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This program is captioned live. I will faithfully ex tute...The office of president of the United States.Hail to the chief - Barack Obama is warn in for his second term as president of the United States. Ocean rescue - a solo yachtsman is safe at last after three days adrift in a life-raft. Fuel rip-off - the new study that says premium fuel isn't worth the extra money. Late-night thriller - No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic scrapes through to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in a five-hour epic. Fiasco at the SCG - cricketing mistakes and rain turn the international into a farce. And also about the Oscar host.A very good morning to you. Welcome to a start of a brand-new week. Alicia, good morning.Good morning. How was your weekend, Fordo? Guess what? What?Brandon Jacobs is back.I am in the sports commentary area. I thought I would sit in and say good morning to everyone. Good to be back.A big weekend in sport, wasn't it?Yeah, yeah, it was, indeed. There was tennis and cricket.No cricket.No cricket. Half a cycling race.Good, good. Great to have you back.Nice to see you.Thank you.We were just admiring Michelle Obama's new hairstyle.I think she is channelling Uma Thurman in 'Pulp Fiction'.The fringe is back. The bang it is called. Let's get straight into it by taking a look at the weather for you this morning on Monday, 21st January 2013.

That's right. Stevie will keep us updated with all of the weather throughout the morning, but right now it is news time. Good morning, Deb.It is, indeed. Good morning to you and good morning to you at home. President Barack Obama has been officially sworn in for his second term at the White House. Now to our chief bureau reporter Robert Penfold in Washington. He's taken the oath, but it is all happening again tomorrow, isn't it?That's right, Deb. It gets confusing in many ways. This time he will be swosh in twice. Sworn in today and again tomorrow here at the Capitol Building. This goes on because law states here in the United States that the President must be sworn in prior to midday on January 20 hth. That is today. The problem is that today is a Sunday. Law also states that the courts and the public office building should be open as well. They are not open today, so we get to do it all again tomorrow in a much more colourful ceremony tomorrow. Yes, there it was this morning. He went in for the official swearing-injust prior to midday. He walked into the Blue Room with the Obama family and he was sworn in by the chief justice. Let's have a look at that.I Barack Hussein Obama do sol mentally swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.And, Rob, of course as you say tomorrow is the big celebration. At the last inauguration there was a real air of celebration and huge crowds. Are there large numbers expected tomorrow as well? Ufrpblgts-- Well, that's right, there were huge crowds last time. The biggest crowds in any public event here in Washington. 1.8 million. It won't be anything like that at all. It is more business like. They are still expecting something like 800,000 people. Let's hope the weather holds because it is beautiful here at the moment. It will be quite a big event, very colourful as up there on the steps of the Capitol Building the President will be sworn in by the chief executive. There will be lay lot of V IPs and we will get to see some great entertainers here as well. James Taylor and Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson and then there will be a lunch after that of lobster and bison for the V IPs and then what people look forward to here is the big parade through the streets. A lot of the bands who have come from all over the United States - this is a real one big event in their lives that they get to march in a presidential parade - after that, well, the parade and the party goes on as well. Actually t parade goes on for around about four hours and then there are two balls and that is a good contrast again. Last year, you might remember, last time when he was inaugurateed there were 10 balls of THAT the Obamas had to drop into during that one night. There are just two balls and then the day after, Tuesday, it is business as usual. He is back to work. Four years of hard work ahead of him. He's got to get the economy right and what he is going to try to do is something about immigration as well. Around about 13m illegal immigrants here, they statement, and they are trying to get some sort of legality for them as well. Of course gun laws as well. There is a lot to do in the next four years. He hasn't had the best four years so far and this last four years he wants to prove he's a top president and wants to be remembered well. There it is. A big day here tomorrow, but also a big day for Obama today - president for a second term.Thank you, Robert Penfold in Washington. A French sailor has been rescueed in the Southern Ocean after spending the weekend floating in a life-raft in wild seas. Solo round-the-world sailor Alain Delord was forced to abandon his damaged yacht on Friday and set off a distress signal. The MV 'Orion' passenger cruise ship returning from Antarctica changes its course to answer his call tor help. The 63-year-old was plucked from the ocean around 9:30 last night and in good spirits when he was pulled on board the ship to a crowd of cheering passengers. To breaking news now and a man has died in a house fire in St Albans in Melbourne's west this morning. Fire crews arrived at the Grantham Parade home just before 4am to find the entire property engulfed in flames. Two people were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and minor burns. Investigators are trying to work out now just what sparked that blaze. Detectives have spent the night questioning a man after a woman was stabbed to death in Sydney's south-west. The victim was found by police and paramedics who rushed to the home at Macquarie Fields around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. She had suffered a number of stab wounds. A 47-year- old man was arrested and has been quizzed over the attack which is believed to be domestic related. A gunman remains on the run this morning after shoot ago man dead in a south-west Sydney street. The victim, Joshua George, was struck in the chest around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. Police say that the 24- year-old was involved in a heated argument with his attacker and had organised to meet in the street on Sunday.We've got his blood under me nails. Everyone tryed in the street. He was only a kid.Police also want to speak with three friends who were with Joshua at the time. A Gold Coast family has had a lucky escape after fleeing a fire which engulfed part of their home overnight. Nine's Libby Stone joins us now with the details. Libby, what are authorities saying? Ifrpblgts well, Deb, --Well, Deb, we know that the fire broke just after 9 last night. Fire crews received a number of 000 calls to the property, but by the time they arrived at the two storey home, it was already well daylight. Crews sprung into action quickly, using hoes and breathing apparatus, as they desperately battled tow contain the fire. They were particularly concerned about the exposure to nearby bushland and neighbours were worried about potentially the grass fires. It was a great job by firefighters and you can see in these pictures how fierce the blaze was. Despite that tough battle they actually managed to save half the house. It meant an internal offensive attack and we had external lines as well. We managed to save at least half of the house. If we hadn't been able the get interm it could have been a total write-off.Still, obviously extremely upsetting for the family involved. They were home at the time and had lived at that house for around 14 years and believe the blaze may have been sparked by a faulty airconditioner. The fire investigator also return to the scene this morning to work out exactly how this fire started.OK, Libby. We will leave it there. Thank you. Australia's asylum seeker processing centre on Manus Island is at the centre of a fresh legal challenge. Papau New Guinea's opposition has file add summons with a national court organising the centre is unconstitutional because detainees are being hell illegally and in inhumane conditions. The sum Commons seeks to have current detainees releaseed. The Prime Minister says that the centre is being operated in accordance with the law. A date to hear the challenge is yet to be set. Firecrews in bushfire-ravaged Victoria are in a race against time to strengthen containment lines in the State's east ahead of a burst of hot weather this Thursday. The focus is a massive 56,000-hectare blaze which has destroyed at least 21 homes since it began in the because because. Some residents have been able to return home, but the town of Maffra is now in the path of the fire putting residents on edge.Very nervous and worrying about it.It is a sleeping joint waiting to happen.Meanwhile, firefighters are taking advantage of the cooler conditions in NSW, battling out-of-control fires. A British man who escaped during the Algerian hostage crisis said that he hid from the terrorists for a day before flowing through a fence to safety. Alan Wright was working at the BP compound when terrorists shut the power off and began their deadly attack.The first way I went, it makes such a noise when it breaks and you knew it travelled to where the terrorists were. But within 30 seconds, they had both fences open and I was free to go. Meanwhile, reports this morning say that the bodies of 25 foreigners have been found in the gas plant. Now to the markets:

New Zealand has left its stamp on Antarctica with a Maori statue unveiled on the frozeen continent. The carving took six months to create and six months to secure on the landscape with concrete used to make sure it wasn't blown away by Antarctica's strong winds.New Zealand has been here continuously since - for the best part of 50-odd years now. It will remain, as far as I can see, a permanent presence here.New Zealand has staked a claim to an area of Antarctica known as the Ross Dependency. So very chilly obviously.There you go. That is a Today Show T.Ohhh.I think you are right.Well, thanks to our friends over there. We might look at it later.There it is!Look at. ThatWell spotted! Gee, you are on fire.Good on you, Kiwis. What is happening, Stevie?Very good morning to you, Benny. What a way to start 2013 with one of the most persistent heatwaves we have seen in history. It is mainly due to the monsoon trough not moving down. It has hit many areas of Far North Queensland giving them this weather. It is great to be back and a very good morning to you.

It is great to be back. It is Monday morning and I will keep you updated with the latest right around the country today.Good man, Stevie. Thank you.Great to have you back. Tim is out and about for us this morning. G'day, Tim.Where is he?G'day. I am in Adelaide all week because this is the Santos Tour Down Under. We will have what happened last night in front of 100,000 people here. Novak Djokovic advances in the Australian Openment it is all on the way.

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This program is not captioned. Morning to you all. The sports news coming up with Timmy from Adelaide shortly, but first up the newspaper front Paiges. The sud Syd reports on the solo round-the-world sailor who has been rescueed in dramatic fashion on the open ocean. We will talk to the captain of if vessel that found him shortly.In 'The Daily Telegraph' this morning, the boyfriend of 21-year-old Eden Hull, who fell to her death from a hotel balcony last week, has spoken for the first time since the tragedy. 'The Australian' reports

rise of China and also cyber attacks against government and industry as two of the key security issues facing our nation.'Love of our Lives' - 'The Herald Sun' says Stan Hayhurst, Victoria's first bushfire victim since Black Saturday, has been remembered as a loving grandfather. Firefighters are still battling against the clock to build containment lines ahead of another dangerous week. Tense times. In 'The Age' Ned Kelly finally granted his dying wish yesterday as his descendent got their chance to bury the outlaws remains in a private ceremony.'The Adelaide Advertiser' says residents are waiting up to four years to see a dentist. Even Adelaide patients must wait almost nine months for an appoint.'The Hobert Mercury' says that hundreds of university tunes will call the CBD home with the construction of a new residential and business presifpbt.The State is at risk of being overtaken by the Northern Territory as the nation's best performing economy. Finally in 'The Courier-Mail' a month ago Chris Sabburg was earning the minimum wage inspecting mangoes at the Rocklea markets, but just two hours in the field for the Brisbane business in the Big Bash win on Saturday and he is up for a short at his share of a $2.5 m payday in the Twenty20 Champions League. Not bad.A great story. There is plenty of sport around so let's go back to Timmy Gilbert in Adelaide. Good morning, Tim.Good morning, Leisha. Novak Djokovic - what a marathon. It was a five setter but he eventually advance need the quarterfinals at the Australian Open. A mighty win for him as we look at what happened in Melbourne last night. The world No. 1 wrapped up his match against Switzerland's Pastor Rick Warren shortly before 2am this morning. Earlier, Agneska Radwanska disposed of Ana Ivanovic in straight sets. The Pole crew to her 13th straight win this year in just over an hour, setting up a quarterfinal's clash with Maria Sharapova. The men's fourth-round match lasted much longer, but Djokovic and Warrumbungle National Park holding serve until the 22nd game in the fifth set before Djokovic sealed it 12- 10 taking victory in 12 hours and 2 minutes.I feel sorry that one of us had to lose, you know. He definitely did deserve to win, but I am just thrilled to be able to fight once again.He faces fifth seed Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinals tomorrow. Rain has dashed Australia's hopes of winning the One Day Series against Sri Lanka. The tourists restricted Australia to 222 in the fourth one- day international before facing just 20 deliveries in reply, a shower set in at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Following the poor performance in Brisbane, they came out firing. His dismissal brought about more attention, the umpire with an absolute shocker awarding an lbw despite clear replays showing Dave Warner edging the ball on to his pad. Moses Henriques suffered the same fate soon after. Decisions happen like that in our game. Through my career I have seen just as many go for us as against us, so they even themselves out. Mitchell Starc again made a late cameo with the bat finishing unbeaten on 52. Sri Lanka lead the series 2-1 going into the fifth and final match in Hobart. Western Sydney has been handed a clean sweep over premiere defenders Brisbane. Down 1-nil Mark Bridge levelled it up for the Wanderers before there was a strike over the Roar.Today was another step forward for us. To come from behind, it shows the character and belief in this squad and it has been a great response since our loss against Central Coast. We have got six points from six on two tough away trips. We look forward to going home now.The Wanderers sit in fourth, six points off the top- placed Mariners. Andre Greipel has shone in the People's Choice classic in front of a bumper crowd here in Adelaide. It was over 230 laps and the 30-year-old sat patiently in the peloton before a perfect lead-out train finished in a sprint finish for gripe gripe. It officially gets under way tomorrow and that is where all of the points count to the World Championship obvious and this is the official start of it. What an atmosphere it was in the city of churches last night, guys. I will tell you more about it throughout the course of the morning.Thank you, Tim. Good on you. We will hear more feedback from the Lance Armstrong speech. Have a look at that last night - Novak Djokovic.Wow. A turning point.The Incredible Hulk used to do this, rip off his shift at the front.He couldn't quite get it off. Mate!We will play that throughout the morning.Just like our mate, Stevie.That's what I do when I get the weather right. I will try it one day.(LAUGHTER)

That brings you up-to-date with all of the main centres around the country. Still rain up in the top end of Queensland and that is coming down the east coast. Otherwise, sunny elsewhere.Thank you, Stevie. See you soon. We've got all of the gossip for you next. What is happening over there, Richard?Well, are there wedding bells for Katy Perry? Oh, rumours are exploding like fireworks! They are that John Mayer has popped the question. I am going to tell you what I know, coming up!

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Thanks for joining us this Monday morning. School is back in a week from now. We threw out the challenge to bring in as many school photos. They are coming in thick and fast. If you went to school with any of us, including Richard Wilkins, and you have embarrassing photos, send them our way.Any embarrassing photos, Dickie?I don't think they had cameras back then!(LAUGHTER) Did you have hair back then?That is for me to know and you to find out.(LAUGHTER) What is happening?It was a long time ago. I went to school in New Zealand. Maybe they are watching in illegal satellite dishes. I can't wait to see some of Richard Reid's school photos! (LAUGHS) . I am unrecognisable. I am talking the teeth, the eyes, the hair, everything has been redone! (LAUGHTER) That I do believe. Listen, the start of a new week, the scuttlebutt is swirling and let's start off with John Mayer and Katy Perry - could these kids go all the way, Richard?If you mean all the way down the aisle? I am hearing that, too. Apparently John Mayer was spotted over the weekend - get this - at Tiffany's, wouldn't you know New York City in the engagement ring section! Wouldn't you know it?! My sources, barely speaks English, he is new on the job, he doesn't know other than to start blabbing his lip. He said that John hasn't narrowed down between two rings. These guys have been on again and off again since her split from Russell Brand. John Mayer says he is done with his lothareo ways and wants to settle down and Katy is the way he wants to do it with.They are a talented couple. You will be on top of that story, relationship. Who is the One Direction band mate who is in trouble with Simon Cowell? Not Harry?!Of course it is Harry. Simon Cowell is a mentor to Harry. Apparently he wasn't happy with the way he dumped old Taylor Swift, who has a wreck the last couple of weeks. Just showing up and putting on a brave face. It didn't help losing the Golden Globe. Simon said, "Harry, send the bird a text. Give her a little something. You don't have to get back but thaw the ice." Harry took Simon's advice and Harry and Taylor back on speaking terms. Sage advice from the Svengali there. The inauguration - who will be there? A certain lady?Ah, ahaah - it has been too long since I have done that! Lady GaGa a guest at the inaugral ball. He loves him some Lady GaGa. He won't go on the record. She will be performing at the White House staff ball, one of the nine balls throughout the night. Barack and Michele will go to them all. She's a favourite of the White House staff and she will rock the house. Jay-Z performed at the same ball last time but this time it is ga-ga's turn.Lady GaGa in the White House. See you in an hour. That is scary. That is scary! Toodle pip. Catch you soon.Bye-bye. Thank you, Dickie. We will go live to Washington DC where Barack Obama has been sworn in for his second term as the US President.We will also chat to Naomi Watts at the Sundance Film Festival to hear all about that Oscar nomination. Congratulations, Naomi. It is now 6:00 and news time. Thank you, Deb. Thank you. We begin in the US where Barack Obama could not contain his excitement taking the Oath of Office to mark the start of his second term. In a low-key ceremony the US leader hugged his family saying "I did it just after being sworn in".I Barack Hussein Obama sol mentally swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.And he will do it all again tomorrow with as many as 900,000 people expected to turn out for the public inauguration. There Obama will deliver his official speech, setting out his plans for the next four years in Office. A passenger cruise ship has come to the rescue of a French sailor who was stranded in a life-raft in the Southern Ocean. Alain Delord has been yachting for three months when he was forced to abandon his damaged vessel off Tasmania's south-west coast on Friday. The MV 'Orion' passenger cruise ship which was returning from Antarctica answered his distress call and changed its course to make the daring rescue. He was apparently in good health and spirits when he was pulled on board. Fire has destroyed part of a home on the Gold Coast overnight. The blaze started around 9:00 and was well daylight by the time crews arrived. Authorities are investigating whether a faulty airconditioner may have sparked the blaze. A family inside at the time was lucky to escape unhurt, but say it will be tough rebuilding the home they have lived in for 14 years.The thing is it is all irreplaceable. The house is made from (inaudible), the timber is all completely unique. I am a mad selector. I collect antique, unique, wonderful things.Firecrews it was was lucky they managed to fight the blaze from inside the salvage at least half of the property. National security will come under the spotlight this week after the Prime Minister unveils Australia's top defence prioritys for the next five years. According to the 'Australian' newspaper Julia Gillard's first important speech of the year, due on Wednesday, is said to highlight the growing threat that both China and cyber attacks pose to the country. She is not expected to announce any new policies or new funding. The big freeze in the UK is expected to get worse with more heavy snow forecast. The blizzard is now set to cripple England's transport system for a second week with more flights being cancelled at Heathrow.Whether it is melted snow or just the moisture that is around at the moment with freezing conditions, black ice or ice is going to persist across the country.Meanwhile, a church service will be held today for four people who died in an avalanche in the Scottish Highlands. Take a look at finance now:

It is time for a look at all of the sport in Adelaide with Tim. Good morning.Thank you, Deb. A great atmosphere on the treats of Adelaide with Andre Greipel winning the People's Choice classic. In Melbourne, there was plenty of atmosphere as well as Novak Djokovic had a big five-setter. He reckons he can rebound and be right for the quarterfinal against Tomas Berdych. Of course that happens tomorrow in Melbourne. Djokovic was outstanding, the world No. 1. It was an exhausting five-hour victory over Pastor Rick Warren this morning, the big guy taking -- victory over Stanislas Warinka this morning.He was aggressive from both sides and never gave me the ball. I didn't know what was coming up next. So I am just really full of joy after this match.Agneska Radwanska will play Maria Sharapova in the women's quarters, betting Ana Ivanovic in straight sets. Sri Lankan skipper JalanWarden worries it could face them a victory. The game was call off due to the rain. Both captains were gutted for the decision.This ground is known for its drainage. It has held a lot more water than that.Sri Lanka leads 2-1 with one match remaining? The series and Western Sydney has come from behind to defeat the struggling Roar 2-1 in Brisbane and English Premier League Chelsea held off Arsenal at Stamford Bridge while a later quality liceer from Clint Dempsey saw Tottenham draw 1- all with Manchester United. Alicia and Ben, back to you.Good on you, Timmy. Lucky to be there in Adelaide. Coming up on Today in the next 10 minutes, the drama of the yachtsman lost at sea for three days.Looking forward to that. A cat's curious encounter with snow. More details coming up in Most Clicked.And later, Denzel Washington talks about the film that has ent him his sixth Oscar nomination. Unbelievable for Denzel!Let's get another hit of weather. Good morning again, Stevie. Good morning again, aleash she. Being pi first day back I thought I would take you behind the scene was a limited run on our cable cameras and show you how 'The Today Show' gets made. This is the hair department this morning back stage. This is where the girls spend four or five hours on Richard Wilkins and the rest of us get in for a minute or two. They do a fantastic job back here. A big nod to all of the gang behind the scenes here on 'The Today Show' as we start a brand-new year. This is what you can expect for your weather.

On the rainfall map gusty monsoonal thunderstorms continuing? The north with heavy falls between Katherine and Cairns. Showers and thunderstorms over the northern half of WA as well as the rest of the territorys in Queensland and north-eastern NSW. Mostly fine elsewhere apart from scattered showers in Tasmania. This is the make-up department. This is where we spend three or four hours getting special make-up each morning to bring our faces to you to give you the weather, the news and the sport. This is yol Joel wrol who does our make-up every morning. Say good morning, Lauren. Good morning, everybody.(LAUGHTER) She does a great job.Good on you. I can't wait to see Stevie's school photo. Coming up, the captain who rescueed a French seaman lost in the ocean for three days.And America celebrates President Obama's second inauguration. We'll have all of the details right after the break. This program is not captioned. DRIVER: Oh, move your rumps!
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Good morning, Sydney. A little bit of rain last night in most parts of Sydney. You can expect a shower or two clearing later today. The top is going to be 27 degrees. Right now, it is 21.Barack Obama has been sworn in for his second term as US President and Nine's US bureau chief Robert Penfold is in Washington DC. Rob, looks like a nice day for it. How was Barack Obama sworn in?Yeah, good morning, Alicia. It is a beautiful day here at the moment and let's hope it stays like this tomorrow because this is where the big function will be here tomorrow when Obama is ceremoniously sworn in here at the Capitol Building. Of course, something strange happened, unusual really, today. He was sworn in as well today and tomorrow. In other words, he's being sworn in twice. That is because law states he must be sworn in prior to midday January 20th. That is today. He had to be sworn in in a private ceremony at the White House. He and his family walked into the Blue Room and there was the chief justice and here is the swearing in of Barack Obama for his second term.And will to the best of my ability.And will to the best of to my ability.Preserve, protect and defend.Preserve, protect and defend.The Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of the United States.So help you God.So help me God.Thank you, Mr President.Thank you so much Mr Chief Justice.There were huge celebrations four years ago. What is planned this time? Well, that's right. That is all tomorrow going on here. We are expecting around about 800-900,000 people at the most. You might rib in were 1.8m people here to see Barack Obama sworn in. Obvious a big event because he was the first African-American president at the time and just people came from all over the world to see that extraordinary event. Well, tomorrow, we will see much the same. He will be sworn in around about midday and then there will be a luncheon and a big parade through the streets as well T parade goes on and on and on. You have to be very patient with that one. It goes for around four hours. These are bands that have come in from all over the United States. Security, of course, will be incredibly tight here because this is the and it is pretty rare these dias actually see the President get out and walk out amongst the public - this is the time he does do as he gets closer to the White House, the doors will open in the presidential limousine and he will get out and walk the last half kilometre towards the White House. As a result of that, security is extraordinary. They are talking around about 13,000 troops here. Of course members of the police force as well, the FBI, the Secret Service, all out there to make sure he stays for that little bit where he gets out there amongst the public and shake as few hands as well. A very biggest vent. Tomorrow night there will be two balls this time. Last time, well, there were 10 balls you can see how it has been wound down a good bit compared to last time. Tuesday morning, first thing, the President is back to work and he's got a big job ahead of him because I think people, it is fair to say if people were to judge his first four years as president, they would say he's done an average job, probably 6/10. I think he is hoping to get a 9slsh10 for the next four years. There you go. He's back to work and he has a lot of things to do. So over the next four years he wants to fix up immigration and he wants to get a lot of the Americans here, a lot of the illegal immigrants - he wants to help to make them legal. He wants to fix the economy as well. He wants to get the final lot of troops out of Afghanistan as well. So there is a lot to do. He's got - he's trying to make some friends up here on kament hill as well because he hasn't got many up there at the moment. A big four years ahead of him and it all starts as of today. Certainly does. Robert Penfold, we will leave it there. Thank you.A solo round-the-world yachtsman has been rescued by a cruise ship after floating in a life-raft off Tasmania for more than three days. To tell us how the rescue mission unfolded, we are joined o on the phone by the captain James Taylor of that cruise ship. Good morning to you, Mike. What condition was the solo yachtsman in when you found him?Well, Ben, he was in better condition that I would be in similar circumstances. You know, he was able to stand, he was able to assist with his rescue. He could catch a line and, yeah, pretty good considering 63 years old and three days in a raft, he handled it very, very well.You have got a ship full of cruise passengers there. Explain what happened to their journey. You were diverted to go and look after this bloke?Yeah, that's right. Incredibly, I mean, we were 687 miles away when we got the call and still the closest asset to him. We were on our way to Macquarie Island. We had been down to the continent to Antarctica and had a pretty tough go of it down there. I mean, Commonwealth Bay was just completely sucked in with ice, so we couldn't make it to Morson's Hud. So we were on our way to Macquarie when we got the call. So, you know, huge disappointment for the passengers, but I tell you what, when we got in yesterday, I mean, there was just a cheer went up along the length of the ship, so I think people are feeling a bit better about it now.I can imagine they would be, being part of that adventure and also his rescue. What is it like the moment you reach him because the size of your ship it is like a city at sea and he is just a spectacular in the ocean. How did you -- speck in the ocean. How did you get him on board?Let me correct you. We are 1 money m. If we were a private yacht I don't think we would make it into the top 30. We are not like one of these cruise ship was climbing walls and casinos. We are a small expedition ship. We go to wilderness areas, we carry about 100 passengers and 70 crew U but you are right about -- crew. But, you are right about the size of his raft. It was a speck. We really couldn't have done it - if this was a normal search and rescue we are given a general area to search, we would never have found him. It was only because ANZA had planes overhead. They basically stayed in touch with him from two days ago and they were tracking his movements on the e person. So -- eperb. A Hercules came down, the ground height was probably 500ft. It came down and flew overhead. It seemed like you could reach up and touch it. He dropped light and smoke floats to mark the position of the raft and also overflu us to guide us in the right direction -- overflew us to guide us in the right direction when we were on final approach. Even at that, we didn't see the floats until we were about three quarters of a mile away and we didn't see the raft until he was half a mile away. He was just swallowed up in the big Southern Ocean swell.Any special questions once he was on board? -- requests once he was on board?He was hungry, yeah, as you can remember, eating dried biscuits for three days and whatever he carried on the yacht before that. He wanted a deed feed. I think it was lamb shanks and a nice glass of Australian wine was the bill of fare. (LAUGHS) . Good to know the Frenchman ordered an Aussie wine. Captain, thanks so much for your time. You're very welcome. See you later. James Taylor, who was front and centre of that rescue mission. Thank you, Ben. How good is a lamb shank? Next the baby that goes ga- ga for popcorn. Back after this.

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Welcome back to Today Show. Monday morning, coming in at No. 1 on Most Clicked this morning, a Sydney library has given its verdict on the Lance Armstrong saga. This sign has gone up "All non-fiction Lance Armstrong books, including Lance Armstrong 'Images of Champion'" - I can't read that from this far away. "Lance Armstrong - World's Great lest Champion - you have got good eyes - "Will soon be moved to the fiction section." Good on you Manly Library.Check this out. (SONG): # C'mon, it is lovely weather forer a sleigh ride together with you #Something is under there. A cockroach, possibly. (LAUGHS) .Now, I dare you not to laugh along with this one. No. 3, an adorable baby girl who finds her dog hilarious.(laughs)You have got to alright.You had me at woof. The little can-opener feet she's got, too.(LAUGHTER)

got, too.(LAUGHTER)
Isn't she gorgeous?Cute.No. 4, probably the coolest thing you will see all day - check out the Delorean hovercraft.

Future.Are you kidding me?

I loved that.That is cool.You can wake a float under any car and do that.No. 5, funny man Jimmy Kimmel sat down with a bunch of kids and asked them what is the difference between boys and girls.A boy has thicker hair than the girl. Thicker?Thick. You can tell by the Adam's apple because if they don't have an Adam's apple then it is a girl.Boys like doing rough sort of stuff and girls like doing kind of like kind and soft.Girls are gentle?Y. And boys are vicious animals?Yes. When people hit their thing in between their legs - you know how they say, "Oh, my nuts! Oh, my nuts!"(LAUGHTER) He is honest.A tough exercise.And he is right.Totally right.News, sport and weather coming up next. Thanks for watching Today. See

This program is not captioned.

Morning, Melbourne. Becoming sunny with a top of 27. It is 19 right now.Alrighty. I hope you are enjoying your Monday so far. Now another hit of news. Over to you, Deb.Good morning to you at home. The first of two swearing-in ceremonies has taken place in Washington with President Obama has officially resumed his powers at that time White House today. The ceremony was an intimate family affair.Barack Hussein Obama sol mentally swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States. The public inauguration, which is never held on a Sunday, will be held tomorrow. It will be a star- studded event with Beyonce, James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson all set to help ring in the President's next four years in office. A fierce house fire in Melbourne's north- west has claimed the life of a man this morning. Fire crews rushed to the St Alban's home just before 4am to find the entire property engulfed in flames. Two people were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and minor burns. Investigators are still trying to work out what sparked the blaze. A French sailor who spent three days adrift in a life-raft on the southern ocean has been plucked to safety in a dramatic rescue. Alain Delord was forced to abandon his damaged vessel on Friday and set up a distress call. Passenger cruise ship MV 'Orion' diverted its route and met him off Tasmania's south- west coast around 9:30 last night. The 67-year-old was said to be grateful and doing well requesting a cup of tea with two sugars when he was pulled on board. A Gold Coast family is in shock this morning after their home was almost wiped out by fire overnight. Nine's Libby Stone joins us with the details. Libby, do we know how this fire started?Well, Deb, that will of course be the focus for fire investigators who will be back at the scene this morning trying to work out exactly what started this blaze that almost destroyed the home. The family who lived there, though, believe their faulty airconditioner may be to blame. The blaze broke out just after 9:00 last night at the property. The residents were home at the time. It is believed one family member, a son actually smelt smoke in the bathroom. Dad went to investigate and saw flames in the garage. Now, they made sure all of the kids were out of the house first. They called 000 as the dad actually grabbed a hose and tried to fight the fire. By the time use arrived at the property, the home was already well alight. Firefighters were particularly concerned about the exposure of this home to the bush and neighbours were also worried about potential to spread to bushland. As for the family who lived at the home, Westminster, they had lived there for 14 years. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but obviously very upsetting for them. My husband went out to the garage and started working on the flame was the hose. Before that we just got the kids out and went to the top of the road.Now, an incredibly tough battle for firefighters, but they were actually able to get inside the home and that meant they were able to save half the house. So, some good news there at least, Deb.Indeed. Libby Stone, we will leave it there. Thank you. A new study suggests there is a link between ADHD medication and how quickly boys develop during their teenage years. Research has found boys aged between 12-14 with the condition were slimmer than their peers andbys aged 14-16 were shorter and matured slower during puberty. The author said there is no research that says it affects their final height and it is simply a delay. The impacts of growth and puberty are short live boys eventually catch up later in adolescence. Now to finance:

Now, what do you do when you want to hold a bikini contest but it is snowing outside? A group of Siberian beauty queens decided to hold the pageant anyway. Posing? Their tiny togs in sub-zero temperatures, the 20 Miss Snow Universe hopefuls paraded up the chilly catwalk as the temperature hovered at around minus 21 degrees. Fortunately, though, the crowning did make -- take place inside. It is amazing how they can smile through it all.Some good sorts in Siberia, Deb.Of course! Of course skhrom you doubt these things.Well, now I know.Revealing all.There you go.Well done, girls. Beauty is pain.Yeah!Back to Adelaide and, Timmy, what is happening in sport? I was just saying if Benny and I weren't married and other circumstances we might take a trip to Siberia some day.Oh, speak for yourself! (LAUGHS) . I said "other circumstances"! The Twenty20 Big Bash team also be announced later today for the game against Sri Lanka over the Australia Day period. That will happen. Last night it was rain that affected things at the SCG. Basically, it ruined the one-day international. Chasing Australia's total of 222, Sri Lanka made 1/14 before the heavens opened. Davey Warner top-scored with 60 and Mitchell Starc unbeaten on 52. The tourists taking a lead in the fifth and final match in Hobart later this week. Novak Djokovic said that his fourth-round opponent deserved to win following the match at the Australian Open. It didn't finish until shortly before 2am this morning. Djokovic took the fifth set 12-10. Agneska Radwanska cruised past Ana Ivanovic 6-2, 6-4. Lydia Lassila has scored her third World Cup podium finish. She failed to land her final-round jump but did enough to win silver in the women's freestyle aerials. Andre Greipel in good touch heading into tomorrow's opening stage of the Tour Down Under here in South Australia. The German sprint king taking out the 30- lap People's Choice last night and it was in front of 108,000 people. It was a real treat to work with Paul Ligget and Sherman two well-known voices in cycling. We have more coming up this week on Channel 9.Thank you. We love Phil lig get. -- Ligget. Here are our T signs.

Look at 8- month-old Elyssa from Brisbane. Well done. Cute.Finally 16-year-old Annalise gave us this one. Wow! Look at that. That is a hippie horse.Peace and love. Yes. The horse is called Venus, surprise, surprise. Of course it is.Thank you, Annalise.Keep them coming in. Will we check some weather or tell them what a is coming up?I think tell them what is coming up.After a weekend you get lost of what is going on.Yes.Coming up - is ethanol fuel actually good enough for car?We check out the thriller starring Matthew McConaughey and Reece Witherspoon.And later, First Lady fashion - Michelle Obama's enviable wardrobe and she's got a new haircut too. We will show you that.OK. Now it is time to get the weather with our best local forecaster

Thanks Alicia. Good morning, everyone. Just a little back-stage tour around 'The Today Show' just to show you that not everything you see in television is all shiny and beautiful. This is where you will find the sets for the TV show right outside studio 22. This is where 'The Today Show' is broadcast and going to air right now. We will take you for a little look around, but first let's get a look around the weather maps and see what is happening at your house this morning.

We are finally seeing that monsoon come down over the north of Australia, which is cooling down conditions across the board. Meantime this, is back stage of The Today Show. This is where they keep all of the sets for all of the achieve shows. Behind me is the famous Wide World of Sports. Benny and Alicia, it looks a lot prettier when it is lit.It is exciting back there, isn't it?I tell you. We are going off!Good on you, Stevie. The big kids, Karl and Lisa, are back on deck next week. We thought ahead of going back to school we would reveal some embarrassing school photos of The Today Show crew. What we decided Alicia and I bus we are stitching everyone up, we should get our own crimes out of the way. Yes. This is Alicia's first day of school.Ahhhh.Have a look at that little princess.My forehead.Demn. Which school?St Martin, Rosanna. Just before prep. I was five.Back when she was Alicia Gorey and now she is Alicia Loxby. You look absolutely beautiful.Let's get your big reveal all of the way. I went looking yesterday.Oh! (LAUGHS) .Oh, gee.Fordo.I just want to clarify something.Good haircut. The one on the left is back when I was cutting my own hair.Which sort of bowl were you using.The one on the right is when mum took over. In you grew up with any of The Today Show team, send in your pics to... How cute.I have jagged one of Karl and one of Lisa. Keep them coming in.Dick ji?We can't wait to see yours.Whose idea was this segment? Fordo's of course.You have set the scene the carve the rest of us up. Next we catch up with the Aussie actor who plays the great Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington capes up for the premiere of 'Flight'.

No-one could have landed that plane Did. This program is not captioned. Australia, you know what this means -
prices are down and staying down on over a thousand of the things
you buy at Coles. But it's just got a whole lot better because now there's
over 100 more
down, downs. More down, downs in the pantry. More down, downs in the fridge
and the freezer. Huh! More down, downs in the bathroom.

More, more, more down, downs... SONG: # Down, down
Prices are down. # ..on even more of the things you buy
at Coles.

Yes, the red carpet is being rolled out - the snappers, the media and the nans are all in position as the stars turn up to the ski resort of Park City in you tar for the Sundance Film Festival, the showcase for independent films starred by Robert Redford back in the hit year of 1985. You can see Naomi Watts there, still buzzing with her Oscar nomination for the Boxing Day tsunami movie 'The Impossible'.Yeah. There hasn't been much time to have a real digesting of it. I am super pleased and I am very happy with the film. As she well should be. Naomi at Sundance premiereing her movie about two life-long friends who begin love affairs with each's 1- year-old sons. An Aussie movie what is nice change for her.It is possibly the first time in over a decade that I have useed my own voice and not had to study an accent. Although I wanted to sound more Australian than I used to, than I am used to sounding and and it is very freeing and liberating to speak without having to think about what you are saying all the time. You have got to improvise a little bit, too.The very elegant Naomi Watts. This movie copping some flak questioning the funding for the festival. It is out later this year. We head to London's Leicester Square where Oscar nominee Denzel Washington hit the carpet for the premier of his new yes, flight flight. Yes, Denzel braved London's winter chills to hit the red carpet for the premiere of 'Flight', the film that earned him his sixth Oscar nomination.It feels good. To be reckEdAnd honoured is a thrill. It is very difficult the get one of the five slots.Denzel plays an airline pilot that prevents a plane from crashing saving over 100 members and crew, but it is discovered later at the time he was over the limit. The film is almost nominated for best writing.It was a no- brainer. When I read it I thought, "Wow!" I called him up to make a deal as soon as I had finished it. Flit flit hits cinemas Thursday week.MOVIE REEL: No-one could have landed that plane like I did.MOVIE REEL: There it is.Someone is here. What?Someone is living here.Next up a movie about two teens who find a fugitive hiding out, cue Matthew McConaughey who plays Mud.Move mobile phone it is my best shot. I made a list of things we gonna need. He, of course, is also on a mission to find his true love played by Reece Witherspoon.To get these tattoos on her hands here - good luck. It is called 'Mud' and it hits cinemas later this year.MOVIE REEL: You know you don't know him, right?What you been doing? Everything you told me was a lie. On to a new young Aussie lad going from strength to strength in Hollywood. Callum MacAuliffe who was playing gats bye before he was great in the 'Great Gatsby'.Leo plays different characters as well. Did you spend much time with him? Not really. The first time I met him actually was outside the bathroom. He had just washed his hands and was drying them on his hands. It was very awkward. It was an awkward first meeting, but nonetheless he was a great guy. For lack of a better adjective he is so cool. It ising there in the cast read-through he doesn't say anything until it is time to speak and then he sits back and watches. He is such a cool guy.MOVIE REEL: Mr Gatsby, sir.Not now.'The Great Gatsby' hits cinemas on May 30th.

MOVIE REEL: Don't throw that line. I wrote that line.The original movie brought Jodie Foster, Abigail bres line to Australia, we are talking about name name. Now with to see Queensland it is bindi Irwin front and centre.MOVIE REEL: Who are you?What are you doing on the island?.I came for a bit of adventure.There will be in adventures with my doubter.Yes, sir.When you return all of the cages will be filled with animals. It is creatively titled 'The Return to Nim's Island'. MOVIE REEL: I say we mutt them in a cage. -- I say we put them in a cage.To see Queensland 'Return to Nim's Island' is out in April. Looks good.A big break for bindi. Yes.All grown up.Like 'Blue Lagoon 3'.Well spotted, Fordo. Gosh, you are on it.President Obama is sworn in for a second times a president.Also on Today - the cricketing fiasco. The umpiring decisions that may have cost Australia the onedy series.We are gearing up for Australia Day this weekend. Let's celebrate a bit early. This Song of the Day with this hit from Go Jana. - Goanna. (SONG): # Stands on say correct rock # Living on borrowing time This program is not captioned. (SINGS) # I'm stuck on
Band-Aid Brand # 'Cause Band-Aid's stuck on me # I'm stuck on Band-Aid Brand
'cause they even stick at sea... # Only new and improved Band-Aid
Brand comes with Quilt-Aid. The unique quilted pad
helps draw fluid away and prevents sticking to the wound
when it's time to remove. BOTH: # I'm stuck on
Band-Aid Brand # 'Cause Band-Aid's stuck on me. # Band-Aid with Quilt-Aid.
Helps heal the hurt faster.

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This summer Coke has transformed a stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground no Australia's first pop-up beach. To celebrate we are giving you a chance to whip a trip to Sydney to experience the sand a between your toes. The prize is one night's accommodation, return economy airfares and two tickets to the one-day international match at the SCG. To enter call:

Go get 'em.That is cool. Now, Stevie is back this morning. Happy Monday morning to you, but guess who also is back?Oh, who?

Oh, yes, good morning to you all! (CHEERING) It is nice to be back. Good, good. A belated happy New Year to every one of you. Can I just tell you, good news to start off the year for you. From the state of the stock market and the way I m seeing things at the moment I think it will be a pretty good 2013. It is up 18.8% since the Greek economic crisis threatened to drag the world back into the recession. Even more impressive the same stock market up 9.7% from the middle of November last year. This rise has been spurred by a pick-up in China and that has caused the mining stocks to rebound T stock market is forward looking, so that means by the end of this year you would expect this optimistic mood to be reflect flood the 178 economy, maybe even into the property markets and that could affect the outlook for interest rates. Here are interest rates and they show the trend to be pretty much down. You can see over here, the markets are expecting the interest rates to continue to be low. It tells you the general market expects the Reserve Bank to keep on cutting interest rates, but I want to show you the long-term interest rates which are just these ones here. They continue to show some ruz. Last year they got down to 2. -- rise. Last year they got to 2.7%. They have continued to improve. That is why they expect the Reserve Bank to stop cutting funds. If you need to lock in rates or need to be affected -- or are affected by higher interest rates keep on top of it. We will keep you up-to-date on The Today Show.Thank you, mate. Richard Reid is in place. Now to Hollywood. We've had the TV special with the confession. Who is the big question: Who will play Lance Armstrong in the movie?Oh, Hollywood isn't wasted any time. Oh, my God, paramount has secured the rights to the new Lance Armstrong tell-all movie. Who will play him in? In the running, of course, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey. Both actors, no stranger to trance forgeing their bodies and taking their shirts off. Of course Matthew McConaughey very good friends with Lance Armstrong. Jake Gyllenhaal, a little younger, fresher. Who knows. Who would be best, do you think, Richard?I think Jake would be the pick of those two.Denzel Washington.Denzel Washington, you think.Denzel! (LAUGHS) .It is hydro- anything is possible. Jessica Simpson, pregnant again. Do we know what she's having?A boy or a girl.Oh, great. Thank you.I can pip my career on that. The rumour mill is overdrive. Jessica went to the doctor last week and by today, Monday, they are already saying it is a boy. Apparently she wanted to know the sex of the baby. Boom, wouldn't you know it, from the doctor's office to the Internet, to my ears! Percentage - I got to say 40%.40%. Richard, just a real quick one, Leonardo DiCaprio 'The Great Gatsby', 'Wolf of Wall Street'. What is next?The boy needs a break. A rest, a vacation. He said, "Man, I worked non-stop for two years, I deserve a vacation. Plus, I want to change the world." Something called global warming - standby.Leo is coming up later in the show. Richard, thank you very much for. That we will check in later.Thank you.I can't wait for the 'Wolf of Wall' film. Here are the top stories here on Today. I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.Hail to the chief - Barack Obama is sworn in for his second term as president of the United States. Ocean rescue - a solo yachtsman is safe at last after three days adrift in a life-raft. Fuel rip-off - the new study that says premium fuel isn't worth the extra money. Late-night thriller - No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic broke through to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in a five-hour epic. Fiasco at the SCD -- SCG - umpiring mistakes and rain turn the game into a farce. And Denzel Washington opens about Hislop Oscar hopes. We've got that and a whole lot more. Thanks for joining us this Monday morning. Barack Obama has been sworn in for his second term as American president. Let's go to Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock who is in Washington DC right outside the White House. What is going on, Denham?I am just making the last few steps to walk down that so many other people are making. You can see the crowd that are starting to fill in. They are saying about 800,000 people are expected here. The reason they are coming tow this spot? Well, it is because of the -- to this spot? Well, it is because of the view right there. That is where the President was sworn in earlier this morning. A little quirk of politics here, because it is on a Sunday, he's had to swear in today to get him through until tomorrow when the courts are open. It happened in the Blue Room, they used the Robinson's Bible which is Michelle Obama's family bible. You will hear a lot about bibles over the next few days. A few family members, the kids and Michele was there and she was sworn in in the Blue Room, took the Oath of Office. Have a listen. And will to the best of my ability.And will to the best of my ability.Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God. Thank you, Mr Chief Justice. The girls picking up on a brand-new haircut for Michelle Obama. The celebrations won't be as big this time, we are guessing.1.8m people were here last time. About 800,000 people this time. Still a bucket and
low of people that will, in here and you have got the swearing-in, which will happen, which is down in front of the capital building there and then the speech and then from your American history I know you like to brush up on that, the inAugust braigs speech -- the inauguration speech. JFK delivered the words what your country can do for you, you can do for your country. He is known for his speech making. There will be a parade that will wander down to the right here. It will come past here. It will be- out side the front of the White House. -- beoutside the front of the White House. Beyonce sang at the last parade. Washington, pretty much ground to to a standstill. It is only 3ks this parade. It takes about an hour-and-a-half to get here. Put your walking shoes on and keep an eye on the news because we will update as we go.Thank you with the upside down microphone, good to see. We will cross over to Robert Penfold later. He will sort that out. Don't you worry. It is channel 6!Flying flag. Thank you, Benny. A man has died in a house fire overnight. Today's Christine Ahern is at the scene in St Alban's for us now. Take us through what happened.You can see behind me there is not much left of this home here in St Albans, such was the ferocity of this blaze. It broke out at 3frplt fplt 45 this morning. Firies -- -- 3:45 this morning. Firies managed to get the blaze under control. A man has died. I spoke to neighbours who was a 21- year-old Lebanese student who had been here for two years. There were three men living in the house. One man had left early to go to work. The other man managed to escape out the back and he ran around and bravely tried to get this 21-year- old out of the house along with another neighbour, but sadly they were too late. There was nothing they could do. I spoke to a relative of the two brave men that tried to get this 21-year-old out of the house. Take a listen.You never expect this to happen so close to your home or anybody, really. When it does happen, you can't really believe what is going on.Neighbours have gathered here this morning just to inspect the house in disbelief about what has happened here in their neighbourhood. Fire investigators, Alicia, will be here later to try to determine the cause of this blaze.A shocking tragedy in St Albans. Christine Ahern, thank you. A man is being questioned after a woman was stabbed to death in Sydney's south-west yesterday afternoon. Police and paramedics were called to a Macquarie Fields just after 5:00 after reports of a domestic relateed assault. A 47- year-old man was arrested and taken into custody for questioning. Police in Sydney are hunting for a gunman who shot a man dead in the south-west of the city. Sylvia Jefferies is in Claymore and joins us now. Civil Yes., just who are police looking for? Deb, we understand the gunman is a former friend of the victim. According to police, the two men were involved in an argument on Saturday and subsequently arounded to meet here in Gidley Crescent at Claymore yesterday afternoon at about 9. Fplt 30. Joshua George was walking down the street and children were playing in the street nearby when he was shot in the chest. Neighbours rushed out of their homes to help the 24-year-old, but by the time he arrived at Campbelltown Hospital he was pronounced dead. The gunman ran from the scene and he was armed with a long-range rifle and this morning he is still on the run. Police are still guarding the scene at Claymore. They are waiting for more forensic teams to arrive. In the meantime, they are asking the three people walking with the victim to come forward along with anyone else who may know the gunman. We will leave it there. Thank you. A solo round-the-world yachtsman has been rescued after floating in a life-raft of Tassie for more than three days. Alain Delord was forced to abandon his damaged vessel on Friday after setting off a distress call. He was picked up by the MV 'Orion' last night and James Taylor says he ace in good spirits. IPhone phone he was able to stand and able to assist with his rescue. He could catch-- he was in good spirits. He was able to stand and able to assist with his rescue.The first thing he asked for is a cup of tea with two sugars. Surprising he didn't want something a little bit stronger.Ben, thank you. Hundreds of drivers in Brisbane are ignoring tolls causing big problems for the city's tunnel operators. Today's Mickey Arthur is in Brisbane. Sal - - Alison argh yachty is in Brisbane. Alison -- Alison Ariotti is in Brisbane. You e we are talking about a lot of money.Yes. Drivers are avoiding paying tolls on the low tkpwhan motorway, the gateway and the Go Between Bridge and the Ken Clem 7. One in 25 drivers, 1,000 trips a day are going unpaid for. That is really a huge jump on just about a year or so ago when there was just a third of that number who were basically avoiding their tolls. Now, these days, of course, there is no toll booth you need an e toll in your car or pay the fee within a couple of days. Plenty of people aren't doing that. The Clem 7 wouldn't be happy. The operators went into receiver ship and they need all of the money they can get. The State Government is doing all they can to chase up the unpaid fines. It is pushing ahead with a trial to use private debt collectors. They will be chasing up the repeat offenders before the mum and dad who fail to pay the one-off occasions.Thank you.There are calls for a new tribunal to help couples undergoing IVF navigate the laws governing frozen embryos. A study of four couples by the University of Technology in Sydney found many couples are unaware of their rights. Ric Gordon is here to discuss. Good morning.Good morning. What are the rules governing frozen embryos at the moment?At the moment they are put away and the majority of embryos in Australia are destined to go back into the couple t that want them. 95% will go back. They are only stored for a short time because the couples want to make the baby they are looking for.There are a number of couples who have finished their families and can't decide what to do with the remaining embryos. There is a general rule in Australia that they will be frozen for a maximum of five years. That allows them to make a decision on what to do with the embryos. One option is it goes back no the couple to make the baby. If they have finished their family they could donate to another couple. It takes a strong person to give away the embryo to another couple because it is a full sibling. Another option is to donate to research. There is research being done on very, very early embryo yeses to further the bank of knowledge about embryology and that is another option as well. Ethically, it is tough for couples deciding what to do with these embryos. If they have decided, let's say, they've had three embryos fertilised and frozen and they have more frozen but they have decided to finish their family. Every embryo needs the dignity and respect we ascribe to it and we have to look after them carefully. An option I have used is to offer a couple a chance to come back in and collect her embryos. So we transfer them back into the mother at a time when she is less likely to get pregnant. She feels good because she is collecting her embryos and she's taken them home and nature takes its course. It is an extra alternative.Do you think the rules need to change?It is hard. No clinic will ditch embryos after five years. We do a lot of follow- up with couples counselling trying to get them to make some decisions. Five years is plenty of time for a couple to make those decisions. Deb has written this article in the paper. Similar to what I was saying, Deb has two beautiful children but there is a third embryo that Deb is now deciding what to do with and we will talk to Deb about that after 8:30 this morning. It is an interesting discussion. We would love to hear what you think.Thank you, Alicia. Looking forward to that chat with Deb. Now sports news. Novak Djokovic said he can rebound in time for the quarterfinal clash with Tomas Berdych tomorrow. It is after an exhausting five-hour victory against Stanislas Warinka. He clinched the fifth set 12-10 shortly before 2am. It went for five hours. No such luck to Ana Ivanovic who lost to Agneska Radwanska in straight sets. 6-2, 6- 4. In other sports news, the cric