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(generated from captions) I think the body language is saying,
"I want sympathy" here. Body language and behaviour expert
Michael Kelly dissected Armstrong's performance and what motivated it. Transfusions and testosterone, which, in a weird way,
I almost justified it because of my history, obviously
with testicular cancer and losing. Mm-hm. I think talking about his cancer - he's trying to get
the sympathy vote, I'll just drop that cancer in. All the fault and all the blame
falls on me. I certainly couldn't handle it and I was used to controlling
everything in my life. I controlled every outcome. Overall, the interview is that, "you should believe that
I was under tremendous pressure "and you may have done
what I would had done "so don't judge me so harshly." I will spend the rest of my life
trying to earn back trust and apologise to people
for the rest of my life. The only time I think he was lying
when Oprah asked him, "Did you force people to take
performance-enhancing drugs?" The idea that anybody was forced
or pressured or encouraged was not true.

I'm out of the business
of calling somebody a liar but if you ask me
if it's true or not, then I'm going to say
that's not true. I think he was lying there. This is really the last stage of
desperation for Lance Armstrong. He's tried everything else. It left just one option -
crisis management. Anthony McClellan
is an expert in the field. Confessing all on Oprah he says it was a well-thought out
and stage-managed strategy. One of the mistakes he made was that
he didn't say sorry quickly enough. It took him 11 minutes
to say that he was sorry. I think he should've answered
with a yes. "Yes, I've done it and I'm really
sorry that I've done it." I mean, he didn't tap into
the emotions that he should've been tapping into
quickly enough. isn't just about saving face
and appeasing fans - potentially a stint in jail awaits for the former hero to millions. In the US,
more people have been jailed for lying about their drug taking than actually about the drug taking. Andrew Stone from the
Australian Lawyer's Alliance says Armstrong was careful in the detail. But if proven he lied under oath
about his drug use, he could be charged with perjury. People get hefty jail terms
for lying on oath. And then there's
the financial fallout. Armstrong ruthlessly
went after and sued almost anyone
who said he was a drug cheat. Like Britain's 'The Sunday Times' who paid out $500,000 in 2006
to settle a libel lawsuit. They're not the only ones who are
likely to want their money back, plus interest. Armstrong's seven Tour de France
wins netted him $4 million
in prize money. On top of that, he got $7.5 million
in Tour victory bonuses. Sponsorship deals earned him an
estimated $20 million-plus annually. Guest speaking appearances,
$200,000 a pop. His net total worth,
an estimated $125 million. It looms as one of sport's
greatest falls from grace. This story is far from over. Dozens of western hostages
being held at a gas plant in Algeria have reportedly been killed during a raid to try to free them. 41 foreigners were taken hostage
by Islamic militants at the BP plant on Wednesday. This morning the Algerian military launched
a dramatic rescue bid but it is feared as many
as 30 hostages lost their lives. I think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility
of bad news ahead. 11 militants also died
in the attack. They were demanding an end
to France's intervention in neighbouring Mali. A pregnant woman and her family have been forced
into crisis accommodation through a clever scam being run through a popular
Australian website. Today Tonight's Neil Doorley reports
it's a trap anyone could fall into. Basically, all I want is for the kids to be settled
before Bubby is born. That's all I want for them -
the best for my kids. You might think you've found
a bargain second-hand car, boat or even rental accommodation but what you've really done is just fallen into the trap
of a scammer. Not worried about me,
just the kids. Karen Chard's family
has been ripped off $1,300 after paying bond
on a house that didn't exist. She had us all, um, yeah, fooled.

Fooled by a sophisticated scam which police say is cashing in
on people's desperation. We've seen it become
particularly more active in the last few weeks. She is a scumbag. Karen Chard's daughter Candice,
who is six months pregnant, became one of her first victims after posting an online plea
on Gumtree to find somewhere
to live for her young family, who are now being forced
to stay with her mum in crisis accommodation. This is emergency housing. It's for people
that are in emergency. My kids are in emergency. It didn't take long for a woman posing as a doctor
with the Malaysian AIDS Council to respond, claiming she was looking for tenants for a 4-bedroom house
in Queensland's Hervey Bay. We had a few conversations with her
over the next couple of days. So keen was she
to sign up the family, she was even willing
to drop the rent to help them out. She had it for rent for $300 a week but because I couldn't afford that, she said
she'd put it down to $260 for me. Seemingly
the answer to their prayers, the family inspected the property. It all looked legitimate? There was no 'For Rent' sign
out the front but, yep, this was the house
that she told us about, so... But it was all part
of an elaborate con. They're targeting people that
are looking for cheap accommodation

and they're simply
cloning legitimate adverts that are appearing online. Superintendent Brian Hay
heads Queensland's Fraud Squad. It's a fraudster at the other end
and they're gonna rip you off. We were really looking forward
to getting our own house. Because you've been trying
for so long? Yeah. It only became obvious that
that wasn't going to happen when the family didn't hear back
from the bogus landlady after depositing the $1,300
into her bank account. If you're dealing
with entities overseas and the money leaves this country, you've got little hope of recovery. They've got no conscience. I really don't understand
how they could do it with no conscience. The family's still looking
for somewhere to live but for now,
are making do at Karen's place where she's being forced
to stay in the garage because of the lack of space. Is it hard living in the garage?
Very. But she's not complaining. She's just hoping a change of luck will result in a change of address
for her daughter's family. We'd had a few troubles
in the last few years and we were hoping
this would be the end of it, this would be
the new beginning for them, but obviously not.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael and Bernard Tomic is ready
for Roger Federer? Mark, Tomic says this is his time. We'll hear plenty from him next. As Bernie and Roger prepare
for an Open showdown Novak Djokovic eyes off
a third straight title. Australia all out for 74 but the bowlers hit back
in a one-day thriller. And will Jamie Lyon quit Manly? That's next.

Michael Clarke and Dave Warner
returned, but Australia's batsmen
were humiliated by Sri Lanka at the Gabba. Only Mitchell Starc and
Xavier Doherty made double figures. The Aussies bowled out for 74. Sri Lanka stumbled, too,
reaching 4/48 at the break. Winning the toss
was the highlight for Australia. The big three were back, but Clarke, Wade and Warner
made just 21 between them. COMMENTATOR: Warner doesn't get it,
in the middle of the bat. Two more brilliant catches
had the Aussies reeling. The home side were blown apart
by the sultans of swing. Kulasekara - has got a shout!

And he's been given! Bowl! Go, he's bowled him! Yes! 5/28,
Nuwan Kulasekara almost unplayable. Henriques cleared of injury, his first international
in three years lasted two balls. Aw, he's bowled him! Another one! He's got another one! He bowled 10 straight.
Enter Malinga the Slinger. Yes, another one! Oh, there it is! At 9/40, it was carnage. Australia's all-time ODI low was 70. Reaching double figures
became a milestone. Total humiliation avoided by a 34-run stand from Starc
and Doherty - 74 all out.

Defending the undependable, Warner gave them a sniff.

The big statements keep coming
from Bernard Tomic, who says he's ready
to beat Roger Federer at the Australian Open
tomorrow night. Federer booked
their third-round clash, thrashing Nikolay Davydenko
last night. Today, Novak Djokovic eased into
the fourth round. The world number one
is not quite out of the spotlight. So much joy and brings
a lot of positive energy. Novak Djokovic
eyed off Radek Stepanek, who had to scramble for every point
against the defending champion. JIM COURIER: Cue the highlight reel! In desperation,
Stepanek camped at the net but there was no stopping
the 'Djoker', through in three. Terrific match! Graceful and pretty in pink Roger Federer crushed
Nikolay Davydenko, setting up his third-round showdown
with Bernard Tomic. He seems more of a guy
who likes to be on Centre Court, he likes playing the top guys
and feels he already belongs there. I'm not gonna stop here.
It doesn't satisfy me. Last year, Tomic was like a child
in awe of his idol, losing to Federer
in the fourth round. Was good to watch.
(ALL LAUGH) Even for me! He's done a lot of growing up
since then. I feel so confident and this is
the perfect time to play him. I think it's important
to be confident, to a degree. Federer says he hasn't been offended
by Tomic's sniping or studied
the Aussie's improved game. I haven't seen that much,
quite honestly, so it's hard for me to comment. I'll find out
many, many things in a few days. Today, Ana Ivanovic won the battle
of the Serbs in straight sets over Jelena Jankovic. Former finalist Li Na
is also through while Angelique Kerber's win
came with a birthday treat. Thank you!

It'll be all power when Maria Sharapova
takes on Venus Williams tonight before David Ferrer
versus Marcos Baghdatis. Live on Seven,
straight after Seven News. Manly captain Jamie Lyon says he won't ask for a release
to join the Gold Coast. believed to be worth $2 million. After claims Lyon would seek
an immediate release from Manly he issued a statement saying he will honour the final year
of his contract with the Sea Eagles. Lyons says his "loyalty and commitment
to Manly remains uncompromised".

After their heated confrontation
against the Heart Alessandro Del Piero and Ali Abbas
have shown they're back on the same page before Sydney FC's home clash
with Wellington. Yes, it's passion for me,
it's passion. Yes, first of all, you're right,
passion for play, passion for win. New striker Joel Griffiths
will play tomorrow. The NRL community is mourning the
tragic loss of Parramatta forward Jon Mannah. The younger brother
of Blues prop Tim, Jon passed away last night after a
long fight with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The popular 23-year-old
played 24 NRL games for Cronulla. From everyone here at

From everyone here at Channel 7, our condolences and best wishes. It is a very sad day.

A warning about
Australia's expanding population. And a new honour
for Aussie music legends. That's next.

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The great population debate
is causing major division around the nation. Big business and many politicians
believe a bigger Australia is better for our
economy and our overall wellbeing, but it's certainly not the view
of everyone. Today Tonight's Damien Hansen
reports a visiting US expert from is warning
bigger is not better. Australia has an incredibly
out-of-synch immigration policy in terms of numbers, and it just,
it's simply not sustainable. Populate at our peril - it's the stark warning visiting US population control
lobbyist Roy Beck has for Australian policymakers
and politicians. You seem to have a government that believes in constantly raising
the population densities and spreading the population
over more and more habitat, urbanising, destroying farmland as well as
the natural flora and fauna. The United States is doing that. As of midday today, Australia's population
is projected to be 22,891,142 and the question
of how many is too many has divided Australians
since the post-war 1940s. They're coming over
too many at a time. In my opinion,
I think Australia's underpopulated. Personally, I think overpopulated. It's probably underpopulated. I know that Australia is one of the fastest-growing countries
in the world, and I wonder why the government of this country
is pushing so hard to force Australians
to live like Americans - the bad part of living
like Americans. Beck is touring Australia, meeting with advocates
of lower immigration. His visit comes after the Gillard Government agreed to up the intake of refugees
this year from 14,000 to 20,000.

There's many people who say
that it would be a great goal to say Australia should not
go above 26 million. He's warning Australia is at risk of adopting US-style policies
on immigration that he says have failed. He blames migration levels
in his homeland for a weak jobs market
and lower wages. The people who are trying to stabilise
the population of Australia are not trying to end immigration - they're just trying to bring it back
to a more reasonable level. According to
the Immigration Department, the number of places available
in the Australian migration program for 2012-2013 is 190,000, which is 5,000 more
than the 2011-2012 planning level. Cutting immigration is not
in Australia's national interest. Carla Wilshire from
the Australian Migration Council says Beck's is a flawed argument. There are a whole host
of economic reasons that we need migration. In particular, it's a key driver
in terms of skills and Australia needs those skills
in order to develop and grow. But Beck believes
the country should grow slower and maintains his restrictions
would be on the number of people coming, not where they come from. Australia is a unique country
as a migration nation. We have had a long tradition and a lot of practice
in getting these policies right. You don't run the risk
of being racist if you make it clear that your immigration policy
has no racial aspect to it. Some of our favourite
Aussie music legends have been given
the stamp of approval to grace millions of envelopes. A new range of Australia Post stamps
includes images of Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John,
INXS and Molly Meldrum. The outpouring of love for Molly
when he fell over 1.5 years ago and he's so lucky to be alive showed what Australia thinks and as much as I'm his best mate
I ain't licking that stamp! Before 1997 the only living people
to appear on our stamps were members of the Royal Family. Checking finance now. The share market finished
the week higher. The ASX 200 was up 15 points. Rio Tinto shares jumped 2% following the sudden resignation of its chief executive. Mixed results from the banks - NAB was the best of them, up by more than 1%.

Still to come in Seven News - we'll get an update on bushfires
threatening homes. And a cool change is coming. The latest on when it will hit,

Now for the latest
on the state's bushfires and straight to Rural Fire
Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. We're hearing reports of homes
being lost in the Bega Valley. What can you tell us?

That is right. Unfortunately this afternoon, we have got reports that two homes have been destroyed and a number of other buildings. We only had two fires left with emergency warnings. That is the Begu Valley fire and a new fire that has been identified 12 kilometres to the west of the south and Yarra. We have issued an emergency warning there. -- South Nowra. We're looking at a fire that has been stopped with forward progress. We have new fire starting up as a result of dry lightning storms. Everywhere from northern Sydney, across the Rangers, right out to places like Garbo and Wellington. We will watch all those Firebrands. More than 100 Fire grounds, 25 still not contained. A long night ahead left for firefighters and those affected. Will cooler conditions this weekend
make a big difference? those affected. They will. There is any indication we could

any indication we could see some shower activity in the north-east and that could extend to the enormous fire in Coonabarabran. Nothing mean a fall state-wide and we're expecting another weather system early next week so some relief over the weekend but not the rain we had been looking for.

Today's extreme heat has meant train commuters are facing
a frustrating trip home tonight with services delayed
by up to an hour. Overhead wiring and signal problems
are causing major disruptions across the network. People are being told to call
the Transport Infoline on 131-500 or check the CityRail website
for updates. Now, back to Sally,
and has the cool change hit? Not yet.

Not yet. It is fairly hot in the city at the moment and humid. We saw a few showers move through the CBD. That cool change is slowly starting to sweep towards us right now. Wollongong has had some Storm to be. The change could trigger thunderstorms with damaging wins.

Sydney hasn't seen a day as hot
as this in 155 years of records. The seabreeze just stopped short
of reaching the city, that's why it got so hot. Once it moved in, things cooled off by 10 degrees
in the hour. We smashed records
across the suburbs. Nine suburbs in the east and west
had their hottest day ever and in the last hour or two we've already seem storm cells
whip up 80km/h winds across Sydney, along with some isolated falls
of around 5mm. From the satellite you can now see cloud billowing
across the north. That is the monsoon trough
which has now kicked in and that will help slowly break
that intense heat that has built up
across the country. Around the capitals

On the water tomorrow:

We will see a shower or two
and a thunderstorm tonight. That should ease tomorrow with a 20 degree difference
from what we saw today. 25 the top.

Damaging winds will be the big issue
over the next couple of hours with gale to storm-force gusts
up to 100km/h possible between 8-9pm.

These will be most likely
along the coast. It will stay a bit wet
across the weekend.

Temperatures will rise again
next week into the high 30S for the west.

I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a safe weekend. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams,
they are on first, it will be two of the former world number one, going head-to-head. Welcome to our New South Wales and Victorian viewers who have just rejoinned. It is night five at the Australian Open. Up first, Maria Sharapova who won Wimbledon at 17 against Venus Williams. They are both playing each other to try and get a berth in the last 16 of the women's draw. Venus and Maria, their first names is your fys when talking about them. They have been around so long, in the third round, they play before David Ferrer and Marcos Baghdatis. If you haven't seen David Ferrer play, the most humble Spaniard on tour. The fourth seed here, Venus and Maria are up first. They both scaled the game's highest peaks. Both Wimbledon winners at such early ages. Both super earner, super brands, super players. They are both about to are both about to walk on to Rod Laver Arena tonight. Venus, whose sister is the favourite for the tournament has so many battles with injury but she has been starting to claw her way back into the tournament. She has just dropped 7 games. Maria Sharapova, she hasn't dropped a game at all, would you believe. 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.

ANNOUNCER: Announce ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome on Centre Court, from United States of America, Venus Williams. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE). And her opponent is the second seed in the tournament, from Russia, Maria Sharapova. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE). Such popular individuals, Venus and Maria. They are two of the ladies that have changed the game for ever.

In world sports, there are few bigger, in presence, or pen why or bigger, in presence, or pen why or bigger, in presence, or pen why bigger, in presence, or pen bigger, in presence, Or persona or power. Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams are two of the highest profile athletes on the profile athletes on the planet. Between them, career Between them, career earnings over $ Between them, career earnings over $50 million. They have won 11 Grand