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Good morning. We begin with the bushfire emergency unfolding in eastern Victoria where at least one home has been destroyed and possibly more in the fast moving blaze. Live now to Nine's Andrew Lund in Heyfield for the latest. Andrew, what's the situation there now? Just a few minutes ago officials confirmed up to five houses have been lost in this emergency so far. The fire is still burning out of control. Those

emergency so far. The fire is still
burning out of control. Those homes were lost in the last few years. The wind has changed direction, a cool change has moved through. It has changed the

cool change has moved through. It
has changed the direction of the fire. It has not told firefighters that much. The wins has strengthened. The good news is, at the Tampa we are in now is not under threat, but there's still plenty of properties that are. The see if they think they're in for a very long day.It is a little bit chaotic around the area because there are numerous spot fires coming out of the main front in the bush. If you can see smoke and flame it is probably best to stay in your houses and a shelter in place. If not, and there is the ability to leave and it is safe to do so, then they should do that. You mention that the wind has changed direction. That must make crews anxious. They're doing everything they can to protect properties. The fire Isner heading towards the stern as well. We are seeing quite a few grass fires around properties. They have been whipping up quite quickly with this winter. They're easy to fight in grassland rather than those in the canopies. The water bombs have been back in action trying to get some of their crowning to stop. It is going from three to three quite quickly. The windows of topping things. Officials say that the fires could go well enter the weekend. Thankmac. A watch and act warning remains in place for those in Bundaleer North in SA's and ignored. Firefighters be changing conditions could push the blaze towards homes in Jamestown. It has been burning out of control for days and is so big that the Country Fire Authority has called for reinforcements.We had calls to other fires yesterday, but we Slamet from this far.Residents without a bushfire plan I advised to leave now if it is safe to do so. Three big bushfires Ara concerning the South Wales. The West continues to be the Coonabarabran praise in the state's north-west which has already destroyed 51 homes. As Sydney ones are, firefighters have already had a scare in the Sydney's west. There was a very close call. Penrith late yesterday as a grassfire took off quite quickly in Parklands mayor enter his road. Fire crews were called here at about 5:30pm yesterday. At that stage, the nippy in a Aquatics Centre had to be evacuated as flames came within metres of the swimming pool. They are also fears that the flames may threaten a nearby industrial area. Thankfully they managed to get this fire under control late last night. Fire investigators and police will be looking into the cause of his plays. Officers from the strike force are cracking down on last Nissan will be looking at whether or not this was deliberately lit. Fire crews will be on alert after what has been a horror two weeks for a while volunteer brigade. Today they are expecting very hot temperatures across the state along with gusty north-westerly winds. In Sydney, Penrith will be 43 degrees this afternoon, while in the City it will be 39 degrees. A cross the state, buyers are still burning at Coonabarabran and Cooma. At Boomer Bay are expecting extreme up by conditions today. -- Houma. By authorities are saying that today might not be quite as hot as last Tuesday but that does not mean that the fire threat is any less significant. Their ageing us to heed the warnings and be prepared to act in the case of another emergency. Long delays on the M1 in Brisbane this morning after a crash between a motorcycle and a ute. The rider died instantly. The female driver of the ute was taken to hospital with minor injuries. All- star band roads were closed and there has to lengthy delays in the area. The death of Malmo Manjimup - - Jill Meagher shocked the nation last September. Now the man accused of murdering the 29-year-old is about to appear in court via video link. 41-year-old Adrian Ernest Bayley is due to appear in the Meldrum -- Melbourne magistrates' court and the day-to-day via video link. This is a committal mention which effectively takes progress in the lead-up to the committal. It is understood that he will seek leave to cross-examine a witness. This could be an indication that he plans to plead not guilty will as the case move towards a committal anti follows opportunities to plead guilty. If that is the case, we will probably go to the Supreme Court for a male rape trial. 29- year-old Jill Meagher move from Ireland to Melbourne three years ago. It is alleged he is that -- was abducted on SEP- 22nd while walking home from a bar. Wiston in hindsight is a wonderful thing and Julia Gillard things are founding fathers would have ditched the States if they had their time over. The Prime Minister has often tangled with the now mostly conservative state premiers as she tries to push through reforms. Lane Calcutt is in camera for us. Lane, what brought all of this about? The prime minister is not talking about abolishing the States. Under the constitution they can't. And besides, as Julia Gillard says that there would be no State of Origin football and there would create its own garage. But in echoing John Howard's views, she says that if the founding fathers had to do It Again there would beand she would like to see large regional councils instead. And while she acknowledges that there are good days they are also plenty of bad days and frustrations.There are days when I would sit in my office and say to myself, "there would be things there would be easy I was not negotiating all four of them. Those caught by we will not get them out of the picture. We have got a lot done.It is not widely known that at the end of the day, when she has been speeding ahead against the wall and sticking pins in Campbell Newman dolls, she relaxes by knitting. She says it is the perfect way to wind down when she has a lot on her plate and on her mind.The thing that is good about the knitting is that it takes enough of your attention that your mind cannot be bracing a million mph on everything else, but it is repetitive and consequently soothing. It helps to transition from works speed to Anita go to bed now.If you need anything for winter, rising out and I will try and put an order in for you. A scarf would be nice. Cold Chisel, Olivia Newton-John and Kylie are among the stars who will appear on Australia Post's latest stamps. 10 of the country's most famous singers and musicians are being immortalised as part of the legends collection. They'll appear on letters as part of the Australia Day celebrations. Let us have a quick

Day celebrations. Let us have a
quick look at the weather across the country. A fine day for Brisbane.

Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour, including a man in his 40s dies after falling down the stairs on the Gold Coast. Also, Jakarta is hit by devastating floods as the Indonesian capital struggles with monsoon rain. And how millions got behind these siblings in their quest for a puppy.

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Let us return to the major bushfire emergency in eastern Victoria, it is threatening homes and lives. This is the situation as we know of. At least five homes have been lost around season and a field. More than 25,000 hectares of land have been scorched. The fire is moving in a north-easterly direction with a wind change coming through.

An emergency warning has been issued for residents in Ku-ring-gai love. They a total five beds in place for West and South Gippsland. -- fire bans.

A 40-year-old man has died after falling down a flight of stairs at a popular residential building for university students on the Gold Coast. Nine's Chris O'Keefe has the details. It has been a tragic morning. This of their city Daleks unit block. A man was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell. -- Varsity Lakes. The man was found unconscious and not breathing. It is believed he slipped down a flight of stairs before breaking his neck. Ambulance crews arrive but were unable to revive him.The police were called to the apartment shortly after 7am. Our initial inquiries tend to show that a male person, 40 years old, had throat -- fallen down a flight of stairs and had passed away. At this point in time we have detectives investigating.This is a popular residential building for those studying at Bond University. Police have confirmed that the man is not a student. Forensic teams are trying to work out how far this man fell. They say that the circumstances around it and not suspicious and nobody else is involved. A 28-year-old man has been charged in Western Australia over the murder of convicted drug trafficker Stephen Cookson. A young girl found the 56-year-old's severed head on a beach at Rottnest Island 12 days ago. The chief executive of Rio Tinto has resigned after announcing billions of dollars in write-downs. Tom Albanese was a key player in acquiring the mining company's aluminium assets, and its coal division in Mozambique, which together suffered a $14 billion loss in market value. He steps down immediately to be replaced by the company's Perth-based iron ore executive Sam Walsh. The businessman leaves without a golden handshake or any of his bonuses, but will collect around $19 million in share options. Seven able had been killed and more than 20,000 have been forced from their homes as devastating floods hit Jakarta. Eddie Monsoon Lauraine it brought chaos to the Indonesian capital. The train and bus network can shut down and rose to the airport are blocked. Torrential rain has also pummelled farmland in the worst floods to keep the nation in five years. A family in the US has asked people across the world for help to get them a bobby. The siblings asked for one million lives on Facebook -- on a Facebook photo to encourage their dad to get mad dog. This all-American family of seven seems to have it all. Except for one thing.Our dog passed away and they wanted a new dog. They kept asking us for a new dog.So when the children. Frail little buddy, mum and dad were not so quick to give in.I said to them, if we get many likes of Facebook coming get a dog?I agree, thinking there was no way it could happen.And so a global there ensued. The two of imposing his 32 Facebook and getting more than one million likes in at just seven hours.They proved dad wrong.Still ahead this morning - we'll have the latest on the bushfire battle in Victoria. The swimmer facing court after he allegedly stole a scooter and crashed it into a pub. And the sharks spotting having a feeding frenzy off the Sunshine Coast. This program is not captioned. (OPERATIC SOLO)

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This program is not captioned. Let's return to the bushfire situation in eastern Victoria. I'm joined now on the phone by Peter Baker from the Country Fire Authority. No place that is moving east at the moment, the Gippsland area, can you tell us which towns under threat?At the moment, but when Maggie and Glenn the point, Danny southern end of the fire. They are under threat due to the winced change.

They are under threat due to the
winced change. It is pushing the fire directly at those towns as we speak.In

speak.In terms of Le Colo, you're saying it is too late to move? Campers have been withdrawn by a Victorian police. No people getting it up into the area, no public. And from that. People in the town had been advised that it is too late and they shed state and enact their fire plan.There have been reports of homes being lost. Have you in Nambour on how many so far? Yesterday, I understand that there were four sheds and one house last. This morning we're getting unconfirmed reports of more structures, be a house is or should I am not sure. I do not have a number at this stage.What is your advice to residents as we speak about what they should do in those areas?The advice is to seek information from all possible means, but that is the information that will come via electronic means, the fine, the internet, to alter their neighbours, and also the situation we are aware.We have heard that the cool change has been moving through, it is not necessarily make Bill Ivey easier. It can make it tougher, but it?The cool change has hit the bottom of the fire. There will turn the direction of the fire. In simple terms, it will take the head of the fire from the front to the side of the fire. It becomes a very wide fire moving in a different direction. To compound that, the couple wins will take some hours to move in the direction of the ground wins. Any Asch, embers, it looks that are being carried along by the thermal updraft, even though the fire is heading in one direction, that spillage or spotting from the fire will be heading in the original direction for some hours to come. So the fire is far from over. We will let you get back to it. So my cheque in Eamon Sullivan has been charged over an incident that happened in Adelaide last October. He is accused of taking a painter's scooter and pressing it enjoy pub table. PRI people were injured in the collision. Police have reviewed security footage and have decided to proceed with a charge of disorderly conduct. He is due to appear in court next month. One of the main streets in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, was shut down this morning after a burst water main rid of a food bar and said water gushing into Limestone Street. Commuters were forced to avoid the area while emergency crews repaired the pipe in time for the traffic in the morning peak. The hostage crisis at BP's gas plant in Algeria is concerning governments across the world as reports from Africa say 35 workers have been killed by Islamist militants. Up to 42 foreign nationals were captured including American and British citizens. Some did manage to escape, but the fate of the others is unknown. Even now, hours after reports of assaults on his compound have emerged, reports are sketchy. It is certain that Algerian forces attacked the facility. What is unknown is exactly what happened to all the hostages. One family have the answer. In Belfast they got the call to say that this Irish hostage is alive and free. It is news they feed it not hearing.His wife those, Stephen had phoned her.I cannot even explain my excitement. I cannot wait until he gets time.Be other families will now be fearing the worst with local reports of many dead at the facility. It is believed the kidnappers were attending to leave the compound with the hostages when Algerian forces opened fire from the air. It is not known where they are being held in the space or where Algerian forces started the operation to free the forces. What is known is that other governments were not forewarned. The British Prime Minister among those who learned of the attack only once it was under way. Those governments will now have to do with the consequences. It looks like they have rushed into it, but we do not know if they have had their hands tied. They could have base their decisions on what was going on in the cab at the time. Plenty of questions are already being asked of the Algerians. Why they chose to act while others were seeking a diplomatic solution. It was a diplomatic crisis that they took control. The unilateral action it has stirred international Lyle with the US seeking clarity, the British Prime Minister fearing a fire -- for the news. And semi families waiting to hear what has happened to their loved ones. There has been an unsettling sight for Sunshine Coast holidaymakers with a school of sharks spotted lurking in waters just north of Noosa. The two major predators were just a short distance from shore, feeding on a large group of bait fish. The Sharks did, however, share with a pot of dolphins who also keen to grab a snack. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - a bushfire emergency in wastern Victoria as a fire burns dangerously close to homes. And in New South Wales, the state's biggest blaze breaks containment lines. And just over two hours to go until Lance Armstrong's tell-all interview with Oprah is revealed. This program is not captioned. (OPERATIC SOLO)

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Welcome back. You're watching Nine's Morning News Hour. If you've just joined us, these are our top stories. A bushfire emergency is unfolding in eastern Victoria, where at least one home has been ferocious blaze. -- five hands. In New South Wales, the worst fire in a decade has jumped containment lines at Coonabarabran. And the man accused of raping and murdering Melbourne woman Jill Meagher is due to appear in court. CFA has warned alliance and homes are under threat by a major bushfire tearing through eastern Victoria. Five homes had been reported to be destroyed. Residents are told it is too late to leave. Tell us about the blaze that has been living in there. What towns are under threat.That a huge cloud behind me is the fire that is more than 20,000 hectares... Burst out more than 20,000 hectares.

Only one road in and out of one town. Residents had been told it is too late to leave their town. Fire crews are doing everything they can to protect properties in that area. This blaze is out of control.All people are safe at this time. We do expect we will be here, protective properties for all of today. And given the amount of forest that is now burning, we expect to be here for over one week.Tell us about conditions today.They seem to have deteriorated in the last couple of hours. It has brought some gusty winds. Things were quite calm earlier this morning. We have very strong winds. They are part -- blowing the fire in a north-east direction. It is moving it would some other towns. There are up to five homes confirmed last. CFA are concerned more could go through the day. It is very difficult for the firefighters to get on top of it. Grass fires were moving very quickly, fans by these flames. Forest fires are extremely hard to get on top of Whitby's strong winds. Thank you. In NSW, the blaze that causes the most concern continues to be the cooma mac fire. -- Coonabarabran. It has broken some of its containment lines. We are standing on the southern side of the blaze, around 40 kilometres out of Coonabarabran. It has broken to containment lines early this morning. It burns the through 11 kilometres of grassland. Fire is threatening property in this area. A lot of resources are here at the moment. This is not back burning. This is property protection and fire fighting. This happened around 5:30am. If this has happened so only in the day, what will happen for the rest of the day? The hot north-westerly winds will begin in the afternoons. The aerial teams have brought in were the Bombers. They do not want it getting any further out of control. This is what firefighters did not want to happen. Police are investigating whether arsonists are responsible for a blaze in Sydney's west. Flames from the outbreak came within metres of a cornet centre. It destroyed about 20 hectares of parkland. There will also fears it could threaten a nearby industrial estate before firefighters managed to contain at last night. In SA, a out of control bushfire in the state's made north is pushing towards Jamestown.Fire authorities are still struggling to set up containment lines around displays. It may threaten people's safety. But it is not as serious as it was yesterday. There was a dramatic drop of temperatures today. Wind changed overnight also turned at the fire in a different direction, away from farms and homesteads. The blaze is still burning out of control in the Forest. There are huge amounts of smoke which is blanketing the town of Jamestown. Several roads have been close between Jamestown and a nearby town. Police are being urged -- police are telling people to avoid that area, not just for their safety but also for fire crews who is having a -- who are having enough of -- trouble as it is. These fire is still burning quite fiercely. The cooler weather should hopefully improve the situation.Thank you. Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man accused of raping and murdering Melbourne woman Jill Meagher, will appear in court today, via video link, from jail. The 41-year-old is expected to make an application to cross examine witnesses. It could be an indication he plans to plead not guilty. Jill Meagher disappeared as she headed home from a Melbourne bar in September last year. Her body was later found in a shallow grave. Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong could be sued depending on revelations that come out of his tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air in the next two hours. Even if he escapes prosecution for lying under oath, a number of his former associates say they are prepared to take civil action against the drug cheat. Leading up to the most anticipated into view in recent history, a Lance Armstrong tells the press:

Then specifically regarding his confession so Oprah Winfrey that he did use performance enhancing drugs.

Many have already decided.We all owe a cancer an apology.His former best friend and team-mate was the first one speaking out.He has been lying for years. He has lied to presidents.He and his wife sold their reputation attacked by Lance Armstrong when they refuse to lie about his drug use under oath.I got emails. Traitor, rout. Ripped apart.Armstrong's change is loaded with risk.How could it have taken place?He has outlasted the statute of limitations for criminal perjury charges for lying under oath. But at least three major civil suits are in the works. A small army of lawyers will be bisecting everything he says. -- bisecting. And there is more disgrace for Lance Armstrong, he's been asked to return the bronze medal he won at the Sydney Olympics. The International Olympic Committee made the request after Armstrong failed to appeal against his disqualification from cycling. You can see the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah Winfrey on a special news bulletin at 1:55pm this afternoon and on Nine News at 6pm. As many parts of the country are under direct fire threat, Canberra is pausing to remember the 2003 bushfire disaster today, which killed four people and destroyed more than 500 homes.

No-one who was in Canberra this day 10 years ago can ever forget what it was like when bushfire has a read through the bush capital. It is all about the community coming together to remember the lives and homes that were lost on that tragic day. Four people lost their lives and more than five conjure properties were destroyed when bushfire ripped through the suburbs. A lot of criticism was directed to the State Government's response to the disaster, especially their communications tragedy.The recovery has been much easier for some. Families suffered immense tragedy. Their journey has been very difficult. It is ongoing, in many ways. The city has changed, it has grown. Suburbs are popping up where forests used to be. There has been a lot of change. There has been a lot of learning. And a lot of people still find this day very difficult.Conditions in Canberra a very similar to what they were like 10 years ago. It is very hot and drive. While people are remembering what happens, 10 years ago, they are also thinking about people in other parts of Australia who are facing the kind bushfire threat. After four decades of planning, Victoria's peninsula it has finally opened to commuters. -- Peninsula Link. How is the first morning going?Very smoothly. We did a little experiment this morning. We laughed at peak hour. We had another career do the same thing. They took the old way and we took the link. We made it in 17 minutes. That is the exact time the road operator has been touting. Once we reached the Monyash between the city, the race did tighten up because the traffic in the CBD is so heavy. You can save up to 40 minutes in your peak-hour travel time. You can avoid nine sets of traffic lights, six major roundabouts. Thousands of murderous of this morning was making the most of it. -- motorists this morning were making the most of it.We have heard reports that the network is very quiet. We have heard fantastic response has.-- responses. It has been a long time coming.Traffic towards the beach at this time of the year is a summer time tradition. To be free of it is a real treat. The real test will come this weekend. There is expected to be some great speech weather. Many people will be heading down towards the beach. Then there is Australia Day by weekend. The biggest one of the year. If it is anything like it was today, it will be great.Thank you. President Barack Obama has vowed to push ahead with sweeping new gun reforms, despite a backlash from the National Rifle Association. He is also facing tough opposition from some US States, which say they will not enforce the new laws.

At a trade show in Las Vegas Wednesday, do reaction to the present's plan was almost universally negative.It will have zero affect.I do not agree with it. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry says he was a -- says he was disgusted that the President could be using de Sandy Hook massacre.We are using these deaths to further a political cause.A Texas state representative Zada to write a bill that would make it a felony for anyone in the state to enforce new gun laws. I support the current laws. I'd believe -- do not believe we need to change anything at all.The East as a surprise the White House. It has been two decades since any new gun laws have passed.We care too much about our children to allow this to continue.The key elements:

There are millions upon millions of people in this country who care deeply about the second amendment rights and are not going to vote for politicians who sell them out. A Victoria's Secret model has found herself in the middle of a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Constance Jablonski is being sued for more than $3 million, after getting herself a new agent. This Victoria's Secret model has let the cat out of the bag. It is no secret that Constance Jablonski Hollywood Walk of Fame of the runway, right out of Marilyn Model Management and ride into arrival agency. Her former agency is going public, slapping her with a through 0.3 million dollar lawsuit. -- $3.3 million.This could mean a big cut for the agent.She began her career went Marilyn Model Management. The agency takes credit for making her the face of Estee Lauder, tripling earnings. She is reportedly worth more than $3 million. The company is also suing her new agency, manage iiNet. She is so hot, she has to covers next month. They developed her career. -- DNA Model Management. Her own lawyers say she breached several portions of his agreement. -- the agency breached.

Constance Jablonski has not spoken about it but did weigh in on toddler mac. -- Twitter.

Now to some sport news. Ridiculously hot. Novak Djokovic is one player coming out as the third round it gets underway. Bernard Tomic is sweating the statistics ahead of his clash with Roger Federer. I am alive at the Gabba as Australia This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Big W's
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This program is not captioned. Australian Open campaign today, when he faces Czech Radek Stepanek for a place in the fourth round. Aussie Bernard Tomic is also searching for a spot in the tournament's final 32, following his marathon win over German Daniel Brands. He has to restructure his game and the results keep coming. A perfect start for 2013. He cannot be stopped. That could all change. His win over Daniel Brands booked a showdown with Roger Federer. But his trainer is one of steam.10 out of 10 with matches. I feel so confident.Only five Aussies have ever beaten Roger Federer. He has only lost once in the last the 23 matches against an Australian Open at. But following his success in Sydney and the Hopman Cup, he has the belief.I had the belief.I had beaten and lot of good players over the past two weeks. Especially Novak Djokovic.I think it is important to be confident to a degree. It seems he has that. We both have to live up to a big match. Then we can talk about it afterwards.Bernard Tomic says his biggest weapon is his serve. He fired 26 aces against Daniel Brands and has gone 76 straight service games without being broken.I think the last break of serve was in the quarterfinals in Sydney. I only got broken ones. I am serving really well.Despite never lead-up tournaments. The 17th Grand Slam winner was impressive against his Russian opponent. The world number two at cruised to a straight-sets win.

Laura Robson absurd 2011 Wimbledon champion at Petra Kvitova. Juan Martin Del Potro cruised past Benjamin Becker in straight sets. Australia resumes his cricketing battle with Sri Lanka this afternoon when they face of in the third one-dayer at the Gabba. The Aussies are pretty confident of avenging their game to last. They certainly are. It has been given a massive boost by the return of some of their very big guns. Even Davies's game three, it is the first one day about Australia has played all year. Basically because it is the first side. Coming back into the side, the batting range will be bolstered by Dave Warner, Matthew Wade. Mitchell Johnson and Mitchell Starc are back. And Michael Clarke. He will take the reins again. On paper, it is a much stronger Australian side. Whether or not the public is still interested, remains to be seen. All the ingredients are here for a great game. Not a cloud in the sky, 33 degrees. No chance of rain. One respect to Michael Clarke, he was giving the wicked air real rap.It is always a beautiful wicket. It is the best in the world. It has bid for pace and bounce for the bowlers. As you get in as a batter, there is no better place.It is expected to be a strong side. Has he named his 11?He has not. They are sweating on an injury test. Moises Henriques caught a ball on his finger in the nets a couple of days ago. He got hit again yesterday. He has been cleared of any breaks up by a scan but they are giving him a chance to see if his finger comes up. If he misses out, he will be replaced by Ben Cutting. He will likely miss the Big Bash final in Perth. Still some questions to be answered. And the question about whether he is turning up and who is still interested after about rotation policy. The game will get under way in a few hours.Thank you. The Melbourne Heart are eyeing off a move into the A-League's top six tonight, but it won't be easy. They will need a win against the second- placed Adelaide United. Sydney FC faces the Wellington Phoenix tomorrow. The loser will drop to last place on the ladder. Similar position to look what we were a few weeks ago. We were lucky with our results. They are desperate. It is tough plain a desperate side.Joppa first has finally been cleared to play it with Sydney after signing with the club more than one month ago. Surfer Joel Parkinson says his world championship win is only just starting to sink in. He held off Kelly Slater in the final competition of the season to claim the ASP title, and spoke with Roz Kelly earlier this morning. What a few weeks you have had. Has it sunk in?It is starting to. It took a few days, maybe a few weeks. Now that I am ham, I am starting to think about this year.Does it mean winning more in the Kelly Slater era?I think so. In the last decade, only four people have beaten him. To get that achievement is huge. He is definitely, by far, the greater surfer that has ever walked the planet. He is much how would hero. -- of my childhood hero.You fought so hard for this. You recovered from a foot injury. He came run up four times. Many people said they could not handle the missing out again. Could you have cope?I do not been so. It was so close. Not a second again. It would have been too hard.2013, less pressure?I am really enjoying it. It was my best year. I cannot wait for this year. That a third one-dayer is on from 2pm. Still to come up - the finance and the weather This program is not captioned. (OPERATIC SOLO)

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Lead set take a look at the weather. -- let's.

To finance:

That is it for us. Goodbye. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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