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(generated from captions) which have a population of about 781 people. So unfortunately there have been two confirmed deaths. There are three that are just potentially getting verified. There are at least about 100 houses that appear pretty much destroyed. Devastating news for those communities.It is.I understand that a number of the World Vision staff members were in the area hardest hit at the time. What have they relayed to you about the moment the wave struck?It is a needy area. In fact, one project was helping communities prepare for disasters. Then this happened in the middle of it. One staff was there, actually, as the 1m wave came in to the larger township. She was speaking to me on the phone, relaying the big earthquake that nearly knocked her to her feet. Then next thing, as she is telling us that, the wave came over and inundated the air strip. As you can imagine, she was, you know, fairly shocked. She and basically the whole township evacuated to higher ground immediately.Moving forward, what will be the impact on these communities as the damage toll starts to take effect? I understand they are already impoverished areas, talking about potentially hundreds of homes affected.The sorts of houses that people live in are basic thatched huts, people are reliant on the land. It has quite a significant impact on them, if they lose their food gardens. One of the immediate issues which has come up is water supplies getting polluted. World Vision, together with the provincial authorities, have set up for somewhere for people to stay in one of the local churches and schools and are working on some of those immediate needs. In particular, trying to get a better idea on the damage, if it is more than those initial reports. Our thoughts are of course with those communities tonight. Thank you very much.Thank you. Shortly, I will be speaking with a same-sex couple who say they are embarrassed by the Australian Government's stance on same-sex marriages. First tonight to some breaking news out of NSW. There's been a vicious attack on an elderly man at Wentworth Falls west of Sydney. The ambulance service says the 77-year- old was bound and gagged and left in a garage for two hours. He has been taken to hospital with severe head injuries. Police are investigating. Craig Thomson is back in Canberra tonight after facing court in Melbourne on more than 150 fraud charges. Adam Todd joins us live from Canberra. What did we learn about the case today?Well, Hermione, we learned he is facing an additional five charges, taking the overal total to 154. Now, of those, the MP is facing nine counts of spending union funds on prostitutes and a further 19 for allegedly spending union money on pornographic films in hotels. Craig Thomson attended a function here at Parliament House, posing for photos with B1 and B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas. The former Labor MP will resume his seat on the crossbenchs tomorrow. While he has Prime Minister's Officeed his innocence, he has been critical of how police have handled his case. He is unhappy they have not yet produced a list of witnesses. We are trying to get on with this, get it on as quickly as we can. It wasn't encouraging that the police still are not even ready after all this time. We will get on with it as quickly as I can to clear my name.But the case is proceeding anything but quickly. Mr Thomas will reappear in court in May. An emotional Chrissie Swan has opened up on TV about smoking during her third pregnancy. The media personality came clean on radio this morning after being snapped lighting up by the paparazzi. Swan appeared on The Project to discuss her battle to quit.I'm so deeply embarrassed. I'm ashamed of this. Being a mother is the most amazing thing.Health advocates have called on the public to stop a tirade of abuse and support her. Two senior Government ministers have been drawn into the Eddie Obeid scandal but deny wrongdoing. They have admitted to staying at Mr Obeid's Perisher ski lodge several years agoo but say there was nothing improper. The watchdog is investigating whether the NSW Labor Party figure is linked to mining tenders which may have been rigged. Nearly $800,000 in life insurance due to be paid to Gerard Baden-Clay has been frozen by the courts. He made the claim on the policies days after his wife was disappeared. He was charged with her murder. Today, a judge ordered the rest of the money be held until the case ends. Mr Baden- Clay rrns to court for a committal hearing next month. Flood victims in North Bundaberg are preparing to spend their first night in damaged homes. Many are choosing to live without sewage and electricity to clean out emtheir homes.It is like someone dropped a bomb on us.The army will complete the main bridge into North Bundaberg before they leave tomorrow. Former AFL star Liam Jurrah is on bail after surrendering to South Australian police. He failed to appear in court on assault and drink-driving charges yesterday. After turning himself in, he told the court his no-show was because his phone had gone flat, his driver's licence had been suspend and there was nobody to give him a lift. The 24-year-old is due to face assault charges in Alice Springs next month. A new hygiene rules and the birthday cakes have come under fire. Commonwealth guidelines state that instead of children blowing out candles on a shared cake, parents should bring a small cup cake with a candle to stop the spread of germs.Ridiculous! These children look forward to their birthdays. The Health Minister says that the guidelines are just a suggestion. A quick look at the weather across the country tonight. I will have tomorrow's forecast a little later ob.

Stay with us. Still to come on Ten's Late News, we meet the couple whose wedding video has gone viral. Although their marriage is not yet legal in Australia. And she's one of the world's top supermodels. Tonight, Miranda Kerr tells us who she is getting her fashion advice from and you might be surprised to know who it is. That is next. (GULLS CRY)



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# It is a beautiful night # Welcome back. You can join the conversation using #TenLate. A plea for politicians to make history and legalise same-sex marriage. But what is going on around the world tonight? America will officially have a new skaift Secretary of State in the coming hours. John Kerry replaces Hillary Clinton, who left the role last week. Senator Kerry is the first man in eight years to take up the position and first is likely to travel to the Middle East. And tributes are flowing for Reg Presley who passed away at the age of 71. He was the founder of the '60s pop group The Troggs. And one of their hits includes 'Wild Thing'. # Wild thing # You make my heart sing # He retired last year after being diagnosed with cancer. I will update the top stories later in the show. Well, it's been long debated and finally the UK has reached a milestone, saying yes to gay marriage. It sparked fresh debate about same- sex marriage here, as we compare ourselves to the rest of the world. Gay marriage.

The ayes to the right, 400! The noes to the left, 175! Given the nod in the UK by an overwhelming majority.I think it is right that gay people should be able to get married too. This is yes about equality and making our society stronger.In the US, Obama's also set his sights on marriage equality.Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law.Our MPs voted on the same-sex marriage bill last year. It was defeated 42-98. And who could forget this? When will it end? Kons sensual sexual relations between humans and animals...and, you know is that...will that be a future step? Campaigners are waiting for Australia to catch up.I'm not going to fly to the UK to get married. I want to get married here in my home, Australia.So is it OK for the UK - it is OK for the US, so why not here? I'm joined by Clinton Brian and Callum math this son, who held a marriage ceremony in Sydney even though the union has no currency. This move out of Britain puts them on track to join 10 countries that allow same-sex couples to marry. Australia is languishing. Do you think the move out of Britain will soften the hearts of politicians here in Australia?I hope. So I hope so. I think it is getting to a point where we are - we are becoming an embarrassing topic. Australia, being one of the most powerful countries in the world is lagging behind an inevitable thing. I hope it does, yeah.You guys, of course, I think it was November last year, you held a service and a ceremony. We have a bit of vision of that. We might take a look at it now. Talk us through the day. How special was it to you. Even though, of course, it doesn't come with the legal binding?It was amazing. The happiest day of of my life. It was good to have our parents there, our family, our siblings. Our extended family. Friends. It was was the most amazing day.Yeah. We made the decision that we wanted to go ahead with it. We wanted to do it when we felt ready. We could have waited until it became legal, but we could have been years.For all intents and purposes this looks like a wedding, it is a wedding. How hurtful to you guys is it that it is not recognised as such?It's not hurtful as much as embarrassing, really, that the Government is taking their time to make it legal. I mean...IThink it is very easy to make it hurtful. But the knowledge that it is a case of when, not if with Australia, makes it a little bit easier. It is easy to get annoyed and frustrated. But there's a lot of amazing people doing amazing things in Australia at the moment, pushing it forward. It will happen. I just hope that this new development in the UK, hopefully, hopefully, changes things.Do you think there is is an argument perhaps that Australia is aiming too high, too soon. Britain instituted civil partnerships back in 2005. There's been a process of gradual acceptance from there. Is that maybe something that should be looked at here? Staging the acceptance among politicians? Well...IDon't know - why not skip a step!Yeah, I think possibly. I guess when you look at all the galaxy polls, the general majority of Australia seem to be positive about the idea of same-sex marriage or marriage for everyone. Skipping a step, I guess, wouldn't seem like a bad idea, so, yeah... It is an election year, of course. It is.There's perhaps there is room for a politician to take a stand on this. Do you think that would happen? What would be your message to the politician that might take that stand? I think do it. Like, be courageous. I think they've just...I mean, I don't want to git too political. Stop playing games with people's lives. Political games. It is something that is important to us. Important to a lot of people. It is the majority of Australia accepting of it, why not get behind them. Yeah. What would it mean to you that day that it happened here, if it happens here in Australia?'s funny. No words. You know, I just think it would be lovely to be a part of history, I guess. It is a - it sends a message to the politicians to be on the right side of history, I guess. It is going to happen. It is just a case of be the ones to do it first, I guess. Powerful message indeed. Thank you very much for joining us. We are grateful for your time.Thank you so much. Alright, to the markets now. We start with the figures.

The CommSec now and some disappointing numbers for retailers today, we are tail trade once again falling in December. But is it all bad news?No, it is not. These numbers were pretty much expected. We know that retailers were saying that consumers were not parting with their cash in the lead-up to Christmas. It was the third month in a row we have seen a decline. What is encouraging is that we know that consumers have headed back to the shops in the post-Christmas sales. If you look at all of 2012, as an entire year, the department store sales were up almost 2%. It may not sound like much but it was the best growth in four years. Retail stocks did well on the market, in part helped out by JB hi-fi.Reporting season in full swings, mixed results from the healthcare sector?We heard from primary healthcare, a supplier to the medical industry. It came out with a good first-half number, a rise of 50% and importantly forecast growth for the full year. It is a different story over at Cochlear, which came out with numbers yesterday. The hearing implant maker failing to give guidance to the market. It saw shares fall 9% today. But the big- name companies coming out tomorrow, we have Telstra and News Corporation coming out with numbers. Looking forward to those. Alright, returning now for her weekly look at entertainment this year is Ten's Angela Bishop. Welcome back.Thank you. Now you have been at the DJ's Autumn/Winter launch. It is all just fabulous frocks?There is a serious side to it indeed. It is all about getting people back into the shops and buying. This has been - it is something that people have not been doing over the last couple of years. There was a slight upswing over Christmas. That do the Spring Summer, Autumn Winter. It is crucial. They spend a lot of money - A-listers, champagne. Glossy catalogues. Myer will do the same in a couple of weeks. It means businesses. Flying Miranda in for the event. I caught up with her after she walked off the cat walk to find out how important her input is and what looks we should be going for. Well it is just minutes after the show, and we have now seen every look we need for autumn/winter. What do we need to get?We saw beautiful white on whites. The trend, as you can see here, Collette din began, beautiful white on white. Print on print. Beemelishment. This is the finale. You were in an amazing cut-out leather piece.It felt like a wet suit, to be honest! That is great for going out.It was a little stretchy. But it felt good. It has been tough economic times in retail. A little bit of an upswing over Christmas which is great. Do you think these are the sorts of things that will get people shopping?Feel like fashion can be inspiring. It is nice to get out there and add colour to your wardrobe. I feel that is why the designers are going for more colour.

Is it good to come home even for just a few minutes? Were your mum and dad here tonight?In the front row and my aunt as well.Nice! What is next for you?Go to Melbourne, actually. I will be in Melbourne on Friday for David Jones, in store, 12:30, come and see me at Bourke Street. I'm doing a work shop. People can get a signature from me. I will be going back to the States. Finn is 2!He is growing up quickly. Any interest in fashion?He is decisive. He will be like, "No, mummy, this one." He lovers colour as well. He will tell me if he wants to wear something or not. He is adamant and strong-willed. I really like it - it is a good quality.

And a little something baby Flynn won't be seeing his mum in - this is bridal styling. So picture a frock on top of this, I guess, is the general idea. This is Miranda showing what the bride to-be will be wearing on the special day. Outstanding fashion! I wouldn't want to offend - no, excellent! Now the other person I caught up was Barry Gibb, an emotional homecoming for him. He does consider Australia to be home. He is about to embark on his Mythology tour. I had a nice chat to him today. And # And it is me you need to show- $$NEWLINE# How deep is your love - $$NEWLINE# I really need to learn # The Mythology Tour, this is the first time you are on your own. How are you feeling about that?A lot of mixed feelings. I feel that, you know, I don't have my brothers with me. That is the bitterness about it. The sweetness about it is that the music is still there for me. I want to make mufpbg. I love being here. -- I love making music. And I will always see them, no matter what.Do you think you will feel them on stage?Oh, yeah, yes. I will feel them around the same microphone. I know they are there, you know. I have to feel that.When you boys were young there was a time that rock and roll started and may not have been your future as much as perhaps a bit of crime?We loved Woolworths, you know? We were going there, lifted a few things. It just became fun, you know. There came a time when I took - Maurice and I went out on the Redcliffe jetty, and we had a couple of pen knives we had stolen from Woolworths. I said, "Look, we have to make a decision, continue doing this, and laughing at everything, at the law, or follow what may work for us, our love of music." We made that choice. This is the direction that we should go and we all agreed. We threw the pen knives off the jetty into the water. They are still there today! Barry will be returning to Redcliffe with his 92-year-old mum, Barbara, who is with him, to see a statue unveiled to them. Thank you very much, Ange. Plenty happening on the cat walk and in entertainment. After the break, the Essendon Football Club trying to focus on the season ahead while still coming to terms with its doping scandal. And a Kieron Pollard classic - surely as The best catch you are about to see. What a catch! Plus Titus and his dreams. He is off to a wonderful start. My three kids,
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This is Ten Late News. Brad, great news for Aussie cricket fans? Australia has clinched the one-day series against the Windies after winning game 3 at Manuka Oval in Canberra tonight. Needing a massive 330 runs for victory, the windies gave it everything they could but ran 39 runs short. Told by his captain he would have to perform to cement his spot as a batsman, Shane Watson went straight to work. COMMENTATOR: That will be 50!He played on with elegance. His tonne came quickly off 102 balls. COMMENTATOR: Welcome back to the big time!Another century in the bag, and the vite captain let rip. COMMENTATOR: Again! He was gone two balls later, caught for 122, a performance sure to impress to the selectors. Philip Hughes was on fire at the crease, making 86. COMMENTATOR: Hello!The skipper came and went for 15. Kieron Pollard on fire, stopping Glen maxwell on four with this brilliant take. COMMENTATOR: That is a brilliant catch!The Windies set a hefty chase of 330, they started well. Chris Gayle suffered a side strain. Thomas took up the opening dutys, making 19, and Kieran Powell powered towards a half-century. The dangerman was stopped just short on 47. Dwain and Darren Bravo kept the run rate ticking over. That brought Gayle to the crease with an achievable task but made just two. And when James Faulkner bowled Bravo in the same over, the Aussies had the series wrapped up 3-0. Essendon's pre-season continues to take a turn from training to damage control, as ASADA launches its investigation into the Bombers practices of last season. The club employed security guards to keep media away from players. Security lined the entrance to the Bombers' training base at Tullamarine as the club battened down the hatches.I have confidence in our processs that we would get it right.Why was he suspended?You have to talk to the footy club about that.At the centre of the doping allegations is Essendon's former performance scientist Stephen Dank, and high-- performance manager Dean Robinson. Mr Robinson was stood down by the club last night. He told tuns that he was considering his options that he was not sure what was going on and that the doping allegations were news to him. ASADA will investigate the players using the supplement peptide - some within the guidelines and others are not. It could have a far-reaching efpbg. A former Bomber Monfries, is now in Adelaide will come under the same scrutiny. All ere clubs and codes are looking at their practices.It is very important for sport in general. It will put it on the table and it will make all other clubs sit up and say - and the players right throughout the whole of the AFL.Trying to gain an advantage, playing within the rules. It won't be the last time it happens.The consequences are horrendous if they are found guilty en masse. It includes 2-year bans for athletes caught doping. Essendon's motto this year is "whatever it takes" which is too close to home at the moment. The Manly connection at Canterbury continues to agree with Sea Eagles Matt Orford joining Des Hasler's coaching panel. Meanwhile, Paul Gallen has been forced to withdraw from Saturday's NRL All Stars games. Gallen has endured a horror season, contracting a staph infection in his elbow before this knee injury. Oh, it is a massive blow, he is a great leader. They lost a great player. We will see - he is skipping around the hallway. Cronulla team-mate Chris Hinton joined the NRL allstars as the replacement this afternoon. Hosier admits that Lucas Neill will be under pressure to keep his spot in the national side if the veteran defender cannot find a new home. Neill's future is uncertain after he was dumped by his club side last week.It is not a positive development. A player has to be in a regular playing rhythm, has to have a regular schedule. I hope he can resolve his situation pretty quickly. Neill is expected to play in tomorrow morning's friendly against Romania. The 2-time world champion and Olympic gold medallist has sent a reminder of how dangerous the ski slopes can be. Voon vonvon's dramatic crash ended her Championship campaign in the first race of the season. - Lindsey Vonn. The 28-year-old was airlifted to hospital suffering serious leg injuries, much to the horror of her fellow competitors. She is expected to be fit for next year's Winter Olympics. Play of the Day time - meet young Titus. He is only 18 months old. His trick shots took over the house, over the head, off the wall, down the back, down the stairs. He was at the fun parlour, and he won a stack of free tickets before heading to the local gym to nail his highest challenge. Good training to run the gauntlet. He has a perfect name for the NBA in about 2030 or thereabouts! But for now, he has our Play of the Day. If you didn't see it, you would not believe it. It is incredible.A star in the making, outrageous. Time for a short break. Next, we will have tomorrow's weather, and Bedtime Bytes. MAN: $7? $7! Just $7 each. There are six $7 Subway
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Welcome back. This is Ten Late News. Bedtime Bytes in just a moment. A reminder of tonight's top stories. There has been an a vicious attack on an elderly man west of Sydney tonight. The 77-year-old was bound and gagged and left in a garage for two hours in Wentworth Fall ts, and taken to hospital with severe head injuries. Police are investigating. Embattled MP Craig Thomson has been attending functions in Canberra tonight, after facing court in Melbourne. Flanked by his wife, he hit out at the police investigation, which has resulted in 154 fraud charges. Taking a look at the weather across the country for tomorrow:

Alright before we goo tonight, Bedtime Bytes. This is what we are looking at online. This is a video which has emerged, creating international headlines. This was released by North Korea's official website on YouTube. It distributes news and propaganda from state media. It is depicting a US city resembling New York engulfed in flames after an apparent missile attack. Disturbing stuff out of North Korea to say the least. Monopoly is replacing one of its classic tokens...What?! With a new one. Voting closes at midnight tonight, on Facebook, and the results announced tomorrow. It is for a new token - a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, helicopter, or a guitar. Oh, what would you choose?I vote for the iron to go and for the diamond ring to be instated.The iron?Very clever.What is wrong with the iron? You like ironing so...Well,I don't love it...WhatAre you looking at tonight?Look at the sculptures, they look like they are made out of porcelain. Incredible. Here, look...WhatAre they?Do you know what they are made out of? White soft paper, thousands and thousands of sheets of paper.Wow.Why? Someone with a bit of time on their hands.Alright, this is getting ready for next week, Valentine's Day on the 14th. These are some unusual Valentine's Day cards - I didn't realise we were in love until pressure from Valentine's Day kicked in. I know we are not, like, together, but it felt weird not to say anything so I got you this card. A couple of kid ones. One another one, "I'm still not sick of you." To the point! And that last one - commitment is scary! Well tomorrow night on the Late News, we have the extraordinarily talented Sarah Blasko joining us as our music guest. She will perform her new song 'God Fearing' for us here in the studio. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Make sure you join us for that special performance. That viral video for tonight, guys. This is incredible. You to pay attention. This is a how-to guide - how to sell a cleaning product, would you belief! This gentleman's name is Kenny Brooks, from the US, and I've got to say, he might be the galaxy's most talented door-to- door salesman. This is like Michael Jackson, that is why people are saying I'm like Nicolas Cage, because I'm gone in 60 seconds. Who does this? You see the water spots? Watch this. Watch here! Stevie Wonder says seeing is believing. I will cut straight to the mustard wash this. The neighbours are looking. Remember Mr Miyagi from 'Karate Kid'. No water spots, fingerprints or streaks. That is why we can't sell to it criminals! Don't tell Tiger Woods, OK?! Y'all mum would agree. Oh, my God! Do you see this right here? Who did that?! Who did that? Watch this, my mum says that it is dark in here, don't pay attention.God bless you! Ha, now, look, this one here. We upgrade like Beyonce. Hold this and watch this. This will be the main reason why we get the HBO special. You know what I means - you get to help the brother out. Help your next door neighbours.You going back and forth like an argument. Look at this right here, look...go get the chicken. Look, there is one battle that lasts longer than my last relationship, y'all got water, right?I hope that bloke caught 10 cases of that cleaning product. That is a disease called enthusiasm!It is a sales pitch or does he talk like it all the time? I think he is a budding comedian, taking off now. "Back and forth like an argument."Brilliant. That is all the time we have for Late News. Thank you very much for joining us. See you tomorrow night. # love is kind # not climbing on top # love is patient # love is kind # This program is captioned live.
Tonight - Chrissie Swan's tearful admission.I have struggled terribly in totally giving up cigarettes. Chrissie joins us live to come clean. They're allegations for now - but how widespread could doping be across our football codes? How to boost your memory and keep it sharp.You think that - anything that is good for your body is good for your brain.Would you order a serve of Nicorettes? This is The Project. Good evening. Welcome to The Project. Returning to the desk we have Georgie Coghlan and Lehmon tonight. And it has been a massive day of news.It has.Carrie. Take us through the headlines.Federal Independent MP Craig Thomson says he wants to clear his name as soon as possible after facing court on 154 fraud charges. With his wife by his side, he fronted Melbourne magistrate's court today where an additional five offences were added to his charge sheet. He is due to reappear in May.The v You would think it is the AFL Grand Final with you guys here.Politicians are making it clear they are aqaintances note friends with former NSW power broker Eddie Obeid, who is the subject of a corruption inquiry. Senate Leader Stephen Conroy denied knowing Mr Obeid at all despite staying at his ski lodge as a guest of the minister Tony Burke.What the discussion is over the last 24 hours is nothing to do with those allegations.The South Pacific has been on tsunami alert today following a magnitude 8 earthquake off the Solomon Islands. It is believed to have destroyed villages on the Santa Cruz islands, with reports of five people killed. We stand ready to help if they ask for any assistance. We are willing to provide it. What we need now is a tighter definition of what the damage has been. Personality Chrissie Swan was caught smoking while pregnant with her third child. She says she has tried to quit and has come clean about her habit after being photographed lighting up. We will be speaking with Chrissie later in the program. Minister for childcare Kate Ellis says it is up to individual centres to decide whether they enforce a ban on blowing out candles on communal birthday cakes. The latest national healthcare guidelines list as an activity that needs special consideration to prevent the spread of germs, but they will be allowed to share rattles they slagged all over!Kids eat slop...ThereIs a silver lining. They are subjecting that you bring a cup cake forethat child.Oh, that is boring!And separate cup cakes for all other kids so the pressure is off producing one of those big cakes. Federal Health Minister Tania blib sec announced a special task force to tackle it.We will not have the cup cake police out. It will allegedly name and shame childcare centres.No danger that the cup cake police will shut you down because of the birthday cake.I want to join the cup cake place police. Shra That is the stupidest interview! We are used to big drug scandals in international sports like cycling and athletics. Now we have a major doping investigation into our own backyard. The Essendon Bombers were virtually unstoppable for the first nine weeks of last year's season. They won eight of nine games, sitting second on the ladder. By August, the team was crippled by an epidemic of soft tissue injurz and plummeted down the ladder to finish 11th for the season.They are up earlier than any other competition and the decline was dramatic.The club's fitness regime was blamed. But this bombshell could bring the Bombers to its knees.Over the last 48 hours, the Essendon Football Club has received information about supplements given to our players as part of the fitness program in 2012. Now the club is facing a major investigation by the AFL integrity unit and Australia's anti-doping agency Asadda.The ramifications of a possible similar mattic doping offence is so big.In 2012, it is revealed players were taken away and injected with unknown substances under the supervision of the club sports science team. One member of the team was Stephen Dank, who generated controversy at the NRL when he started testing the DNA of Manly Saelgsz players to improve performance.It -- sea Eagles players to improve performance. It could not look worse forethe Bombers.Both Geelong and the Gold Coast are put out press releases confirming that at least one person associated with Essendon's training program has worked with both clubs in the past. The big question now - what was the mystery supplement? And if it turns out to be banned under the world anti-doping agency code, is the AFL facing its biggest crisis in modern times? Richard Ings is the former head of Australia's anti-doping agency ASADA. Last night footy player and commentator jerdheely had a lot to say.This there had been officials from Essendon quietly asking about the substance known as HRP6.What exactly is the supplement?That substance is a very serious doping agent. It is banned under the world anti-doping agency code. Indeed, there have been Australian athletes who have been banned for between two and four years, as recently as last year, for the use of this substance. It is a growth hormone stimulator for the body.Richard, does the AFL currently test for this?Look, the AFL has a very kprofs drug-testing program. But -- impressive drug-testing program. This particular substance is one of a number of substances difficult to detect. Testing won't detect every single type of supplement.Clubs really do ride the line when it comes to supplements, because they want to get the best they can out of their players. It is inevitable because of that that eventually one or two or more elite sporting clubs will cross the line?Well, no, because the line is clear. The rules are very clear. For all of these clubs they are warned - every single year - about the risk of taking particular supplements. It is easy for clubs to pick up the phone and check things out before they give them to their players.At the Essendon press conference yesterday, there was a sense that club officials were surprised to learn about this mystery supplement. Is that normal, that club bosses wouldn't know what their players are taking or not taking or what is going on between the scientists and the playersThat is the impression I got from looking at the press conference as well, which might go to suggest that there was a disconnect between what the medical or training staff were doing with the players an the procedures in place at the senior level in their club to make sure that things that should not be happening were not happening. Now, there was some report yesterday that players had signed waivers before receiving injections. Mark McVeigh, part of the leadership group at Essendon last year, he clarified that in an interview today.Let me stress - it was not a waiver but a consent form that the players asked for, and they got the form in front of doctors, coaches, and everyone knew that this had been kicked off. So whoo is the different implications between a waiver and a consent form?Look, under anti- doping rules, it makes no difference. Players are accountable forewhat they put in their body. I tell you what, it would be a very brave club if this hits the fan and it is a serious doping issue when the substance is testing. It could be a very brave club that would hang its players out to dry on the back of a piece of paper. I cannot see it happening.We will wait and see what happens, Richard. Thank you so much for your time tonight. Great to have chat to you. For all the drama, I would have expected much better results last year! But this story is getting bigger, staying in the papers tomorrow. It has been reported that criminal figures, gangs, and organised crime, have infiltrated all sporting code, including AFL and NRL. It goes throughout the crowd, and a lot of the supply chains for the substances are coming from organised crime. We have seen it in the press conferences in the coming days. Plenty more to come in the next few week, no doubt. Mixed signals coming out of Essendon, between your club - fans turning up for training were confused, because of the signs there. This is where they are training. OK, now, welcome - come in here, the entrance. Then this! No trespassing! The rules are confusing! Confusing! We will take a break. Coming up on The Project - Chrissie Swan admits she did a bad bad thing. But is she alone? Plus Tony and Julia say no, but Barack and David are in favour. Are we falling behind the rest of the world when it

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Welcome back to The Project.The Federal Court has frozen nearly $800,000 from life insurance policies for murdered Brisbane mother Allison Baden-Clay until her husband faces trial. Gerard Baden-Clay made claims on her wife's life insurance. BHP Billiton has told workers at Olympic Dam project in SA to expect job cuts. As many as 100 positions could do. There is no confirmation from management. It is believed it is axed from corporate areas not the mine itself. Forget men are from Mars and women are from Venus. A new study says that there is hardly any difference between us. American researchers say that traits like aggression or sympathy can r not tied to sex. Who the hell did they interview for that study?! A load of rubbish!It is true. We just...we feel emotions exactly the same but handle them different. We just - you know, kind of work them into a little ball that we hold inside, sleep fine and at some point we punch a referee!They are trying to say that we are similar. You love it when we say, "Hey, I think we need to have a chat." We love a good talk, Georgie! According to the study they say when it comes to things - we both love long phone conversations. This is what I mean. Who did they speak to?! I was on the phone at the time, so, yeah...I'mHearing a lot of blah, blah, blah, blah... (LAUGHTER) Speaking of... (LAUGHTER)... Speaking of women,