of the new prints. Yes, there certainly is an awful lot
of wetting of the baby's head here. One word can really sum up
the atmosphere here, and that is 'excited'. Anticipation in this village
had been growing all day. Speculation was growing
about when the baby would come, and then what sex it would be. When they found that it was a boy,
cheers went up in this pub, The Old Boot Inn,

where the Cambridgers
do come and drink. I'm with its landlord
this evening, John Haley. John, you really made sure that the champagne was on ice
this evening, didn't you? I couldn't believe it. The champagne was on ice. When we got the news through
that it was a baby boy, all the champagne went. It was absolutely mobbed here. I think we sold 20-30
bottles of champagne. Everyone had great fun. There really is a sense,
isn't there, in this village, that they want to be part of
this historic event? The whole village wants
to be part of it. They have known Kate since... She was born round here
and brought up round here. I've known Kate for 17 years. And, so, everybody feels
that they own a little bit of Kate. Not the whole world, but us,
in Stanford Dingley, Bucklebury. And even a horse came in
to celebrate earlier? We had a horse in earlier, yes,
celebrating. He heard it was a baby boy,
in he came, and we had Davy White's horse
in here. We couldn't believe it. Everyone is celebrating
in Stanford Dingley. Do you hope you will see
the young prince too, soon? Hopefully Kate will be back home
with her mum and dad in the next couple of days and we will see her pushing the baby
past the pub in a few days' time. Hopefully we'll all see her soon.

And, Rebecca, we're hearing the
little prince's first overseas tour could happen as early next year,
possibly in April, escorting his parents to Australia. Nothing is confirmed,
but that's the speculation and we know how royal speculation
has played here over the past couple of weeks.

Thanks, Mike. We'll come back to you in our
next half hour for more from London. Here in Australia, news of the Prince of Cambridge's
birth was greeted with great excitement. Governor-General Quentin Bryce was
quick to send her congratulations on behalf of the nation. For the Queen's representative
in Australia, the birth of our future king was
certainly something to smile about. I was reflecting on the happiness the birth of a baby brings
to a young couple, to a family and, indeed, to all of us
as we welcome a prince and congratulate
their royal highnesses. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave the
Royal Family his warmest regards, calling it a day of great joy. I think all Australians,
at the bottom of their hearts, wish the royal bub all the best and certainly wish the new parents
all the best, as well. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
was also full of good wishes. Congratulations,
heartiest congratulations to Prince William and Kate
on the birth of the royal prince. The baby's arrival
has magazine editors in a spin. They're frantically working
on special editions and eagerly awaiting the all-important first pictures
of the new prince. It's so incredibly exciting. I mean, a baby's always exciting
but a royal baby and a new heir, it's a wonderful time for all of us and certainly a great time
in magazines. One new mum gave birth to her
own little prince yesterday - a baby boy called James. He was born on the same day and the time was within 30 minutes
of their times and it's also possible that
the royal baby's name will be James. An English-style pub in Canberra has come up with a novel way
to celebrate the prince's birth - putting baby blue
champagne cocktails on the menu. BOTH: Cheers.

And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
has this afternoon announced Australia's gift for the royal baby.

Any of you got kids here? You read the book
'10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes'? Put your hand up, please. We have. Great little book. And so we'll be providing a copy of that wonderful
Australian children's book to the mum and dad
to read to the bub.

What we've decided to do,
as a government, is to provide a $10,000 grant
to the research program at Taronga Park Zoo for the bilby and this will be in honour
of the new baby prince. Further more, we'll name
the enclosure after the prince.

About 370,000 babies are born
around the world on an average day. And although the focus
has been on just one today, new parents across Australia have been keen to share
their special arrival too. Hugh Whitfeld met some of them.

Rebecca, the arrival of a new baby is special for any new parent, but what about sharing that moment with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? As Catherine was giving birth to the little prince in London, there were new parent's right around Australia who were just as happy. Here at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney the arrival of little Reilly was met with huge smiles by his proud mum and dad. Riley shares similarities with the young prince. They both arrived about 11-12 days later and they both way around the same, 3.7 telegrams. As for the parents, they think they have given birth to their very own little prince.It's the best feeling of a lifetime, I think. It's pretty overwhelming. Being born close to the Prince's arrival time is good, but what about sharing his birthday? 22nd July in London, of course, is when the Prince arrived. On 22nd July here in Sydney in Penrith little Willem, the Prince of Penrith, arrived.Lots of people were asking who would go first, me or Kate. My partner's name is Willem, so.It's not just K 10 million who are happy with the arrival of a new boy. There are plenty of parents here as well -- Kate and William. Coming up, the day's other news, including 'Hey Dad..!' star
Robert Hughes back in court. And Kevin Rudd proved
to be king of the kids today but is his popularity with voters
on the slide?

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Making news around Australia
this afternoon - former 'Hey Dad..!' star
Robert Hughes has faced court, formally waiving his right
to a committal hearing over child sex charges. Hughes will go straight to trial
to plead not guilty to 11 charges relating to the sexual assault
of five girls, going back to 1984. The 64-year-old's lawyer says he
expects it will be a lengthy trial.

Some of the gloss has come off Kevin Rudd's return
to the Prime Ministership in the latest opinion poll. Newspoll has Labor
falling behind the Coalition, which now holds
an election-winning lead. Here's polticial reporter Alex Hart.

The movements in the main categories of the poll are quite small, within the margin of error, but it somewhat surprising to see Labor go backwards considering Kevin Rudd spent much of the last two weeks trying to neutralise two of Labor's biggest political problems, the carbon tax and asylum seekers. Voters have not awarded him. The opposition has regained the lead over the government by four points. Kevin Rudd is still in front of Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister but the gap has narrowed by six points. Mark Layton was on Sunrise this morning and he says it's unusual for governments to call elections when they are behind in the polls but

to call elections when they are
behind in the polls but he says Kevin Rudd should still do that this week.He will not have an extended honeymoon. He planned to go to the polls on 31st August and I think that's the best. It will maximise their chances.Polls come and go, but there is a tough contest ahead of us.We all be a tough fighter and a close election and we never for one second pretended otherwise.There was good news for Labor in this

pretended otherwise.There was good
news for Labor in this poll on the issue of asylum seekers. Voters seemed to have welcomed the announcement of the so-called Papua New Guinea solution. Since that was announced Labor has close the gap substantially on a collision in terms of which party is best to handle the issue of asylum seekers. Mark Latham, who we heard from a short time ago as one of Kevin Rudd's harshest critics, but he supports this poll.It's a good move in terms of saving human lives. This is probably the best thing Kevin Rudd has ever done for. Nobody has to convince me we have to find a way to stop the deaths at sea. This is one of our best chances yet for.I'm not convinced that this cruel policy and deal with Papua New Guinea is going to stop the boats.Already at least four boats have been intercepted carrying asylum seekers who will be subject to this policy, showing that people smugglers may be willing to put it to the test. Thanks, Bec, and good afternoon. Well, the weather is clearing
in the east as a band of soaking rain
with embedded thunderstorms sweeps across
the south-west corner of WA. Let's take a look at the latest
conditions on our weather wall. In Brisbane,
it's a fine and clear afternoon following some early morning rain.

More sunshine tomorrow. In Sydney,
it's a fine and cool afternoon. A taste of things to come. Melbourne has been
a rather chilly day with a few light showers,
mainly over the eastern suburbs. And in Hobart,
it's a cold and cloudy 11. Mid teens tomorrow. I'll be back with tomorrow's
national forecasts and warnings in about 30 minutes, Rebecca.

We'll go back to London soon
for more on the royal baby as Britain wakes up. But next in Seven's Afternoon News, a security scare for the Pope - why he was whisked away
from his street parade. And Liverpool's faithful get set
for their biggest ever crowd against the Melbourne Victory.

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The Pope's security
has been compromised on the first day
of his tour of Brazil. The pontiff's car was mobbed as it drove through the streets
of Rio de Janeiro. City officials say federal police
diverted the motorcade off the authorised route. Security personnel have also
discovered a homemade pipe bomb hidden at a shrine that Pope Francis
is scheduled to visit. Nearly 24,000 military and
police officers have been called on to keep the pontiff safe.

A 35-year-old Ohio man has been
charged with murdering three women whose bodies were found
wrapped in rubbish bags. Michael Madison
was arrested on Friday just hours after the first body
was found in the garage of his apartment block. Police believe the women were
all killed within the last 10 days. Checking finance and the Australian share market
has closed up 15 points. It follows rises across Asia,
with Hong Kong up 2% today. And the Australian dollar
this afternoon is buying:

Sport with Jim Wilson is next. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Hello. Hello. Celebrations around the
world and in the Capital... after the Duchess of
Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy overnight. Chief
Minister Katy Gallagher says a Canberra Centenary Medallion
will be sent to the couple on behalf of the ACT. Criticism over new moves
by the Defence Force.. .to stamp out sexual assaults
in the ranks. Defence Chief General David Hurley today
launched a new agency to deal with victims claims. But the
ANU School of History's Dr with victims claims. But the
ANU School of History's Dr Kathryn Spurling says she
doubts it'll help victims. Investigations are underway...
into a deadly crash on the Barton Highway this morning.
A man was killed... when his motorbike slammed into a
truck south of Yass. Luckily the truckie escaped unhurt... but the
accident closed the Highway for the truckie escaped unhurt... but the
accident closed the Highway for several hours. Outspoken euthanasia advocate Dr
Phillip Nitschke will make a bid to represent the ACT in the
senate at the Federal Election. And the NRL has lifted
disgraced Raiders winger Blake Ferguson's suspension today. Ferguson was stood down 4 weeks
ago.. .after he was charged over Ferguson was stood down 4 weeks
ago.. .after he was charged over

Good afternoon, everyone. The latest on ASADA's
NRL investigation shortly, But first AFL, and the career of Port Adelaide's
record games holder Kane Cornes will continue into a 14th season. The 260-game veteran
has silenced talk of retirement, signing a one-year
contract extension with the Power. I just look at it
as a bit of a bonus, like, to be able to play for 14 years,
it's going to be. I'm just really thankful
for the club to give me the opportunity. In a blow
for the eighth-placed Port, versatile defender Tom Jonas has accepted a 3-week ban
for a high bump, while Geelong has lost
another star player to suspension - midfielder Jimmy Bartel accepting
a one-game ban, also for bumping.

Cronulla captain Paul Gallen
has denied claims he tried to cut a deal
with the ASADA over alleged anti-doping violations. There are reports
he and several Sharks team-mates were offered 6-month suspensions in return for admitting
they used banned peptides. I never went to broker any deal
with ASADA. Never had any interview with ASADA,
never spoke to ASADA at all. They didn't try to cut deals. I think we have to

think we have to be careful of the media speculation. Meanwhile, the NRL career of St George-Illawarra veteran
Matt Cooper may be over after he suffered a pectoral injury in last night's
golden point victory over South Sydney at ANZ Stadium. They scored two late tries
to force extra time before Brett Morris
crossed for the match-winner.

Australia's pace spearhead
James Pattinson will miss the rest
of the Ashes series after being diagnosed with
a stress fracture in his lower back. Darren Lehmann is weighing up whether to use reserve wicketkeeper
Matthew Wade as a specialist batsman
in next week's third test.

I'm not ruling anything out. When you have two losses you need to keep everything open. Defeat at Old Trafford
will see Australia equal its worst-ever losing streak
of seven matches, set back in 1888.

Thousands of Liverpool fans
will pack into the MCG tonight just to watch the
Premier League heavyweights train. Reds manager Brendan Rodgers
has told Seven News Steven Gerrard and a number of stars
will be right to play against the Victory. Steven's fine. He's just got an issue with
a blister on the bottom of his foot, so, other than that, no,
everyone is fit and well. Liverpool great Craig Johnston
addressed the Victory side this morning ahead of tomorrow night's
historic game, which is live on 7mate, with coverage beginning
at 7pm Eastern.

I'll be alive from the MCG tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait for the coverage. 95,000 people. It's going to be a very special moment. Up next, live at 5:00,
back to Mike Amor in London as Britain wakes to a new chapter
in royal history - the celebrations being planned
for tonight. And later, an exclusive
with a royal insider - how the young prince
will be brought up.

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VOICEOVER: Now at 5:00,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern.

Britain wakes to a new chapter
in royal history. A future king is born,
the third in line to the throne. Now the world is waiting
to see the prince who's made William and Catherine
the happiest they've ever been.

Back to Mike Amor
outside the hospital in London.

Rebecca, we're going to see a bit of good old-fashioned
British pomp and ceremony. There'll be gun salutes to the
new prince echoing across London and the King's Troop,
Royal Horse Artillery will ride past Buckingham Palace. They'll assemble in Green Park
and set off a 41 royal gun salute. And then at 2:00 local time, 62 more shots will ring out
from the Tower of London. We also hope to see
the little prince today with some people expecting
William and Catherine to leave the hospital with him. The official announcement
of his arrival came around 8:30 last night, 13 hours after we were told that
Kate had gone into labour.

The wait is finally over
and the celebrations have started. More than 10 hours after
Kate arrived at St Mary's Hospital, the new Prince was born
in the private Lindo Wing, weighing a healthy 3.8kg
or 8 pounds, 6 ounces. We welcome, with humble duty,
a future king! Prince William's press secretary brought the official statement
out of the hospital. REPORTER: Everything go well, Ed? A quick thumbs-up
suggested all was well. The statement was then driven
to Buckingham Palace where it was placed
on a golden easel. It says Her Royal Highness
and her child are both doing well. Thousands of people
gathered outside the gates for the historic moment. It's like a fairytale.
So, people need that right now. It's so exciting. We've been waiting all day
for news. The boy in is the first
Prince of Cambridge born The boy is the first
Prince of Cambridge born in more than 190 years. The British Prime Minister was one of the first
to congratulate the Royal coupe. was one of the first
to congratulate the Royal couple. Obviously, best wishes to them. A very exciting occasion and the whole country
is excited with them. ALL: (CHANT) It's a boy! It's a boy! We are having a big party
and we are really pleased. Gifts have already started arriving
for the Royal Family. It is made from 140 nappies. It's also got baby lotion,
dummies, rattles, toys... And the memorabilia
is being rolled out. Prince Charles is also thrilled, saying grandparenthood
is a unique moment in anyone's life. Now, a new wait begins for the
first glimpse of the baby prince.

So, Mike,
when will we get to see him?

Most people here believe that they will leave the hospital by lunchtime, London time. That is only own few hours away. It is expected they will pause on the top step behind me to give the world a first look at the new Prince. You can imagine the scenes. They will leave for Kensington Palace to start their new life as a rural family. -- Royal. Where's my high fives? Easygoing, relaxed and informal
has always been his style as prince. Those aren't high fives!
You've got to hit my hand. Hit it! And now, perhaps,
it will be his style as a parent. No, no, no, open palms.
That's a high five. When, in 2006, he held
someone else's newborn baby girl, he can't have imagined
the responsibilities he now faces as a father, for then, his own childhood
was not long past. Poor girl.

Set up again.

His mother, Princess Diana, had torn up
the royal parenting rulebook, mothering her sons as no royals
had been mothered before. She bought affection and warmth
to her family and she wasn't afraid to show it. Those who knew her say
William will want to do the same. Diana changed the face,
in a sense, of how royal babies were raised. I think what William
will do is carry on like that. I think what he will say is "Look, I want to raise my kids
in that same sort of style. "It's going to be normal,
it's going to be 21st century." Because it's that sort of style
of delivery, I think, that he thinks will take
the Royal Family into the 21st century and beyond. At the moment, we know that the
royal couple employ a housekeeper whose general duties
will involve some child care. But we are expecting that
Kate and her own mother will take a leading role
bringing up the new baby in the weeks and months ahead.

The influence of the in-laws
Carole and Mike Middleton is strong. Prince William is close to them
and keen to involve them.

It's all a long way from the days when royal babies
were carried by nannies and left at home when their parents
went on royal tours. FILE FOOTAGE:
From Princess Elizabeth's country home, Windlesham, we are privileged to bring
this latest camera record of their Royal Highnesses
with their baby son Prince Charles of Edinburgh,
now eight months old. 60 years ago,
Prince Charles was born into a very different
public and private world, a world of pomp,
perambulators and nannies.

And now we are privileged
to show you the very latest picture of young Prince Charming taken in Green Park
on his second birthday. But he, too, appears to have
modernised with the times. Father and son,
now grandfather and father, appear more informal together
in public. Have you been into the art room? Kate, of course, brings a fresh,
less traditional and non-royal influence. And all the indications are
she'll also bring a sense of fun. Kate and William
will bring public change through the birth of their son and they will be
changed themselves, privately, as they enter
the world of parenthood.

Mike, we've seen blanket coverage of the royal baby across
Commonwealth countries, but the United States
has also had saturation coverage.

It's hard to believe sometimes that the United States
declared independence from Britain 237 years ago,
cutting ties with the Royal Family. Because now,
America can't get enough of them. Kate's pregnancy
has dominated TV and magazines,

and this morning,
the birth was breaking news. Angela Cox takes a look at
how it was reported in the US. and this morning,
the birth was breaking news. Angela Cox takes a look at
how it was reported in the US.

Yes. Brooke...
Yeah. OK, Her Royal Highness,
the Duchess of Cambridge, was safely delivered of a son
at 4:24pm local time. Big breaking news right now. We understand that a new baby boy
has been born. REPORTER: I'm learning right now
it is a son. The new heir is a baby boy. Now, we're hearing it's a boy,
it's a boy. President Obama passed on his wishes
to the couple in a statement, saying:

You know, Americans
weren't celebrating in the streets but the bubbly was flowing
at British-themed pubs as they toasted the latest addition
to the Royal Family. Have a look. Kate, I have to ask you,
how are you feeling? It was a rather long delivery. Well, actually, I've got my figure
back already, didn't you notice? Here's health to the new king! I'm so excited for them both. It's so nice for a young couple
to have a child at this time in their lives. Americans have been fascinated
by the British royals ever since Princess Diana. William and Catherine's visit
to North America after they were married
really cemented that affection. Now, Americans are hoping
for another visit so the couple can show off
their new baby. I think they will
have to get in line - the rumour is
they plan to visit Australia first.

Thanks to Angela Cox. Mike, any word on when
we'll get a name for the prince?

It's expected sooner
rather than later, although it did take a week for Prince William's name
to be revealed. The latest odds
have George as firm favourite, followed by James, Alexander,
Richard and Louis - pretty much traditional names so the bookies aren't expecting
a Jackson or a Brooklyn. The speculation is that they are eager to reveal the names to the royal family can get on

royal family can get on their way.

On that note,
we'll leave it there for now. Mike Amor live in London. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says a bilby enclosure
at Sydney's Taronga Zoo will be named
in honour of the new prince. And the Government
will be sending him the Australian children's book
called, '10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes'. The Governor-General
has also sent her congratulations to Prince William and Kate
on behalf of the nation.

For the Queen's representative
in Australia, the birth of our future king was
certainly something to smile about. I was reflecting on the happiness the birth of a baby brings
to a young couple, to a family and, indeed, to all of us
as we welcome a prince and congratulate
their royal highnesses. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave the
Royal Family his warmest regards, calling it a day of great joy. I think all Australians,
at the bottom of their hearts, wish the royal bub all the best and certainly wish the new parents
all the best, as well. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
was also full of good wishes. Congratulations,
heartiest congratulations to Prince William and Kate
on the birth of the royal prince. The baby's arrival
has magazine editors in a spin. They're frantically working
on special editions and eagerly awaiting the all-important first pictures
of the new prince. It's so incredibly exciting. I mean, a baby's always exciting
but a royal baby and a new heir, it's a wonderful time for all of us and certainly a great time
in magazines. One new mum gave birth to her
own little prince yesterday - a baby boy called James. He was born on the same day and the time was within 30 minutes
of their times and it's also possible that
the royal baby's name will be James. An English-style pub in Canberra has come up with a novel way
to celebrate the prince's birth - putting baby blue
champagne cocktails on the menu. BOTH: Cheers.

To other news now and the Coalition has reclaimed
an election-winning lead in the latest Newspoll, with the Kevin Rudd's popularity
taking a hit. Both leaders showed a united front at the opening
of the new ASIO building, but not when it comes
to asylum seekers.

At the opening of Australia's
massive new headquarters for the spy agency ASIO, the Prime Minister wanted everyone
on their best behaviour. So guys, don't muck up. OK, no mucking up. Plagued by construction delays, cost overruns and allegations the building's plans
were stolen by Chinese hackers. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
also gave his support. Intelligence is never too dear, and that's what I thought as I looked around
these magnificent new premises. (LAUGHTER) The latest Newspoll
would have improved his mood, with his opponent's meteoric rise showing the first signs
of slowing down, with the Coalition up 3 points
on the primary vote. On the two-party preferred basis, the Opposition has regained a slim
but election-winning lead of four points. Mr Rudd still leads Tony Abbott
as preferred prime minister, although the gap has closed
by six points. Former leader Mark Latham says Kevin Rudd should strike
while the iron is hot. Rudd won't have
an extended honeymoon. The plan to go to the polls on
the August 31, I think is the best one for them. It would maximise their chances. And the gap has also narrowed on
which party voters believe is best to handle
the asylum seeker crisis. The Coalition is still in front and Tony Abbott
wants to keep it that way, questioning Labor's resolve
to see the PNG deal through. It's absolutely clear that nobody
is going to Manus any time soon.

A furious Immigration Minister
has blamed the delay on giving new arrivals
thorough health checks. And Tony Abbott knows that - he's a former health minister
who campaigned on vaccinations.

Coming up
in Seven's Afternoon News - the sharpest rise in petrol prices
for four years. Have we seen the worst of it? Plus, an insider tells what life
is really like for a royal baby. What goes on
behind the palace walls, next.

Pop your hat on.

Just lightly, just across here.

(LAUGHTER) Behind the checkpoint... Done!
Done. MAN: Hold it.
OK. Done.


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VOICEOVER: Perhaps you
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Family and friends have farewelled murdered Victorian jeweller
Dermot O'Toole. The 64-year-old was stabbed to death
in his shop at Hastings, while protecting his wife, Bridget,
from a robber. The couple's three sons led
a funeral procession through town, with locals lining the streets
to pay their respects. Many mourners
wore a splash of green, honouring Mr O'Toole's
Irish heritage.

And petrol prices
are tipped to keep rising after their fastest jump
in four years. The average price at the pump
has spiked by 25 cents a litre since mid-May. That's an extra $800 a year
for an average family car if it's filled up once a week. Wholesale fuel prices are climbing
and economists predict that will see bowser prices rise
by as much as 3 cents over the next fortnight.

Back now to the royal baby and someone who knows
what life will be like inside
the Kensington Palace nursery, Sarah Ferguson's sister, Jane. Chris Reason has spoken to her
today. Chris, what did she reveal?

Good afternoon. It was a fascinating insight. Jane Ferguson moved to Australia years ago, the sister of the former Duchess of York. She works just up there were road doing charity and fundraising for the last three years. -- works. She is Australia's greatest royal insider. She gives is interesting insight into what is happening right now. She has fond memories of visiting the hospital where William and Kate had their baby overnight. The Duchess of York had had two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. The doctors and professionals. Also this week with the post delivery is. Also walking past the media every day. She has felt particularly close to Prince William, because her son is the same age. They shared the task of being pageboys at a wedding. She was very excited about this news. Also shed some thoughts about Princess Diana. She said William particularly would be missing his mother on a day like today. Let us take a listen to what she had to say about that.

I'm sure Diana,
if she'd been here today, she would have been
a wonderful grandmother. She would have created
lots of fun and excitement and she would have been really proud
of both William and Kate. After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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VOICEOVER: The National Plan
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Hello again. Soaking rain
and isolated thunderstorms are pushing across south-west WA as conditions gradually clear
in the east. In Adelaide, it's been
a fine and partly cloudy day. 14 degrees. In Melbourne, cold and cloudy
with a few light showers mainly over the eastern suburbs. Clearing tomorrow. In Sydney,
it's a fine and partly cloudy 15. From the satellite, the tail end of a rain band
cleared Queensland this morning. Most eastern areas picked up
at least 10mm of rain. This high continues to direct
a cold south-westerly airstream over Tassie, Victoria and NSW but pressure is rising
and the weather is set to clear. This is a big system

This is a big system and it will push through.

In the west, this active front
is carrying areas of rain and isolated thunderstorms. Areas of morning fog
are highly likely under this high-pressure zone. In Brisbane
tomorrow, sunny.

Sydney, fine. Canberra, severe
morning frost then sunny. Melbourne, a morning
shower or two. Adelaide,
fine. Perth,
a few showers.

A little later in the week, there's another front
with rain surging towards WA.

Rain is building a game in Perth.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Bec. Thanks, David. That's the Afternoon News
for this Tuesday, the day that could become
the king's birthday holiday in decades to come. There'll be much more
on the royal baby's arrival in your local Seven News at 6:00, including an exclusive interview
with Sarah Ferguson's sister, Jane, on life for a royal baby. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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Block four. Congratulations, Robert Laing!

Your battle with the bank
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And now, please welcome your host... Saash, Monnie, Katie. ..Andrew O'Keefe. Hi, everyone. Hey, Rob. How are you, mate? Fantastic.
Good to meet you. Welcome, everyone. Welcome. Rob Laing... ..doing the deals. Down from Queensland. Yes. Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
Good on you. Bob,
he's got a very responsible job. He basically powers
south-east Queensland. Well, I work for the transmission
company in south-east Queensland. Right. So what you do with
the transmission company? Do you flick the big switch? We do click switches but we get
the power into Queensland and then distribute it throughout
South East Queensland. Terrific. So all that aircon
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and have some more holidays. Sounds like a lot of fun. Very nice indeed. Good on you. Bob is quite a traveller but
we'll get to that in just a second. We have Miss Monnie,
Kate and Saasha to help out. Where do we go, case-wise? Well, my daughter would kill me,
Gemma, her date of birth's the 16th
so I'll go 16, thank you. Sweet 16. How old is Gemma?
Seven. Is she?
Seven turning 17. Yeah, I'm with you. 16 is when the real problems start
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Happy anniversary.

It's deal time!

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So when you say, you know, you love
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Hello! These guys, I mean,
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might like travel. They are absolutely intrepid. Talk us through your schedule. Well, for this year we're doing PNG,
a couple of months from now. That will be country 47. Country 47?! I just turned 47
so I've got to see 47 countries. Right, OK. And what have been your
favourite destination so far? I reckon Samoa.
Samoa, really? Gemma likes Samoa.
I love Samoa. Just because it was so paradisiacal? Yeah. And friendly.
Yeah? Yeah. We loved it. Very nice. What was the last country
you visited? We went to New Zealand. It took you 46 goes to
get around to New Zealand?!

Did you like New Zealand?
Yeah, we did. Waiheki Island,
we spent a week or so there. Beautiful.
And, yeah, had a great time. Why PNG? I collect wooden artefacts
from each tropical country so far and on my retainer wall span I've
got a little mask on every section and yeah, PNG, it's another country. Alright,
well that's the place to go. Apparently up the Sepik River
and the Fly River you will find some of the most
wonderful artefacts in the world as far as tribal culture goes,
you know, yes. PNG.
Does that appeal to you, Hannah? No. (LAUGHS) But you'll go anyway?
But I'm going. Alright. Sounds good. Let's go to it then, Bob. Thank you, Andrew. First six cases!


Front and centre, number 4. It's my lucky number, actually. Hey, Blake.
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$50 it is.

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Number 2, thank you. You're good at this. Gina? Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Robert. I think I've got $4,000. Thank you, Gina. It's $250. That'll do.
Nice work.

See, we're pretty smart,
these linesmen, hey? Oh, is that what you do?
You're a linesman? Four and two are six,
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ALL: Oh!

Bucket goes down.
I liked 6 too. Yeah, sad, sad, sad. But there we go,
it's only one of the four greens. You know,
you've got three operational lines. Alrighty.
Let's go middle row for a bit. Number 14.

Guy? Robert, good luck. I think I've got...$4,000. Thank you, Guy.

It's $100. That's three blues now. One green.