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Tonight - a young man shot in a confrontation with the highway patrol in Bowral. The moment a Channel Ten news chopper crashes east of Perth. A husband's distress after his wife is allegedly tied to her bed at a Revesby nursing home. From record highs to a chill in the air - Sydney's roller coaster heatwave. And his darkest moment - tears from self confessed liar, Lance Armstrong.

Their internal police investigation is under way after a young father was shot by a highway patrol officer in Bowral. Witnesses say the 21-year-old was threatening to shoot himself, but is still not clear if he had any kind of weapon or why the police opened fire. Brendan crisped get stretchered away with guns of wince as police begin the investigation into one of their own.The fact is, one officer did discharge his fire -- were then. Shane last saw Brendan last night. He was just at the pub last night. As some time later ACCC recall alerted police to the 21-year-old on Shepherd Street. -- 000.He was threatening to shoot himself. Then they just could calmly asking him to drop the gun, Trigg the backpack. Police cannot say for sure if he was armed. In general Highway patrol officers are not armed with tasered, but in this case they were. While one officer tried to use his, another used his gun instead.I am really shocked.He did not expected. Such a media reflecting the well- wishers and anger from friends and family.He was always nice. Sometimes he was a bit down. Hell is the victim doing tonight? He is in a critical but stable condition with injuries to the left side of his chest and right shoulder. We understand he will be going into surgery shortly but in the meantime of particular concern for the critical incident investigation team still be the exact nature of the triple zero call. We can also said that specialist officers are right now conducting a mind searched at the scene looking for any more evidence. I can tell you that police have confirmed that they have not been able to find any firearms whatsoever in any of the searchers. A news helicopter has crashed in this world - next one valley east of Perth. The crew had been filming a truck accident when it came down as it was hovering close to the ground. The pilot was not injured but the cameraman has suffered suspected spinal injuries. No to a shocking allegation of the elderly abuse. Two errors have been sacked after it reported the tying a 19-year-old woman to a chair at a nursing home. -- 90-year-old. Stanley Kurek's fate has been shattered. After almost 70 years of marriage he had no choice but to trust carers to look after his beloved wife Anna. She suffers dementia.

But her condition became too much for staff at the beach would age care facility in Revesby. They allegedly used bedsheets to tie her to a chair to stop her wandering through the ward.

It is believed the 19-year-old was bound in the Maze as -- knows's station for more than three hours. She was on the -- she was only notice that shift changed. Two workers have been sacked over the alleged as old. Detectives have handed the case over to the Department of Health for further investigation. In a statement, the Age Care Facility says:

One break down is one too many within the aged care system. The industry collectively understands that.So Stanley will never understand how his wife could be treated so poorly. From one extreme to another, Sydneysiders are breathing a collective sigh of relief after ricocheting from heatwave to extreme fire danger and finally to a sudden, blustery cool down. The end of a scorching hot day and tearing flames licking at Sydney's edges. It is believed lightning start of this fire in the Ku-ring- gai National Park. No properties came under threat but the intensity of the place forced fire crews to retreat. Residents in nearby church. Watched helplessly from the other side of the bay.It looked pretty nasty.By saw flames.As fire crews fought eight large grass fire in Marston Park, the promised southerly change set in. It came with another S -- nasty shock. Powerful winds of a good part of the city, bringing down trees and prompting 200 calls for help. As the change came through, temperatures plummeted. The airport dropping 9 degrees from 35 degrees in just four minutes. In the city, another nine degree drop, but a little slower, 24 minutes. Out west, it took 22 minutes for Penrith's night-time high to fall from 37 to 28.That grew their hair, the more dense air, can be a bit like a surge of a river. -- that Crew air. Yesterday there were thousands at Bondi, today it was a different beach.It is freezing today.The cooler weather will stay around for much of next week before warming up again. The bureau is not predicting any more Scorchers like yesterday. A family has then to firefighters for saving their home twice in two days. Their property was threatened by a wall of flames yesterday, then smouldering embers caught alight in the roof this morning. This was the horror heading towards Katie Nelson's house at Aberdare, Ms Cessnock. The wind gusts so strong they whipped up tornadoes of fire.You could feel the heat just coming towards you. There was flames in all directions.The attack so intense cowed cameraman had to run for cover. Spot fires broke out ahead of the main front, quickly pushing flames perilously close to houses and cars.A I couldn't even get up on my roof to let it. I had my 4-year-old son with me.Local scrambled to save their homes and horses from a racing via front.You cannot do much when it is burning out of control like that. It is crazy. After a huge effort from firefighters the blaze was contained to 116 hectares.They are pretty much the worse conditions we can expect. It has come close to houses.The blaze was sparked by a car dumped and deliberately lit in bushland on Thursday.I do not think that their punishment will be good enough.At exhausted, the Nelson family had a restless night's sleep, then a frantic early knock at the door.I took a bit to wake up and he said my roof was on firetenders in every four were silently smouldering, forcing fireworks to smash through the walls. To be woken up and knowing that your house is on fire all night while you're asleep is too scary to think about. In the state's south a fast moving plays which ripped through the bigger Valle has destroyed 200 hectares, plus at least one home and four sheds. It was a night long desperate fight for fire crews attack in the blaze. By this morning there work had paid off. While still not contain, the outbreak was less threatening. It was too late for some, with at least one house and four shades reduced to smouldering wrecks. The waiting and not knowing was tough, but if there was to be bad news... He is welcome to stay at my house. Road blocks on the Prince's Islay prevented residents from finding out their fate.We have been to the police and nobody knows anything about which properties have been damaged.When we left the fire was just coming up around here. Us that in my car for the night.To every firefighter, one property loss is one too many. Even they are amazed there was no more destruction here. A lot of properties in that area. A lot of wonderful work from the volunteers and the aircraft to protect properties. Just the sheer speed...Today, cooler conditions and lighter winds cake tin and firefighters were again busy. This time back burning with some welcome support from the air and on the ground. There are still 122 fires burning right across the state. We go live to a reporter in Coonabaraban. What is the latest on the fire Way You Are?Some good news out of Coonabaraban tonight. We have had some rain today. The RFS tells us it has been significant rainfall, which has reduced the amount of active fire. Still 400 firefighters are patrolling this place. They are keeping a good eye on the contain the minds, making sure they are strong, also some doing back -- doing some backbones. The forecast is for more rain tomorrow and again on Monday. Finally some good news for them. Some of the hem have been fighting displays for a week. Incredible vision has emerged from a fire at Glenmaggie, east of Melbourne.There is yours.

The men had to eventually flee the blaze as it swept through the caravan park. Dozens of foreign workers are still being held hostage by Islamic terrorists at a gas plant in Algeria. The siege despite international condemnation, with details about the tax still emerging. Relieved to be free, they are the ones who got away.A I feel safe at the moment but I will not be all -- will not feel 100% happy until I am in the UK.Others were not so lucky. As much as we are glad to be out, DA thoughts are with the colleagues who are still there.They were among 600 workers taken hostage when Al-Qaeda militants stormed the part on Wednesday.It happened so fast.The next day the Algerian military launched a rescue mission. No foreign governments were told. That led to a bloodbath. 12 hostages and more than a dozen militants were killed. Several escaped despite Algerian helicopters opened fire -- opening fire. An American is among those confirmed dead. The US government is not mincing his words.Those who would want and the attack our country and our people will have no place to hide.The mastermind behind the siege is one-eyed a terraced Mohktar Belmohktar, a rising force in global terrorism. Retaliation, he says, for France sending troops to Mali. It marks a new war on the West being orchestrated from the deserts of North Africa, raising fears there will be many more incidents like this one. A young Queensland mother has thrown herself in front of her own car as a thief drove off with her toddler in the back seat. Nicole frost had hopped out to check her mail box when she saw the man making his getaway.I was like, I have just lost everything that is important to me.The thief stop a short distance away and made his escape. McCall was only slightly injured. The 15 months old twaddle was unarmed. His career may be in tatters, but Lance Armstrong says he still wants a chance to compete. The disgraced cyclist came close to tears during the second part of his in -- interview as he revealed the toughest part about coming clean. This is ugly staff.And tonight it continued. But there was a changed. He has been criticised for being too cold, too clinical, but finally at least part of the real reason behind the confession.I saw my son defending me and saying, that is not true.He is talking about his 13-year-old son.He cannot... That is when I knew I had to tell him. I said, don't defend me any more.And then, there was mum.And I thought, this woman is a rack.He spoke about the day the sponsors deserted him one after the other.I don't like thinking about it. That was a $75 million day.His lowest point, forced out of his own charity.It was the best thing for the organisation, but it hurt like hell. He does not believe the drugs contributed to his cancer, but along with the lies, they have destroyed all future income.That is a guy who felt invincible, was told he was invincible.And what about that photo?As scary as it was, I thought it was a good idea. For the people he betrayed, the tell-all is not enough.This is a guy who used to be my friend.There are claims he is not telling the whole truth. Why admit to some things but not to others? The lawyers believe he's being very careful with those admissions in order to avoid his biggest fear, criminal charges.He needs to name names. He knows where these bodies are buried.An incredibly even after all this...If you're asking me to want to compete again, the answer is Elias.-- hell, yes. Coming up: A low actor - vandals attacked the Cenotaph. Also, the robbery victim taking matters into his own hands. And the real life Blacks 1 - violence at the Bolshoi Ballet. This program is not captioned.

Police are hunting two then there was too damaged the Cenotaph in Martin Place early this morning. -- vandals. They were seen climbing the statue and posing for photos. They used the bayonet as support, leaving it slightly bent. A Randwick man has taken the ball into his own hands having his wallet and phone stolen. That up with the police investigation Brad Bousoy is now on a mission to track down the thief himself. A Randwick nurse turned detective. Every time I watch it is just frustrating.Brad Bousoy hopes the CCTV images were help catch the person who stole his wallet, containing $600, and his mobile phone. Last week he left them on the counter of a Randwick Butcher. Half an hour later he realised his wallet and phone were missing, so he retraced his steps. He came back to the butcher and asked to check footage from the CCTV.There you can see that it is on top of the counter. You can see that she was looking at me and she took the wallet. It is hard earned money that I worked for.A reported the theft to police. PSA to pull it -- also took matters into his own hands.I was so frustrated that no- one was trying to help meet.He is angry no-one was charged.If you know the lady on the video, it is up to you to come and help us. Police say they are working to identify a suspect. The artistic director of Russia's ball for a ballet has been badly burnt in an acid attack outside his Moscow loan. Sergei Filin claims he has been the subject of attacks in the last months. It is believed the attack was over battles for top roles at the dance company. It is one of the most famous cars in entertainment history and now it could be yours. The original Batmobile from the 60s TV show is going to auction this weekend. You'll need a superhero's wallet. It is expected to fetch a seven- figure sum. The sport is up next. After an embarrassing defeat, Michael Clarke has his say on cricket Australia's rotation policy. Novac Djokovic gives a young fan the thrill of a lifetime. And Del Piero delight as Sydney FC taken This program is not captioned. Bernard Tomic takes on childhood idol Roger Federer tonight for a spot in the fourth round of the Australian Open. Tonics as he is ready for the match of his life. -- Tor Hooshov says. In today's action no major upsets just a couple of close calls. Most of the big names did it -- did not get it all their own way today. Andy Murray was in on his own case. And he was listening. The US Open champ -- upped the ante to beat his opponent. Earlier, Serena Williams's own -- a Pino what's left flat-footed. Ayumi Morita did not know what was coming at her. Victoria Azarenka ran into a lot more trouble than she expected. Unseeded American Jamie Hampton initially outplayed and got under the defending champion's skin. But Azarenka refocused, beating an opponent who needed time out with a back injury near the end of the second set.She took a medical time-out, but she rips winners all over the place.Del Potro had his own problems, looking for somewhere to rest in his surprise loss. And here is a moment a young fan will never forget. First warming up with Novac Djokovic before taking to the court against the best player in the modern era. It has been a very tough 24 hours in Michael Clarke's Australian captaincy. Not only is he having to defend its elections, he has had to apologise to fence for yesterday's to buckle at the Gabba. Touching down in Sydney, some advice from a man who knows all about being tough in opposition. The Australians desperate to put up more of the fight tomorrow.The guys have taken it on the chin and taking it very badly, which is good. We let ourselves down and we let the people who came to watch us down. Our cricket throughout the summer has been pretty consistent. Today is certainly a worse day.Sri Lanka reached the target of 74 in just 20 overs. It was still Sunni aside.You pay good money. We have had friends, from Coffs Harbour to see the game and people are all out for 10.Clarke says poor defence in and shot selection was to blame for the embarrassing loss, nothing else. My opinion has not changed on the rotation policy.Called into the squad, Sydney born Jackson bird could make his international debut in the one day game. He took seven wickets against Sri Lanka in the third Test, but did not see them annihilate his team-mates yesterday. I had a map in the afternoon and when I woke up it was nearly over. Sydney FC have gone on a scoring spree in the first half against Wellington. John Griffith scored after 11 minutes in his A-League return before Alessandro Del Piero took centre stage. A great shot on the turn was followed by a penalty and then Jason Colline and made it 4-0 as the floodgates opened. Del Piero brought his -- brought the house down with his hat-trick, giving the keeper no chance. It is currently 5-0. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have both missed the cut in a horror show for Nike Golf in Abu Dhabi. The world numbers one and to struggle to get a grip on the Games, endangering spectators in an afternoon of pure frustration. Muckelroy even reverted to a rival party, despite his new to edge and $50 million deal with Nike. That is the latest in sport. Best of luck to Bernard Tomic tonight. He is the last Australian standing at the Austrian Open. The coming up next: All the weather details for This program is not captioned. We've added
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A big drop in

A big drop in temperatures brought some welcome relief to city today. It was 26 degrees in Penrith. A top of 25 in Liverpool.

Looking at the satellite, a trough is bringing some showers to much of NSW.

It should reach a top of 25 degrees in the city tomorrow, with showers forecast for the afternoon.

That is the news for tonight, goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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