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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. (VOICEOVER) This is Nine News Now. Today on Nine News Now. Our Olympic swimmers break their silence and confess their wrongs, we have all of the latest developments. Plus a breakthrough drug that will help Australian flu sufferers this year. Plus our very own Denham Hitchcock gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Oscars. And revealed at last - the scientific reason why women talk a lot more than men. Now the shock confession from some of swimming's biggest names with the mens four by 1000m swim team facing the media a short time ago. There were some startling admissions.There sure were. Five of the six relay team members did admit to staking Stillnox on the night in Manchester. They said they took it as part of a team bonding exercise and talked and shared stories. But they admitted some were involved in prank phone calls to teammates and they did knock on people's doors or did say they didn't enter any rooms. That Stillnox drug was banned by the AOC at the Olympics. Each swimmer said they took one tablet of it. They say they are deeply sorry and it did not affected their performance at the games. Let's here from swimmer Eamon Sullivan now....The discussion about how we got to bond as junior members and senior members on previous teams. Matt and I shared some stories and as a group we decided to take the Stillnox and that's what happened. Hindsight a wonderful thing. Of course I regret our decision and my decision. As a senior member of the team I should have stood up and shown more leadership at the time. For that I'm truly sorry. I have put my body on the line and my physical state over the years to be a proud member of this team. I'm deeply sorry my actions in not taking more leadership on the night has brought us to this point.In my personal case I think one of the reasons I agreed to go along with this night was I was feeling under so much pressure and it had been building for the best part of a year, the chance to bond with these guys and be normal for one night were my intentions of the night. Obviously in hindsight it was a ridiculous choice and a ridiculous method to do that by. For that I have a lot of regrets.What sort of reaction has the admission had? There have been mixed reactions out there. But Swimming Australia has said it commends the swimmers for being honest and coming out and speaking to the media today. We did hear from swimmer Emily Seebohm who said it's good they have owned up to it. She requests some of the timing. The swimmers say they were in bed by 10.30 but she disputes that and says things were happening later at around 11.30. Laurie Lawrence has said a few words in support of the male swim team so let's hear from him now.I don't know how it's allowed to happen but it's reinforced my belief in what great young people we have in the Australian swimming team and what great people they are. They've come in and said they've done the wrong thing, admitted they've done the wrong thing. How has it affected other kids - that is just not on. I admire these young men for coming out and now it's all guns moving forward as far as I'm concerned.We will have to wait a while to see exactly what penalties they will face. We know James Magnussen will lose the $14,000 he got for a silver medal at the games. The other penalties will be decided mid March. There are talks of fines. We will have to wait and see what other swimmers face afterfessing up to taking Stillnox that night.On Facebook this afternoon you can tell what you say you think. Lisa Towns wrote: What a joke - bonding isn't an excuse to behave like children while funded as elite athletes representing Australia. Allan McKenzie says the swimmers better pull in their heads before Rio or we will fail again. And another says: Same on you swimmers. To other news - and the strange twist in the case against Oscar Pistorius. The case is turning upside-down with the lead detective kicked off the investigation. Tonight a radical reversal. The eyes of judgment turned from Olympian Oscar Pistorius to one of the people accusing him, the chief investigator Hilton Botha, who had been the prosecution's key witness. His testimony was the most likely to keep Oscar Pistorius in jail. But today embarrassed prosecutors said they didn't know the xebgtive - detective was being investigated for seven counts of atempted murder, opening fire on a passenger mini bus in 2011.Surely they should have been prepared.Legal analysts say the bail hearing has suddenly turned in favour of the Blade Runner, the champion who made millions from his inspiring accomplishments. But since the Valentines Day shooting he has not been able to keep sponsors by his side. Nike today became one of the latest companys to suspend his company. Meanwhile friends of Reeva and Oscar are trying to make sense of it all.We're hoping the truth will come out.Reeva's room mate told ABC news she hasn't been able to change a thing in her friend's roofpl. She said Reeva planned to give a talk to high school girls about abusive relationships. As far as she knew the couple was happy.I still have so many moments where I don't believe it's true.Kevin can't imagine Oscar Pistorius as the violent man prosecutors allege. So you've lost your friend - it's a big shock. One is gone and one is in a whole lot of trouble.On Sunday night there will be a Nine News special on the Oscar Pistorius murder case, Blade Runner my lover, my killer will air at 8.30 after 60 minutes. To federal politics now - speculation continues to mount over the Labor government's leadership. A cabinet member has spoken out in defence of Julia Gillard. Health Minister Tania plib sick joined Malcolm Turnbull on the Today show denying that polls would force the Prime Minister from her position. Julia will lead us to the next election. She is a tough woman who has achieved an enormous amount. I have every faith in us being led to the next election and beyond by her. The Labor Party cannot govern itself, how can they govern the country.Kevin Rudd's daughter also laughed off take about her father making a comback.Would you like to see that happen?Oh my goodness! No, I think there is more chance of dad being icallyo bachelor of the year than Prime Minister again. He has a lot on his plate. I think all former Prime Ministers are out there in the media from time to time so don't read too much into it. Jessica Rudd says she has the utmost respect for Ms Gillard. Parts of Melbourne were battered by a fierce storm overnight. The weather system triggered flash flooding and caused lengthy delays at Melbourne airport.The SES were forced to sandbag properties here in south Maran deprbgs as part of a large operation that saw them take over 130 calls in last night's storms N some suburbs of Melbourne over 06mm of rain tumbled down. It was heaviest here in the south where the water level has risen above the doorstep of the property pushing water inside the home and flooding the street. You will see pictures of the street that show it looking like something resembling a swollen creek bed. Earlier today we spoke to home owners here who had never seen anything like the storms we witnessed last night.It came so fast. The rain came. I got on the phone to warn everybody.Here on the balcony watching the cars go through the flood road. Within 5 minutes the whole of the houses here were all flooded.Water damage worst in these homes in the kitchen and courtyard areas. As you can see, the garden has been turned to mud. In Sunbury north-west of Melbourne a supermarket was badly damaged. The food works had the roof over the dairy section collapse causing $50,000 worth of damage and stock losses. There were also reports of trees falling on cars around the state due to the wild weather. One particularly at Bannockburn where a car was crushed with nobody injured. The airport was affected. Tullamarine has gone into its wild weather safety procedure which has seen nearly every flight delayed out of Melbourne today. Thunder storms predicted for this afternoon and rain for the first four days of next week T may not be the last of the wild weather in Melbourne.The weather situation is just as bad in south-east Queensland where the state's coast is being pummelled by powerful winds and surf. How bad is the damage there?Amber, there has been significant damage right along Gold Coast beaches here. The beaches remain closed after days of dangerous surf and wild winds. We've seen some severe errosion right along the coast. Sand cliffs a few metres high and overnight we've seen some significant damage. We've seen trees tumble. We've seen a lifeguard tower at Miami almost topple into the surf there. After so much sand was eaten away. We're told conditions are set to ease but the sursf still rough. We could still experience damaging winds up to 90k an hour this afternoon so it's not quite over yet.A series of shootings have rocked south-east Queensland with three suburbs hit by gun crime in less than 24 hours. Nine's Darren Curtis has more.In the space of just a few hours three people were shot in separate incidents - the latest was discovered here at this house in Banyo at 3 am. The 45-year-old victim drove himself here to get help from a friend. They quickly called police and paramedics. They didn't hesitate after they realised he had multiple bullet wounds in his body and leg. The victim is is a member of the rebels bikie gang. It's yet to be determined whether that membership has anything to do with the circumstances of the offence.Earlier I spoke to Chad Adams shot outside his Gold Coast home yesterday. He was blasted in the leg after an altercation with a man who worked in off the street and demanded keys to his ute and motorbikes in his driveway. He said he saw the gun but wasn't intimidated. He was more concerned about protecting his nephew and brother.I would have taken a bullet for him. Family comes first. 24-year-old Elliot Wood has been chargeded with atempted murder. It's alleged he shot his friend in the face ever an argument at a Mount Gravatt home yesterday. Police say despite so many incidents in such a short time gun crime is not out of control in Queensland.You can rest assured we will aggressively pursue all lines of inquiry..Police say they can understand the community's concern but they are putting in significant resources to solving these cases quickly.A 36-year-old man has been charged with murder after police discovered the body of a man in a Sunshine Coast unit overnight. It's alleged the victim was bashed to death. Neighbours say they heard screaming and fighting before emergency crews arrived. Security for our cricketers in India has been stepped up after at least 12 people were killed by twin blasts in Hyderabad. 50 people were injured after two bombs went off within 10 minutes of each other at a busy market. Indian authorities say the explosives were planted on bicyclings. The cricket test between Australia and India is going on a- ahead in Chennai today with extra security in place. There is some closure at last for the family of murdered Australian girl Zahra baker. A skull has been identified as the 10-year-old's. She was killed and dismembered by her stepmother in 2010. Baker directed authorities to most of the little girl's body parts but the skull was only found last April. The Australian Embassy says it can now bring home Zahra's remains for burial. Still ahead - details on a big gun fight right in front of a famous casino strip in Las Vegas. Plus why cricketers around the country will be seeing hot pink tomorrow. We work hard to burn calories and run the distance but just how accurate are the numbers on our This program is not captioned. Three people have been shot dead during a gun fight on the famous Las Vegas strip. The hunt is on for a black range rover that fled the scene leaving a taxi in flames. Robert Penfold has the story.No, it's not a clip from the latest Bruce which willise lax movie, this is the famous strip running right through the middle of the Las Vegas casino district - closed off for most of the day today while police piece together the lead-up to the shoot out that left three dead and a fiery crash.We believe there was an assailant vehicle..It started when a dark covered range rover with blacked out windows pulled up beside a Maserati at a red light. The driver was shot and killed and his passenger wounded. Then his out of control sports car jumped forward starting a chain of cashes. The taxi cab subsequently caught on fire and exploded.The taxi driver and his passenger were trapped inside the cab and died. This is a city not easily shocked but not this morning. First there was an arguement in a casino and then the battle spilt out onto the streets. The first shot was fired at 4.20 am at an intersection in front of the cease sars palace. Police say they are sure the men in the range rover sport described as a number of black males were trailing the $150,000 Maserati whose driver was likely one of those involved in the earlier argument. The hunt for the killers is still continuing.One in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia and to raise money for this devastateding disease cricketers across the country will be doneing hot pink tomorrow. Jo Hall, breast screen ambassador join us. This is for the McGrath foundation. Talk us through the details.This weekend is Pink Stumps Day. 1,000 local cricket clubs will help raise money for the McGrath foundation which aims to increase breast cancer awareness in young women. We know the pink test at the SCG has become iconic. Embracing that theme the McGrath foundation launched a Pink Stumps Day two years ago. Since then 1.3 million dollars has been raised for the McGrath foundation. The money is crucial to providing a breast care nurse to every woman with breast cancer. 72% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family mystery of the disease. Screening is the best way to find breast cancer early when symptoms are notice and treatment is likely to be successfulThis cause is close to your heart. How has breast cancer touched your life? Your life?Most Hosted in some way by breast cancer. For me one of my close friends Anne successfully fought and won her battle against the disease. She is a beautiful mother of three boys. Her diagnosis was devastating for her and everyone who knew her. It prompted another mutual friend to go for a screening. She had no family history and was a healthy mum to a young boy. That screening caught a particularly aggressive cancer which was caught early. It was cured with radiation. She says she owes her life to Anne and her cancer journey. She calls her her angel. That's the key, early detection. If it's caught early a woman's chances of survival are good. I would appeal to our female viewers to arrange for a breast screen. Do it for not just yourself but those who love you. If you're over 50 it's free.We will catch up later in the chat room.Look forward to it.Have you ever wondered just how accurate those gym machines are when it comes to how many calories you've burnt and how many kilometres you've gone? You're about to see the scientific results.They cufpblg your calories, calculate distance and tabulate heart rate but accurate are these exercise machines. We headed to a neighborhood gym to find out. First up, calories - after making sure the treadmills were in tiptop shape I ran for a mile with the machine logging 94 calories burnt. But what was my body really burning? To get the answer we visited the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. This skieba looking gear is actually a high count oxygen annualiser that counts calories down to the decimal point. I ran another mile at the same pace and it calculated I burnt 57 calories, 20% than the gym treadmill. Experts say that's because gym treadmills don't take into account your running style or body type.It can just give you a best estimate based on generalities. Fpbgs next up, heart rate, I hopped on the elyptical. It says my heart rate is 136. This says 135.It was pretty accurate. Even when I really pushed it, testing my own limits perhaps even more than the Minister's.175. 173 on the watch.Finally, distance - experts say worn out or stretched out belts can make the miles extra long so make sure your gym tunes up the gym equipment every month. But why does it feel much harder when I run outside?There are many things in that mile that might make it feel harder.On the treadmill my legs are pulled back but outside I have to push my foot over the other each time. Meaning more effort for the same distance. The calories add up, meaning next time I might have to run a little faster.Next on Nine News Now - the three little heroes honoured for saving their friend's life. Plus our own Denham Hitchcock with an exclusive backstage look at the 85th Academy Awards. And we take a look back at some of the This program is not captioned. Presenting Huggies Nappy-Pants,
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This program is not captioned. A special surprise for three little girls in Sydney's north today who received bravery awards for saving the life of a two-year-old who was drowning in the family's backyard pool. This inspiring report just in to our news room. Take a look.. Three little heroes honoured for their incredible bravery and quick thinking.Children as young as five, seven and...Early in January this two-year-old was playing in the backyard swimming pool when they got into trouble. Her sisters, 5 and 7 and their-year-old neighbour Charlie, quickly noticed something was wrong.My dad only went in for a second to get a glass of water. We were just skimming up and down and noticed it.The girls didn't waste any time, springing to action. Pulled her to the side of the edge and we pulled her head up from the water and she was pale with blue lips.They screamed for her parents, who called 000 and began performing CPR. Flore was rushed to hospital and thankfully made a full recovery. This afternoon the girls received a very special surprise at their school assembly, honoured with bravery awards. Flore's mum forever great toflt girls who saved her daughter's life.Look, I can't even describe it.

describe it.They credit swimming lessons and nippers for their quick thinking and have this advice for other kids.Always be safe in the water and always have an adult watching you.Reid Butter, - but the Letter, Nine News.LA is abuzz ahead of Monday's Academy Awards. Australia will be well represented with our actors nominated for Oscars. Denham Hitchcock is already on the red carpet where things are being finalised for the big night. Three days out from Oscars and we are still very much in a construction zone here. But I have picked up my magic pass. This is the key to the door. This will get me through on to here, onto the red carpet and through the Oscars all the way through Sunday. We will show you a little bit what it's like to be here F you're a celebrity you will come through the tent to my right-hand sidement you would have pulled up just behind that in a giant limousine. You've probably had four vodkas to quell the nerves. Once you get in here walking down the red carpet there are flash bulbs and media organisations. You can see all of the places here. Just about everyone is represented. There is our little spot. You can see exactly how much room we have. It's not much. It's about a shoulder length wide. You will find me, Dicky Wilkins, my cameraman and maybe one or two others squeezed in. But everyone else is in the same boat. That's the way it goes. By the time it comes to Oscar day along this fence will be blacked out so the public can't see. Will notice if you look straight up - up there is brilliant blue sky. They were worried it would rain here at the Oscars and there was a huge tent that covered everything. But that has since been almost pretty much removed. The runway is quite a length that these guys have to walk down. On the other side over here you can see that there are grandstands. There are about 20,000 people that tried to get into those seats. But only 700 will actually make it. And they choose - they seem to choose, any way, the 700 loudest people in America. Those guys are deafening. When you add hoards of media organisations calling out for everybody on the carpet, add all of that together and it's quite a circus down here. Let's have a little bit of a look at who are the possible winners and of course the Australians.I know who you are.I don't want to seem too biased but let's start with the Australians because this year there are four Australians up for Oscars. Three of them are in the major acting categories - best actor Hugh Jackman for that incredible performance in 'Les Mis'. And hey, we know he has to take on the Daniel day Lewis and the Lincoln juggernaut but we're still cheering for him. The best actress category anyo me Wat texts in best actress category. She has some tough competition but is in there with a very big chance and Jackie Weaver for her role in silver linings Playbook. The fourth guy, keep an eye on him - he could be the guy that walks home with the statue. Rick Findlater did the make-up for the Hobbs bit. He has probably - if the book makers are honest - maybe the best chance of walking home with an Oscar. Let's look at some of the other big movies you should be looking out for if you haven't seen them in theatres. Lincoln is expected to sweep through this award ceremony. It has 12 nominations in all. That's the big one to watch. Argo by Ben after flex - there is a little controversy here because he didn't get the best director nomination but there are a tonne of others, seven in all including a possibility for best picture. Zero dark 30, the movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, that has five nominations. Joint Standing Committee jeepbg, Quentin tar ran tin know barn storming back into Hollywood. Silver linings Playbook is up for a tonne of awards and is a crowd favourite specially with the ladies. They are putting the finishing touches on this. All of the questions and possibilities will be answered pretty soon. The plastic is still on this thing. This is normally Hollywood Boulevard. So traffic blocked off. A bit of traffic drama in Hollywood at the moment. But everyone realises this is part and parcel of living in this town. When the stars come through here they finish talking to us - let's hope they stop for us - because we have to catch them as they go by. They will walk to their right and into the Dolby Theatre where everyone will take place in just three day's time.It's all happening. As we countdown to the 85th annual Academy Awards we thought you would enjoy a look back at some of the more memorable moments. Enjoy.I love it up here.There is something about Oscar night...Has anybody ever fainted here? I might be the first one!So I'm not winning director.That makes it the most riveting. Breathless. Jump on your seat, unforgettable.Shame on you, Mr Bush.Oh my gosh, did you see that? Night of the year!The Oscar goes to...That would be best actor Roberto take arg bizarre route to the stage when he won for life is beautiful back in 1999.John Gorton. Chris Moore.And there is Ben after flex and Matt Day non-19 98. Buzzed an adrenaline and thanking everyone including and actor who had nothing to do with the film.And for this acceptance speech. I love you brother. I love you man.It would be hard to top Cuba gooding junior's performance the year before.Show me the money!He admits people remember that Oscars peach. And one fellow actor Anthony Hopkins won't let him forget the line that helped him win.What you gonna do?Show me the money!When I met him the first time he goes, "Ha, show me the money!" in that English accent. Very good, show me the money!Oh-oh.Ar-ee-oo. Jamie Fox won for his portrayal of music legend Ray Charles.She was my first acting teacher.But it was the memory of the grandmother who raised him that really moved the audience on Oscar night 2005.She still talks to me now only now she talks to me in my dreams.Some are unforgettable for their outpouring of raw emotion. Like in 1999 when Gyneth pal tro - pal introduce won for Shakespeare in love.I thank my family and my mother...I'm gonna be the one to cry tonight.Like Washington Sally Fields has two Oscars but her second win created one of the most memorable and quoted speeches ever.I have wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn't feel it. But this time I feel it and I can't deny the fact that you like me - right now you like me! Still to come on Nine News now. All of the headlines including breaking news from the AOC over what punishment our disgraced swimmers will face. Plus the new breakthrough drug that will help Australian flu sufferers this year. And the science behind why women talk a lot more than men revealed - that's next. This program is not captioned. (RUSTLING)
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This program is not captioned. You're watching Nine News now. We begin the latest headlines with breaking news. The AOC has just announced it's laufpbling an investigation. This comes after some of our top swimmers fronted the media today and admitted to using banned prescription drug Stillnox in the lead-up to the London games. During the media conference members of the relay squad including Eamon Sullivan and James Magnussen admitted taking Stillnox during a bonding session. The chance to bond with these guys and be normal for one night were my intentions of the night.A senior South African detective will take over the bungled Oscar Pistorius murder case following revelations the lead officer is himself facing attempted murder charges. Melbourne is cleaning up today after parts of the city were lashed by severe weather last night. Now to the new drug promising to prevent the spread of epidemic flu strains. Scientists are developing a new anti-viral drug at a time when Australia deals with the second highest number of flu cases in a decade. Justine, you can tell us a birth more about the drug.Firstly, it's not a vaccine. Scientists working on this are keen to stress that this is an anti-vierbl drug designed to be taken by a patient once they begin showing early signs of the flu. It's about stopping the horrible symptoms of the aches, fever and snifls dead in their tracks and scientists believe they can then stop the infected person spreading the virus to others. This would be an amazing outcome. Flu kills about 2,500 people each year in Australia. While the flu season won't officialy began until next month already this year we've seen a higher number of cases than in the year before - 51 cases more in John alone. I was saying to the scientists earlier we haven't heard much about bird flu recently. She told me there are tens of millions of birds infected worldwide and it's only a matter of time before there is another pandemic which is why the research is so important. At the moment it only spreads from birds to humans and it doesn't have the ability to spread from human to human. But we're all on the edge of ourt seat. There is no doubt we will have future pandemics of flu. Anything we can do to prevent them or treat people during one is a step forward.So this work that the scientists are doing here at the CSIRO in Melbourne is critical. It could be 7 years before the new anti-flu drug is ready for human trials. In the meantime doctors say we should be keeping up our flu shots and they will be widely publicised from next month when the flu season begins.Great advice. Thank you. It's been a proven fact for many years that women talk a lot more than men but now a study claims it's unlocked the reason Y it has all to do with a protein in our brains.Examples of the stereotype are everywhere.I like strawberry instead of van nilla... Sally who met Harry. These days it could be the '2 Broke Girls' on HBO. And then there is Clint.Clearly women speak more than men.Clearly. Every hairdresser in the world can tell you that's probably true. That's not misoginyst or mean, some say it's fact. We took a random two minutes of Kelly and Michael yesterday. Kelly uses 43% more words than Michael that. Guy is eloquent. One researcher claims there are 20,000 words on average a day for a woman and 7,000 for a man. I do spend a lot of my time listening to my wife.I have a thing with my sister, oh my God.In my line of work I meet some chaty Cathys.She didn't come into my office and say I'm gonna lose weight by this time...And some laconic men.It could be,Now they say it might be a protein. The protein is essential for speech. Scientists did some exploratory research with rats and based on what they saw they now say women might have more of the speech protein than men. We did our own non-scientific study at Santa Monica. Here they were talking a mile a minute. Down the street at Esquire.We don't talk about feelings at the barbers top unless you feel like talking about sports. Maybe we men should talk about emotions. I wonder why men and women have evolved this way.It's believed when men had the big guns and controlled everything much more than they do today the only weapons women had were their wits and words. Interesting. Night night, sweetheart.Night. Oh, you know what, I have just realised... Interesting indeed. Next we go into the chat room and we will be talking more about why women talk more. Plus, has Facebook taken away the need for high school reunions - we debate. And Kim Kardasian reveals she is dressing up while pregnant to impress her man. Is it sweet or disturbing.

This program is not captioned.

Time now to head into the chat room. Today I'm joined by Nine's Jo Hall in Melbourne N Sydney Daily Telegraph news columnist Sarah. It's universaly acknowledged we talk a lot. Now scientists have discovered a gene that may be responsible. Women on average utter about 20,000 a day while men only 7,000. That's incredible. This new study shows girls' brains contain higher levels of protein and a gene that's partialy responsible for the ability to talk. Finally an excuse why we don't stop talking.Exactly. Some cliches become cliches for a reason. The scenario of a talkative woman and her long-suffering and far less talkative man is one of those cliches largely based on truth. There are exceptions. I know plenty of women that aren't prone to chatting and also plenty of men who could compete in the Olympics if talking was an Olympic sport. As a general rule the study is not surprising. I thought it was result of - as a result of social conditioning with men not encouraged to verbalise their feelings. But it makes sense that there is science behind it. As someone who lives with three males I will try to remember that the next time I'm in the midst of a five minute rant about why I don't like the colour of a certain cushion and see blank faces staring at me wondering how a human being can talk so long.My husband can talk underwater. I get home and don't want to talk much. But saying that I talk for a living. But he is attached to that phone of his. Is our ability to talk underwater hard wired?I know I can talk the leg off a table. Most women I know, friends and colleagues, love a chat. Even my 13-year-old daughter once she gets going barely draws breath. Women talk about their problems while men struggle with that. Apparently women have an 8 lane highway for processing emotions while men have a small country road. Women also devote more brain cells to talking than men. The simple act of talking triggers a rush similar to that felt by heroin addicts. This is called the chat room!When me and my girlfriend talk everyone thinks we speak our own language we talk so fast. I now have an excuse! Next, we ask if Facebook has removed the need for school reunions. In the past reunions were a great way to see what everyone was doing, whether they got married and how many children they had. We pretty much know all of that stuff now with Facebook and we're not faced with all of the awkward conversations that can happen at school reunions that makes everyone so horrified..A colleague of mine said Facebook is exactly why he didn't go to his 10 year reunion - he already knew everything about everyone.And he was horrified?He kept this contact he said with the people he really cared about. There is no - mystery any more. Having said that, a girlfriend of mine did go to her reunion and found out some people put on weight, lost weight, were pregnant, married or divorced but also found out one of the girls was in prison for murder. I don't know if you get that from Facebook. Nothing beats face to face contact. The internet can never replace that. Virtual hugs aren't the same. School reunions can be awkward. Believe it or not there are some people in the world that aren't on Facebook.I have heard a rumour that Jo is not on Facebook.I'm not.Why? How you can not be on Facebook?I have one friend that's really stubborn and she refuses to use it. I must say I have a school reunion coming up in two weeks. We organised it via Facebook. I don't know that that would have happened without it. All of MySchool friends are going. We're a close year. I'm still friends with a lot of the women that go. It's a good excuse to have a night out with the girls. We all get a leave pass because it's a legitimate excuse.I think if you have the opportunity everyone should go to at least one school reunion. Facebook or not - as you say, Facebook is a good way of spreading the word. Reunions are happening more often than not. I still get a newsletter from my old high school. They always have photos of the class of 2003 having their 10 year reunion but someone sells doing their 10 or 15 year reunion. There is ample opportunity to go along. If we don't rerisk becoming a country of Melissa Georges. She had that very well documented dummy spit last year where she gets annoyed that the media in her view focus on her soap opera origins. But high school is like that. It's where you came from. It's always a part of who you are and we should embrace TI have to move on. Hard hitting stuff. Friday wouldn't be Friday without a Kim Kardasian story. Kim has revealed she likes to still dress in tight sexy outfits while pregnant to impress Kanye. Shouldn't they be concentrating on growing their bub? I know that's what I did.Pregnant or not, no woman should wear anything she is not comfortable in just to impress her man. If as a pregnant woman you would rather wear loose clothing and flat shoes you should do that. I fully agree with what Kim is saying. I never thought I would say those words. There is a lot of scrutiny and pressure on pregnant women to confirm to a certain way of looking. Whenever I was pregnant whenever I went to the anti-natural appointment I would get into trouble for wearing high heels. I was not doing that to be sexy or attract a man. That's the least of our priorities when we're 7 months pregnant. But that's what I was comfortable in. That's what I wear all of the time. The day a woman has to wear a floral shapeless dress and ugg boots while pregnant should be obsolete by now.Iragree but the point is she doing it for herself or him? That's where the fine line might be.. O, did you still feeling like dressing sexy when pregnant?I loved it or at least I tried to. Kim is a very sexy girl. She is always gonna look sexy whatever she wears. These days you can dress however you want. Sometimes you're not well enough to dress sexy but you have to dress for comfort. But the choice is there. Pregnancy fashion has evolved. When I was expecting my first child I wore moomoos. But these days you can wear tight figure hugging tops and dresses and flaunt it.Thank you. Still to come - the weather details and all of the latest This program is not captioned.

Sylvia Jeffreys. Time for the weather. Brisbane will see a top of 31. Rain for Sydney.

Now let's go live to Silvia Jeffreys in the Nine News room. What is coming up in the 4.30 afternoon news?We have had the confessions and now the fallout after members of the mens relay team confessed to using a banned drug during a bonding session in the lead-up to the London Olympics - the AOC says it's considering what action to take against the swimmers and has launched an investigation. The clean-up is under way in Melbourne after a ferocious storm inundated homes and businesses. There is flash flooding around New South Wales and powerful surf along the Gold Coast as that wild weather heads towards Sydney. The Oscar Pistorius case has taken another dramatic turn as the lead investigator is kicked off the case. And a very happy surprise for three little girls, Amber, who helped