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(generated from captions) Welcome back to Seven's Summer of Tennis. Ana Ivanovic, she is won of the big acts on Rod Laver Arena tonight, taking an opportunity, just to have a hit. She will be preceding her team-mate from the Hopman Cup. That is Novak Djokovic. Novak Djokovic to play Stanislas Wawrinka. So Ana Ivanovic first, against a lady who hasn't dropped a set yet in 2013, winning in Auckland and Sydney, that is Agnieszka Radwanska and then Novak Djokovic to follow. Novak Djokovic has been outstanding throughout the week. He hasn't dropped serve. He hasn't dropped a set. He had some fun yesterday. Are you ready? Yeah. He went five sets with that little tacker after doing some warm ups again. He was good enough to get through, he plays Wawrinka tonight. Our New South Wales and Victorian viewers are about to leave the tennis for Seven News, if you would like to helicopter watching the the tennis, just switch over to Seven 2. Otherwise We will see you This program is captioned live. Tonight - a man shot dead near children
in Sydney's south west. First on Seven - the smiling predator
released on bail. What his alleged victims say. Tears and tributes for the late
cricket commentator Tony Greig at the SCG.

The study showing how some children
can be cured of autism. And is Bernard Tomic ready
to return to Davis Cup?

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Talitha Cummins.

Good evening. A man has been shot dead in a street in Sydney's south-west
this afternoon, metres from children. Live to Sean Berry at Claymore. Sean, do police believe
this was a targeted attack?

They do. They say the 24-year-old victim fought with his attack and it was a pre-arranged meeting. He was shot in the net here and taken to Campbeltown hospital where he was pronounced dead. The shooter is said to have run straight past playing children in the street. We'd try to help him and put pressure on the wind. A I hope they catch the guy.The use of a firearm is a serious offence and the death of a person as a result is tragic. We're doing everything we can to bring this to a quick resolution. Polis want to talk to a local man end the three friends of the victim who had not yet come forward. They said there should and the victim are known to police.

A convicted sex predator who spent years in prison
for attacks on women has been released on bail
while facing new charges. The decision has astonished
prosecutors and left his alleged victims
furious. But the Sydney courier driver told
Seven News he's done nothing wrong.

Matthew Peter O'Keefe, strolling from jail like
he doesn't have a care in the world. Matthew, how does it feel to be out? It feels rather good, considering those cells
are very, very, very hot. He knows all about jail cells,
as a convicted sexual predator. His latest alleged victims,
19-year-old French twins. It was like horror movie.
Horror movie. For her, it was too difficult. To see my sister,

fabricating his name
and work credentials to lure the young women
to this lonely track at Menangle with the promise of employment,
picking mushrooms. When they arrived in darkness,
no mushrooms - just them, and him.

When the girls threatened
to call police, O'Keefe allegedly told them
to go ahead because they had no idea
where they were. They ran off. Celine was nearly run down
by a train, trying to flag it down for help.

There's no criminal offence
committed here. If strangers want to get into a van
with an unknown person and get delivered
in the middle of nowhere, that's their problem. It's not mine. I committed nothing,
nothing criminal here. O'Keefe didn't physically harm
the young women or the German women

he also allegedly terrorised
in the same manner a week earlier. He told police
he only wanted female company. It's when detectives examined what he's done with female company
in the past that they wanted him locked up. At Wednesday's bail application, it was revealed O'Keefe was jailed
for several years for attacking three female joggers
around Sydney, groping them, punching one woman, He was convicted of raping a fourth
but that was quashed on appeal. Despite prosecutors' concerns, a magistrate freed him
on $10,000 bail. I've got nothing to hide here,
buddy. Nothing to hide.

O'Keefe is facing charges
of intimidating the women and detaining them
for his advantage. Prosecutors are seeking
to appeal his bail this week.

Cooler weather has helped
firefighters battling the bushfire emergency
across New South Wales and Victoria. Crews took advantage
of the drop in temperature, to strengthen containment lines, before the hot weather
returns later this week.

Residents who fled the path
of Friday's Gippsland fire returned home today
to see the damage. But some, like Tony Watts,
had stayed to fight the blaze. When the big fireball come in
across the paddock and hit the side of the house, that's when I went inside the house
with my buckets of water and my bathtub filled with water and ready to go. He saved his home
with this hose and tank. But not everyone was so lucky. 21 homes were destroyed when
the fire tore through the region. We use these calmer conditions
to get some burning done and some good edges.

It's a dangerous and tough job but thesefirefighters have time
for those in need. And there's still
more hard work ahead. The weather is expected to turn
a little bit nastier on Thursday so hopefully,
with all this burnt out, it will protect the community
on the other side of the road.

They're preparing
here in New South Wales too with crews near Coonabarabran
fighting fire with fire.

Here in the Warrumbungles, firefighters are putting in
containment lines ahead of more hot weather
later this week. There's some valuable farming land
just over there and they're trying to protect it
from the main blaze burning over those hills. That's the idea of today, is to put this burn in
to protect their assets. With so much land and stock
already lost, they're determined to save
what else they can.

Tony Greig's wife has given an emotional tribute
to her late husband at a memorial service at the SCG. The cricket commentator's family was joined by Prime Minister Gillard
and the Australian team to celebrate his life.

For one of the game's
most influential players, where else to farewell Tony Greig
but the SCG?

Tony and I met here, to the day,
33 years ago. Just over there. Today they came to remember
and pay tribute. The Prime Minister. The Australian captain led his side. Former team-mates. My first ever captain. When I started playing
international cricket, Greigy was in charge and then he went to Packer
and World Series which changed all our lives
for the better. The champion who helped lead
a revolution in the game as a player and then from behind a microphone. GREIG: What a catch
by David Boon! There were tears
from a proud family. Four children, five grandchildren. He gave us laughter
when we felt like crying. But most of all, he gave us love. It's a great privilege and honour
to be Tony's wife.

Laughs too
for the well-spoken commentator who won over Aussies. But then he got popular. Those bloody pitch reports,
the key, the weather wall.

The South African who captained England
and settled in Australia. But where did
Tony Greig's allegiances lie? The memorial was told
to the sport of cricket. Cricketer, adventurer,
visionary, family man. And it was an absolute privilege
for us to be his children and we'll miss him
every single day.

Final preparations are under way for US President Barack Obama's
second inauguration. Three days of celebrations
have begun in Washington, as President Obama prepares
to be sworn in, for four more years.

He's dealt with wars, disasters
and a financial crisis but Barack Obama spent the last day
of his first term painting at a local school as part of a national service day. This is really
what America is about. This is what we celebrate. And they are ready to celebrate
in Washington, DC., with the first concert held today. The streets of America's capital
have already been overtaken by preparations
for Tuesday's inauguration. Security will be intense. We hope and plan for and anticipate
a safe and secure inauguration and one that will be memorable
and historic. (CHEERING)

Almost 2 million people

watched the historic swearing-in
of America's first black president in 2009. I, Barack Hussein Obama,
do solemnly swear... But they're not expecting
as many this time. What we're hearing is anywhere
from 600,000 to 800,000 people coming into the city.

Under the US constitution, the president must be in power
by midday on the 20th. So Barack Obama
will be sworn in tomorrow privately at the White House but it is a Sunday here, so the public ceremony
will be held the following day. President Obama will use two Bibles belonging to Abraham Lincoln
and Martin Luther King whose birthday coincides
with the inauguration. An American study has shown
some children diagnosed with autism can be virtually cured within
two years using intense therapy. Australian support groups
hope the findings lead to more funding for those
diagnosed with the disorder.

16-year-old Jake Exhorn
provides hope to thousands of Australian families
with autistic children. Do this.

This video was taken
when he was two years old. Jake wasn't relating
to other children and he'd stop speaking altogether when doctors diagnosed him
as severely autistic. Today he's your average teenager,
medically declared free of autism. When I look at the videos
when I'm two years old, Researchers
at an American university closely studied 34 kids,
including Jake. They found intense therapy - in Jake's case,
40 hours a week over 2 years - can bring about a cure. They had very little language when they were two
or three years old and they were, most of them,
classically autistic. The study is from America but similar results
are happening here. Just this Christmas, three Australian families received
the great news that their child is now autism free. The key is early intervention. There's no way in the world these
children would have made these gains and ultimately lost
their autism diagnosis without intensive
early intervention. But parents are being warned only a small percentage
of autistic children were cured and there's no way of telling which children will respond
to the therapy.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - a legendary Australian rugby coach
comes back from the dead.

Also, the moment a would-be assassin
almost got his way. And a stunt James Bond would be
proud of for an Aston Martin milestone. That's next.

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Vodafone has been forced
to back away from proposed changes to its data plans

after angry customers threatened
to abandon the mobile phone company. The telco wanted to charge access
in 1 megabyte blocks - a massive increase
on the current payment plan. The feedback from our customers, particularly in
the social media space, suggested that this
is not what they wanted and we have to thank our customers
for talking to us. But the company's
2.6 million prepaid customers will soon have to pay for all access
to social media sites.

British and American workers
were among the victims killed when troops stormed a gas plant where al-Qaeda linked gunmen
were holding foreigners captive. There are fewer than
10 British nationals at risk or unaccounted for. It is believed the group
was taking revenge after France launched an offensive
against Islamic extremists in neighbouring Mali.

World Cup winning rugby coach
Bob Dwyer has promised to return to coaching despite a brush with death
this month. He's making remarkable progress since suffering a cardiac arrest
which almost killed him. Bob Dwyer has a lot of memories but this is one story
that beats them all.

I'm pleased I'm here in person,
not just an old photo of me. He's still around because
of his quick-thinking wife Ruth, a former nurse, and incredible timing. It was really very lucky. Every time I think about it,
my heart gives a flutter because it was fairly traumatic
at the time. I was standing next to him
when it happened. They were in nearby Bowral Hospital
when Bob's heart stopped beating. I was technically dead. Like, how are you alive, dead,
then alive again? The doctor said Dwyer survived
against enormous odds. I said, "Do you reckon I'm lucky?" He said, "You couldn't have been
any luckier." Australia's most experienced coach guided the Wallabies
to their first World Cup win in 1991 and although
not out of the woods yet, he's aiming to be
back on the paddock in March. Others will benefit
from Dwyer's close call. He's now part of a heart research
program at Liverpool Hospital. I think I actually have
a need to be needed which I don't know
if I've ever expressed before but I think I do.

A man has been arrested over a heart-stopping assassination
attempt in Bulgaria. A politician was giving a speech when the man jumped onto the stage
and pointed a gun at his head. The gunman was wrestled
to the ground before he could successfully
fire a shot. His weapon turned out
to be a gas pistol, which doesn't fire bullets,
but can cause serious injury. The politician, a leader of the Movement
for Rights and Freedoms, wasn't hurt.

James Bond's favourite car maker
has celebrated its centenary, with a stunt worthy of 007 himself.

An Aston Martin Vanquish
worth more than $300,000 has been flown by helicopter
300m above the ground, landing on the helipad at
Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. The British car maker is planning
more stunts around the world in the coming months to celebrate its 100th year
of production.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael and Bernard Tomic's impressed
all the right people. Talitha, Pat Rafter wants him back
for Australia. Coming up,
Warnie and Liz approve as Federer hands Tomic
a tennis lesson with more precious advice. Plus, more woes
for Australia's batsmen but the umpires haven't helped. And Ian Thorpe and Casey Stoner
confirm their next big moves.

The ball is in Bernard Tomic's court after Davis Cup captain Pat Rafter moved to bury the hatchet
with the precious talent. Today Maria Sharapova continued
steam rolling through the draw while 5th seed Angelique Kerber
was a shock loser. Overnight the Fed Express
handed Tomic a lesson he hopes he won't forget.

Liz and Warnie loved it and although Roger Federer won, Bernard Tomic left his mark
on the greatest. I've never seen him play offensive
tennis really against me in the past so now it's a matter for him
to keep that up. Every time I've played him, he's mentioned, like, "Well done,
Bernie. Keep going, keep improving." Which is a good thing. Federer has more
than passing interest in Tomic, offering advice
after this Davis Cup tie in 2011. Things didn't go better for him
after that. But maybe deep down he does listen
and he does want to improve. An improved relationship is what Pat Rafter wants
for the Davis Cup team. We'll have to sit down and see
where he wants to go with it. Obviously we know our plan
and hopefully he can be part of it. If he wants to make himself
available for Davis Cup, no-one can do that. We obviously want the best team
we can put on the field. The straight-sets score line doesn't
do justice to Tomic's performance. COMMENTATOR: What a shot! The young Aussie
forcing the Fed Express to dig deeper than usual. Oh, goodness.

The world number two nailed winners
that defied belief. Ah, you're kidding! I had to bring the whole repertoire,
I guess, to the court today - defence and offence. I can't wait
for the next tournament to start and for me to start training
and getting better. He's the quiet achiever but Spain's David Ferrer
is through to week two and Maria Sharapova
is into the quarters. Her breath-taking campaign

Tonight, Ana Ivanovic takes on
Agnieska Radwanska, followed by Novak Djokovic
and Stan Wawrinka

Dave Warner can blame the umpires but there are few excuses
for the rest of Australia's batsmen after another tough day at the SCG. Sri Lanka will chase 223
to seal the series tonight, a target boosted by Mitchell Starc's
unbeaten half-century.

With an unchanged 11
for the first time in 8 games, Michael Clarke wasn't protecting
his top order. After our performance
with the bat the other night, we're really keen
to get back out here. Kulasekara's swing
removed Hughes for one and Clarke was trapped on 20. COMMENTATOR: That's out -
that's surely out, had to be out. It was confirmed by a wasted review.

Dave Warner took
a painful body blow. Oh, that's pretty full-on. And the collapse continued
when David Hussey went for one. Juggled! Against super slinger
Malinga's swingers, Australia needed emergency surgery. Enter 'Dr Dave'
with a dashing half-century. It's confident,
it's brash and it's four. George Bailey gave up the fight
on 22. Then, on 60,
Warner copped an umpiring howler. And given.

Warner needed the challenge
used by Clarke, knowing he'd hit the ball. On three, it happened to
Moises Henriques too. He'd also edged into his pad. Johnson and Malinga
made it easy for the umpire while Matthew Wade's rescue mission
ended on 31. It was another
forgettable day of batting but Mitchell Starc proved his value
in the lower order.

Perth defended wasting Mike Hussey after being scorched by the Heat
in the Big Bash final. Brisbane made 5/167 batting first
at the WACA. Scorchers wickets kept falling, but Hussey was left helpless
watching from the bench. When he finally appeared
at number six Perth needed 69 from 36 balls - a task too great even
for 'Mr Cricket'. COMMENTATOR: Will it be caught?! It will!
Good catch by Dan Christian. The Heat's 34-run win sees Darren Lehmann's
coaching stocks continue to rise.

Sydney FC hope to lock in
Alessandro Del Piero for a second season within weeks. It was top priority before last night's magic show
by the Italian superstar. Now securing Del Piero
is even more urgent. The first 4-goal game
in his 20-year career helped Sydney thrash Wellington 7-1 and move within a point
of the top six. For sure it was a good game
from the heaven, you know. I'd rather he scores one every week
than four in a single game, you know.

Yeah. The Wanderers are taking on the Roar
in Brisbane and trailed 1-0 at halftime.

Casey Stoner has announced
his big move to V8 Supercars. The 2-time MotoGP world champion will drive in the Dunlop
development series for Red Bull, formerly Team Vodafone. Stoner has switched
under the guidance of Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup.

Whether I can learn or not
is something else and only time will tell. He will debut at the Clipsal 500
next month.

Ian Thorpe has confirmed
he is committed to continuing his swimming career. Thorpe was in Perth
to scout his rivals before the Australian Championships
in April where he will try to qualify
for this year's world championships. Going back to training,
starting out again, going, "Why I am I doing this?" I realised I do love swimming.

And that's all in sport. I'll have Sydney's weather forecast
after the break when I'll tell you when the sun
is going to make a return.

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After a warm and humid night
with light showers, it cleared to a fine
but cloudy day today.

The cloudy
conditions kept the temperature a few degrees below average for this time of year. A top of 23 at Parramatta,
Liverpool and Richmond. 24 at Cronulla
and Manly. Around the
country tomorrow, Brisbane's going
to be 30 degrees Stormy and 32
for Canberra. Fine
in Melbourne. On Sydney's waters:

Tonight will be warm and cloudy with a couple of light showers. Warming up to 27 degrees
in the city tomorrow with the chance of a brief shower or

Looking ahead. Tuesday's going to be warm again with tops up to 35 in the west. Then a shower or two
for the rest of the week. And that's Seven News
for this Sunday. I'm Talitha Cummins. Goodnight. Supertext captions
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