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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sweeping changes -- Barack Obama details his proposals to stop gun violence in America.We cannot put this off.Westerners held captive by Islamist militant at a gas plant in Liberia. Queries after yesterday's fatal chopper crash in the UK. Prime Minister Julia Gillard tours five-ravaged knew. There are parts of the landscape that now look like moonscape.

Good evening, welcome. Bringing her music to Australia, a singer laments her country's troubles. Life is impossible. Does it justify torture? Director forced to defends her Oscar-nominated film about the hunt for bin Laden. The US President has unveiled the most sweeping gun measures of the past decades. Barack Obama has used executive power the sign some of them into law. He has called on Congress to act fast on the others, which include reintroducing a ban on assault rifles. Opponents say gun control is not the solution, and they are not going to back down without a fight.Moments before President Obama put his name to a list of almost two dozen executive orders aimed at curbing gun violence, he laid out his case for gun control.In the month since 20 precious children and six brave adults were violently taken from us more than 900 of our fellow Americans have report owedly died at tends of a gun. The important point of the President's plan, which need approval from Congress, include background checks for all gun sales beefing up a ban on assault weapons, banning high- capacity magazines and sting anything penalties for people who sell gun toss criminals.If there is one thing we can do to reduce this silence F there is one life that can be saved, ten we have an obligation to try. But the President's pledge may not be enough in the face of mounting opposition.We do not think the second amendment allows for room for the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. Before Barack Obama row leased his plan, the powerful NRA launched this preemtive strike.Are the President's kids more important than yours? Why is he sceptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?That added quickly to criticism on Capitol Hill. Completely inappropriate to catastrophe the President's children. They have protection because of national security.While the focus on gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting suggests support is growing, that may not be the caseThis might help to ill state that point. 10 Years ago restrictions people say would reduce violence but 10 years later less than 40% of the people feel that way, and more importantly more than 60% now disagree. The NRA deserves much of the credit for the shift in attitude, not only influencing make-up of con degrees over the years, but also waging a very smart public relations campaign, linking idea of taking away guns with taking away protective rights.I think we will be fine. I think the second amendment will survive this.There will be ive this.There will be pundits and politicians an special interest lobbyists threatening about an all-out assault on liberty, not because that is true, but because they want to generate ecause they want to generate fear or higher ratings or revenue for themselves. For now Barack Obama has his sights set on the house and Senate, where he has to make sure he has enough votes to make that sweeping plan a reality. Algeria's military is working to secure the release of dozens of foreign workers held hostage in a gas facility in the country's east. Two people country's east. Two people were killed after citizens from Norway t UK, Norway and Japan were kidnapped. The group says the attack is for revenge over French inter-Vince Mali. It is unclear how ali. It is unclear how many lives are at stake. Militants claim to hold hostage 40 foreign nationals after an early- morning raid on a gas facility.

20 gunmen, reportedly driving three unmarked vehicles, attacked a convoy of foreign workers on its way to orkers on its way to the airport. At least two people were killed. Dozens, including American, Norwegian, Japanese an British Nationals, captured.The US strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts.An al Qaeda-linked orist acts.An al Qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility.T is led by a man who has made millions through arms smog link and kidnap. The group says it is taking revenge for phone much military action in Mali. The attack took place on the border between Algeria and Libya. This area in northern Africa has been a growing concern for security agencies. It has been active in Mali and Libya. Al Qaeda in this region is said to be more dangerous than al Qaeda in Pakistan. French forces have engaged struggles in Mali's north, and there are fears the conflict could engulf the whole region.TRANSLATION: This is an assault on liberty.We have assisted the government of Mali, spent money on refugee relief. But analysts say the Algerian attack may not be retaliation formaly but a move to gain global attentionIt is the largest hostage-taking incident in years, a tactic revived from the 80s. The facility is run by British Gas, a Norwegian an Algerian company.We are making sure they are doing a good job of this. The families t loved one of those caught up are kept informed and up-to-date. All gearian military have cautiously Vaughaned the gas field, but this desert drama could last for days.Later in the program a sobering assessment of the prospects of a French victory in f a French victory in Mali. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a are view of helicopter flights over Central London after yesterday's fatal crash. The chopper crashed into a crane near the busy Vauxhall station during the morning peak hour. Two people died in the accident including the pilot.Mate, your car is on fire. Get out of the car. In the heart of London, at the height of the rush hour, a street full of flames. Mate...This is burning fuel and wreckage from a helicopter that plunged onto a busy road.It seemed like it would mist thing but then the rotar seemed to hit, it then dipped a bit then smashed right into the crane and cut the cab in half.Three cars on fire, people running and screaming everywhere. And it was not just those on the streets that were scared. The helicopter crashed in metres of the Vauxhall station packed with commuters. Two people died here. The helicopter pilot and a passer- by. Others were injured but senior officers say jured but senior officers say the consequences could have been even more severe.This is a excellent tragedy for the people involved. And certainly for the families of the to beam killed but it is probably amazing that it was not much, much worse.One escape was the crane driver, colleagues say he would normally have been in his cab.The best thing about it the crane driver was late for the first time as late for the first time in years, otherwise he would have been in the crane. So what exactly happened in the skies above London? The helicopter, a in the-engine 109 took off from Red Hill airport in Surrey at just after 7.30. It was going to Hertfordshire north of the capital. But at some point close to the Thames the pilot made a request to divert and land else where because of dense mist. At 8 it struck a crane on top of one of Europe's tallest residentialal skyscrapers in Vauxhall. The pilot was Pete Barnes. He was hugely experienced as a passenger and air ambulance pilot.A member of the team, you know, he would have a laugh with us, you know? He was very, very careful. This is the first helicopter crash fatality in London since records began in 1976. Weather seemed likely to be attack for. Pilots still largely rely on what they can see and this morning mist was in the air. But it is what happened on the ground that London will remember. Fire and fear in the morning rush hour. The British Department of Transport is now conducting an investigation into what happened, including suggestions go the crane did not have a warning light. Most of the world's Boeing deem liner fleet has been grounded for safety in pegs. Japan, India, Chile and the US have ordered an indefinite halt to operations while faults in the plane's batteries are being fiction $. Regulators called off flights after a Dream Liner was forced to merge land in west Japan yesterday. That came on the heels of several other saiflt safety scares. Another 18 homes have been found destroyed after this week's fires in northern NSW, taking toll to 51. Number will almost certainly rise. As firefighters preys for another wave of hot Wheater tomorrow t Prime Minister flew in inform Coonabarabrean to witness the devastation. She described it as like a moonscape. Personal tales of survival from a day a monster blaze almost took it all.I did not get very far from the look out itself but I started to see the flames like up and I thought, "No, this is not worth it. Cleared the building. Got off the mountain" and we got off with 5, 10 minutes to spare. Peter lost his husband and everything except the clothes he is in. All 18 observatory staff escaped safely and the telescope survived.As you can see the main observatory billing all survived and report the Commonwealth assets are well. monwealth assets are well.The Prime Minister says she is stunned by the devastation.. There are parts of the landscape that now look like moonscape. This fire has burnt so hot. In Coonabarabrean she met emergency crews.You are a bit tired?A little bit.Yeah. Those eyes. It is incredible that no lives have been lost. And that is an incredible tribute to t is an incredible tribute to everybody who has bravely fought these fires. Emergency relief payments are now in place for those who lost homes, stock or livelihoods in the fires. There are still 84 fires in NSW and tomorrow could be tough again, with high temperatures and strong winds particularly in the south of the state.We expect to see widespread catastrophic fire ratings in the forecast. In Victoria firefighters battled a ia firefighters battled a bushfire in 80 hectares of state forest east of Melbourne. Campers were told the leave the air a in Gippsland. 8,000 firefighters are on stand-by with them 3. Tours close to 40 today. A fire outside the Brumbies club is believed to have be started deliberately.Smelt something and realised it was a fire.It eventually took eight hours to extinguish. An independent inquiry has found the Catholic Church badly mishandled abuse allegations made against at former priest in NSW. The report says it was inexplicable report says it was inexplicable that the orange theseation did not properly invoicity gate the claims. The Catholic Church has apologised. The report strongly criticises the Catholic Church response the allegation that a former priest known as Father F sexually abused children in the 80s. Former judge Anthony Whitlam found it utterly inexplicable the claims were not properly investigated. He says there was no excuse.

It is atrocious. Mr Whitlam made it very clear that the former bishop in Armidale behaved badly. And that the families were dealt with disgracefully. Two boys who were allegedly abused later committed suicide S and if I Whitlam found

When you come across these things it brings a lot of memory of stuff you think you have dealt with and then stuff like this comes up and you have s comes up and you have to redeal with it. The church has apologised.Any report on what happened to those families and their sons will never really ease any of the pain.Father F was charged with serious sexual offences in 1987 but was subsequently cleared after a committal hearing. He stopped serving as a priest in 1982 but late last year was charged with further offences. The Gillard Government will examine how the church responds to complaints. They will not be able to hide behind confidentiality adepreeplts.We want the truth to come out and admit our mistakes of the past. The Whitlam report found had current procedures been observed Father F would have been stopped in his tracks but it came too late for one family. A quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world - thousands of people in jab car that have been forced to level their homes after heavy floods. Police say two people have been killed as water levels continue the eyes. Torrential rain is expected Torrential rain is expected to continue for the next few days. Meteorologists say that the peak will come later this month.At least 14 people have been killed and scores injured after an apartment block collapsed in egifplt rescuers used mechanical diggers and their bare hands to search for survivors. Residents say the building was home to more than 30 people. ome to more than 30 people. The bodies of three Kurdish activists shot dead in Paris have arrived in Turkey to thousands of mourners. The three female members were shot in the head. The tour Kish Prime Minister has called for calm ahead of the funerals. British Foreign Secretary willal Hague has heralded a contemporary era of closer tie was Australia and the Asia Pacific. He said Britain needs Australia's cooperation over the next year to tackle a perfect storm of crises across the world. Addressing an audience including one Liberal party faithful past and present. The lecture was used to reassure Australia that ties remain stronger than ever.But as with any capability, it is what we do with it that counts. 2013 will be a crucial year in the Middle East. We could see Middle East. We could see a perfect storm of eyes yes F the conflict in Libya continue and the Middle East peace treaty is stalled...His emphasis on moving relationship forward, welcomed by Australia's former leader.You cannot just live on history, you should remember it, treasure it, defend it.Mr Hague says Britain d it.Mr Hague says Britain is also looking east as never before.We will have opened eight new diplomatic posts in Asia by 2015.He says Mandarin speakers are up 40% while exports to Asia have increased 15%. Mr Hague says Britain should increase its advancement with Asia taking Australia's lead. Asia taking Australia's lead. Tomorrow Mr Hague will met with Australian foreign and Defence Ministers in Perth to discuss intensifying policy. Also Fiji's efforts at democracy on the agenda, Afghanistan and Syria. Mr Hague says Britain may consider a more active role in Syria if a peaceful solution is not found soon. But Australia's Foreign Minister was more cautious.I will say to him for the foreseeable future Australia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance but not consider Hilary assistance. Mr Carr says Australia will also be pushing its plan for a medical pact for Syria at the U N Security Council tomorrow. It curity Council tomorrow. It aims to protect hospitals there attacks and to ensure more medicines reach the country.Fighting fizz - health groups call for the Government to consider a tax on sugary drinks. Shortly, stump bling blocks - Indigenous Australians disappointed e their bid for nuclear compensation. Keeping check, tablet computers

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A dally bottle sugar-sweetened soft drink can lead to annual eight gain much 7 kilos. That is one of several confronting stats being touted by an alliance of health groups warning of a potential public health crisis generated by soft drinks. s generated by soft drinks. The beverage industry has reacted an if Ily to the campaign. For tennis fans in Melbourne's Federation Square, sweet fizzy drink offered a reprieve as the mercury approved the mid-30s.. Can't beat a good cap coke.The tastes good.Refreshing so nice to get the taste buds going. But it has a sinister side according to health experts who wheeled out the props for the launch. If you had this for day over a year it equates to 23 kilos of sugar. Mr Sinclair says it is time Governments considered taxing sugar drinks.You need a 10% increase in price if you are going to have a change in consumption. Advertisements will be aired explaining the adverse health outcomes.The Cancer Council, Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia hope to reads will counter the message of cashed-up multinationals. The way they fuel demand for their drinks is something that concerns us given the epidemic of obesity that we see in our country. In the US, Coke recently aired its own commercials aimed at promoting a healthy message.The wellbeing of our families and community concerns everyone...Some called it spin. The domestic soft drink industry says the Australian campaign is than fair.It ising grans of the total diet. No one food or beverage cause obesity. Says any proposed tax is discriminatory and has failed else where in the world.We are against taxes and we do not think a tax on the shopping trolley is an appropriate way the address the issue of obesity. When Craig reached 107 kilos, he eliminated soft drink and altered his diet. Now, he is almost 30 kilos lighter. Slowly started to drop the weight and just kept it off since with the help of not consuming those drinks. Sometimes e is more expensive but health experts say the alternative could not be more simple. Australian research has found that lap band surgery helps long-term weight lose for the obese. Patient hunger is reduced by the place many of a band at the top of the stomach. The stud I can followed more than 3,000 people over 15 years an on average patient who had the surgery over a decade ago were able the maintain a loss of more than 20 kilos. To other stories in the news around the country - social media site Twitter has responded the Prime Minister's Julia Gillard call for greater cyber security. Twitter's head of global policy sopt her a tweet saying the company was in talk with her team. The Prime Minister yesterday announced a deal with inter- net juggernaut's Google, Facebook and Yahoo for guidelines on hat constitutes online bullying. NSW police will soon have the power to take drunks off the streets and lock them up overnight. Sobering-up hazards as they are called will be trialled in Sydney, Coogee and wool opening gong from July manned by police officers and health care professionals. Melbourne's zoo welcomed its in west residents. It is just the third born at the zoo. A public competition is under way to name the 131 Kilco baby. Aboriginal people exposed to British nuclear tests in South Australia during the 1950s are being told they have no hope of compensation. A British law firm says their cases cannot proceed because medical science cannot conclusively prove that the fallout if the tests made people sick. But pressure for a settlement on moral grounds is growing. It began in 193 at a site called Emu and continued until 1963. UK servicemen, Australian soldiers and civilians including Indigenous people exposed to radiation. 60 years later, distressing news.The advice that we have received that is the present state at is the present state of medical knowledge from the English experts is that that link between radiation and the illness that people may have suffered could not be proven to the satisfaction of the legal requirements in term of getting a case up in court. Hick Ma and Rose hoped to represent more than 150 civilians, if a huge class action by 1,000 British veterans succeeded. It did not. Their claims too late, the court says their illnesses are not prove and. It is this bitter news lawyers are delivering by DVD and letter toss traditional owners. Because it is a long time ago that it happened. 193. It was too late. He was 10 when the test at Emu Field sent test at Emu Field sent aci d smoke across the fields, since then he was blind. Sore eyes, diarrhoea, vomiting and lot of people got sick. Greens Senator says the dangers of radiation are well-known and it is unfair to ask Aboriginal people with scant medical records to prove the fallout harmed them. He says legalities aside, Britain should do what is moraly right, something he will put to the UK Foreign Secretary willal Hague who is now in August of Australia. For the ALRM it is case closed.We are not to proceed to do anything more Closure difficult for one family. Disappointsment and anger comes out when you think the injustice of this. Aged and ill claimants believe as they die Britain will bury the issue with them.

We return to the situation in Mali and surrounding areas. A highly complex picture with a number of opposing parties. For more on the situation I spoke to Tobias Feakin, a senior analyst in national security at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. He says the French troops should not underestimate how equipped and prepared the rebels are. I think . I think that the French knew this was a complex situation before they arrived on the ground. Perhaps what they were not prepared for was the level of organisation and equipment that these groups have got access to. During the last 12 months as they have fought predominantly US- trained Mali forces, they have recouped a lot of abandoned equipment. They have managed to secure some of the Mali military into their ranks.It seems like this is t seems like this is spreading to other areas as well, given the hostage situation in Algeria, what should foreigners be doing?I would say it is a little bit early to say it is directly related to Mali. It happened at the same time. If you look at time. If you look at the operation itself, it had to be terribly well organised. There are claims that it is associated with Mali, but the individual who t the individual who is associated with organising that is renowned as being an extortionist, a trafficker, he is responsible for a lot of kidnappings in Algeria.What does this mean for Australia, are there any implications?The most direct element that he most direct element that relates to Australia, Australia is a member of the UN Security Council now. They are going to have to come up with that status, comes a degree of responsibility. That does not mean they will deploy troops on the ground. The Australian government will be incredibly reluctant to do so. There is a lot of war-weariness across the country and international community. In Australia, I think a degree of support will be provided to speed up the deployment of those African peacekeeping forces to ensure they are at the front of the effort to rid the country of those Islamist movements.Tobias Feakin there from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. As we've just heard, the conflict in Mali is likely to be a protracted one. And that's leaving many people here worried about friends and family. One is award winning singer, Rokia Traore, on tour in Australia. Her music is banned in Islamist controlled North Mali, but she's in regular contact with loved ones back home. Rokia Traore is playing her lilting guitar tunes in Sydney as French soldiers battle Islamists in her homeland Mali.

homeland Mali. The singer- songwriter is performing in Sydney and Melbourne. Herself a moderate Muslim, she knows life in the country's Islamist controlled north is hard.Not just for musicians. Life is impossible in the north of Mali since April.Her friends' instruments have been burnt, their families threatened.When you hear that people are not allowed to make music and they break their instruments, maybe it's shocking for you, but the problem was there for a while.These are sounds that haven't been heard inside Islamist- controlled northern Mali since they were banned last year. Strict Sharia law forbids anything but the singing of Koranic verses there, silencing the rich musical tradition that made Mali world- famous. Rokia Traore laments the tolerant society that was lost after the coup.We all used to live together in a very good way. We would like our Mali to continue that way, we are Muslims, but in a different way from what the people who came and occupied our country thought we must be.When Mali hit the headlines this month, she says ordinary Malians were waiting and hoping.For people all around the world this is a problem starting. For us this is a solution starting. We weren't ready for an occupation, so now we have to be ready for fighting and recovering what we used to have.And this musician, labelled by critic, the finest and most adventurous female singer in Africa, now hoping that music might help heal her broken country. And there is an extended version of that interview on our website. A plea by one of the imprisoned members of Russian punk collective, Pussy Riot, to defer her jail term has been rejected by a Russian court. Maria Alyokhina asked that she be able to serve the remainder of her two-year jail term in 14 years when her five year-old son reaches maturity. Into the glass box to put forward her case. She claims serving her term now will do irreparable psychological damage to her five year-old son. But that fell on deaf ears. The judge's verdict - the court had already taken the child into account during the trial last year. The rejection of the appeal not surprising to most.

Another instalment in what defence lawyers have described as a return to Soviet-era show trials. Along with two others, 24 year-old Maria Alyokhina was convicted of hooliganism in August last year after a guerrilla-style performance in Russia's main cathedral. Protesting against what they see as too close an alliance between the state and the Russian Orthodox Church in the lead-up to Putin's re-election for a third term. Outside the courtroom, riot police were on guard as Alyokhina was taken back to prison to serve out the remainder of her two year sentence. She'll be released midway into Putin's four year presidency. Learner drivers in South Korea are in for a bit of a surprise when they show up for their tests. The country's road traffic authority has gone high-tech in the way it grades driving exams. Instructors say the assessments are now much more accurate and result in far fewer complaints. It can be a nerve-racking experience sitting for a driving test. More so when you have to memorise the route. That is a thing of the cast, South Korea's red traffic of a's red traffic of 30 has equipped cars with driving tablets. -- authority. There are seven senses in the car, they pick up information and use wireless Bluetooth technology to send it to the Tablet. They pick up on whether the handbrake has been fully released. Using a tablet, it eliminates the argument. It can sense if the right gear is being used. It is called a more objective way of grading someone's driving ability.The electronic grading system means we can grate the tests more accurately.n grate the tests more accurately. That makes them fair. -- grade.The road traffic austerity say they have not received any complaints since the introduction, last year there were 70. -- authority to stop in the past examiners had to grade 75 categories. Now they only have 25 categories. They can focus on more important things like any accident the driver may cause. Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reporting from Seoul. Up next, the day's sport news.

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In finance, the chance of a cut to the official interest rate next month is now looking a little more likely with 5,000 jobs lost in the lead up to Christmas. Australia's unemployment rate rose to 5.4% in December up from a revised figure of 5.3%. The participation rate, which measures the number of people working or actively looking for work remained steady. The ACCC has given the Qantas-Emirates alliance its interim approval. That means the two airlines can now work on determining prices and schedules for the co-operation. The deal may spark an early fare war as rival carriers prepare for final clearances before the codeshare begins at the end of March.

clearances before the codeshare
begins at the end of March. To the Australian share market which rose 0.3% to a 19 month high. Resource stocks did well.

stocks did well. Leighton Holdings declined despite a $210 million contract win to ready Telstra's infrastructure for the NBN. Seven West climbed to a seven month high on a pair of broadcast deals. In Japan, the Nikkei only made mild gains ahead of a slew of economic data expected from China tomorrow. The Dow closed weaker despite strong earnings reports from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The Australian dollar has lost ground against the greenback and the other major global currencies following today's unemployment report. And on the commodity markets, gold is down while oil is

while oil is up. Time now for all the day's sports news with Rob Grasso and Bernard Tomic the last man left standing at the Australian Open? That's right, Tomic remains on a crash course with Roger Federer in the third round after surviving a huge scare on day four. In the women's draw, Serena Williams, who rolled her ankle earlier this week, progressed. Defending champion Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki also advanced. Third seed Andy Murray had an easy time at the office. However, James Duckworth's loss made Tomic the last Aussie left in the singles draw after overcoming German Daniel Brands. Bernard Tomic has turned himself into a crowd favourite in recent weeks, but Germany's Daniel Brands was ready to kill the mood. The 120th ranked Brands defying the odds to go one set up. In blistering heat Tomic showed his recent fitness regime was working. The 20 year-old fighting his way back into the match and breaking late in the second set.Sensational point! He's pumped and he gets the break.He won the second and carried that momentum on to win the third in a tense tie-break. Tomic's confidence growing even as the giant German at six foot six held serve easily. He saved seven match points in a nail-biting fourth set tie-break, but not an eighth.It's very difficult when you get a set down in these conditions, it's really hot and the last thing you need is to go two sets down, so I managed to turn it around and win that second set. He was serving really well and I'm just glad to win in the end because he had opportunities to win.After more than four hours on court in round one, the last thing James Duckworth needed was another five setter in the heat, but that's exactly what he got. He won the first set, but battling blisters, conceded the second and third, and frustrated, looked like crashing out. But summoning his last energy reserves, Duckworth held firm to square the match at two sets all. Both men needed treatment for cramp in the fifth set, with Duckworth saving five match points. As the fifth set alone reached an 1.5 hours, Kavcic prevailed 10-8. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was his usual casual but brilliant self in dispatching Japan's Go Soeda in straight sets. Serena Williams found things easy, despite still recovering from a rolled ankle on Tuesday and a self- inflicted wound today. The five- time champion has only dropped two games in her two matches so far.

games in her two matches so far.
Former Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, will take over as Bayern Munich coach next season. The 41 year-old, who has twice coached Barcelona to the UEFA Champions League title, will replace current Munich boss Yup Heinkez, whose contract expires in June.

contract expires in June. Guardiola signing a three-year deal with the 22-time German champions. Still on football and Manchester United and Arsenal have both booked their place in the FA Cup 4th Round. Wayne Rooney returned from a knee injury to secure a clash against Fulham. Arsenal needed Jack Wilshere's 86th-minute goal to set up a showdown with Brighton. Meantime, Chelsea's Premier League title chances suffered a setback after blowing a 2-0 lead against Southampton. Rickie Lambert and Jason Punchen finding the net for the visitors for a 2-2 draw to leave Chelsea 13 points behind League-leaders United. Australia's most successful cyclist, Anna Meares, has responded to threats the sport should be pulled from the Olympic program. The multiple Olympic champion says cycling has moved on from the era when doping was widespread. Anna Meares has built a successful career on winning gold medals. The suggestion from former anti-doping chief Dick Pound that cycling should be scrapped from the Olympic program has Australia's track queen perplexed.I thought it was a harsh comment to be interested in punishing an entire sport for the actions of a few.Meares says Lance Armstrong's doping past should not directly be linked to modern-day riders who have proven clean records.There is a level of uncertainty, is level of uncertainty, is he speaking about Road, all the disciplines that come under the umbrella of cycling? I would be extremely bit saved the cycling became axed from the Olympics. Extremely disappointed if. Melissa Hoskins secured a silver medal at the London Games, claims the issue of doping is not unique to the male professional circuit. There have al circuit. There have been female escort doping. It is not as big because the money is not there for us. -- have been caught doping.Riders competing at next week's Tour Down Under prefer not to comment until hearing of Armstrong's doping confessions tomorrow. Do you believe he ow. Do you believe he will confess?I am not sure.A burning early morning sun prompted an unusually early arrival for training this morning. With temperatures peaking at 42 degrees, beating the heat was the safest option. The foreign riders are also suffering, but don't complain at escaping the freezing European winter.In Italy now it is cold. Better in Italy or in Australia? Australia.The Perth Scorchers will host Brisbane in Saturday's T20 Big Bash League Final after overcoming the Melbourne Stars last night. In a rain affected semi, the Stars posted 2-183. The Scorches winning by eight wickets after requiring 139 runs for victory off 13 overs under the Duckworth-Lewis method. In a dramatic final over, Perth needed 10 runs for victory. A dropped catch, missed run-out and a no-ball helping their cause. Mike Hussey hitting four off the final ball to power Perth to 2-142. And that's the day in sport. A great match tonight. Roger Federer against Nikolay Davydenko. Coming up, the weather and Hollywood's take on the hunt for Osama Bin

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The Pyrenees region of Southern France is on its highest avalanche alert after unexpectedly heavy snow swept through the area. Local media is reporting that over a metre has fallen in just two days.

Locals say the ice is almost 50 centimetres thick in some sections.

Locals say the ice is almost 50
centimetres thick in some sections. To the forecast now and, a trough over the north-west of the country will generate showers and thunderstorms, while hot weather and dangerous fire conditions will affect much of the country ahead of a cool change on the weekend. In the major centres, hot weather and storms for Sydney, Canberra and the Alice, sunshine in Brisbane and Perth, showers in Adelaide and Hobart.

It has just been reported that al- Shabab have executed another French hostage in Somalia. Zero Dark Thirty is looking like a serious contender at this month's Academy Awards. The movie depicts the decade long hunt for Osama Bin Laden. But it is also drawing controversy. Some US politicians criticising the suggestion that torture may have played a role in discovering the former Al-Qaeda leader. This is the cure of Zero Dark Thirty. A young, headstrong CIA operative obsessed with hunting down Osama bin Laden. The director and scriptwriter say there are stories informed by journalistic research.We look at it as a first draft of history. This is a story that is debated. Hopefully it will continue to be debated.I am not your friend. d.I am not your friend. I am not going to help you. I'm going to bread queue. -- break you.Some say it sends a clear message that torture yields results. Others, that the torture was never done.There is no disputing it at the grave. It was not the CIA. -- Abu Ghraib. This is a very complex, unfortunately people are anxious for a black-and- white rendering for a black-and- white rendering of those events. There is very little information about the black side. That is a part of that story and history. To have eliminated it would be to rewrite history.Sensible people are expressing deeply-held concerns, in hindsight do you wish a couple of lines... couple of lines...I would not change the film at all. I stand by it totally. I'm very d by it totally. I'm very proud of it.It is the story of the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden. It is very unlikely to be the last. And Zero Dark Thirty is due out in Australian theatres at the end of the month. Recapping our top stories now: Opponents of gun control in the US say they will fight the most sweeping reforms of the past two decades. President Barack Obama has already used executive powers to sign some of the measures into law. Islamic militants are holding foreign hostages captive on an Algerian gas facility say their attack is in retaliation for the French-led military campaign in neighbouring Mali. Two Westerners have already been killed. British authorities have announced a review into helicopter flights over London. Julia Gillard has flown into Coonabarabran to witness the bushfire devastation. 51 homes have been destroyed. That's the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at 10:30pm on SBS One. And you can get all tonight's stories online and news around the clock at our website. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

I taught myself to cook -

over 20 years of obsessively
experimenting in the kitchen

and questioning everything -

to create
my magical restaurant dishes.

Now I'm gonna share
my secrets with you

so you can cook like me at home.

Looks brilliant, doesn't it?

Each week,
we'll look at one key ingredient,

like cheese, beef or eggs.

This week, it's chocolate.

I really believe that by getting
to grips with your ingredients,

you'll gain the confidence to be
more creative with your cooking.

I like that.

I'm gonna go back to basics,

challenge traditional techniques

and compile a compendium of tips

to transform how you cook at home.

I'm taking five for that one.

So, come and share
my innermost secrets.



I'm known for using

all kinds of weird and wonderful
ingredients in my cooking.

For this show, it's going to be...


I mean, chocolate.

Luckily, it is chocolate.

Chocolate -

the most gorgeous, luxurious,

seductive ingredient on the planet.

We love it so much,
some say it's addictive.

Oh, God, that is divine!

This week, I'm gonna tell you
everything about chocolate,

from basic techniques like how to
melt it and make a delicious treat...

There you've got
a beautiful chocolate truffle. some real chocolate magic -

how to flock it and shock it.

I'll show you some surprising
ingredients that work with chocolate

and some that, frankly, don't.


Then I'll show you how to make

my exploding chocolate cake...


..and chocolate soil
to top my trick dessert -

flowerpot tiramisu.

ALL: Ohh!

After all that, you'll never cook or
look at chocolate the same way again.

MAN: Fantastic! Look at that!
Chocolate underneath!

You would be forgiven in thinking
that this is how chocolate grew.

But it looks like this

when it comes off the tree.

This is a cocoa pod.

That is what a cocoa bean looks like,
and if I taste that...