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(generated from captions) allowed to stay at home on bail. So it seems quite often the way things are done here.We will have to leave it there. Thank you. We will have full coverage tomorrow on Weekend

A union official is accusing Telstra
of using Sensis job cuts as a smokescreen
for sending jobs offshore. 648 positions will go
in Melbourne and Sydney as part of a company restructure. Telstra says the move is necessary as Sensis moves from
a traditional print-base to a digital business model. The CPSU claims
it's more about building profit. We're joined by
our Big Guns of Politics - Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey
in Sydney and in Brisbane,
Labor MP Kevin Rudd. Good morning to you both. Joe, we'll start with you. What's your reaction
to the job cuts?

Well, we are always disappointed to hear about job losses. Disappointed for the families, but also, in this case, I don't know about you, but I don't want the phone books thrown over the front fence each year any more. I have a different technology, we use different technology in the home. And it just seems as though we have all been beaten by the technology when it comes to the jobs. And I can understand where people are coming from. I can understand where Telstra is coming understand where Telstra is from but this is one of the changes of life that we have to endure at the moment.Lots of jobs have been created in the IT market as it grows as well. Kevin, Telstra though has confirmed it could move hundreds of jobs offshore. How do we stop these jobs going overseas to cheaper labour?I think the first thing to say is thaft first half yearly profit was about $ profit was about $1. profit was about $1.6 billion. They are not exactly strapped for cash. I don't know the details of the commercial decision of the company but on your but on your broader question of jobs going offshore. This is always a balance for companies in making the right decision for the long-term. You follow the American economy very closely as well. What have you seen in recent times in the United States? A whole bunch of manufacturing jobs being repatriated from China to the United States because of advances in technology which actually reduce production costs within America. So therefore the old assumption that the only play you can do this sort of work is offshore is itself being challenged by new technologies as well. For those who have lost their job. Can I just say, it's a horrible experience for people, therefore, the key question for people, therefore, the key question for Telstra this morning, is helping each and every one of those 600 plus workers find a new job. That's a corporate responsibility.Yes.OK. All right.

Cricket Australia says
it's too early to discuss whether deadly bomb blasts overnight
in the Indian city of Hyderabad will force next month's
second test to be moved. Team management is liaising
with local authorities and the Australian High Commission. Kevin, as a former foreign minister, would you advise the team
to come home now? I would first of all make sure that the department of foreign affairs has all the tell generals reporting on what has on what on has all the tell generals reporting has all the tell generals has all the tell has all the has all the intelligence on this on before providing advice. Knowing Bob Carr and knowing the Department of Foreign Affairs. They will be doing it right now. Then, based on past practice and we have had many incidents in the past. We provide direct advice to Cricket Australia as to what weigh believe the real security risks are. That will be a process underway. So I don't think it's a good thing for politicss to stand up and say " stand up and say "Sago" let's base this on the facts. Each incident is different.Joe, should fans think twice about going there?No, you take advice. I agree with Kevin on this. You take advice from the department. Look, just go to the website, make sure that you read thoroughly all the advice from the department and make your own decision on that.Smart you go.We put a lot of money into that, I just say to all your viewers, wherever you are travelling in the world, it's permanently being updated. Please if you are travelling Please if you are travelling, go to the website and have a look. the website and have a look..Are you travelling by cyberspace to the United States to answer the call? The plea from the American geeing on ra professor and his class to talk about Australia to them? Are you going to take them up for a flee beer.We are going to beer.We are going to have an intergalactic gathering. I have never seen this guy before. You have to take your hat off to him. He is out there. So yes, I have agreed to - I of have agreed to do the Skype with this class. God knows what is going to happen, but Virginia Tech, by the way, is one of those leading schools in Australia like MIT. They have had real tragedy in recent years. So I am happy to do the right thing by these guys. But he looks like the definition of the whacky professor to me.He should be in caucus if that's the case.Joe. Kevin is a shining light. He is the one that is going to penetrate the darkness of Julia Gillard, the what you kus.Get off. Go on. Kevin.Joe, Joe hockey, you called me twed will dumber this week and you've just changed your tune. Joe, you be consistent.Everyone wants you, Kevin.You be consistent. We are watching you, Joe.I was a bit harsh on you, not as harsh as the Labor Party but harsh on you.Get a room, you two.You two could go on all