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This program is captioned live. Raging inferno - the nation's rolling bushfire crisis turns deadly with a monster blaze in Victoria claiming a man's life. Firefighters in NSW work through the night, with lightning strikes sparking dozens of blazes. More than 100 foreign nationals rescued from Islamic militants. 30 more remain missing. Lance Armstrong comes clean - he admits to doping, but is he hiding secrets?It is inexcusable. When I say that there are people who will hear this and will never forgive me, I understand that. It was pretty late, Lance. It is Saturday, 19 January. Great to see you, Sairs.It is good to have you back - we missed your dull set tones!We have rereactions from all sorts of people about Lance Armstrong. We would like to hear from you. Welcome relief for

Welcome relief for NSW. Sydney is headed for a shower or two. Adelaide headed for a high of 27. Perth, sunshine with a top

Perth, sunshine with a top of 33.

Well, fires are very much the story this morning. This is what we know so far. 11 fires are burning across Victoria. The most serious blaze is at Licola, which is out of control. Now, 48,000 hectares of territory has been burnt. Fire has claimed the life of one man in Seaton. In NSW, 142 blazes are burning. 29 of those are uncontained. Firefighters are most concerned about the fire at Milingandi, near Merimbula, which has destroyed two homes. Alexis Daish is in Cowa. Seb Costello is in NSW. Lizzie Pearl is in Coonabarabran. One man is dead in the blaze nearby. What are the details?Good morning, Sarah.Tragically, it is believed he was an elderly man, died in a car in the driveway of a home in Seaton. He was found in the burnt- out vehicle at 5 o'clock yesterday, and that part of Seaton is now a crime scene. It is a tragic end that wiped through the township of Seaton yesterday. This blaze has completely wiped out the land on the way into Seaton. The township is too dangerous to get in and out of. Burnt-out trees are falling on the road consistently this morning. It is hard for the residents who want to check on their homes. Police have told them they cannot go in there. This bushfire started on Thursday afternoon before hitting homes in Seaton after a wind change pushed the fire in a north-easterly direction. Flames swallowed homes, families lost their farms and sheds. We understand that Johnson Lane in Seaton is where most property was lost. Houses in glaing were taken out and reportedly -- Glenmaggie were taken out and reportedly out of Dawson. Some residents chose to stay, but most evacuated yesterday not knowing what they would return to. This fire, as you said, has burned through 48,000 hectares. The firefighters are saying they won't know the full extent of the damage until the entire blaze has been blacked out here. For the residents, over the next couple of days, they will make the dreaded return back into Seaton to see what is left. The wind turned in a westerly direction, saving the town of Heyfield, south-east of Seaton. While the dangers moves away from there, the fact that this blaze tripled in size in just a few hours is testament for the need to act quickly.Let's go to Heyfield, where is the largest blaze is burning. Have firefighters had any success in bringing it under control?Weather played a big part in the firefight. The locals in Licola were told to expect a fire between 4pm and 6pm last night. It is still 10km south-west of Licola, due to low winds and benign weather conditions. We made contact with 30 or so locals trapped there for the past 24 hours. They spent a sleepless night last night, not allowing themselves to relax. They know a change in the wind conditions, the threat could be back.Lane Calcutt is in Bega, where the fire sparked up last night. What is the latest there? Fortunately, things look pretty good here today. Overnight, the temperatures dropped. The winds have eased. The forecast is for possible showers, a maximum temperature of 26 degrees, and winds agencies during the day. This fire started -- easing during the day. This fire started after lunch just behind me. It took out two properties and two sheds and jumped the Princeess Highway, progressing into a nature reserve, heavily wooded and rugged. They are saying that some homes to the south of me, along the highway, might still be under threat today. So they're on a watch-and-act situation. Hopefully, although there are emembers burning, trees and trunks are alight this morning, there is a lack of urgency from the fire crews. So hopefully things will get better during the day. Finally, Lizzie in Coonabarabran, where firefighters have faced a hairy week, Lizzie. Finally, we might see some rain today. It is not really good news?No, that's right. The RFS chopper will be going up and taking a good look at exactly what this overnight rain has done to the fire. It started around 10 o'clock last night. It was heavy. It has been reduced to light drizzle, which is not good at all. It doesn't put out the fire. Secondly, it hampers firefighting efforts by reducing the effectiveness of any back-burns they are trying to put in. There were lightning strikes around Coonabarabran last night. The fear is it may have sparked new blazes outside of the fire ground. 0 firefighters are fighting this fire -- 90 firefighters are fighting this fire as we speak. The good news is that the fire is burning within containment lines after the breach yesterday, which saw the blaze take a run towards some homes south-west of Coonabarabran. Shortly, these are crews here on the ground, heading off to fight the fire. As you know, you have been here for pretty much most of the week, some of the guys have been fighting this fire in rough terrain, rugged conditions forearound six days now.They are exhausted and doing a fantastic job. Lizzie, Lane, Seb and Alexis, thank you very much. For now, it is time for the rest of the day's news with dav va Smith. Part 2 of Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah will air today following his confessions yesterday to a litany of doping offences. He admitted he was a drug cheat, after years of denying the allegations.I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologise to people for the rest of my life. Question marks remain over the credibilty of the confession. Many expected him to divulge details implicating his fellow dopers. We will cross to US correspondent Denham Hitchcock later. A Victorian man has been seriously injured after a hit-and-run east of Melbourne. Police believe the man, thought to be in his 40s, was pushing his bike along the road when struck by a vehicle. The driver did not stop at the scene. The pedestrian was airlifted to hospital. Officers are trying to find another man who stopped to help and alert police. After sweltering through its hottest day on record, Sydney has been lashed by strong winds overnight. The gusts brought down trees and power lines in the city's inner-west. Branches crushed a 4- wheel drive at Ashfield. Palm trees were seen bending at Bondi. Hours earlier the beach was packed with sunbathers enjoying temperatures exceeding 45 degrees. Now to the latest on the hostage crisis in Algeria. Around 147 foreigners have been freed after the military -- 100 foreigners have been freed. Dozens of workers are still unaccounted for after the daring raid near the Libyan border. It is not clear if they have been held captive or killed. Those who survived the ordeal are being treated in hospital. Everything is OK. Thanks to Algerian army and hospital workers, they have taken good care of us. We were lucky that we are still alive. The UK and America were not told in advance about Algeria's military assault. British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his disgust disgust and condemnation at the attack. Britain is experiencing heavy snow. Check out the pictures! They are closing motorways and there are delays at airports. The mercury in London has not risen above minus-2 in days. A rare red alert has been issued, advising people to stay at home, putting the UK into complete lockdown. A seal has escaped the jaws of a hungry shark by leaping to safety on a tourist boat in Queensland. It surprised passengers on the Tangalooma Express, bagging himself a free ride across Moreton Bay. Generally, they do not do this. Marine authorities are helping him find his way to accommodationer and, hopefully, safer waters. -- cooler, and, hopefully, safer waters. They will be lucky it was the seal - not the shark jumping on board! We have not heard from the other Seal - the one from toifz! There is only one Seal we care about from The Voice! What do you think of Ricky Martin. I think it is a good appointment! Hello Ricky! He has a bit of something something about him! We have your weather and first sports news next. The big night at the Open. Maria Sharapova is through. Of course, Bernard Tomic - a date with destiny, at least with Roger Federer. All of that coming up on This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Big W's got
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A very good morning to you Sydney. A cooler day, thankfully, headed your way - a shower or two, a top of 24.Lots of sighs of relief around the country, with the coolness blowing flew through. Time for the sports headlines. World number 43 versus world number 2. A huge challenge for Bernard Tomic. His Australian Open hopes, along with his unbeaten run this year, go on the line at Melbourne Park tonight when he faces Roger Federer for a place in the fourth round. Already there is Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer. In the women's draw, Maria Sharapova was in the sort of form that saw her reclaim the world number 1 ranking last year. One of the true glamour girls of the tennis scene took on Venus Williams. Maria Sharapova continued her devastating Centre Court form. The Russian hadn't dropped a game leading up to the match. The streak didn't continue. But it came close. Sharapova wiping the floor with a 6-1, 6-3 thrashing. No matter what she thinks, she is a tough opponent to play. I was determined out there. Wanted this victory.Two more former world number ones renewed their rivalry, when Ana Ivanovic downed Jelena Jankovic. There were more giggles than glares as men's top seed Novak Djokovic rolled Radek Stepanek in three. He loves the big stage. You saw how much fun he had.Joining Djokovic in the fourth round is David Ferrer, the Spanish fourth seed, outclassing 2006 finalist Marcos Baghdatis in straight sets. In ciect, Australia captain Michael Clarke admits the controversial rotation policy is hurting Australian cricket. He said it robbed his side of any momentum heading into yesterday's shocking performance, leading to a 4-wicket loss to Sri Lanka.It doesn't matter how much you play as a team, don't play as a team, if you bat like that, you don't win many games of cricket.The Aussies were bowled out for just 74, even 9/40 at one stage. The Central Coast Mariners can extend their lead at the top of the A-League ladder with a win over the Newcastle Jets tonight. Second- placed Adelaide could fall five points behind their rivals after suffering a shock loss to the Heart in Melbourne. It took the Heart just four minutes to score their first goal, a close-range header from Josip Tadich tad and the result was sealed just after half time. COMMENTATOR: 2-0! Brilliant finish from the Socceroos! Put it down to Matt Thompson's work in the middle of the park.It leaves the Heart fifth on the competition ladder. Some of Australia's biggest names have hit the pool for the SuperSeries in Perth. Magnussen was the standout on day one, claiming victory in the 100m freestyle.It was big, confident after the Olympics. I've worked hard in and out of the pool, on my mental and physical approach to swimming. There's more than a quarter of a million dollars of prize money up for grabs in the 2-day meet. The Twenty20 Big Bash final, the Brisbane Heat versus the Perth Scorchers. Jacinta, it is looking cool there? I know! It is chilly this morning! Good morning to you, Cam and Sarah, to all of you joining us from your warm lounge rooms at home! Might be wondering why I'm here - I'm tat the Chill on Ice lounge, the place to chill out with your friends. See what I did there! It is made up of over 50 tonnes of ice. It took six months to freeze with the walls, chairs and bars made up of ice. It is a pretty cool place to hang out.

Here at the Chill on Ice lounge in Melbourne, the temperature is set to minus-10 degrees, nice and chilly in here this morning. Every single month they have a different theme. It will run right up until November, where this place will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Today, the scene is Wonders of the World. You can come and check out the Barrier Reef. You can check out the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. They have done a spectacular job! I will be getting my sculpting tools out and getting creative. Stay tuned!You have great conversations in those bars once you have broken the ice! Oh... You are back and on fire... Reaction to the Lance Armstrong interview - did he tell us enough? This program is not captioned. (LAUGHS LOUDLY)
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Good morning to you. Returning to the Lance Armstrong story. It took only a few seconds for the champion to reverse course on more than a decade of denials about performance-enhancing drugs.Yes or no - was one of those banned substances EPO?Yes. Did you ever blood-dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance?Yes. Did you ever use any other banned substances, like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormones? Yes. Yes or no - in all seven of your Tour de France victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?Yes. I got chills hearing him say it. We knew it, but to hear him say it, I thought it was compelling. We are joined by Nine US correspondent Denham Hitchcock. What is the reaction like in the US?Yeah, amazing to see that, wasn't it? Well, a lot of relief that he has finally come clean, but a bit of anger that he went after people so fiercely for so long and now he just turned around in a matter-of- fact away, laid it all out. That is where the criticism is today - his demeanour. A lot of people are saying it was cold, detached. Almost like talking about another person. There were obviously some legal ramifications that he tried to skirt around. But he did say that he is sorry. He said that he is embarrassed. Did he mean it? That is what a lot of the talk is today. The road to redemption starts with a confession. The second step is contrition. A lot of people think that he did not measure up to that. Let's listen to his reason.I think this just ruthless desire to win - win at all costs, truly. That serves me well on the bike. Served me well during the disease. But the level that it went to, for whatever reason, is a flaw. Yeah, flaw is a fairly mild word for the level of the commitment he made to that lie for so long. But, Denham, what is next for Lance Armstrong?In a word - court. Newspapers. Team-mates. Sponsors. People are going to be going after him in a big way now. He's worth $100 to $110 million. The US is a litigious society. The doping agency will want him to name names. If he does, it could bring down the history of an entire US team, the post-al service. This spectacular fall from grace certainly not over yet.It is a total disintegration of a legend. We have much more on Armstrong on the way, speaking to the voice of cycling, Phil Liggett - a staunch defender of Lance Armstrong for so long.The US is a place of forgiveness. Will the public forgive?Look, I found myself horrified by what he had done, the level of it. But I started to feel like I was kind of liking him in some way. I think people will feel very qufzed about their emotions about Lance Armstrong -- confused about their emotions about Lance Armstrong for a long time. If he shows contrition, maybe good will come out of the wreck.Richard reviews the new comedy 'This is 40'. Stay with us on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. Here's Nev.
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Welcome back to the show. It is right on 7:30. Let's get the news with Davina Smith. Thousands of Victorians are on alert, with 11 bushfires still burning across the state. A wall of flames has already swept townships from Heyfield to Glenmaggie, claiming one life and destroying several homes. The most serious outbreak is Licola, in the state's east, where residents are brace fogger the worst, but hoping for a reprieve with cooler conditions.The last time the fires went through here, it wasn't this bad. It didn't hit this close. This time, it has.Just on your doorstep. Yes, yes. It shakes you up.Hundreds of firefighters battled the 48,000- hectare blaze overnight. The town of Seaton has been badly scarred by the fires with residents unable to return to their homes with the area still sealed off. And fires continue to burn out of control in NSW, despite cooler conditions overnight. There have been 142 blazes across the state, 29 uncontained. Of most concern, a huge fire in Millingandi, in Merimbula. A watch-and-act warning remains in place for a blaze at Coonabarabran, which has destroyed 50 properties.Hopefully the worst of it has gone. But we have to wait and see whether it is finished for good. The firefighters on the south coast are tackling a blaze at Deans Gap near Sussex Inlet. A bushfire which burned 13,000 hectares of land in Marsden Park in Sydney's west is contained. A Gold Coast home has been destroyed by fire overnight. They ripped through the rob in a property just before midnight. A neighbour captured this footage on their mobile phone as the flames leapt metres into the air. Six crews battled to control the blaze, beginning in a rear bedroom which quickly spread to the roof and ceiling.,We believe it may have started from a candle lit by the inside occupant, who made it out OK. That fire is not being treated as suspicious. Footage has emerged of an unprovoked attack at a train station in Philadelphia. The third such incident in the US in recent months. The female victim is approached by a man asking for a cigarette lighter. But he's suddenly lunging and punching her. He grabs her ankles, dragged her across the platform and tossed her on the tracks before reaching inside her purse.He strolled out of the station - didn't even run.She was able to climb to safety. Police have charged a 36-year-old homeless man. A theme park for chockaholics has opened its doors in China. The World of Chocolate Wonderland showcases edible art from across the world. Delighted visitors can pose in front of chocolate creations of their favourite fairytale characters before devouring them. There are chocolate shoes, handbags and cars. Heaven for absolutely anyone with a sweet tooth. Very cute. Sport time now with Ros. The exhibition wouldn't stay open for long if you can eat it! Australia has slumped to its second straight one-day loss to Sri Lanka, with one of the worst batting performances in Aussie cricket history. The hosts went down by four wickets at the Gabba. Their performance with the bat was shocking, though, losing seven wickets in the first 15 overs. At one stage, they were 9/40.

A 34-run tenth wicket partnership save a little bit of face for the Aussies. Mitchell stark received a standing ovation for reaching double figures. The run chase didn't start easily for Sri Lanka. They lost six wickets before reaching the target. In tennis, Maria Sharapova continues her great form at the Australian Open, sweeping aside 7- time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams. Sharapova's conceded just four games over the opening three rounds of the tournament after a collarbone injury kept her sidelined at the start of the season.They r it gave me an opportunity to come here, a few days earlier than the other players. Men's fourth seed David Ferrer had a straight-sets win last night, easily accounting for Marcos Baghdatis in three. In the A-League, the Melbourne Heart have snapped a losing streak against Adelaide, which extended more than two years, with a 2460 win at AAMI Park last night. Goals in both halves kempt the unbeaten streak at home in tact. Essendon players insist they are leaner and meaner ahead of the upcoming AFL season, saying their recent run of injuries is a thing of the past. A massive 27 points from Tiger's import. Johnny Flynn has helped Melbourne to a much needed 77-74 win over the Sydney Kings in the NBL. We know that lance has admitted to doping in his interview on doping. Part 2 starts today. Send us your email and Tweet - what are your thoughts.You are emotional.You are shocked and angry. Yesterday I felt emotional and sad, more sad for the people and the lives he ruined - that is what made me ang re-iest.He was vitreolic about attacking people.I don't think he is a good person for that at all. I think he has a mean streak.It is hard to believe what he says when he has lied so well.I think people are expecting him say too much to Oprah. He is not going to reveal all the legal details on a TV show. I mean, that will be reserved for another day at a court some time. Let's hope he is brought to account more fully. But I think it is too much to expect him to reveal that on a TV show. Today, I believe he will get emotional himself. He talks about the impact on his own family.I would like to see tears. Yeah.(LAUGHTER)That makes it better.There is an element...I found myself kind of liking him in some way.Why?I think it is the focus.The win at all costs.The eye of the tiger thing. You don't want to be in the path of Cyclone Lance, do you, that is for sure. Talk about cyclones! We will be checking in with Jesinta Campbell for the weekend weather.

Good morning, guys. Now, I'm here with Glen Smith a master mind behind the awesome sculptures here at the Chill on Ice lounge right in the city of Melbourne. He has been hitting away at a pretty cool sculpture! Check it out! That is better than the Great Wall of China over there, I reckon. He has been giving me insider tips and tricks. I created my own sculpture. First, let's take a look at the local weather forecast.

This is a master mind and a great sculptor, who has taught me a few tricks. I've created something - I'm proud of it! Take a look at this. It took me a long time to create it - what do you guys think? It is not the most amazing thing you have seen?Well...Erm...Explain it to us...ItIs pretty distant!It is a little ice ball!Ah, OK!Maybe I need some more work. Can I get some more tricks and tips?.It is a glass ball! You can tell the future! Alright, well the Boeing 78 7dreerls were billed as an aviation -- 7787 Dreamliners were build as the future.And Richard's verdict on 'This is 40', the Movie of the Week, coming up on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. Australia, you know what this means -
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Remember 'Knocked Up'? It was a big hit five or six years ago. The sequel is called 'This is 40'. It is billed as a fny look at what it is like to turn 40. Richard Wilkins has this review in Movie of the Week. RealiseMOVIE REEL: You get so mad at me. It is like you want to kill me.I do!This time around the plot revolves around Pete and Debbie. It is Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann - Judd's wife. They are having a birthday.Why does it say 38 and not 40.Your mum wants to be 38. Don't mention it again.We have to make a choice to make things different.Don't let 40 hit you like it is 40!I'm just young!The milestone raises a few questions, and possibilities. Do you wonder what it would be like if you and your wife were separated by something bigger, like a death. Not a painful way but just like a gentle floating off.Judd Apatow serves up a rude, crude raunchy look at life.Do some playing outside.Play with your friends! Make a fort outside?You and Charlotte can have a lemonade stand. Look for dead bodies.Oh, that is fun to do. It is very, very funny. Big laughs. Lots of filthy language.MOVIE REEL: I cannot afford to sit in my apartment getting high and go to the burgers at 3 in the morning! That is not the order it happens in. If you have a broad mind, up for it, 'This is 40', happy days! MOVIE REEL: I cannot feel anything, can you?I think this room has rodents! Nothing funny about turning 40. I don't see anything in that movie! It is not that bad!A distant memory. It is not too bad.It is edging up for me. One of Lance Armstrong's former competitors, Olympic gold medallist, Scott McGorry, he reacts to the interview. I will be interested to hear what he says. And up next - a baby on a mission impossible! This program is not captioned.

Good morning, Melbourne. Becoming mostly sunny today. A top of 22 degrees. Looks pretty good. Time to take a look at the most clicked items on the net. It is the interview everyone is talking about - Lance Armstrong's confession to doping with Oprah.Did it feel wrong? At the time?Mm-hm.No.It did not even feel wrong?No. Scary. Did you feel bad about it? No. Even scarier. Did you feel in any way that you were cheating? No. Scariest. Wow. Reaction.Certainly, Rick says, "I have no sympathy for Armstrong at all. He lied, bullied, cheated and had the nerve to sue people who told the truth about him.""Good on him for coming clean, I love him. Now he will expose the whole dirty business. Good on you, Lance."Next up - mission impossible, re- invented! (LAUGHTER)

Cute! You can have a lot of fun with babies. Can you bring yours in, Cam!Yeah, OK! Is it a real child?I think it is. Maybe it is fake!

You have to wait until the baby is three and a half months old, to get the clutching thing happening properly! Up until then, they are a like a machine that you put a dollar in and they don't grab anything.Disappointing.Now to some funny lip-reading of NFL players in America.Egg roll. I had a breeze running down my leg.I would kill for a cookie. Let me burn that old man. I can't. Burn that guy. Give him eyeballs. Don't offend me. Skunk! Can't believe there is a manhole and you fell in it!Watch it now! I want it now! AFL Fido. I found Fido, you guys! Let me get you a Marxist ai tai, I will -- let me get you a maitai, I will make it myself.Oh, I'm white! Dare you to spit in that guy's drink. Bad finish. But glad he found Fido! (LAUGHTER)

He's making hiss way back up to the left and Port Elliott once again. Thankfully for the alarm... Holy (BLEEP) (SIRENS)

That is cool, isn't it? Cameras everywhere now. A whole life will be recorded. We are going live to the fire fronts across NSW and Victoria at the top of the hour. First, let's get some Hollywood goss with Michelle Mahone. G'day Michele! Katie Price is a blushing bride for the third time. Stay tuned! This program is not captioned. Australia, two years ago, Coles brought you no added hormones in all Coles fresh beef. Now we have two more great things
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I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. It is Hollywood gossip time with Michele Mahone. Katie Price has walked down the aisle again.Alright, well, she was married to Peter Andre. Then she marriageed the cross-dressing cage- fighter Alex Reid. Now she is married to stripper Kieran Hayler, who is 9 years her junior. They got married in the Bahamas in front of six guests, after just a 9-week whirlwind romance. I would put an ending on this, but we know how it will end.You cannot say she has a type, can you! Mel Gibson's ex- girlfriend is turning the table on her lawyers?She is suing them. She says they made her sign a bad deal when she split up with Mel Gibson. Let's review. She is getting $750,000 in "Getaway from me money", the same child support payments that Mel's ex-wife, Robin, is getting. Gets to live for 16 years for free at a $1.8 million home! He is paying her attorney's fees and she gets the rights to her albums and videos, so that's at least 11 cents right there! So she should take the money and hush! I will take that deal!As always, the voice of reason. Thanks, MM! We will check in shortly. 36Bye! Raging inferno - the nation's rolling bushfire crisis turns deadly, with a monster blaze in Victoria claiming a man's life. Thousands of firefighters in NSW work through the night with lightning strikes sparking dozens of blazes. Hostage crisis - more than 100 foreign nationals rescued from Islamic militants but 30 more remain missing. Lance Armstrong comes clean. The cycling champion admits to doping. Is he hiding secrets?It is inexcusable. That - when I say that there are people that will hear this, and will never forgive me, I understand that. He left a lot unsaid. It is Saturday 19 January 2013. Plenty more Lance Armstrong coming up in this hour.Will you be tuning into the second part of the interview?I will. I think much of the world will be. He shows a bit more contrition in the second half, talking about the impact on his family. You have been out there on the fire front for a week. It is a terrible situation. Who could have believed they were burning for this long.51 homes lost in Coonabarabran. The volunteers are doing an amazing job, just working round the clock to get a handle on the fires. Yeah, it is a horrible situation. Well, this is what you need to know. There are 11 fires burning across Victoria. The most serious blaze is now only 10km from Licola, which is completely out of control. Fire has claimed the life of one man in Seaton and the road to the town is cut off. In NSW, 142 blazes still burning. 29 of those are uncontained. And firefighters are most concerned about the fire at Millingandi, near Merimbula, in the Bega Valley, which has destroyed two homes.We have reporters at the major fire fronts around the country. Alexis Daish is in Cowa, Seb Costello in Heyfield, in NSW, we have Lizzie Pearl in Coonabarabran. Lane Calcutt is in Bega. Alexis, we will go to you first. We are hearing that one man is dead in the blaze nearby. Can you tell us what the details are? Good morning, Sarah. That's right. Look tragically, it is believed he was an elderly man who died in a car in a driveway in a home in Seaton, found in the burnt-out vehicle at about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. That part of the township is now a crime scene. So a very tragic end to the blaze that tore through the township yesterday. As you can see behind me, this blaze has completely wiped out the land going into Seaton. It is now too dangerous to get in and out of the township. Burnt-out trees are falling over the road, creating a hard situation for residents who want to get in. Police say it is too dangerous for them to get in. They don't know how their homes are at the moment or if they are still standing. The bushfire started late on Thursday before it hit the homes after a wind change pushed the blaze in a north-easterly direction. Flames have swallowed homes. Buildings have crumbled. Families lost their farms as well, and sheds. Johnson Lane in Seaton is where most property has been lost and homes in Glenmaggie have been wiped out by the fire. It is about 14km from Seaton. Now, a few skrens chose to stay. Most of them decided to evacuate in the early hours of yesterday morning. 3m, most of them left. For -- 3am, most of them left. For those residents, they don't know what they will return back to. It has destroyed 48,000 hectares. Firefighters say they won't know for a few days, until everything is blacked out, what is left. Potentially more homes could be lost. Late yesterday, the wind turned in a westerly direction. Heyfield, luckily, was saved. The fact that this blaze tripled in size, or more than tripled in size yesterday morning, is a testament to just how important it is for people to act quickly. The pictures we are seeing coming out of Victoria are absolutely frightening. Let's go to Heyfield, where the largest blaze is burning. Seb, have fiefrlters have any success in bringing it under control - firefighters had any success in bringing it control?It is still out of control, but we have benign weather conditions. As you can see, it is very still. The temperature is school. Still. It is a gift to those locals stranded in the town of Licola. They have been there for 24 hours. When fire blazed through Licola and glaing, it went through Licola. They were told to get there at 6pm last night. As you reported earlier, it is still about 10km south-west of the town, because of the weather conditions. Here in Heyfield, we are turning our minds to the clean-up, getting the roads cleared. There is a community meeting scheduled just across the road here at 2pm this afternoon. There are more worries in NSW, north of the border, where Bega, the fire sparked up there last night. We have Lane Calcutt on the ground. What is the latest Sarah, as you say, it got bad yesterday afternoon. This fire broke out shortly after lunchtime in horrendous conditions. Temperatures were in the 40 degrees, high winds and low humidity. It jumps the Princes Highway, where the drama really unfolded. We had two properties taken, two sheds. We have taken a drive around here this morning. It is still burning in very heavily wooded territory behind me. We came upon one shed destroyed. One of the properties is further up. But it is still a bit too dangerous to go in there. Weather conditions this morning are a whole lot better. The southerly cooler change came through late yesterday afternoon. This morning, it is cloudy. They are forecasting possible showers and winds Eagles during the day. Hopefully, -- easing during the day. Hopefully, firefighters will be able to get on top of the blaze. They are building containment lines, backburning. Hopefully, no more properties will be at risk. Further down to the south, along the highway here, they are saying the possibility is that further properties could be at risk during the day. They are hoping it won't get any worse than that. Another big day for firefighters. In Coonabarabran, temperatures in the high 30s and strong winds for the past couple of days. Lizzie, we are expecting to see some rain today. It might not actually help the effort there? That's right, Sarah. I've been to the RFS briefing here at Coonabarabran this morning. The firefighters heading out on to the ground have been told not to be complacent. The urgency on the blaze has been reduced ever so slightly. Last night, the rain started at about 10 o'clock, really heavy. It got reduce 20 a drizzle for pretty much most of the night and this morning. It is not good for firefighters. It doesn't put the fire out. It hampers firefighting if it if it is the number and effectiveness of the backburns. It also, because last night was an lblg storm, it means there were lightning strikes in and around the area. When the temperatures get hotter, the concern is that it may spark fresh blazes outside of the fire ground. The last concern is that the trails and tracks used to get into the remote fire have been turned to mud. There r is concern for their safety, for the access that they can get for this fire. The RFS will be going up in a chopper today to see what this overnight rain has done to the blaze. The fire crews have headed out for the fresh shift of the day, 100 firefighters. They have been told to expect temperatures up to 33 degrees today, and winds of 30km/h. This fire already claimed 51 homes almost a week ago. It is burning. The danger is still there. And there is potential threat to property today. Let's hope the RFS can get a handle on the blaze today. To all of our reporters, thank you very much. We will update you throughout the show on the latest on the bushfire emergency around the country. Let's get the rest of the day's news. Well, question marks remain over the credibilty of Lance Armstrong's confession to a litany of doping offences. Part 2 of Oprah's interview will air at lunchtime today. It is expected the cyclist will divulge more details and spill the beans on fellow dopers.In all seven of your Tour de France victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?Yes. The admission that he's a drug cheat comes after more than a decade of lies and denials. Fire crews are this morning mopping up following a fierce factory fire in Sydney's north-west. It broke out around 5 o'clock this morning at Mulgrave. An exclusion zone was set up due to fears gas cylinders may explode. Police are searching for a driefr in Victoria who hit a pedestrian and fled the scene. The victim in his 40s, was pushing his bike along Yellingbow when he was struck by a vehicle. He remains in a serial but stable condition in hospital. Police are asking for witnesses to come forward and want to speak to another man who stopped to help. Three men have been taken to hospital after a vicious brawl on the Gold Coast overnight. One man was stabbed in the eye with a stick, while two other men suffered serious facial injuries. A number of vehicles in the Palm Beach street were damaged. Police are hunting for the offenders, who fled the scene around 2:30am. Around 100 foreigners have been freed after being held hostage by Islamic militants at a BP gas plant near the Libyan border. Dozens remain unaccounted for after the Algerian military stormed the facilitate. Those who survived the ordeal are being treated in hospital.It is an exciting episode. I feel sorry for anybody who has been hurt, but other than that, I enjoyed it. The UK, Japan and America were not told in advance about Algeria's military assault. A movie theatre in the US, where 12 people were killed during a shooting massacre last July, has reopened. Dozens more were injured when a gunman opened fire during the 'Dark Knight' premiere in Aurora, Colorado. The cinema held a private night. Many boycotted the event, calling it a callous publicity stunt. Michelle Obama is 49, and looking younger. The US First Lady's locks boast a fringe, with the face-framer set to spawn a host of copyy cat styles. You know, I felt that it would be nice and fresh and make her look even more youthful than she is.She will sport her new do at the Presidential inauguration. The First Family will be marking the start of another four years in the White House.I like it Cam. Cam is not keen?I didn't like it. It looks like a gridiron helmet!It is sexy and modern. I've had bangs before. You have to be brave.I tried them too. It didn't look good.One of the biggest matches of Bernard Tomic's career tonight - facing 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer for a place in the fourth round of the Australian Open. Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer have booked their spots in the tournament's final 32. Maria Sharapova has continued her blistering form against Venus Williams. One of the true glamour girls of the tennis scene took on 7-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams. Maria Sharapova continued her devastating Centre Court form. The Russian hadn't dropped a game leading up to this match - that streak didn't continue but it came close. Sharapova wiping the floor with a 6-1, 6-3 thrashing.No matter what she does, seeded or not, she is a tough opponent to play. I was determined out there. I really wanted the victory.Two more former world number ones renewed their rivalry when Ana Ivanovic downed Jelena Jankovic 7-5, 6 3. Thrrn more giggles than glares when men's top seed - rolled Radek Stepanek in 3. Joining Djokovic in the fourth round is David Ferrer, the Spanish fourth seed outclassing 2006 finalist Marcos Baghdatis in straight sets. Australian one-day cricket has hit rock bottom, according to skipper Michael Clarke. The Aussies have gone down 2-1 in the best of five series against Sri Lanka after an embarrassing display with the bat. It doesn't matter how much you play as a team, you don't play as a team, if you bat like that, you don't win many games of cricket.The Aussies were bowled out for just 74, with Sri Lanka winning by four wickets. Last place on the A-League ladder beckons for Sydney FC, unless they avoid a loss against Wellington this afternoon. At the other end of the table, the Reds gave up ground after a 2-0 loss to the Melbourne Heart. It took Heart four minutes to find their first goal. And the result was sealed just after half time.

The result leaves the Heart fifth on the competition ladder. Nike's multi-million dollar men, Tiger Woods and McIlroy have missed the cut at the Abu Dhabi Open. McIlroy is struggling to get used to his new clubs after signing a $25 million per-year 10-year deal just weeks ago. Coming up straight after the weather, we will dig deeper into the Lance Armstrong doping admission. Looking forward to that. We have the weather now with Jesinta Campbell. What is happening? Hello!Good morning, Cam! What do you call an eskimo's house without a bathroom? An ig! It takes two weeks to freeze the ice here. It takes over 40 man hours to create a sculpture like the Taj ma here! I don't have 40 hours and I've been learning tricks of the trade. I will be getting creative after we take a look at your local weather forecast.

I have my cube of ice here, big tools today. I have a chisel here - a Cold Chisel! A clipper, which was the original tool used to carve out ice well before power tools. This here is my secret weapon! I'm about to turn into Michael Anglo, creating an incredible sculpture, which I think you will be impressed with.I can barely contain myself, Jes!Now, returning to the Lance Armstrong story. It took only a few seconds to cut through more than a decade of denials about performance enhancing drugs. Yes or no. Was one of those banned substances EPO?Yes. Did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? Yes.Did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormones? Yes.Yes or no. In all seven of your Tour de France victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?Yes. Those yeses are reverberating around the world. And the voice of cycling, commentator Phil Liggett and Australian rider Scott Mcgrory, Olympic gold medallist, who competed against Lance Armstrong, are here. Lance said if he wanted to win the tour, he had to dope because everyone else was? Well, Cam, I'm not sure...InYour opinion, was it humanly possible to win the Tour de France without doping, seven times in a row?Not in my opinion. What do you think, Scott?Well, it is unfortunate that he does believe that, doesn't he? I think that lance's moral compass may have been broken during that period, and perhaps he never even had a moral compass. He admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs before he got cancer as well. The question really is how far back did it truly go. He said the mid-90s when he first started, then he got cancer in 1996, so he also - you wonder whether it was the drugs themselves that brought the onset of cancer into his body. So, yeah, look, during that period, from 1999 to 2005, an extraordinary run of victories. We now know it was a lie. He was cheating everybody. I think he also goes on to say that hoe didn't feel he was cheating - the most shocking thing to me. I'm not shocked by the admission of guilt. We were waiting for that. I was not expecting anything. Finally he has come out and admitted guilt. I'm happy for that. But I'm more shocked by the fact that he didn't feel he was cheating.There is where we would like to get insight from you. He went a lot further than that. He said that, in fact, banned substabss were just another part of the tool kit for any rider. On winning it, you had to keep on using banned substances to do it? Ah, yes. But - I'm not sure that this is an acceptable answer - but that's like saying, "We have to have air in our tyres" or "we have to have water in our bottles."Scott, everybody has air in their tyres, everybody has water in their bottles, did everybody have drugs in their system?I don't believe everybody did. I think that perhaps for Lance and the riders, if you look at the tours that he won, the riders that shared the podium with him, we can pretty much assume that they were all doing something similar to Lance. I think that is why he is taiing that he doesn't feel like he was cheating because the riders he was beating, directly, the second, third, fourth runner-up in the tours were tainted by drug-use as well. But you cannot paint everybody with the same brush. You know, not every cyclist during the generation were taking drugs. It is unfortunate that he uses those words. I think it is incorrect. He might be truthful and correct in the fact that the riders that he was racing to win the Tour de Frances were certainly using drugs as well.Well, Phil, if we could ask you to give us your thoughts. You know, he mentioned that-in-that interview - he hinted that there might have been five or six clean guys at the back of the peloton, admiring them greatly. At the time he ignored them. His central competitors, the guys he had to beat, were cheating. Do you believe it is so?Well, it is what Lance believes, that the sharp end of the peloton, the men competing to win the Tour de France, had some form of drug system of their own. He was doing the old belt-and-braces stunt - making sure he wasn't beaten. He went in with a well prepared team, they were not afraid to test any sort of drug out. Obviously, there are people behind the system, which have not been named yet. Armstrong was going to make sure that he would win the tours. He admitted his character, he said he is a bully, arrogant, brash, wins at all costs, takes all risks. He certainly proved that.He betrayed a lot of people.I don't know that I have a great answer. I will start my answer by saying that this is too late. It is too late for probably most people. That's my fault. You know, I

This situation asYou know, I view this situation as one big lie.It was a very long, prolonged lie. It was a vitreolic way that he attacked anyone who dared stand up to the lie. Phil, I've got to ask you - you know, we've spoken for so many years about Lance Armstrong, and, in very glowing terms for so long, you and I. You have been a staunch defender of the man. Do you feel personally let down by this guy?No more than anybody else, no more than the fans, no more than the television viewers. He was doing what he said - he was living one big lie. But there was no absolute proof of that lie. Really, absolute proof in a court of law, until he came out and confessed yesterday. It is alright getting 10 or 11 people to say, "Yeah, he has taken drugs." That, in the court of law, is not proof. It has come now. He has never given a positive dope test. How on earth has he managed to escape all those years without giving the hint of a possible dope test. There was a suspicious test in 2001 in the Tour de France which the laboratory said wasn't a positive test. He has lived a lie. How on earth he sat on such a secret and kept so many people to sit on the same secret - it is almost impossible to imagine.Well, it certainly is. You know, I would like to know what you feel about the reaction from around the world. So many people have said that he didn't say enough to Oprah. But I think it is loob - too much to ask for him to go into the legal details of everything, it is a TV interview. Will he be give an higher authority to answer to? Will we see one of the sporting or legal bodies put in front and centre, forcing him to explain the details? I think the case will go on for many more months now. We have heard the confession from his lips and the denialsen to same show from his lips of some years ago when he was under oath. Now he has quite clearly committed perjury. Floyd Landers committed perjury. He came clean later, no charges were proceeded against him as far as perjury. But I think that the government of the USA to v to go for him now. He has committed perjury. The 'Sunday Times' want their money back, they lost a case in the lawsuit, they said he took drugs and he said he didn't. He won. The Tour de France wants $3 million back. Even though it went most to the men who shopped him. His letter box will be busy for a long time to come.In the interview, he essentially admitted everything. It joo it is inexcusable. When I say that there are people who will hear this and will never forgive me, I understand that. Scott, what was your reaction? We are seeing Lance on the podium now, on the Champs Elysees. We saw him do it seven times. What is your reaction to the feeling in your gut as you watch the interview?Well, my heart races slightly when I hear the words that, you know, the admission of guilt. You know, like most riders, and true sports fans, I was a believer in Lance. I must say that when he first came back from cancer and won his first tour in 1999 I was doubtful. Dl was speculation that perhaps he was a different rider from pre-cancer to post-cancer. We were all trying to make up reasons as to why he was a much better rider, it was the weight loss, the upper body weight loss during cancer recovery that was able to make him climb better. Perhaps that certainly was a reason why he was climbing the mountains better than previously. But we are also trying to think that maybe there was a special medication that he had come across and that is why he was winning. The longer it went on, the more I started to believe in the fact this ewa was the pure athlete we thought. We were hoping that he was. But I guess it has come to light now. I'm a little bit heart broken by the whole situation. At the same time, I guess for my sport that I love, and commentate on now, along with Phil Liggett, we did the Olympics last year, passionate about the sport of cycling, perhaps this is the way forward - a deep cleansing for the entire sport. There are lots of questions raised by Lance in the interview, certain things that he decided not to say and not touch on. I think Phil touched on it himself - acknowledging that we need now to hear from the sports governing body. I think they were doing a fair bit to try to stamp out drug-use during the period but they were behind the game, so far behind Lance and his team. I think the last few years he has gone forward to clean the sport up.Quickly, Lance Armstrong, the best of the best or just a cheat? Oh, just a cheat. Clearly.And Phil, best of the best or just a cheat. The headline this morning in the local paper said, "King Con".Yeah. Alright, everybody feeling let down. Well, the battery operated Boeing 787 Dreamliners have been embraced by international airlines as a way to cut fuel costs but are grounded across the world amid safety concerns. Joining us now is Nathan Safe, the acting President for the International Pilots Association. What is the problem with these planes?The problem at the moment, the main problem, seems to be associated with the heavy reliance of the 787 placed on the use of eelectrics, the lithium ion battery. It is the same sort of technology that you find in every day consumer electronics like laptops and ie phones, just on a larger scale. This technology is still rapidly developing, has not really been put in use on such a large scale as commercial airliners. There appears to be issues with overheating or short circuiting of the batteries. Frightening. Over the past couple of weeks alone, oil leaks, failed brakes, fire in the cockpit. Should travellers be worried about these? Will they go back in the air?There is an old unwritten rule in aviation, you should be careful about buying the A model of any new aircraft types, even with aircraft like the A380, 747, a fantastic aircraft over the years. The initial models have generally always had their share of teething problems. The important thing is that failures of this nature, whilst they do make headlines, they generally don't ever result in serious consequences, or deaths or any serious emergencies. At the end of the day, you are always going to have some well-trained pilots to deal with the situations.Like yourself. Qantas has put in a pretty big order with Dreamliners, ordered 14 planes. What does it mean for travellers?From a passenger point of view, the 787 is an exciting aeroplane. The air in the cabin will be better for long distance travel, more humid, the temperature and the lighting will be better. Those who like window seats will have portal windows to look out of. All in all, a much better travel experience once the teething issues are solved. Hopefully it stays in the air. Hopefully.Thank you very much, Nathan. I appreciate it. News, sport and weather are next on Weekend Today. Ned Kelly's been laid to rest - a great Aussie mystery story coming up. This program is not captioned.

I did the deck over the holidays. Did you?Yeah.That is an interesting break! We had better get news with Davina. Good morning. 11 fires continue to burn across Victoria, claiming an elderly man's life in Seaton, destroying several homes. Cooler conditions overnight have tamed the blaze around 10km from the small town of Licola. But residents there are still on high alert. A fire front is working its way from the mountain to the springs and has the potential to run into the McAllister Valley.It is scary. It is scary. I thought, well, I'm not leaving my house and let it burn down. I have a sprinkler system all the way around it, under theer have Rwanda. I started that up and just flooded -- under the veranda. Hundreds of firefighters battled the 40,000 hectare blaze overnight, expecting winds to pick up again today with more flare-ups. Those people evacuated from their homes are being asked to register with the Red Cross. In NSW, firefighters will be hoping to get a head start on a naum better of large blazes across the state. -- number of large blazes across the state. 149 fires are burning. Crews have worked much of the night working to contain a large fire at Millingandi, near Merimbula. A fire west of Coonabarabran has destroyed 50 properties and it is burning within containment lines. We have breaking news now. Firefighters are battling a major building fire in Hobart. The blaze broke out in a shop building on Bathurst street around 3am. Ten crews are working to extinguish it. Residents in the inner-city area are requested to remain indoors and shut their windows. The blaze has caused the closure of Bathurst Street. And some other news this morning - there is reports that a man has been shot in the NSW southern highlands. Police are at the scene in Bowral, where a man is believed to have been shot twice in the chest and arm. He has been airlifted to Liverpool Hospital in a serious condition. A candle burning in a bedroom is believed to have sparked a massive house fire on the Gold Coast overnight. Neighbours captured this footage as the flames leapt into the air and tore through the rob in a home before midnight. Once -- Robina home before midnight. Once it gets into the roof of the house it is difficult to stop. Neighbours tried with garden hoses. There was no chance to stop it.A man was inside the house at the time. He managed to escape. But the home was completely destroyed. After Sydney's hottest day on record, the city has been lashed by strong gales overnight. The gusts brought down power lines and some trees. In the city's inner-west, branches crushed. This 4-wheel drive at Ashfield. The winds whipped up sand at Bondi, where hours earlier the beach was packed with people enjoying the sunshine and heat. All dogs may go to heaven but to cement their entry through the perily gates, dog owners in the US have lined up to have their Christian canines blessed the priest performed the ritual on St Anthony's Day, the patron saint of animals. Sport time now with Ros. The Australian cricket team has been told there is no excuse for a dismal batting performance against Sri Lanka. That is one of the country's worst-ever in one-day internationals. The hosts lost by four wickets at the gabba. They lost seven wickets in the first 15 overs. At one stage, they were 9/40.

A 34-run tenth wicket partnership saved a a little bit of face for the Aussies. Mitchell Starc received a standing ovation for reaching double figures. In tennis, Maria Sharapova continues her strong form at the Australian Open, thrashing Venus Williams 6-1, 6-3 last night. The Russian world number two is recovering from a collarbone injury which shortened her Aussie Open preparation.It gives me an opportunity to come here, starting on Rod Laver a few days earlier than other players.David Ferrer had a straight-sets win last night, easily accounting for Marcos Baghdatis in three. The maerz is up to fiftr fifth - Melbourne Heart is up to fifth on the ladder. The Heart scored early in each half to seal the victory. In the AFL, pre- season injuries are no longer a concern, according to Essendon. They've adopted a new training regime ahead of the upcoming season and insist they are fitter than over. They are not telling anyone what the regime is, though. James, Magnussen has the winning feeling back. He dominated the opening day of the Super Series Meet in Perth with victory in the 100m freestyle. He is a confident young man. Bernard Tomic is world number 43 at the moment, taking on world number 2, Roger Federer tonight. He said that if there is any time to beat ronger it is now. He is unbeaten this year.Er from speaking about Tomic was frank. He said, "You can say you want to be a top 10 player but there is a big difference in saying that and being one. They are a lot tougher than you think."You know what I think is interesting for Roger Federer, he's probably seen the interview grabs from when Tomic was a kid saying, "One day I will take down Roger Federer." It is a date with destiny. Federer has been great for so long. The kids who want grew up admiring him are playing him.Tomic is a confident man. Roger is humble. So humble.What do you call on it? Federer. Tomic will put up a fight but Roger is all class.Alright. Stay with us. Coming up - first comes the lie, and then comes the confession. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. I did have a relationship with Ms. Lee win ski which was not appropriate.

I'm a little bit warmer now, because I'm here at the ski lodge, one of the many things on offer at the Chill on Ice here in Melbourne city. They offer awesome hospitality, serving lunch and dinner daily. I'm told they make the best white hot chocolate in all of Australia! I will pop my marsh mall low in and put it to the test.

You can hold your next party here. But it is not not just for the adults. There is holiday fun and activities on offer for all of the kids. In the next half hour, I will take you on a sneak peek for what is on offer here for the kiddies. I've gathered some excited efrbg mows. We will give you -- efpblg mows. We will give you a peek of what is on offer. Alright, more on the reaction to the Lance Armstrong interview - that is coming up next. We meet the Aussie by breaking the land speed record by travelling over 800km/h. It is coming up on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. At Coles, there's now more
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Welcome back to Weekend Today.It is time for What's Making News. Joining us is Robin Bailey. The interview everyone is talking about. Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey. The story was perfect for so long. Mm-hm. And I mean that, and I try to take myself out of the situation and I look at it. You overcome the disease, you win the Tour de France seven times, you have a happy marriage, you have children - I mean, it is just this mystic perfect story.Yes.It wasn't true. Certainly wasn't! What do you think? How did you think he did yesterday?Well, I watched the whole thing. I was really interested. Then I went back and wafd it again - I was so interested in it. The thing for me, like a lot of people are doing this morning, did he really mean it? The thing I would say about Lance Armstrong is he is a bloke - and' admitted this - raised by his young mother, mostly as a single child, growing up. And he was fighting and he learned in his childhood, obviously, to compartmentalise the way he views the world. Certainly, yesterday, that's what I thought he was doing. You know, he discussed everything. I think he has actually admitted. I think he honestly, as far as he is concerned, is coming out and dealing with it the way he does - which is upfront and honest. But the thing is that I think the regs of the world were expecting him to maybe break down, or to get upset, or to show some sort of remorse. It won't happen. This bloke has fought cancer, and it didn't happen. Why do you think he is confessing to Oprah that somehow he will find his emotions? I do believe him. I think that as far as he is capable of, he is standing there and being honest. I understand why he didn't want to name other people - that is a whole lot of other litigation. I think when the authorities get a hold of him, that's when he will have to do it. I don't think necessarily it was the time to do it with Oprah Winfrey. But you know, for me, I thought as much as Lance Armstrong as ever going to be honest, that is what he was trying to do yesterday. After the big confessionals we start to see the public start to forgive the person. Will that happen in this case or it is too far gone - he was provocative, tweeting photos of his seven yellow jerseys only a couple of months ago, saying, "Look at me, I'm a champion."I think with Lance Armstrong, he needs to go away and get out of the public eye. The thing I found most interesting about the part of the interview yesterday when he was talking about those people that he not only hurt personally but publicly humiliated them for years. When Oprah asked had they forgiven him, his answer was, "Of course not. I've hurt them way too badly." He needs to get away, get out of the public spotlight. Whether the public forgives him or not, I don't know, I think we will end up seeing Lance Armstrong in jail. I think the implications and the ramifications of this are huge! You know, he will be going away. We won't be able to see him, whether he comes out of jail - if that is what ends up happening - maybe then, if he comes back and does something great for his humanitarian causes but he has done what he has done, and let the legal system take him from here. Whether he is forgiven or not he has broken hearts around the world. One US law-maker is calling for a tax on violent games as part of the effort to combat gun crime. What do you think about this? Is violence on screen really to blame for gun crime?Oh, yes. Dianne Franklin is the US senator who has said this, and she is saying it is on violent video games. Of course, the video game community is saying, "It is not our fault." In the last 50 years, technology has enabled all of us to view violence in a much more upfront and personal way. Whether it is on video games, in the movies, on TV, I think it is now just a part of life. But, you know, as a mother