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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams.Good afternoon. First to some pictures just into our newsroom - a bushfire has broken out at Macquarie Fields, in Sydney's west. It started at Simmo's Beach and fire crews worked quickly to bring it under control. No homes are currently under threat. Homicide detectives in Melbourne are investigating a fire that's claimed the life of a young student. Nine's Seb Costello has the latest. The man is a 21-year-old a business student who arrived from Lebanon two years ago and has worked part- time as a tiler. Lived here at the home in St Albans with two other housemates and has been described as a well-liked and respected young man. The fire started at 3:30am with a loud explosion before ripping through the front of the home. Brothers from a neighbouring property rushed to the home immediately, attempting to drag his body out into the driveway. Unfortunately, by the time they were able to rescue him, it was too late, with firefighters arriving on the scene soon after.On arrival I did see a man lying in the driveway. They did a quick assessment of him and he was obviously deceased. It was a very intense fire, particularly intense fire, according to the crews, which is somewhat unusual.It was pretty shocking when I got out there. The house was pretty much gone. You couldn't see much in there. It was just smoke and fire. So, it was a pretty, um, awkward situation at the time. My brother was already there. Where he lives next door to me. He dragged him straight to the driveway, but he was already deceased.The men taken to hospital were one housemate, seriously affected by the fire, and also one of the rescuers, who had a quick check-up after inhaling too much smoke. Verlgts have made their initial -- investigators have made their initial assessment and referred the scene on to arson detectives. More to come. A French sailor has been rescued after spending three days adrift in wild seas south-west of Tasmania. Alain Delord was left clinging to a life raft after abandoning his damaged yacht on Friday. A cruise ship returning from Antarctic picked up his distress beacon and changed course to help.He's sticking his ample out. You probably can't see it from here. But we can see - we can see his, um, hand coming out of the life raft. He must be a happy man to see us today.The 63-year-old was pulled aboard the 'Orion' to the cheers of passengers and was treated by the ship's doctors. He's said to be doing well and is now being taken to Hobart. Nine's Damian Ryan will join us with more details on this story a little later in our bulletin. Hazmat teams have been called to the Orica chemical warehouse at Villawood, in Sydney's west. Workers complained of nausea and a bitter taste in their mouth after four litres of the substance was accidentally spilled. Paramedics treated five people at the plant and Orica has temporarily suspended operations at the warehouse. Police are warning the public a man wanted over a fatal shooting in Sydney's west may be and dangerous. Matt Snelson is following the story for us today. Matt, good afternoon. Bring us up to speed on the situation there.Afternoon, Amelia. Well, police have just finished their forensic work at the street in Claymore where 24-year-old Joshua George was shot yesterday afternoon. And just earlier on this afternoon, police have identified the man that they want to speak to over that shooting. His name is Graeme Smith. He's aged 21 and he's been living in a house on that street for the last, uh, couple of months. Now, police said prior to yesterday's shooting, the two men had been involved in some sort of argument or fight at a party the night before. Then the feud has obviously continued on the next day at that street in Claymore, and then we know at about 1:30, Joshua George was shot in the chest. He was raced off to hospital but he tragically died. We know he's a father. He has brothers and all have taken to social media today and laid flowers at the scene, all who knew him just paying tribute to him. Let's take a listen to what police had to say as the hunt continues for the accused gunman, 21-year-old Graeme Smith.He's possibly armed with a firearm and we're just asking people not to approach him. At this stage, we have no concrete information as to his whereabouts. He has a lot of friends in this area and he still may be in the area. Again, I appeal, if he's in the area, come forward, surrender yourself.And not only that appeal, police are also appealing to speak with a couple of people who were walking with victim prior to the altercation yesterday, and also anyone who was at the party where the argument took place the night before the shooting. Anyone with information from either of those two aspects is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800- 333-000. A police strike force is being set up to continue that hunt for 21-year-old Graeme Smith, Amelia.Alright, Matt. Thank you for the update. Appreciate it. We'll go to the US now, where Barack Obama has officially started his second term in the White House, following a private swearing-in ceremony. And tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people will pack the National Mall in Washington DC for the public inauguration. Live to our US correspondent, Denham Hitchcock, now. Denham, good afternoon. Not long to go now. What can we expect there tomorrow?Oh. We are so close. It is counting down. It's hard to believe, really, that what needed to happen has already happened and what is happening, what is now today, just in a few hours' time, is purely just for show. But there's gonna be 800,000 people, they are gonna be packed in here pretty soon. Well, it cost them $4.2 million to get the place ready, so they are gonna put on a pretty big show. There's barricades everywhere, police are out, lots of police, Secret Service, FBI. A lot of plain-clothes police are around. When you speak to the people who have come from all over the country, they are excited. They are wearing badges, T-shirts, jumpers. A lot of them came the first time and now they are coming back for the second time as well, so there's a real sense of excitement here, a sense of history. We're gonna see that parade, of course, when he gets all the way down here, the swearing-in ceremony, the speech, of course. A lot of Presidents before him have delivered unbelievable signature speeches. He's known for his speaking skills, so look for a good one. He will come back here. Don't forget the ball. Stevie Wonder might be there. Usher might be singing and I reckon Beyonce will probably belt out a tune as well. Amelia, you are gonna love it.A huge party, no doubt. Just in the last few hours we have heard the President address his supporters. What has he had to say?Yeah, has. This was a very small meeting for an intimate group of people at the National Museum here. And I would probably suggest that this would be some of the big donor that is got him across the line. Don't forget, about a billion dollars was spent between the two parties, so there will be some big money. And a lot of the people that wrote those cheques will be in this room. The President addressed them all. The Vice-President was there swefplt he's saying it's a celebration of the country and its -- as well. He's saying it's a celebration of the country and its citizens. He also addressed the most significant issue of the evening, which he said was he loves Michelle's fringe. Happy to know that - the President approves. Have a listen.I am delivering another speech tomorrow. So, tonight I'm gonna be pretty brief. Because, you know, there are a limited amount of good lines and you don't want to use them all up tonight! (LAUGHTER) What we're celebrating is not, uh, the election or swearing-in of a President. What we're doing is celebrating each other. And celebrating this incredible nation that we call home. (APPLAUSE) And there will be plenty of celebrating tomorrow, Amelia. I know that you love your parades, so, please, tune in for this. If you want to see what a million crazy Democrat supporters look like squeezed into this National Mall, then we will be here for the whole thing. Updates for every bulletin. See up then.Looking forward to it. Thank you so much for that. Still ahead this afternoon - four men lost in crocodile-infested waters after a boat accident off Darwin. A Melbourne rapper hurls abuse at a policewoman in court. And - a big announcement for Ellen fans at This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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puts on a parade for Barack Obama's inauguration.And which 'Today' host did this little boy grow up to become?Cute.Four fishermen have told us about their frightening ordeal after their boat capsized in Darwin. The group clung to mangroves as a huge crocodile lurked nearby. Jake Hauritz has the story for us. There was certainly plenty of action in the choppy waters of Middle Arm this morning. Four men from the Netherlands brought in by the CareFlight helicopter after spending 20 hours stranded when their boat capsized.Suddenly the boat made water. And it tipped over. That's it. On the mud bank J yeah, we thank them. Really.Thanks a lot. That was a life-saver.Once we had the EPIRB, within two hours they were there.Once they managed to set off their EPIRB, CareFlight responded swiftly, getting to them within two hours and winching them to safety.The crew were out there. We had to put the winch on Darwin's CareFlight helicopter. Had went out there, was able to find them, guide in by the team. We winched all four of them to the helicopter.The four men were all OK, extremely tired after spending the night in a tree. And, yes, they saw a croc. They have also suffered substantial bites to their faces, arms and legs from sand flies and mosquitos. A Melbourne rapper facing 26 charges, including car-jacking and armed robberies, has lashed out at a police officer in court today. Nine's Karen Huf was there and joins us now with the details. Afternoon, Karen. You were in the courtroom. What happened?Well, Mr Morgz, as he's known in the music scene, is keeping up the bad-boy image, Amelia. He gave up his life on the run, which, incidentally, was the name of his debut rap album, after his face was flashed across our screens last week, wanted over a spate of car-jackings and armed robberies. During one, he allegedly pushed over a 70-year-old woman, leaving her with a cut to the head and bruising. He was also caught on CCTV at the Coburg post office, terrifying staff there. And on Saturday, he decided to hand himself in. The court heard today he was withdrawing from a variety of drugs, including ice and needing Valium. While in court, he swore at the policewoman who was giving evidence about his alleged offences. He said she was lying and that she would go to hell. She was explaining that he had left his sunglasses at the scene of an attempted car-jacking and the police wanted a DNA sample from him in custody to do a match. And also to spare to some blood left in another parked car he stole from two women, showing them a shotgun as they sat chatting. The magistrate ordered that a saliva swab be taken, that's something that can be done with force, if necessary. So, Corinthian Morgan, 27 years old, behind bar, awaiting his next court appearance in April, could be a case of life imitating art, Amelia.Alright, Karen Huf, thank you. We'll leave it there for now. Well, Australian fans of the 'Ellen' show could be in for something special. She tweeted, "Tuesday's gonna be a big day for my fans in Australia. For the very first time, you're gonna have a chance to be on my show." Then, "Tomorrow's a big day, Australia. If you're near the Sydney Opera House, you may want to pack a bag and get your passport ready. Seerldz." While we don't know what's going -- seriously." While we don't know what's going to happen, we know it will get under way around 11:00. Still ahead - a lucky escape for a family on the Gold Coast. And - ahead of Barack Obama's public swearing-in, we'll take a look back at past inaugural

Thanks Amelia. Tonight in Nine News, a pregnant woman hit by a car while pushing her baby in a pram at Glebe - we'll bring you the latest on her condition. Fire burns close to homes at Macquarie Fields - questions over whether it was deliberately lit. Police appeal for help tracking down 21-year-old Graeme Smith, wanted over a fatal shooting near Campbelltown. They warn he is armed and dangerous. Also tonight - why Sydneysiders are about to be hit with a rise in the price of green slips. Barack Obama sworn in for a second term as President. The dramatic cruise ship rescue of a yachtsman stranded in rough seas. And the simple new headache treatment - offering hope for sufferers. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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news at 6:00.
Tomorrow - the Aussie brickies taking on the world.Washington puts on a parade for Barack Obama's inauguration.And which 'Today' host did this little boy grow up to be?Who is it?You'll find out tomorrow. Thanks, Ben. A family of nine has watched on as fire destroyed their home on the Gold Coast. Investigators are still piecing together what sparked the blaze, which has been home to the family for 14 years.It's all irreplaceable. It's, like, the house was made from, um, the timber, it's all, like, completely unique. Like, I'm a mad collector. I collect things, really antique, unique, wonderful things. Thankfully, no-one was injured in the fire. This time tomorrow, Barack and Michelle Obama will be centrestage at the inaugural ball in the United States. ABC America's David Muir takes a look back at the tradition that began with President George Washington. It wasn't called an naug recall ball, but George Washington did -- inaugural ball, but George Washington did have one. 300 guests. The tradition of the ball officially began with James Madison, First Lady Dolly hosting. A heavy cost at the time - $4 to get in. While Dolly is said to have enjoyed the ball, her husband remarked, "I would much treertd have been in bed." The ball following Lincoln's second inauguration, 4,000 dancing the waltz. At midnight, oysters, roast beef and lobsters served on a giant table. 'The New York Times' reporting that table soon a mess. "Frightful to behold."The inaugural ball to be held in honour of the President skpwhrfplt after world war two, the idea of multiple inaugural balls. Dancing here at one of four different galas. This image shows the newly inaugurated President and Mrs Kennedy, and who was weight? (SINGS) # You make me feel so young. Frank Sinatra performed for them. Starting the tradition of inviting the famous to enjoy the fan fare. More than two decades later, the Reagans dancing and dazzling the crowd with the salsa. In 1989, President George HW Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. The song - 'I could have danced all night'. His son, George W Bush, dancing with First Lady Laura Bush, for just section. Less than a minute on the floor at each ball they attended. (MUSIC PLAYS) The Clintons dancing to 'Make a Wish'. And there was that saxophone moment. At his second inaugural... (SINGS) # Unforgettable... # What was unforgettable was the number of inaugural balls that year - 14 of them. And, four years ago... (SINGS) # At last... # Beyonce, in her first performance for the First Couple. 10 balls. And images of the Obamas riding in a golf cart, giving their feet a rest. And that moment in a freight elevator, the First Lady wrapped in her husband's jacket to keep warm. Still to come on Nine News this afternoon - we'll have the latest on a 21-year-old man killed in a Melbourne house fire. Police believe it may have been deliberately lit. Cheers of relief as a stranded yachtsman is rescued after three days adrift in wild seas. Also - preparations in Washington as President Obama is sworn in for a second term. And - the monster man-eater terrorising villagers in the Philippines.

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affected by the fire at the Siding r
Spring Observatory. And The Cavalry afte
remain on top of the ABL ladder, Sy
after a dramatic split series with Deta
Sydney, at Narrabundah Ballpark. Details 6.30.

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When you think of neighbourhood pests, crocodiles probably aren't the most common concern. A remote village in the Philippines had to call in for special help to deal with the record size man-eating monster. The adult saltwater crocodile - the planet's largest and deadliest reptile. It has no natural predator. It treats any animal within range as prey. That includes humans.The saugswater crocodile sees people as -- saltwater crocodile sees people as food.It is more often killed by humans than vice versa. 70% of people make their living by fishing any creature that comes near the shore here. And the stealthy salty is the master of ambush.They're perfectly adaptive for being hunters. They can just barely have their eyes break the surface. They can get very close to animals and people without being noticed.Not willing to wait until the enormous beast strikes again, villagers here turn to a legendary crocodile hunter to capture the killer alive. The hunter becomes the hunted but several attempts to catch it in a steel snare failed. He says the cable has snapped. He thinks they're dealing with a much bigger croc than they expected. Finally success - is it? This creature weighs over 2,300 pounds, easily the largest crocodile they've ever seen.Oh, my God. It's absolutely huge.A renowned croc expert arrives to measure the giant for possible entry to the Guinness Book of World Records. A harrowing process that first requires tranquilising the massive beast. Frplgt he's got some really powerful --He's got some really powerful muscles here. I'm going to go between the scales here. OK. Like a big mosquito. Wow. Even that bent the needle.This is the first time anyone has measured a living croc of this magnitude.It's like measuring a dinosaur. It's amazing. It stretches a whopping 20 feet and three inches long.The largest saltwater crocodile in the world. They've got the strongest bit of any animal. If we were to measure this bite, it would be the strongest that's ever been measured. The villagers are not convinced the beast is the man-killer they saw. Even though no-one else has been celled since the crocodile's capture, the villagers are still afraid because salties are masters of survival. Here is what's making news right now - homicide and arson detectives are investigating a house fire in Melbourne that claimed the life of a 21-year-old university student. Sydney police are hunting a man wanted over yesterday's fatal shooting near Campbelltown. 21-year-old Graeme Smith is believed to be armed and dangerous. A solo round-the-world sailser recovering onboard a cruise ship which rescueed him after three days adrift off remote waters in Tasmania. A mother and her toddler have been hit by a car in the inner city suburb of Glebe. Inaccident happen as the 33-year-old woman was pushing her daughter in a pram across an intersection. The woman is being treated for head injuries. Her daughter has suffered minor cuts and bruises. Homicide and arson detectives have been brought in to investigate a fatal housefire in Melbourne's north-west. Seb Costello has been following the day's developments. Good afternoon to you. What's the latest information you have for us?Good afternoon. Homicide detectives continue to investigate. We've had a chance to the homicide squad today who weren't saying much. Suffice to say they believe there are concerning elements of the fire and of the crime scene. They confirmed only the man who is deceased was not known to police and that his two housemates were neither known to police. They'll continue to investigate as we speak. Let's have a listen to some of the investigation today.There's concerning aspects to the scene. His cause of death is yet to be established. There will be a post- mortem examination over the next 24 hours that we'll seek to answer those questions.What can you tell us about the two people who got out alive?Two of his mouse mates - one of them was taken to hospital immediately. He was sleeping in the backroom of the house and escaped but suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. The other housemate spent the day with homicide detectives being interviewed by police. It will be the course of action police will take with the other housemate when he heals. We'll leave it there. Thank you so much for update. Sydney police believe a man wanted over the shooting death of 24-year-old Joshua George may be armed and dangerous. George was gunned down in the city's west yesterday afternoon. 21-year-old Graeme Smith is still on the run. Police are warning anyone who sees him not to approach him. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers. A good Samaritan on the Gold Coast has become the victim of a calculated crime. Ambushed after he stopped his car to help a woman on the side of the road. It's along this road that the good Samaritan became the victim of a very brazen and calculated crime. It was around 9:15 last night when the 20-year-old pulled over to help what appeared to be a woman who had broken down.She had her bonnet up. When he stopped and got out, he was attacked by two Pacific Islander men.They ripped me back and caused me to lose balance and fall on the ground and hit my head.Jesse was no contest and they took his keys. There was a car coming -- If there was a car coming towards me, there -t would have been a different story.Being the car-lover he is, the biggest pain is the loss of his beloved ute.It's really upset me. I couldn't sleep last night. I had the biggest headache and I was shocked.He bought it just a month ago. It was his pride and joy. There have been no sightings of the blue limited edition Holden Avalanche.We don't want any members of the public to be too alarmed by this or -- by this. We ask people be cautious in relation to this.Police are hunting two Pacific Islander men and a woman all believed to be in their mid 30s. Still on the Gold Coast - a thief has stole an luxury Mercedes in a bizarre ram-raid. The group used a stolen car to smash their way in to the workshop. They tried to steal at threes three other cars before driving -- least three other cars before driving off. After three days losten wild seas in Tasmania, a French sailor was rescued this afternoon. Good afternoon. This is an incredible story of survival. Take us through it?No doubt in a very tough part of the world. The 62-year-old is obviously a very tough individual. An adventurer, sailing solo around the world. Last Friday it went all terribly long. He lost his mast on his boat and was forced into a liferaft. He was stranded in such a remote area - 700 kilometres south from Hobart. For three days and three nights he bobbed around the heavy seas as the ship on an expedition cruise in the Antarctic was called in to help. It took a 52 hour detour to rescue him. And then they saw a textbook rescue. The yachtsman was dragged aboard. There were cheers all round as he was brought aboard and it was very clear from seeing him straight away he was all OK. This is what one of the crew members had to say.He was certainly very healthy. He wasn't injured. He was lethargic and shellshocked at the sudden change to his environment. He was pretty stunned. Whether we told him we came from Antarctica to pick him up and dollar was 91 passengers onboard, he thought, "That's amazing."Very grateful. Now he has had a meal. A glass of red wine, being a good Frenchman, and a night's sleep and a bed they say is much bigger than the liferaft he spent the last three nights in. He said he would like to call on the captain to get the crew and passengers together this evening where he would like to publicly thank them for their efforts. The ship is making one more detour. It's due in Hobart tomorrow morning. It will deliver to the shore there a very grateful yachtsman.He's a lucky man. Incredible story. NSW police have revealed their newest crime-fighting machine - a high- powered vessel fitted with the latest navigation and communication equipment. The fleet hits the state's waterways today, conducting high-visibilities patrols and random breath tests. Barack Obama has wrapped up day one of his second term in the White House. Earlier, the US President was officially sworn in during an intimate family ceremony. Robert Penfold has the story for us. The first of two swearings in in two days. Just prior to midday, today, January 20, as the law demands, the Obamas arrived for a relatively private meeting in the Blue Room of the White House to take the Oaths of Office.I solemnly swear I will faithfully execute the office of President of the US.And tomorrow he will do it all again. The big ceremonial swearing-in before hundreds of thousands on the national mall. Watching will be former presidents, the who's who of American politics, civic leaders and war heroes. Also this morning, President Obama joined the Vice- President to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. A day for the children yesterday, a sort of inaugural ball for the kids. With performances by Usher, members of the cast of 'Glee' and Katy Perry. The President is also pushing the idea of everyone joining in to make a better America. And yesterday was the National Day of Service. The Obamas joined Americans across the country in volunteering.Adults to children, they understand the importance of giving back.At Obama's first inauguration, 1.8 million people came here to Washington. Tomorrow there's expected to be less than half of that. But with the pomp and circumstance, the parade, the balls, for those here still very much a moment to remember. Final preparations are now under way for the big public swearing-in, the parade and the two inaugural balls. With something of this size and magnitude, we want it to be perfect. President Obama starts his second term as a 55% approval rating, his highest since 2009. 57% say the country is headed seriously on the wrong track. Then come Tuesday, he's back behind the desk - four years of hard work ahead of him. Well, what do you do when you want to hold a bikini contest but it's snowing outside? A group of Siberian beauty queens decided to hold the pageant anyway. Posing in tiny togs. They paraded up the chilly catwalk as the temperature hovered around minus 21 degrees. Fortunately, the winner was given her crime inside. Time to get all the sport now. From one group of glamour girls to the next, a big upset there today at the Australian Open.There was. An early exit for one of the game's glamour girls. Another star is in devastating touch. We'll have all the details next. Also ahead - a cricket bad boy back in the green and This program is not captioned.

Good afternoon. The big guns of world tennis hit centre court later tonight. Serena Williams faces Maria Kirilenko. Roger Federer tackles Milos Raonic. Andy Murray is about to hit the court again against Gilles Simon. Earlier today, Chardy beat Andreas Seppi in four sets. An impressive display from Victoria Azarenka. She made really light work of Elena Vesnina. All the talk here is that Azarenka is geting the job done too. She won it 6-1, 6-1 in under an hour. Next up for her is Svetlana Kuznetsova. Kuznetsova is riding really high on confidence, having upstaged 10th seed Caroline Wozniacki today in three sets. The Russian is a dangerous floater in the women's draw and is now seemingly over that leg injury that ended her 2000 12 season. The tw.5-hour epic took its toll -- 2.5-hour epic took its toll on Wozniacki.You don't feel good when you lose. I know that's pretty obvious. It was a close game. I had my chances and I didn't take them. I could have won but I didn't. Yeah. Next time.It was nothing compared to last night's unbelievable 5-hour tussle between Novak Djokovic and Stanislas Wawrinka. Both men were exhausted post match but Djokovic needs to regroup really quickly. He now takes on Tomas Berdych and he's confident his fitness is good enough to get him through to the semis. Our one-day team insists there's still plenty on the line as they prepare for a fifth showdown with Sri Lanka in Hobart. Last night's clash in Sydney was rained out, meaning the final match of the series is little morethen a dead rubber. The Australian cricket -- more than a dead rubber. The Australian cricket team arrived with a bitter taste in their mouths. I mean, it was almost a fine mist. The Aussies were defending 223 after half centuries from Dave Warner and Mitchell Starc. But the rain brought the game and the series to a premature end. Australia's chances of victory over. Officials claiming there was too much water on the ground.I'd rather see us lose the game than not get a result at all. As long as we're having a crack at winning. Selectors have turned their attention to the Twenty20 side. Making six changes to the team that last played three months ago.We've selected what we think is the best side at the moment and we've taken great note of the form in the Big Bash league.It's that sort of form that's seen the resurgence of Shaun Marsh.He wasn't overlooked despite a number of off-field issues that saw him ostracised from the Aussie team.I wasn't even picked for Western Australia and I was doubting myself and stuff like that. Really looking forward to playing again.Well, Alessandro Del Piero has reportedly confirmed he will stay on with Sydney FC next season. The Italian World Cup winner had a get-out clause in his contract. His 4-goal effort convinced him to stay. The Western Sydney side are in hot form ahead of the finals.The finals are getting close. Our fans can certainly start believing we- a good chance of getting into the top six.Their 2-1 win over Brisbane was the third time this season they've beaten the reigning champions. And the two Super Bowl teams have been decided - the San Francisco 49ers booked their spot in the FFL decider with a victory over the Falcons. They have sealed a place against the Baltimore Ravens who downed the New enland Patriots. Feel a bit lost here without any Aussies in action at Melbourne Park but Roger Federer is in action on centre court later tonight. Maybe we can adopt him.We need him. See you next time. Still ahead - we'll have the finance for you and the latest weather. There's been plenty of rain over north-east NSW.That's right. By 9am this morning, Ballina had recorded just over 50 millimetres of rain. Today they've recorded a further 15 millimetres, with the chance of more every day this week. I'll have the full forecast next. Australi
Tonight on WIN News: Should
Australia Day be moved - the MLA wh Territor
wants the date changed. The strong
Territory' s economy the third m
strongest in the nation. Plus - the toni
most popular baby names. That' s tonight. Next on WIN News... The ML who This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. A high that's over the Tasman Sea has directed showers on to the east coast tonight and -- overnight and too. The heavy rain and gale-force wends will persist over Far North Queensland. -- winds will persist over Far North Queensland. More than 100 millimetres along the Peninsula. Rain will be heavy in coastal areas. Around the country tomorrow:

More rain and storms through the north on Wednesday. Another possible shower for Brisbane. Thank you. Having a look at finance now.

That's Nine's Afternoon News for this Monday. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. Thank you for joining us today. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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G'day, Ed, how you doing? Don't you break the hot seat!
I...I may. You nearly fell through the back
of the hot seat, there, mate. I did. I'm a bit, uh... Wreck that, the show's over -
we don't have a hot seat anymore. You don't have a spare?
That's the only hot seat we have. I'll do my best
to keep it in good shape. Alright. Don't muck it up,
alright, Ben - jeez. 42 years of age, managing director
of Australian Carbon Traders. Tell me about that. Uh, well, we work
as agents with landholders to grow either trees on the property
or sink carbon in their soil, and we sell
the certificates we create to large polluting companies
or large emitters. That's the way. Good stuff.
We hope so, yes. Well, it's a growing
business, isn't it? It is growing at the moment, yes. OK, from Harcourt in Victoria.
Laura is your wife. G'day, Laura.
Hi, Eddie. How are you?
Good, thanks. Good luck tonight, OK? Three kids - Isabella, 12,
Henry, 11, Charlie, eight. Hey, it says here,
at a work training session on how to deal with
difficult people, your supervisor introduced
Ben Keogh as, quote, "the type of person
that brings us all here." Yeah. Are you one of those
difficult people, are you? Apparently so, yeah. It's not something I put
on my resume, generally, but... No, but your nanny
would attest to it. Well, I was challenging -
let's put it that way. Come on, mate, let's have a go.
Challenge me tonight. I'll give you $1 million if you can
get 15 questions out of the way. Oh, OK, I'd be good with that. You ready to play?
I'll have a go, yes. Let's go! Come on.

100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

Oh, OK, I think that one's... I'm going to lock in A,
be in their good books. Books, in. Correct - $100. Oh, I thought you said
INcorrect. (LAUGHS) No - in, correct, $100. Not 'incorrect'. I won't say that anymore -
I'll just say, "Right." Good-o.

Um, the interpretation
may vary from state to state, but I'm going to
lock in B, jillaroo. Jillaroo's in. Correct, for $200. Thanks, Eddie. (CHUCKLES)


I like my calamari,
and so does Henry. I'm going to lock in C, squid. Squid's in. Correct, for $300. A little worried about that one.


Oh, I've actually seen
all of them except for D, but I'm pretty sure it is D, so I'll lock in D,
'Gorillas in the Mist'. Lock in D, 'Gorillas in the Mist'. Correct, for $500.

Starring Sigourney Weaver,
it tells of Fossey's amazing fight to save the mountain gorillas
of Rwanda. Alright, $1,000 question -
here it comes. (READS QUESTION)


OK, I...

It's got to be C, I think.
Lock in C, between. Lock in C, between?
It's got to be, or I'm in trouble. It is. Correct, for $1,000.


Someone got their $1,000, anyway. Crops up quite frequently
in Shakespearean plays. Uh, Laura,
you're pretty happy with that. Yes! Good stuff. Very happy with
the first $1,000 that's there. What did you say before? Oh, just, I'm not sure I'm going
to make it to $1 million, but I'll give it a go. You've done well so far.
Yeah, it's been good so far. Five out of the way.
Can we do five more like that? We'll do another five
and then another five and you'll be home, OK? Yeah, that'd be great. Alright, we got $1 million,
everyone's still playing - we've got the full deck
in the hot seat, right after this.