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Lucky. Incredibly lucky.

Yeah. Definitely. Incredibly lucky.

As a junior doctor,
King's will make you or break you.


HEMS, red phone, 10 minutes.

HEMS, red phone, 10 minutes.

MAN: She was riding her horse
this morning when it was spooked.

She was crushed between
the horse and the fence.

Any pain when I press?

I can't feel it.

I wasn't there,
and I'm always there.

I can't feel it.

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This program is captioned live. Gas rig drama - some foreign workers and Algerian hostages said to have escaped from their Islamist militant captors. Dreamliner woes - most of the world's 787s grounded. Sympathy from a Prime Minister for bushfire victims.It is incredible that no lives have been lost.And in the firing line - President Barack Obama's plan for tougher gun laws.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Manny Tsigas. In developing news tonight, 15 foreign hostages and 20 locals are said to have escaped from their Islamic militant captors at a gas field in Algeria. The reports come from Algerian media and are yet to be confirmed. It's not clear how many hostages are still in the hands of the extremists, the hands of the extremists, who say they had seized more than 40 foreigners in all. But other reports say the number of overseas workers originally taken was around 20. 2 people were killed in the raid, which the militants said was in response to France's intervention in Mali, a notorious extremist, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, is believed to have led the attack. The crisis around the gas facility is unfolding dramatically this evening. First, local workers were reported to have made their way to safety. Then, it was reported that a group of foreigners held hostage had followed suit. 20 gunmen driving three unmarked vehicles attacked a convoy of foreign workers on its way to the airport. At least two people were killed, and dozens, including American, Norwegian, Japanese and British nationals, captured.The United States strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts.An al- Qaeda-linked group called Katiba has claimed responsibility. It's led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a man who's made millions through arms smuggling and kidnapping the. Group says it's taking revenge for French military action in neighbouring Mali. The attack took place on the border between Algeria and Libya. The area in northern Africa is called the Sahel, and it's been a growing concern for security agencies. Katiba has been active in Mali and Libya. The al-Qaeda in this region is said to be more dangerous than the al-Qaeda in Pakistan. French forces have engaged rebels in Mali's north. There are h. There are fears the conflict could engulf the whole Sahel. TRANSLATION: This conflict is not only about Mali. This is an aggression against the entire humanity, and an assault on liberty. We've assisted the government of Mali, for example. We've spent money on refugee relief across the Sahel.Analysts say the Algerian attack may not be retaliation for Mali, and was an opportunityistic move to gain global attention.It's a little bit early to say that it is directly related to Mali.The In Amenas facility is jointly run by British Petroleum, and norweej -- a nor-- a Norwegian and Algerian company.In this case, it is cold- blooded murder of people going about their businesses. There is no excuse, regardless of whom it's connected to. it's connected to.Positions are being held around the gas facility. Somalia's most dangerous militant group, al-Shabaab, says it's executed a French intelligence agent it's held since 2009. French commandos tried to rescue the spy, known by the pseudonym Denis Allex, in a raid last weekend. Two French soldiers and a number of Somalis were killed in the operation. Allex is seen here in a video released last year. In a Twitter message, the Islamists said they killed him this morning. France disputes the claim by the al-Qaeda-linked group, believing the hostage was actually executed during the rescue attempt. More and more airlines around the world have grounded their fleets of Boeing Dreamliners. The latest tonight - Qatar Airways. American aviation authorities have taken similar action, with most of the world's 787s now grounded following the emergency landing of a flight in Japan, with fears the new airliner may have faulty batteries. Boeing 787 Dreamliner - a plane said to be a great leap forward in aviation - stays grounded across the globe, with fears that lithium ion batteries fitted to the plane present a fire risk, an all too frequent occurrence, which again happened on an All Nippon Airways flight this week. Investigators say it will take weeks to figure out what happened, the incident forcing the hand of the European aviation safety agency to ground the planes in Europe.We are confirming that Polish Airlines has cancelled the inaugural departicipator for Chicago to Warsaw.The FAA grounded the plane in its airspace, including the six 787s run by United Airlines. In a statement, the FAA a statement, the FAA said:

The batteries are at the core of the plane's most appealing traits to pruspentive buyers, as it will ease airline s it will ease airline fuel bills.All this attention seems a bit unfair, but also appropriate at the same time. It's unfair because these things happen with all aeroplanes when they're introduced into the service. At the same time, the attention they're getting is appropriate because the issues the 787 is happening, by nature of its electrical design, the implications can be more severe.Following the FAA's directive, Chile's LAN Airlines and Indian Airlines grounded their fleets. India's former aviation minister went so far as er went so far as to say the new airliner resembles a cheap Chinese toy. "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going" was the previous slogan of the airliner jet. But it's not go very far at all. Here, the ACCC has given the Qantas Emirates alliance its interim approval, meaning the two airlines can now work on determining prices and schedules for link-up. The deal may spark ink-up. The deal may spark an early fare war, as rival carriers prepare for final clearances before the code begins at the end of March. US President Barack Obama has unveiled America's most sweeping gun-control measures of the past two decades. He's already used his executive power to sign some of them into law. But he's still facing a struggle to get a ban on assault rifles through Congress. Opponents to gun control say they won't back down without a fight. Moments before President Barack Obama put his name to a list of almost two dozen executive orders aimed at curbing gun violence, he laid out his case for gun control. In the control. In the month since 20 precious children and 6 brave adults were violently taken from us at Sandy Hook Elementary, at Sandy Hook Elementary, more than 900 of our fellow Americans have reportedly died at the end of a gun. The important points of the President's plan which need approval from Congress include background checks for all gun sales, beefing up an expired ban on assault weapons, banning high- capacity magazines, and strengthening penalties for people who sell guns to criminals.If there's even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there's even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try. But the President's pledge may not be enough in the face of mounting opposition.We don't think that the Second Amendment allows for wiggle room for our rights that says the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.Eve before the release of the plan, the powerful NRA launched this pre- emptive strikes.Are the President's kids more important than yours? Then why is he sceptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?That ad quickly drew criticism on Capitol Hill.I thought it was completely inappropriate to involve the President's children. They have protection because of national security.While the focus on gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings suggest support is growing, that est support is growing, that may not be the case. This might help to illustrate that point. 10 years ago, a Time CNN poll found 50% of the people survade found that tighter restrictions would reduce violence. 10 years later, less than 40% of the people still feel that way. More importantly, more than 60% now disagree. For now, Mr Obama has his sights set r Obama has his sights set on the House and Senate, where he se and Senate, where he has to make sure he has enough votes to make that sweeping plan a reality. Coming up after the break - pop goes the waistline - the controversy over fizzy drinks.

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Another 18 homes have been found destroyed after this week's devastating bushfires in northern NSW, taking the toll to 51. Total fire bans have been declared for much of the state tomorrow, ahead of expected hot weather. The Prime Minister flew into Cooney today to witness the devastation. G'day.At the Siding Spring Observatory, personal tales of survival and, for the Prime Minister, first-hand accounts from a day a monster blaze almost took it all.I didn't get very far from actually - from the lookout itself. But I started seeing the flames look up, and I thought, "No, this isn't worth it ." I cleared the building, got off the mountain, and I think we got off with 5-10 minutes to spare.Some buildings were lost. Some buildings were lost. Peter Verwayen lost his house and everything except the clothes he's wearing. All 18 observatory staff escaped safely, though, and the telescope survived. As you can see, the main observatory buildings all survived. Yes.Commonwealth asset. Well- protected.(LAUGHS) The Prime Minister says she's stunned by the devastation.There are parts astation.There are parts of the landscape that now look like moonscape. This fire has burned so hot.In Cooney, she met emergency crews...You're a bit tired?A little, yeah.You look a little bit tired, though eyes. Thank you. It is incredible that no lives have been lost, and that is an incredible tribute to everybody who has bravely fought these fires. Emergency relief payments are now in place for those who lost homes, stock or livelihoods in the Coonamble, Gilgandra,n the Coonamble, Gilgandra, and Warrumbungle areas. There are still 84 fires in NSW, and tomorrow could be tough again, with high temperatures and strong winds, particularly in the south of the state.Where we are expecting to see some fairly widespread, severe to catastrophic fire-danger ratings in the forecast at this stage.In Victoria, campers were told to leave an area in Gippsland - 8,000 firefighters across the state are now on stand-by, with temperatures close to ith temperatures close to 40 today. And a fire outside the Brumbies' rugby club in Canberra is s' rugby club in Canberra is now believed to have been starting deliberately.Smelled something, came out, and we saw a bit of smoke and realised there was a little mini bushfire on.It eventually took eight hours to extinguish. Well, Britain was the old country to a former generation of Australians. Now, a new era of closer relations is being heralded between Australia and the UK. British Foreign Secretary William Hague speaking in Sydney said the two countries need to cooperate more to tackle a perfect storm of crises across the world. Addressing an audience including Liberal Party faithful past and present, Britain's Foreign Secretary used the Menzies Research Centre John Howard Lecture to reassure Australia that ties remain stronger than ever.As with any capability, it's what we do with it that counts. o with it that counts. 2013 will be a crucial year in the Middle East. We could see a perfect storm of crises converging if the conflicts in Syria continues, if the Middle East peace process remains stalled, and if Iran will not enter into meaningful negotiations.His emphasis on moving the relationship forward welcomed by Australia's former leader.You can't just live on history. You should remember it, you should treasure it, you should defend it.Mr Hague says Britain is also looking east, as never before. We will have opened as many as eight new British diplomatic posts in Asia by 2015 tpwhr. Mr Hague says Mandarin speakers are up 40%, while British exports to Asia have increased 15%.Mr Hague said the European Union should follow Britain's example and increase its engagement with Asia, taking Australia's lead in the region. Tomorrow, Mr Hague will meet with Australia's foreign meet with Australia's foreign and defence ministers in Perth to discuss intensifying cooperation on foreign policy and cyber security. Also on the agenda at the AUKMIN talks - Fiji's efforts at democracy, Afghanistan, and Syria. Mr Hague says Britain may consider a more active role in Syria if a peaceful solution is not found soon. But Australia's Foreign Minister was more cautious.I'll be saying to him that, for the foreseeable future, Australia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance, but not consider military assistance.Mr Carr says Australia will also ys Australia will also be pushing its plan for a medical pact for Syria at the UN Security Council tomorrow. It aims to protect hospitals from attacks, and to ensure more medicines reach the country. An independent inquiry has found the Catholic Church badly mishandled abuse allegations made against a former priest in NSW. The report says it was inexplicable that the organisation didn't properly investigate the claims. The Catholic Church has apologised. The report strongly criticises the Catholic Church's response to allegations that a former priest known as Father F sexually abused children in the 1980s. Former judge Antony Whitlam found it utterly inexplicable that the claims weren't properly investigated. He says:

It's an atrocious episode. Mr Whitlam made it very clear that the former bishop in Armidale behaved badly, and that the families were dealt with disgracefully.Two boys who were allegedly abused later committed suicide. Antony Whitlam found:

It's still difficult ground for Damian Jurd's brother, Peter. Whenever you come across these things, it bring back a lot of memories of stuff that, you know, you think you've dealt with. And then stuff like this comes up and you have to redeal with it.The Church has apologised.Any report on what happened to those families and their sons will never really ease any of the pain.Father F was charged with serious sexual offences in 1987, but was sqeptly cleared after a committal hearing. He stopped serving as a priest in 1992, late last year he was charged with further offences. The royal commission set up by the Gillard Government will examine how churches respond to abuse complaints. The Commission has warned they won't be able to hide behind confidentiality agreements. The Catholic reements. The Catholic Church says it will waive such agreements where necessary.We want the truth to come out. We want to admit our mistakes of the past.The Whitlam report found that, had current procedures been observed, Father F would have been stopped in his tracks. But they came too late for Damian Jurd and his family. Health groups say a daily bottle of sugary soft drink can lead to an annual weight gain of almost 7kg. They're warning of a potential public-health crisis generated by soft drinks. The beverage industry has reacted angrily to the campaign. For tennis fans in Melbourne's Federation Square, a sweet fizzy drink offered a refreshing reprieve as the mercury approached the mid- 30s.Oh, mate, you can't beat a good Coke.I like them because they taste good.Nice and cold and refreshing on a day like this. Nice to get the taste buds going.The humble soft drink has a sinister side, according to health experts, who wheeled out the props for today's campaign launch.If you have this on a daily basis over a year, this equates to 23kg of sugar, as this is illustrated by this wheelbarrow today.Mr Sinclair says it's time governments considered taxing sugar-sweetened drinks.You need around about a 10% increase in price if you are really going to have a change in consumption. Advertisements will soon be aired explaining the adverse health outcomes. The Cancer Council, Heart Foundation and er Council, Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia hope the betes Australia hope the ads will counter the message of cashed-up multinationals. The way that they fuel demand for their sugary drinks is something that concerns us given the epidemic of obesity that we see in our country.In the US, Coca-Cola recently aired its own commercials aimed at promoting a healthy message.The wellbeing of our families and communities concerns everyone.Some called it spin. The domestic soft drink industry says the Australian campaign is unfair. It's ignorance of this concept of the total diet that the industry has got a problem with. No one food or beverage causes obesity.Says any proposed tax is discriminatory, and has failed elsewhere in the world.We're against taxes and we don't think a tax on the shopping trolley is an appropriate way to address the issue of obesity.When Craig Padayachee reached 107kg, he eliminated soft drink and altered his diet. Now, he's almost 30kg lighter.Slowly started dropping the weight, and I've kept it off since, with the help of not really consuming those drinks.Sometimes it's more expensive, but health experts say the alternative couldn't be simpler. Australian researchers found that lap-band surgery helps long-term weight loss for the obese. Patients' hunger is reduced by the placement of a band at the top of the stomach. The study followed more than 3,000 people over 15 years. On average, patients who had the surgery over a decade ago were able to maintain a loss of more than 20kg. In finance, the chain of -- chance of a cut to the official interest rate next month is now looking more likely, with 5,000 jobs lost in the lead-up to Christmas.

Rio Tinto's CEO has stepped down, with Sam Walsh to take over immediately.

Coming up - the weather. And Bernard Tomic struggles into the Australian Open's third round.

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To sport now - Bernard Tomic is the last local left in the singles draw at the singles draw at the Australian Open. He will now face one n. He will now face one of the toughest tasks in tennis in the third round. He'll meet Roger Federer, who easily disposed of Russian veteran Nikolay Davydenko.

Tomic remains Australia's only hope. Bernard Tomic is keeping Aussie hops alive, coming from a set down against giant German Daniel Brands. He's got it. The underdog takes the opening set.The 20-year-old keeping his unbeaten summer alive with three of the four sets going to tie breaks.Sensational point! Pumped!It took Tomic eight match point to c eight match point to get the job done, but he's into round three.He's got it.It's very difficult when you sit down in these conditions. It's really hot. The last thing you want to do is get two sets down. I managed to turn around managed to turn around that second set. He was serving really good. It was very difficult. But I'm so happy in the end I won, because he had opportunities to win.With the mercury still With the mercury still nudging 40 degrees well into the evening, Roger Federer met a fired-up Nikolay Davydenko, who made the 4-time champion work early.That's just dropping the hammer.But the Swiss maestro warmed to the task.Federer is on here.Federer simply a class above, as he often is at Melbourne Park.We're lucky watching him.His next target - a man he beat in the fourth round at last year's Open, Bernard Tomic.Finishes with an ace and sets up the dream match.It's going to be an exciting match. We had a good one last year. We've played each other in Davis Cup as well. We know each other better this time around. I'm sure it'll be a tough match. Everything else with -- Anything else would surprise me. Gael Monfils' ranking has slipped to 86, making him the outsider against Lu Yen-hsun.What a shot! But the ineggmatic Frenchman got a crucial break got a crucial break at 6-6 in the fifth set, then needed six match points to seal points to seal the deal.He's done it! He's done it!His next match-up

against countryman Gilles Simon. To the weather

To the weather forecast now. A trough over the north-west will generate showers and thunderstorms. Hot weather and dangerous fire conditions will affect much of the country ahead of a cool change on the weekend. In the major centres:

Before we go - an update on that hostage drama in Algeria. The American news agency AP says an Algerian government official has backed up fficial has backed up reports that 20 foreign hostage - some of them American - have indeed escaped. That's the world this Thursday. I'll be back with you at the same time tomorrow. I'm Manny Tsigas. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This is a film
about a new type of cosmetic surgery

that has become the fastest growing
in the UK.

But it isn't a facelift
or a tummy tuck

this is vaginal cosmetic surgery. I'm Lisa Rogers
and I'm trying to understand

why there are a growing number
of women in the UK

who seem to hate their vaginas.

I sort of come out a bit like that.

That is just horrible.

Sorry, I'm looking at that picture,
thinking that's really horrible.

Even teenage girls
are seeing their GPs

as they're convinced
they need to go under the knife.

I've got a picture here
of a 16-year-old

and it explains to you
why I do this type of surgery.

More and more British women

are asking for what they think
is the perfect vagina

and most commonly
the requests are for labiaplasties.

In the private sector,

has seen a 300% increase in these
surgeries in the last two years.

The way I would describe it
is like a hot dog bap.

So I'm going to find out
why it's happening

and try to show women

that we should love our lady bits
rather than cut them up.

Ugh, just looks like a cauliflower.

In the process,
I'll have to check out my own fanny,

challenge people along the way...

When you're having sex
for the first time with a woman,

if she's got an ugly fanny,
sorry, mate.

..and see things
that will stay with me forever.

Her life is going to be crap.

(Tearfully) You know,
her life's going to be crap.

I decided to make a film
about women and their vaginas

because I want to try and understand

why girls would want to cut up
their bits.

I think, as women,
we obsess about our appearance

and put far too much pressure
on ourselves.

You've got to have perfect hair,
perfect face, perfect boobs,

tiny waist, perfect bottom,
perfect hairless legs, flat stomach.

And there's always that question,
who are women having surgery for?

Are they doing it for themselves,
do they feel happier?