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(generated from captions) that if they want to provide their family with the best standard of living. They want to be able to afford some education. They want to be able to afford some health. They want to make other investments as well. So they take a common sense decision to take out a loan and support their family and pay it off as quickly as they possibly can. Now in terms of the nation, in terms of the nation, the nation had a sudden and dramatic cut to its national income over the past five years and suddenly $160 billion of it went out the door. If you want to follow the logic of what the member is saying is what mum and dad should have done in reaction to losing $160,000 is sell the house and go and live in a tent. No, what we did as a country was to say, "We should support our people, we should support mum and dad, we should keep mum and dad in jobs. We should ensure their kids get the best possible start in life. We can support our economy. We can get economic growth going" you know what happened when economic growth gets going? You have a stronger budget. So if you have more jobs then you have a stronger budget and then you pay down your debt. That's what you do and that is what mum and dad do too.The Member for Kingston has the call.Speaker, my question is to the minister for the status of women. Members of the House would be aware that today is V day, this year it is highlighting the 1 billion rising campaign that refers to the number of women around the world impacted by violence. So my question to the minister is; what is the Australian Government doing to reduce and prevent violence against women and their children both here and overseas?

The minister for status of women has the call.

Thank you Speaker. Can I thank the Member for Kingston for her question. Unfortunately it is a sad fact that every day millions of Will are subjected to violence and physical abuse. V day in 2013 is highlighting 1 billion rising campaign. A campaign that asks us to consider that one in three women will experience violence in her lifetime. That's 1 billion women who are survivors of abuse. It is asking us to do something about it. In Australia one in three women have experienced physical violence and one in five sexual violence since the age of 15. We have a zero tolerance to violence against women wherever it occurs and we are taking action to Australia as well as overseas in contributing to international efforts. Any act of violence against anyone, of course is unacceptable. The cost to the Australian community of domestic violence in this country is more than $13 billion per annum but this Government has committed $86 million to the national plan to reduce violence against women and their children. Through the plan we have already invested more than $30 million to help achieve these goals, $17 million on the line, a social media campaign encouraging young people to develop respectful relationships. $9 million to fund respectful relationship projects in schools and communities and $3 million for community action grants to groups and sporting organisation to engage at the local level. $1 million to the white ribbon Foundation to develop programs to support workplaces, to tackle attitudes on violence against women. Some of our prevention measures have included recently establishing with the states and territories the national sent of excellence to guide and promote research on issues affecting women who experience violence. We have created 100 respect, the first national telephone and online counselling support service for victims, their families and friends and people working with them. We are providing free training through DV alert for health and allied workers to improve their capacity to respond to women experiencing violence. We are improving services for women with disability and this year the United Nations commission on the status of women to be held in New York has a priority theme of eliminating violence against women and their children. Australia supports initiatives like crisis services, counselling and legal support. Violence against women has no geographical, financial or cultural boundary. It is regrettably happening everywhere, everyday. On this day I join together with the House, the VD organisers in encouraging groups and individuals to demand an end to violence against women and to speak out against it each and every day that it occurs.The Deputy Leader of the Opposition on indulgence.I'd like to associate the Coalition with the remarks of the Minister and we do hope that the Government will join with the Coalition in extending more humanitarian visas to women at risk in refugee camps that. Is a contribution that we should all support.The Member for Herbert has the call.My question is to the treasurer. I refer the treasurer to this letter he wrote to his con cities wents in May last year and quote, "I was talking to a resident the other day who asked Wayne, at a time when we're in the middle of a massive mining boom, why aren't people like me sharing more in its benefits?'". Has the treasurer written to his constituents incrueling this one telling him that his mining tax has collected virtually no revenue?

I thank the Member for this question. We on this side of the house understand that when you create prosperity you must spread opportunity.

It is the case that we have had a very strong mining investment pipeline, the pipeline is current ly $270 billion of projects that are committed to. We think on this side of the house that it is only fair that all Australians get a share of this boom, an investment boom that will become a production boom, that will become an export boom. We think, because mining is concentrated in a couple of areas in the country, there are some special things we should do for regions that are in mining regions such as the area the member comes from, such as all the investments making in roads up in Townsville. Ring roads and so on, such as what we are doing at the Port. We think the mining boom should fund some of that. Like the Gateway project in Perth to assist the mining companies. On the other hand there are many other people that are not in the fast lane of this boom and they want ashire of it too. They want ashire of it too. That is why we have been we have been absolutely
committed to supporting families, to assisting them with the cost of living. For example, the Schoolkids bonus this. Is and I enormous boom to Australian families who struggle to get through Christmas, kit out their kids when they go back to school, bye the shoe, bye all buy the shoes, and buy all the shoal gear and so on. They want to take it away. That is because they have a $70 billion crater. They want to take a sledge hammer to the Australian economy to a whole host of cuts. The first thing that will go is the Schoolkids bonus, gone under all of them. The second thing that will go under that mob is the tripling of the tax free threshold. Gone under the Liberals. The third thing that will go is the assistance to superannuation for the lowest paid workers in our community. The $500 they get - the up to $500. Under the Liberals - gone. We believe all Australians have a right to share in our prosperity through policies that give them jobs and also access to affordable health and education and assistance with the cost of living.

The Member for for Reid has the call.My question is to the Attorney-General representing the minister for climate change and energy efficiency. Will you update the House on recent international developments in tackling the threat of dangerous climate change? How do these developments highlight the importance of putting a price on carbon pollution?The attorney-general representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has the call.I know of his very long standing interest in this area. From this year national or sub national regions From this year more than 50 regions around the world will have a have a price on carbon pollution covering around 1.1 billion people globally. Australia is responsibly playing its part. Our carbon price is already cutting dangerous carbon pollution to slow the devastating effects of climate change. Yesterday we saw President Obama again emphasising the importance of global action, calling on Congress, calling on Congress to bring in a Carbon Price. He said, if you'll just listen, "I urge this Congress to get together to pursue a bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change." A market-based collusion to climate change. "Like the one John McCain and Joe Lieberman worked on together a few years ago. If Congress won't act soon to protect future generations I will." The McCain Lieberman bill was an emissions trading scheme, a market-based mechanism just like Australia's. Here we have this Leader of the Opposition claiming he's at one with President Obama on climate change. He said it on radio not two weeks ago. A soulmate no less. This is yet another blow to the Leader of the Opposition and his catalogue of phoney claims. Especially his ludicrous pretence that the world is not acting. There is no sign, he says, Na sign whatsoever that the rest of the world is going to do things like introduce Carbon Taxes or emissions trading scheme, no sign at all. Except from China, Korea, the United Kingdom, New
France, Germany, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, the United States and another 40-odd countries. This morning this Leader of the Opposition was at it again ridiculously trying to claim that President Obama had ruled out an emissions trading scheme. Anyone who listened to the State of the Union address would know that that is just plain wrong. The Leader of the Opposition's rejection of sensible, serious, careful action on climate change goes against the wisdom of every living Liberal leader other than himself, against the wisdom of every leading scientist and economic of prime ministers and presidents around the world and against plain common sense.

The Prime Minister has the call.Thank you very m. I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

You have been watching question time from the House of Representatives here at Parliament House.There we heard the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott kick off with if first question to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard once again and for the third time this week to the Prime Minister about the mining tax and whether she stand by the design, the Prime Minister's answer is essentially yes, she does stand by the design and that they worked hard to design in it the first place and get a good outcome for all involved in it during negotiations with miners and other stakeholders. There were questions from the shadow treasurer Joe Hockey to the treasurer, Wayne Swan, about this morn ing an income tax. The Treasurer went on radio and said he wasn't going to play a rule in, rule out game as to whether there would be any increase in the May budget of income taxes. It gave the Opposition a little bit of fodder this morning to play with and this afternoon we heard from the treasurer that he has indeed ruled changes or any increases, changes or any increases, I

Tony Burke poked a little bit of fun. This a discussion paper that was leaked to a news paper this morning. There was of course a leak last week to the same newspaper, the 'Daily Telegraph', about a proposal to develop northern Australia. This is essentially what has been called the second plank of that by the Opposition Leader. It is seasonally a discussion paper saying 100 Dams that could possibly be built and the Opposition is trying to paint it as just that, a discussion paper where people can come and talk about it. It is not yet policy but the Government had a little bit of fun with that this afternoon. Tony Burke calling it breath taking logic and only the Opposition could come up with policy with Dams that are always half full, full or empty. The Government was or quite keen to poke a little bit of fun at that. As well.

On this Valentines day you could not say the parliament does not have a heart. Hearts and flowers floating around the parliamentary chamber there?They certainly were. I don't think the parliamentary cameras quite captured it too well but there are some still pictures coming from some of the media media gallery photographers at Parliament House inning through on Twitter to start with of chocolate roses being handed around by Coalition MPs. Kevin Rudd interestingly got four or five roses put onto his desk from - or sent over from Coalition MPs to his desk and I believe Kelly O'Dwyer hand delivered one herself. I wonder if there was cards may or may not any cards attached and what cards may or may not have said. cards may or may From the Coalition to Mr Rudd. Chocolate roses huh?I didn't get any.Sorry Kerrin. They're in the mail, and on the way.The forlorn Kerrin Binnie waiting for chocolate roses in Canberra. Thanks very much.

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P This Program Is Captioned Live. Hello and welcome to Capital Hill. I'm Latika Bourke. The Treasurer has been under attack these first two parliamentary weeks, firstly over his broken Budget surplus promise and this week over the embarrassing revelation he's personally negotiated mining tax only raised $126 million, a fraction of what was forecast. Today, Wayne Swan's been forced to clarify his plans regarding income tax after he appeared to leave open the idea of raising them. Can you guarantee Australians there will be no income tax increase s? I don't in the leadup to any Budget, Fran, this year or in any of my five Budgets, go into that sort of rule-in, rule-out routine and I'm not doing it today. Will the Treasurer rule out increasing income taxes in this year's Budget? Yes or no? The Treasurer has the call. As I said before, the only party advocating an increase in income tax in this House is those opposite. We will not be increasing personal income taxes. We stand here with an unemployment rate of 5.1. These are just facts. We know that those opposite are in deep denial about the most basic of economic facts. My question is to the Treasurer. I refer the Treasurer to his last answer when he said it was important to get the facts right. I refer him to the fact he stated the current unemployment rate is 5.1%. Would the Treasurer advise the house what the actual current unment rate is? The Treasurer has the call. It