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Hello. On tonight's program - the Australian Government says it's cooperating with a global bombing
investigation into the bus bombing which killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year. Bulgarian authorities say two men, including an Australian, allegedly collaborated with the terrorist organisation Hezbollah to launch the strike. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says the Australian Federal Police are helping with the investigation. You're watching 'The World'.

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Three involved. The identities of two of the three have been established. One was an Australian passport holder.Israel is now pressuring world leaders to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. Also ahead - six dead, including one child, after a powerful earthquake near the Solomon Islands triggers a tsunami. Detectives searching for missing British girl Madeleine McCann request DNA from a girl in New Zealand. Japan accuses China's navy of locking a weapons guiding radar onto Japanese forces on patrol in disputed waters. SONG: # Stayin' alive # And the last surviving Bee Gee talks about life as a solo act. Yeah, I miss them. I can't believe that being the eldest, I'm still hanging around.

We begin with the case of an Australian citizen who along with a Canadian man is wanted in connection with a terrorist attack in Bulgaria last July. The attack killed five Israeli tourists and injured 30 years. It's emerged that security agencies are hunting for an Australians a port holder suspected of involvement in the bus bombing. A total of seven people were killed last July when the bus carrying Israeli tourists was blown up in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas. The Foreign Minister Bob care says he can't reveal any further details about the suspect.One person was an Australian posest passport holder, the other a Canadian pass porld holder. There's what's called a justified assumption that the two belong to the military wing of Hezbollah. It's understood the at the
bombers were living in Lebanon at the time of the attack. Hezbollah has denied any involvement. Pressure is mounting on the EU to list the Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. In a moment we'll go live to Beirut to speak with political consultant Carol Malouf, but first, some more background on this story with this report from al-Jazeera English. It was a shocking attack in a popular Bulgarian resort. Last July's bombing killed five Israeli tourists the local bus driver and lone attacker but Bulgaria's government now says besides the bomber two others were involved. They had genuine pass ports from Australia and Canada and Bulgaria says the duo were linked to the Lebanese group Hezbollah.We have data which frofs there was financing and partnership with Hezbollah. We've established that the two were members of the militants wing of Hezbollah. We have always counted on the good bilateral relationships between Bulgaria and Lebanon. Bulgaria did release this security camera footage allegedly showing the bomber but he's never been identified. Days after the bombing, Israel said it had proof that Hezbollah and Iran which backs the movement were behind T now it's thanked Bulgaria for what it calls a thorough, professional investigation.They need to call it like it is. Indeed it is. It's just been found red handed in a terrorist attack in bull Bulgaria and elsewhere. It's time to name Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, to take action against it. The pressure is increase not least because Europe's law enforcement agency Europol says it agrees Hezbollah probably played a part.I think that is quite significant, because if indeed it's subsequently proven that this terrorist organisation was responsible for this attack then it will be the first time that Hezbollah has carried out a successful terrorist attack in Europe, since the mid 198 0s.Iran's always denied any involvement, but so far, Hezbollah has not commented. Lebanon's Prime Minister is now promising to work with Bulgaria to bring those responsible to justice. While the US has urged its international partners to do more to disrupt Hezbollah's operations. For more I'm joined by Carol Malouf a political consult yanld and former al-Jazeera journalist. She hold as masters degree in Middle Eastern bomb ticks and writes regularly for newspapers in London and London from Hezbollah yet?So far we haven't heard from Hezbollah, except that denial that was issued a while ago, while there was some news about them being behind the bombing in Bulgaria. But we haven't heard anything from their leadership today. Yet the Prime Minister had visited Bulgaria a while ago, specifically discussing this issue with the Bulgarian government, has come out and said that the government will take necessary measures when it comes to this issue, if it is really proven that Hezbollah is behind the attack. What about leaders in buy route? Given that Hezbollah is a member of the coalition government, how responded
have political leaders responded there to the accusation that Hezbollah might be behind this bombing?It's actually a Hezbollah-led government. It's no longer a coalition government. The Hezbollah and their allies staged some kind of a white coup if you want on then Prime Minister Hariri and now them and their allies which is known as March 8th are in power, the opposition strongly condemns Hezbollah's involvement not just in the Bulgaria bombing but also their involvement in Syria and their performance in the government. Now like international pressure on Hezbollah and its performance in this government. So we're looking into developments on in front and I wonder what the Prime Minister will come out and say. I'm sure now he's under more pressure with - when it comes to the international incident of the Bulgaria bombing.You mentioned that international range. We've got Canadian, Australian happening on EU soil in Bulgaria. That pressure on EU to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organisation, do you think this will ramp up this pressure and make the EU really have to respond?There has been a lot of talk, the US has been pressuring the EU and the Israelis as well, because you know, the EU recognises the political wing of Hezbollah and they do business with them. I mean, they see them and the ambassadors in Lebanon meet with Hezbollah members on a political basis. However, the military wing is designated as a terrorist organisation on the EU list. If they manage to put also their political wing on the terrorist list, then this will put more pressure on Hezbollah internally and on the government. So we'll have to see how he will deal with this. Now we're heading towards elections in spring and Lebanon, I wonder how this will play internally and if Hezbollah runs internally what will be the result of such an election. Hezbollah has opponents and supporters in Lebanon. I'm not sure all the supporters support them because they believe in them or they like them. I think most of them probably are scared of Hezbollah as a militia or as a party with weapons who can impose their agenda by force on the rest of the country. All this will play into local and regional politics as well, knowing that Hezbollah is a proxy of Iran and Syria. We also have to know how Iran and Syria will respond to such an accusation against Hezbollah. You write of Lebanon standing on shifting tectonic plates of which Hezbollah is only one factor. Is there a boiling point, are these elections really going to bring those issues to light and what are the other factors involved in those tectonic plates and that shift?If you look around, you see there are problems on both sides. There is Syria going through a civil war, if you want, supported by Iran. There's also Israel on the other hand which is also an enemy of the Lebanese state and now with this, things will be even more dangerous in terms of the relationship with Israel. There's Egypt boiling, the whole region is in turmoil and Lebanon is fragmented from the inside, it's in the middle of this and internal divisions are always fuelled by those regional problems. It's about being supported by the region, so all this plays into local politics and Syria has an interest in diverting the attention from what is happening there and that Netanyahu with in recent Bulgaria bombing and some internal issues probably would want to bring back Israel to the core of US foreign policy, and Iran wants to negotiate over its nuclear program so if you put all this together, put them on a table, the place where the least - the weakest link if you want in all this is Lebanon and usually it's where all those scores are all those scores are settled.
Taking politics aside, what about the Lebanese people walking on the street, running businesses, taking kids to school, how do they feel about everything at the moment?The government has been doing very poorly. Because of the strains between Hezbollah and the Arab countries, we've stopped seeing any form of Arab money being pumped in in terms of investment. Even tourists are not coming because of the situation in Syria, the different stories coming out of Lebanon, kidnappings and there are also travel warnings from regional and international countries like Arab countries, Qatar, UAE, Saudi, also you have the Canadian, the Australians, the American, they are ale all warning against traveling to Lebanon. The economy is not doing well. The people on the ground, today there was a hike in oil prices, it went up today, every Wednesday prices are going up, it's when the weekly budget comes out. So really, people are in a very tight economic situation right now and they blame the government for its very poor performance. So adding to the political, the security and the economy all together, things unfortunately as a Lebanese, I really wouldn't want to say this, but unfortunately things don't look well at all. So there are some fears on the streets that we might be heading towards some form of a clash. If it's not with Israel, it might be internal. We've had incidents with our Syrian border as well. So the whole thing is coming into play and I said it's all tectonic plates waiting to erupt at some point. Thank you so much for your insights and joining us on 'The World' tonight.Thank you.Turning to the Pacific now, where at least least six people including one child are reported to have been killed in the Solomon Islands which was struck by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. The epicentre was off the remote Santa Cruz islands in the east country. The deaths are stayed to have occurred in three coastal villages, which suffered severe damage. A Pacific wide tsunami alert was cancelled several hours after being issued. Sergeant Godfrey Abia from the royal Solomon Islands police joins me now on the phone from on nar ya. Thank you for your time tonight. The death toll has risen in the last hour. Do you have concerns more people will be found overnight?Firstly I would like to just to get it clear that the area is very remote in the villages that were affected by the tsunami. The area that was sold by the police - that was affected is in chose proximity from the town of Alepa in Tomoto. That's where we confirmed that Alepa have died, including an infant and three are reported missing. I've just spoken a while ago with movers down there. They have kind of stood down for the night. And they are now just focusing on getting focusing food to the system, for people that set up shelters in higher ground further into the jungle, they have up further inland earlier this morning up until now. So police are just now trying to get put - food and water to the people that are there.You mentioned that remote access. How have your police officers been able to get there and get that food there?Um ... they're getting food by truck to the near est shelters that have been set up close to the town, but they can also walk some assistance so-to-have a set-up. There's a lot of debris and vehicles kind of travel through the one road around the island. To get to the end of villages. The villages that have been visited are less than 2 kilometres away from there, but the whole island has reported has confirmed a report of casualties but we are yet to get from get clear information as to the extent of this damage and a number of casualties tomorrow. There are plans already to deploy additional officers down to the area. It's quarter past 9 there now. It's night-time. You have that damage assessment to do tomorrow was there any sense this impact was going to impact your region?People were kind of anticipating. Kind you, these province, two of the villages that have been visited, the other three does not have any. They probably knew that something might happen, but they may be also looking for some kind of confirm ation from I don't know how. Then again it's not concerned but from what we heard, people (audio breaking up)If there was going to be some kind of warning, but apparently there was any for those villages. Can you give us an indication of those three worst-affected towns that are so difficult to access, how many people do you live in those three towns altogether?Those are not towns. They are villages. Most of them are made of ... (audio breaking up)They would have probably set up a few semipermanent around those vim larges but most of them would larges but most of be - we call them (inaudible comments)Those villages we are yet to get any confirmation of how many people are in those villages. So we cannot comment on the number of them in those villages at the moment. Sergeant Godfrey Abia on the phone from Honiara, thank you so much for updating us on a very busy day for you and your people and good luck tomorrow.Thank you. We are going to turn pack home now where Tasmanian fire authorities are warning residents under threat from a bushfire near Hobart. Conditions are expected to worsen overnight. The fire has now burnt more than 300 hectares and has reach three communities. Emily Woodgate joins us with the latest. What's the latest information you can give us from there?We're getting some conflicting reports coming out, we've heard from some residents in the area. Residents who weren't actually there, they've been evacuated but they've been told by emergency services that some homes have been damaged. That the latest official words from the Tasmania Fire Service is that they have reports of property damage, they can't confirm at this stage what's been damaged or the scale of any damage. Still a bit unclear on that at this stage. What we do know for sure is that the fire front has reached those communities around Molesworth Glenlusk and Collinsvale and it's thog embers ahead of the main fire front as well.You can give us an idea of those communities. How remote are they? Just give us a sense of where these houses are?They're in Tasmania's Derwent Valley now. It is quite an isolated area. It's very dense bushland. Hots of hills, very rocky terrain. Unfortunately it is quite close to the upper Derwent River which has meant that there's three rescue or three water bombing helicopters that have been deployed out there at the moment. And they can lift water directly out of the Derwent onto the nearby fire front. So that is a bonus for firefighters that the actual communities themselves are in quite rugged terrain. Do you know whether the people in those communities have been able to get warnings as they're still communication networks up?It did come up very quickly today. The fire broke out at about 1.30. Within a matter of hours it had leapt from only just starting to being advice level then right up to the emergency level that properties were under under threat. But we know that Police Service, the emergency services, Fire Service are all up there, they're communicating, obviously ABC Radio is giving regular updates, I'm not sure whether phone lines are down or what sort of mobile coverage is in the area. It is a quite isolated area. I suspect there'd be pretty sketchy coverage and there could be some saturation of the networks there. Thanks so much for the update. Let's turn to New Zealand now, where authorities there will send a DNA profile to Scotland Yard of a girl who bears a striking resemblance to the missing British schoolgirl Madeleine McCann. Several people have called police after seeing the girl in Queenstown in New Zealand's South Island. For more on this I spoke earlier with Brooke Gardiner. She's a reporter with the 'Southland Times' of Queenstown. She has been following the story. I began by asking what led to this girl's DNA being taken by local authorities.The news today follows a reported sighting of this girl in Queenstown on New Year's Eve. The sighting was only made once in Queenstown. The girl has also, we understand, been sighted in other places in the district. But police haven't divulged where or when. The initial sighting on New Year's Eve wasn't reported, we reported it first on January 4 after finding out on New Year's Eve, we were working with the police in order to give some days to follow some leads, they were investigating the reports. We didn't want to scupper any investigation, so we wait ed until January 4. When that news was reported internationally that there had been a sighting. In your today, Dunedin police officers said that the DNA profile was of a girl who has been mistaken for Madeleine. It sounds like police believe don't they're the same person?That is the exact wording that was sent to me in the email. I requested information following up on the sighting on January or on New Year's Eve. On January 4 police issued a statement said they were absolutely satisfied that the person seen in Queenstown was not Madeleine McCann. Following that I asked more questions as to how they'd identify this child. Police wouldn't give any information whatsoever about the methods they'd used to identify the child. Back then in early January we didn't know whether a DNA test had been conducted at all. When they responded to my questions that I put to them on Monday, the wording did use - the worlding that I got back had mistaken in it. So I mean, reading from what their response is, they obviously don't think that this child is Madeleine McCann.Have you had any contact with Scotland Yard?No, I haven't. It was the New Zealand police that told me it was Scotland Yard who had requested the DNA test and questions that I put to Scotland Yard have not been answered. Meanwhile, New Zealanders have been marking the country's National Day Waitangi Day. It was at Waitangi that New Zealand's founding document was first signed 173 years ago and there are regular demonstrations by Maori rights groups at the annual celebration. Today the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key lashed out at a small number of what he called flamboyant and headline grabbing protesters who he says are putting legitimate Maori grievances at risk A peaceful Dawn Service at Waitangi's upper Mura ir. Stark contrast to yesterday's all too familiar trouble at nearby Tatemerai.

Trouble the Prime Minister believes is counter-productive for Maori.The problem is that sometimes the diversions are not only dis distracting but they can contribute to putting aside grievances. Those headline seekers know they'll get much more attention by being flamboyant and negative than they ever would be being considered and positive. Mr Key wouldn't name who his comments were directed at. This woman was in little target she was a target.The outcomes of bad policies are the headlines that are running in this country. It's not created by a few of us who stand up and say make some changes. Maori leaders are also defending the right of Maori to pro test the Prime Minister's visitI don't think it's harmful. He handle it is pretty good. I'm anticipate sure that's why he comes, to go through that rite of passage. That's fair enough. I mean, sometimes the government has announced policies that are very unwelcome.I don't think anyone should have to stop pro telephoning. It's a legitimate way of saying I'm not happy with something.At treaty grounds this afternoon it was a festive atmosphere with little pro testing in sight. Not that Mr Key saw it. He left Waitangi not long after delivering his breakfast broadside. Some of the ashes of Cambodia's King have been scattered near the confluence of the four rivers in Phnom Penh. The current King and Queen led a ceremony to retrieve the ashes of the former king who was cremated the night before. The elaborate 7 days of funeral rights were last seen 53 years ago with the death of his father. As well as scattering some of the ashs in the rivers, others will be put in an urn which according to his wishes will be placed in the grounds of the Royal Palace near those of his daughter who died at the age of 3. Coming up, we'll speak to the latest twist in China's dispute with Japan over the Dayuu islands. Now here's the latest world weather with Graham Creed.

Still ahead - Amanda Shalala is here with the sport, including the return of Rafah Nadal to competitive tennis and following the latest saber rattling in the East China Sea we speak with a representative from the Lowy Institute about how China's foreign policy being dominated by domestic security concerns.

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on ABC News 24. A reminder of our top stories. Six people, including one child, have been killed following a tsunami that hilt the Solomon Islands. It was triggered by a magnitude 8 quake off the Santa Cruz islands in the region's east. An Australian is one of two men believed to be behind a bus bombing in Bulgaria last July. Bulgarian authorities have announced the attack was carried out by the Shia group Hezbollah. Israel is now pressuring world leaders to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. A DNA sample from a New Zealand girl will be given to Scotland Yard to clear questions about her resell balance to Britain's Madeleine McCann who went missing in Portugal in 2007. Police say they've received several calls from the public after police saw the look-a-like in Queenstown on the South Island. And coming up later on 'The World' - following the discovery of his remains, experts reveal the reconstructed face of the long-lost English King Richard III.

A bitter territorial dispute between China and Japan is proving a testing time for the country's new leaders. Territorial disputes have been escalating between the two Asian powers in recent months over islands controlled by Japan but also claimed by China China. In a serious development, Japan has accused China's navy of locking a weapons-guiding radar onto Japanese forces twice in the past three weeks. The Prime Minister says China has carried out a one-sided provocation, but China says it's done nothing wrong. The radar targeting has tightened fears of a military conflict between China and Japan that could draw in the United States. For more I'm joined in the studio by Linda Jacobsen the director of the East Asia program at the Lowy Institute. She was just written an analysis of China's foreign policy dilemma. Linda if we can start with China and Japan, the Japanese Prime Japan, Minister said today he was hopeful of talks resuming. These latest clashes between the two countries are those hopes dashed?Hopefully they're not. Actually, before news of this most recent incident, there were signs that the two sides might behind the scenes hat least begin talks to defuse tensions. The new Chinese leader, for example, Xi Jinping, says we should look at the larger picture indicating that these territorial disputes have to be at least defused to a point where tensions are not so high. Xi Jinping mentioning that those defusion of regional territorial disputes, in your paper you just released you speak of China's foreign policy being primarily reactive. Will that have consequences for the region?I think it will. Xi Jinping needs to focus on tremendous domestic issues in order to say this in power, to put it quite bluntly. He must ensure economic growth continuing, he must tackle corruption, and he must also start working seriously on implementing legal reform. All of these domestic issues are going to take his attention away from foreign policy issues which means I think that China's foreign policy will be reactive, and what does that mean for the region? It means that there's a risk of inattention by Chinese senior leaders on foreign policy issues, very pressing ones, for example, the dispute with Japan. Those Chinese leaders, in your paper too you mention that of the six main leaders in the Politburo, I think one had studied overseas. Does that affect the way in which they make decision business foreign policy issues?I do think it's remarkable that when you look at these top leaders in China, the one who has studied abroad in Pyongyang in the 1980s are very far removed from the millions of Chinese who during the last 30 years have studied, livered, worked abroad, who certainly know the outside world to a much higher degree than China's own top leaders. In your paper, you also members that officially China lists domestic security as its main foreign policy objective. Is that not a taut tolling, where domestic security is foreign policy, how does that work within China? I speak of these domestic challenges, these domestic issues that the top leadership in order to remain in power, in order for the communist party to remain in power, must tackle. One of them is domestic security, keeping the country stable, there's a lot of discontent at the moment about a broad range of issues in China. Looking from the outside in, China is seen by the international community as this rising power, economically, politically, but with so much focus domestically. Is the international community seeing China differently to how Chinese are seeing themselves?Certainly, I think many Chinese, certainly their leaders in China are deeply worried about their own country's future. Will they be able to reform, will they be able to take reform to the next level which is imperative for economic growth to continue. At the same time the outside world sees this rising China all the more assertive in its foreign policy. Doesn't perhaps see how fragile the Chinese perceive their own system at the moment. If China doesn't solve its domestic issues first, in the way that it wants to, what would the ramifications be for the region ?The problem is that there is a very strong nationalist streak at the moment throughout society. Also among the elites. They think that China should stop bowing to pressure from the west. It's time for China to stand up. To dictate its own terms for engagement, especially with the United States. More broadly with the outside world. So I think there's a real danger that nationalist tendency also take over in foreign and security policy. In terms of bilateral discussions, how with leaders from other countries even sit down and have a discussion about foreign issues and interrelations if there's not a clear foreign policy agenda or a push to have a clear foreign policy agenda by the Chinese government, how does Barack Obama sit down with Xi Jinping and have a discussion about something that's not really even on the fable?Foreign policy is a certainly a very important issue. What I argue in this latest Lowy Institute analysis is that it's not the top priority that there's this risk because it's not a top priority that the top leaders will not pay enough attention to these big challenges that they also in the domain of foreign policy You speak Mandarin. If you had the luxury of having a chat to the leaders in China, what advice would you give them in looking ahead say 50 years their place on the world map?I think one of the things that Chinese leaders perhaps would do well to think about is that they don't have to move so hastily with this agenda of seeking respect from the outside world, doing things which the outside world doesn't understand to slowly try and genuinely deepen understanding of where China is going. Thank you so much for joining us so late on your Wednesday evening.Thank you.

North Korea has Posted an animated video on-line depicting a US city under missile attacks. The footage was uploaded by North Korea's official web site which distributes news and propaganda from state media. The video comes amid escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula with Seoul promising a firm response if the north carries out its planned nuclear test. North Korea has been ramp cheting up the rhetoric ahead of its widely expected nuclear test. It's propaganda machine also appears to be in overdrive. The video from the north's official web site was uploaded on YouTube. A man dreams of boarding a North Korean space shuttle which launchs into orbit. To the tune of 'We are the world' the video zooms in on countries below, including a joyfully reunified Korea. The focus then switches to a US city under apparent missile attack. North Korea has said its nuclear test would be targeted at the US in response to the UN's tightening of sanctions against the Communist state for December's rocket haunch. Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions continue to be met with strong responses from Seoul.We cannot sit idly by and do nothing vis-a-vis some devastating provocative action done by North Korea. South Korea is closely monitoring the north's nuclear sites. It believes preparations for test are well under way. Day couples in Australia wanting to get married are hoping to benefit from a change in the law in the UK. Same-sex marriage is now one step closer there, after Britain's House of Commons voted for reform. Now it means Australians with British ties may soon have an alternative wedding venue. With this vote, gay marriage in Britain jumped one more hurdle.So the ayes have it.The Bill's passage through the House of Commons was always going to succeed with cross-party support. But the vote for more blessed unions has split Britain's Conservative Party. More than half the Tory MPs either voted no or abstained.It's about giving those who want to get married the opportunity to do so, whilst protecting the rights of those who don't agree with same-sex marriage.It is not possible to redefine marriage. Marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Has been historically, remains so. It is Alice in Wonderland territory. The new law doesn't compel religious organisations to perform same sex marriage ceremonies but church groups are still concerned the law will not protect them from legal challenges.I think it's right that gay people should be able to get married too. This is yes about equality, but it's also about making our society stronger.Less than five months since the Australian Parliament rejected gay marriage, the Conservative led Lower House of British Parliament has embraced it and gay activists here now hope that Australia may reconsider the issue.I hope that both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will see the way the wind is blowing not just in Britain but all around the world.Some Australians could take advantage of the British reform and travel to the UK to get married or visit British Consulates closer to home.It's really important to us. Because we have British citizenship through my father. It's really exciting to have the possibility of getting married.The Bill must now face a vote in the House of Lords to become law. No doubt stirring discontent in Conservative ranks once again. Having confirmed that they've found his bones, British experts have revealed a reconstructed face of 15th century monarch Richard III. The reconstruction was based on computer scans of the skull found in the Leicester car park last year. When the model was finished it bore a strong resemblance to portraits painted when the King was alive.This model is not something that came from established portraiture. It came from a scientific process and was then styled to be contemporary with Richard III. The city of Leicester is likely to benefit from a tourism boost arising from the discovery. But other locations including York and Westminster are also biding to become Richard's last resting place when the bones are

China is promising to raise the minimum wage in an effort to tackle the widening gap between rich and poor. China has approved a plan that would see the minimum wage increase to 40% of average urban salaries by 2015. State owned firms would also need to give a greater share of their profits to the government to fund social security N recent years China's economic expansion has seen incomes rise but it hasn't benefitted everyone and there are concerns about the impact income inequality will have on political and social stability. Indonesian officials have uncovered an attempt to smuggle more than a tonne of Australian beef into the country. They say the shipment was sent from Singapore and falsely labelled as fish. Nots say the detection shows the lengths some are prepared to go to get beef into Indonesia's tightly controlled market. It was labelled as a container of fish, but when quarantine officials looked inside, they found something else. Among small cakes and smoked salmon was 1.4 tonnes of prime Australian beef. Officials impounded the container on Saturday. They say it originated in Singapore and was most likely packed there. Meat imports have become a highly political issue. The nation's anti-corruption unit has detained the former chief of a major political party suspecting him of receiving bribes as part of the meat import system. And officers in the agricultural ministry have been searched. Beef prices have been soaring as supply has diminished under stricter government quotas. Limits that are imposed to help local farmers.The domestic consumption, the domestic supply, we have to balance. The paperwork for the container raised red flags for officials and their suspicions were confirmed. Indonesian officials say they will be alerting their Australian counterparts about the beef that's ended up somewhere else.

The country of origin Australia, we can notify Australia. The 117 boxes of meat are now in the hands of quarantine.

The world's newest nation South Sudan remains in dispute with its northern neighbour over a commodity it's banking on and the row over access to the north's oil pipeline threatens the economic future of both nations. High level security talks have once again failed to reach settlement. South Sudan had high hopes that all would build this nation. At independence the country secured 75% of the two nations' oil reserves but no agreement has been reached on sharing a pipeline that runs between the two countries. Or access to any refineries in the north.The biggest challenge is how these ind pence independent South Sudan can be moved forward. Young people talk about it all the time, because even public transport becomes difficult. Many things are interrelated with oil. Duba the poorest capital in Africa is undergoing a makeover but jobs are few and for most money is scarce. for most money is scarce. This woman survived by brewing and selling home-made beer.I hope when people came back and there was peace, things would be better and people would get jobs but it hasn't happened. Life is just a struggle. We just survive without knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. For now, South Sudan is working out how to go it alone, until an oil agreement is reached. Oil rich but landlocked South Sudan currently relies on trucks to bring in all its refined petrol and diesel. But with no compromise reachd with its northern neighbour it's looking at turning to tracking once more to export its own black gold out of the country. The people of this oil rich nation endured decades of war to finally achieve the peace. But gaining financial independence is proving possibly a greater challenge, but also an ongoing threat to its existence. Now to sport with Amanda Shalala. A close finish is looming in the cricket?Though Australia probably will get there, the West Indies are chasing 330 runs to win the third one-dayer against Australia in Canberra.

Shane Watson guided Australia to a wig total with 122 in his first match back from injury. But the highlight of the innings was be a extraordinary catch from Pollard.Oh that is a brilliant catch! The West Indies made a promising start to their reply with Dwayne and Darren bravo putting in 100 for the third wicket but they departed in quick succession along with Chris Gayle to put Australia in control. Anti-doping experts say it may be weeks or even months before it's known if Essendon AFL players used banned substances. The club went into lockdown this morning in a bid to shield players and officials from the fallout. It's certainly not the start to a season Essendon would've liked this was the closest fans could get to their club's training session this morning. While the Pommers weren't talking there remains no shortage of public discussion about the club's activitinessage the former of ASADA says it's not necessarily correct to be focusing attention on supplements.A supplement is something that somebody will take to fill a gap in their die yet. You don't call ASADA if you're worried about a supplement. This is an unknown substance. Until we know what it is and whether it's banned or not, who knows where this may well end up? He said it could takes week for ASADA to get its hands on all the samples it needs and test them.If it comes back positive then it gets very complicated. ASADA will have to ascertain who knew what and who was at fault.If anyone at Essendon is found to be at fault, any player could face a two year ban while any medical staff could face a lifetime ban. The Instagram dent has brought into focus how important it is for AFL players to know what they're taking.One of the big problems we face in the industry of supplements is that it's unregulated. It's difficult for clubs to know a lot of time whether the supplements they're using are in fact without these banned performance enhancing substances.Regardless the Bombers have some level of sympathy from the rest of the community.I feel for those players and the cluck. They will but it is Essendon so it put s a twinkle in my eye.In a statement today, Port Adelaide says the former Bombers on its list will fully cooperate with the investigation.

The Socceroos coach has urged captain Lucas Neill to find a club as soon as possible. He will lead the Australians in tomorrow morning's friendly against Romania in Spain. He was dumped by his Qatar-based club last month. With the World Cup 18 months away Holger Osieck is concerned.It's not a very positive development. First and foremost, it is a thing affects himself, but down the road it's going to affect the national team as Tomorrow's game will be the Socceroos' last hit-out before next month's World Cup qualifier against Oman in Sydney. Rafael Nadal has come through his first official tennis match in seven months unscathed. The 11-time grand slam winner has won his opening doubles match with Juan Monaco at the Chile Open. It's been a painful seven months for Rafael Nadal. A serious knee injury then stomach virus saw him miss the London Olympics, US Open and Australian Open, and he saw his ranking fall to No. 5. Finally the comeback has gained some crucial momentum.For me to be playing here is a sign of progressing in the right direction. To be playing at 100%. The Chile Open is the first of three ATP events Nadal will play in his comeback four in in South America and Mexico. Baltimore turned into a purple paradise as thousands of fans lined the streets to celebrate the Ravens' Superbowl victory. Players paraded in military vehicles before entering the team's stadium to address the adoring masses.We talk about the team. Look around. This is the team. This whole stadium is packed with the Baltimore Raven team, together. It was Baltimore's second Superbowl victory.

And winter testing has begun for the upcoming Formula One season. Reigning world champion Sebastien Vettel was missing but his Australian team-mate Mark Webber took the new Red Bull RB-9 for a spin and he set the second fastest time.A positive team is always nice, yes, but there are other teams that are keen to knock the stuffing out of us. We have to stay strong. Jenson Button set the place in his McLaren Mercedes. Great Britain's dual Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington has retired from swimming at the age of 23.Let's hope Rafah hangs in there with no more injuries.Barry Gibb is back on Australia on his first tour as a solo arty.. He's candid about how difficult it's been dealing with the deaths of his brothers and he has dedicated the tour to them. He may be performing solo, but aged 66, Barry Gibb has clearly still got it. The tour is a tribute to his twin brothers. SONG: # Nobody gets too much love any more # Robin died of cancer last year. And Maurice died of a heart attack in 2003.Yeah, I miss them. And I can't believe that being the eldest, I'm sort of still hanging around. And he says he regrets not spending more time with them.We were closest before we ever got fame. And that's the truth of it. Fame changes a lot of things. SONG: # How deep it your love # The music legend admits he finds it difficult performing alone.I do. I don't like being on my own. About I love to play and I love to sing. So I'm just trying to continue on somehow. This tour is still very much a family affair. The concerts will feature his son Stephen, whose music and fashion style couldn't be more different.I don't think I've ever worn white in my life. Laugh laugh And his niece Sammy. They've travelled here from Miami along with Barry Gibb's mother. Even at 92 she wasn't keen on picking a favourite song.They're all my favourites. If I said one wrong they'd kill me! The Gibb family moved from the north of England to Brisbane in the 1950s, where the Bee Gees music was born.That's really deep down why I'm here. I want to chase memories. I want to see where we used to live. I want to see the school where we used to go.Barry Gibb says as far as he's concerned, he's home.

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The top stories on ABC News. Tasmanian fire authorities are warning residents under threat from a bushfire near Hobart that conditions are expected to worsen overnight. The fire's now burnt more than 300 hectares hand has reached the communities of moles worth, Glen lus ing and Collinsvale. There have been reports of property damage but it can't be confirmed whether homes have been lost.Residents who are not actually there have been evacuated. They've been told by emergency services some homes have been damaged. The latest official word from the Tasmania Fire Service is that they have heard reports of property damage but they can't confirm at this stage what's been damaged or the or the scale of any damage. Still a bit unclear