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(generated from captions) Well, a late challenge. I think it catches the line here down the middle. Let's see.

Yeah, but your eyes are not so good. - oh, they're not bad. - oh, they're not bad. So that point stands. We are a long way away from the court, that's what I'm saying. I've got my glasses on, Stubsy.

Our New South Wales and Victorian viewers are about to leave the tennis for Seven News, if wow like to keep watching, just switch over to 7TWO. That is the shot from spider Cam. That is wonder boy. spider Cam. That is wonder spider Cam. That is wonderBoy. spider Cam. That is wonderboy Roger Federer, Bernard Tomic, the first match tonight. Hope you can join us. It's a Saturday night special. This program is captioned live. Tonight, a young father shot by police during
a stand-off in a suburban street.

Sydney cools off,
a day after breaking heat records. More families left devastated
as the bushfire crisis eases.

A news crew's amazing escape
from a terrifying chopper crash. And Bernard Tomic set
for his showdown with Roger Federer at the Australian Open.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Talitha Cummins.

Good evening. Police won't say if a young father shot by officers
in the Southern Highlands was armed. Seven News has discovered 21-year-old Brendan Crisp
called 000 himself. Sean Berry joins me live
from Sydney Police Centre. Hello, Sean. A bizarre chain of events
in suburban Bowral this morning?

Talitha, Seven News has been told Brendan led police to believe
he was carrying a gun. When they found him
wandering the streets, there was a confrontation, with the shot man allegedly
warning them to shoot first.

The quiet township of Bowral
was woken by gunshots. And I just assumed
someone was chasing... ..letting off something
to chase the birds away. Susie Thompson knew better. A dramatic police shooting was
unfolding right in her front garden. I heard some shouting
in the street. I came out. The police
were asking him to drop his bag. He was 21-year-old father
Brendan Crisp. They were four police officers
responding to a 000 call. He said,
"I'm going to shoot myself." They were very gentle, very calm. They just kept saying, "Look, mate, just drop the bag,
we'll drop the taser." Seven News understands Mr Crisp
had called police himself, suggesting he had a gun. The reason behind why this
particular man was engaged by police is something that is
of particular interest to the critical incident
investigation team. I'm able to confirm, though, that there was a call received
by our 000 operators. When officers confronted him, one drew a taser, but didn't fire. while threatening to shoot them. At this stage,

I'm not able to rule out
a firearm. It's clear there were
a number of threats made to the officers involved. A Highway Patrol officer
drew his gun, firing at least one shot, hitting Mr Crisp
in the chest and shoulder. He was treated at the scene
by paramedics, then flown to Liverpool hospital, then flown to Liverpool Hospital, where he remains
in a critical but stable condition. Today investigators
searched his backpack at the scene, but could only find a butter knife.

Record heat one day,
rain the next - Sydney's erratic weather
keeps taking everyone by surprise. The cool change was welcome relief
from the stifling heat, but it won't be here for long.

The southerly blew in...

..and Sydney breathed
out a sigh of relief. The temperature dropped 10 degrees
in half an hour, and in that half an hour,
there was a period where the temperature dropped
eight degrees in just four minutes. The city woke to gloomy skies and a day that was more
than 20 degrees cooler. Yesterday across

Yesterday across sitting, temperatures were around 40 degrees.

Bondi beach changed
from bustling to bare. Summer sarongs
were turned into blankets. Much better than 40 odd degrees
and humidity. It's entirely different, isn't it? Yesterday was boiling,
today is freezing. Penrith pool was packed yesterday. What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday,
it was noticeably hotter and the pool was noticeably busier. But right now, it's very overcast, there's a cool breeze
and it's raining. The Rural Fire Service at Kenthurst
was given a well-earned break after a house fire
yesterday afternoon. I've never experienced heat
like that before - the heat was zapping. But don't get used to the cooler,
cloudy conditions - they're only here for a few days.

The cooler conditions
are a welcome sight for the hundreds of exhausted
firefighters across the state. More than 100 blazes
are still burning, many of them sparked by lightning
from overnight storms. The fire which destroyed properties
in Bega is now under control, clearing the way
for devastated residents to return.

This is all that's left
of the Mallinson family home. Only memories remain.

Grew up up here for the first 10 years of my life. It is those memories that we think about now. They waited at the roadblock
until authorities let them through but couldn't get close enough
to witness the damage firsthand. The emotion overwhelming
as their car drove away, knowing more sadness awaits.

The best years of my life. It has shaped my person. It was the best place to grow up.Heartbroken for everybody. He had the most beautiful house.

There was little firies could do
to save this place. It's thought clashing powerlines
sparked the blaze and wind initially pushed in
towards bushland. Then the southerly wind change came and it tore through here
in just minutes. Down the road,
Ken and Jan Howie return home to find their workshop gone. Incredibly, though,
their house still stands. Last night, the flames reached
under the veranda before help arrived from above. Without the helicopter, would've been
a lot more properties lost. An aerial attack saved
neighbour Alan Benson's home too. He returned last night, the first local
to see the devastation, and knows he was lucky. Absolutely - see how close it got. Without the water bombing,
we would've been without a house. A helicopter was water

The Rural Fire Service escorted us through the scene
of most devastation last night just a few hours after
the fire passed... The Princes Highway was closed
for almost 24 hours and reopened earlier today.

Guy Bugden stayed to fight after spending $50,000
on fire protection, including sprinklers
surrounding his roof. We invested money into it.It paid off?

off?Yes, it has.

Firefighters are still battling
a huge blaze that destroyed more than 50 homes
at Coonabarabran. Today's cooler conditions
did help to control the fire, bringing some reprieve
to exhausted residents and crews. Live to Jodie Speers -
Jodie, what's it like there now? Talitha, the weather
is a lot more comfortable and even a little wet and that has helped crews
gain the upper hand. This blaze has burnt out
more than 53,000 hectares, but it's now in the process
of being brought under control.

Even after a welcome
patch of rain, a large cloud of smoke
and a strong orange glow could be seen almost 50km
from the Warrambungles fire. The immediate threat has eased, but farmers like John Knight
are still mopping up

and now face a battle
to keep stock alive. But I've never seen
good, open country burnt - it's always been scrub. With 85% of his land wiped out, the cattle need to be hand-fed. Yeah, it's going to be
a big struggle. Big struggle, very costly.

a cool change has just come through. It's dropped the temperature
probably 15 degrees in the last half-hour. There's a little bit of rain too, but these guys are going
to need a lot more. More than 120 fires
are still burning across the state, including this one near Cessnock which started when a car
was torched. They're pretty much the worst conditions
that we can expect and have a look round here - it has come close to houses. Two fires are decimating bush
on the South Coast, including this blaze near Nowra which took out a caravan and shed, and threatened to jump
the Shoalhaven River. It was eventually held back by crews
and cooler conditions. Which also helped in Young, where residents welcomed
the cool change, along with the assistance
of Camille, the sky crane.

New South Wales
is suffering fire fatigue, but we're being warned
to remain on alert with more hot weather on its way.

A TV news crew has walked away
from a helicopter crash that split their machine in two. They were on their way to a story, when the chopper plunged
to the ground.

News crews were on Perth's outskirts
to cover a truck rollover. Channel 10's helicopter
was getting shots from above, then this. (METALLIC CRASH)

The JetRanger hit the ground just metres away from
startled police and firefighters, who suddenly had a new emergency
on their hands. 23-year-old cameraman Adam Delmage
quickly scrambled from the wreckage, the chopper cabin now on its side. He was followed
by experienced pilot Paul Debenham. The aircraft hit hard. The rotor blades broken off,
the tail snapped. As the men onboard
were helped away, fire crews doused the machine
with foam to prevent any explosion
from leaking fuel. It was low, and it's like it dipped around
and lost control and then the tail rotor
started spinning. Then the next moment,
it just hit the deck. The cameraman
has been taken to hospital with suspected spinal injuries. His camera
still onboard the machine, now sealed off as transport safety officials
begin an investigation. The company
which owns the helicopter says this is its first crash
in 21 years, praising the pilot's ability
to make an emergency landing in difficult terrain that all survived.

Bernard Tomic will be hoping
to win over the nation when he takes on Roger Federer
at the Australian Open tonight. To Nathan Templeton
at Rod Laver Arena - Nathan,
can Tomic do the unthinkable? The

The odds are stacked against him. Just as it has been all tournament, Bernard Tomic is super-confident heading into the massive showdown with Roger federal. We got some vision of him having a warm-up in the gym a little bit earlier. -- federal. I spoke to him a short time ago and he said the nerves were definitely kicking in. He has won 10 matches in a road this Australian summer. He thinks he has improved rapidly since last year. Our other big-name Australian, later and he would, is not so sure and is expecting Roger Federer right to get the goods. The man at the other end of the courts will be arguably the best of all time. He is a fall back time champion at Melbourne Park. He is one of the most popular players in the world. -- four times. He will be cast in the unfamiliar role of the villain tonight. He will see it all on Channel 7 tonight. Still to come tonight in Seven News, the moment Lance Armstrong told
his kids he was living a lie. $10 million damage as a historic building
goes up in smoke. And Great Britain buried
under an avalanche of snow. That's next.

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Vandals have struck again
at the war memorial in Martin Place. Police say security vision shows
two men climbing up the cenotaph, placing a traffic cone on top of it and posing for photos. They then bent the bayonet.

Hopefully the cameras
can identify these yobbos, and we can bring them to justice. The cameras were installed
after a similar attack last year.

A suspicious fire has destroyed
a building in Hobart's CBD, causing $10 million damage. The blaze broke out
in the Bridges Bros Toy Shop just after 3:00am. Extra firefighters
were called in to battle the flames
from the ground and air.

Being an old building of various
types of construction and fuel loads it was extremely difficult
to get to the seat of the fire and actually extinguish it. A furniture business and Girl Guides office
in the building were also destroyed.

Lance Armstrong
has finally shown emotion, talking about how his drug cheating
has affected his family. But the disgraced cyclist still wants to return
to competitive sport, telling Oprah his punishment
is a death penalty.

Lance Armstrong says above all,
he's an optimist. He'll need to be for this. If you're asking me
do I want to compete again, the answer is, hell yes. In part one
of his confessional interview, the 7-time Tour de France winner
admitted he'd doped in every one and then lied about it. he appeared to be complaining
about his lifetime sporting ban. I deserve to be punished. I'm not sure
that I deserve a death penalty. Doing the interview, he said, wasn't to have the ban lifted but for the wellbeing
of his five children. His decision to come clean came after 13-year-old Luke
supported him at school.

I told Luke...

I said, ah...

For the first time in the interview, signs of emotion from the cyclist about telling his son the truth. I said,
"Don't defend me anymore." And what Armstrong called the $75 million day dumped by sponsors
who now want their money back. If he doesn't return them, then we will sue Mr Armstrong
for the return of that money. But the toughest separation,
Armstrong says, was having to part ways with his cancer awareness foundation
LIVESTRONG. Will you rise again?

I don't know.

While we battle bushfires, people in the UK are battling
major snow storms. Hundreds of flights
have been grounded, and Heathrow bosses were forced
to close a runway to de-ice it. Frustration for ground travellers
too, with drivers ordered off the roads. But students didn't seem to mind when more than 3,000 schools
had to be closed. The heaviest falls
were in South Wales, with 26cm of snow.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael, and the Man is rallying support
for Bernard Tomic. Talitha, Anthony Mundine's given Tomic
a pep-talk before facing Federer. That's next. Also, Sharapova screams ahead, Serena serves it up
and says look out Azarenka.

Plus, the Australian coach's attack
on fans after his side's Gabba debacle.

And the emerging Blues seeking
their Origin thrills.

Anthony Mundine's
in Bernard Tomic's corner and he wants the rest
of Australia to join him for tonight's showdown
with Roger Federer. Juan Martin Del Potro is out, but top guns Serena Williams,
Victoria Azarenka and Andy Murray are into the fourth round. Tomic's certain he can join them.

Bernard Tomic's improved his tennis
and attitude but his promo skills
need some work. Make sure you're watching...

It's not hard, but it just... This is hard. The nation will be watching and right in his corner
is another polarising Aussie. He's got the right attitude.
He's confident with himself. Australia's got to learn
to embrace that. While Novak Djokovic
was the king of the kids, making the day of this little fan... Let's go further back,
further back. ..Andy Murray
had to talk himself up. Shocking. The same every single day. It did the trick,
the Scotsman winning in three sets. The coolest umpire in tennis was in command
of Victoria Azarenka's match. UMPIRE: 15-30. He was busy handling
injury time-outs from American Jamie Hampton, who somehow pushed
a frustrated Azarenka to three sets. COMMENTATOR: Getting a little upset. Not her finest moment, but the defending champ advanced and paid tribute
to the unseeded Hampton. Can I have a back problem? I don't know - I'm feeling great, but I'm missing every shot. A semi showdown with the super-serving
Serena Williams awaits. 207.


Serena powering into fourth round with the promise
of more sizzling serves to come. I'm gonna try to go for 210. We'll see. I'm gonna try. And Maria Sharapova
is making all the noise on the other side of the draw... (SCREAMS) (CHEERING)

..screaming past Venus Williams
in straight sets.

The big showdown's not far away - Tomic versus Federer,
live on Seven, right after Seven News. Here's Jim Courier.

It is a huge night of a tennis here at Belton Park. On Rod Laver Arena, Bernard Tomic takes on Roger Federer. -- Melbourne Park. The hype is huge. He needs to serve huge to stay close to Roger. He loves to play the local heroes and he is the game's best fund run off. He needs to stay close and keep the crowd involved. I'd think Federer will win but I think there will learn how far Burnett has come. -- Bernard Tomic.

Paceman Jackson Bird's
been called in, but the heat's
on Australia's batsmen before tomorrow's fourth one-dayer
against Sri Lanka at the SCG. Continued criticism
at the rotation policy is testing the patience
of the Aussie captain and coach. After his own rotation
for family time, coach Mickey Arthur rejoins
his Australian team in damage control. I just want to get away
from this "rotation policy" word because quite frankly,
I'm sick and tired of it now. Fans made it clear what they thought of Australia's
performance against Sri Lanka at the Gabba. (CROWD BOOS) Arthur lashed out on social media: When you lose,
you put yourself in that position. You put yourself up for criticism. After initially conceding rotation
had affected form and momentum... I can't doubt that today
is an example if you're winning consistently, it builds momentum, that's for sure. ..Michael Clarke was
straight back on the front foot. My opinion hasn't changed on... ..let's call it once again
"the rotation policy". It hasn't changed. Our performance today was very poor. Bowled out for 74, batting against swing
remains their major concern before the Ashes. Now former one-day player
Michael Di Venuto becomes Australia's
fourth batting coach in two months after Justin Langer, Stuart Law
and Dean Jones.

New Blues coach Laurie Daley says Rabbitohs halfback Adam Reynolds
will be an Origin star, but maybe not this year. At a camp for his emerging Blues, Daley's taking a cautious approach
with Reynolds, who's being heavily backed
to replace Mitchell Pearce as New South Wales halfback. It was a goal of mine
when I first came into first grade, so hopefully I can push
for that spot this year. You don't want to put pressure
on young players. I'm more than happy
how he's going at this stage. After training, there was a new take
on team bonding - no horse riding,
but a jet boat ride on the Harbour. Alessandro Del Piero's
putting on a brilliant show at Allianz Stadium first with this pinpoint delivery for new striker Joel Griffiths
against Wellington. COMMENTATOR: Griffiths,
goal on debut for the new boy.

This was even better - Del Piero did it himself
to put Sydney ahead 2-nil. A Del Piero penalty
made it 3-0 after 23 minutes. Jason Culina joined in for 4-0 midway through
a stunning first half.

It is now 5- zero.

With a new attitude, James Magnussen's made
an impressive return to swimming. Ian Thorpe was watching closely
at the Super Series in Perth, where Magnussen won
the 100m-freestyle in 48.38 seconds. The 21-year-old's employed
a mind coach after just missing gold
at the London Olympics. I took a big hit to my confidence
at the Olympics. I had to do some soul-searching
after the Olympics and think about the way that I acted
and approached my swimming. The Missile's mission is defending
his world championship in 2013. I am sure he is hoping to watch Bernard Tomic tonight. Like the

Bernard Tomic tonight. Like the
rest of us. The cool change has brought
welcome relief but how long's it here for? Sydney's weather forecast
is after the break.

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Well, it was a very different
story in Sydney today, after that southerly change
moved through last night. There was a huge turnaround
in temperatures - the city reached a maximum
of 25 degrees. That's 21 degrees cooler
than yesterday. The entire city was breathing
a sigh of relief, with cloud and a few showers. There were maximums of 25 degrees
in most suburbs. Richmond was the warmest with 27. 23 degrees in Cronulla
and Terrey Hills. Brisbane's expecting 32 tomorrow
with an afternoon storm. It'll stay fine and sunny
in the southern capitals. 30 degrees in Adelaide. Perth will top a warm 35.

On our waterways:

Tonight there'll be a few showers
across Sydney, with the cloud keeping minimums
slightly above average. Showers will increase tomorrow,
with the southerly winds persisting. It'll reach 25 degrees in the city. 26 in the West. 23 degrees for Gosford. Looking ahead, there'll be a shower
or two every day next week, but temperatures will increase
on Tuesday. Another southerly change
should cool things off again, before it heats up for
the end of the week.

And that's Seven News to now.
Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions
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